Primetime with Isaac and Suke

Portland's iconic sports talk show. Isaac and Suke hit the hottest topics and the angles behind the big stories, while they entertain. Includes the popular "Club 1080" in the show's 4th hour.

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Primetime 8-17-18 Club Hour

Friday, August 17th
Apparently ankle socks are out, and crew socks are back; Wouldn't it be great to go back to college, knowing what you know now?; Suke unloads on the bishop...

Primetime 8-17-18 Hour 3

Friday, August 17th
Hot 5 at 5; Suke's hot dog condiment preferences spark controversy; Oregon football season ticket sales are trending down; Friday randoms: triple play where...

Primetime 8-17-18 Hour 2

Friday, August 17th
Is Ice Cube at the station?; In the News: bridge-shover is charged, Mormons are Mormons anymore, & grandma gets tased

Primetime 8-17-18 Hour 1

Friday, August 17th
Isaac is back, and the beard is glorious!; KU grad & 20-year tour grinder crashing at Ropp's place; Ropp's "What'd I miss?"; Zack Smith story gets...

Primetime 8-16-18 Club Hour

Thursday, August 16th
Ever tried to put shoes on a dog?; Col. Wilma Deering and that space suit; What would you pay for Han Solo's jacket at auction?; Paying for shipping sucks; At...

Primetime 8-16-18 Hour 3

Thursday, August 16th
Hot 5 at 5; Ducks uniforms are 'lit'? Notre Dame's Yankee Stadium uniforms not so much; Recruiting through uniforms; How to fix the broken NFL salary system?