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Hot Corner 8.15.18 (HR 2)

Wednesday, August 15th
Is this the end of Felix as we know it? The Dodgers are falling apart, ForF, and movie talk to wrap it all up.

Hot Corner 8.15.18 (HR 1)

Wednesday, August 15th
We talk about the Wild Wild AL West, can the Astros hold on to the division, are the Mariners done, and Storytime with Uncle Patrick

Hot Corner 8.8.18 (HR 2)

Wednesday, August 8th
The Red Sox are really really good,Mike Barrett took over the Portland Diamond Project Twitter account and answered some questions, ForF, and more!

Hot Corner 8.8.18 (HR 1)

Wednesday, August 8th
Mike & Joe talk Mariners and what to expect the rest of the way; King Felix and his personal collapse, is it time to stick a fork in the M's? Can the A's...

Hot Corner 8.1.18 (HR 2)

Wednesday, August 1st
The guys break down some more of the trade dealdine, also play some audio from angry Braves broadcasters, Fair or Foul, and more!