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Hot Corner, 12.5.18, Hour 2

Wednesday, December 5th
Some big trades in the national League as Patrick Corbin and Paul Goldschmidt get traded, Fair or Foul, and Patrick gets worked up about College Football.

Hot Corner, 12.5.18, Hour 1

Wednesday, December 5th
The crew is all back together again, so Mike finally gets to give his reaction to the Portland baseball news, the M's are completley tearing it down, and Story...

Hot Corner, 11.28.18, Hour 2

Wednesday, December 5th
Joe and Patrick surprisngly talk video games without Mike being here, the Mariners teardown, ForF, and Christmas movie talk

Hot Corner, 11.28.18, Hour 1

Wednesday, November 28th
Patrick and Joe break down the potential announcment from the Portland Diamond Project, talk about the A's new stadium plans, what we would like to see in a...

Hot Corner, 11-14-18, Hour 1

Wednesday, November 14th
The guys relish in the final late night edition of the Hot Corner, talk a little Queen, Jacob deGrom is your Cy Young Winner, and interview with Ridgfield...