Beers on Us with Mike Lynch and Patrick Harris

Beers on Us with Mike Lynch and Patrick Harris

Whether you’re a beer insider or just a happy beer drinker, this is your podcast! With Patrick working in the beer industry and Mike tasting his way around Oregon and southwest Washington’s best brewpubs, Beers on Us taps into the knowledge, stories and experiences of brew masters, distributors, bartenders, bottle shop owners and beer consumers. From the beer mecca that is Portland to the rest of the world, Mike and Patrick share their “Beer of the Week” and their definite opinions with each podcast, making this a fun listen. Pull up a barstool!

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Beers on Us Episode 12: Oktoberfest

Thursday, October 11th
Mike & Patrick chat about the 'Oktoberfest' style of beer, sit down with Culmination's head brewmaster Conrad Andrus, and try their beer of the week!

Beers on Us Episode 11: Glassware

Thursday, October 4th
Mike and Patrick talk about why glassware is important, and what there is to know about it for those who are new to the beer scene. And of course, the Beer of...
Beers on Us with Mike Lynch and Patrick Harris

Beers on Us Episode 7: Asheville, NC

Thursday, September 6th
Patrick spent the weekend in Asheville, he and Mike decided to do their 1st location based podcast on it! Learn some of the breweries in the city, the...