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Wednesday, September 27th
Area Heating & Cooling is celebrating 40 years in Clark County. Tim Earle joins Northwest Business to gives some great tip on how to get the most out of you cooling systems and helps listeners get their home's ready for the summer months.

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910 ESPN Portland presents northwest business a weekly one hour local business wildlife. If you would like your business to be featured on north was business please call 503535035. Million point. Or email NW business said entercom.com. Now here's zeroes for northwest business Luke Anderson. Hey it's we get Anderson thank you for download in the northwest business podcast hey do here my conversation with him Earl he's a sales manager for everything. Keating who. If you had some great tips to stay cool as the weather heats up this summer we're more at area heating dot com. This interview originally aired June 17 2017. On 910 ESPN port. At this time I'd like to welcome Tim fool to the show from area heating cooling Tim thanks for taking the time to talk to us thanks looker percent yeah it's time to bury heating cooling is a court county based company but he served Portland as well how long have you been with the company to. Actually you know look I have to do with a company that long I'm not going on my fourth month and the ironic part route. I come from the distributor sites I've done both sides both distributor as well as just though local contractor and come from the Easter Versailles where actually area heating was one of our customers and so we knew a lot about them. He knew a lot about their history and certainly. They're they're part in the market and they were always a very very big player in the market and so. Actually had no intention of even coming to work for area meeting but mourn the owners reached out to me and said hey. We'd like to to have a conversation with the about joining our team and has taken back by Latin. The very appreciative of it and so. We talked in the more we talked the more we saw there was probably pretty good fit and so at the end of the day we said now what are we give this a try and so. Went back from the dished oversight over to the dealers signed Sabato and ended up so critical to me a little bit about area's history because I imagine that a big part in your decision did yeah so very he's been around long time 1970s horror working on 42 years in the area right now so. Really have a really. Are large footprint in the area are great reputation in the area but. Started by a gentleman. Back in 78 and then beat the two owners or worked actually worked for him and in the office staff and just kind of grew up. With him in that staff and any a lot of mentoring with them and so. In 2008 they hit the two of them decided to co purchase the company and since then 2008 did it's it's been under ownership when them. Certain foods and they used to the original staff yeah original stack gallery are really really cool and so. You know you don't see that all time a lot of times people come in from the outside and sail more buy into the equation but they actually you know were brought in from the a clerical stuff side of the equation and so was really real really cool story to two female owners very very. Are good people care about their employees care about how. Area heating is viewed in terms of not only to the public but. How areas viewed by the current employee staffing and pleaser very important to them so usually when you find that combination. Usually under pretty good company. Well it was funny because we talked a little bit off air and you you know and I one thing that I have to ask the question but the way you answered it was a cut interesting. What is it that area heating and cooling cells. Yeah that's a great question because I can go one on a lot of different areas where like to tell people when we were talking about a little earlier. If you ask me hey what is area heeding this product or you like to sell very kings product is expertise and problem solving skills so. We'll use different vehicles for that sort manufacture that we use his train. But that's not that's not what area heating cells were very heating sells his comfort. Through expertise and problem solving skills cause what we typically far and we work with homeowners as. Not everybody moves in the home and everything works just perfectly we shot the ball contest John Gotti did. So a lot of times it's it's the ability to sit down with a homeowner and find out pay what it what are the problem areas and how can we solve those problems for you and what expertise do we need to bring to the table to solve those Soria. And yet at the end of the day. You know the product that we sell you might be your training product. But really it's about area heating because let's face it look if anybody can not anybody but a lot of people can get the train. Name and bring again. But not everybody can have expertise and problem solving skills of the level that we strike force that's what separates us I think from most companies that we really. Focus a lot of detail on since I've been there that's one of the things that I'm trying to really permeate throughout the company is a change a culture to saint Pat's really. A team that's really our product is expertise and problems home schools. One part of the business too is it is not just putting in new equipment sends you focus entirely on residential homes he'd seen most of these problems come up but it's somebody's got an existing. Piece of equipment even if it's not trained sometimes you'll get that phone call absolute and how important is it for you to. Be able to get the customer the the right solution so that when they're ready for that new piece of equipment you're the first call they make yeah and that's and that's that. You know you bring up a great point is when we approach an opportunity like that were not looking to get in and get something sold in going to be down the road. Were looking to create relationships a lot times our phone calls and our conversations really are about. Hey lets just let's just dream a little bit about what are you going through what could we do to correct cure some things that you might not even be thinking about the car industry. Lucas harms deeply changing I mean one of the things right now is home automation which is really starting to growing area. But a lot of times is conversations just take place and what your phone calls six months later hey you know we had a two hour conversation our our conversation over the phone number to pull the trigger and I'm like Anthony remember that conversation but did you know but if you put that mindset and every opportunity usually come away with a cuss rule over cornerback Eric Gershon. For anyone just joining the program we're talking with him early he has a sales manager at area heating and cooling. Unit area heating dot com to learn more their phone number 3607370811. Serving court county and Portland homeowners. For 42 years. Let's talk about a couple of those problems you mention you know new homeowners that people have been dealing with some of these problems for for years. If somebody owns a home maybe they're not ready to pick up the phone numbers through a couple things that I deal with I've got a two story home and that is there anything that I can do. Without calling in the professional to kind of help even out the heat from the upstairs in the dancers were of the things that I should look at first before I make. Well one of the things that we we usually talked to homeowners about it is when you specimen talk about cooling and you know obviously we're going summer when cooling season coming up. Air conditioning cooling is what we like to call. Proactive rather than reactive and what they mean by that is. A lot of times people say hey you know all come home from a hard day's work and it's 85 inside the house alone throw that thing didn't 173 and it just never can get there would yeah that's because it's fighting two battles once. It's trying to get you from 85 to 73 at the same time that the sun's been beaten down on all day long so it's kind of got it's getting double teamed. So when we talk about proactive what we mean by that is what we train homeowners who do is make sure that you're on your thermostat setting that you said it for the temperature that you want it to be. Prior to so that as it graduates from seventy to 71 to 72 point five and right at 73 point five. That air conditioner kicks on and now can start to be what we would call pro active arm to keep you there rather than trying to. Battle back from 85 that that's one thing and that's really done. With thermostat setting we want him when the argument against that beat it is uses more energy. Debt that would be the traditional school of thought but actually when you look at the way that they are way that the energy is consumed. It's much more cost effective if that piece of equipment can maintain between 7374. And fight the battle there. That it is to run full bore from 85 down to 73 and take. You know 45 sometimes six hours in the heat of the day to do that that's much more intense on not only your energy. But it's much more intense on the actual piece of equipment so when you start looking at life span and how long that will last. Those really start to really take a hit and really start. Not being a good solution so what we look at is if you do it this way and be a little bit more pro active. You Gunner you're gonna end up with Arby's a less of an energy bill but something that's gonna last a little bit longer. They're a great question for one of those things that we talked about homeowners do things that you can do is obviously. The filter that that's in the indoor system which is part of the equation. Really is the do one thing that a homeowner can have control over and monetary and sober. The constant cleaning and maintaining of that filter because the filter kind of it kinda takes care of everything and inside the indoor unit which will call there's a core elements column evaporated quote that you can think of that in terms. And like half a radiator on a car with a all the little fan fans and their wallets dirt and debris build up between those fans. Now that layer of dirt that's on our coil the air from the blower can't pass through that coil and deliver that product that you're looking Florence at home. And really what it doesn't Thor was the outdoor unit into a really really tough situation where the compressor now is gonna get overheated out there and at some point. It'll fail that's a very expensive repair. So one of the things that homework can do is make sure that whatever filtration that they used. That they keep on top of cleaning that constantly because that's one of the things that we see on a constant basis as. Would get a phone call hey the air conditioners are working right we can't do the same temperatures we don't know what's wrong it's got to be the product. And we go out there and there's you know three inches of dirt caked on that filter it can't breathe it just can't get the year. Threw it to the coil to pick up that energy input into the house it's just getting stopped couch so that's one of the things that you can do and again I think if you just look at. The other thing would be preventative maintenance. I know that that's talked about and and people usually feel very strongly about one way or the other. But the reality is that if you perform. What we would call faithful. Annual preventative maintenance. Where work coming in and checking things monitoring things from cleaning things replacing things that need to be replaced in a timely manner. You're going to do. You take great steps and ensuring that not only does the reliability last. And that the product last longer you're gonna do great steps in to maintaining. The efficiency. At that level that you spotted out for a longer time. And if you have more efficiency that's gonna keep your energy costs lower are so you'll actually redo that back well that's my absolute estimate so what are those three things you know not to interrupt you do don't do those three things you usually you would be in good shape let's do which is quick recap on that's the one thing is your air conditioner is not something built to fight the heat right what you wanna do is maintain the temperature right you want. No passive vs reactive and you wanna you wanna use that throughout today not when you get home and you actually save energy camera suited there perhaps the second thing is your filter. And the third thing is crew and maintenance and for us and I know in my units just. That simple you know what is it twenty inches or 22 inches or whatever goes right into the ceiling that's a thorn under the we've got ya keeping that replaced on a regular base. Jack cleaned and replacing you can obviously you can upgrade that Phil there's different levels of filtration and there always is but even if you have just the basic filter. Just making sure that that thing is free and clear of debris and clean so that the it though air folk of flow through that to the call the only problem I have with that is that makes my wife right yeah every time she tells me to change that filters lap. What we all know at the end of the day into the boss's forced her anyone discern the program were tied with Tim Curley is a sales manager for area heating cooling. Eager to area heating dot com I had to learn more. One of the things. That my wife also gets on me about is duct cleaning my big fear is that this is going to be huge project that's gonna fill up the whole house. How does that process work and what's the the reason that we need to get that done how often yeah so those a couple of things with duct cleaning duct cleaning is it is a good exercise to do too good to relieve his two usually and construction. Part of the home. You know there's just different debris the foreign to sway in the dark work because the ductwork is installed early on in the project and then people coming into the sheet rock in the dust that comes from now on. You know just the natural living in a home. So cleaning that dark work out you know I would say on the average every five to six years is probably a really good interval you certainly do not have to do that every year. But there again there are different levels of how would you duck Klain and and there are certainly some companies out there that. You know don't be fooled by the low prices you know 1990 and I will clean your whole dark work that's not really dark clean you can do that with your vacuum along want yeah honestly. A real good duct cleaning really does involve. And making sure that you you put some apparatus is down the dark work that can agitate the duct work at the same time. That we have a vacuum polling out that dust and debris whatever got agitated. One of the other parts of that is that the ducks system. The better of the seal is on the duct system the better cleaning your gonna get dollars in the duct system is a little bit leaky. You're not can he get the real vacuum that you need to have a good thorough cleaning so. We'll usually recommend or consumer hey let's take a look at make sure your dark work isn't leaky. And if it is we conceal it and then maybe do the duct cleaning so that the dark queen will have the maximum effort that you intended to. But it's a good thing to do it again intervals every five to secure you you'll be just fine that makes sense. What. Are the signs that there is something wrong with your equipment you've kind of gone through a few things you know you can. Kind of go through first and make the system work that you flip it on for the first time maybe a few weeks ago when it was real warm. And here if you're not getting the reaction that you need to check your filter done that how do you know something is wrong or certainly you can. I would advise anybody that has because this this is in terms of energy usage it's it's the largest energy usage in your house I mean you can look at lights and all the other things and they don't make up much of your energy. But you're your air conditioner or heat proper gas furnace they there are the largest consumer energy so. As you watched energy bill you start to see that thing climb up especially with the heat pump. That's gonna give you a clear indication that may be the heat pump is losing its capacity. And the indoor unit is happening tech help it help more to stay up. And that would be a key indicator so just watching their utility bill the other thing would be just be aware of things. Be aware of sounds and smells I mean you you're gonna be around your outdoor equipment or you're under Carmen enough to know what as a normal sound and if you hear something. That isn't normal you know it's a good idea of a good opportunity at least call some and say hey I I'm hearing something. I'm not sure what it is but let's be again back to the proactive reactive let's be proactive this because if you don't do any thing. The reactive for user will draw a larger dollar signs there. And you know just doing that preventive maintenance and having somebody come in looking at it because one of the things is that first time you turn on. You know for the year you're not familiar with the sound you're not getting those ever days that's certainly has the checkpoint where ago. Is this normal right is that not and that's load times were a technician that. Performs a role thorough preventative maintenance and can usually look at things and say okay this this part here doesn't need to be replaced today but it certainly showing signs of Wear. Or it's camping out certain at a certain rate were were a little concerned about that. You might be looking at a repair down the road and if you don't take care but down the road it could lead to a larger repair so it's always the hey do you wanna take care of that now so we don't lead to the larger repair. You know that's the other great thing about preventative maintenance that can they can forewarned you some things that are coming down the road and at least preparing to take care of it now. Rather than when he gets bigger and more dollars and later. Speed with Tim Merle the sales manager for area heating and cooling. Serving court county and Portland for more than 42 years area heating dot com. Or you can call receive 07370811. Is there a time of year where you are going to want to schedule those maintenance as well they're treating your convention system. That's going to save you not only in scheduling timer may be perhaps some money is there a good time to. Put a dot under calendar every year in. When it together is that's great question Luke. So for the cooling season you're gonna wanna get that done early spring America's. You know inevitably you know as creatures of habit. Sometimes people put that thing off and then it gets to be the middle of summer and also miss are performing well I gotta get that means than our. You know three weeks out or something like that because everybody else did that too so if you're looking the cooling season. Early spring is a good opportunity and then right when you finish. It's cooling season we start rolling to stay late September early October. Great opportunity to get that tune up done for heating season car heating seasons officer a little bit longer. A little bit more intense than our cooling seasons and some of the areas. And so that's a great time to do that and then if you do those two things faithfully and you start with a good product which again train is a great product. Years ago to being good chance. Well excellent sounds like so anybody listening if you're ready do maintenance on your cooling system you've missed your opportunity. I don't next week there's still do it vote as soon to be a little we can still get to. Axel and then of course mark your calendars ended September early October four that maintenance on it. And anything else that we should know going into the summer months about the cooling season that's the that I haven't gotten to. No no I think you pretty much covered it does the food three areas that you asked about were the most prominent questions and our core of the majority of the subjects on the phone calls that we kitten. I think if you just look at it is a reactive or proactive thing and rather than reactive thing I think. I think you're gonna do a lot you're going to be five steps ahead of what what most the people out there doing and again. You do have to start with a good product Aaron I can't overemphasize. There's not just the product alone it's who puts it in and how they install it because it's not like something you can. By its Home Depot or a best buy and come home and plug it in and scope of work the same for everybody there's. There's a big component in there when you're talking about refrigeration principles electrical principles and air flow principles and unless you really are an expert in that area installing that you mean not get that installed correctly and so. That's one of the things we pride ourselves monetary meeting is to make sure that those components of the most important part of an installation we start with a good product and train. But we have to raise that level of installation in our practices and an expertise. To make sure that the customers set up was having a good system. Well this goes back to begin in an interview what is it that you sell we sell expertise are themselves. And the way that you deliver the comfort death by the train my products and and using those both Tim it's been wonderful to talk to real Archie taking the time to talk with north assistance actually appreciate that thank you very much. If you'd like your company to be featured on northwest business called 5035350358. Or email NW business @entercom.com.