Theo Lawson 6-19-18

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, June 19th
WSU Cougars beat writer for the Statesman-Journal, Theo Lawson joins the guys to discuss how much fallout if any there is in Pullman regarding Mike Leach's tweets about a past President Obama speech.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt wanna thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. We reached out and we found the loss and he is the beat writer for Washington State football basketball for the spokesman review and he's on Twitter at the Los and underscore as our he joins us now. The thanks for the time man let's start with the tweet. And does it surprise you that he did actually. No amendment not at all it's you know my cleats that this is gonna ball harper Kevin is Israel more time on to what it turned out to the is typical us and so it is due to present him. Picketed spread a lot of people and horses collect our national news that but it has orbit this torture program that it's the same purse are totally see. It and they're during the run the press conference as post game. That that it likely agent apparently cast so chemical or respect Mehmet as a spark. Yeah I mean I know the university released a statement on this and I believe he deleted the initial tweet. You know colleges for the backlash that was sent his way. It is is this like this is this a serious issue in Washington State or people just kind of draw on their hands have been saying now when you do it's Mike Leach. Yes I think there I think this is maybe a little more serious than that then you know produced to receive either he's you know. But stood up before and I kind of supporting McDonnell trampled Twitter and everyone kind of aware of that but this isn't a little bit different but postings. Video that that a guerrilla band edited doctored and I'm talking about stocks on the fact that the that this is Mittal or serious and do I do believe in I would expect some of the universe probably spoke to him about it and also that it did you know controlled torque content. From what I understand. Written statement that they're pretty much a they would would have put him we want coast orbit to present the presence of someone to talk tournaments tape you know maybe you do what you hear what you're posting an try to admit middle of the more of a filter here just because. We wanna get in there and probably you or the football coaches and as your personal on that. Either use attic to promote that toppled power and so yeah. Steel Los an spokesman review beat writer covering Washington State. Is it is it done is it over then is Washington State statement that's the end there wipe their hands because a lot of people now. I you know the John wilders the world cover this conference you you've got national college tour writers that are Rhoden or written some articles. It's it's picked up steam in in those articles or are being passed around as Washington State may be revisit. And rethink their position on this or do you think they've just they've wiped their hands and they're done with it. I think I think it kind of settled for now about apple media days is coming happened you know is the likelihood and the media at the all star that and every year. All the sides of the talk about that I would be surprised to pres develop and become backup and about a month or so what he has done a lot and attributed damn sure Alia. The tackle reporters in the natural course that are down there will all likely to laugh about it and probably have more about it support for Donald Trump and and things of that nature so I think guys think or do I think it'll probably down here error in the next two days that this specific instance and the less he tweet something else is between here here acclimated. I would have expected hearing anything else I don't think this is probably did that kind of attention that the that the per month heading into this that this book ought to come out. It's also something that can political analysts from likely coached. Yeah I weekly limit a very polarized country right now idea come once out of the other and I didn't even a lot of eulogized drawing lines and it's hard to find common ground I'm. But you know this locker room well covering the team. And obviously this is bitten this isn't it a news revelation this isn't a secret that he supports Donald Trump did you mentioning he's done this in the past but. That does this ever get to the point of having a conflict inside the locker room in your opinion or is that over blowing it too much. As far as I noted that there's never anything like that banned certain that there are a large number of people on the team that the security it withdrew that opinion been. Well don't try to pick him up. But I have never really seen any any kind of conflict into the locker room. Met the last fall I think I do remember seeing Twitter exchange retreat but my act which gave marxists as receiver from a few years back. Actual all time leading receiver. They battled back and back and forth on Twitter for for a few hours on Ottawa in the exact figure out produce under used to cost. I think it was pretty civil and that they they understand that they can disagree and then. The trip politically that the bill still. Relationships that I I think that's probably the way to put most of his players. There's extra personal trauma and play at tech which is office so under through two or current player coach should never. Welcome to mark which is not existing item post summit which. That demonstrate adequate what you know who export them and what what. Policy issues exports but. I don't think it's ever really turn into conflict Ahmed as far as I noted that there could be something else out there though. Grass is Ozzie be writers deal las and spokesman review he is our guest. You know like it's wash and say don't wanna I don't wanna go way too into this it's Washington say full always suck for a long time till he got there. So now watching them be competing for. You know pac twelve title appearances playing apple cups that means so much. Obviously the value that. But what I am kind of curious about is the story like this that doesn't hasn't quite died and it may die within two weeks and tell like you mentioned the pactel media day. Does a story like this add any. Extra pressure for him this coming season of like I will if you're going to be a little eccentric and you're gonna be doing this on your coaching account. Maybe you should be doing this or that or is Washington State to say all right we dealt with it we move on. We ignore the noise and we acknowledge how great of a football coach he isn't. If he wins 89 games were happy. Yeah that think that that's what attributed being implement it and quit or work they did it when bowl games didn't win games. And certainly weren't looking at you you can have as a the competitive game. The format which Gartner I think that that kind of laboring and Alec mentioned my secretary of and then you know you're gonna get between 68 the a man went. Either of them and he's done that but the and so I think he had almost afraid rain. Over the gentleman who just because he's been a little went public historian and a lot of things that he does now optical all filled up you know. I'm not not I noticed. In that relate. Monitor what he does on a story or character or with material are a lot of what is from the media. And mineral rich culture and just because it did in orbit and the journalism. Side so I think it is something like this does die down you see terrible corner and maybe it did take a bit of destruction that that he's. It's commenting on on Twitter about Donald Trump and the mountain and not focusing on when the next couple cup in. The team that lost. It over the last four years so. He'll fit a seat belt although it took him. What the student stirred and that means you're winning game and beating teams is being critical of the target out of a time well. Right I think it's gonna die down probably for now on them. Probably see a reservist did during title muted and probably not not too much market that that is exactly so. Received input discrepancies in the early there's going to be something from the press conference. Have catches the national line and that's the nature of these. It look we said Mike Leach on the show a couple of times and he's always have fun interview because you and ask him is any thing and next thing you know in ten minutes go by and you're kind of wondering how did he end up here and they like where did this all come from from the the naked dear Matt we actually somehow and we estimate questionable play muscles as media and he ended up telling a story about a naked pictures of the player on a deer or something didn't like where we don't want this coach what's the craziest engine you've ever likely to go on. Other this from a bill look like it took it there's whenever Rick remember. I think during spring camp out of again I don't know our debts are Specter dirt during the year at the post practice and every year and mature we started asking people questions and America to. And telling her story about. Tracking are tracking a record on all the way armies and known to talk to and from work from. From a thousand pulmonary and it is the first mile blockage where because on one match that you look back work. Try to record and then track record although it backed where there can look at your. If you're scared about where reckon that live and so I actually tried director of public comment and then went back to his home so. He talks ball and all the subtleties you don't on the walk to and from work and that those are pretty interest in a lot of that there are some connect probably if you want to talk about it. Ideas such a different dude. I am curious football wise and I love to catch W down the row once seizing gets closer and closer we get to fall ball. To loosen quarterback right now in fortune and I had incident that happened with the program I just post season they don't have Lou folk who is the projected quarterback for Washington State. That that that in the question and answer another there's going to be three guys coming all emperor who really. I think eat either as part of that book record actual go to Libya. Deputy Gordon a tree currently. Both auctions safer for three years were originally came from junior colleges in early split the reps or split reps during our during spring camp and the book at their days that one didn't related pull port mr. an appointment strengths and so I would say they kind of came out even after spring camp and then. Mike which sputtered a transfer from his Carolina Gartner bench you. And initially committed to play in Alabama and probably have either there's or street here there and then go up unity that the marketplace a Washington State Street he started games for. It's Carolina last year and that from news. Who has divisional and experiences Clinton gave them. Will be a record back on the on the roster has played at PS games so I think that's communal up at that time you know it has. About a month to literally on offense and our planet has been learning about from Mississippi he spent some time much. Omani news obviously proposal directly to their Amir an awesome so. I think although a little bit more bit element had a monster from August until first and journalists huddle and then and other players. To get nervous system and and try to when jobs so as far as experience that I think he probably has most probably projecting him to win the job. Because of that experience that reputed to I think. Get stressed throughout spring and obviously don't know the nervous system the players that cruel Specter locker room so I think Libya particularly about that that could come down to a couple of tweak it. We could see some combination of a different guys playing that this is an upper or make him and told prime dumpster. Well I sire tweet this comes out from my cleats later on vacation that's Alan way to say they feel it's time to go back to work and not vacation anymore. It's crazy but it's my cleats I guess we should expected good stuff man and things are coming on we'll catch a beat on the road. Torture.