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Sports Sunday
Sunday, May 27th

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Weekends were made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots. Joseph a look at the weekend in sports where the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber lunch meat free guns area about Bianca. This your sharp the football. Yeah I thought hey you've now you can catch TV about sixty T. Never taught me leadership not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I'd do. This is sports Sunday's whip Mike Lynch. You can't. Yes. Where in Ed Henry shot Taylor okay do and I concede going to be sure we'll hear from under an analyst of Jerusalem and on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Howard to. Right here. On beautiful. Bancroft streak the Bancroft. What about bankrupt real bank Austria. Yet again. Beautiful day out here. Wonderful north. Of us. Southwest southwest. OK we're here on the south or southwest waterfront. Here first circuit that is they've been building up this waterfront fer awhile now it's too bad too because. That baseball stadium a little really get a couple blocks north and a great Mitchell some places I think you could still. Still put of their really adamant on like heaven some waters like somewhere in the background like I kidded. Don't let that be the reason shall go the baseball stadium because you can't get out of river view like moment it's. And it really is I mean I. I agree I think you know and and a lot about baseball's the aesthetics in other so much down time so much looking around in enjoying the scene Iranian. I mean Safeco Field is that Mike. Slot like I can awesome location like I mean. You know it's cool sound mean but it's kind of more in my almost industrial Arian area and a as that's kind of where it would be for us as well it's just the they want it to be. Eight is still have it near the water that Seattle and that's that's what they want you won it near the lottery you know I we've talked about this. Last week about you know down in San Francisco. You know they get that interaction with fans that. Are even at the game with them in on their boats kayaks out there waiting for. Home runs that come out there and try to try to get those come run homer and also being able to do little things like that. Can go a long way towards keeping people interacted with the team needs even if it's not necessarily very yeah I don't know. There's so many things to at a baseball game that I'm not necessarily trip and on seeing the seeing the river in the background let cool when her own blood. I guess there's only there's only a good thing so much buffoon so many. Different types of peer to try and appear cartons of who flirt with like arm irony as concerned. With what we're there we're in the placement of the rivers. Yeah Alex they eat you don't you don't want it to be like that the one part I know we talked about it also being it. And the horse track. You know it meadows by at the same time there is nothing around matter like I go there all the time and our other primary weapons really like man. Yes that river in the background is really gonna be the selling point for me that's what's gonna make me go to the games. More often like I'm I mean McCovey cove like that's awesome my computer. San Cisco fan like that's an awesome place to be you know not the balls right into the river and and that's that's tight you know play it. And I can be that close river don't you have to vote might think about every aspect like that though in your one you have. ED. One games I think it is every year that you have to. Get people in the seats right so that that's a lot of games yeah CR 81 games he got a game in the seat you don't win people don't wanna come. EEE eight you you're taken a while. This is the mentality that's been taking over Maura Mora Morris TVs and entertainment centers of dot nicer. Or why would I go little. The stadium when I can watch it at home it's more comfortable setting I get better views I get. You know more information in the issue so many reasons why you would rather stay home as opposed to go to the game. Do you have to look at every aspect of how you get butts in the seats when I'm 81 games that you need to do. No yeah I mean but I just. I could be wrong about idol. Developed that would be a major selling point for now for the outsized taking picture in public or free going to realistic picture going to gain SE like. Okay like that part is is okay good. Note. Rose Garden I mean granted it's Mota sir it's on its buyer river but it's like. Nobody advice taken pictures on the on the the steel bridge to hit cable alike have that aesthetics of reverend. It is still Tet the right kind of para downtown though even though it's on the other side of the river you know I do and I know they want wide shot while on the top in the show the river in the rose okay yeah net. That's kind of good for TV aspect it is that's gonna happen during baseball into your show and like. Wide shots of the stadium if it's over at where you know for meadows is you're going. Is that'll it's not nice like the ethical obviously not to parlay that sparkles and after we are gone that's kind of in a release. You know that that's not a very nicely don't want any shots of the Columbia slew. That's probably not which so I'm. I can say I don't. Care just bring baseball geared and I could care less about where it's played. You can play it PG park like used to do with the beavers are will be. So at probably I kind of rhetoric that time just want to mention it I guess really fast because I think it's been really overblown overblown during the week because I think it's an important topic. But I think it's been dissected and discussed. Since it happened a lot over the past week so the NFL and the minute a new policy in regards to their stance on the National Anthem process. So if players are. Going to protest they should do so. From the locker or from the time they do not want players who will not be participating in the National Anthem to stem the sidelines with the teams and coaches. It was it was hard for me to say I I I don't I don't agree with this because I think this can do more harm to the NFL then good. If you look at it seemed like the Philadelphia Eagles. Who have been very outspoken. Especially guys like Chris Long and some of the other key characters on the team. From. Been very outspoken and now I think what's Michael Bennet is also a Philadelphia Eagles at this point correct. So he says yeah those are two people that have been really on the forefront of the protests and police brutality and some of those things. I think this could result in. A lot of guys stand locker room if nothing else in support that he. You know there's that we've we've seen before especially after. A number 45 came out and may. I would find the SOB spurred for doing that and solve the big show of support throughout the league in the owners in and things like that that only last for. About a week Ray Lewis said he was a sprain he wasn't he was kneeling and from flag he was just praying that this man SP. Or earlier. Don't like oh. Again I think this can I don't know we have to get I think is gonna do more harm. Then did the other reason is they didn't they never contacted. The NFL PA they never let the players association though is something that will be put to a vote. They never got to vote on it so now. Your start your players come out and talk about it but also. Start a year people from other leaks come out say something one of which being. The coach of the defending world champions. The gold Star Wars. I think it's just typical of the NFL and basically trying to use. Nationalism. It's scary. It's idiotic thing. That's how it. Obviously we. Understands. The patriotism. America is about it's it's about. Protesters. I mean it's it's Steve Kerr has also been one of the people that as. These things have happened nationally. Has been very outspoken. On behalf of his team on behalf of some of the players he's played with as well as Gregg Popovich there have been a lot of strong there's been a lot of strong support from NBA coaches and players and things like that. I think the NFL has a real problem it's 'cause it's easy to say we'll stay in her locker room but what happens when. Men have to team stays in the locker room what do those aesthetically what does that look like now. Oh yeah no I I agree this is this is possibly more divisive than kneeling ever was because now I look at is so. Before it was disrespectful. To. Go and Neil I mean they were still I think most of them are still putting their hands or their heart they were just kneeling for the for the National Anthem and I became a big issue now and I'm gonna come out for not leaving a represent themselves for the National Anthem there that. That means a bigger deal it. And now not only that now man this might be an extra time tempered some guys to the finish up duels start in the locker room and take mobile pregame jumper herb I'll have to Welker for the anthem anymore might use this was something that they made. Players are doing was 2012. At a thousand years ago yeah. So this wasn't something that. Has been happening in the NFL for years this is relatively recent like about the last six years or so so. If I know that when him and I don't have to go out there. And I won't get far. Yeah I'm a stay in the locker room for. I don't need to do National Anthem finished it my arm wrapped up Roman to finish two in this I think it's a lot more of that and guys just going out there ready. On the field. Pat yeah ads. I don't think this was the right solution by any means I don't know what the right solution would be I. I don't know if there really is a right solution but I agree I think you have. Problem it's not going away with the NFL and it's possibly been exacerbated by that the decision that they just made. They're. Coming up next man we have another game seven we spoke about it. Will finish it manned rockets warriors game seven in Houston we'll talk about it next right here on the. Weekends where may first course. This is important Sundays when Mike generous show spontaneity Beltran. And yeah. Really pay. It's a great record I forgot all about this. Knows it's wrong. And keep there's going from orbit and the like. About a 42 or second I'll take. Come. To. Gave seven. Awesome awesome thing. Banality is really what it means. We are in a situation now to where. This game seven on my to Cleveland. And Celtics series. This could very well be the NBA action. Whomever wins his game between the warriors and rockets in my opinion. Is going to go want to win in the I don't think I felt this confident about Western Conference team. Beating an Eastern Conference team since the blazers. Lakers series back in 2000. And I think was killed in the opposite whomever wins the series is gonna demolish India. That's exactly which kill O'Neal Kobe Bryant company did to the Indian paces but if the blazers had went against the pacers. I think the blazers run all over the pays me in fact I think the blazers beat them 41 out of prison in the patients could have done. Against is pleased so now you fast forward that eighteen years. Cheeks. So now we fast forward. In the Houston Rockets. In the Golden State Warriors go into what will be an epic game seven. I think it's going to be a closer game than we imagine if you look back at the former about the the last few games have missed that we've especially involved in the lawyers. This is the rubber match. And others or government but they went to game seven against Cleveland. And came up short but before that they went to game seven against OKC. Met with the W she knows a great team great times you've Britain or America it's a great. Great she's she's in is a great team despite what you saw last night. Houston is still very very good about working with ortho crystal Ellen 65 games about it you don't you know without Chris Paul they are different ball ball team. But with him they are as unstoppable. As you can as team can be. What exactly do the rockets have to do. So I guess steal this game at home. Because the warriors look is unstoppable as they've ever looked especially after last night but also we've seen the warriors look rate on certain rights and then just look. Like crap the next night we see the same thing from rockets we've seen blowout keeps in close games. You don't really know which delegate from the Sears like we've seen both teams went on each other sport which I don't think anybody really saw happened. But now here the warriors are. One game away from heading back to the NBA finals for a fourth time the west that's a hard thing to do. The west and talk about it all the time is being. Being very. Competitive you know from one to seven you never know like you there was a there are a lot of people especially here in town that optimum for the Kindle championship this year. And that was a real offer people. And ashes to say that nobody was saying that about buildup of if you were saying about Philadelphia. You know few people were saying it about Boston everyone's saying about Toronto. But. The warriors. They talk championship every year. And they get to the championship every year adding Kevin Durant only made it easier for them to do it but here's deemed as his interest in part. We seem stepped curry went without Kevin Durant. Can't this beat Kevin Durant. I guess. I was called a coming out party because he's Kevin Durant he's been out but can this be hysteria to say this is my team. I am that indeed the leader of this team reminds Reno step is but as far as scoring the basketball. This is my squad because. I think she needs to come out have. But NBA finals tied game he had last year. Because so far he's been great lease in the east conference finals and on the bureau cab to read so far in the finals. He's a leading scorer in 36 earned in six games averaging 29 points nine point two points for the series James Harden just behind him with 28 point one. So the superstars adorned with they have to do on what this account. This is how great the rocker James Harden has to be perfect. Especially Chris Paul. He has no choice. He can't come out last night he had 3032 point seven. 89 assists eight rebounds and they got blown out. Wasn't enough for. The road warriors have to reduce that are put up twenty unite for the most part. Who's the other guy for the rockets. Into what's Chris Paul now he's out. Whose was exposed to be. You thought it would be heir Gordon. Showed up some of the gang. You thought it would be but PJ Tucker again short some of the game or reason some of the gang. Who's going to be their rocket okay because this firepower the warriors have. It's it's I've never seen it before it's almost obscene you know when was the last time you've seen a team. With three superstars each and Clinton up 29. I've never seen this and I feel like. James Harden is in and he's in he's in a bad position right now because if he averages just step is average and for the final for the conference finals which is 24 point six point. Rockets get blown up by even more. If the average is what clay averages the rockets are really get blown out so he has to play. A nominal. Under one on one basketball the most and. I think and the key uses it in this is the hardest thing to view because. The supporting cast around him and it. He's had you know or eight. You know. When the exempt pretty dang good teams these last several years. You know come playoff time. One of the things I think really hurts them is the fact that. In playoff. Games get more physical. The whistle. They Mitchell's call it a little bit more cash and they they don't blow it is much. And when you look the one criticism that's always followed Harden since he's been the guy is he likes to flop. And that doesn't work in the playoffs now whether he's a flop or not I'm not gonna say by. I do know that he has more of a finesse game and he does have that as a county game that this. And that hurts him I think in the playoffs. When it as opposed to a guy it's just gonna take it to the rim and bully is way to the rim and and that doesn't play really to the Houston Rockets. Strengths now to Chris Paul's current because New York he was your heart he was your strength he was your bad bad dude that was on the floor and Chris Paul. It's funny because through his career he's never really been regarded as a sport. He's a playmaker so might that could score but more so to get everybody's ball Chris Paul is making incredible three point shots. Like hand in his face fading away splash now there's nothing you can do about it. I can we forget how good a score he has because his entire career. And he had to play facilitator and he's he's a great team. Remember you know he's he's a great guy that helps get the rest of his players involved and I don't think Harden doesn't do that I don't think he does it. To his great of an extent as well Chris your heart doesn't do hardens and barker. Now you know and Chris Paul and that's what my view kind of consider him kind of a jerk a whole overbearing whatever is that meant and meant. Moment markets LeBron. And Kobe what is the what do they have in common they are champions is but I'm going to be in my teammates ears. If they not do what they supposed to do or I'm not too councils don't expect my check me like Shaq would for. For Coby coach on the court at this point James Harden has always been very much. Team or oriented guy but not like. He's not he's the market Mario. People accountable and he's he's just that was what appears to you he must lead by example some time. Including its mind and should chill are or org stepped up or get out of the way do something like you need to have that apartment Chris Paul is that guy there was this there was a spot in game five. Chris Paul is looking at James heartened to these problems and and it was okay just it's like. If you can't get up for a that's what you need some minds straight monthly us first English and chest broke get strong get it let's go. You gotta have some money we use this term all the times tall. You've got ahead. Have somebody with some dog and Chris Paul is the biggest triple. That the NBA hats and we've known that we've known that for the past 1415 years since he's almost on yours. Thirteen yeah forever the long time on time so he's this close to it on and I think Chris Paul's point. I don't think you get to this point in his career you've never been in the conference finals you've never played again and seven conference finals there's no way he doesn't. I I got an idea why you people would say he wouldn't argue why is Steve Kerr excuse me didn't Tony put out there that he's probably knock on play. Put the competitor that Chris Paul it is. There's no way facing elimination knowing that good to possibly gonna go home. There's no way he's it's gonna watch don't be surprised but I would be spreads and finished the game because I mean. I expected to play and spurts start to quarter. You know maybe in the fourth or I don't expect him to play. Heavy minutes but to expect him to play get the offense running at absolutely. Okay and so we got into tomorrow's game seven. Where's where's. I go to rockets just because I've. Love being right and I've been you know I've been on the James Harden drained. Bird ever since he left okay see so. I'm a big fan of his and I can't wait for him to finally win so I can say I told you so. I had and just this this just scream as like. I mean if if Paul was there I'm probably saying markets but without Paul. I'm gonna have to go warriors and they they're just not the same team without Chris. There is. Our icon next hitter to love it. Right here on the they have urged Jesse her sports. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday when Mike and rich job 1080. Friends. Greater love it right here on the fan. 1035. Told we'd be on time you know for a time Michigan. Can alkaline arguments. About it that let it better than normal or overcome and it lynch and again is out. He is in San Diego with the spam and hopefully he's having an awesome time in my favorite cities and states. So I will be doing this one solo hello Jessie turned and started him. Well. Well then let's see what we have here and Stan talked them. Well. You know article was put out. Of there this week. It's suggesting. That there two best teams to go from worst to first in their division this every year there's somebody that does because that's the way the NFL dose. And they're actually when you think about it our several. Good choices. One being San Francisco but to me. But you know Kraft division that thing at that that could be possibly but the two made the list where. I Denver Broncos right we're gonna leave those out of this. The other being the Houston. Texans. Indeed for love or hate to the Houston Texans have the best chance of worst teams to go from worst to first. Love. Look at the Texans division and we talk about it all the time it is incredibly winnable you know really outside of the act horse like cool in that division could really see. Any of those teams and our future and I are trying to figure out exactly with the jaguars when you are the gonna come back to life. Is this going to be was that the one and on year for them like was this the year they go from worst to first every year you see it and really to they have seats south. Is arguably the weakest division. And football you can make really make an argument that there's you know they have good players but for whatever reason let's the win loss column doesn't always project that. The titans are going to be up and down you still not sure what that's going to look like with Omar note in his new his new regime. You're not as oxy in architecture with the jaguars wanted to after they just had an incredible runs AFC championship. Who knows which are going to get from Andrew Luck in the cult is Andrew Luck you've written pro football. At this point is even ready to do and so if there's any team that's really fit to do something right now the tight the Texans were on its hair before they lost their. Rookie of the year which should have been rookie of the year quarterback. And if they get him back and he's healthy and he plays anything like you did before he went down even half as good as she did before he went down then I think the Texans are eighteen feet. I I agree I mean just to so everybody knows the New York Jets I'd eleven worst in their division leading cash Cleveland Browns. Worse in their division now in sixteen Houston Texas Oren twelve. Denver Broncos I know lab and New York Giants three and thirteen Chicago Bears I'm an eleven Tampa Bay Buccaneers final one in San Francisco 49ers sixth and I I agree I think. The one thing that Houston has always been missing like there's been one thing every time you you've pointed to Houston. Of course Iraq never had a quarterback that the best quarterback basically that they never had been told Shawn Watson has been out shop there. Matt Shaw is in that franchise's best quarterback to eight. You. Have all the pieces but the your defense isn't quite what it was a couple of years ago that you still have some sweet peas on that he's still have JJ watt and as long as a lot who's the Rob Gronkowski. Of defense as long as he's healthy and able to play. I don't think as a better defender who agreed it ain't got you got wide receiver and nuke nuke is. Younger Hopkins is amazing. If you I I think you have some. The running back positions probably my one concern on on that offense but I'll tell you the mark Lamar Miller. Time he's ever looked good playing for Houston. As a child Watson in the back though. He had his he really had and everybody thought Lamar Miller was going to be huge part of what he does. And again just not having your triggerman their kind of changed the way you were doing stuff because so Watson had the ability to tuck and run. Can roll out run and whenever you have that ability make you kind of running backs and a wide open on certain things just like tomorrow with a wasn't some time so. I think that's I think the Texans are definitely the team. That of all the teams that we're. Terrible from worst to first Texans are definitely the window yet now that they did it starts at the quarterback position and that's one thing you can he's watching. Watson last year he came crosses a player's. On he stays healthy is going to be special. And he improved from week to week and it seemed hard to believe confused putting up ridiculous video game numbers but from week to week that I just dot. Move on. Let's go to the bank that they. In any of the battle the running back positions. The 49ers for the Oakland Raiders and the film Oakland Raiders for now. I have a real. Dominant running back now San Francisco 49ers went and signed her McKinnon. From Minnesota in the offseason. And it's. Technically. In Oakland so how Marshawn Lynch and so those YouTube. Probably Maynor best backs that you have between those two clubs what a great. Marshawn Lynch and now with more rushing yards danger McCann and pay. Marchand. At this point is I'm just this is not my opinion. Nothing more than a mascot right now for the Oakland Raiders a Marchand had an OK at best season last year in his first season Oakland. He's only there because he want to play for his hometown before they actually moved to Las Vegas. So you're getting minimal effort from marsh on a lot of time with the one thing you can say he writes Christine. When there was that whole fight incidentally he ran onto the field to help out his teammate and everything my marsh on those that are right for him. But I don't a danger we can and it's a younger running back he's. A surmise that I think the raiders they can be their teacher back as they move forward. A marsh on this point is nothing more than a bruiser maybe somebody that can be a third down back for you. Maybe in certain situations if your goal line or something like that but. I think Jerry can this is the here that you really takes that step forward in Marchand we've seen. The slow regression are written so I think this is the year that he. We we he catches up to where it is. I guess is definitely yeah he's been released from Alec. Thirteen fourteen years longer there Rogers has. As a running back and enjoy a few times you know a lot of ball lot of carries I think regardless he's seen did the best of Marshawn Lynch to support. Yet now I a think you've seen the best of marsh islands I could CG a hundred Colin there and say you know Wyatt. Lynch is my best running back and I am just ran him in between apples and I really. Try to use lynch I think as far as. Explosiveness. On dual threat ability. Eat Jarrett McCain ends. Definitely the guy that has the upper hand there now the one thing I think. Goes against them is they do you have some running backs there than it. Sheen in housing and generally likes. Map reader had some moments last year. And that was an undrafted. Rookie free agent form and then. They also beginning to get a seat Joseph Williams last year and another one where Shanahan literally went up till lynched during the drafted that we need Joseph Williams on this roster. And if I can see some sort of committee. Yeah brewing there with all those guys that chain him like spewing Shanahan also used the committee between two guys when he was in Atlanta so it's it's not out of the realm of possibility that. I agree I think lynch is also going to the outlook. OK now we want to get. You whine you got so many points and let's go sunny points you got so many point. Fast sub inflow of claimant played a victory music. Yeah I get it I'm Caroline saying here. Appreciate it. Hear that sound folks. That means on the winner means. I'm in charge now means I get to decide with the next segment is right here on sports Sunday on the. Weekend sports. My favorite show. I loved the song. This is so uplifting like a listen to this when I'm like lifting weights. Or if I'm trying to like finish a report. Some Thomas B in my car and gives me something that just lifts my spirits men. Low levels. Eric he claims when. Aaron worked out answers team practices. You know we saw that uses Vermont. My son to hear your redevelopment and went over there. Lords what other questions or just Americans are concerned. During the break. And there's a lot of people not shown up to OTA and their record of the stars of the team. So we it's well documented that Brady hasn't been the camp so far president OTA's excuse me. Rock. Hasn't been notes gave. Aaron Donald. Hasn't been note few days. Julio. Was secure when. O'Dell Beckham you know so all the stars do we feel like. We're good. Play it'll know everything about who Leo. You know his workout routine. Is crazy. If you follow O'Dell Beckham on. Its program I don't. He often post where post you know his workouts and what he's doing everything. In a few you know outside of him dance in this those are the videos that he's post a lot of times as him. Working out getting ready for the season he was doing some work on the field. And what ankle. He didn't look like he had a problem at all he looked awesome in off field work out. Do you really need to go like Arthur like if you're rookie of your first year head coach. But this is your first you know this is this your first your coaching a certain team then yes you definitely need to veto penalty case but. If you Tom Brady. In your corner on 41. You've been a Super Bowl eighth time. You've won five. What can I possibly learn. From doing a group curls with everybody. Well I think. Here's well this this is where I'm they do run drills they do pass the ball and as much as. The patriots roster turns over every year pitchers over every year I think that's what Bill Belichick does he doesn't eight players he just brings new players and and when you do that I do think OTAs can be important as far as. Integrating new key pieces in OT I call them voluntary workouts if you're gonna be mad that I don't show up. Like and that's that's my thing like it's like one of those unwritten rule type things just write the rule their own so there won't be an issue that you leave it to me to make it volunteers. And say hey we need you come to the facility we're gonna run through practices. Or. Know guys you just tomorrow from Tom Brady. Probably just over my house. I got the I've got all the same stuff I got much straighter arrow here on the make some pancakes like. Yeah I'm I'm not gonna do that anymore because I don't need to in his job. Like an can get that it's a lot famous don't make it voluntary if he's just voluntary workouts. To say mandatory workouts and need to be all of them but if you make them voluntary. And on the star and I have all these same amenities either at my own home or at my trainers home wherever work out then I'd. Don't need to go to OTAs and because why I'm gonna see you training. It's it's your job I. I hate it when I get that your your games are only six years or six months you know out of the year the other six months here. Offer your doing a little bit training here a little bit training there but. Now it's. It's the players. That say you know I know it's voluntary about going to be there. That and you know that's Ben Tom Brady that's been pestering guys like Peyton Manning that are going to be like I'm going to be there every year and he's the one that's leading the team during OT a's he's the one that setting the tone. For what the years to come is going to be in this right now this is setting the tone now granite I think this is more important for teens. That are trying to rebound the episode if I agree with that but. I also think that there is something to be said about great teams understanding that. I get that this is voluntary but this is important to meet continuing to be great to the success that I've. I differ from well I guess a leadership perspective. You want to see your quarterback out there. Or your star receiver a maverick out there opened the younger guys. Trying to get to where they need to and I'd I totally get that part but again. If you're leaving the choice to me. And you're asking me while wanna come to these voluntary work out and learned authentic from Tom Brady that I know. Like the back in my hand at this point like I know every new Watson has often it's and every wrinkle. I know where every player's supposed to be including my defense of my our office of Lima on which plays. Like I don't need to go to that and like I can really does not like I'm not staying in shape Brady you know his relationship Guerrero is incredibly. Document we all know everything so we nobody comes back and phenomenal shape. Like you don't really need I think OTAs for. Coaches. To be able to get with men knew were players. And be able to work him into the system for trying to get a course that that's what this is like a transition if you've ever been in high school or middle school. You're going high school. Most places have what they call a great transition. They set you up with a counselor. Or and everything this is probably going to be if you're gonna go to school that's going to be counselor for next year he toward the school you get used before you actually ago. That's what OTA should be. Something that okay. I'm I've been come come from college different system they're gonna give me this NFL playbook they're gonna tell me some things that that that I need to know about you know about the team and some of those other things almost like an orientation that's what that should be and then. OK now you go out their work with him when you start a new job they still sell you okay will. You got it so go out there on the board eagle fighter jets he's gonna show you around know they give you training for a few weeks and they say you ready. We're gonna put you out there would Jesse Perry with him he's gonna show you got to really do everything on the fly they give you an opportunity to do that that's guilty should be. That's what rookie mini camps aren't. That that is what a rookie mini campus for the OTAs are you don't. Go to a job you do it for six months take six months off come back to the job and yours as you were six months ago not you're not at your sharpening those tools though. No because that what's in this comes back to that you have added new pieces that you have a brand new left tackle as you'd normally do in New England. You have to learn to like that left tackle needs to be able to communicate. With Tom Brady he needs to be on the same page and that starts now doesn't start three months from now it doesn't mean I think that's something that starts. Ed doesn't have to be a T expect to be as much as Brady call and that new rookies and payment now there are great timing miners each morning and welcome New England. That's different than understanding how this guy blocks how how he pushes the defenders around is he better on is pushing guys electors that are pushing the right hip yeah. Blocker contact Gauthier and later you start learning these things you start communicating. It's that being able to communicate with them telepathically as opposed to having the the verbal communication. These are the things that you get now as opposed to having to try to work them out in the pre season because you wanna be beyond that come priest artists are now under on this one of those people that doesn't. Like if you if you want players show up in your angry that they're not showing up OK we'll. Stop making these voluntary workouts and make these mandatory for people to figure they can't it's. That the NFL PA then I don't know that exactly and at this point man you can't be mad at me for not shown up. You know us and that's the thing though but what's gonna go back to this it your job doctor dang job. I. You get so much time off as a football player as your job rating it a few jobs that it was. Well it's voluntary have to come itemize incumbent he's gonna go and somebody who wants to be the best is going to be so it looks like this outside. And your jobs going right now wants to be voluntary you really have to know it's going to be but it it helps if you're here helps you know kind of game. They were shot next. We can flanked they show up to the show a few lines you know like you know it's voluntary and then you're like you wake up and I am I gonna show you look outside nearly. Never mind I'm not gonna go Michelle and you do that for a couple weeks they come back a month later you're not going to be as good shot. My degree she is well. Good point I disagree but you may awesome points you always do just. I will be rebuilding year full strength next week I believe lynch will be back and then the week after that I think he's going to be on hand so gonna work or giving them. Co host to fill in. Had an awesome time with regards thank you so much for Texan and excellent by five real five get this on Twitter at to me five with three Jesse Osmond. Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend barbecue a lot. Hit me on Twitter let me know with a barbecue is elect can actually come through it myself play. Yeah men don't do enough and I wouldn't and if you do take pictures CR next week he's. Okay. This superb.