Sports Sunday May 27th Hour 2

Sports Sunday
Sunday, May 27th

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Can sports where the difference. Does it all and Saturn name of the others. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch leave that room better. You've that is a car. Yeah but it's so weak car Henry shot Taylor we do stop gaps admitting sunk. Look up art walk on ESPN's sports radio and eighty friends. Good morning. Everyone. You can tell by this. You know kind of bury whitish almost. No Billy. And San Diego and Diego are really Santiago. Santiago. Which is always somewhere super tightly he's never he never disposal which. Potomac for a night you know hey he always has somewhere pretty awesome ago and I think he's going to be gone again in a couple of weeks on somewhere he and his wife and you know I think he's in San Diego with his parents right now or with. Levy's parents you know which one. I think it's is. It's as lady's parents okay. That's should be go I said it wants lawsuit against San Diego and it's no disrespect tomorrow tomorrow hometown. And by the issue here. For the most part there's some things that could change but. For the most on a love Portland but San Diego might be my favorite. American city. Anywhere like it's. Is that fun establishment. To beautiful place it's a constant 7770. Decrease even in the and even in the winner. Great food everywhere and the optics. And those preacher known talk about. Are awesome and ladies Sharon and the topics are pretty great for you was well saw democracy here and act like. I don't know answered I wanna see iMac like calcium but yeah it's pretty. If it's awesome placement you've been cynical Jesse. Once long time ago early teens. To some. You know body surfing there I was on one thing I remember about that places the water was warm. When I lose like. When he notion of freezing and not yeah it was nice I like a commenced warmed yes or something yeah your favorite suggestion on them. I don't in other finals I think San Diego's probably at the top marvelous I would probably played Denver there. I do love that city quite a bit it it was kind of my home away from home when I was a child went and visited family there every summer. I always thought the ecosystem there was really cool because you can be there wake up it's a beautiful day like it is today and then you know the Penner had. Clouds roll and you start at some thunders and lightning is she a couple twisters come down. Seasonal golf ball sized hail and versatility. I was river playing basketball there. Once for a turn him but he got elected junior or something like that and it was it was the worst like you felt like. You know as you get higher open and iron mountain's your ears start popping and stuff like that seem like when you shot the ball. The the ball just hung in the year after about ten seconds were actually drops most crazy don't use our she's Denver I think it's a awesome awesome city great food. Aesthetics are awesome as well their zone especially if you Mike's up if elect. Snowboarding skiing you know some of those yeah I think Denver is an awesome place. I love skiing it's a Mecca for that place it's really a great at its. It's a good transplant city for a port under because they have a lot of the similar things the one thing Venus is the ocean outside of that they have mountains you can go hiking and you can go kayaking you can go snow skiing. Their lake you can still go water skiing and so there's just all the things that we like to do in Portland that are there is just don't have the beach. And you get the sun every day in Denver it's ultimately it's one of the Sonny is places. They you can go to get cold locks and you know tears you have to it's a different radical with a dry cold that's the thing like I go there and I'd like their cold. Better than article we have a wet cold. I know we have a chill you to the ball and hold here's what Dana BWAY. Nothing to be cold but to be wet and cold in the same time like docile people it's 60. That's really what we deal with that but today. Haunts it today is not one of those days it's a beautiful it has to be seven the I'm tired right now I don't know if it's there again about phone says it is. Let's see the Indians 756. Right now it's like it's going to be high 79. You could've asked for better data it's really have this Memorial Day weekend. Like that are really that Sunday as early start of moral and remind you of the people taken on Friday and Saturday nine cores. I think the rose rest will just kind of started so if you wanna go to approach of the carnival owns them. That's all going on everything but. This is. This is perfect where's the damn near perfect especially for organ and you can do everything but go to the beach. I just think the beach is still it's that or mystical and so from a people at the beach meant to cue up one of those besides what shirts you know with a look like lifeguard. Stuff but I'm not at the beach and I got a way to get the least which. The beach for the birthday earlier in the month and it was nice it was really nice there but I was still wearing a hoodie for a majority of the time which is fine I don't mind that I. I'm still the guy that until it breaks eighty amstel usually wearing at least a long sleeve if not a but he. Today's being a little bit different. Now I mean you and I were kind of similar on the way we view weather and stuff like that like Tom I'm not really ready for. For further. For the cold comeback in any point like I can deal with the top likely to strip and on. It's so hard and 85 or so and uniting here 85 is awesome I mean can barbs you've. Every single day you have to go to the river every other day when I get off work but walked in so arm. I'm OK with this way. Yeah yeah now it's I'm I'm usually pretty good I can even take stands you know in. You know. The triple digits once it meant a bending you know Vegas when it's on fifteen billion Arizona it was Susan that you know after an expensive thing normal. A 112 in Vegas everything if you leave in the car for a couple seconds. Your Gatorade chapstick you know everything Italy will be hot yeah yeah and that the first the first time I went today as. It never got below 92 and that includes overnight so is just it's just. Always hot when you go there in the summer like that that was June so is just peak summer you imagine imagine. Wolf you know this is sports Sunday. I'm here again Lynch's out I got my guy Jesse here you can interact with us on the text like 55. 305 can also get this on Twitter arm at Taylor made five a three he's that Jesse Osmond. Shall I spell for them. Up not knowing about it but if you're superstar listen ANZ MA AM Harry is how you spell it without we got a lot well we don't have a lot. What we. Do like I mean it's that time a year to where. There's only four basketball teams playing. Baseballs in full swing but at the same time nobody's really watching because it's the end of may. At this point. And we're not a baseball experts here at the station all know you know you gotta you gotta reach out to Patrick ears and Mike wage if you want. So based on this pretty knowledgeable daddy's got you actually had one. Ops for show on the station with a baseball. Joseph really. Deputy. You know when he was still do and more up and the like when I deal he was. Dirt to FaceBook yet you know so you have some baseball guys for sure that we like if there's these guys I think as far as the past organized what. Sprague meaning and a well flags pretty big on the ballot I was inspired Alex you know a I would say dusty. Yeah you know so. I guess is more of us in the breeze with the one thing is epic all kind of football's wanting to we all agree and it brings everybody gadgets it's like a you know a big bonding experience. Perot so. We got a little football will. Actually get that first we got a gets a meant everything that's relatively important right now around. Clay in the warriors come up big last night so we're gonna dive into game six. What we saw what went wrong for the Houston Rockets. The best who works in sports. No it's not patriots win it's game seven. And we have two game sevens for the first time since 1979. I wasn't born even and yet I saw that too is the first time with their two game sevens for the western Harvard's news conference finals. Since 1979. So that's a huge. A huge reason to watch the conference finals. Who's the blame for the rockets lost I've got a couple. Couple appease the blame to give it's not rude to who most people think it will be. But there's definitely some blame to go around for everybody. Was used to have to do to go ahead when the west dive into that also in the NFL came up with the new policy in regards to the net protest. Kind of talk a little bit about that just about the NFL side have been really some hurt feelings from around the league and not just the NB a NFL but some people from other leagues have some things to say about that will make sure. We kind of touch on that a little bit as well catered love coming up at 1030 is always. May have. Which we did anybody wants to gain last night. I and ice and satire because I assume that everybody. Watched the game last night. Warriors are so good and it's kind of frustrating that there are so good but. When their role in like they started rolled in last night in the second quarter. Who can beat them. Like aren't honestly I don't know if there's any team in history. That can really compete with that and it's and I'm old school blue and this is hard it's it's hard for me to say that it. And that team is just so good so we're gonna get into this. Game six victory for the Golden State wars we come back right you're a sports on them. 915. Sunday morning releasing on time today. I'm gonna make sure that we stay on time that'll period the black folks and on time I watched my dispel all of that this morning right here on today. Tom last night huge gains. For the Golden State Warriors. Started as a huge game from Houston Rockets now we know the accused rockets are without. I think some people consider their best player. And that's Chris Paul. I'm Chris Paul has been really the identity of the Houston Rockets for the entire season if they looked tougher on defense is because Chris Paul is. The toughest point guard in the league barring no you know arguably. The toughest point guard that we you know seeing in the NB it's arguable near you can make that for Chris Paul. But him going out at the end of game five you could tell was a huge blow for him as as they came out in the game. They were looking for other people to get involved. Eric Gordon started incredibly. Trevor reason started incredibly. A PJ Tucker hit some really big shots for their team in the first everything looked like it was going the way the rockets had a magic going in there. A o.s X in the barber shop yesterday. And I'm watching the game on Toma Barbara pictures into Wednesday. You know I think they're really cold state is really putting a lot of a lot of hoping Chris Paul. Being an issue with that with him not being there. And for it's twelve minutes of that game. The Houston Rockets looked like they were on their way to the NBA finals. I mean they just they couldn't miss PJ Tucker hit every shot that he can hit. Eric Gordon looked is as red hot is I've ever seen him in any game and he had nineteen points. And the game but when that second half started. Things got a and they got ugly quickly. It started with stepped Currie stepped is one of those dudes we talked about it on the show he only needs 10. And what she sees that one goal and he's a rhythm. And he's also got it feeds off of the energy of the crowd. Be at home or away he doesn't mind in the future years in a few boos. That's is gonna make him play that much harder last ready at the home crowd behind him. And once that got going he got going but it was the other other superstar. That was really the catalyst last night for the gold Star Wars. Klay Thompson. Plays asked us. That kid we already know he is. With with quite that are being out it's probably the best two way guard in the more than likely you know there's their I don't think there's not to guard that can do all of the things. Beckley talks can especially on the defense. And has been relatively quiet these plays he's been relatively quiet season even though he's averaged. About twenty points for the year. Last night she came out to show everyone. That no mom I'm still that I'm stood up and saying from a place Thompson's superstar. And people wanna you know kind of take that tack away from him because he plays for the warriors but he won a championship before Acadia. And was the other reason that really happen. So he's taken really. Or a backseat role to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson miscues mean temporary and he's still. Able to come can be as effective as he was nine to reporters last. Now dying town it's the only person make more three foreigners. In the NBA playoffs. What do you know Klay Thompson. He made eleven of them when they played against OKC back in 2000. In his sixteen. And when there that's when they came back from 312 PO KC and head back to arms and lost to the cavaliers. If the lawyers plan like this. Who who can beat. Like that that the 96 bulls they beat the lawyers when they're shooting like this net outside of Steve Kerr and I don't know -- shoot anything like direct. What team beats. Well I think that's why after. Blew it. But there's been questions about the warriors because we knew that this is probably the team that we should have been seeing where if Curry's off and Thompson's on Thompson's off Curry's on it. You know EE always got Durant who's always capable of scoring inning any time dream on green like. You know eight year. You're just so loaded in this team in ways that you've never seen from an NBA team before it you just kind of being. Question you know you heard you heard called Howard on the station earlier this week saying. After. Game five. Basically today. Now if they don't win the the finals this year they don't make it to the finals. Then how can you consider golden stated dynasties and once again we talked about this now. How quickly those dialogues change from game to game you're talking about a team of people put up there's one of the greatest ever be assembled if not the greatest ever been assembled and now. He got a guy out there is saying now these guys earn and dynasty and Alan. Eight yeah we were also talking about this before the show about how they haven't had incredible luck go their way into this Ryan. Of success that they've had over the last several years. Whether it be. Losing Kevin Love and carry Irving in there to win their first finals or you know why Leonard. Yeah last year in the playoffs not being able to play against a Chris Paul when he went down at one time. Yet there's been some incredibly. Fortunate. You know things happen for the Golden State wars. You know they've they've been really lucky to be able to be in the position there and also been really lucky to be healthy at the right time. Chris Paul's injury arm hurts she's been much more than. Maybe Dan Tony orcas or James Harden one lead on. Chris Paul is. The better opponent. He is the better playmaker and that's saying a lot considered James Harden is a dude who. Meant sets guys likely capella up to be met almost looked like DeAndre Jordan lack of borderline. All star guy that can run pick and roll and finish at the rim like he's making a cappella look rate over the last three years or so. So you know James Harden is incredible playmaker Chris Paul. The patients that he had you know as far as holding the ball and making sure guys get to the right spot he's a Bulldog he's kind of an payroll blood. And he gets it done and I think you when you're the point guards in China that you've got to be you know it's a little bit like that. But cannot be there was the problems now they don't have any other ball hit on the port. And gold signals that. James Harden is DT ball handler airport can hand the ball like that. You don't want mbah a moute handing the ball PJ Tucker is noble. You know the balls go. And yet still James Harden did what I think superstars do he performed. I can't put a lot of blame will get today and the next thing I can't put a lot of blame and what she did I just he didn't have anybody on his team. Go help out with nickel state stars visible gold states stars did last. Governor at 33 points. Stepped curry 29 points 53 pointers three of them this and that's or quarter. Clay correctly Thompson clearly 35 points. He did everything he was most trains hard line on my 32 points nine assists eight rebounds two steals. I don't know what else you can ask for from. Your superstar. And he did everything is posted unfortunately. They're playing the warriors. And Jordan bell with two point had a plus ten. Last night as plus minus like this is how good this team is ice is command and play small roles and they just give that shot in the arm the warriors need. I'm just I don't know if there's another team Beckham lockdown defense like that that's another part renouncing the wars defense office. The way they've been a switching on people and making sure they get the right matchup and is is is always great with some of these numbers. 36 minutes gold states the score was 93 to forty. Gold states are 53% from the field. She's distraught 32% from the Golden State shot 48%. For from three point 48% under 50%. Huge shots when he pipes. You're not going to win a game. The ball stagnant and outlook James Harden over dribble too much because there was nobody to get open there's no way that creek could create their own shot Eric Gordon was awful. In the second. No word. As was Trevor reason but yet still. You saw how look at the wars. There's really not a really know what else there is to say about them I would have said about what is this is this is. What happens we use the the warriors firing on all soldiers all of a sudden your eat your saying okay this is the team is gonna win the NBA finals. That is a foregone conclusion there's no team to compete this team and the closest team. That could mean a great and taking him to a game seven and that there's always once it's going to be this question marks what would happen if Chris Paul was in that. At game and that's always going to be in the back of your head I Alice I kind of feel bad for the warriors and an aspect this. Because of these little things. You're you're gone well I know how great they are now how much talent there is on this team at the same time Nate because I have a little bit of a pass here with injuries and a little bit of a pass here with injuries and never you know how many full. Mike fully healthy teams they really have to beat in order to win these titles and so I think that's kind of a little question mark castration that might be next of these schools state warriors at. You know our unit. Are they the last one that they went probably not. Yeah I think a lot of people are gonna say that but you know if they win who's gonna care you know there are a lot of good a lot of NBA teams at a won championships. Because of injuries you look at that with 2004 Detroit piston team. That won a championship well you know Karl Malone who was the early score was didn't play in the NBA finals but yet and still. No we don't really talk about that part you know we just kind of lost over. Our I'd. I think in this game they would have won with Chris Paul or. Honestly I'd odds I don't gold state doesn't lose at home too often which is why when they lost in game four I think it was. It was. Well hunt in the home right so many people expect him to win game five actually did win it and so for them to come out and do what they do in this game. Was incredibly surprised I was surprised the lack of effort at the beginning of the game. But a seventeen point lead to the warriors is more like an. Like it's fair and you know it could be potentially bad for your team. But once they see one of those threes going. And the start what they do is ray Marcum to give the ball to dream on to come down to the block. Everybody crashed on him because they think he's about to deduct in any girls about someone they keep passed the ball around the perimeter. Somebody's eventually opened an even Nick Young who was my least favorite NBA player in history. Is a big part of what the gold Star Wars who knew. Slack EP from the lakers worst seemingly is going to probably win an NBA championship and the wars and yet it. My Boy George bell. Toward well you know ducks coach does they're playing a small role hasn't really played any minutes in these in these playoffs. But came out and played a really big role tough role last nine gluten a big tip dunk that was kind of the two underground and I'd say okay well this game is clearly over at this point but. Looney they got guys that manager under the paying attention to the common and make big plays for the warriors be it big rebound big block. They don't when nobody sought common like lawyers have a lot of those guys on this all morning playing. And that's where you have a guy likes the Steve Kerr who gives these guys. Like no other I wouldn't say like no other coach that very few coaches can as far as the guys on the bench giving them to understand what their role is getting him to execute that role. You know eaten there are just few coaches like that like he got a Gregg Popovich who understands guys like. A padding bills you know who can come and I know exactly how this piece is gonna fit with MI offense and we're gunning use. Is strengths and we're not gonna worry about everything else that they just know how to take this piece in this piece in this piece in this piece and make them all work. And the the funny thing about Golden State is. If there's one thing I think that they're still trying to figure out which I think is weird cousins in the season two but I still think they're trying to figure out how to get Kevin Durant. Klay Thompson's staff curry and Ahman Green working like a well oiled machine on a regular basis because I I. You know sticking up for all star and I think has led to stagnation on the offense at times and why we have questions is too. Why is this gold states in looking like ballistic. Assuming anything else you know there's a lot of there's lot of cooks in the kitchen so there looks like they're figuring out pretty well but will they be able to figure it out for a game seven coming up next. Man who'd you put the blame on for the Houston Rockets lost last night. I've got a couple ideas we'll talk about that we come back first Jessie a sports. Every shot. 934. Back you're sports Sunday. Looking at the beautiful. Lamb rivers. Right now it's now all these boats out there are looking good. Guys right around that by experience you guys doing this now that we don't have like. Something blocking the window like people are people people so they're coming by and they're waving hello to when Schneider typically when and I when he hears so. But it's kinda cool you know to have people walk line. You receive it and put affair with a on it it's super cool is now that we can look out from daylight to his. Right that's exactly which kinda wanna see blue skies people with boats out there on the river. I'm pretty sure this Sunday is like joggers you know all the beautiful people were aren't so somebody currencies. Accurate. Released by the way and it was. Get a little fan base out there is our officers and outputs cameras let's start a little the fan window and it commanders and their like first take when the order wrote. Game day in scuttled a school play at times on gas is at the superdome. Last night was a big. It wasn't don't furs to Houston Rockets that started on a really high note put and it ended with huge. Wet for. Because. Those guys. Completely laid down in the Golden State Warriors just. Ran all over his team high clay Thompson's non three pointers and 35 points and stepped carries by three pointers in 29 points. There was just no answer that James Harden and company can give so you start doling out some blame. And as I've been looking edit a lot of its been going to number thirteen. Now mind you. If you're a superstar. For the face of the franchise you're the leader of team yes you are going to shoulder a lot of the blame for everything. Know whether it's your fault or not your star you're a guy they pay the most you're supposed to make up. You know an especially in the playoffs where. Careers are built on these monumental moment that people. You know. Whether it's Isiah Thomas finished in the game on the on the give ankle. Or it's Willis Reed coming out the tunnel to toe to win the gamer. If it's Jordan's flu game you know these big moments Easter performances are really what you're looking for. I think James Harden had another one last night unfortunately. Where was arrested mr. Mike yeah we talk a lot about James Harden and Chris Paul how they've done things but let's not forget the rockets won 65 games this year. Rockets were in no way shape or form. A fluke. Once before when they each had just James Harden Dwight Howard. They were the number two seed in the Western Conference in the public with Dwight Howard Chandler Parsons. This team is much better than that team. But last night after the first quarter. Unless my question. What the hell happened to disqualify. All of sudden seemed like everything Houston's been doing all season. Was what was lost now I understand it and have Chris ball the war. You don't have one of the better point guards ever played really and he runs that pick and roll a little bit better than James Harden can run and gives them another option. When James Harden is out there to run pick. So we have two guys riveted on top man that's a problem from Stevens and it forces guys switched so James Harden has been wanna work on staff curry wanna work on where you never switches. Because that's what that play is designed for them to. I have to keep either. Can't do any of that so that's all hardened shoulders. And for many thought it was going to airport. You fire the first. And again. The way. It in the Eric Gordon missed four of six free throws down the stretch that would've bought the score are made it a four point game in favor. Of the wars so they could've been and that game is the quarter ended. But he ship things down down the stretch he had three turnovers and third quarter that resulted in too will result in Golden State threes. There was eighteen total to nineteen total turnovers for the rockets. Which led to nineteen total points for the wars. To little it's a reversal last game because of eighteen total for the rockets for the rockets and they were able to come up with eighteen points. I'm looking at the superstars in the center ballroom I'm sorry like not this guy. Like maybe last and had they lost and you only can open nineteen points and five when he went shooting twenty shooting mania grow you gotta you gotta know about who's. That's not but he did everything was supposed to do my question is. Where was Trevor reason in the second because without Chris Paul's twenty points agent when he points there but somebody's got to put up that twenty points. And you look at the warriors made it three guys didn't want net a couple of guys keep twelfth. Like that's kinda what you're going to need right now and right now you have one guy giving you thirty and every one. So. First person on gambling to arm and put it on their court. He was aggressive to start the game an island off it was just great Golden State defense because he's still getting shots. But they just shortfall. He started playing terrible defense he turned the ball over multiple times. Like Eric Gordon down that stretch was a big reason that the rockets were able outscored the wars and wars are about where rockets. 93. Through. What was it. Forty. I've I'm gonna have to. I think I put a lot of this time the fact that. Does this team was built around the fact that you this year you have a point guard the policies the floor like no other point guard. In the NBA you have a guy that will run multiple pick and rolls to set up the perfect look for what he wants to do for the play that he wants. It he manipulates the fences to it is. To his well and you lose that. You have to play differently. You can't play the same because you have lost. A big. If not the key piece of what your offense was based on this year. Harden plays in a little bit differently I think hardens more of a Damien will inspect. The style players pars when he's playing the point position as he played that last year. And his numbers were eerily similar to game means it's a little bit better. It and you think about that meet you know I think you have to switch it now I know that. The one thing about that is is now all of a sudden you know exactly we've you've touched on this. Hardens the ball handlers he is deep ball him on the arming and there's really no deals that can do that so. It does make hard but. For that offense to work that way and that is kind of I put most of this on on my dad Tony because I I. It's all about adjustments at this point in the time right you get late in the series it's all about adjusting your team and putting them the proper adjustments in place. We get blown out like that. And granted it's on the road against Golden State. But in a game six. I click that moron on Mike and Tony because you need to make the proper adjustments when you lose such keep its. We just have someone that Tex and thank you protection here and make sure you interact with inspired by profile like that. Have more people interact especially is Lynch's out who's known more people in the conversation I think Gordon just exhausted. Hell I think everybody's just exhausted army and auto industry think Gordon is exhausted like how to Harden feel. Right now Mike how are clay and staff and all those guys you've been playing big. Minutes Eric Gordon it's been a long time he's been asked to start. And asks to be come in and really be a scoring threat like Amin went really. When was the last time an air Gordon's career he's ever been asked to step in and managed to be the second primer scores. After I asked. That's that's a big. All do it in the NBA finals against probably the best defensive team that that that's in the league. Like I mean that's a that's a huge task for anybody but. Yes he was tired. I think hard was tired which show from his oh for 22 reporters that he in the last night came out had five of them. So he did what he was supposed to do Gorton. Yeah he was exhausted down the stretch but. Everybody's and I think that's the difference between good teams and great teams is that. Both excuses are tired meant we can't use those war I because it's game seven. Let Kirk were all tired at this point like who is going to come out and show the most heart and are really paying not haven't CP three their. Was a big that was a big blow so to the heart of the rockets. Is the heart he's the leader he's a I mean he's your main defense of presents. You know that's not what happens the blazers when you take away game I mean it is because trash her trash right attic. So I think it's it's unfair to come and say Gordon you need to be your second. Best score and that and that's where I I think that the focus as a coach you go OK what what we lose here okay who are playing against. Is it realistic to think that we're going to be allowed square these guys. No not not without CP three so soothing OK here's the adjustment. We have to do what we've been doing and a lot of the series and we have to hold the warriors under a hundred that had to have been. Is. Our intent to hold the warriors under a hundred if that's the case then they had a great chance to win that. And we read and I held her under for those two games we got to get ready to break but. And they were tougher in the wars for two games they just bullied. They push Kevin Durant out of the spot you know they made staff take even worse shot than he already. Takes you know forced him to do what she doesn't really like to do and and that's how they won those two games. If they don't bring in a nasty back. They won't have an opportunity. To win and that nasty is gonna have to come in game seven. Which there is another game seven that's actually come and on said today. No Kevin Love is that right here it's going to be on the fan regularly if that's the list total purse were gonna preview we come back here. Right here sports on amateur. Weekend sports where the difference. Sports Sunday we Mike every shop not Janet. 948. Looking at the beautiful. Will Amanda is that he actually say I don't like knives its will limit it is it is CJ and it came on and said the Willamette. On CJ can get with the men swollen. Lamb universe not the Willamette University the poop filled Willamette us. That's the lamb and this means that much poop it depends on what Tammy yeah me right now amino. Probably washed mostly streams that feed and like the middle part of it like on the edge argument that most of work their entered. The best to worsen sports mentioned already. They're game seven. And we have been blessed enough. To have the first game seven for both conferences. For the first time. Since 1979. Were shall we start should we keep it with rockets or. Lawyers are key to move into campus UT's campus OK let's move on. You know OK so watch this. We only got a few messages here on the text. But are about to say cuss word on the radio. And something that gets everybody riled up wash this. LeBron wait for. Here come here come the text LeBron is the biggest hot button that you can possibly have and and sports I don't know if there's more divisive. About Kobe was the most divisive person in sports you know because if you love Kobe you hate them now. Will brawn. I'm I've never seen my deal of scrutiny you know as much as you use as much he's dealt with and and handle it. Relatively well for the most part you know he has in. No big scandals that we know I'm sure he has you know his DM his pocket right now. Nothing that we would really concern most of us. He is one game away. 48 minutes away. From going to the NBA finals. For what was already a record seven time but and a record beating eight time. Is is that accurate air would be eighth straight time to the NBA finals. What does it ninth overall. So. For fifteen years of his career. Only six times as he not participated. In the NBA finals. Now it's been saturated with LeBron let let's let's put that in the context right now fifteen NBA years. Nine of them if she indeed wins this game nine of them. Will have been spent in the NBA. If there's any real argument about who is the best I think. That should that should give you. Everything you need a much magic was in the finals like owns almost every year except for like two. For his career you know two were three something like that so that's impressive as well. In over at that time the Western Conference you know. It was and is awesome you know but like Eastern Conference hasn't been awesome now but not at all LeBron has been the one. Constant. In the Eastern Conference right now he's got to get with the law and he came out and he played amazing he's undefeated in game six on often buy new. Route is undefeated in game six. The average is like 41 point earth 41 points and something stupid or have those averages for game six but. The last game six he played was no exception. He went out there and did exactly what LeBron James is 41 point forty something points eleven rebounds. In assessed. Or you know that's. His normal stat line. Yeah it instilled in people look at Boston city I think Boston gets them in Boston. I think. That Boston is and this is where you need to carrier. This is where you're going to need a Gordon Hayward and that's a whole different thing Kyra Irving Gordon Hayward out we'll have to get that sat on hold Saturday because. I think that's a that's going to be an interest story as we move forward for themselves what do we do hear an embarrassment of riches. Yeah there's like gummy and really where you get retiree if you decide to get rid of my dummy what's at. What's a comparable only six. Did you would have problems train for tiger does you if you're the Celtics are numbered and on topic we drew the Celtics. You've showed can get to and conference finals. Without. We don't I don't really need you to get spark hadn't played with you since the circuit. So don't really need you to get to the conference finals. However here you are and you're one game away from beating a guy who's define the conference final or the finals last nine years or so. I think are thinking about this the wrong way though right like we don't need you to get to the NBA finals. Well you know you it's I think the opposite right like you think about what Golden State did. See we. We made to the finals. You know. We we need Kevin Durant lightly we were already wanna. A championship without them but you know what we need Kevin Durant like we need him like they were actively gonna go out recruit him. Because we know that's just an inch or more finals. You don't know. Well you know were predicting good team without these two guys were legitimate all stars carrier Irving's the guy that literally enters that NBA MVP conversation he. You've just got to go. Well how we get. These first guest but Boston is the one team that looks 34 years down the line. Looking ahead like right now is awesome Boston has two problem the one team in the in the NBA that's doing things. The right way as opposed to everybody else's building to win now Boston is winning now with what they what what what the future supposed to be Taylor brown. What people's park this year that's that's a that's that was a project you know you we nobody knew everybody knew tasting was gonna be good. But he's borderline star superstar good right now. Like Jason Taylor missed a margin ultimatum when your thought he was going to be a narrow but you know he was gonna be that. And yet there and I think actually the Celtics are positioned today. So that just set up for their future like they're the only branch has a look around with the exception of and maybe maybe Philadelphia. But they're set up to win. Net right now and date in note this would happen without the guy that day so what's to say that they don't go out ahead and let's. What you're who's coming on the draft he's a young carries 2626. Is way too young to stick his. That's the thing like Tyree right now like Michael. If you think about players in their prime players typically don't and their their prime until 25 fish at ease literally in the beginning of his prime so. Why would you move on from that guy I I understand he costs a lot of money by. And that's why because but they're they're all eventually gonna cost a lot of money and anti religious. And the rookies well they will candidly I warriors yes definitely that's the thing though that I think he's more inclined to go. Let's move on from a rookie after we've used their contract. And move on now way I don't think he's gonna do that with like the big quarter Gordon Hayward. They traded for Irving and I don't think that they're they're gonna all the sudden move on just because the draft has worked out. Because you like he Ainge is a Smart GM and he's he trashed well at like. He didn't get Oden and in that that year would be deal he instantly turn that team into a championship team by going out and getting. Ray Allen. Yeah Kevin Garnett like he's a great. GM is a great GM and I think with that it's comes to him making. Good good decisions about drugs but that's that's a whole different thing I'll look at this Boston team as constructed right now say that hey man. There are 48 minutes away from one backed the NBA finals for the first time since 2010. I guess I guess what Americans what are the chances that that the Celtics actually. Pull off what would be still be the upset even though they are the top of the higher seeded team would still be the upset but. What is what does what does this mean this there's so many different things that this would mean if Cleveland loses. Is this the left came LeBron James played with the Cleveland Cavaliers. What's going to happen with carrier opinion and in the policies. You know do they actually have a shot against that you're vote rockets or the warriors you know a lot of things have to be answered it will be answered. Arm I guess the end of forty minutes. Yeah now I I think that the Celtics have a really good shot here and I know I'd be in the season I thought this was the year the Celtics were gonna come out they lost. Gordon Hayward they lost Irving I changed my tune they they prove me wrong and Al lot of that has to do it. Pale we mentioned this last week Brad Stevens. In the fact the guests such young roster. He can get these kids to buy and they're not. These are like ten year vets in the NBA most of them you know the most of these guys are young as one of the young's extra since he and Euro area and yet still loses. This is where they are so real quick prediction prediction who was game cavaliers or Celtics I I'm gonna go Celtics just the the way the series has gone it is and so momentum based on on the home court. And Celtics play so while the home court and that the cavs as as the greatest king James is just. They don't have the depth. Adam. I'm gonna go to camps. Because of how great king James in his. I just don't think there's anybody else on the floor that can match his intensity matches. Size strength speed whatever the case is. And now that he's aggressive he knows. Where he needs to do you've seen a much more aggressive upper arm of the last few games so I say the cavs win I think because when going to bomb. Our first mortgage practicing one hour down one more ago when we come back. The NFL implemented a new policy. Pretty sure you know it is we're gonna talk about a week I'm back here regular sports on.