Sports Sunday June 3rd Hour 2

Sports Sunday
Sunday, June 3rd

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends were made for sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots. Joseph a look at the weekend in sports where the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber lunch meat free guns area about Bianca. Adams. Your insurer the football. Yeah about aliens now you can catch TV about it ET. Never caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I'd do. This is sports Sunday which Mike Lynch. You can't. Rude. Of you as soon as the blue. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor okay do and I concede going to be sure we'll hear from under on it was a good hustle and on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Our troops are here on sports Sunday thanks for joining us sex lives by about Israel five. You find us on Twitter about Mike Lynch 27 were shot that Taylor made 503 injustices that Jesse Osmond is you may have. We're with you until 11 o'clock what time of the incident I think 5 o'clock 6 o'clock o'clock I'm o'clock o'clock tip right here on the stand. You can listen to game two of the warriors cavs quickly available for a get to that would to get some tax elementary. On the last segment. Baseball's filled in this town traffic is bad enough and then he goes on to suggest there Melissa isn't vastly but the blazers have a one chips from his solo is want mr. Herbs in the timbers when he analysts couple years ago that is true baseball is has spilled in this town. As a minor leagues I think there's a very big difference between minor league sports in Majorly exports. And I think one way to look at this it if I'm talking to you pursuit accident and news. A majority of people who go to timbers games are not soccer fans. They're timber stands. And they're the fan of the experience of going to the game. I've I've talked to so many people who say I hate soccer but I wanna go to a timbers game our loved going to tetris games. It's very different when it's a major team. In your market. So baseball may have failed in a minor league level because not enough to answer a lot of people are fans baseball. When you bring a Major League team here I think you're gonna get an experience. Are people who aren't baseball fans are on a beautiful day like today or wanna go to the ballpark. And be outside and have a hot dog and drink a beer and watch some sports of a major team. So I think that's the difference why viewed that way we do have multiple tax about how traffic is gonna sock of course Christmas. Travel party sucks here all the time. It it is three lanes of traffic to a traffic to humans it appeared at a unless they change the roads that shouldn't be. Something to stop us from bringing the beneficial thing into the city because. And people are not stopping moving here kids' aunt I heard the citadel a hundred people a day. Are moving to Portland area it's not stopping so the traffic is going to be bad no matter what so. We were supposed to stop the city from getting things because people Cuban leader in the traffic the and I don't feel they can affect traffic. Awhile ago when like you said that when they saw a few years ago the influx of people that were moving here traffic is sucked in Portland. For the past six years seven years and older not putting any extra lanes on twos on freeways so it's going to be bad if he ever tried to be on the freeway during the blazer game. Like either way you're gonna be stuck it's it's it's just kind of what it is meant so. While what I take away an opportunity to do something fun there's already traffic like I'm never try to lessen or listen I'll live in southeast Portland. All of southeast Portland. Man there's traffic going you know going west at. 3 o'clock in the afternoon for Marreese where's everybody on that. There's traffic going east at 3 o'clock in the afternoon is this just glad I once sat when I used to do the afternoon show here when I was producing map. I once sat. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon. On a Friday. Going into the airport for an hour and a half. On 84 and 205. Let's go to. It airport. But there's got it traffic sucks now so it is what it is so we're suppose also so here we got this is I think I kind of agree. With the text of me personally I am I'm a big fan if you're gonna bring a sport here bring bring hockey here. I get that's never coming against as a. Paul Allen blah blah blah blah blah blah blah but that the fact is is that I. I think this is something that can't count Howard brings up regularly on the show. And that's it is is specifically more like a West Coast thing. Is that there's so much to do here whether you wanna go to the beach wanna go to the mountain wanna go hiking wanna do this wanna do that is that there's so many things to do you. And honestly as many people are moving here we are still very small CD in the grand scheme of places like LA. Who still struggle. To support some of their sports teams. Is that right I think. We very much would love to support them in the beginning and if they end up at all like the Mariners where they just. Keep missing the playoffs and keep missing the playoffs and then they give you something you think is going to be good and it just continues to be mediocre. People are gonna stop going why because there's so many other great things that you can do in the Pacific northwest other things on watching a losing. Bullets levee. Counter that argument would this. Have we seen with two to professional sports teams in the city. He history of the fans leaving the team and are not watching the team we're going to begin with them or not. We have not seen Alex timbers and all of they have had very much. Down time not being the timbers were awful for years from there for awhile until they wanna champions and they were sold out every single game. The blazers have had many down years or to quote unquote down yours alluded me in the playoffs salon recently. Fans always show. Portland or history of supporting mayor Williams we struggle now I get in baseball is more games a lot more games but I also think. The benefit. Of being in this city during the summer is beautiful weather and an outdoor space. Like a stadium becomes a destination. Yes there are a lot of options sure. There's also want people so well and. I do remember going to mean my guard Chris in Portland I do remember going to laser games. And sitting in 300 saying amendment. Time to see debt ones that we just go ahead and walk and that was for all of up until they got brand heroic which is while his credit him as being. One of the best players ever and that was the that's kind of outlook from let's say 2003. Up until about 2006. But it looked like that every game so. I I do think it's different because of that game played outside and I think people would still be out there watching bullet. This one will be outside and lumping always say about baseball it is not about the game the game is yes a part of it when your team is good and I assumed to Washington where that. But baseball's the one sporting event that we can go to and not have the game will be the last thing the Woodward. When you get the stadium there's food there's people there's going to be your garden there's so many other things you can do. Outside of just watch the game and then all right around the sixth inning let me go catch the rest of his game in here because they knew he'll still be sitting different power. Just watched Matt play and that's why I say this some lesser I had to anywhere lesser tired and at the team which some people will be in time and currently our other teams. When you go to the stadium. You spend your time walking around you you'll early batting practice to try some of the food again if it's a beautiful day it's it's an experience that's holding events and out. It's instead of going to. Don't farmer's market today and spending my money there I'm going to go to. Blow blow blow apart in watching game has been a money I consider you guys close friends right. I see you at the blazer game. And it's. Middle of the first quarter middle the second quarter CU on the 300 level one level concourse so it's just shaking hands or you don't argue undulating. Our region that down here. And to see. Nancy Sunday. And Occupy Movement she with a baseball game to oversee. School record of the year let's do this let's web hot and how we're out there chop it up for a little bit longer as opposed to there's no rush and rip the base of what you at a football game. I'm probably not leave my seat unless you know about last or something but. For the most part. Baseball is a low to users. It's like you go into is vehemently and that's why I'm looking forward to urban last Thursday. First Thursday or any one of those hot events that happened during the spring and summer. This is that's gonna be first and last Thursday. 81 times a year or two times a year so I'll get with it. I I hate to dredge it up again by I am I I do think. Also you guys are under playing the traffic issue is that you're right it is awful right now and it's bad light on Sunday in on Saturday at just the most bizarre times. It sucks. And so. Berg going to make this situation worse by adding another pro team and putting it in there. And it is one of those things where people that'll have no problem dealing with that are they'll take the Macs of this of that. And people will get so sick like. Things like but like anything you kind of figured out like getting to the rose quarter Robert Morris wherever on it. Sometimes an easy but I mean I'm from the cities I know exactly. We are tonight on the freeway or where to get off to freeware or some like to me shark can make their own and again out I'll ask this question. Has that kind of traffic which has existed around the blazers and the timbers. Stop people from going to games. Now. It has a girl and I think Portland is a really good sports town and that urgently downed hell yeah. It's a lot easier to get it to repeat literally you can literally get off the Max right at the timbers a lot to take them a lot of people were driving trying to park somewhere around twelfth and thirteenth and stuff like that so. I mean it's abdominal hence all the oil by 23 images walked province or you know you know. This is it's because of the traffic but it hasn't solved if they don't you ever tried to hang on northwest 22 tweeters. To partner ever you know what we figured out that few Eagles were cool and figured out so I think once the stadiums here are guaranteed traffic will be the last complaint in. I don't know about that aren't let's break and we'll talk about him if he ever get this is being. Of us just flowing but the worst that just sticking to what we already spent so I don't think we I don't think we've hit anything we shall starting at one thing response talk about. That's fine that's radius has been. Let's actually commit to do in the finals next game twos today. Klay Thompson is hurt but some are thinking he will play. Hundred dollar still hurt and he'll probably not play in Aerosmith is that is all next here on. We can work made for school. This is sports Sunday when Mike cameras show us any game. And that's barges or know him all the crap yet. Shouldn't. Elegant hour and a half drive every day. Both ways. Now it's. And. Well depends what the traffic. In some. Come now I can see why you hate traffic so much it meant so much sense all of its drive to Renault and here every day. It about three days a week I spent a couple days I hear them selling. Nazis. That is part. Of me I hate traffic I I absolutely hate it you'll probably if you drop. In the middle of traffic. You just the like you try to lip read what I've. Was saying and be a lot of palm hand her anguish a lot of I hate Portland and I hate this and everybody your stupid and nobody knows how to drive they've ever been to a fantasy anything with Jesse. That's that's incredibly normal. That is credit when normal is very passionate aren't. Stop it finals NBA finals next segment is odorless around guerrilla talk about it we don't talk back in. It lets you gonna put it in the two minute finals of a good thing is we don't have to you know talk about this team in the West Coast east arms organized talk about the that the NBA finals game twos today at 5 o'clock on the warriors. Part four. Game lineman was super entertaining. And was so much better than I would have funneled via officers is gonna sock and maybe it will now. Because part of me. Feels like game one was everything in the cavs had they were they when they tried to punch them. The warriors in the mouth literally and if it wasn't for. And eighty plus percent free throw shooter missing a second free throw and then JR Smith making one of the dumbest players I've ever seen a big game. The capital on the game. In taking a 10 series lead and all the sudden it changes everything but because. They lost the game after those two plays part of me feels like that was it. Part of me feels like that was there full energy trying to steal a game and Golden State in take home court advantage away from them. And now I kind of part of me feels like it's going to be slaughter. That was deflating that blocking call at the end of the game on LeBron would be his challenge. But haven't reviewed apparently no not tie Lou. Not LeBron like out of thinks the jedi all the way knew that that you can actually look and review that an an overturned and so. That was the play that sucked year. At the cavaliers do you remember back in 2002. Three the BCS national tradition between. Miami and Ohio State and Miami got that bogus flags thrown into the game action they should of 1% a year what's this fishery Disney. And yes Willis McGahee shredded Disney like a few plays before that. And Miami thought that and we won the game they're celebrating the Eddie's flying the fireworks going off to game's over. And then they said no you gotta come back and and played his dues down again and they were deflated. He's go from Nolan that the game was over there they're up to possibly about to go up four as the go back and told they was gonna have to bow. My urged his weekly was gonna come in there and steal came one and then dates is completely sucked the year. Out of the room without a felt so bad forward and much them like LeBron guy. I felt so bad for him that game is you don't see somebody played that well he and then have the game taken from your biography reasoning and there was some terrible calls before. There was some awful call so much Cleveland had a shot to win the game down the stretch. But at and it's hard to blame the refs when you miss a return hedge advancement and we're we're really glossing over I think George Hill the Gerris but the best thing happening Georgia. Because the Georgia dismisses that and then Kevin Durant or whomever gets that rebound we're talk about George Schultz blew this game for his team but. JR Smith making the most. JR Smith wasn't a bald head but the most JR Smith swagger EP play that he could possibly make who it. Angers me that mark to lease their players of all time general playing in the NBA finals right now. And it makes my blood boil that they even get minutes on the fourth but JR Smith did would JR Smith does. And he went there. And didn't know first as he was. Is essentially wide open under the basket for put back. He ran and edit and then LeBron said pass and the Broncos wide open. Well Bronson pass and he finally did mile basic three out of bounds and then gave every terrible excuse as to why. He actually mideast it below average so I thought we were gonna run a play apart we're gonna call timeout. I thought you know somebody was in particular for shot quietly and then he finally came on Saturdays and I just in no scores to be drowned. As hell during the game truck and now. If they drunk or high note if you he's a mean coming allergies like they are Smith. Is definitely high on the floor Mary's he's just a bonehead and that play. Is one of 2.2 plays that. Three plays down the stretch that cost LeBron in the cavaliers again agencies and the public on Twitter isn't your post headline when he was on the index said. Quote JR Smith added note the squirrels and had cardinal look pissed off in the picture. He's done before. Included you know umbrellas just text LeBron just for a dot dot dot and yet if I get at them and LeBron if you soft frustrating was his press conference with the short. A suit short set on I don't know I have enough time to talk about that you know it was 46000. Dollars. Like to Wear shorts. Of I mean it was nice until a solid shortstop a couple of pals part of me is and it isn't it funny event. Because he wore that and he stumps out of the press conference yes to leave the press coverage and really wearing shorts with its cute he looks like it was still what's the it was. Over the rocks are that you know the worst news I think he's AC DC. Where's the shorts with. With the suit jacket in the post. I don't know what is our forget its name. That's what that's that's that's who reminded me. Looked it up on Google and in the meantime when you LeBron. Went. For 51. In heat. That's kind of what everyone said was if the cavs are gonna win a game in the series LeBron is gonna happen Dominique he needed. He 51 points Kevin Durant socked in the game you really bad. So let's point six points but he was not on his shot stuff Currie was directly Thompson was using when he came back from injury hit a lot of threes but immune to Little Rock show. And they still lost like ten another another final score doesn't mean the same thing as the hours and overtime were just missed them by. You think about it like that. We'll Broncos are 51 he sought to go to overtime when. The warriors which has paid paid at this point they don't that was a Brescia and if you can get the warriors game one on their home court. Are you gotta do is take care of business wants org or twice on your own home court and then and you've got a series and that's where the old saying that's all you knee and really disappoint the ref threes yet again. Because state as needing help to win. They're soaked they they need zero assistance from the ref threes anywhere else and so to give them. That called the end of the game in there was a rule will slow motion it look like LeBron as possible will the games play in slow motion. So now you're going back and look at every slow motion replay it's okay. Aggregates SP or now that that's that's really that was that was our the arteries let that ago. MBA restive stole the show this playoffs. They have they have been all over the Adler tank is young by the and you show and yes yours like the shorts in the skirts and middle accustomed. With the Fedora type pat. It's been it's been a weird Klaus for the rest until like every game matters legitimate complaints. Which makes you think why can't they just be better I know it's not easy to be your effort umpire error and it went on again it but. Mean billable veteran playoff to Steve you're supposed to be the best wraps in the NBA finals. In the mess up on the calls where the NFL replacement craftsman. Of those guys in here I can't do any worse because I wasn't a child I remember the Phil marry yes they can do worse. Mean they can do and well. I'm saying it was a it was a it was a great game up until the V and even with all the the miss calls terrible cause we still have talked about the Tristan Thompson what was a flagrant two. Which was terrible call. To make that appointment would have gotten a free shot the basketball program is glad he is anybody's face the ball should each of the and I'm glad it was great trade. I can't stand trademark green and Tommy let me take that I don't like Raymond green basketball. I'm sure Raymond bring in the guys awesome. The basketball player irritates. And he's the worst persons team gets to talk like he's the best person always argue broke the reason your open as a reason to get a chance to get triple double doubles always art. Eric let's break understand time now and I hated to love it is coming up next. Who won two weeks ago. You wondering you stole when I think you still went. I'm allowed a the last question I think you got like two more points tonight excellence off I get to answer first. And that'll be next but first just your sports. Weekend sports where there's a difference. This is sports Sunday which mica British jobs are attending the you know that music means it is time for him to love it's. I think were shot 12 weeks ago decided to go first here. And Jesse asks us questions and awards us orthodox those points based on our answers we only have a minute to answer each question. And the winners host last segment artistic kind of start all right. Starts. Man. In the name. As wanna start with the one football question or in the two and yeah eighties whose ball notes triple on a mile away as I thought we did. Aren't about. On. Clean cut its first includes eight lots of baseball I'd like this which is a good change and sports you played as a kid and a right. That's where it all off topics for us yes probably probably. Lynch really enjoying today it's been great. The baseball teams to do more so we'll lol I don't know if you guys realize this to a pre season has started. Up north. Though. It is not the odd part is at a young he's like me and I can't and it all it intimidates. In Canadians and Canadian so. The Canadian Football League this its pre season underway which means you'll have some football that you can watch leading up to real football. Now I have actually have never want to see I've. Probably gonna check it out and never really watched at the foresight to advocate of checking out but it's fantastic it's. What that said two weeks ago the most polarizing. Figure in football and not. Like be any good and Johnny men's Al signs. With the Hamilton. Tiger cats season. You know who else plays and Hamilton tiger cats. That's what Paco. Every drop it you know especially in college I imagine. Let's look like I do when they break up I mean finally. And appoint sound are yet so that's really good yeah we have an upgrade or point out here aren't I marked to market I can I can find out later. Were really staying on topic today a story about it just goes to show me and so. Signed with the Hamilton tiger cats two weeks ago they started their pre season to pull out split the Hamilton tiger cats and you know from German muscle and it is Jeremiah missile or use our starter I don't know that the article says nothing about muscle Leo than he started in front of kittens at a local. Me and so came in he played. 22 plays five series so it doesn't sound like they didn't really that great if you did 22 plays and I series it in front on a place. He completed nine of twelve passes for eighty yards. Such a typical man it's a big conducting conductor it. All right what are you hitting a low blow or hates. Johnny Mann Zell. Will be starting for the Hamilton tiger cats come. Week one. Jessica yes. Why why not it's. The. All lucky me I need to start with this. And look I'm gonna go with my big football brain that has no information about this you felt or the Hamilton tiger cats. And I will say hey it's. Because Jeremiah missile it was the starter in the started deserves to get a chance. Head of a crappy. Quarterback who has not been able to make passionately in John Lehman sell. I'm sure there's a bit of a publicity stunt aspect of this as I'm sure you'll play I'm sure maybe even feel like at two quarterback system world get some. Drives in LTV cameramen all accounts on stuff but. Sure I was only the starter has been great for Hamilton. And he deserves to scale as the starter. And did. Hash tag go former pac twelve players. Got guys who were almost former actual players and decided to leave their commitment because market Mario went to school instead. So policy. I love it. Really it's. Really at its. Top Irish and yeah I mean I and I look through via the the active roster for the from a tiger cancer. I don't really. Brands is on the view apparently Brandon Adams is on is definitely on the range is this old ducks. We all they all ducks team brown and Adams is third on the depth chart behind. Jeremiah was solely and Johnny football arm I hate the German football you're learning point for what I. On hold him. Yeah confirmed it it's Johnny football. Is what was a great college football players. And sometimes I think we should be good leaving that Ken Dorsey is one of my all time favorite college football players can Dorsey was. Less than. A backup quarterback in the NFL. I think this is still a professional ranks in the professional ranks and as as you know who lays it may be I mean he still the second best quarterback on that roster. Was solely. Was very good from what we remember organ he actually was one of the people that helped organs get into that release of temple offense and things like that that I. Enable guys like John Lehman sell to go out and win the Heisman as he has he was able to progress in his career so. I think at this point the solely as shown at least on this level that he is a competitive quarterback he's been there for awhile this'll be. A man tells first year plans if thousands a lot more proof so probably didn't start in terms. But they got three quarterbacks. All five left. Eight view they love themselves crazy athletic quarterbacks and I can believer in Adams and terror offense a quick. A I'd rather different in Adam's been then as well. Personal three wood ducks. Have won pulling together through. That's why me at the gym and I mean it was not the potential or actual market hands. Are there any other toxin that you're the roster I'm looking right now I don't see if we go. No IRS UCLA harbor Wake Forest. Lots of lots of home. Hometown month Canadians something I have like a Jeff mail on the team raining and Jeff mail man I miss that guy who's been there. And another slow white receiver with great hands males got up a all right let's move on all right we're moving on to the NBA finals now. Let's go NBA finals and then although one that kind of peers and a Nazis are up now aren't so. All lost this post season. LeBron James has been five and one. Averaging 39 point seven points per game and eight point seven assists nine economy rebounds 59% from the field 50% from three point. Range. Just saying he's been ill he's been sick he's been ridiculous. He's been super efficient. With that said lover hey Cleveland we'll find a way. To steal game two they. I do I've been watching LeBron all all playoffs obviously whenever they loser like well here comes LeBron show. I'll put the big difference tree is the LeBron show already happened it was game one it was 51 points it was. He was ill sick ridiculous and Rupert great in game one and may have lost. And that's what I was kind of leading to last segment is to mean that felt like the cabs best. Punch. On the warriors. And they lost the game in over time. So I don't know even if LeBron might play great again today he's gonna have to. But I don't know if it's gonna be enough for them to win because Kevin Durant socket issued as poorly today in game when he related to very well. Klay Thompson plays which I think she will that's going to be huge boost of course of them as well. And I did some of the cavs have enough talent on the team to keep up with the warriors of the game by keeping I felt like clever shots at last segment. Al was and LeBron even says that was one of the hardest losses he's ever taken his career. It's gonna be really hard for them to bounce back with us him energy after that against worst in the doesn't need energy to put up a 130. Saucy. I think I'm gonna you gonna love it the one thing for Houston Rockets showed is that men there's a way to be cold state got to be tough. And the one thing Q they're Cleveland has is they have toughness they might not have skill. Oh please they needed but they can be tougher than whatever team they play against asked the Boston Celtics. Just ask the over the number one seed Toronto Raptors who I was for certain. Was going on with him being fired is Kevin Love had 21 and and thirteen the other night he start to look more more like the Kevin Love that we saw in Minnesota for the first time in like three years you know especially earned during these playoffs at least you know as he was not exactly he has to but I think he's more comfortable. Playing that second that second role. That everybody that was supposed to perform for. For the warriors performed and yet he still. Rep three still have to find some way to give the game to to the warriors so clay Thompson has 24. Durant had 26 curry had 29 albeit with a were supposed to do and yet still they were all LeBron was all of inches away from walking away with game one. I think they can come back with that exact same intensity I think Edberg is still on his shoulders of not being able to finish the only person put at least 51 points in the NBA finals and not leave with a win. That's going to be on the final hang over them answered a long time I think tonight he goes in there and takes them work. Lynch has a one point lead heading into the final round and shoot our rights center a savage wants to honestly it's of this this when I've thought about several times. Cents Golden State moved on from the Western Conference finals of this must animate rattling around in my that was really easy to come with. Uplift and that is after struggling against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference finals. The Golden State Warriors. Are going to make it a priority part of their motivation next year. To get home court advantage. But the policies. Also hate because Bristol BAT's rockets. Of course is always going to be a priority for every team but. I don't think for this warriors team in the way it's built unless the rockets like LeBron James which witnesses responsibility. I don't think they really need home court advantage because they're just that good and it. We've seen them every single year that they've been in this run. No matter where they're playing no matter who they're playing if they decide to turn to god they are on. They are the only team that can beat themselves they are. When they don't play with our full effort because they know they're good they tend to lose that quarter or that team. When they come out of the third quarter 95% of the time it's case water they they outscored team in the third quarter by thirty to 25 points almost every single game. And that's where ads ask for the game and I don't think it's important to get home court advantage outside of just the basic. It's great to be able play game seven at home but it's not necessary for them. They are just there they are back unique in that good of a team they could probably even be the three seed next year face somehow out about a regular season with injuries and still. Go to the playoffs and what to cap it is the fourth seed this year in the east went when you have a LeBron James you have a team as good as the warriors it doesn't matter. Where you're seeded you're gonna get to the NBA finals so Osce. I have to hate that is well on. The lawyers the one team India they don't need an extra help on home court advantage included. Rockets thought that. Home court would matter and they lost game one and game seven on their home. So that in the rockets with a number one team in the NBA this year the lawyers are one of those teams that they have everything in place to be great. And it's unfortunate because I can't stand Kevin Durant for making that decision but he just basically secured. The the NBA. Championship for the next few years is long Golden State. The only thing that stopped them is some type of injury or anything like that home court is one of those things that no longer matters this team he saw them just kind of skate room. Most of the season because then they need to do to get to the finals so. And once they did everybody was and how vulnerable number that how vulnerable state is he can do this and you can beat them here's the blueprint and then they just ran through. The spurs and they ran to the pelicans they ran to the rockets for the most part now. They're look like they're wanna do kind of the same thing to the cavaliers so. How do you beat them you hope to god that one of them gets mono and can't compete for a couple weeks. Our rights. Today's winner. My clinch. And you know life. Is it really truly is tired I think that would I think that's what analyst on him. Mama okay with that abrupt funds. I can be graceful book report that was really. I timing as ridiculous is that question was old old minute. If we Hadley in or knowledge of Hamilton and her. Well audit took it with the fun that it was supposed to be exactly. Exactly attitude. Coming up next we'll figure it out the sports on them. Sports Sunday. Mike every show. One final seconds ago here. On sports Sunday. As a reminder about again next week it is just so the summer so it weakens every I think I might pick them up next. I'll be in LA. Next next Sunday I'll be back from. But how much give back to show will be. Anthem it is. Though the figure out maybe it'll bring someone in to do it. We'll figure out how to highlight show we have what do we. Do best just to. Do we have best that I think I can do we have some best I don't think we've ever thought about that before we have six months of longer available. And he's right back compliance I mean I have literally all of our. Area and I catch them like all of them say we got years of stuff the peak and off I'll really. Well I'd be an option to. We'll figured out but usable beyond next week and are going to be an island only industry. We do and then I will be going on our. We call the senior trip so our graduates all I forgot you do this yeah yeah it's been. While I've been able I've had to go for quite awhile once it's just like mark my first year here on the show. But. Yeah we take our students or graduates too early for four days and hang out. Some exposure stuff for them you'd be surprised how many kids never complained before. Have never really. Seen anything outside of new north southeast Portland so. This will be great opportunity to do that for them to Six Flags. Carrasco was chicken while lobby your we go there's so many great restaurants and LA Roscoe is like eight to me. If only notes that it's in the top ten it might be number two it. So as far as sold to restaurants concern. I think you go further the styles as you go for the you know it would take a picture you know put for the most part. Roscoe is chicken and waffles is just mama mom and my program of the minds. Is that there's no question of the hot today it's it's it's real and anybody who knows real soulful tell you it's not it's. Figure into Egypt and he is probably much better. But rebellious older that'll be fun and you have you're cash app running right behind the chaperone and everything so make that your kids don't do you know but at same time emanate thing go. Go frolic pogo lived them archer and which just. No no drugs and tattoos who speak at a time try to tell is it so I've never. Had to do any sort of shopper or anything like that. These are really stressful I have to keep an eye on all the kids like that or. Because there ET news like it. I mean sometimes like we we were really strategic about who were taken. So if we know manages constant smoking leader constantly in trouble for something probably not the best ideas take them you know. Over state lines somewhere so. There's a certain criteria and people have to follow to view ago they meet that criteria. Though we've we've also. We don't really worry about it too much but of course February about you know wary about your kids when they're out you know do whatever you want to write things. Yes it is we do queries but the same time. And that's that's kind of you know at least for me that's lobbies and let let them experience the flamingo you know you're not gonna know Kitna just like if you all of. This Texas came in from one of our key ones. The best of template you just see if that's what we do next one hour all were shot grants to the next hour all lynch part of vacation. Would be OK with it if I'd be OK with it I'm sure people would dig through right due iPod to keep them much the kennel our own against. Kind of part of the yeah I guess again I guess it's a little. I don't think about those kind of things yeah I guess we'll going to be in and I'm rant that much really did a whole week we did a couple of months for once that issue we had a Rashaun grant. And as random stuff to be mad about. I stopped being as leg and I'm chilled out of them and taken it reasonably. Be angry about anything no more but now these camera for Reese. They have behind me because I like this and I'm not a LeBron fan. But am what I do think he's the greatest of all time. That's for a different that's for different show though. Don't steal a game away from from him especially after he did all that work. And he worked so hard to keep his team you know in reaching distance of a coaching and where the wind so. Referees in the future as to hear as much as I. And not a bit bronze and don't like him as a personal personality. I I for a while I can elect that. Ruined my enjoyment of him as a player because as a couch. I had. When watching the game one. On. Thursday. The watch at the end of the the Celtics cavs series. A kind of sat there and law. And I went. Just enjoy it as much as you don't like him just enjoy watching him because in. Four years or whatever it's going to be he's not gonna be there anymore saying anything other than he's amazing agitate so registers were quick in the caches meant would you give. LeBron 200 million for two years here in Portland now. You are the only one yes sign me a hundred million dollars a year and everybody not named CJ McCollum and Damian Miller you know trade. And can can can go Jesse. 200000002 years from LeBron. Your Portland you know why not. Light up just as let's let's it'll like. It if it alone has made a great form at the moment so yes sure pollen goods into it million dollars let's bring a championship here are. While we roaring. Yeah I'm telling you that's a new thing whenever you whenever you feel strongly about some rocks at the end there you go. Let everybody know you're there I would definitely take LeBron for two years with with Damon CJM. Penetrating kicking out to one of those to do when apps and condemn texts are not so much identification is blow creation. Now I see you really feel man. Well I mean. I'm just kind of problem. Pontificating is probably the best like maybe book creation occasionally too. Oh I'm not stupid it's a term I'm trying to fill air people don't understand how difficult it can be bill a couple of minutes once said everything it's all right. We got a break. Paso. Next week. It is best. Maybe something else we'll figure it out. Some some something will be here from nine to eleven axiom about week after that. In the finals government knows we'll talk about that plus whatever else is going on in the city and nationally in sports. Everybody enjoy the rest of your beautiful Sunday is on assisting is nice out. Enjoy the net the rest of the beautifully as well I'll be in Vegas next week and ourselves in. Will be out party a little bit to see where you're going to be. Here during the best of it may be maybe we have we really are trying to did you guys vacation immune Daon. Pat they'll probably be here aren't it's about the next week him for the rest you read and CNN. This is part.