Sports Sunday June 3rd Hour 1

Sports Sunday
Sunday, June 3rd

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Can sports where the difference. Did it all in Atlanta and Saturday that it matters. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports which the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch leave that room better. You've that is a car. Yeah but it's so weak car and Rashad Taylor we do stop but that's a big sunk. I looked up part. Yeah on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 there. Is how this Sunday morning. They're very. Good news is beautiful out once again. Although I checked the weather and it's it was supposed to be cloudy and cool today. We're here outside this is not a dude it's been saying cloudy and cool. Every time supposed to be cold and it rained wants a big was what Thursday years something might maybe Wednesday. It goes one of those visit our. It was Thursday that's the only time out of look at my weather report that was actually it was accurate because of the men says okay it's going to be 65 and cloudy and then by 2 o'clock. It's you know blue stars and people. It was one of lose. One of those weeks where her. I or one of those days were I was taken mallet to the airport because she's gone for the week and I was wearing shorts and a teacher and us open early move back or are mark a step. And do. Yeah I got so Angela could sort of dump or the rebels are expecting average for teachers so. Doctorate welcome Portland but I am back from Solomon Tiago. It was cool and you told it was a cool city what are your favorites out there or your favorite yeah yes sir. I like a lot of has lost more than a bottle was but it kind of reminded me is a mix of Portland with some of the food. And the kind of the Chicago a little bit walking down the streets is coming to clean streets. This cool city man pieces when it was eighty degrees you know absolutely 6870. Is perfect I'll really OK it was but the entire week where they're three days those of watching the news. Everyday was exactly the same it was 68 to seventy high 58 to sixty low. Mostly sunny Everett was because they got memory later in the morning and perfect. And literally perfect did you get tacos. At any point I say yes I do not gonna talk show I got a I got a yellow tail insurer burrito that was fresh from those are fresco ego. They just caught outside behind their problem they talk a guy but I'll I'll take the fresh fish burritos good. And we went up to La Jolla which is a little beach town in the area. My admired and mother in law drove us to Laguna Beach 41 of the days for a little bit which an hour north but it. In the rental cars over to that end of laughter on the gas and district as equals today. The only negative to me was. Really. Aggressive homeless people. Blatant in your face like heck yeah. Yeah we're not really used to the looper aggressive homeless here now they tend toward a little bit. They just come on little more reserved and here and and Portland and make aggressive you know other places all I saw guys you know. Let's look at the movie of us why you all homeless people you know move here there's certain parts of of the country were they just give them bus bus tickets yet to organ to Portland. And I heard about that I heard the day. Fly them to Hawaii. And they bused them to you the other states and the West Coast. And a thank you State's pollution. But yeah I saw guys. You know. Down under part as he was senseless in the middle of the street in the middles and night. And there was a weird guy opening the 7-Eleven or for everybody and demanding tips for. Well which I did not give him because I can open my own accuser. Let's root of the matter what it open your door attitudinal concierge for seven will have it but that. But that's a fancy San Diego's you know there's actually concierge doorman at seven. Let you know law. Puts everything into perspective we looked at it that's a good one. I'm not okay there there's this initiative that people are trying to get past. And opens just to be return for some Portland or as a whole county government. It's called twenty is planning which means they want to lower all the speed limits on 25 on our streets. It's funny about what this thing over one million miles an hour I'm looking right now at this twins play and now. OK I understand kind of the there's like a little logic behind it right people drive slower its efforts as loud again it but. It just put it this way this is my first policies times news. If 80% of the people driving and erode and not driving 25. Obviously think if you lower to twenty all those you're gonna have a chain department decide. And if people are going fast going. Going 25 like. You see it you can not gonna go just as well listen outsourcing of finishing at about seven minutes behind for work. And I don't have to be there a few minutes we're gonna goats when he up Vancouver for that no compulsion in these utilities and police somewhere and then I'll. Slowed down once they push them a mile a minute forty. But Menem. Paula asked me should argue there are times when he is planning it for talking 630. Surer. Probably it's look I'm not the best person he's talking about is that I'm really fast driver but I find it really. Really difficult. To even keep my car at twenty. Like you attacked the foot on the gas it's like what if that's the difference CR. I actually very cautious driver you know so I do go the speed limit or try to go somewhere. Around their arms and yet that's ridiculous men if you pass that you don't you don't you find it hard. Like difficult to keep our heart from me or isn't there. For what two miles an hour or Morrissey Will Smith. It's a barn there. Not me like it's obvious it was a typical from now on the important people away. When it is when he is almost like. Partly in dumb thing to do it's like it's something that would mean nobody's been worried about. Like. I honestly. Eds. Our camera to the last I mean it's just it's it isn't a problem more. Mac has ever been a part of that what was the last time these are kids playing in the street. That's why I'm slightly literally like when I was a kid we play football on the street so yeah I can understand my okay when are you splitting in 1994 I asked. Totally get I have stopped noticing your outlook is not what was the last I think about it but you route settlement nice day that you saw kids playing in the street. Playing frisbee playing tag. Archer I've seen it in twenty years I mean. I've probably seen it a couple of times the last few years I've seen someone set up some like hockey goals in the street but as more vodka a cold sectors. Yes that's not a political settlement act ends yeah I barely go on the death legal 1520 and the colts. It's it's just bizarre because I'd like I I just think it's the weirdest thing to spend all of this money on and to make a big deal out of winning it. Has this ever been a problem every summer has a problem in Portland is like. Bigger than the homeless issue that we have no and infrastructure problem though we have night this is a waste of money. There's no waste of time is it is it the week you have the site at right is it Portland is that all the cities is it just Washington counting on it what is. Her initiative that I don't because I've seen in Beaverton and live out there but. I mean I guess the only thought I could have is on the east side. There are some of the most narrow streets of all time. And when people park on both sides it's one lane road so may be fair there like. I don't know maybe don't want me and we can figure. Some are having accidents equipping senator's campaign. And I've no idea where initially supposed to be if it's important that silly. There is a must see one of those slowdown Children's Place I'd say we're here we're for the children play I don't see mutual SO. Oh okay Aaron Thomas and that's not a member seen kids to boot so. Well they're all playing video games bingo in an outside. Or they're on the drive a diesel group on the driveway into play basketball they're not seen who can anybody drive in a long semen frenetic in the hour. A tennis court yes abounds a lot of hoops in front of the house in the driveway and stuff like that. We're not ventured southeast Portland not his. Northeast Portland and some. I was saying it's a money thing are you saying a little bit of both and so many things was like oh limits certain place Erica baskets gusto especially. Portable ones horse she can like put via postings could take. So they have campaigns. It looks like extensively in Europe. In Denmark Norway in one cents. And hello and so and international. Yes. It is just recently looks like broken into the states there's one in Bristol downing California. Up in Washington and and years and Portland and I don't know I just. I just wanna Texas manually reasons when he has to make her make sure people. Our schools on two or right you know the right well that's about it now years maybe maybe this is just different for me but I'll ask this question to tax on five petrified about. I may very fast driver. But I will not go above the speed limit in the schools is just like a UC schools under like direct and to slow down. And it's M on the that's a war as a warning enough for me not even instituted to deal with the just in case there are kids around because. Why do you wanna even come close to a situation like equals owns the only time that it. You know. The only time it should be relevant winning tomorrow's girls. School and cults sects. About there's so many cars articles on this and it looks like when I see that when he is playing Sinai I go up and down 42 Clinton so in between. Sandy and Fremont. There's that area where. It's neighborhood but if you're let your kids play on 42 that neighborhood or turn out here you're a terrible terrible parent body have twenties when he signs all the way up and down that like are not drive and when he on 42 between that area is once again if you let your kids play and that streak you are a terrible parents. This leads to a whole other thing and maybe we can get to this. The last segment we can do it next if you wanna just push baseball and NBA funnels off split. I don't know I'm. Think Ausmus fingers on why oh why all of this is sports. Why are kids now playing in the street and too little for some time most fun memories as a kid. Were the stuff we did outside on the Streeter in the old facts and so when I'm hungry and a lot of responses is based on. Based on the so far right as it was in ninety wanna do that next have been doing I guess so it doesn't look as Arthur I have a six year old son and yeah that's a real concern from news from being Tesla. Welcome prime time of indebtedness and especially at. It's on the show today after that we will talk about the new mobile Portland stuff that happened this week Russell Wilson and Sierra shoot our way. Sierra and her husband. Our investors. In the elder Portland initiative which is really really cool talk about that plus. Rock brought this up over the week that there is a third site now in. In mind for the Portland pace or diamond initiative for where to put a stadium of the attitude or council talk about that. NBA finals game two is today can hear it here on the channel talk about game one in the series. Where it stands right now plus more this is sports and on the weekends where may. About eighteen here on the fate of sports and American Rashad with you it's 11 AM today. Into the NBA finals on the thing in that later this afternoon and I are talking about this per segment. Brought up to twenty is plenty campaign if they see signs for the people's. Yards and house's most dominant today an amendment thing and and abroad in this conversation Rashad says he doesn't see people. Playing in the street anymore. Or I mean Ellie and outside I suppose could be could be turned into that but. That if that is true if that's a thing that should stopped. Because of video games for more school work safety concerns or whatever. That's socks. Because. Some of my best memories. As a middle school or high schooler. Were the outdoor street football game. Or the it will hockey nets that gobbles small ones or playing manhunt in cul-de-sac somewhere in the park somewhere. That was that was the best that was the best way it's you. Kind of mean in my opinion to cultivate your friendships because you weren't just watching a movie were out there messing around. You know talking smack him and it was fun. It was the best. Did it. It was also time you know we were. We that's that was fun for kids you know if you have to be we have you actually it would still be fun markets it I mean I think it would people we had to be much more creative. When we like even in your. Much younger than me you know much. Will be younger I mean where you had a few more amenities than say Jesse and I had when we were kids like you know. Just think about things what is the option of being able to save your video was just start. That wasn't something that Jesse and I had with Nintendo and take it and you'll super Nintendo. Chief what your yes leave it on what you've been has not yet to leave it on and Q and use power and anyway or for that that you didn't turn at all. Now you know more imports like PlayStation two and stuff like that probably when you were in high school and the safe feature was Ayers market pick right back up plan that plane. Crashed and Cooper whatever way you were playing at that point so I didn't have to go outside once again to offer us Nellis is go outside the square there and play. But here's the thing though right so I took my first system a superintendent's budget I am I am close a lot closer to even bring your letting on in terms of that video game era. Prefer systematic 64. And that I had an Xbox in high school but. It didn't stop me from going outside. Even in my later high school years when I got really into halo two and I played it. Religiously. Guess what. I still went out when my friends route where the rebel group gathering where you play football mystery or. But we this was the one of the biggest ones we have we did twice in the cops came both times. For them hunt in this situation is they. We went to a public park. And I went to an empty parking lot. And we played freeze tag manhood as like seniors in high school and it was just seriously it's weird it was weird that's where it was one of those things you're like I've. Plame and let Catholic Church. Let's go mostly currency it'll look stood and it was the most intense fun game ever because we were all really like we weren't like underdeveloped when we were fast I can imagine how the police would be a little concerned at that point and I thought you gonna say like we reflect. 1112 by. Imagine peacefully to me that because we're just we're a public park because it is running around trying to tag up at seven grown ass dude spots haven't it was like thirty. No cause for concern mayor William intimate park. I just running around the S and at a point I could see how it looked weird like if it were a bunch of thirteen girls no problem what I could see how. And I assume lynch at. 1718. You. Were you know you look like command at that point I can imagine I I couldn't imagine getting. The cops and exactly. Look at eighteen and eighteen now you're gonna park and eighteen I always wonder why Angel is sensible it's your clearly playing man not doing anything wrong. I know that our trip and that I could I can sit I can see how someone else it's that there. Art what that's part of it with. I wouldn't want people are going out and play similar I would do it but I can understand how you know that would have been I agree with me and I think a lot of it is you you said it. Hum brains haven't gather that's another thing that we have to be together to gathering more like when I want to play games with you met on the go to Mike's house and he and I are gonna play. Halo for a couple of hours now meant as Michael Marley and do we have to go up slightly in no we don't have to do any of those things anymore also. Another thing is and play dates and all that stuff like it kind of killed. I just being able just randomly ran into new friends outside around the corner and augment and see who was. Appeared that this game does is let our readers to buy it. I mean you did you knock on plated as a kid night I didn't go to place it was me and I'm going down streets Adrian house and knock on the door and see if he's your. I did play its all the time that you also met you people doing America's they had other friends that also would come over never does. Never played it from there. That's weird what's weird minors yeah yours like I did the same things were shot like go down in the is. Is Robby available you know like her you know home I guess but I would say as a kid. But yet now you just go down the street knock on I never raised Dorsey with an the group peaking yet you know. At Enron and then you just kind of had this little kid gang ran up and down the street doing stuff whether they are right there by cancer. You know playing basketball whatever it was what we normally did was we would. One person would go to someone's house as a place de colon or as he got all hours ago now. And then you wouldn't. We did have cellphones about what you detect somebody in the mid come over and at some also come over and they need a walker. It wasn't just like knocking on doors down the street I only had one person down the street from me who was a category. That's kind of what it was it be started is one or two people on their bikes and and can Jesse come out and Jesse comes out there we go getting in my come out and by then we got a group of 1012 right bikes and skateboards down the street in you know. So that's. Got a dollar house from the villages is is Tommy and bill and there's nothing better than turn a corner NC a bunch of kids outside playing basketball or play football and mechanic we get next or can we play to her. That's how those things happen and I just don't and that much I work with kids I work with everywhere from from six graders to seniors in high school. And yet and still outside of the program time they spend with with Myanmar program. Very seldom do what ever see students are even if something isn't Vasco Irving park east to be a like a Mecca as far as. Outdoor best ball or or or park mall. You'd be hard pressed on whether ants find a group of teenagers out there who it'll happen in the summer you get a couple days but for the most part. Those days right by lore Hearst right now on a beautiful day or maybe now. Whittled to Clark about lords want to Wear out there who. I feel like if I told that some nephews and nieces about how I used to playing and get together with my friends. That they would just kind of look at me with a real lot alien base yeah I don't get that leg. Like oh. It's it didn't call them no we didn't all have cell phones like. The cellphone that's for the age gap for. But I think I got my cell phone when I was fourteen L yet don't in I don't know seventeen and the brick to brick Nokia cell. I think I got to vent in the new releases like Hayes called that. There is calling. Story whose homes are hello close just either. That is you know phones payment you wanna ride bikes. You want to insulin you know that's how that's that work it is crazy I just don't I'll see them anymore and I feel like this is one of those things where we look back at her childhood ago. Yeah we definitely cool like coming granite they have all the stuff and all the gadgets and it is that you know we wish we could have had. But for the most part the creativity that we have back and wars. Through it we can figure out what plea something with though. With no you know any type of he had imagination yet we doing so what was your favorite. Street gamers those executed was what was your favorite thing and fighting and that's not a real commitment to it I don't know man probably. Shoot and it was a big fan I think that's Weller mark for room was playing in the street playing. With friends you're known. Just run streak and take take four steps run across you know stuff like that that's where you start. Learn how to run routes and stuff like that isn't streets yes square in square miles that went in and day out this water out. I mean when all of a learned the post up oral button hook is. It was just you that just wrote to me now appealed so. I think that's really well Thelma love for like. Football and sports you know he's been able to go outside and you know shoot hoops downstream there was a basket that was like two houses down from now Disco there. And just shoot effort for awhile until someone came outside and play crunch yours. Valujet. Well I mean it was meant to be a sport it could be just skateboarding yours using Razor Scooters and. I mean it was heavily at what I did the most around town and pax was I was a roller blade her love my roller blades. We've talked about going to the you know roller rink before on the show I love roller blading. What I eat I mean my favorite favorite thing to do was played a war we had a little plot of fields around our house and a small kids it'll. Get around play a war in sign. So for me is a group it was definitely football because. We we use. Yelling at various. Telephone poles and edges of cars as markers for first now millions and most of those on two completions first down. We play and then as an only child I did double solo game that my dad taught me when my preference were around while applying. It's Coley stoop ball you'll think Spalding ball in your throat at the front of your little of the stairs or Bernard or ended when it bounces off that's been hit. So you have to then field and played played the game and I would do this like so deep or on apple notebook and I do like real baseball teams and it keeps score. And like a certain marker on the street was a double or home run depending how far it went. It was not so much to eat it it. It again as an only child getting it created some times and that was Oklahoma fun one child to do. Say text text in your thoughts about outdoor. Kids playing at five doctor if I would get this text instead. Gym and recess is maybe enough time outside for new. That sucks because gym and recess and 45 minutes an hour well Jim might be 3040 minutes you know and then it's. Mean depending on teacher. Darker and been much slash recess. Kids get like 25 minutes after Lyle Nasser your forcing kids he really really lackluster like to force them eat really fast and eat anything at all because if it's between eating food and going outside and playing. Most of them are gonna go outside and and and played on the poems for recess all you have to do. Though and you keep on while all take will start an hour later animal will start letting go an hour earlier to. I rather they have like two or three hours less of schooling then when I was I was like people were three months left of school. Than than we used to it's it's bizarre. You know what I do I do have a question about this too. Because her shot you grow up in the city in Jesse you grow up. In the city or an edge of the city yeah I mean Gresham right yeah I wonder because of fight because I grew up in a suburb. If it was different. In terms of just walking down the Sri yes. Or having to go to someone's house in the Tommy yes I think that's why it was different for haven't lived in the suburb is as well. Yes that must that's private lives is a different experience he has. Because seriously for me I had one friend of my streak in the rest of the street there was no kids in my school. So the closest kid in my school. Was like five blocks away. 'cause there's there's private schools my towners and you know it's different. In all my friends lived about a ten minute drive away from my house for the most part so that's why we had to. Call and set up times to meet at each other in the same house would be that's why we didn't interest. There there's you typing I think if you touted just passed a law here in the last couple and basically saying that if your. I don't know exactly. What it exactly is. But it basically allows three rearranged Aniston. Let their kids do their thing is all responsible. Yes race and you know I think it is suited again so my parents were very much this way it once we kind of got to a certain age are adult kids all over Gresham and I was able to ride my bike friends' houses that were. You know half mile mile away. Once I got to a certain age so it. Ours was very much the like the street I lived on. We had the you know he kind of had to be those those friends with those kids because that's -- at a round but eventually we can all broke apart because we found friends that are schools and there were like actual real friend Jack Adams not forced friends actually liked yes. Yeah you know. Yeah I get as I wore a so so good as we all hated. It made it more real but paid was real. Are we got a break what do and real live sports coming up next sort of actually. As pedal to Portland. Has some new news from the week that I think is a pretty big deal. So we'll talk about that next but first just here's what's. Weekend sports where. My favorite show. On 1080. Barack get it. Back 38 here. On the pin. Sex life I've gone through five likely to shot tiller just doesn't refuse 11 o'clock. And the big news locally this week happened on net. Friday. Thursday night Friday. O.s that. Richard Jefferson's and LeBron was from. Urgency was it somebody who's a vote was Richard terms. Or bronze poster from Portland and let him what to. I think it was Richard Jefferson there. Where was I wouldn't do you didn't hear I didn't hear this at all and it was more just like it was a dark horse statement. That nobody's mentioning partly a nation where well first of all the signs of work but Pope boards aren't winners Richard Jefferson right now. Not standing there he is she playing now he retired yet I've. He's funny as PM after he won a championship with LeBron and wayward head clearer. Pictures. Sorry I just hijacked your entire segment I apologize. Who cares. It's not going his waited eight. Organ lives. And that's that's happened yes. Richard the headline is Richard Jefferson makes outlandish claim that Portland trailblazers it'll be LeBron James is an outlandish the agency. Is an outlandish. Because if LeBron did come here's here's the thing yes. Never come in Portland I think we all kind of understand that Nike being here isn't enough reason for him to. Come to Portland lightly as night Jay and whomever you got detained and that's the one thing like this will be its situation LeBron wouldn't have to change his game where nobody else up change there's. You know you look at Kevin Love and people think he's I think he's have to player but he wasn't means in this Minnesota because LeBron took away from being on the block. So now he has to do his thing she did they don't have a problem they live at three point line and so. LeBron you can penetrate kick it out to to your shooters and go from. Answer here's the quote found it in the article it is kind of it's kind of tongue in cheek from what I'm reading here Hampshire so. Estimates talking to let us know so it starts off a little bit widget and then he goes into a little bit of a Lou that's been the funny jokes are coming in will be after seeing those right now. Really opened up Portland is trying to do some things to move their entire roster and start building around LeBron. Obviously the bronze connection organisms Lester Nike fomenting have been LeBron fan I think you're in about their mean they could build a whole new campus that there. Portland is now entered in the unfounded and irresponsible speculation freezer on the Bronson. It's like a somewhat serious statement. He then goes on to say this. He said a positive thing about daily Willard I think in like 2008. I've seen him Wear a blazer on multiple occasions run them blacker colors he's had and issues there are things I don't think people are following here I think for me and this is completely unfounded and I've not talked to anybody about it. But I really think Portland will be used business so. It started off as a as apple is serious in the internment would you. Well I mean that's why are provided to the news of the affair I think joke I think every team is preparing to get LeBron on their roster you know to attempt to be quite honest like. If you're the brook or at the Brooklyn nets your you have a pitch ready for LeBron knows not come here you have something rating Casey wants. Yeah socially it was more would you answer but Russell Wilson Sierra Sarah does not shot. Jesse. Had four minutes and UBE ticket up money LeBron to Portland joke that I didn't even know happened. Hamas. Barnett. And you you're you're pulling at me the only times I've dramatizing and secretly a couple minutes left in the Oregon to a topic registered. Well the thing about Joseph push it this way instead it's funny thing about jokes is there some truth to somewhere so too is. I think you have stereotypes. Of homes and jokes or stereotypes tomatoes Martina let's get back on time next segment Russell Wilson's here pledged long term support him over the Portland. Is this a good thing is this a real thing is gonna make a difference that's next here on sports on them. We're back on time 9:45 hearing your Sunday morning. Can't believe he gestured me. Well I mean like this are there some truth to somewhere. I don't think it was a track. Portland loves talking about you know that it indices. To me visitor visas. Had no idea but it was real or not bad hadn't heard it at all. Are just talk. Well right aggressive and just I don't know is this are talking about that here aren't. Russell Wilson in Sierra. Has become investors. In the Portland and diamond project. Hope land so important Major League Baseball. In little light press event thing in baseball as of yesterday which was little weird because it was kind of open to the public but not really and it's a blow up pictures. There and it was just more like a publicity thing I think in the serious precedent. To me. This is kind of it's it's a weird good news story because. They're partial investors right so yes it. A lot of money that means there's more money in the group which is a good thing even though we've heard that there's a lot of money right. But it's kind of a small part of the group and I read that if we do get a team and had become partial owners in the might be you know. Everyone in the group left some sort of an ownership stake in the team. So it's silly the biggest thing in the world that these that these Q are now investing in in and will be to Portland. In terms of what the financial side and in terms of getting it done. To me what this is in a positive way. It is really positive. Is this brings more publicity unimaginable scale. To a mobile Portland I said this on Friday on prime time. When I saw this story. It will look I didn't even see it on organ lives I saw it on ESPN. It was on the top headline section on the right side has brought Russell Wilson's Sierra. Investing in Pebble Beach and Portland. And I clicked on it. The first thing I did as I want to comment section which. Is usually a terrible place to go on sites like yours and but. I went there and one of what I wanted to do with a wanted to see what the view of this outside of the city of Portland's. Because as we all know and has a lot of your listeners are you you might even be one of these people if you're listening a lot of people in this city a lot of the more. Non sports he Portland yours are very anti anything coming to Portland wanna keep it a smaller city they'll want more traffic and don't spend money on things like this building a stadium. So a lot of the Portland comments on this he has an article were saying it'll we would never work there there's only one team appears support which is not true it's too. You know do that timbers who owns and winter hawks know timbers and members of the huge support system for them. And you know as it was it was a lot of that from people who live in the area. But what I wanna agency was people who didn't live in the area what this article was gonna do you for their idea of him at Portland. And I would say on a ninety to 95%. Rate. It was positive. About baseball coming to pork. They there there seems to be a couple of cities have a lot of people want baseball to go to repeat it. Montreal's one of course they've been talked about getting team for long now. Portland is another. With Charlotte in Mexico City kind of thrown in there as well as options. But after this article came out. It wasn't even like all Portland should get a team it was how we gonna realign the divisions when Portland a Montreal did teams that was already almost a given. From both and again this is just fans but as the national perspective. In a small bubble that was aren't just can kind of get an idea for it. And there is a lot of support. For MOB to Portland which to mean. That's what this Russell Wilson's here I think it. It's not it's not about. Their money in full it is in some way but a sop -- the entire reason for it this helps. The exposure of it in the perspective of it because people like Russell Wilson and here for the most. Their money has nothing to do like. You know they they have enough of enough of that involved with the Portland so. They don't really need Russell Wilson's year's money. In fact see Russell Wilson probably broke its people on you know on this project you know that's no notice them clearly Russell Wilson is getting paid. But that's not why they're there they're celebrity figure that's what pisses you remember when Jay-Z was to already have that we have Mike. OK and he's a local guy is the god I think everybody is going to get behind because. Number one I think there's still a lot of hurt feelings amongst blazer fans. About Mike Berry Mike writes no longer being. Commentators for laser. And there's still. A little bit of you know breed resentment towards the new guys will boot on idol. I am clobber him. Mark Hurd okay men. On board first split. I I got used to it I have. Now gotten used to have gotten used to you know which I'm not sure if it's good or bad thing. But you know of of all I use it went for me it's not like you to getting used it's I think it's a better it's going in the right trajectory is so I think there's still a lot of people they're going to be supportive of Mike Grier because of that put. We are still NC hawk territory or me we are in Portland but there are a lot of Seahawks fans here that's love Russell Wilson and those people that may not have been on board. Might be like okay well. Well yeah we can definitely and I look back when. Jaycee was trying to move the nets from Jersey to Brooklyn and he was the minority owner. There again so everybody pays much attention to Jaycee being face you know and then you look at. Usher was trying to do or as a minority owner for the cavaliers especially if LeBron lifting needed some type of celebrity cachet to keep things going Justin Timberlake some minority owner in the T you are in the grizzlies so you know they're sick and even an end to a certain extent even though he is these are bigger than minority owner. A Derek Jeter he's not the older guy with the Marlins although he's getting all the blame for everything it's not just Campbell because he's the one that you're gonna look at the faces when things are more wrong in Brooklyn nearby I was looking it's easy not the the actual. No because ultimately though it's just. It's it's kind of one of those things Russell Wilson is used to scrutiny so I think he would you. OK with that Sierra at the beginning of her career faced a lot of scrutiny as well people may remember that so I remember his so as far as criminal conspiracy yes well as as far as them being able to kind of handle. That type of pressure I think they'll be just fine a settlement FaceBook are just became Russell Wilson fan. Anybody that's down with brings some some funds to PX minimum on board. 100% so go ahead go number two. The other news of this and feel protection tossed a five Arthur five cent tax on was I don't. I don't know exactly where rocks honest he might have just had it from somebody. What he said that there is a third location now in the city of Portland. That the stadium. Part of the Portland dollar project is looking to build the stadium. And that is. Over by via the port of Portland in now not use port of Portland. In the same way is through the long term and went on strike. I think it was it was terminal to work it was terminal something over there was the space that they were going to you look at. For. Oh building the stadium and down. I don't know what that means in terms of the other two places via public school spot where their argument and offer and then the one which is in Montgomery park. But if they're already investigating this third option it makes me wonder. If the other two places are not being super receptive to their offers to try to purchase them. Again I find it very strange to Portland Portland public school wouldn't take the Portland diamond projects deal. They don't know for the public schools like don't understand on the on the surface it looks like a really really good deal with help down the road for buying them their new location as walls parks all that kind of stuff but I guess you know if you PS flop out of an idea. He's there seems retrieve it wouldn't be taken up but to me this means. They're looking at other plots of land for for a reason it's not just as a backup plan at this point it's it seems to me more day. All these are working out what's what's put some pressure and try to find an honest. And I think there's enough spots and in Portland I don't know if we've been. We've done our due diligence as far as finding with those are your from Portland north northeast Portland. Man acting you can two to 334 spots right now footed her a set at fort concluded in delta park a mean of you especially if you look at traffic it's about the same as it would be. Right around PP yes you know as far as one lane here and there but freeways are common there. Max Max traffic is right here so it's about the saints I think if your from the city. Like Yemen you can put here you can put it there he can you know you can wired we still have a moral memorial coliseum. Not cat out there's a baseball stadium right there next basketball story like that's and have we not explored that option at all like is that Arlen. I don't know if they wanna knock it down big mountain in the winter hawks to come home. I mean big play them out of that not all the time India from diving because it's memorial. Veterans memorial coliseum there's and they got the actual memorial although it's not agrees on in their. And it was it was less from eBay and moral. I've argot for graduation every year. It who looks just just like it's old it's rained down. Like I get a break hold onto different styles reasons but if you really have an opportunity to bring the second. Well really the second real. Sports franchise. Here for the it was yes MLS counts MLS is what clinched the fifth best soccer league in the world third. Woe to him will there you go you know and seemed so. This Major League Baseball is number one as far as of baseball goes so. If it's between that and the winter hawks or payment. Don't now knowing you don't take the way are obsolete that you don't take that hawks away and I'm like man out of Davis in my entire life living in Portland most of it. I've been three when all all I'm gonna goats that took twelve. Whatever beaver gains you know if if there if there here's the that's. The difference between you and I like I've been like. Fifty plus hockey games I don't imagine that outside some may be like hey I got an extra ticket. You wanna go to a baseball game me ever going to a baseball game. I just can't imagine like you have the pain in. Whatever the infrastructure is going to be a good and how good is the podium. That's gonna cost fifteen dollars apartment that we're going to be able sneak and broke her at. I'd just like I I mean even like I. I find it frustrating to go to adopt game let alone going. To just a baseball game this going to be a pain in the butt like unless it's an out a perfect location it just the getting to the stadium leaving the stadium's going to be. I thought about the lives KGW. It is terminal to. At the port of Portland which is in the northwest industrial district it is right on the limit. And in one thing that we talked about couple weeks ago that's important to me is I want a view. Of the water from the stadium. And because of the way that this plot faces you can angle the stadiums where the suns is not setting into the eyes of the batter up and have a face the water. You also could potentially angle the stadium. In a way it's where the saint John's bridges. Interview oranges here look it's looking more towards the bluff in the university of work. There it is towards the city although I guess you could angling towards the city to if you want again it's in a better spot for that in terms of justice FedEx. You can either angle towards saint Johns bridge where you could angle it kind of towards the city and not get the whole sunset. And end it as being a problem because he can't have the stadium facing west he can't so. Early sub field. So I think could be critical spot. I mean. Right across the street is just swan island so it's a press organizes them by there at the exclusive. A known known I'd rather have an internal temperature oh yeah of course you'd rather have a term to but it doesn't work. Ex senators it's opened the way goes this article from 2013. Schism molasses ranked seventh. Person. And a less is more European players at one other workers. And molest can't be the leader Amex in Mexico and champions league for CONCACAF announced beaten to burst your right now but he said CONCACAF via was at. It's the I don't know what it stands for exactly what it's it's. It's like fifa for us. When fee for runs the euro's and and champions league and stuff CONCACAF as the North America Central America. And maybe suffer too. Cool I don't know if so does other countries that are going to be the US. US a second best in CONCACAF but that is not. Related to anybody here there's a lot of good European leagues analyst just just aren't coming up next let's switch gears to the NBA. Finals game two today game one was a ton of fun. JR Smith is a gigantic area in the LeBron James team is the best things from sports and long time. Talk about all that plus what to expect from game two in the next couple segments this sport and they on the.