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Sports Sunday
Sunday, June 24th
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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends were made for sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots are. Joseph a look at the weekend in sports where the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meets free guns apparently got boundary on. He's your sharp the football. Yeah I have any of them out. You can catch TV about kids eat he never caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I do. This is sports Sunday which Mike Lynch. You can't. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor okay do and I can see you going to be sure we'll hear from under an analyst of Jerusalem and on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Ted always hear on your Sunday morning hour to cheer for sports Sunday were. Do you till 11 AM have been talking a lot of blazers drafted thus far you can catch it on the west front tires podcast after the show if you missed any event. We went along which is literally never surprising for us that's intrusive. Sorry. Is that the number. He went along which is there were scrubbed and maybe it works if it only works perfect at that. Since her. So long and we went and really if foreigners like for the segment let's do what were shot to showed me in the break for a get to the rest of the draft because I don't wanna. Always informants from the draft. Rashad has found. A website which you still look here on this and Ellison that was the reaction of him looking. That they sell. Jerseys. From movies. Carefully movie sports characters. And it. That is an amazing idea because I feel like. Jerseys are really cool anymore but he used to be a thing where they're making it comes back. But generally people don't like people were jerseys but if you were a movie character or TV show character Jersey. I think that is certainly ups the quarry of mortuary absolutely but there's a Kenny powers to receive from eastbound and down and I'm like. Yeah. I saw sordid Kenny power pitcher is a billion Euro. I'm currently looking at a Willie Mays Hayes. And a shoot Paul crew of the Burt Reynolds from longest yard. Like there's Zack Morris is saved by the bell Bayside tigers Jersey. So I'm thinking I'm gonna invest in somebody's but the first investment will definitely be. And Adam banks from the Mighty Ducks bad that'll be he's the reason. I want to play hockey in all that stuff so the anybody actually did actually did a pay play for like three years brilliant. I've got a good man like musical part of hockey super expensive. Yes I lived in north Portland and there weren't many places to practice you know boys and her mom like once in my life let. A photo like all the places were super far and back in 199394. Clack in this town sooner may have been middle news middle earth in those the other side of the world for the most part. So mom grandparents mom did like driving way over there and then what happened as a group. Had a growth spurt grew red animal pads on my skates and it's not like who where you can just buys new shorts this Jews and you're in there he got a bite. Shoulder pads you know pass hands. At that point they made all the kids Wear masks over their due over her face to avoid getting hit by pucks and sticks and so. Yet it was it was really expenses discussed toppling an up really picked up football well I left this question to the tax line. After five. If you can pick a Jersey for removing your TV show character which one which you purchase. And her whatsoever solders on these are some limps its lips are currently perhaps company. You. If you by anyone what would you buy. And for me in the they had on there it's really demon from any given Sunday and early in the white in my mind. I love any of the Wendy and I love steam in really demon. Character in the movie is also comical the movie. But I just love that movie they also have and the sharks which they also have cap room he's Jersey from any given Sunday which was to our. And that is Dennis Quaid was brilliant tennis quite care yeah yeah. I like Steven veto the first on the came to my mind. And I was like you know it. It's kind of a silly movie but I really like the replacement cannery is Shane Falco that was actually on here as well. So it felt a Jersey yes there's there's a couple of Bobby Boucher Berber bowl Jersey yes some of the 44 yes and I do like just 'cause I think it's one of the the best names for a sports Jersey. Mocks then from RC blew up and mocks mocks and gas moving. I was a Lance harbor fan myself meant or if I get the Tweeter Jersey oh yeah ago that would be dough and intimacy if I can get a a Tweeter Jersey might have to make one of those about him it. Make the moments I don't know but it just like created so you they may if not I'm just gonna get the Jersey so make. That way and blue that was a movie that we watch every like. Thursday and Saturday night during high school yet. Yes Johnny Utah's also want to. And there's a lot dominant eras I was scroll and I was only on the so many real jerseys Clark Griswold. Hockey hockey Jersey absolutely it was a Clark Griswold just as you know he more than Chicago Blackhawks. Jersey you know at a point which analysts. Was just the first one I don't remember which one it's about waksal vacation is actually Arnold one point. It's a Chicago across the front and the back Griswold double zero. The territory. Oh definitely one yeah others that are Christmas that is. So absolutely I think it's going to be must summer thing I think I'm discovering your senior a lot of kind of follow jerseys you know over over the next few months about a McCormick at the Will Smith Della bella academy. Jersey. We got this when Jackie moon get Texas and Jackie moon does have a Jersey on the site we did see it he does he does and there's. Will Billy doctors and be pretty cool version loose to mean you know that would be super time. So and I'm getting a team bulls Jersey tingle might be the greatest basketball fictional bass player of all time. Just say he was doing back flips and dunking and stuff like that teen wolf was taken off from free throw line. And if he was of these name name me a better fictional bass player the team will only there was. Urban. Calvin Cambridge from Mike Mike and yeah okay mom stars yeah among stars and might be the greatest team ever sent. Riverbed is among stars of the Golden State Warriors right now is it true relief fictional and until Michael Jordan comes and plays with LeBron and others that he can stretch his arm here. So yes we're getting a lot of little Tex Al Bundy from 44 yes there's actually even a Polk high. Al Bundy jacket that jacket that looks super awesome on for major leaguers mostly villagers are absolutely absolutely so all these guys are here everybody join the move let's start wearing faux jerseys and just make all these people. You know really upset I think it's OK to Wear Jersey a fictional character I think it's weird little more except I think it's weird if you're walking around is at 35 year old man and a Daniel voters agreed LSU once again. I think it's weird yeah that's true but I even that I just you just Wear shirt because what about retired players. Now CN I think everyone's first reaction when the seas when a New Jersey is like now really and then body you see it's like. Brit on regulate. Thanks for. So I couldn't Wear like a Drexler true. You can Wear like it's Rex Rogers in a good you can Wear whatever you and look cool you just might be judged I think I may have come up from I'm kind of coming around on Mike. Older players or anything like that screws. When I was a kid and I actually did idolize some of those guys so it would make sense like now it seems weird we're like. A step jerseys like seven years younger so it's things we. It is all you know I mean so it seems all right let's break let's come back but the rest of the NBA draft outside the blazers next year of sports Sunday and on the. It offers for. This is sports Sunday. Mike in her job. On Kennedy. With the latter clarity. I think a lot of place from fifth starter last week it looks. If someone's at citizens field you and bill and I'll be when Jeffrey where it's riddled our real players and pitchers hello it's getting Dumars and pictures. What else or here is Myers like I mean. It's such high hopes for him is really excited you know when Antonio loves. Maybe Illinois guys are bigger and known to remember was America are by the lakers. Years ago. Prime prime cook. I cook was really good and Orion car you know who's really good at Illinois and he was trash in the. Let's get to the rest of the draft. Outside the blazers for me the team that won the first round wills the suns. I think taking a number one was kind of an obvious pick right. But to me trading up from sixteen to get Mitt Michele bridges from Villanova got taken to ten by the sixers. Was a great move. Was an absolutely great move because now the suns have this they've got Devin Booker. They've got Josh Jackson drafted first round top five from Kansas. Mitt got a Namibia operatives. And to me. For a team that's been so bad that was taking intentionally get really good players for a couple years. Ago. There's your core right there you've got a forty point scorer and your team. Susan and Devin Booker. You got a potential. Top tier follower senator India Andre and you've got a guy who played in a national championship team Mika bridges. Mean you got Josh Jackson who I mean I don't hear a great year last year but a lot of potential to mean. That's what to taking side of the bet NBA is all about is getting players like this time the suns destroy the draft a month on Thursday and it was great. He took the words Alamo I totally agree I think if there's any team. That really made a splash is that every I guess every other franchise is talking about making maybe outside the Golden State Warriors. It was the Phoenix Suns meant. You knew that they were gonna go with. With a and number one I think that was kind of that was expected though I'll really think there was any real drama there and he's really lucky that my Porter junior did have. The the injuries that he had because it would have been between he and Barbara Bagley going. Number one and number two men are ardent. I don't really know if there is a for team had a better a better night than than these guys room like. I mean I think Atlanta came out pretty strong you know being able to get Spellman kid at that thirty. And then. Are really know much about Kevin herder but I do know about train yard and they project he's going to be the best score. In the draft after end in this draft class so people compare him to step. Stuff correct yeah I don't know I don't know five. You know I agree with with that but. I think has as a freshman he had a much better year instead pad he was kinda passed to a little bit more than stepped was asked to do in play and Harvard conference so. Wouldn't shock me if he came out there and stuff curry numbers he eventually. Not really. But it was just kind of one of those but I guess the other team about targeted they came out what they had to endure. Obviously get Michael Porter junior fourteen. Getting jeered Vanderbilt Justin Jackson you were in the second round like you re able to really do some things. In this draft and you you went to let any team that picks up a guy caliber Michael Ford junior that's already kind of end. Playoff contention and I think that's it's a slam dunk I think they had a really good draft. I think a lot of what I look for in drafts though is the history of the team as well. Like me who they've drafted in the past and who. Who's been a good pick because to me. I like Margaret died real hot but because the kings picked to mom like you yeah going to be that it is now is not because it's king's right. But then the mavericks trade up two picks to get Don siege from Spain the Real Madrid guy. And people or how late dollar amount is going to be but from what I've seen from some of the top actresses if he's gonna be amazing really good player. So the mavericks trading up to get him it is took Dennis Smith junior who was awesome last year and have a history of of him making pretty good draft pick someone picked a like that here's the thing is. I love college basketball but it is really tough to judge a lot of these freshman players beacon. Almost every player picked in the top fifteen was a freshman because you just don't see don't watch tape from them you don't want them how much they changed so much after their freshman year. It's really hard to judge side judge based on the team. So because I'm I love mark badly but he going to McCain is tumbling and. So I'm looking right now at the draft grades and I'm not sure exactly what's practices. Wanna say it's Bleacher Report I can't measure. You know you look at what can you address bar and that is real reason the computer just stuck don't know they're there goes. There are two teams. That word purge of perceived to have the worst. Draft eighths do you know who those two teams. Prosecutor of the worst Portland have like a C minus I think Oklahoma greatness two SW Portland Doocy. Com. Salton Sea as well who I don't know who are two teams one of which was Washington Wizards. And they got a but the other team was the Portland true. Well of all the teams in our minds every draft grade you know every every site that I've seen. Has Portland right around the C minus or. This is for our own interest maybe give us and he talked Bleacher Report. That's not good no and I know you we gonna be really. You know kind of glass half full about what's going to happen here but. Yeah I don't see that common like come and maybe the L Simons can. Make assault he crow like you said earlier and you know they will be praising him in the next year and a half foot for right now. I think the rest of the league sees exactly what Portland saw was like man what else. And here's here's the thing about the draft in general and this is is kind of feeling I have I know it's never going to be the same again almost they change the rules but. I really really really he. Raw freshman. Level all this potential generally a really hit it because it's like. You're just drafting a guy for five years from now four years from now analysts are about the blazers and talking about. A ton of the top ten picks right this is discos every single year. If I look back at some of the previous strategy to point to a couple of guys call girl's talent and so far haven't done anything in the MBA because it just aren't ready belief monk right. Then he was. It is a Kentucky was a freshman he was really highly regarded he had an awful. Awful rookie season and you were saying it was one of the worst rookie seasons from a lottery pick in a long time back kind of stuff right there but you go out you get a guy. Like. Bridges for example from Villanova or the one from machines say having both of them were sophomores and you know even just a little bit more experience. So you get a guy who read and civil determine experience for a couple of years. I think those are higher impact players immediately idling. I blame GM's problem GMs and coaches. Because for whatever reason San Antonio looks out and gets a good guy every year at the end of the draft. For whatever reason the lawyers just keep picking up on guys it just fit their system. And what they're able to do every single years like Antonio freshman machine do it but you have to pick the raw freshman. Like you you don't Mikey picked these guys that are going to be projects quote and quote. And then they never panned out. And they they're due. You wasted draft pick and you waste a time when you could have picked that you'll sophomore or junior. That no because he leaves a freshman he's perceived as not as good for can't play in the NBA today that's why it's made it's it's messed up because if you come out as a software as a junior and there was one senior taken in the in the top ten. If you if you are seen your perceived as not as good played it not good enough to play in the NBA. I'm just as we're in the socked him at all. And he goes freshman freshman European big freshman freshman freshman freshman freshman freshman top or there's a silver that would. Somewhere there was a where was he's probably gonna be good. Rub their leases are probably going to be one of those yeah that'll that'll acting just as well assault. Or junior junior went I can't remember I don't know the cedar I'm pretty sure the top like thirteen picks were off freshman so. Where does it's ridiculous point now or you're getting so many raw potential filled players. That. In the long run I think it's gonna wind up hurting me MBAs skill set when you're gonna get so many guys who aren't ready yet. And that's why I seriously want them to go three and out three and I'm like you like college football that's what I want this you may give you better and Jimmy called basketball better. You just maple products better. Right either either leave at a high school could I know there's there's certainly players who were about how to die young we've seen him past. We go for three years of college to me actually dash B roll. Because it makes for a better product on both force and college in the ambient. And when you get all his freshman over over over answered yes and great players of course a lot of time and a lot of crap you colors to a design. If I didn't traditions do with the election do what they do and and college you know two or three two years. Three homes well India two years out of college or you know straight at a high school as she just you know lord. Are gonna break coming up next it is time for hate or love it must first. Jesse. Weekend sports where there's a difference. This is sports Sunday with Mike every shop talk 1080. It is this last half hour of our show today. Matt music right there has always sent. Means it is dated a lot of time I'm sad because immunity to handle. Armenia Blackstone holdings comer in the end though. August for a good show so far regretful and so I believe rush problem last week again. So that means I get those answer my question first it was the first time one minute so it's not true. You've been winning way more than. I don't know so I need to go first for those who have not listen before Jessie asks us questions and then awards -- points. Or doc says points based on our answers and in the end of the winners to get their music player to go in the last segment and host last segment so just a little prescription. Good question you know have so busy in sports are so many things to choose from so are dual World Cup cool I can't. I am from so many World Cup questions Irish. I'm joking fears about a single World Cup question and again. The one thing no no no no no no no no no we have let's see here. Football of course I did throw a no that an MBA one in there as well self. Let's start off win. The dolls jobless. The palm if offensive line still looking they re signs act marking forty million guaranteed base easy deal. And Elliott calculus I was or hate. So far so good on the season no suspension so they're playing and having a full back fields they got you know couple. Parts of their offense rolling but they aren't lacking in. It. LL is. It. So they are I'm. Barking at one position though on the offensive side and that is there and corpse. Bryant's gone don't forget. Hey at least they have a starting quarterback now I don't necessarily think that packed Prescott's atop tech quarterback but he is a starting quarterback you don't run off the starting quarterback in this league itself with that said. You are missing some pieces. Is at least you don't have a true number one act at all there in Dallas love or hate. Because of their lack of depth. Especially at the top Dallas will struggle to move the ball without that number one receiver. Our own. Also hate because. They will run the ball well. You are right they haven't only offensive line they still do they re signed Zach Martin's and you'll learn the most expensive contracts ever for guard given in the NFL. Hugh Elliot. Will not be suspended or blindly stay healthy hopefully and I think he is an only running back. And I do you think deck press got is good enough to move the ball with the receivers that he had now. The big thing about the current. Situation. With the wide receiver core of the cowboys. Is that. That press guy likes to throw the ball underneath. And the cowboys have a lot of guys. Run short routes and underneath routes pull Beasley was really good at this they also got him on awesome from the rams didn't even know I decide on the depth chart. And I don't forget they got Al. Alan herds right now who used to be very very good with the jaguars had some injury issues but he is also a good underneath but also a deep throw wide receivers so. They don't have a true number one of them the good come. Combination of a bunch of tunes I would say your twos and threes. And I think that's good enough to move while Taylor have a great passing game but because of the Elliott the offensive line. As well as the good enough receivers available to move the ball to us. Hated. You're gonna see exactly how good a player like Dez Bryant is you know this isn't one of those addition by subtraction type things a lot. This is subtraction by subtraction of Paris for for Dez Bryant like you don't lose a player like him and hope to get better Alan irons like you said. Used to be a good receiver has he ever been as good or better than Dez Bryant actually not so you think he's the person it's gonna come in and change. Your fortunes on the offensive side you're silly around the world the one thing that actually has helped our guy I guess will help. The are really really good douse cowboys Mars affect the guy Joseph Thomas to come in there. And and play some wait another linebacker Joseph Toms usually got him come in there hopefully take some mom. Some pressure off for the defense and everything but I don't know how they're going to be able to move the ball especially in the division variant that they just keep kind of getting better look around arrest NFC east than they've gotten much better for the most part we think that the giants are going to be better. May actually work. You think washed and could take a step forward having Alex Smith who's a guy who continues to go to the playoffs every single year on their squad and then of course oh yeah the Super Bowl champions the Philadelphia Eagles just keep adding. More and more pieces to their to their roster so. I don't know if they're going to be able to move the ball the way they used to sit there a lot of deacon down guys exactly what press Scott likes to do so I don't know what will Woolsey but I doubt that they do anything close to what they've been doing the past couple years. Our ranks sure if you love greeted and I guess. I think it's most beloved. Love him love that they won't moved me in oh yes although they never that's our that's what was kind of the I love via monitoring benediction there was one point that I gave you and I didn't work as I was kind of confused on the stance in the beginning it was power about. Guess are you currently. Six for Mike and frank. From two point there about half and just to say now moving on buffalo. A pair wonderful cornerback position you know. They made the playoffs for the first time in nineteen years with Tyrod Taylor what they do they ran him out of town sent him to Cleveland. Who supposedly. Has the top quarterback room but Todd haley's ever worked. And to see you know Todd haley's work with future. Whole femur. Ben Roethlisberger just just so you know so Tyrod Taylor value. Anyways back to buffalo. He had Nathan Peter ring. We got Josh Allen and got AJ McCarron and now topic comes up that need Peterman has a legit. Chance. Can get to the starting job and buffalo love or hate me peer is gonna beat out AJ McCarron for the starting job. My god. Hope the fact that you see many true statement that you said that is in a report somewhere. Shows you how lost the Buffalo Bills are at how run April organization in the NFL big computer Minggao brought in last year over Tyrod Taylor and through. Interceptions and a half. It's a football. And they were. They're season because of because Tyrod Taylor is actually good quarterback also ruin the relationship with Tyrod Taylor with it anyway and don't go to the browns he got traded quarterback and you. We need computer man who is crap drafted the worst quarterback in the job for the out of the big guys and Josh Allen and then you lost in the free agency market again it. The worst free agent quarterback option an agent carried. Oh my god the. The bill sought but no I hate because you'll now be did you McCarron I'll just need computer men's socks. And at least did you McCarron has played decently well when he's replaced. Adult when he was hurt Cincinnati. And at some point Josh downs and get a deal because it was a top ten pick all my cannot I cannot believe it. That's excited I'm sorry but that's let's correct. Nicely done you know I mean item wasn't exactly sure what you position was there in the beginning I mean obviously I knew that the Buffalo Bills sucked as his eyes and and did you then America. It tied in really well tied in really well stating that buffalo is midnight and eight pyramid is gonna start. Man I love it it's unfortunate but I actually love it from everything I've seen at a Buffalo Bills camp. Him computer in a McCarron of the trading reps back and forth with the first team. And Peter Mendel wolf. When the or will lead his team to score in the two minute drill and then the next thing McCarron to. And then back to Peter mental because Pearman has been there because he at least understands. The playbook that they have to presume playbook and they have. And Buffalo's one of the I think he's going to be the mouth I think we can all say that Josh Allen is third string. From everything I've read Josh Allen isn't ready to even shady McCoy came out of the point was like what he's got potential he's got a series he's calmed down and do this is that the third. So we can also the Josh Jones going to be on the bench but I think at this point this is Peter managed job to lose AJ McCarron has had some some injury issues are you a question marks to them and everything and I think in football. We're seriously it is a group so at this point I think the bills are and one of those that we have nothing to lose type situations. They have a good defense they've always kind of had a solid defense now to see if they can find triggerman to go with that taught him. I don't really having to let receivers they really know they wouldn't count management but it opt often injured Kelvin Benjamin. There another depth chart is Zeta-Jones. Can come Benjamin's. The backups are Brandon Riley and Andrei homes and may have Jeremy currently well. It Tony couldn't afford to spend eight million and keeps him and walking around like I mean it comes you don't think you know. I I'd rather have him in Calvin management's. Well neither of them and got an adult member is injured and wasn't surprised. Now that's all of welcome to buffalo rename it adult like I said you deserve it buffalo congratulations. This. Arm. On Tuesday and yet. You know we can. Have talked a lot about the NBA today but we'll go back there there was a draft and I mean I haven't really talked about the guy who. The highest ceiling but also could very well be the biggest bust in the draft in my Obama. And now Allen of the G gets it and I walk out. I'll causes UGI. Monster regarding why. It's yet he's ridiculous but the promise the guy doesn't have an offensive team we've seen this before supreme. Defense of talent lack of offensive game love or hate Obama. Is going to be the biggest bust in the draft. I'm. I'm gonna say you hate and I think again the way of Blair discussed the last segment there's so many if he prospects are all true freshman I think they're going to be plenty of us from the strap and I think mall bombers out criticism is believed him being an effective player at least defensively and rebounding even if he is not the best offensive players. Now lol so I only to be the biggest bust because of that he is a freak. Athletically. But here is where do you think I'll lean towards more bust than boom for him. It's got trapped by the magic method team that I don't trust their draft picks I talked about it last segment there are certain teams received the draft tonight go probably gonna do too well. You know we also drafted a guy named Eric Gordon who was a really defensive. And athletic player whether it be offensive team and Eric Gordon has kind of turned into a if he'd clear hurried at least a slightly average player that was a really high draft pick I think Obama can follow to that same category. They're gonna be really athletic to magic productive we'll score that much so you look at the biggest bust but I do think that because he got trapped by the magic. He he will not be the best players. I hate Arnold he'll be a bust at all. I think you can fit into exactly what this new NBA is. But here's a guy that at seven feet tall made about fourteen threes. This season. So he's not he's comfortable with the least pulling up and taken that shot teaser rim protector that can run the floor. You look at guys like DR drew Jordan you look at guys like this on Whiteside. That are able to go out there and really make an impact on the game without really being able to score the ball. Here's a guy that can block every shot he has a seven foot eight wingspan. Put him on the on the pick and roll much like a guy like. Click Capello who again is not a scores doesn't make good to have an offensive. Skill set is not going to be able to put the ball on the on the floor with his back to the basket make something happen he's somebody that is you know always points are predicated on having a great guard. And as long as Obama has a great guard in Orlando I think he will be. Absolutely fine he's somebody that can really change. The way you drive the basket so. I don't I don't look at some of the other guys in this draft my one of which being and for he Simmons assignments. For that reason alone I can't say them Obama who went to Texas in with six overall pick is going to be a bust of ours. And the winner is. It was close. Closer than we originally wanted to thoughts. Mike. Right. Michael answers today man I literally I lose a couple of times zero. And pounds runs I'm annoyed. I we lose a couple of times hero out of my I kind of I got to get this I can win and I kind of sucks losing streak. Into Jesse went right into my hands and Alan because the bills. Odd. I want the bills because someone text in my atmosphere builds them Mel. No but I have many friends from college were bill's fans and I and I and I lived the bills suffering for four straight years of them. And I continue to do so occasionally through sex as well so I I want them to be good for their sacred fascists so. So bad. Spa last segment is not sure yet we'll figure it out this is sports on them for him. Courts. Are like every show. I of course maybe some of the world. Arrived he. In all seriousness we talk and maybe talking about the World Cup lastly to care for but. Even if your not a soccer fans. I still think you should give the World Cup shot. Because. Teams have been very intense. Both teams care so much about winning. That you're getting a lot of kind of punitive exciting play. Harrison. There really hasn't been a bad game yet. I've watched a bunch of on a watch except once every single one except for the early morning once the marketing of deprive him watching him. But. There really hasn't been down even some of the blowout the winning teams playing beautiful soccer like today England B. Panama Panama. 61 but. From from Osama pilots. Bristol bridge in Washington was always attack you know is an offensive chances we got some one mills that were incredibly contestant last chance and religion. Don't. Did you ever watched it yet. Now the perfect time to start the third match is gonna start soon quality teams are to meet a lot of these teams do need to be how we're going to be moving onto the knockout rounds. Give it track is on the morning there's nothing else going on in AM 10 AM. Lemony whenever they do certain what else are going to be watching if you want to be at that time brilliant one. Why not right. I mean it depends on what else is all if the offices on Comedy Central and how come I may be watching reruns. Of the office as she seems wartime I mean. Maybe a couple of times are still funny you know so that's that's all good but not IE and honestly I haven't watched much of it I'll put it all my my cleaning or doing something new homes has. I'll have to sports on the background. But for the most part I've really paid attention to anything and has nothing to do with the US not competing. It's good enough and we know that so. Not really for whom that part. I don't know I do that I appreciate you showing me that chick from group know that's kind of tie. Neither is it true fans. Couldn't apparently takes her bra off every single time they score a goal in international competition. My problem is impartial through hasn't scored yet in the World Cup so if you look at pictures there's like pictures of her. But to look up for a topless and you'll find she's. She's pretty impressive pretty impressive pretty impressed a lot of a skillet only. Much to our news that's a big heart and really big heart nearly two big heart session which is weird it's weird diseases she has to too big hearts. She writes on this is also but you know if you're gonna look look at those pictures if you'd like also. If you don't watch the soccer why actually Iceland women in the fan the fans. Beautiful. Oh my god. Well like tonight's in game it was like they were they can't cut in the fans and every time they show some different. Subtract half. I don't they are sorting through nordic blood yes Iceland has beautiful and had a friend that played basketball over there and and and that's what used to elements of those. We're most gorgeous woman in the world or possibly as we work. Mean that's been confirmed especially if you washing underworld in the World Cup. Pretty hot and Iceland we have might mean ticket guys strip. To Iceland Iceland just to look most tours to places rent Mallard. There and I needed I think I've never really hurt when 300000 people live there I've never heard you once a hole and there were you on a vacation. One Iceland brilliantly on arsenal a lot of people recently got a nice woman and now a myriad of difference. Although all the bond or Lego emblem Mexico early going than what Vegas like I ever met the person goes ice and wanted to hit them so temple's man. It would. Is editor at the weigh in on the so people's eyes on they're supposed to do and they're like. Hot Springs yes filling giant Hot Springs giant Hot Springs. Is that I don't think they're quite as south cemetery. Now knowing it's supposed to be an eighty's. Okay it was amazing to. I'm good I can just say. And we have to did you do. Coach came sounds amazing fellow drones don't do it. Pack coming up next week they do have some NBA free agency to get to. Know who else is going to be happening we'll talk about it we'll figure it out awesome fun. And actually kind eleven if you miss an edition today at some less of tires podcasts on tentative fan dot com or on the new app for you dot com out when you can find him into the stands there. And I a quarterback tested baseless and targets on the. This superb.