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Sports Sunday
Sunday, July 8th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were shot this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. From the yellen web sports desk as. On 1080 UK okay. First on the ban look. Love Portland trailblazers and senate use of Karadzic came to an agreement on a four year 48 million dollar extension to keep this winter real big man in Portland are averaged fourteen point three points nine boards and one point four blocks per game and 79. Last seen as soon though big man led the team a double doubles between three on the season and resigning makes her the highest paid big man on the team and insurers the less greasy keeps their starting five together for the coming season. Blazers began similarly with Big Bang it. The feeding these are dazzling three to 78 well it was led by Lee Baldwin with twenty points three rebounds and five assists but was ejected from the contest meanwhile Ricky and heard the news in the Simon's. Saying Gary Trent junior showed potential and their limited action Simon's. And seventeen minutes of action had eleven points on 46 shooting waltrip and junior in nineteen minutes past sixteen point shooting just three seven from the field with a perfect nine for nine. From the free throw line as always summer league hero killed wanna get finished with a double double in points and thirteen rebounds plays slowly back in action this afternoon against the Atlanta Hawks on ES into tipped at 230 the Portland Timbers continue their saw a plane now on 813 match streak without feeling the taste of defeat after -- of the San Jose Mesa provost are 21. But timbers will now get ready for it back to back with the Los Angeles SC beginning. Please and most maps on the fifteenth vote by the US open cup action on the eighteenth and ESPN's and make baseball once again be our nightcap. With LA Dodgers after NLA angels tied the game as he's their three game series Dodgers club Alex woods on the mound opposite Anders anything. Pregame app for the first page after 505. Or sports scores and stories in thirty minutes of just doesn't smell blood sport just feel that out of him in. Values driven. The only way you can take 1080 the fan with you is the radio dot com downloaded today and listened to his anytime anywhere. Weekends were made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots. Joseph a look at the weekend in sports where the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meets freed on area boundary on. Adams. Surely shard of football done. Yeah I'll have Haley of them out. You can catch TV about sixty team. Never caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I'd do this is sports Sunday with Mike Lynch. Overwhelmed. You can't these courtroom. Floor and you. Rude. Of you seemed his for the. Yes. Where in Ed Henry shot Taylor okay do and I concede don't wanna feature up here c'mon gone north of Jerusalem and. On ESPN Sports Radio 1080. They. 06 here on your Sunday. Mike your shot with a young sports Sunday protest is yours well solar clock one hour left on the show he dedicated loner coming up. At 1030. Better you today attacks on us 55305. Text it. We'll read dump this one. This one just came in. Early like dame but the blazers screwing them open occur in numbers are bigger or bigger playing with LeBron and titles yet. Is who she sets some people well. I sat I tests are back to him I feel bad form I do but. Hard to feel that bad and is also making how much money man and his life's probably great he's stuck on a team that's kind of in the bit about firing. Yeah but as the ultimate goal is gets you wanna make money in everything but. Man ultimate goals at the end of the day and always say man and 200 million dollar. Do you feel like it was you care about that they'll always remember correctly yet that that championship in. 2020. I just in case I struggle when I say I feel bad for somebody. Can I do you feel bad for Damian Miller but I'm also like that too I really feel bad for Damian Miller who place pretty freaking gratefully we we. We always forget to include the fact that they are. Multi multi millionaires and living. The golden life and DL a case of their team is winning the final or the struggling right now but there's a pretty good right now. No we came out of a bad neighborhood in Oakland and now he's flying high for the rest of his life like are committed filled out of Portland on main it's. It's it's tough to fill army and financially and when we got no worries but. You know what she's worked really hard every play every play an MBA is current NFL Major League Baseball whatever. It's worked incredibly hard a lot of sacrifice goes into. Have those millions not seeing your family on the road all the time doing commercials and interviews that you don't really feel like doing especially it really really. Insecure uncomfortable moments you know for you so there's there's definitely a price that comes with that constantly being in. You know operated on Twitter or FaceBook or you know always have somebody has an opinion about you sort or another some downed falls to being. You know an athlete are being rich is the perk. In album of all that stuff but the end of the day none of that will mean nothing and and most fans' eyes if you walk away without a championship. And deliver double missile in the center and so bigotry coming up Max and when asked this question. And insists it's sick it's a feeling that I have right now. Is we all know that the MBA. Has always been like that's right where there is two or three teams have really have a chance to win. Occasionally you get and out liar the Detroit Pistons at the Dallas Mavericks or whatever. But generally. There's a couple of teams and our chancellor then you go back to the seventies and eighties it was the Celtics and lakers in the in the ninety's who doubles and doubles. Maybe the rockets if you went through the two thousands it was the spurs and then LeBron. The browns team spurs and lakers. And the bronze. Wherever he went dollars in an album warriors it's where it's like you know generally who's winning the final. But with the DeMarcus Cousins news. Knowing that the warriors although remembered bogeys out until about December with the injury the Achilles injury but knowing after the second half of the year in the playoffs the warrior starting lineup is going to be stuff curry Klay Thompson Kevin Durant betray among green and DeMarcus Cousins. That is. It feels so much worse than it ever has in the NBA before. To me and Sarah does doesn't does it feel worse. Conduct that's a track compared to is we've we in the NBA have always seen this is all is always good to constant that's how the NBA is you have a couple of super teams are dominant teams. In you know whose image the finals are you assume you know is to make the finals. Why does this feel somewhat worse. I think this feels worse because it's this is more this is like. You put a green badly or. A guy like Joseph do Morris onto the that showtime lakers. The team that already was. And a good place nodding goes far Sam or org put this put Dominique Wilkins like on one of those great Celtics. Or lakers teams from the eighties is like bro you were already. Gonna win the championship more than likely you're going to be one or two teams competing. This is a situation where dominant team. Yeah right yeah you've got a good team you have to so I know what adrenaline and a keen was the only other guy in the west delta to go to the finals you know in the in the eighties Karl Malone Charles Barkley yeah it was so. This is worse because. This is it was already a foregone conclusion. But for direct Cain. The warriors that they were gonna mention which we RT new base that are given them the top odds of winning the championship and they got directly right now they're definitely gonna win. Now they and then they've deftly want for the past two years there's been one playoff game won by Cleveland and eight trucks and now you move forward. You had bogey to the team that we are rating it was gonna win change your gross what LeBron did we are new book Yee Eric he's our new wars of religion issue and they get. DeMarcus Cousins for a playoff rounds like. That was their big weakness was size and musicality. And they just got the best center for that outside and at least if it's the it's like you they want a championship with David West playing that role Ole Dave Lewis not the Norway what you are issues I'll stop there truly are playing Merrill and I'm just like nonstop. It's not it's it's it's unfair at this point like is that the odds are. The other two great and there's there's really nothing you can do is to step try to watch it. Hope your team's competitive for two and a half three quarters and that's about it about honestly. Arnold piccolo watch them play anymore because you are renewed ever going to win it was almost four lumber announce like. You're playing against it's the clippers vs the Western Conference halls at this is pure play to carry and you can choose it almost thirteen or and you can play against. The hornets or something like that that's essentially what we're seeing. Oh and by the way he's still got guys like Shaun Livingston I believe and was was the he would dollar and some of those dudes coming off the bench pretty sure they'll resign Patrick McCaw. And some of those are reduced and they brought back Kevin linearity and so. All in Jordan bell who you know it is heaven or hell of a summer league already it looks like he's getting better and better men it's come on man this is spike. This isn't fun as a backup guard in Kirk he's looked into last year yet this is this this this partisan fonts are big I'll be watching a lot of games. Except warrior games because you kind of know what's gonna. Less than he is all out blizzard games A because I have to the B because I've still exit watching them but beyond that. I don't know how much Ambien and watch this year. It's just it's hard for me to say I wanna watch this knowing the razzle you know the result last year. The only reason I like watching last year resilient the pleasures were entertaining. They're work. But we all knew who do you warriors cabs. And then there was a little doubt it was going to be the cows but guess what it was the and we all of the warriors beat the cavs ended it and there's little thought the. Maybe Houston can do this okay maybe they can dethrone them but then we are you know not to call our dream like okay we'll never mind. It's ambitious. It's hard and it's going to be really difficult to watch assurance. Aren't coming up next Big Three. Kennedy sustained you're hearing this news sports Sunday on the. 1016 here on your. Sunday morning thank you for joining us like her shot just with you for the next 45 minutes till the end of the show. Not a lot of places in the first Ari catch unless our tires podcast will be posted. On the left side and the new radio dot com up those roles on Twitter attended the fan after the show if you missed any of you can go back and check it out there have been a lot of the Neil Shea audio and down poked holes and everything because that's. Not very believable Swiss cheese Mary. I'll switch gears a little bits to basketball related but not NBA related. In this is purely based on what we're shot. Said to me before the show he was. He was pretty excited about the victory and he goes are you watching this thing or are you into rhythm like. No rule that I could care less what the saucer lands like a mile island put that much gas. Rashad you you put a lot of really and you were very very very intrigued by the Big Three of those who don't know. It's hard not to know easiest pin this shoving it down our throats right now. Mobile of people around watching as more. Big Three is a whole side tournament with a bunch of old NBA players. In my old army old. Playing 300 basketball and they've got their own teams those brackets and seasons on campus or its at a regularly but it's three and three. Started last year. Remember getting a lot of fanfare because you really like to Selig who was on the teams that went well players were coming back to play. I don't seem to remember anything coming out it but no I don't murmur to be talking about a last year I remember much promotion for it. A really only sought from 11 or two people on Twitter that was. But this year seems different it really seems like they're pushing the crap out of this thing. And to be completely bluntly honest I don't bleeping care I don't care if not adjusting to me. I don't wanna see old NBA players play in a three and three format. I don't want to watch highlights of it I saw tweet yesterday that said that he is if you were showing more highlights of the Big Three and more coverage of the Big Three even Wimbledon. In the World Cup. And writing about Wimbledon right now and then what do you mean Wimbledon is the best tennis what's your outsider and Tony romo's quarterfinals will talk all about Serena. I'm sure she's going to be some awesome she's not utterly. But was the was the kids American get the blog on twenty summit on those name. It looks awesome will tell me about yesterday OK Wellesley task and so I don't watch a lot of tennis I'm just saying that's what I saw they were really putting way more coverage on that. Then a lot of no huge tennis major and the biggest. Sporting event in the entire world that only happens once every four years. To have done that to me it's like. Okay this is a fun novelty the Big Three is a fun novelty. But why do we why are we supposed to care why are you pushing the cents. I mean because what else are we gonna push one more World Cup. Embarrass him but okay like cool but Jesse how much World Cup are you really watch this year. I am zero. One I don't like soccer during two. I think. Fifa as an evil PO last the I'd refuse to watch so. And then outside of talking about soccer I talk about soccer one day a week guess which day that is. Yeah it's today and it's because you're in the bill now outside of and I don't none of my friends ever saw majesty that old old Kmart bang like that only that's a topic of conversation amongst people who like soccer like on the name our challenge. Market yeah kind of funny why don't hostages flopping all over the place it sounded awesome and I'll look at the Big Three and it's. Or what is best ball in his names that that we know and because some of these guys are all older you know make him run full court so you know you get a little more. Excitement there men. Baron Davis has been great. Corey Maggette you know has been no really good who knew Ricky Davis still movement Qyntel Woods is in the Big Three. Yes the Qyntel Woods forgave Portland police his France basketball card and pinch tried to get out of the ticket or whatever word with with what we coming out of his car. He's on the he's on one of these teams like Stephen Jackson's profile picture he's wearing his jet he's wearing glasses like he's got to start zone like this league. Is been super fun to to watch so far. And it's really it's crazy because. All the the guys that are part of smaller guys. The guards they're really the ones that are dominate you know you got guys like Rashard Lewis who's an MBA all star and smiles on Nike at a point. He's just kind of OK you know and it's been Davis who's Killen and David Hawkins and Stephen Jackson and you know some of those guys are the ones that really. A curriculum like the victory it's it's it's a novelty yes it's almost like AAA baseball double in baseball is just the it's it's shtick but it works right now. I just. It means not a means nothing that's the thing you have that it's tough for me is. Trying to think there's an example it's gonna. Kill my own point before I say if I don't think there is. I I want my sports to mean something I want my sports to mean. Did to be a bowel. I turned to be about making the playoffs and winning and winning a title. But I really don't like All Star Games so much because they don't mean anything and exhibitions. This is just it's an awful tee as well. It's both easy it is to mean it's not it's it's a good sleep I've seen clips of it. I've watched I saw it once on TV a little bit humbling business this is stupid so if the Major League Baseball had an affiliate or had just you know someone who may from Major League decided. Or start like. Like a dearly like softball leagues or Micah for. Guys that have played. In Major League Baseball you would watch that there would be a little party you the black audience into seeing. Rams rookie out there on another team playing softball somebody that's been likened to cool I'm sure I would try it but again I'd probably go. What a novel TK next as you know I like the equivalent Boe of like these great. Players from. Europe that are kind of all worn out from playing in their Euro league coming over the MLS and became an agreed all star elegant MLS. I know there's MS is the name may think you MLS is the Big Three. Of soccer as a that in an NBA is that it was a very funny shot nonetheless it and I see why he says it's not the same because the analysts as a relief as much as you like to component victory is a really the only website and I'm looking at it right now they've got spat. The commissioner gets the commissioner of the victory is. Does give us. Portland legend Clyde Drexler. How would you not automatically off top. Armed with that I'll remind you this is. This just NBA sports is a it was a weird thing because if you're and I just turned 35 here I'm a month and Africa. But if you're 35 you're considered one of the old news and you're not able to play more TO just post the video a week ago of him running like a 444. Still you mean like at at the gym do craze that he won't you never get picked up because what you're forty you know your 43. Year 44. Or whatever the case at this point meant if you hold. You can hope forever if you really know she Dylan and if you really is in good shape Cuttino Mobley is out there with the awful gray beard. It buckets. Says he has a Santa Claus gray beard and he's out there are doing dirt to some of these guys men's it's just man I am saying man it's. This is I thank you jazz is that MLS of basketball. Go tempers and. Blood area I market our unity given a yesterday is gonna last me for our union but it's not sure but I just. Sorry for being only negative Nancy about this but is just it literally. Does nothing form so let me ask you this says I have I am negative 10% in interest and the baseball thing. I probably wouldn't watch either so I go this is a fun novelty and I watch it once and I'd say cool Nazi graffiti in a minute ago. K now back to the MLB were actually care so you were Moroccans are gone. No Barack talking so. Will that her kitchen hope you're okay well obviously I wasn't a rocket Jack guy I don't know what it is Pixar is our users owner. It's novelty widows whose finger and NBA all star weekend. They would always have like at and TV basketball game in they would like my liberty and delivery is an actual NBA stars and stuff like that you know would play against other public we will. The Big Three has a four point shot. Rocket jock was actually the one that put in between five point shot. There was half court shot that you can make. There was a basket that was like ten feet above the actual you know rim that you give you made that that was like worth ten points or something like that so. May it was a fun game but found out Merkel who. Who knew him. Found out that. Brian McKnight the singer who actually has were master. Offseason contract with with the raptors you know because of that supposedly with a Brian McKnight song it was really sad mirror in the cornfields. Back at one. Yeah man that's on killed an American one is a beautiful song it's great song but it played destroyed executed Russo said it was it was a presets or with a video too was with some percent because the plane crash site like videos and whose intense round and it's. Rivers. Do you think that any league like this is. A district ex FL or. Even that weird new football league of starting them my brow as of agriculture and are ever going to be truly successful or do you think today all at some point will fizzle and tenfold. I think it's I think we measure success. On we we we do it were like are they ever going to be as big as the India of course all of us someone and ask you know army or or are they ever gonna be his biggest save. Man the Euro leaguer how it meant never but they're a bit. There is an export and their that there is an option for these guys did. Get ready retire at 34 years old and just want something else to do still wanna compete at a high level and something this is still food image is not me and you don't notice still it's it's a niche where you're right you're you're not wrong about that but. I think that can be a good thing and I think there is money to be made their people watching like you say ESPN. Shoving it down people's throats because at this point is competitive. Three on three basketball like I'll take I guarantee. None of the home is that we know would be able to go out there and play three on three with these dudes and and much of it like to go to reflect hole. Almost forty minutes or something like that's a grip upon deployment quarters some like that that's a long time to play three on three basketball maximize got to come in for me. Mix with men Nate Robertson and two roof humans and there are certain dudes out there that are kind of these the stylesheet. You know names man Darren Davis if so Jermaine O'Neal you know is out their plan so. Yeah I think there's definitely a place that are always at the MBA shall always have some type of you know. Almost like. Like. Golf does have a seniors tour and they have those other guys up all the stuff like India should have. A thirty game 24 game season for you know retired NB a bets on what to see Jordan playing now. And they'll be fun of George join the Big Three today. Ice everybody watched they didn't make it higher ratings any games on TV right now Jordan joined big Wednesday Colby joins us today please everybody's watching. I think it's like. It's got the ability to stick around and for a a couple of reasons one it's a little bit different. Then your oral basketball you see on TV because a three on three and Scott the four point shot sure that's coming novelty thing but it's a different take. An and yours you still have so many names the recognize and when you think about it. As long as the Arena Football League stuck around still around not really now and are really anymore and and it looked as soon as I think it's finally like. Collapsed on themselves but as far as what they basically made a thirty year run out of that league. I I had I don't see why a three on three lead with the names that they have can't have similar success of dot better success. I reiterate. Nutritious Houston Perot went on time today and trying and trying to hook. Are coming on nexus every hitter look this is sports Sunday but here's Jesse was works. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday at Mike and great shot clock Kennedy's. France. 1034. On the fan and this music means it's time for hitter look. Shot one last week. So I get to start off our answers to Jesse. As he slowly. Rolls back to the printer. Go and get us started. Sorry I forgot I had and in my sheet of paper to keep track points and seductive but for me now so I can have my proof. Well I'm glad I looked over and saw you rolling away so I asked slowly it's like for you I heard that us like OK and essentially you're installing full time. Can you guys a little bit of control here. Am. Do you want a little bit MB air all NFL. We'll still little MBA parent Olympia it why not okay. And LeBron we did I that we talked a little bit about the LeBron it's been a main focus on what the blazers haven't done. Initial obviously. In do you weird Swiss cheese talk that is new O'Shea speaks so. Opponent James made a decision. Quickly this time. And kind of from the decision came as the decider. To. Go to the LA lakers now he had other teams that were actively recruiting on the probably had a little bit better supporting cast in the lakers. Do. With that said I love or hate LeBron decision showed it was not motivated by winning. Them. I'm gonna say heat but it's a partial paid because of course he still wants to win LeBron is all about championships LeBron is all about winning. I think LeBron season maybe not this year but he signed him four year deal. Over the next couple of years. I think that LeBron. Can. When I heard it close to winning titles with the lakers and I think that's what he. I do think that part of this is he lives in LA his kids like you care. He wants to live in the warm weather he wants to be in movies she wants to be a star. Citing that's a big part of his decision to go to the lakers. But let's not pretend like the lakers aren't deep biggest franchise in the NBA plus opera ten match. With LeBron there they can draw whoever they want to go play there whether that's quite Leonard or. Any other freeagent Jimmy Voller that comes out in the next season. Fourteen Millard even if if you want to go to whether that's gonna draw back kind of a player. I think bad LeBron there to win mostly but also because it is a great opportunity for him to further his life after basketball. I've. Witness and loving your love and it's not motivated by winning. I hated. I think that is definitely. Motivated motivated by winning in this one of those things if you can win in that purple and gold to be put an ad on a different pedestal. And a lot of other people like. And we can look we can hate all we want to but in licked the knicks lakers Celtics. Cowboys. Patriots they just hole a little more juice than some other franchise and so if you're able to be one of those guys. Then you're gonna be submitted for life and again like lynch kind of said it's going to go away you basically have. Guarantee that your gonna get some might wanna come out of the reason why is gone LA past years they've had a terrible roster they've had. Terrible flexibility with Cassie cap space the Kobe deal kind of pampered them for a few years not being able to make any real moves up until recent and so now you've got a situation wise can be available next year. A bunch of guys taken one year deals they can make sure they can sign. With the lakers over the next three or four years so I think is definitely motivated by winning I think he was tired of getting beaten Michael state all the time and felt like he needed to. Make some type of move at least this will get four cracks a Golden State all year so he'll get a chance to familiarize himself a little bit more what they would do the September Westin com. Ever thought about that. That acceptance that are just like can you play them once or twice and then you've got to go to some mysterious. Ministers and 34 times this year but also could be mapping for the bronze Oscars in Houston four times and got received. Every other every other team that's competitive for ourselves as a kid to get to foresee you do last year did he say there's there's if there's none of that anymore. Yet the minutes are going to be able harder in the west you know he's not gonna play 3840. Minutes game anymore like that part of self. Are moving on we're gonna go to the N Africa now. Lots of points in the last round by the way. On the let's hope that they keep going back did you include the point where you accidentally hit FEMA did that was what I saw you play that if you want to recruit that was an action accidental push that was name is supposed to be a point. Our ability there are ranked yeah I think you're in the middle of still. Why I like is your wishy washy there in the beginning here though fifth after all right I'm moving on. Let's stick with the north. When I won't go to the birth of last year. We're Seattle the Seattle Seahawks have been losing some pieces left and right Kim chancellor the latest piece the legion of boom is officially done it's. It's done there is no more. Legion of boom. And there are only six players remaining from the Super Bowl winning team. Six it's basically. Rainy roster now with that said. Love or hate Pete Carroll will get one more simple rural ran out of the franchise before he retires. Hey. The Seahawks are really bad way right now the NFC west is a really tough division the rams are really really good. And to the niners obviously are improving. I'll jab into the CR sufficient last the division this year all of the cardinals are not exactly government out of them cardinals are already on the step of of improving here's the thing with the Seahawks. That is my biggest piece of concern for them. Even when there were winning Super Bowls are roster was released flawed data an amazing defense of their offense and a lot of issues with the that they were just riding the coattails of their defense. And they couldn't actually. They they weren't really balanced team right now the legion of it was gone the defense has gone and the offense is still a giant question mark we've talked about this couple weeks ago. I don't know what they're doing on offense the offense looks ugly to me it looks weird doesn't make any sense and it just it hasn't improved much of anything so. Obviously. There's the Seahawks need to hit a lot of draft has picked to succeed. Which they have not done recently there first couple years of Pete Carroll and John Schneider every single draft pick was hit recently enables all except for frank Clark in mrs. I need to see more consistency out of that so for that reason also hate. I'm also going to hated. The NFC west like lynch said. Is loaded man probably the best division of quarterbacks in the entire NFL especially that you talk in the young Josh Rosen up there and Arizona but everybody on that in that division has seemingly gotten better at the end of the season for San Francisco. Was phenomenal Arizona made changes over the overthrow through free agency the rams. Are adding piece after piece after piece including Portland's own Ndamukong Suh and less Marshawn Lynch and Golden Tate. And James Carpenter Max Unger and some of these other guys walk back into the door. Further Seattle than I don't know if they'll ever get back to that place they were and spent at a special special roster. Especially start talking about that defense and what they were able to do probably Wagner from so for Irvin of Malcolm Smith KJ Wright you don't just get lucky with having that many great defensive players at a time to see. Every one of those guys kind of falloff in comic fall out of favor and a lot of terms with Seattle kind of is really telling. I don't know Pete Carroll makes it another couple of years with the Seahawks. Off. Colonials coach has to he had no no that's that's kind of where this came from you know means I think he's been he's. A great players coach obviously and he has had great success since. Being the Seahawks coach this is probably the last two years probably been his worst couple years as a Seahawks coach. And so it is kind of curious hurt him. And is GM. Going to be able to get on the same page and in the hit in the draft and think that is what got him that that's Super Bowl they did really good in the draft. And at a really young team and like you said relied on the defense out. And this okay. Let's. Because one talk Steelers or rams. Who. Mammograms are OK you ezergailis here all right. Rams obviously had a am. An awakening under Sean McVeigh after getting rid of Jeff Fisher something that should have been. Done. I think we've workshops politicians don't just talking for no reason it didn't happen that. Campaign called good bit of them. Eight market. That's thrown it and voted the whole day. They can talk out there for now. I missed shots thought it's now been safely removed input in the hallway as well I don't. Aren't talking you out there and you I mean here I'm here but I can hear through the door. All right Sharma today. Turn around that team they governess Sammy Watkins but it is addition by subtraction as they brought in branding cooks now branding coach we thought was gonna have this amazing year in New England it was fine he was fine but it wasn't this coming out party that we all thought he would have. Love or hate and Sean McVeigh there under Shawmut bank branding cuts will have his best season as a pro. The rule that's tough because his first year with the saints is really good and Drew Brees was really good with them but I'm innocent love because this offense is perfect. Per effect for branding cuts and then got a bunch of receivers on this team who I think will fit this offense and it really kind of replaceable weigh in on the negative but they can all kind of do the same job across the field. And I think jeered off last year turn into a quarterback who's really get a read in the field and try to multiple guys and finally opened on the offense work. And to me that includes this year Brandon coach symbol give him the most successful here brake coach despite. Being on two different teams early in his career and with teams that have had issues with him we've heard all the scenes of pitchers have been issued Brenda comes for some reason. He still been successful. But I think if you can fit into a team in an offense that's perfect for him you'll be successful to another level because he won't be causing those kind of issues. I'm really really really really high and the rams and Jessie texted me that he when he went to Vegas put money on them and what twenty to one. To a miserable this year campus such a great that that it there there are so they're they're gonna be underrated because of how good the vikings and Eagles looked last year. And the people kind of ignored the rams a little bit because of first your head coach and terror goth but. I think they're going to be really really solid salsa love for Brennan. I called blue. I'll say it. How much have to hated for Brandon Cox. Not because I don't think it is incredibly capable I think he is. But I think the rams have a really good receiving corps already on I mean you look at guys like Cooper cup. That we really thought was gonna kind of be able to make that turn and and become that guy and I think he's still has a has room to. You look at our Robert Woods you know is also on the roster of believes they'll also have also rare very capable receiver he got opportunities to spread the ball out. Or is bad the season as Randy could relatives had last year as a patriot he had seven touchdowns and over a thousand yards last year so he did everything he was supposed to do and playing with Tom Brady so if you can't get. You know which need to get out of Tom Brady that I'm not sure. How much better jeered golf is going to be put I think Brandon Cox is one of those guys that he's an electric receiver he's somebody that can beat you deep. He's also my they can take a three yard slant for a sixty yard touchdown. No problems so he gets put in the right situation in the right package. I think you can have separate touchdowns but he also had nine touchdowns with that would Drew Brees he's kind of digress the little. I think this year to get about seven possibly touch. Tally up Carroll clerk. I think I'm trying to remember wasn't a big Brennan cuts tossed salad in ninety yarder in his first season was a dishonorable. What a screen pass through something like you just from saluted on the entire field. And for those who remember him because it's firm org state you know that. Cooks is the right word first last name because is exactly what he does in you have no chance to really stay in front of that do. All right it's our winner today. Mike Lynch while it was foam thing a lot of time on good. It finally stop talking. This arcane and teller a note that put the headphones over gives you put it in tool like paper holder outside the studio which is plastic and bartering going. There was little I can he can only a wanna have fun and are now I can hear it really really clearly she was. Okay well I don't know it looks like a farmer's market where there were a talk about textbooks next here on him. Weekend sports with a different. Sport center Mike Bloomberg show my doctor in Haiti about brand. Final segment for us. Ended. I don't know what on earth just happened are shots on last segment. Who knows you say you've the only thing he and open was pictures. Like his his phones photos. And all of a sudden like an advertisement or video sort of to play he couldn't find it. So the sequence of events of Rashad Taylor panicky about a stone making a lot of really loud noises. Was first to try to quickly look at it and not find out how to turn off even for an across the room which didn't help because their mikes just a lot of good that. That you have said. I don't know what's happening nada where does have bones on the way what took his headphones off went to the room opened the door outsiders if you do fixer I thought it was gonna try like find and fix it no. He just put it into little paper holder out there a minute echoed for the entirety of whatever was talking. And then finally stop talking but the but the fans could hear yes and then. We try to look at the phone afterwards we couldn't find what it was. He didn't really have his is Google Chrome open yet you. Cuba open but it didn't look like anything was playing when watching porn so we'll see if it was weird farmer's market or out of I get concerned about when you're watching I guess it was it it was just a little still. Will the craziness. The Tennessee filly did doesn't. It hasn't happened I don't know Mendes is still start playing on the phone I don't know somber solemn looking for Manuel of the windows were open. And a close. Well I'm glad I was just of the farmers markets they're never went way left imagine if it really fast and my god this man and it that'd been super super bears. You have just literally light blinking your not stand matches not again not again and here. At least this time it's a radio studio and not a children's toy store I was in it but if I'm honestly never had that happen before. Where my phone just makes. No is like ever let your voice you know you're an older phone too soon yes system just nobody got to the agreement and we reluctantly use your phone than. Start for the Internet and start typing something in your like wait wait wait wait wait I mean you clears history. Maybe this thing OK I can afford it Kentucky before. McGillis functions I'll offer a developing story about a terrorist or what are you you tell me the website I'll find it didn't expect it. Absolutely yes that's that's the thing that's happened although to be completely honest with you I don't really care she finds out stuff. Pledge OK there are cool but I'm pretty sure I'm frustrated violation overthrown pass burdens so when it's whatever a big deal. Hornets professor trusting relationship benefits of marriage are there that's awesome or trustee emeritus that's awesome most were given us. I know but that's always joking around like. What are you doing and who cares you know big I mean it always your cheating but who cares via their mobile. Well there. We'll work. Remember what your mind and and I don't know if you can go forward I don't know I've never been out like overly protective of that kind of stuff. Mean I trust her she trusts me and told me. Pleaded. Urges all of your work she's office. People who wrote in a listening but he says happy birthday to me and everything like we were birthers actually left me. A cool message and well it is much was like super long but still we all thank you. He got a good grow at a pace things. I think I didn't know I had no idea and I've only met ms. Marie. I think once the amateur so I see draft once yeah. Powerfully three seconds Amendola whisked away to talk to some deal. Yes she's. She's definitely the better half. And I did Alia we get it yeah oh yeah they get there there's not always the case for every guy note he now. I'm absolutely not sometimes we are the better ones is just like that ladies no offense sometimes produce more rational. Texas Mike do you believe in ghosts commercials. I don't know. I don't know how that happened. And explained occurrence. Which sparked the phone oh yeah I don't know what's what happened have to explore that go later Marshall. Yeah I got export it later so. But I'm really glad it was born so. Thanks for about a minute rather than important would finish it would've been funny and I mean at that probably and I saw her. Probably not dump the we have the dump button for a resume is that fasten them now we wouldn't put the delay on real quick so we can change Italy's Arianna clear I don't bundle actuary okay we both have a dumb but it's okay. And is it different today base emotional listening and texting in at the better you today it's actually much appreciated. A member of the show's going to be close on the atlas truck tires podcasts until either fan dot com on the radio dot com map. And on Twitter Anthony's defense you can find their commission in the show wanna go listen back I would be out next week out were shot at maybe bringing in. Any bigger. Name. Big star Portland legend Portland legend. Special guest host. New amenities that are real and just her words just tease from the tees and yes. Tune in next week. If he has it was going to be one hell to show guaranteed that before they'll be really fun cell that'll be 9/11 next Sunday on the back up after that obviously I'm going. Two Minnesota for my mother and was surprised to do with that part. On the surprising or she's listening few minutes OK. It's also not like really surprised she says she wanna something wishes of the military an aspirin. Anyway that's next week thanks for listening Harrison. Pop. This put. Yeah.