Sports Sunday July 8th Hour 1

Sports Sunday
Sunday, July 8th
Blazers and Neil Olshey are the topics of conversation. 

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Can sports where the difference. That you have to go around Saturn and we'll open it matters. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports which the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch leave that room better. Your dad is a car. Yeah it's a week are Henry shot tailor we use don't go to Dallas could really sunk. Look up part. Walk out on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 friend. OK welcome. Commodities. We're Sunday time to attitude AM here in your Sunday morning Mike and Rashad and Jesse with its 11 o'clock quarter. We will play his forcing yet you don't worry we've got. Hot old Shea audio from Thursday or Friday whenever there wasn't it was Friday and changed and are shot hasn't heard yet. And I'm kind of excited for him to hear it because. Whoo boy visited an acting job I've been avoiding listen anything. You know a gentleman has been saying is I don't wanna say he's a bad dude I hope they I don't know if he's a bad do you remember ever been around him but as GM. And not doing a bang up job thus far live I don't really feel like everything has been fabrications. You know so I don't wanna. Kind of notes coming via this offseason is. Going to be interest in. There has an interest seniors skins gonna continue to be interest in the blazers Sobel will talk with talk about travel deal today and it'll Willard rumors that we have heard and all the stuff players are lies coming up. Also we might get into this a little bit although it has been kind of talk to death. Throughout the week is the DeMarcus Cousins signing with the warriors. And the fact that the blazers were tied to DeMarcus Cousins and couldn't get him because the as a same agent as use of market to also does for some of the blazers by the way. Just. I mean. We we don't just have rid of some super team we have an all star team now in glitter is literally an all star team literally the Western Conference all stars you can put. This warriors team a against the east and it would they would win so we'll we'll get to bat. In the were shot pose this question and I wasn't even really thinking about it that he opposed the question he just said. Brawl. The Big Three is awesome are you watching it. I'll like milk and say it like you predilection sauce on an island sailor you pretty salty about it you're pretty excited about the victory. And I was like no you kidding me. C'mon man and I don't care what Kirk. And it was awesome it led to this'll conversation before the show also put in the notes and I even put it on the FaceBook posts on this for the comes listening to defend. Are you interest in the Big Three at all was gonna take for you to be interested in it and do you think he secondaries sports would not a news sports league of a new sport. Is secondary sports leader Marty is sport you watch it ever become successful in your eyes so that'll be coming up on the show as well as well hitter love it. In the 10 o'clock power but I didn't wanna. I know this is this is loosening in my parking lot at my apartment complex for awhile and and I'm. Very very very very very. Oddly curious about the do no mistake this for judgment I don't I am not judging I don't really I don't really care enough to judge but. One is the deal. Well loves a good deal with the windowless and Dora is cheap regulars. Where they just like have nothing in them they're just a cage and people drive them around. Is varied benefit tonight because it's awesome article it all search to answer. Because it's awesome bike it's like a it's like an SUV convertible. You and Sam like there's no top to a but it just a memorable because you can't cover it if it rains your just open assistant now they have they have little item. We'll soft topsy can throw on it really the sit. Yeah they got all sorts of a they literally have like sudden you can like roll up thrown at you when you're seats in the back and throw over the top it starts. Get a little bit moist. Wind it's called like a bikini but you also don't have doors. They have a home run you can take off from there their lead to be removable. That's so weird to me that's by weird you mean awesome bull and again I'm not judging each is weird to me I saw a guy driving once it is like leg was sticking out the entire left blood door early into the next lane and aisles like 200 commodity lately. Chopped off and now looks kind of cool but. It's it's not the safest you know you get into. A fender Bender or you know UT Boehner something like that can. We're gonna whenever they do have the roll cage though in case yet. Take a tumble the Arabic you know there's no windows doors so now I like yeah bouncing into the asphalt as you roll it is it's really. I'd be it in error rates you very well you get a lot of and up until now for it but oh well it's summer it's cool for summer as well going camping you know you're going up to the to the river and mountain stomach it's pretty cool vehicle. I just I solders in my party are now it's like to. Spots away from me and I'm like the perfect time dear ear for that. The guys listening mounds like you got a problem with my Jeep showing your your orange colors there you're Syracuse are lynch notes liking you. Maybe I can ride him I could figure out what it's all about it's awesome is this critical about the donor oversaw other bit irregular because well I've never been a regular. And then I've never obviously bitterly windowless and door is trying to record a bit of reason wranglers are so popular and they keep their value pretty well aren't they supposed to be like not the best cars. Are they supposed to break down a lot while it may buy Chrysler a word made by Chrysler anatomy I NG witches in. Subs and christianity it's I think it's. It's just not what they used to be you know leased back when like a CJ five ads like these. You know the CJ series is basically what bird the wranglers those words are you she's broke I love jeetz proxy for time. I don't wow this is blow me away the only ones don't like actual Marleau tied someone what are you talking to Catholics. Jeanne certain future pretty pretty dope there pretty sleek car but they're also the sale from a man and I'm here. Idyllic she's doing and he's the new ones look pretty click the big turkeys that kind of have a cooler in the front I do look pretty cool. My AA east have this big old fashioned red Grand Cherokee you know like I like. It looked like a little rectangle test tool square there was this kind of awkward looking she had a bat and I was throws pretty cool can that my parents and members he views wells god. I wanna Jeep Commander and there's so many titles like didn't have the energy there's so many types of like you know. Jeeps you know as far as the suvs there's Cherokee and Wrangler compass. There are like. Was it the patriot of renegade like there's so many different types of just Jeep suvs it's kind of get comfortable and no yeah and it's kind of a cool car to the amendment so I mean there's there's a lot of different you know types and genetic that's like you know guys kind of like. Usually in the I'm leaning towards the jeeps and if you want to completely taker to windows and doors and everything but that's just the regular at the rang it was only when they can do it. Bat I would imagine one of the Newark church user whatever they're called donut now those are more luxury the wranglers now they have replicas of Wrangler models you know the race is almost kind of like. A Hummer you know of some of sourcing is completely normal for your tank is better than the Hummer. We have Hummer that this will Hummer was problem with the dumbest car let alone the Hummer Arnold Palmer was the stated Thomas Carney you came out I was like steers his buddies and don't just look at how big it is you know. Ten miles of the death of sushi so many him. This tax from one of our if you want someone who sedan car interior was brutal two weeks ago an openly needed toros speed element placing things and fun Margaret Ono put people in and an organ they will figure out how to. Get your car arms at all if you it'll have doors or anything on your car you don't have anything about viewing their cars so they they going her current like there's nothing to steal there's nothing to break to get in your car and realize there's nothing to steal. Yeah that well I that's also something you learn is cheaper. It's kind of nice like a public in my car and see that there's no you got a steal my my insurance ID card OK I had to lay. Is when I lived in Las Vegas and I mean yeah it's cancer wasn't wasn't that fancy was like a 9394. Something like put it looked okay and known. One night came outside and bro like somebody broken tomorrow car and they still anything I had the game's first CD the documentary but it was a burned copy. If somebody did you know degrades it's an awesome CD which is where we get our themes on hated her love it earned nine or 1030 segment but around. So my broken took that. They tried to steal the car because they messed with like. You know that the that the key holed everything like that was pretty terrible probably really took was myopic view. Yeah. That was that was it comes to it's a procedure that took the baby oil baby oil they took tomorrow thus I was most smells a little mad about the car and brought almost madame but who takes another man's baby. Like I mean does not think there are violations and that was one of unlike maybe if you tell me was like I wanted to put several Evan later right just because our our guests so ma'am but I mean the gang scene being what too mad about but. And M baby boom and Australia that was. Frustrating part maritime social good game to the Euro muscle centrally a month straight I love that city so much who's an awesome C be so good so did I let. Well there are further non sports stuff for now coming up next let's get into. The blazers topics of the week. That includes. Hot new O'Shea audio. Damian Miller traded. And not so fast that's next here on the him. Thank fifteen euros for some and the fairness tax if you are Jeep Wrangler you've already overpaid for the vehicle therefore there's nothing inside the steel have some he'd better you today go slime. Bingo 55305 different attacks or some Merrill shall want a frantic but it the first segment better you today attacks on 55305. Can also tweet at us that today to the fan out Michael who's 27 tailor made five on threes are shot in just is that just doesn't. Yes the MA and so we. A blazer audio today. Now we (%expletive) audio today I should say he held a press conference on Friday. Introducing the signings and excels is and Seth Curry. And in their press conference he also had to answer questions from the media finally. About the game similar rumors about the offseason thus far and about the day the situation which was just weird right. So we have audio about Willard. We have audio about Ed Davis live audio about what still column is off season. And then on the saucers and her son were like stark. As rumpus say her shot she's an adventure. No fly or her first. Let's let's let's start with that Dave the stuff okay this is this is the this is piece of audio in my opinion. This one makes me read a little bit wireless and erratic Moscow. We really felt like you know when we finish the season last year were there were things we need to identify areas of improvement we appreciate everything they did but you're clearly. When we talked about you don't post season media availability was we had a really good offseason and I think people are forgetting that we want 49 games we finished third in the Western Conference we want our second outright division title OK and we beat a lot of teams everybody is now concerned about who's just signing their own players back so what we said was we're not going to overreact to the playoff result relative to what we're on the regular season the success we are therefore also rocket under react and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- decisions -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- talking -- him -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- him -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- pretty -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- different -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- skill -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was -- -- -- limitations -- terms -- -- -- -- -- -- defensively -- defensive -- -- -- -- It's so doesn't that just make your blood boil a little bit the entirety of backlit. The entirety. Of that clip the only thing I agree with he says as we operated this offseason I do you think. That next justice is better and empower content. And I do you think that Seth Curry has been in the Shabazz Napier. I do think those things so he's right today upgraded those two positions. So that's silly thing I believe in the clip. In the styles discourage him on the little bit on the border from I think he could be better animal bit console Lamotte. I guess I teller start the fact that he told Ed Davis to take another team's contract offer and didn't vote for him. Four point four million dollars or ever was he was on the phone that Davis and Ed Davis told him he wanted to come back. In UN yet just take them that's offerman Christopher. In just a ticket. To get a common and he says he's happy about it now is he isn't happy about a one year deal for. Four million dollar with the Brooklyn nets. How things so it's so there's a couple openings there I mean. For me the congress that a number one the fact that he said they think they've had a good offseason but as far. Hello sorry about last time last year are certainly happy he may also regular season because after he said offseason. He missed. Talks all the right okay so all let's talk about the regular season and I think most people know you listen to the show power feel about the league's regular season it was a whole lot of look stars aligning. It was fun and the boys are mean it was of course that that thirteen game stretch. Was the best basketball they've played all season but they also didn't play anyone know teams they played had. They hurt superstar not hurt you know player but I her superstar on their team that didn't just raise. So that part that's that. Upgrade at where you so you and I'm not with you but. You honestly believe that man Shabazz Napier is an is is set curry which is craziness to me I don't think Shabazz is back and I mean Shabazz. Has shown flashes but he was. She was awful death has never shown a flash of anything you have ever in the NBA don't know he did in Dallas yet the year gallery got hurt he was that your religion. In other progressive good to. I I'm sure I'm always near and dear to his house just does his defense at a point was. Was the but the best as far as guards on the team he was the best remembered even know they had she doesn't present the worst of all the guards she can keep anybody in front of them Chavez couldn't even get a shot for the last month of the season no he was never shooter best and that's the thing that sets will have over him respected and hopefully as that curry Jeanne. And him and can be that shooter book set averaged point three points is when he was a starter in Dallas. I'm remembers them averaging 23 average 33 points go look it up yet there's definitely a point is that as a starter in Dallas. Yeah he's. Either upgrade and the styles Wisconsin was almost like give us a parallel move but. I think. I don't know I members tossed this in college and I come electors outside some a little bit higher America that's why I think I like him more. Let's just like this that's the small part of the clip to me right so yeah that they did a very very much very very Myra a cared very minor upgrade. But the Ed Davis thing. And then he believes that into saying. That. The reason that the loss of the pelicans the way they did was because Ed Davis didn't fit the current system of the MBA. Ed Davis. Over the last three weeks of the season was sacked Collins was the only reason you state is the three seed he was the blue he was the defend better players on the floor was the energy guy. When that when he gives our columns come before commemorative repaired at the end of the season last year. The games would change the the actual energy of the game which changed the feeling of the game which change. And sure in the playoffs when you're playing Anthony Davis now one of your big men to look what to do defender will obviously we know that but. But that's not really where the blaze that you knew blazers failed on every front against but it can you knew where Anthony Davis when he was gonna do he's a top five player in the NBA he knew exactly what he was gonna do when he got the on the floor. Nobody talked about drew how audio. Nobody talked about Rondo and that's where the blazers would be is by those two Garza but the draw our weather holiday in my opinion yet do. I'm average by between 27. And that series you know and something crazy held Damien Willard completely in shock Rondo averaged like 1112 assists to you know throughout that series so. Those guards really beat them up in those have been the undersized guards and you went out and got more undersized guards and saw Republican areas of improvement. That wasn't one place Ed Davis is positioned with somewhere unions will prove keep him go out and get someone else that may be can provides a little more scoring a coming as a starter. Meant that's an area of improvement make sure you take some pressure. Often markets and so you get back to playing his game market is not a post up guy he is he can do it on your own it is nice to dunk if they're trying to delay he's a guy that need more slows. Able to work it'll. Like he does I mean I think a lot of that was him getting hit in the face and sometimes. That is nose broken lost some teeth. You know all types of analysis this season you know so I think for America it's. It he cattle have gotten a hit you know instead of going up strong like always to keep getting hit in the face and you know I think he's so that the biographer. Our thanks so so I'm sure she didn't like it bears a chase in order and so. And I think it was one of those things he could use some help down there and he didn't get him out that was the biggest area that needs improvement. And they seem in the networks they got smaller all that. The thing is they. I kind of agreed. Mandated improvement across the board right the when we ended the season and into to us resent here's my opinion opinion three Indy guy. They need another interior guy who can hit some shots and be a good defender and any backup guard that's better the backup guards that are better and they. Drafted two guards and they signed two guards. So they got some three is right to improve their three point shooting at least on paper the South Korea's editor point shooter south this is supposed to be good three point shooter. And Gary Trent they drafted it and it is most investor portion in the draft or second and the laws. So they got that right they improve their three point shooting which they did desperately need because if we remember. Trusting offer community and Miller was to make threes and doesn't appear to make threes in a playoff series as monopoly ago now. But Riverdale OSHA also said. He said this at the end of the season at the exit interviews she goes this offseason is very important is gonna be about getting playoff caliber veterans. Who have had playoff experience. Any sign mixed outskirts. In case I'm Seth Curry who have. 00. Playoff experience. He drafted a nineteen year old who has zero playoff experience and a series any sense because you played at ING academy and didn't go to college. And Gary Trent if you wanna say and suitably term experience great but. They have a dumb idea so. All of that to me about that clip was soul. Like. Hate them or hear them when milk shake is mostly have to do right now. You have to give him credit for he tends to be able to spin stuff well enough we're like oh OK maybe. That clip right there he failed at spinning Aaron Elvis because blazer fans are starting to catch on and they're seeing through the BS. But that entire clipped. I sat there and shook my head. But no lol no no no no no and no and now when I didn't nothing nothing was true or nothing was right so. It's this shows you how about a spot he's in the blazers are that he can even in this empty. So what was also days job before he became the general manager of the Portland there was action suit to thespian. His job. Is to make us believe. That he is a good GM and for a couple years. Think he's done a great job of that you know to plot was also a phenomenal actor. You know that last little bit of his life may he made us all believe that he with a thug and made us all believe that. He was you know a blood not type stuff truth is man and he wasn't any of those things yet to do that because that's the death were required. Right now the blazers require him to. Men say all of these things as we all know and true. We we know that the blazes did get better this is one of the worst off seasons I can remember some places fan as far as actual movement. And you work feels like movement needed to be done but they got works like an Irish are you guys you know our our little higher on suckers and I am but. Is Seth Curry going to be what changes the fortunes of travelers know of course like it so it's a small for an ambassador when the rest of the NBA. Is getting better particularly. Everyone in the west 22 of the top 25 players in the NBA all come from Western Conference one of them just happens to be Damian Miller so. All your competition is right there Matt LeBron in the west now that's a problem. Men the rockets just kept Chris Paul meg gonna keep in other places man that's a problem okay see. God pro Paul George to come back in just cleared a hundred million dollars and Carmelo. After they've you know release him at that problem for everybody blamed the blazers. And the yes men so I am. I don't know what else he can say is like being in a relationship with somebody and you know big lie all the time so at this when I just I mean believe. And you're saying you slide more than you told the truth at this point I. Almost feel like old Shea I mean. It wasn't for the fact they didn't have these horrible contracts they dished out a couple of years ago. And he would just be points in the fact that. Free agents don't come here anyways because even if he had the cap space week I mean you're never bringing LeBron hearing hearing you're not. You're not bringing any of these free agency are not getting called George to move here the eight. The thing I can think of is. Try to get a guy like coli like that's your only move that's your only moved to really improve this team is to take a bold move. Trade for a guy like coli or Kevin Love guard on the market Kevin Love could be on the market I don't think that's nearly as bull I think that's more of a lateral move by. I think you found out that he's it's more of the mental. Frailty of Kevin Love. I don't know she's just she's a better player with Kevin Lowe is your instantly getting a great player even mental mental side or not. That's the playoff experience like. I it is obvious either the top guy you would want out of all the ones were available this year I got it doesn't make you something that's competitive against the Houston doesn't he something dependable as the Golden State lawyers and it probably doesn't make you can execute better and here's the thing I think we think of. Kevin Love and Cleveland we think of Kevin love the guy that the jump shooter. Kevin Love is not a jump shooter he's a big who can heavy weapons to be able to shoot he was dominant Minnesota under Dominik and Minnesota. The reason ms. LeBron changes the way you play as Chris Bosh he makes she would jump shooter all of a sudden freedom and do those things down low. You've got to move because the bronze to get the rim that's what he does and some Arabic thinks he's still average audience and not being able to also be open was able to the average since. Eighteen and nine and a half. All right we get number we have we have a clip that is about sort of like that someone played out Max re also the Damian Miller cloak as well as. Is really weird explanation on why he went and got mixed Oscars that's all coming up. The next segment or two with first. Jesse passports and. We can sports where the difference. This is sports some good grip my conversion job I'm Janet. I'm 35 here and a Sunday morning micro shot Jesse with its 11 o'clock talk in some blazers play in Sama. G number audio. So just brought up the idea trades yet you're big now now you have to go Big Easy kind of messed up the early part of this off season. And it almost started to illustrate kind of talked about this year in the there's a quote there we don't have audio from the he also says so current. It's been an interest in time this summer's been very very quiet I think to date the only trades have been you know white fur from Moscow and I believe Wilson Chandler and temperament Philly Eagles only traced to date really around the league so. The activity around the league is slower than it normally is at this point I think we have teams with cap room and I think teams are being fairly judicious you know looking at you know the mountain role trying to climb up and when his brother and his crew up there are so you know I think. Everybody's kind of trying to optimize their roster with what they're doing now I think we've seen a lot of player retention you know I think there's been a lot of activity -- when you really look at the Western Conference what's really happened you know LeBron went to the lakers so other than that mean a lot of teams just took care of their own business or sign their guys they you know they played in the margins they they've told needs you know the way we have. And now we'll start getting into more generating deals that can have maybe a higher impact of the rebel. I love how dismissive. He just was was all humans don't only deals may was. LeBron to the lakers a you know it the biggest thing in the lives are like are you serious like. That that's the only thing that happened we didn't mention bogey he Coca Lira. That ocean right so bloom the thing and there are those I mean again you're kind of wind through the BS little bit the bullet. The thing and they did say in you went on to say a little bit later. Was we still have time to make trades in he said that's one summer league starts which it did for the blazers yesterday. Almost every team is gonna be down there and that's from the conversations begin. In earnest hazardous with all the other GMs. To make trades. And to Jesse's point I agree. Especially because of the way that the public perception is right now. The blazers have to do something. If the blazers go into this season having done nothing but signs Tosca securian draft the two guards symington and nurture junior. I think what is affairs or are falling off the ship I think they're going screw us the Sox a wanna be a part of this right now. I've we've already seen it all on the battery today tax line throughout the week on Twitter. People are like I'm I am not renewing my season tickets I'm not gonna watch this year amok and give them our money this year. Did the fans are getting really frustrated so. Because of that perception. I do you think the blazers need to do something and I think all shake. Mean granted he's already tried he tried to get the darkest 'cause something to work a Mac kind of fell apart for bones some stupid reason with the age of being the same as Kurdish. Then he tried you know he's tried other things throughout the last couple years. He has to try to get a big tall big name player to trade he has to. He has to weather that's coming love whether that's while liberal I think while it's not happening com for Portland at least. Whether that's I don't know I don't know rules there is an of those of the two big names of the been bandied about and I. I would love Kevin Love came here I just think it makes the team so much better but. You have to do it or else you're you're injured just sitting here with an Aussie after getting. Destroyed in the first round and doing basically nothing your city so all senator says he wants to make treasury wants tried to scenario there are some. Positive hope I suppose so I guess he really wants is to feel better about the back pool nobody else in the league is making trades so like why should we be trying to make trades will because. You wanna get better and what are you know what it's Denver made a trade to get better. Denver's gotten better this offseason looks like they just Philadelphia just got Wilson Chandler and his contract with like they discussed a little bit better. In the Eastern Conference Yemen everybody's making trades in better he signed two guys that. Do not help you win right now and I'm maybe I'm wrong made the world wrong maybe answering Simon's comes out and he's. Allen Iverson or he's men early Derrick Rose or whatever the cases we don't know but at this point. Judging from what the rest of the Western Conference is doing and has done. And it looks like the lakers are really done. Yet with Ghana and pieces to their team all about waited too. There are covering up trying to get to that today but what they're doing is stretch its Magic Johnson Mike Johnson doesn't care he's been getting in trouble all year for tampering he knew liberals come there. By you'll get in trouble that many times for you into trouble for tempering your Paul George and didn't even get to and so I dreamed about I think he kind of knew what he was doing they had some type of plan. But either way so the lakers have a plan please it's a weird one. Like what's what's the blazers you know you look around west the rest of the Western Conference and all the top teams the teams are supposed to be. Among the top teams are making moves with the exception of Minnesota and they might lose to Cuba it's sometimes. Well what one tax on the batteries and attacks on to say Jimmy Butler wants out of Minnesota I'll be great addition yes or. I forgot about that that's another player who is Patel a potential target. He's got. This is his last year of his deal. And then he says he wants to play or carrier Irving but again I'd I guess you learn from the Paul George situation take that risk is maybe he'll stay. Maybe he'll stick and then all of a sudden you're that much better of the team right so obvious that's another option if you're trying to make a big name splashed trade is the blazers. Obviously caught Leonard Kevin Love engineer Boller also reported reportedly. Unhappy in Minnesota so these are auctions. And want to we've heard about Jimmy voters that he's kind of hard to play you know and that's I don't know he's he seems like one of those guys who kind of you know once he gets angry below the locker room starts changing and stuff like that so the one thing he says the blaze at least looked like to have a cohesive. You know locker to have 300 it seems yes but they haven't had real problems with each other. Guys that guys are best friends are guys that don't necessarily play a whole lot and stuff like disarming you never really know but Jimmy Butler is one of those due to fluid which really fit. This Portland culture he wants out of Minnesota that has Carl Anthony towns and Andrew Wiggins and a shot at the at the playoff is usually a report. He says he wants out early reports that he wants out because he's tired of the nonchalant attitude of coral Anthony to guess what's the blazers don't have they're they're young guys are not necessarily. Nonchalant not really caring no you have opposite with Amy Willard it is kind of obvious winners is. And in in a way where's it. His emotions on his sleeve this guy you know and when you see him play when you see him lose wants to win which I'm sure that's something that Jimmy but it's wants although. The thing that's disturbing to me is this is two places or ovaries and like I want out. Yeah and that's that's so some Chicago. Okay made sense things were kind of fallen apart Minnesota man you've got some young and meant your concern about car Anthony announces nonchalant attitude the same do that averaged 23 and twelve. The concern about as nonchalant attitude and we've okay yeah this from just had a dollar for this from a couple people that probably accounts is not the best. The best attitude for locker Greenwood to duels were supposed to be great and they really work. That that was more so because of injury than anything else like and buy time Jimmy Butler came back it was. It was too that the gear AC were within seven seat seven Maria. By that by that time had to play the warriors in first round you don't have a chance. With the DNC they put the rockets McChrystal. I think they did the rockets in the for I think they were the NC I can there me I don't it was so close I charter member. Okay we're breaking yen but we saw two were close to play and it'll be next segment. And all similar rumors and then all shale on the styles dysentery signing specific sports a mammoth. This is sports so news Mike appreciate 1080. I'm 46 Sunday morning micro shot Jesse with few attacks the better you today attacks on 55 Israel five tweeted us out Mike Bliss when he's seven is neat. Shot to tailor made five on three just is judges who doesn't ANZ MAM the fan is activated and we are drawn to the Nielsen audio from news presser on Friday with the media. We've already played the Ed Davis Cup which is infuriating. And the lack of trades in what the blazers are gonna do you trade as far as earliest. What few alluding that they're gonna usury is what's coming up. How we have got two more left to do this one because this is this has been the big rumors of the entire week here's all share in the Willard stuff. As much as I love LeBron you know the NBA is in his personal game at rocker so he doesn't get the Pickens teammates. Somehow works as a result their work and Damian is here Damian has three years up to his contract this isn't the world of what's just Joseph sent a couple -- out on a string and she wants to run with us this is the NBA we have a collective bargaining agreement we have contracts for players we if you committed organizations. We don't get involved one of the nice things are being up in Portland is we're not in that media maelstrom you know down there but you're clearly there myths that are some of our broadcast partners like to perpetuate because it is click bait and it brings viewers at the end of the day it's all much ado about nothing. Also to meet. There's actually the most honest famous he said in the entire. Before looks that we have and that's not saying a lot but. I have no doubt in my mind that he is not talking to anybody about trading him and I've no doubt in my mind it would be the dumbest thing if you traded him a lesbian Miller asked for treated. There's been would you be stupid it would we've already seen blazer fans upset this off season. If they traded away Damian Miller. I think you're you're killing your families in one fell swoop. Bo when he says LeBron as a get to pick his teammates. I'm sorry but is he blind. LeBron they're picking his teammates for years. Now of course you can't just say like hey come play with me get three years left in your deal. But LeBron and she makes these moves any talks to people in he claims things out so that the people he wants to play with do come and play with him. That's what happens that's what the promised done. Right now it's not happening instantly in in what Los Angeles because. Well the spurs a one a trade caller to the lakers and Paul George had to stay in Oklahoma City but. You know what else they're doing a Los Angeles they're building a team there's a bunch a one year contracts and guess what next year when all those guys are free agents again. It's gonna go play with LeBron. Those cuts LeBron does pick who he wants to play it is not instant. He does send out text messages ago let's go let's go to title together players are. When waiting in a huge line to do that form it's obvious we've seen it. O'Shea sounds you know ridiculous and maybe. Maybe it's taken a page out of all the other GM's books that have had LeBron and had some success with them and give your star player where he wants. Let your star player go out and pick his team in the guys that he wants to come and run with and then actually get them. And the building at least for a sit down the blazers aren't even in the building. To have a conversation LeBron. They're not prepared or or with Paul George for that matter and our team and they've been running get the text message to say. You trying to meet. None of that so I'm I'm I'm trying to understand it. If you're not in tank mode now. What are you doing because that's what it seems like it doesn't seem like you're putting things in and plays and he's got a a six years as men looks like they consume their voluntary. Tank less less rebuild mode yeah. That's what I think and if you're taking slash rebuilding don't make this man who's done nothing but perform. For the trailblazers he's never missed the playoffs since he's been there. Three years ago when the markets left in the team just blew up did this team was supposed to be 33 win roster thirty wins Atmos. Damian Miller has had them in the playoffs every single year since then and oh yeah. He just became the first blazers since Clyde Drexler. To be first team all India as the part we're not talking about every two other blazers all time in the history of this franchise. That have been first team all NBA one almost Bill Walton championship the other was Clyde Drexler eventual championship not here in Portland. Two I think just just one. Where's. Mark are listen dame has done. Everything the right way he says here and said I wanna stay. Wanna win in Portland maybe Obama stood and maybe it does but I don't think he wants to lose and I'll think he's been saying I wanna stay because. Now I know we can build something here I know we can make something great you have the high scoring backcourt in the NBA. That's an okay start. Where's the rest of the team and if you're gonna really going to take more right now may give this man that the decency is he had never gonna let you go and let you compete. You know that that's that would be fair to him some items given their entire. Yeah and unlike the markets you know who set a wanna be here a wanna be here and then he didn't believe you left the minute he got he got gunships are hoping they was ending that I think he's gonna. Like in a cagey way stick around longer than he has to and then by time he leaves he's past his prime. And it's just a big help on the team as opposed to somebody who can really change the basic print. The KG also on the title when it was passed himself sort of just got a title yeah he got one he got one out of it but I'm pretty sure if you left 34 years earlier he probably got a couple all the maybe the passes for a they left her for years earlier is not going with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen the Celtics either it's a different teams different trade it KG was. Obviously not as good with the sellers is jewels of the fuels but he was still really going to. And he did help that team with a title. I'm with you like it there if they're taking. And there are and they are actually gonna go tank rebuild mode and try to build around youth again which. Look at the roster appears what's happening unless they go in and 4 August and unless they perform a big name trade and all of a sudden it changes move the trajectory of the team. Then you're right Dave Miller deserves to be old to ask for trading go somewhere else. Mean I thought I would hate to see him able to leave because I love watching him play and I think he does represented trailblazers wall around the league but. If you want to go play with LeBron or if you were ever I don't really care if you want to go play wherever he wants to get a chance to win a title. Then yeah make something work in this textures ripe in some sense he goes. Dave Miller gives you the most value back and trade. So. If if that's going to be the case you're gonna the American been doing now when his values its highest the only problem I have two in a service during the week is. The reported trade that we saw what totally believe because it didn't come from closure shams the woman softened Steve today in the Sammy Watkins got for me as him. Was. Something in the ballpark of Damien Willard to the lakers for. Charisma Ingram. And like to first rounder is in the mobile Walton contract. Like. If I'm the blazers and I'm treating Damien Willard. I don't want to get two guys who potentially can be good and then. I wanna get somebody who was already kill it. Because you're trading the first team all NBA guy if you're getting first round picks in the lakers are getting picks in the twenties because they're about to be really good team so you're getting. What could linger might be really good who's really my to do charisma is really good right now but yet this rookie Milan whose governments but. I don't wanna trade away the blazers best player who's an all MBA player who's a team leaders of face of the franchise. For two guys who I need to get to Damian Miller slow I wanna if you're gonna trade Millar to better be a better deal a map of something. I hear that but if you're going to trade Daimler with the lakers. The only player award this Kyle coups and at the end of the day like I had a I don't want Alonso. I don't think you really are no wells on the team outside of LeBron an and and Brandon Ingram. It was but you I mean do you sit in various potential and I'm it but it hasn't really. Come to fruition yet. Includes much ado in his rookie year that average six rebounds in sixteen points that's in his rookie year for the lakers won 35 games she. Put LeBron on that team that's probably a fifty win team LeBron is a seventy win team. All of owns. We we kind of know. I I would. Do it for one I want island at coli. That the problem with that is is then year without being quiet comes here and then leaves and silly yes because he doesn't have dame and if that's writing you have to do something it has to be done with CJ I think CJ still has value yet it went down last year we on the map by. I think he still has value unit and it. I think that's the piece. And it is still has to be a dang good piece of you're gonna lose CJ Nia bit. I mean get your events I agree with your idol again I'm not treating dame guy I don't want them to trade Damione Lewis so. It is it is what it is I didn't have to into the lakers I'm taken everything that they give me dame Alonso Engle played with a warning to. Like give me everything into it better be literally everything because. They don't have anybody good enough on Damione Lewis level that would even out country and in my opinion. And I think this the good part about Dayne being dame as you say you put them on the trade block and there's not a team the league does not interest that you know everybody drive about like to have a Damian Miller on the team. So command you get whatever you want in San Antonio's and a great situation right now because they know everyone wants coli and so is just a matter of man. Well what are you wanna give up for you give me all your good pieces and then you can have by the way just yelled we just crotch chop and highlight good job pretty CX. Are two words for you last clip but you have to break. Military tells you why he dressed. Sign next house and senate so again. Funneling these are guys you weave like for a while that we we do with nick was we really went back for college scouting. You're trying to identify guys not not this immortal we did with. More or coalition batters with myself with Farouk. I'm trying to identify guys are really high on at one point and we wanted to. You get back in a folder in recent tournament a system where they can maximize the things identified. Earlier in their career but he felt gave them you know high potential upside. Obviously sets game speaks for itself is ability to handle. Pass play without the ball make threes the ball believe shooters. You we really felt like you in the second unit you're trying to upgrade that. Adding more floor spacing guise of high IQ's that can make good decisions with the basketball. That fit in seamlessly with you Evan Turner's ability to facilitate. With a our post play. Guys and play with or behind Damon CJ you know in terms of the backcourt so. Place a bit you know we had limited tools in terms of we all it was a taxpayer mid level. And minimums so at this point we wanted to do was make sure we secure players we know fit into our system. That can translate immediately in terms of skill set and produce on the court and they continue to go about our job in terms of the rest of the offseason. The area system vacuum although Nielsen your words the tee there for me. He's looking at next oust this is college scouting. It looks just as will Korean college. I was very good for Michigan. By a the dues relief for two or three years and he's been awful. So you're telling me you're signing a guy based on what you saw from him in college. And not what he's been able to do in the NBA. I'm sorry what I don't know I was I'm sorry what I was listening to anything he was saying like it's on like. Yeah commission act like I'm that's that's really kind of what I got because it's just it's assault muddled together at this point. You've got him cook again you keep saying when playoff experience that's not some veteran experienced yes and and I get mixed oust is I guess economic account understands its secretary you know Jesse drop some stats on me for his last. Few games that he had Dallas before the injury and everything is okay that could be serviceable. Peace to this blazers team. And mix palaces outside of being what 64566. Or does nothing that's all that's all you've done is got some life. Possibly. You know pretty good shooter you know whatever but. That's. Pretty much all you've gotten out of that go well. Again this system we were wrapping up to global switch gears next work. There's one way. To save face. With the fans right now and I would just suggest in the second segment at the bra. Yes third there are multiple and discuss but that's not happening there's one realistic way to save face. You give the fans some hope. And that is to make a trade for an established. Not maybe not a star all of that would be nice and establish good player that helps the team win. Now. And do it suit a blazer fans are PO. In their sick and tired of hearing this over and over and over again are sick and tired of the every six year rebuild because you just can't crack in the playoffs and players wanna leave. And they want something now. And it's harder of course because guess what you'll face screwed up and give the worst contracts in the 2016 offseason. It not be worse but some of there'll patents had offseason to mr. miles than anybody who dream of like five times because nobody wants Erica. Yes to do something that's the only way to save face right now it's the only way. I don't know if it's possible. Ali she knows she's been trying which is that which I guess is a nicely tried for DeMarcus Cousins. If you remember he was the best offer for Paul George but Kevin Pritchard for the pacer said no because it's the blazers after what he did to him here. You know so there is it's not for a lack of trying it's just a lack of succeeding eventually you can't you're not just given a task as he tried really hard you sort of succeed at some point. And that's I think has that happened whether Esquire Jimmy Voeller Kevin Glover. Hell I don't know I'd Robert Covington might be available for the sixers I know that's a smaller deal but that's a guy who could help to immediately. You know that kind of thing helps you save face and help resigning use of Turkish were really cheap deal can help a little bit to four years forty Mel. It's like seven million more than you gave Myers. Yeah and he's way better than I guess yeah that's actually that's actually a good deal. I mean I'd rather have DeMarcus Cousins but it is what it is it's. And so there's all there's a little something so that's that's what you need in my opinion are coming up next. Big Three should we care why should we care is a going to be successful all those questions answered or maybe not next on sports a Memphis.