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Sunday, July 29th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends were made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots. Joseph a look at the weekend in sports where the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meat free guns area boundary on. Adams. Your sharp the football. Yeah I have aliens now you can catch TV about kids ET. Never caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I do. This is sports Sunday with a Mike Lynch. Who learned. You can't he's groomed. For the you root. Of you've seen is the rule. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor okay do and I concede don't wanna be cured up here come under on north of Jerusalem and. On ESPN Sports Radio 1080. They. Power too to hear all sports Sunday micro shot Jesse with you for one more hour. They get hot today you mean 9800 so stay cool out there headers at the beach where it's like a cool 63 that I was amazed me the difference in temperature. Remember once it was like 105 degrees here was one of the hottest is our members and have moved here. And I wanna say my parents were here are my friends are here or something like that. Really don't go to the coast he'll be cooler. We were still Wear shorts and T shirt it was 55 in misting into Roland why did to her shorts and T shirt and its affiliates on the economy debating on whether or not wanna Wear shorts. Up there. Today which is where people are first of the world maybe bring a jacket just in kilometer sweatshirt with the switcher. And yet something some companies and warm. So major league Baseball Hall of Fame induction is today right mayor. Like her herd of Morocco with his yankees. Aside aside when reported Barack Obama world health reporter I don't know what they're called house. Initial look of some precious for two just insure research. But the so hall of fame induction is today. You're getting a couple of the older guys in from the second out of the main ballot guys are going in our Chipper Jones. Vladimir Guerrero. Trevor Hoffman in Jim Thome a four guys going into the hall for him. And literally I just brought that up to Rashad today I just said that I went MLB hall demos before I was doing and he was like yeah Jim told hello Jim tell way. And then you kind of he kind of did your overshot rants. Real quick off the air we didn't mean to get your passion about it so let me before we get into this will be opened in stage two you. Tell me what you told me before this year or tell them. The people we told reporters just that would've been saying for years to baseball's a joke. On their hall of fame continues to be a joke now I have no issue with Vlad Guerrero or. Jim Thome especially Jim Thome is also Chipper Jones men I used to watch WCW on TBS and usually before or after WCW. You would see the Braves play and so I got a chance of no Chipper Jones very well as a kid. Armed I don't have a problem with any of the four guys for god and getting it that's not my issue. My issue is you kitten it's really say this is a hall of fame for the elite. If you've left out. 34 of the most elite players to ever play in baseball. I totally understand Michael Barry Bonds cheated all players have been cheating in Major League Baseball forever there's for corked bats would still solver. Vastly what are people put up pitchers to put on the ball. So make sure they can get a little bit of a low little morbid debt. Or make the fastball well there's been cheating. In baseball forever and so I don't understand why you wouldn't allow certain dudes to be and to be able to get him Barry Bonds before. Quote unquote before the juice. Was amazed and we know that probably the best baseball player in the as was Alex Rodriguez. And so was. Roger Roger Clemens all those dudes were considered the best of the best of the best before we considered anything about them Jews. There's no reason they shouldn't be inhofe and yes that was a that was a steroid era. There's a whole air were blacks weren't allowed to play in baseball in the first but yet still. Then it did stop them from legend Ty Cobb and couldn't stop them from led men Babe Ruth in the bunch of the dues that men. Jackie Robinson what do ran circles around literally literal circles around some of those so for you to not let in Charlie hustle. Which is ridiculous. You know story Pete Rose men you know he gambled on his team as a coach I don't know if you ever gambled on this team to lose. But an early deathly gambling on the man he said he never gamble whose team Elizabeth. Probably doing and I don't I know we're going to get a Mayo pleaded 200 you know only 200 on the game I wouldn't but you know I understand format confident. In my team we're also talking about. A sport that allows you drink in the locker in the clubhouse. Then there's spears and do whatever you gotta get it in this is before the game. During the day you can do so they allow certain things with their won't allow of it all I'm saying is this. Steroid era. Was a prominent part of baseball and actually bought a lot of ice to baseball and you lost lot of eyes after it went away. Rod summer love was amazing windows like an eighth grader or ninth grade with. With Barry Bonds or season appeared on split with Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa and how awesome time to watch baseball Watson's Barry Bonds chase that home run record they would interrupt. Regulars it regularly scheduled programs to show you Barry Bonds coming to the plate. Like that era is gone and we miss it now because we realize how good it was. Not saying that man. Cheered cheating should prosper but baseball's the one sport that cheating is just as prevalent as. Hot dogs and and. So I I do agree that. Those three players and we haven't seen in the air on the ballots we don't know what's wheels and a half with him it's going to be a couple years but. Hum when Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens at least right now overseeing their percentage of votes on the ballots go up the last few years. I think to those you still belong in the hall of fame because as you said before the steroids were for the alleged steroids says pressure for. Gala sponsor were tested positive it was in the Mitchell report and alcoholic and stuff. They were still as he stood some of the greats before they sort of taking steroids allegedly it. So to me. Even though I don't like that took steroids. As a baseball guy even though that for awhile I was pretty anti steroids. I have started to become a little more lenient as I've found out how many players are using haven't found a house a problem again today. Robinson now. And I obviously am I'm starting to lower my expectations and saying. That. As long as they were still great. Before the steroids that I I don't mind if they go. At a wal Mark McGwire and I don't want Sammy Sosa and Ottawa Rafael Palmeiro and because I know that without it they were not. As good as the best. To me. A hall of fame in any sport. Is not all of go to alcohol great it's the whole belief is the best players. Ever to play the game in the hall of fame I think almost every call him gets a wrong. Letting the Baseball Hall of Fame is not a joke except for that whole aspect of it because I think they get it right almost two ET they are very strict. With their policy and policy. They've put for the most part they put in the best of the best if you look at today's class. The four guys going in on the regular ballot. You've got. The second best closer of all time and Trevor Hoffman. You've got one of the greatest third baseman of our generation and Chipper Jones you've got one of the greatest homeowners a merger generation maybe of all time overseas under the gym Tony. He got Blatter who was. So underrated if you look at his numbers it's insane on how did he was you've got four. Sure fire no doubt hall of famers going in trust for baseball gets a true but musical part. That being said are they better is are any of those two is better than Pete Rose Barry Bonds. Roger Clemens. Who's the other one that we mentioned era the real cinema yeah Iran wants a rods are isn't about harrah's to himself a lot of favors by do once on and I graceful too. So they're going to forget about a lot of it A-Rod did and let him let him come and play. If you're asking me madam it's taken those students from taken Barry Bonds I'm taken Mark McGwire yes man Trevor Hoffman is. One of the two greatest closers you know of all time. Man are you taking Trevor Hoffman or are you can take Roger clemens' arm probably taken article there's all deserve to be in halting and that's my point. Is people deserve to be in the hall fame but to call him a bit ultimate joke. I think is wrong because you're letting you see say that's about the elite players are you leaving literally the most elite players of all time. Out of your out of your club. That's that's that's short it's for the elite yes it will do in these dudes. Definitely need to be in there because they're arguably the most elite level. Analysts say direct you to text to him the better you today attacks like five countries are 50 let's spread the slightly to. V the rest of the hall fans because you're discussing basketball hall of fame. A with Robert Marie is a potential guy who should be in which I disagree with sorted to that next here on sports on them and. My favorite show. So we're talking about he'll be hall of fame induction tax funds but are you today attacks on 55305. Someone's trying to until news anchor Robin to those closer of all time. The good thing about being in the conversation is that your both right. You know for the most part no I mean yeah no army you can and if you're if somebody's in the greatest of all time conversation that means that your. You're probably right there's a chance you could be right I think I'm with you I think it's Mario. That's just me and however if rich if you say Trevor Hoffman I couldn't be like no you're completely wrong I have to be like. Okay what proxy that. Both had really dominant positions it's it's a matter of fresh Angel was great. But I think. I don't know I don't know I consider his change of the festival time Reza consider Mariano Rivera's cutter the best putter. So that's a little bit of a hole and on their two. So I wanna stray away from baseball for a second here policy and wise and our shot also brought this up. Well at all issue kind of rehash the argument again before we we get into it. But you're you're talking about specifically Robert Horry in the pro basketball hall of sir. Horry having won was at says X titles 777. Titles. Being. Much more complementary player in the name any top player. Well you were saying you're making the argument I think they use they Robert Horry should be in the hall for him right. It's hard for me to say that he. That he shouldn't. Be. But. And and you're you're absolutely right menace not all of really good is not the hall of great. But there are great teams to go and hall of fame as well if for being honest Christian later is a hall of Famer. You know Christian leader is all they were with the with the dream team would he ever get in on his own merit and in the NBA no college hall of fame I think he's already in there but it. You know so yeah you know but it's it's kind of one of those things he was on a part of a great team. That was able to get into the hall of fame and see me now that's that's where I have older problem is tired just kind of your stretching it a little bit tech noticed there was this great team. Cricket Christian Slater was a part of such he should be in the pro basketball hall of army was on the roster so yeah he should be there however why arm. Scooters on the roster is on the team Brody practice what and he you know he shouldn't hall of Famer you don't. Eagle on the team I mean hey man I know the dream team was amazing and great but that doesn't make every player who was on the dream team hall of fame no but the team as itself you know went in there and so. Holes all the teams so hello I get a medal to. And I get a hold favoring too so that's the way it works and it was Swedish and we already have and how big the dream team was so good confirmed that it may Christian believer look weak. You know I mean McChrystal later was. Easily the best college player we've seen for four years and anyone at the dream team and we forgot he was on the team like oh he is Christian but he is on the squad has. So he got in that way so much and every player that gets into the hall of fame. It's pretty rare couple dudes in their gonna like. I don't know if he would have got in Arnold he would got him. Robert Horry is due. Who for three different franchises played. A key role as far as man. Put the nail in the coffin he's the proverbial. Nail in the coffin for lots of different teams like he did with the rockets against the war against the the knicks man nailed the coffin. Final shot that'll be the way we in the U the lakers to achieve that take advantage of them. I mean to be railway and this is this is gonna make a lot of people mad man Chicago. Won 565 games without Jordan that same year. And but I don't know if they need to cool cool the bulls would have been able to guard illogical. No one. Yeah nominee that rockets were released the good defense team at that point I had tons of Gomes they would throw at you Vernon Maxwell and you think you toward Robert Horry out of these Sampras though still. Man I think the rockets that's the one team that I think give the bulls fit because they have no answer for allies or. You don't like what average on Shaq during the finals it was like 28 into it anyway that's a different. Robert hours to do that man one brings everywhere is why I think there should be a section. For certain guys are guys like Dennis Johnson into the hall of fame finished Johnson was a very good player. But Dennis Johnson have to play on hell of a squad. Granted he got a T got a championship before he came to Boston but Robert Horry got two of them before he came. To the lakers to and he was actually that was his best basketball his rookie year through his fourth year where he played with the rockets and he got those two race. Listen dude that was average and about eleven points in between cared so and that's playing with arguably the greatest that are both arm and keyboards so. I think there should be sections for people on the hall of fame if they are guys from. That are cameramen. And commentators. And water boys that in the getting in the hall of fame. Now why can't the mine that actually contribute to play a key part to it a championship team because. I get like yourself think you should be I think it as a museum so let's. Honor of certain people with varieties museum and don't give robust give him a little picture but totally booked some captions underneath to me if you see. Are doing now you start and I really don't like even the NFL or less the pro football across all of them actually be really don't get it right very often. In terms of like the amount of players villain in a really do like the Baseball Hall of Fame selection process the best because it really does limit who gets into the hall fame except for when they get a guy like Marines and on his tenth here because they feel bad debts that stupid. But. If you start to open that can of worms the pandora's box if you will. Then all the so there's so many of those types of players. Who have had a big impact some finals teams who have had good careers in different ways. Well look at Robert Horry so seriously liquor Robert Horry. He averaged seven points a game in his career. Seven. He averaged two assists. One steal three rebounds. And no 17 finals and it was a clutch three point shooter. His three point percentage a by the way only 34% not as good as as you offend again there's something to be said for some for a clutch gene for somebody that during the biggest moments. Man they make that pass that they wouldn't be able to make they make that shot that they shoot 30% are. Robert Horry was he was a seven point shooter in the playoffs in terms of per game in a 35% report and you know we remember we remember the game winners. So all that being said to win the game was on the line and Robert Horry got the ball. It was. It was going and it was basically they call a big shock proper reason right now the third quarter rob. Not second quarter of them Pixar Roberts mean the last shot of the game I love Robert Horry a loved it. I love big shot probably was at a clutch guy and a lot of finals teams but a seven point guide doesn't belong in the hall of fame he's done. Even if it's a separate wing. Even if it's like him account that this guy was amused. The best opening two at the thought hall of Famer if not a hall of Famer I've hall I don't know where I can I don't understand one dude if you're you know. So mighty that ended three for one team one time OK JJ Barea probably not you know he had one good series one time. But this is a dude that played with. Five different subway. Sarah have been different hall of famers sick for seven different hall of famers on three different teams for three in three different occasions and did the exact same thing everywhere he went. Who the hall of famers or mentioned so not Kobe Shaq Kobe Shaq Elijah want a key a a Tim Dunn Tim Duncan Ginobili Parker. And each time. Found a way to be the key person at the end of the day and every scenario that he was it. Found a way to be mr. clutch big shot rob at the end of the game who else throughout their career you can look at. Met Steve Kirk might be the only other person can say man I played. With five hall of famers and still was able to make my mark in to leave for two different journeys abroad he could coach do you think it. I I like him in the shooters a mobile and it's fun it it it. I think you have right here I think you're right name I'm. Times out of a hundred bank say this is one thing where it every once a while the stats don't tell the whole story and we all know that and and when you're talking about the hall of fame. If you're talking about a guy in Robert Horry who. I mean it it at some point he's gonna become a form of mythology the fact they got all those rings thing made all the shots. And yet when you look at his stats they're not impressive but. To those teams win titles without Robert Horry probably not at least not all of those titles though. My I think they might go. I mean I'm looking at that they did because you're talking about some of the best players of all time best true but the lakers needed Robert Horry to make that shot against Sacramento. You know by the rockets needed him to make that shot. Against the knicks like they Dave needed Robert Horry in certain instances in which there are times I saw Robert Horry get recordings or shoot three and he pump faked. And just into the game and he goes up and dumps all over Ben Wallace's face to take the lead for the rockets and our effort go for the spurs and then. The next play hit the reporter that iced the game for Mike. That's the Robert Horry went and at I think he was thirty something 38 when he did that dark and everybody was like man he's dumped on the defensive player of the year. To take the lead in the ice the game mayor Robert Horry. Is that duke has been that guy and again the stats don't tell the story for production does like wherever you go. It's the you're the same story here yeah same dude everywhere elect who else what other NBA players who say I can go to every single team and blame just like that because it's the role I played and you can depend on. I can't think of it. Look I am I am shocked because you guys are here in las forum Lou buried today techs like 25 after a five. A passion of Robert Horry problem guys are forgot for a guy who who is not that impressive little player overall minus the clutch shots. Problem for love and god Robert Horry much like cool it's our again it's one as you had twelve CNET like it was like didn't see it though I must say I don't know I. And just a just to watch like what he was able to do quiet the whole enquirer okay oh here's the ball. Came over three points. Not a big deal in and say like and just the fact that you do it's not a flash in a pain like this wasn't a one time game. You did this for three different championship runs and that's addressing yet that that's the amazing part and again this. Do you not take this is if I'm trying to talk. Not only about Robert or what but I don't think some people do they're saying how can you say this right. To meet in this is my opinion. Every hall of fame needs to be incredibly strict about who villain in that is my opinion. So that does not include players like Robert Horry it doesn't look that he won seven championships I look that he was clutch. But that's not a hall of fame worthy player in my mind. People are saying when you make one excuse for guy won seven championships even though I didn't have the best numbers in and best career otherwise no. Because I wouldn't do that in any sport it's different for some it that's just my that's how I totally understand if it was somebody who then didn't have the resume and somebody who just. You know he was on the team and got to rank and there's certainly used as rode coattails to certain rings and I get that and it's eat cake it's. It's pretty easy to say that man. The lakers don't have three in a row if may he doesn't make. A couple shots in between my all again against the the blazers he had a couple you know game winners ago because the blazers in the playoffs so. Yes man that's just kind of who he is and what he's done so. I can't fault a guy for being asked to play as roll like you asked the player role as a role player came in and did that and was. Successful with so. If he cannot think if you asked them to little more weapon Robert Horry can score thirteen fourteen Lee should not be score thirteen or fourteen are we saying that are re filling the little bit differently about this wolves sudden. Yeah because he was a good player like. There's tons of do's and in the hall of fame and averaged 1516. Bit. When it comes down to it it in my opinion this is why it's at 99%. And by the time it. You know stats tell most of stories whether he should in the hall fame the fact is is when you talk about the history of the MBA who. This is one of those role players. That you cannot really talk about the history the MM BA and leave out and for that. He's such a big part of the history that he should be in the hall of fame he's just done so much for so many teams and it was the same story every single voice how. So basically all the famous just for super. In my superstars in the whole thing in my opinion why do kickers and punters getting in this and NFL's. I don't know I mean you know Obama I'm telling you I I don't like the the pro football profile spot I'm telling you. I I am very particular about this is one of those things for me right I want. Just the best of the best to be honored him unless I'm saying like superstars have to be at the bears role players have to go and do their part coaches have to Goran do their part. So by going there and do exactly what I'm asked to do at every place that I've worked. Yeah like that's kind of like if it does for contract of lived up to a contract should be able to get whatever incentive is there from right. And senate should be politics never got a break coming up next I think you from the text that even though you'll discouraged me that's fine the pattern here today text and file 305. Are coming next headed to love it the first justice which. Weekends where many offers sports. This is sports Sunday at Mike and Chris Judd cautioning people out there. 1035. Back Curome sports Sunday. Mike Lynch here. This is not shots you're talking this is Mike Lynch. Actually when she stepped out ago talked to him. The scholar and the stuff the only Rick got some new stuff to learn of technology known. Rick is brick is that they're the cool homey that you can do with the with the arm tattoos that just instantly bring girls talk to. Like I like him you know he's he's a lot of four. He makes he makes it really easy to see a dynamite thank you appreciate it learning technology from my engineer Rick antidote and associated Le. Who won last week you last week right. And it yet I'm sorry I had to start again. Monday Rolen started pretty the second and suggest you go ahead Meltzer I think well let's let's out of I thought we originally Chinese and news and some rules do you you can what he let me go it's. First circuit I never I never do is doing first so I'll go first yeah Hussein ruled the winner or winners here when Christians aren't. We're just. Change the rules don't apply air if we do expect to bottle shock resistant. Yeah no I'm pretty sure this was a world we just might win away from it or something and out now. Act so Mike you're going second and it's just been OK we're just gonna jump into this this is Charles MacDonald SB nation who is on. The morning roast right before. Our show up about an hour before we actually offer broadcast. The only two teams I think have no shot a really make the welshman achieved. The deals like the giants in the cardinals and really everyone else and they could care game. That was kind of a bold statement. I only to have no shot no shot are the giants and cardinals lever date. How Charles. Make McDonald is right about the NFC's giants and cardinals being the only team not having a shot at the last. She's. Way. Oh my gosh. Let's say mile Tennessee. I hate it. Just because I think there's still some teams NFC. That aren't. Very good and haven't really proven. To be very good teams like the players were still trying to figure out exactly. Who they are and what exactly they're going to be. I think there's other teams like. The lions you know we're not still not sure what's gonna happen with them Tampa Bay's not to have a quarterback for three games how's that gonna work out for them. You're not the affairs of other teams there that Washington how they perform without not have a goal would have an Alex. Alex Smith. As they're triggerman now especially without all the offensive weapons that he kind of had when he was in Kansas City. So I think it's a stretch to say that Arizona wouldn't be here I think Arizona's always kind of had an okay. Is defense I don't know if that's still the case but offensively I still think they're gonna be good to get the running back back this year. They're still gonna have mr. reliable Larry FitzGerald on the field for them they always are able to find some ancillary guide to kind of be that second receiver for them. So I think Arizona's going to be one of those teams that they're going to compete for the NFC. West I think that's going to be the 49ers or the rams to lose I think there's definitely at least four of the teams that would be considered. Worse than either one of those. Oh yeah I hate this too this is such B. To me it's it's almost like he's trying to go hot take he. On this by only naming two teams. Because I do agree it's for shock I think the bears are still years away from from getting into contention I wanna see which risk you can do. And a full season before it really comment on how good he's going to be as a quarterback. And it like a drop figuratively when it happened either. You tell me the lions are gonna make the playoffs the Seahawks can be better on them I'm confused by the lions this year and I it's a new head coach Matt Patricia. They haven't they've been okay we're not great the last two years. Other giants obviously I do agree with the Redskins without Smith and nobody else the Redskins have a really bad and right now. The cardinals I don't think have a chance of making the playoffs and the Buccaneers with Optimus Swenson for the being in the season. There I'll make in the playoffs especially with the falcons and move Panthers in the saints on that same division. There's no way that I team makes the playoffs so. I know this is a terrible page to me the NFC has a lot of good teams. But it really only hassle a couple of release top teams and maybe like three or four bomb. In those teams to me are are the ones you gotta be focusing on. Steals of course vikings of course the rams are we talked about in the probably the saints and maybe like half of the falcons of Julio Jones says the plane care. So that's that's what I would say in terms of that's also a. Heat for this pretty hardcore RA. One thing I'm surprising to hear from you guys is. I don't know if the cardinals or even the worst team in their own division I don't think so so afraid of I think the Seahawks are going to be the worst in there. And I think. And this is why also those kind of hot take the giants on for some people are kind of trendy team for a bounce back team because. You know Eli might have a bounce back here now O'Dell that government. And seeing grandma tried and in they got say climb Barkley he's gonna be this the savior. Have you seen no doubt Beckham's work out about oh we all know O'Dell Beckham's a freak I don't think anybody disputes that they had one Barkley for all the houses killing so I don't even if it's kind of funny they he says that considering a lot of teams have them is like a bounce back. You know fringe playoff type team depending on you know there'd who sent this proves that though is that was. Charles MacDonald in this nation make sure don't listen to him her heart attack at app after app. Let's move on let's let's move to Houston. We're gonna stick with the and I felt the pain in Houston Texans and Phil Bryant are going to be having. A little bit different roster this year hopefully if it stays healthy they had some impressive names coming back and JJ watt and come to Shawn Watson loves or hates. O'Brien in the Houston Texans have ten. Plus wins this season so ten being that if they can reach ten they might have more. Love. I think that the Texans are going to be one of the best teams in the AFC. Coming up this year the Texans were on a roll last year. They finally found their quarterback which that could've just been a lot of you know teams not having any film on the quarterback just yet to see exactly what you can do. But Shawn Watson is a winner that's the one thing we absolutely know about skating even dating back to a time when some. Now you put John for Hopkins around him who for a long time are considered one of the top three or four receivers league well Fuller had a coming out party last year. As far showing exactly everybody how good he was the then you bring back JJ watt. And hopefully you've got a healthy JJ watt and that's that's ready to go. You pair him with some of the ago some of the people they got on defense and and shall Heath and some other people like they have an opportunity. To be incredibly good on the defensive and special teams they're also pretty good I think Houston is one of the few complete teams in the AFC. The patriots might be the most complete but even still right now they have some holes I think this might be the most complete team all the. I love it as well ended I think it's very easy to forget just how special to Shawn Watson was at the beginning of last season because he got hurt. So early in the season. And they're they're finished with a four and call records you'll like I wasn't fat kid. Yes he was to Shawn Watson was higher fuel as the truth by remote you you lose. Absolutely incredibly he won them so many years by himself you write about Jennifer Hopkins he's perennially underrated. He's one of the best receivers in the game they've got a good running back situation with Lamar Miller and Dionte Foreman coming back from injury. And he might even pass flora Millar one point to be the starter there in Houston. That I think they're going to be a ten win team if you look at their schedule. A lot of easy games on there remember there in the AFC south they're going to play in the polls twice a year at the titans twice year which might be a couple of wins for them. There also claiming AFC east which we've been playing the jets in the bills in the dolphin so those are some wins. Other plane the browns this year. They're playing the giants this year that's eight wins I see right there so give me two more against some tougher teams there's some awfully special. Absolutely can to the winning ten games. Nice he doesn't full hunting accident is great. We're gonna move on this is a hot take that we got from Joseph Thomas about Tyrod. Taylor. What really high expectations. The rounds I think they can win at least eight games this year I think they've got a great opportunity to try to go to the playoffs I think. Tyrod Taylor is gonna go right from Cleveland to the hall of fame by taking. The Buffalo Bills for the playoffs for the first time and what 1920 years and then do the same thing for the Cleveland Browns and ActiveX is so. I look Tyrod I think you can do great things he's looked great all spring. And I think he'll live rounds to play. Now I don't think any Amos being that Tyrod Taylor is going to be a hall of Famer especially Michael lynch after his criteria you must be an absolute superstar. But he didn't have kind of a statement I think you. Has the ability to an eight Wednesday in disability in a playoffs not willing given playoffs this year but playoffs next July hate. Taylor we'll play well enough to hold off baker fear mayfield not just this season but next season as well loved. Baker mayfield is third on the depth chart right now for the browns so he still has to beat out Drew Stanton if he wants to be the starter. And Cleveland but I'm looking at that the browns schedule. It looks like eight might be the magic number they were to win any games eight is about that dad that would be the cat. They start their season off at Pittsburgh that's a loss they start the second game. Is at New Orleans that's a loss then they'll play the jets was they'll probably win then they're at Oakland which will be a loss so that's three. And one earned one in three to kind of start their season from there they'll be playing. Catch remember from from that point probably shelf and do some quarterbacks and pitchers that next this guy so. I think if they do win they think get close eye sockets even if they win games I've saved a win six anything more than six would be of a huge improvement everybody keep their jobs in Cleveland. But to be real that he's been going on the road to beat Pittsburgh going on the road to be Tampa Bay. Going on the road to be the Texans. I just said Texans probably the most complete team in the AFC not named patriot. So outs although seeing double think it really bodes well for them when they. I do see them being much more competitive. Than they have been but eight wins a lot of wins for any team especially when the didn't McCain question. I'm gonna say heat for this because you stretched it to two seasons. And while we wait what. He said not just this year next year Tyrod Taylor are also start over make me feel. And the the thing of well. The NFL and a thing about the browns in particular is they get. Really trigger happy with the rookie quarterbacks and bring him in way too early wave before they're ready a look at what happened last year is just not into it doesn't work for them. A bigger mayfield the number one overall pick. You can't tell me. That the browns up top so our higher ups the tops the browns Cairo's arrests are pushing for baker may feel even a time until I was playing well. Because they go our fans and as your number one pick we used an airborne pick on this guy I think tyra tellers a lot better and allowed to vote him credit for I think he was good to bills. But I think the browns are gonna get in their own way like they always do here. And baker mayfield in too early because I do think big tomato taken a number one was way too high for him a guy who. Is still raw even though he was there for a bunch years I think he needs to kind of figure out how the NFL works in that style of play before becoming a starter I think Tyrod Taylor needs to be the starter for a year maybe more. But the browns there's nowhere there to let that happen but I do agree would you Thomas their team is much better this year. What do you have them as a roster they're not oh and sixteen teams I think eight wins and implement a little bit high but I could certainly see them getting up to six or something like fat. I'll put a Philip baker may feel given to were labeled a nervous about that so. While our revenues currently there literally had time to market timing bloom. And our winner. Today. Mike Lynch cool. Two point when there two point victory I like a second and hope he gives me a chance solid really formulate my thoughts. I miss the benefited if you lose you get to choose what where were the department. Could that here's what happened your first question was shot went. Oh god I was not prepared to I questioned and then you lose twice seconds left immediately answer there but wait what happened. If you think. I'm article so almost Lessig in the mets' next here on sports on infant. Weekend sports with a different. Sports Sunday we're migration and 1080. Bruce. I've had conversations I was in no time at all fair Bertans. These are uncomfortable still shocking. I'm. I'm having trouble recovering thanks for space rescind a right before it turned Micah much pollution problem time. We have a lot of time. But I do know we do have to bring this up and I forgot about it so apologies for opening at the end of the show. But the CJ McCollum Kevin Durant thing they'll. Hopeful we'll pool. Shots fired I knew I know we need more time to listen maybe next week we'll have all the more time to display it. Flying. Why. And Kevin Durant why. Like. Through rehab two more sensitive players. Speaking with each other passive aggressively on Twitter right now. They're both really sensitive clearly Kevin Durant news suits suits since governor Ramos president ever. There is at a clip of him. After this happened the next day of practice or something that is to use their hearts set on number and ask him about it neat they're like are you mad about this news. Recent CJ who first ball you know they're talking. Second bullet goes meantime. What what why not why moment why is why is she Jim at all. You know it's banana peels well in the response that these cities you tell you why did you meet it's been it's like dude. Sure exclusive right now. People hoard them who gets super defensive about something or the most guilty about that thing. Always is almost always the truth he really defensive so you are mad about it Kevin Durant. You more passive aggressive about it always Kevin Durant. Carry. Can you stop this nonsense so javy actually we don't know who is all seriousness. The Yankees is required to 83 perhaps. Is that moment. I didn't see that. Well ultimately Fortis checked but don't superstar connect wow that's also good for him. Yeah Cheney is one of those guys man he's just. He knows I think he knows his legacy is now. I think he knows how a lot of people are born to view him like this the second time in a row he's been finals MVP and everybody's kind of rolled her eyes Netflix. Debra you should have been finals MVP by combating them there talk about Kevin Durant if you don't win. The championship for finals MVP I think he's at that point now to where he understands that nobody's ever going to respect these championships although honored them. You know that's not a problem you know you win the championship they won but for the most part we start talking about bringing this conversation here. Kevin Durant is as some might who unfortunately. Won't be there that's unfortunate but he's kind of did it to himself. The whole thing with the UCJ Kidd wanting KB does like is to be called sensitive because and he is really sensitive about all of them. What DC was CC with a snake did business arrangement is at stake why because seated at the exact same thing to you that he said to you on Parker us. Like man I didn't think it was thought it was so often I thought it was weekly who does that. You went to the one team that didn't EG he's CJ didn't do anything with say what everybody else has been saying for the past two years. You want to one team they do it needs and what he did like to stay here another NBA players say the funniest part to me was to your kid Katie say. You know when the championship jar when you talk about Portland CJ Lawrence. Anything's possible you know trying to trying hard not to say yeah you're right you know we know it's cool that's what he want to say but he's getting what Walt. Anything can happen Acadia you're not gonna when he chipped it at all KB you won a championship did you want to would seem that hard competed for a championship don't act like that that's. That's exactly it to act so high and mighty like oh yes like now. It's what I'm I'm a big runner and I had no problem with Katie joining the war is ending and it was. Awesome. But the same time when you come up to a guy as likable you know we have a shot line. You you were literally. Injury away from probably not making it to the finals and don't act like you're this on touch a bull team. It is it probable no is an impossible. To know. And in the only thing that made it super possible for him to get his back to back brings is because he did leaving go to a a different team and mabus to play with the two greatest shooters to reclaim. Hello afterward where probability now impossible you can't see that it is I laughed about it when I saw him and got such big blows. Put a basketball players are by far. Way the most sensitive you know they are bad message kind of what it is man that's has always been the case in Kevin Durant as the king of sensor doesn't Iran is known is that what titles. I I was one of the few people who said I don't care like amateur and went to the warriors like I'd you do you write you make yourself happy whatever it is might not be quite as competitive. But. Pay and that's that's a few. So I kind of supported him in that sense but it. And I can't because his super sensing you're softly Sartre sauces what is his soft all right I scheduled for us this thing thanks much for listening. Let's truck tire pod cast a real fine and at the end of the show thank you protection the better you today attacks on the filed by author of five as load a lot of tech's pressure in the hall fame segment so. Appreciate that even many dazzled the supreme fit for the most part. Next week we'll be back we'll do some more NFL stuff is inserted into some of the previewed tie this. I'm 11 every single Sunday morning cashes them illiteracy or some everybody. I. This superb. And.