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Sports Sunday
Sunday, July 29th

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A middle. Yellen web sports desk as. Going 1080. First on nothing banned animal training camp has started injuries have already begun to come out starting in Pittsburgh we have guards. Ramon Foster who straining his MCL but no air and has a bone bruise according to ESPN journey Fowler Foster expected to miss four to five weeks just in time to give them. Exciting year bad about a week to permit for the season opener against the Cleveland Browns meanwhile and Spartanburg, South Carolina the Panthers have lost starting right tackle Darrell Williams and definitely to a dislocated patella and a torrent MCA now after the birth had a practice of the season although the Panthers. Has stated they are not ruling Williams out for the season that they have not released an expected timetable. Wore his return meanwhile. In New York Jets sophomore running back Alija McGwire fractured his foot in his expected to encode their dream this week and a corresponding move they just have already. Had veteran backs Alfred Morris and Orleans are blocking for workouts McGwire is expected to be a candidate for short term high are the Portland Timbers. Found their way back to the winner's circle yesterday after profits are defeating Houston Dynamo students who won the pilots are. Timber struck quickly with a goal from Sebastien long ago in the seventh minute and got the game winner from them when they know. I need and what will be his last match as a timber. Portland has completed a transfer of potty according to Oregon lines Jamie Goldberg whether hobby is being treated to another MLS team or transferred to a club outside the US has yet to be released twice and girls striker was a key member. But it 2015. MLS cup team. Embers were sports scores and stories in thirty minutes enthusiasm from the analyst horse does DL about a family values driven. It's back golfer in the northwest where it's wide and narrow boost and Saturday's today before the center in the same time ten maybe most. We can sports where the difference. Before you go underground incident in the we'll start a look at the weekend in sports which he inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch leaves them room better. Your dad is a car. Yeah it's so weak car Henry shot Taylor we do still got gaps admitting sunk. Chalk up part. Walk out on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 friend. I had a little wild today minds don't work release. I got through that will be the only time. We'll we'll figured out of sports Sunday were here nine to 11 AM we're all tired this morning were all flying by the seat of our fans that's OK okay. An alarm either isn't what we're doing house wolf. They niceties aside has been were short. Arm tires configured our but it seems it will last night so that's why I'm Tucker and Jesse's tired for probably the same reason. And yes a world tired so I feel a little interest in show. But Tokyo lot of stuff coming up for you on sports Sunday. From nine to 11 AM we will be talking so baseball and it's not going to be the kind of baseball that you expect I'm gonna allow. Sadly were shot to rip my favorite sport apart. Peca is he is very passionate about policy aims. And as I just found out I denominator that passion that comparison about a lot of things went MM. Also we have bad baseball audio that I am also going to be angry about because while it's embarrassing to me. And he said things were members soul will play like coming up on the show also we you want to. I get into some NFL today because we are coming into the pre season. And as we normally do we tend to preview division reasons not before the season we're not gonna start at just yet there's still some time but we do want to talk about. Your. Seattle Seahawks. The team that. No longer. He's going to be at the top of the NFC west the team that. Might be the worst. It's. Is that safe to say I think that's accurate and it's unfortunate if you're you are cardinals could be worse. Mean will won't will get into that but yeah I'm might be with you and I think they might be. I think they might have the best quarterback in the division however they do everything else. In an annual or Rob Lowe also lost a game and he's awesome and I had to import zero or drop was got to go to a Super Bowl. To you know before Russell Wilson. Not a fan of the you know he's he's a guy like Russell Wilson but he has not been as of last year's because the team around and so I mean comments at an all that says he led the league and pitched past. Like Russell Wilson has morphed into. How little quarterback and I mean once he gets some help knows he lost a lot of TVs though in the Garrett Graham. That he Graham was actually really effective for them in the reds on the last two seasons and so now. I I wonder what you're doing in the reds I mean literally supposed to just survive on Doug Baldwin. I it's there used to run him in just Russell Wilson running the entire told they have a shot pain up everybody's like oh they're going to be fine ever showed penny okay see you got a running back who's good but. Like I'm so worried that the CLC Sox. So we'll talk about Beckham and bisexual get into this just a little bit and but did when I do a star at bat. Damon mention I didn't even gorillas are a star that is there Jim bigger a couple of video porn star we have not talked about this on the show yet. This is on the Internet up and it's a busy as he was caught caught on TMZ in public dating a porn star with. The biggest fake boobs of all time. Bolt ons if you will. And are shown enough in the of her crime scene which was porn stars Carolyn this recession will rename was having come. It's something media. Camera her freshman I have not. What this appeal personally to both the easier research. Their little cheesy video of of them out restaurant together and she just puller shirt up because it is so so obviously about the fallout. And then that she is to Graham to a page that said. You know what kind of night it is when she moves describes you from the wrist to the hair in the U collective tongue emerging. Now is like on Jimmy I'll pull up okay all right Jamie. It's amazing how much of a Tizzy you and I got over this in people were like how can Jimmy Ron bloom. I'll beat you porn star or you like listen let's not exactly these. Any do saying that any persons and that there is. A little bit of jealousy there because I guarantee you any bears some porn stars that are. Ma. Men are there others that look like here view which is the one that you grow exit and I just looked Europe. Los Angeles area such time that made me laugh she's on track to tough out. But there's so much better for him imports are him I'm. He needs to excuses spread is less implies you want to do it porous most dues are turning down an opportunity to be reports which one. Change he's a different stratosphere. He is at Washington Johansson Jimmy Europe and I think we we assume that we know Jimmy Jean. All kind of duty is we don't know how he might mask and he gets there. He might like cigarettes and force ours let him live let him live as it is what you're doing and let him live listen. These dudes are getting women. Thrown at them and then thrown at them. Every single day of their rich lives Jimmy rob Lowe's quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. And probably will be for a little bit. This is just the first porn star we've heard about. We don't know exactly how many. Possible strippers or whatever he's messed with so and this is why we knew where no other grown men always are and underwent either like let him do them. And lest he was in your prayer group or. He was he was preaching your sermons urged on something or Sundays then. Let him do them. Oh I'm the opposite way look if you can data pars aren't you want to go for a man. Like he probably had one of the best nights of his life that night you know I mean she's a professional. This is what you would assume she would be quite talented in the bedroom department. So Greg who cares workers series dating right if that's what I that was my whole take on as I was just setting up the argument that it was ripping him murder for this. But I just thought it was so funny and it was like. I should at least she's teaching and I'm sure my quarterback to do that and I'm sure a lot of these why they get with these athletes are. Porn stars inch inch strippers and you know kind of all escorts you know whatever the case is on a pretty sure there's some of those. How clear but him is also want to businesswomen in there are a bunch of teachers well other stuff to kind of one wanna beat them too so. There's there's two point says there's one adds if that's who you wanna take on the mom and then cool that you know power to via. Don't you took home Manhattan on to say entity to you know I'd say I know that there you go and and at I mean. And it just. Are there is one thing that they coward said that I agree with things just like just. It she's a person you get take you know take a fork in it you don't need to take her out. I don't I don't you know what that you get you have yet to take out you just bring our he would take out and take her home you don't bring your you don't take her out restaurant and you skip the restaurant and that was that is or. After that so the one you take her out. For take out. I think our. And two so I used to married women seem a hilarious writer and all I look at it and that's what the I mean deporting there's a guarantee don't care fees dating marriage just like don't take brought the public we don't need this. At the same time if this is going on during the NBA finals this is in a big deal so late. This is that. This would be the the thing that brings the NFL down is where your quarterbacks dating before our lives and didn't feel right you know there's nothing go home that it's a big deal again is mountains or on it you know and go estimate. In a big if this were gronkowski. World. Of course but because this buttoned up quarterback we're supposed to act like he's not not a dude it's more so because he's a quarterback that's exactly what also. You said. We don't know Jim bigger blow we don't know what he's at his interests are we don't know what he likes to do on the outside because he's good he's young and he's new right he's he was a backup in New England. Mile story around him was that he was trying to still Brady's job. And then he led the niners to file with a five straight wins at the end of the season and I was there's really good points and now he's becoming an OnStar yet but he's becoming more must mark. And all the sudden his analyst Vivian in the news and that's cool that's. I'm an and if this is who knows and who knows maybe this is is or maybe he really likes or maybe they have a past history and he can see past what she does like we don't. Know their situation so this is kind of weird that we care. So much you liked about once a Wii and royalties and every one bullet on impairment and then do your thing I think a lot of people. Don't view people who were like porn stars or for pursue whatever as actual people. They viewed him as like untouchable objects. That you should never electoral stuff and it's like well they're also people. So they're just regular people that's their job and maybe that makes them a little bit different or it may be reared in your mind or whatever but they're still human being bullied so she came. Get her a dove to Korea isn't pork like Pomona how excited she must be that's I would Jimmy Barack although you know how excited problem must have been go out her days. Ago. Mexico I just thought it was funny that I became a huge story I mean just extra there's nothing going Ellis and it was by the cubic but. Most any forms our house in your view right now and you're definitely responding. With a bunch of kids faces and some. And played a motivated smoked in the mountains I overs serious. Just whispered are accidents that's Beckham an excellent stability and Othello and talk about the Seattle Seahawks America. Much lowered expectations. Douglas and really interest in the dirt and spread a mirror up at training camp this year on Friday. But I want play as well coming up so that'll be next and we'll dive into some of our baseball topics hall of fame and stupid announcers so that's all coming up on the show Texas and the better you today Texas firefighter five assist anything. There's a lot to look at the door again. Is the perfect getaway for a weekend summer break or you just because. Central Oregon is magical this event here. New web site visit then dot com gives you everything you need to be playing your next big adventure and create your love list of what you like to do it today and share with your friends and I'll give you one better with the lovely sweepstakes and we're talking two nights of accommodations at the DoubleTree in downtown bands did a paddle boarding recycling is unique bad food and copy like Tim Garland is Jacqueline grill. Ten below. Backwards copy and wanted to a lot of the love the sweepstakes is the quintessential bad experience and one lucky winner will be on their way. To venture and verbal contact details go to 1080 the fan dot com slash visit bend the love list. Sweepstakes high desert fun is just a few clicks away and we wanna send you to experience all of that Ben has to offer the it's American tickets are. What part of Seattle's very long. Thanks. It's dot com. Win free golf free year at battled boring Sunday August at the Mountain View golf course is hosting the battle and boring golf tournament just ninety dollars covers your greens fees a practice round the week at the event prizes for net gross score KP long drive and a hole little one on the second most interesting hole and organ maladies par 312 you'll wind free golf for a year register by Thursday August 2 for details and sign up for the battle on boring go to empty view golf club dot com. I. Weekend sports with a different. This is sports Sunday when Mike in her shop talk 1080 read. I'm interior Sunday morning sports summit with U micro shut Jesse until 11 AM buried today it's excellent is 55305. It. About the dive into you so much sea hawk. Talk. But I want to get to some texts real quick. Back she might have a great personality too she might. I mean she isn't she's human being like I said win win exactly. This one so I don't care who any athlete has consensual over did you eat insects that an -- rose like tunes there's Ohio wage laws but let's make it. Nothing in Vegas and sixteen it's definitely fixed them it's weird it's super notes. One hour. But yes if you tax the better you today text on a 55305. I wanted to start with this. This was from Friday entered spring Europe act. The Seahawks training camp. Mr. Abdullah Doug Baldwin and this includes sprigs questions I want issues are too much but listen to the honesty. Doug Baldwin. In the sensor. When you think about going into this season you guys are an interesting mix of veterans Willie a lot of young guys to also. Do you have to. How is the patience for a player like yourself that one is who opened the Super Bowl if the season doesn't go I want. Mardy are mum because blue house I've already prepped myself that you know. At the end of the day on the powerful competitive so what you gonna give me on the field is what you gonna get from me on the field I'm not gonna change. But I also know that not everybody's like me. And a lot of young guys who really just trying to find their footing in the NFL and I can't be mad at that because I was once like that in the same time so. To have high expectations I do because this isn't natural. Right but also understand the reality of the situation is that we don't have as many Al food apex competitors that we once did. And so feel it and we give to those those situations. Sometimes we're gonna loose change from our understand that but it news day when tonight on this football fields I expect to win. So yes it'll bother me tools it'll eat meat stuffed inside flip when I go home have prepared mentally get myself ready for the next day for the next game. I'll have that and that's my head in it give me the motivation to continue to push it was these guys out here in fight with them every day. About an honest answer while ballast him basically saying. Yeah IR I'm already prepared for a bad season and are going to be what exactly we just while I had her debt. I'm surprised that's not playing. More throughout the country because this is your best receiver coming out saying. Yeah this is going to be and I think are kind of cute that this is not going all the way. Most Seattle fans want to so. I'm ready for maybe you guys economists are prepping for temple football also has been honest. He's always been good interviewer Matt Simms for he's not just going to be mr. Russell Wilson took speaker Pete Carroll he eat he gives you a little bit more. Richard Sharon was kind of like that to you would always give you a little bit more. Which is very nice from our perspective in the media words like thank you for giving us some gonna work with a sort of disorder can answer. But. You're right the fact that the best receiver. On the team. Outsider Russell Wilson probably the biggest bet on the team especially if they dutrow Earl Thomas which he's been asking for. Is basically saying. I know. That this team is young and inexperienced and a lot of these guys might not be as competitive as I am and because of that. We might not win a lot of games this year. And I think its interest in about designing a lot of seahawk fans I have in the back of their head they could still come in second or even first division is you've got Russell Wilson. Because a very good coach. But bat right there is a sovereign. I don't think that's gonna happen. So. Good good on you doubled. I mean. What he's he's always taught us well again he's he's one of those players he's not really gonna mince words are gonna bite his tongue. Yes some say he's gonna say about our can always appreciate that. From the rest of the Seahawks storm. One of two things can happen either your feelings hurt because you're young and one of that's on the team just basic audio and says you were competitive and probably not ready for the big states. Or they're inspired by they come out and show you that they are supposed to be those guys remember. When the legion of boom was constructed like you know most goes to work. They were third fourth round picks sixth round picks like nobody knew. They were supposed to be as dominant as they were so who's to say these young guys can't be that I think we all think that they won't. But could light a fire and after hearing these words. I love hearing it because again the immediate you know you wanna have some work with you want to puke raw book the layers of BS just kind of get your answer but he. Comes out and our policy hawks fan are now pissed. Because you just basically told us that so regress so that's a teacher's desk that's essentially what you say that but are going to be good we should expect that. Don't most young fans kind of have that in the back of their head I don't know I just said that some pro I think they can win the division still in the back of their header deep down don't you think they know. We're gonna be a bad team this year. Probably but if you're one of those teams that did think that. May and we have chance to win the division we still got Russell Wilson and and you heard your basically your best offensive weapon outside of Russ Wilson has come out and say. Yes is going to be then. If you were not to be there this is there's also gronkowski coming outs and Yemen animal known. When usually make it to the Super Bowl this year some of these dudes are just not that views so I mean on the we're gonna make. Old I don't sit there going on work or not. That's okay. Yes we are going to be this good to have lower expectations and are lowered expectations as you said the break Lou Cannon salute today he should. I started thank you mentally urged a group. It it it apple will help you know I metal grower in the background at them with human we have seen before it happened that's true. A random metal grow close and an R&B singer in the same group I think network that could. So here's the Seahawks. Outlook for this year in my opinion so you've got of course Russell Wilson hostile bird quarterback. Offensive line it can stay healthy is okay that is resigning from him brown today or yesterday to an extension amount with a guy got maternity if you remember from me. Houston Texans. Good offensive tackle him late in the season last year they as Jesse mentioned the first segment they dropped the Kershaw a penny in San Diego State. In the first round last year but the weaknesses are apparent everywhere first of all you don't know pennies and begin his rookie. Second of all your receiving corps is. Questionable. Third of all you've lost the entirety of your secondary the legion of blue the major good. Some soda coupled your linebackers you know in WL rigorously Acadia right still so that's good. He sort offering Clark you know our word for him but he is a good pass rusher on the Seahawks. So the so good players in the team but there's holes everywhere. And I don't know enough about the young guys and some of the veterans they brought elective run and Brandon Marshall. Graham Marshall as amended for a couple years maybe he'll be good again but. It's been awhile since he's been he's been an effective reliever spent two years or hurt last year when he was the giant Goodyear for the jets. At a very. But an end with the batters he was kind of a consistent to meet he's been all over the place the last couple years so maybe he'll be good you know. But to me it's it's a lot of well there are transition and honestly if I was them as does not really any tanking in football and so there's a very different than being a sport the NBA. But I would very strongly consider. Focusing on your youth and seeing what you have to see which you can build are moving forward because. I just I don't see it opens with this team this year. I mean. I don't know I don't LTD this year has been the NFC west so competitive. Especially busy Jimmy G coming in and winning his last five games that we raised a lot of people's hopes in San Francisco. On. The rams have in the offseason that they probably they'll pick the best. Roster. I've seen in the past couple years they're spending money and I will I think literally this is the best roster of seasons that 2007 patriots. Like top to bottoms like promises. This could be a problem for the rest of the league now luckily most closed and only signed one year. I don't know how long actually. The state together effort up again Ndamukong Suh yet. Oh just just you know court you know randomly as well and got Peters to leave and a dollar conceal all added to that defense that was you out. But you really think. So that's that's that and then the cardinals. Everything we just Rosen as the money you know so far in training camp and he gave a Nazi Marilyn I'm Leo it was everything up on NFL network. This network. Sometimes of its news urging a scene from Arnold he's been vehement in their start overseas Sam Bradford. Probably they'll probably still are wrapper because they wanted to learn a little bit. And you have to graft that you peddled. I don't know Arizona this year inquiries. Really mediocre there it is Larry FitzGerald and a bunch of guys and that's and that's been the story of their receiving corps for. Years Larry FitzGerald and a bunch of guys yeah those other guys end up being okay can be good for years and opinion great freer but. We know that number eleven is gonna complain. He got to running back back. You got David Johnson you know backs oh that's going to be a big help. And luckily for David Jones wasn't knee pain it was an ankle was hit. Race errors and so you have to really in the whole bunch of its I think this is going to be really. Goodyear and because of that. Struggles. It's just. It's weird we haven't seen Seattle. Beam data while now. What's at stake is. Seattle fans kind of get used to being bad for a bit and then the Pete Carroll and John Schneider Paris started and it all turned around really quickly to. But the the problem the biggest worry I have moving forward for Seattle. Is. For the asked. Three or four years. They haven't really hit on a draft pick yes except for frank Clark. Again I don't wanna be happy about that out but except for Fred Clark Beverly have a draft pick their first pick for blaster they just waved he didn't play this map. Molly McDowell a defensive tackle so. That was why they were so good it is they drafted so exceptionally well they were able to be an elite team for cheap. Before all the guys need to get paid to me paid the legion of boom and out lower demand money for the rest of the team has only offense has struggled over the last year. They haven't drafted players who were good enough to keep this team afloat lately. And I don't know it was den dumb luck in the beginning. Or it's bad luck Mel or it's just. We we didn't think or thought John Sutter was better than he is in terms of players scouting and development. But. That's the worry to me is they haven't been drafting well. And that means that Whitney's player search leave liberal Thomason and law wrestle region a broom and some of the receivers eventually will start to go away. You don't have a lot of talent behind that to you to fill. And that's my big long term concern and also that in really. They didn't do was well. Old giving often tomorrow. They re signed. Dwayne brown you know that's you can go and Texans their leaders. A last season Brian did you Flickr but another anecdote that via bar and Lugar but. That that was the big concern was office or you can protect Russell's and he was running for his life. You can see that which is which is what makes Russell Wilson's season last year all the more impressive to me that he 34 touchdowns. And eleven picks behind you know alignment could hold water. So I think there's still some issues the Seahawks need to address defensively when they're going to be who would be. And office two lines or keep their quarterback honesty. You start with hall of fame or bad baseball audio. Let's let's let's start with the bad baseball but let me at least. Are so last night braves Dodgers. The Braves announcers. Decided to you were heard the one braves announcer decided to you. They got hot. And boy oh boy it was a double play that next and I get in some baseball talk here a sports summit but first Jesse as for senator. Transports. First all of it. The fair in the NFL training camp has started injuries have begun so pile up starting at Pittsburgh regards Ramon Foster who sprained his MCL but no it's fair and as a brown who's according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler Foster is expected to miss four or five weeks just in time to give him. Then nine you bet about a week to prepare for the season opener against the Cleveland Browns. Tonight meanwhile in Spartanburg, South Carolina Panthers have lost starting right tackle Darrell Williams and a vote to a dislocated patella and torn ACL after the first had a practice of the season although the Panthers have stated they are not ruling Williams out for the season they have not released an expected timetable for his return in Seattle. These Seahawks and left tackle Duane Brown agreed to a contract extensions that it would have tackled cashing in on a three years or he's. Half million dollar contract extension brown was acquired as a midseason trade from. In Texas last season as a four time pro bowlers and and his career. Pour the hawks the Portland Timbers found their way back to the winner's circle yesterday up from his heart beating Houston Dynamo to tilt one the pilot error tempers struck quickly. With the goal from Sebastian blob in the seventh minute and got the game winner from an end up. Heidi in what will be his last match from time as a Portland Denver. And he has been from. We did as a transfer according to organ lines Jamie Goldberg whether body is being traded to another MLS team. Four to a club outside the US has yet been released point seven Europe's breaker was a member of the 2015 MLS cup winning. Emirates course where scores and stories and thirty minutes of just the other from the any chance works best. Portland sports. Leaders the only way you can take 1080 the sandwich viewers the radio dot com downloaded today and listen to his anytime anywhere. Your time is precious and here at point has tire and auto we know you don't wanna spend your time worrying about your tires you wanna spend doing things like this. And this and this. That's like point just tired of autos your one stop shop for everything tyrant service related memorial changes that breaks alignments to wheels right now during our summer event save big on brands like Nokia and handbook Michelin and Goodyear. Get to the point that you can get back to this. 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Susan good to end the MLB today it's only hall of fame induction ceremony day and we'll talk about back coming up a little bit. By. They got me thinking about you know I'll I think about the stadium sometimes and I love baseball I I made die hard baseball fan I watch it all the time. I think most of the guys out there know that about me but you also know that were shot and Jesse particular don't particularly like baseball very much. A might be behind Islam is not particularly like baseball. In the last night and unlike baseball I just don't wanna watch it. Yup just I want on spend any time watching different area. I'm but I saw this yesterday. And this happened last night. This is. Joe Simpson. The Braves broadcast and chip Carey who was also on the front counselor thinks Simpson is the main. Guy who's speaking. Of their playing the Dodgers the Braves were and it. They've basically spend an entire half a million I'll play some of the country here. About the us. You know that I. Grew up at dodger organization. Serving as how to play good baseball and do things right away. Album can look at some things that we're going on today in batting practice here with the Dodgers. Couldn't see. He church BC Chase Utley with those socks and pants up over his needs insurance. This was frivolous. With their whole team. And I think about. Play fans that come to suntrust park who were doctors Vance and wanna see their place they had no idea medium duty of the war nobody had any kind of uniform were. Batting practice shirt on with their name on their Jersey and a very unprofessional. And I think I can say this because I know what does not cure organization was all about but. There is the point is perfect. There it's I don't know how Major League Baseball allows such attire indicate your opening fans are watching. Chase Utley hit nothing but respect for him his whole career he's been great here we always played the game right away. Embarrassment what he had on today during batting practice do you think of all the merchandise. Baseball does with the practice uniforms and the batting practice jerseys. I'm with you watch it. It's called a uniform. For a reason. I kind of has won allege she simmer on that for a second it is. That is everything. That is wrong with baseball in my opinion today. It is the fight of the old grumpy. Former player slash older fan. Who. Once everybody to play the game the right way quote unquote air quotes. The problem is it was the right way is only their personal way not the right way to what everybody else wants to do. I'll we see in this kind of rear its ugly head we sought in the World Baseball Classic a little bit and remembered the usaid team was criticizing the Dominican team in the Puerto Rican team for playing and having on. How putting the key to why either dancing. Act. It's like. There's this weird thing in baseball which I hate. And I and I like. I'm kind of a purist when it comes to based oil like a lot of old school stuff. But this does not include back to me. This is about. Personal expression. The and this is about college is wearing what she like any kind of maybe promoting some image you like to promote. Not necessarily that's what was happening with the Dodgers in batting practice in the situation but. You know just being able to be yourself not having just to stick to says guidelines. In a Dave Roberts the manager of the Dodgers doesn't make them do that. Right he says you or whatever you want to I practice you go express yourself. Then good on you Dave Roberts and shame on you Joe Simpson for saying that's embarrassing. And wrong for him bad for the game it's not. If anything it's. It's better for the game because players can then be themselves more. And. This is the again this is what's wrong with the baseball misses it's old and wrinkled and not to do is anything wrong with wrinkled on all our people that are awesome and give it. Baseball doesn't. You know baseball is the mr. burns. Sports I'm not all of baseball Obama does not arms and like the people that our bench really. And the people that are in charge to talk for the most part and I think they've done a great job of trying to make it. Appeal to younger kids especially as kids or start more more please raise I think rob Manfred but did I think no I think Manfred has been you know a far cry better than whatever bug you but you know was. That being said in baseball its roots are still very. Old. Our case for the most part seeming to tell me. If your Dodgers fan number one your baseball fan. As you come watch bad practice you don't know would Chase Utley and Clayton Kershaw and and Justin Turner you simply be an all these dudes look like. You're not baseball in in his first list they showed just entertain yes the giant red beard of course you always know just never what is it from a baseball fan also meant. This is this kind of cool because men here a couple dues that are just out there haven't funny kind of wind changed. And put on Auburn athletic stuff and everything got ready come out there but instead. And there are addressed while their own for now I'll need to change and everything and do some bad practice and pails and take a picture to implement it that's not. Really necessary for them and then boy you can take a picture and guess what you still notes Chase Utley to 'cause he's not worries adding crackers or entity if you don't know Cody Ballinger at this point. Sorry I got a Dodgers got to understand you probably not really a baseball fan like that so I don't understand what their so when so. A send up in arms understand that there's a code of conduct that was supposed to you know conduct ourselves under and unless these dudes are here in DX suck T shirts I don't think it should matter like what are out there where like I think. They sit at the was wearing a cape for cancer T shirt. Like I mean it yeah yeah exactly you're promoting some during a promoter promoting something with that has to do with with this terrible disease so. Why would that not be okay it's as. Pay baseball just it's just old and these announcers there 02 and I've seen a lot of yeah I heard a lot of younger guys that probably should get their opportunities at this point man it's it's weird to listen to a seven year old man's say it's lit. On here that. Well and here's yours will be more from this bomb this is just from the USA today article I found. Batting practice there the league does not Mindy were about it registers include the Dodgers have dominated out for a long time. And then the play by play guy chip carried doubled down on Twitter someone. Canada is said to him what you should mr. ban egos are not the guy taking BP to three mimicking pay and snow socks and no uniform. Com mine. Who cares. And again I want to do I wanna go to back to the batting practice thing this games in Atlanta right for those who don't know. You can't really go see your own home team's batting practice they do it before they opened the gates. When people start to come minutes when the visiting team's batting practice happiness is the general schedule baseball games. So. In Atlanta. Dodgers fans going to dive team which I'm sure there were some all remember it's in Atlanta. Once we're going to the game to watch batting practice. Already know who's taking BP because they're die hard Dodgers fans in their two and a half hours early to watch batting practice. Second of all no really not many fans to watch batting practice so who cares. That guy chose Simpson exactly heirs and also I think it might. It hasn't hurt you know the Braves are falling like Iraq in the NL east right now. And but Dodgers just happen to be first and you know west at this point so there might be a little bit of you know jealousy in on also men these doctors Manso look at the pictures in the bank grew bad looking group reduced man so there also might be a little bit of you know some some resentment you know there for whatever reason also maybe he wanted to where. What he want to Wear when he's playing from doctors made it less so now he's so we don't know but either way. You're just old budget for bringing us up and that let this bother you enough to go on a rant. Enough to where to make the Dodgers manager and say yeah we have problems that blow don't don't say anything. Older backwards and got a break. Keep the text him and the better you today tech scifi but through a bubble read some of those next get to Dave roberts' comments and then. 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I'm 45 here on your Sunday morning Mike you were shot it's 11 AM Jesse is here with us as well. Talking a little. Bad baseball audio. If you missed it there was braves announcer. Joe Simpson. Criticizing the Dodgers. Not wearing batting practice jerseys we'll critiquing that in practice and he called it an embarrassment. In and he said it looked very unprofessional if I were a doctor fan I'd be embarrassed and I don't know how Major League Baseball how such a top here in the gates are open. So. Dave Roberts responds the minute the Dodgers he goes. He he described his comments as a cheap shot. In the indicated that he would have expected an apology from Simpson but Simpson stopped by Clausen did not talk to Dave Roberts only met which is so. Probably sit criticized his only from where. And then this is from Andy McCullough from the only times user beat reporter for the doctors who goes there Roberts was legit list when informed about batting practice teacher gave. I take it personally when someone questions our professionalism Robertson. And one thing and I'm really excited about today. Is what on earth and adoption worked for batting practice today that would Escondido. I wanna see what they'd do. To just a trial of Joe Simpson even more we should all Wear white tuxedos intellectuals or something like to. Seriously just some census is to just stick it to tell him. Firfer talking about our team and we'd. We're talking a practice not a game on a game practice batting practices that the united have to practice it out here in taking some swings taking some cuts. So that was Dave Roberts is sponsored under Roberts for standing by us here and obviously showed but. This to me it kind of encapsulates a bigger problem with baseball right now and I kind of I kind of set it up last segment it's this weird time. Where a certain group of the fans which is a larger majority of them and you like to think because baseball dose of very old fan base. Is or resisting. Change. In his resisting. Later in his resisting personality. And as someone who desperately loves baseball. To the point where I watch every day all the time. And who deathly wants baseball to stay a eighth of being a living spore for the rest of my life and beyond. I understand that even though baseball's doing well regionally especially to make a lot of money these schemes. That. Things need to change moving forwards even if it's slightly to include more young people in the game. Whether that people playing it of those people watching it whatever. They need more hobby biases. Guys who were flashy and have fun and are always you know showing emotion out there inner. May worry some jewelry on the field or in some chains that are interesting. Show off some tattoos. In deed Gordon's two wanna keep a somewhat local. Do you ever did you see them to back to the future night they did really warm the kind of futuristic jerseys. That right there tell me is more the future of baseball that we need. I electrician. I'm like I said last segment I'm appears when it comes to baseball a lot of senses. But I'm willing to scrap some of the traditional jerseys if it means more exciting. Baseball for younger people. And more fun for the players. We sought. This week by defeating the cardinals manager was fired. In part of the reason he was fired as he was an old school guy who locked down his team to not have any fun. And he basically made their closer Bud Norris who is eight. Who was known as being an old school player. He made him like his his sketch he had him tell Mike Metheny. When players were doing things government to the cardinal code or whatever the Metheny is rules work. And cardinals players hated him. He was squashing their creativity and fun because it will isn't baseball. You know. The Yankees fired Joseph Girardi after dinner one game away from the World Series is because he had no relationships with the players. Because she was old school baseball. That's not the future of baseball as much as I love Joseph Girardi as much as I thought Mike if he was a credit manager and was totally wrong. As a as much as they have success sometimes. You could have success by doing it the other way look at Dave Roberts when doctors made a World Series last year. Look at Joseph Maddon he got the Tampa Bay three Kim rays of the World Series in he won the cubs their first full series and a 120 years. Those guys that's the future of baseball. We need to cut the crap of the old fashioned you have to all the baseball way because that's only gonna push fans away that's gonna push players a way to. You can't do. I just I'm I'm with you you know you have to. We live in a very you know some more lineal world right now you know everything is. Very fast things continue to change all the time. What was new three days ago is now. Old you know with with a couple of a couple of days so. You need people that can kind of move the needle for you and baseball I think they hit a homer I was hired Alex ever used for is he would replace him. So far. Is everything out comes a minute or so and I spoke skis but everything I've seen fur from A-Rod has been. Money from his interviews to his analysis and two was actually end game analysis and color like a rod has been. Awesome and I think baseball needs more voices like that some of us like. I didn't grow up watching any of the people that currently do commentary either. Do their commentary or play I didn't see any of those guys are a saw a rock not think some of these other guys that played around the league could have a great career and two in broadcasting or coaching or anything like that I think you need. Younger guys Lucas Oil like Dave Roberts she doesn't look like an old do accuse granted he's he's older but. He's not Tommy LaSorda you know as far as being this you know old guy on the on the bench that. Is she is waiting to blow up like he's younger multiple hit because I don't know let's be the case. But he at least is able to relate to is NL west leading teams so I think more. Franchises should start kind of open their eyes are going to get some of its younger talent that's out there that wants to help. Couple things. Tied on to this before and at the tax liabilities and there's like five countries are five. TK Hernandez is one of their infielders you posted on Twitter tomorrow's BP attire and it was a Fong and LA and his number and is his name on my but not strong relegated Justin Turner. Says taking care minutes get a pair of overalls like tomorrow. The overalls are going to be involved. And then I I saw there's there's more that chip Carey used a clever play guy has to be. In response to phase of the fans said completely classless classless tonight. But even Joe Simpson our boards of more similar clothing when doing BP in LA even when Vince Scully was announcing and he never whined about our guys to suspect in the game. The way you two did tonight he goes I'm not a guy taking BP to pre mimicking pants no socks and a uniform my partner really pointed out. Only MLB team he's seen be so non uniform one hour will be issued be Peters within them rows of paying customers know who's who. The kicker he says lighten up. He said lighten up. Well. Okay no chipped in no Joseph you life. Yeah so the I hope the Dodgers come out. In the most rude ridiculous. Polar areas BP attire today. Known to moment where polka dot tie dye or when you almost doubled to make sure it's as far away. From what at Major League protocol it is and make sure you Wear the most I want some hammer pants were some zoo was I want them to go out there. In Mosul mobile phones are taken Hernandez put up our president not do that song but I get where are like this enemy alike where he's got to be the most ridiculous yeah that would be ridiculous. Syntax and the reason it's excellent 5505. He said right there I used to go to Dodgers were about change with the times. Indeed changed with the times just because the doctors one of the oldest franchises in baseball have a very big history doesn't mean Matt. Things don't have to change as well as times change I'm not 1918 it's nothing that's not so. And you know also against us with the people who trend of like younger managers are just younger. You know people and boom you know Aaron Boone's ago I became man and I mean the Yankees already were kind of on the upswing of swing last year but. No kind of he came in and has his team's playing really well me. The second I was second at least right now. Yes. So I mean five and a half games of the Red Sox never lose. A paper which are right there and I think you have a third best record and the American League right now. So here in the mix and that's one of those we I think that's a young coach came in a kind of spoke. Their language and I think that what he did Mark Jackson had. War warriors playing great bass or because he came and spoke their Lang Steve Kerr also spoke their language right now to Gregg Popovich speaking the same language. As a San Antonio Spurs not anymore at least they're Brett Stephens Brad Stevens again younger dude in the Cayman and was able to kind of move the needle until baseball gets more of these guys that are able to do that I think there's gonna going to be. Where they are. Jim anyone or fewer insects in baseball cards more person wanted to be personal with his fans that's what Griffey with a backwards house entrants are American today everyone can relate to the case. Indeed I think they actually do have a lot of that. On some of them are not exactly as big of a stars Ken Griffey junior so that's that's hurting a little bit that baseball's biggest star Mike Trout. Is very much old school baseball. I mean he's he's a great player he's on Duncan yet but he's kind of conduct is why it is like the media that much. Baseball second biggest art Aron judge. Kind of like Tim Duncan like he he's got a little bit more for some of them I travel a little bit more ability to talk to the media or one. But he's kind of legislation he does his own thing. I'm Bryce Harper is more like what we're talking about. Flashy hair her back flips. You know I'm fawn off on the diamond back type stuff so bad level of star is it's good to have that guy in there. And this the first time in awhile that I think it's not a player's issue like that I don't think finding. Relatable players is really the issue where a lot of mountain yeah I think there are a few amount to nothing more than there have been. All the past few years I think at this point it's management and some of the higher ups that need to change their old. You know. Old ways that's that's the issue right now because the place to be confined to clear that are related to those kind of my thing about 45 years ago now it's more like. They're not making it easy for me to have opportunities to relate. Yes one thing the missiles always had issues with the marketing their players well. I mean they can market the hell out of my Trout and me. After also our team rob Andrews even asked about that and civil my Chinese to wanna do it you. In the measles lashed back out of and it's like my child probably would do it in a heartbeat is a market ambassador. Who who is the best marketed player mentally this bar and probably Bryce Harper probably Bryce Harper right a good thing because he has that personality that we're talking about I think baseball needs to move forward. But how many non baseball fans know who Erin judges. Right he was a star last year but do they know who we is timid Mike Trout I mean do you know that Mike Trout is. We're watching one of the greatest players to ever play this game right now and when we're watching a guy as good as Mickey mil one. So I think right now we're kids we had opportunities to see guys before we actually saw them play. Like I remember Jay Buhner was on the front of mica a Mountain Dew. Vending machine that always also before I knew. A new Jay Buhner and there was commercials with you know baseball players and in. All these old things and now when there are commercials it's typically Bryce Harper you know. I haven't seen any firm air jets or maybe they're out there and I think if your New York you know exactly who are judges but. Nationally I think most people. Aren't we baseballs and a great job of Clinton put him on video games commercials. Television shows whatever cases. Seriously look when I I'm not exaggerating when I say. We are in the midst of one of the greatest players of all time. And he is woefully under covered he has never not never but he is rarely on national TV. And to watch Mike Trout play. Is a means. He is so. Freaking good at everything. He's an elite field there is no lead Hillary is in the lead base runner everything he is a five tool player to a tee. NBA. Don't. People don't know about him. That is a shame and displaced from angels and kind of you know one of those things he's he's LeBron James. We're watching what one of them the best player if not the best player of all time play and you'll hear enough until until the same as the MLB world nobody cares until he goes much like LeBron to LA. Or in the until they go to LA opens and it goes to no worries via bit right to vote. Until he goes to New York or to Boston or I think if he goes the one of those teams. When people will be put on notice as far as how good he really. But it is also well. So as to what the angels of our don't lose for so long history of art coming up next penalty wholesale reduction is today were shot very passionate about all halt payments. So we'll get to the next here on sports on him and. Recently I was asked if lace handles insurance claims yes we'd do Adelaide so we've built our tire business over 27 years working with all insurance companies can handle in the claim for you week calling you claim to start working immediately negotiate we lost repairs and direct billed the insurance company now when you add -- pickup and delivery anywhere in the northwest loners deductible assistance and -- parts you can understand why did lace is the finest in collision repair spray here for reits now how do you try to reach now.