Sports Sunday July 1st Hour 2

Sports Sunday
Sunday, July 1st
NBA talk, interview with Lamar Winston, Hate it or Love it and Haunted experiences. 

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Weekends were made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots. Joseph a look at the weekend in sports where the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meat free guns area boundary on. Adams. And ensure the football. Yeah about aliens now. You see kids TV about it ET. Never caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I'd do. This is sports Sunday which Mike Lynch. Or windows. You can't he's groomed. For the. Rude. Of you as soon as the blue. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor okay do and I concede don't wanna be cured up here come under on north of Jerusalem and on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Okay. Second hour here sports someday my commercial with you Jesse as well it's 11 AM. We just spent the entirety of the first hour talking about blazers in the first twelve hours of MB of free agency. Q analysts and will be on the left front tire pod cast at the end of the show that'll be posted. On Tennessean dot com and on the radio dot com map is our new app by the way. Not many of them happens radio talk commonly confine our station on there. That we were the podcast will be also be treated out activity in the stand on Twitter complex laws and about. I keep text your toss the fans are excellent at 55305. About the blazers and a lot potentially could be the quote unquote better move that we all expect is doing a logical explanation Fuller and Davis walked. Keep those thought coming in but this hour. We have a guest coming up next segment actually submit excellent. Lamar Winston senior joins the show father of Lamar junior linebacker organ analyzer Winston who just went to USC both played a central Catholic. So we'll talk to him next. And every hitter Logan and 1030 and maybe. My Shanghai's total stories at 1045. From my old Portland did yesterday but I do wanna get to you briefly. The rest of the NBA notes from yesterday you heard him just is up to the last couple. Paul George staying in Oklahoma City on a four year deal Max money the player option after three years. Many surprising things about this data factory state and Oklahoma City is surprising. Beat the fact he took four years in not too is surprising the fact is player options after three years is surprising. So and the thunder now have been a 170 million dollar tax. Which is just insane. The fact I saw this on for Islamic group of the fact that now for Westbrook and Paul George the ruling to commit this much money but when they had Durant Westbrook and James. Furniture were gonna trade Harden can we can't we can afford to their way compensate now and other over compensated for his idol. This is crazy to me is crazy stay in Oklahoma City to me. And in some senses it proves. That if you're a mid market team that has a potentially crappy city that indeed there's only two important. Don't make a trade for player like this because maybe. Just maybe they'll decide to stay. Paul George is the exact guy. I didn't we hear rumors last year the temperature just refused to talk to blaze is about Paul George because he's had a blizzard so much yes yeah they had the best. Trade offer probably and everybody in the NBA so you know that befell another knife twist in the government in a day of nightmares twist for blazer fans. But. You know make me it's funny maybe he was listed in Portland if you actually entrant here also it would have been a lot better. But. To me it's it's interesting that he would stay in Oklahoma City when he was born in the LA area. He has said that he would go he was going to go to the lakers that's what he said suited to the pacers. And many chooses not him. Because of I guess Russell Westbrook because of a good relationship he has with Sampras in the rest of the the found herself I don't know but it surprised me. Maybe maybe really don't want Ehrlich is all maybe you should stand that so she couldn't didn't have to be in Indiana anymore. There's a chance you resist kind of skull wart then to have you know Larry Bird in the hole. Are you know. Pritchard staying mentally just didn't wanna be there anymore so say I wanna go to LA if I tell you I don't wanna be here and I'm definitely an assigned there when you're gonna trade somewhere else. They got traded to word to was always are and it's. Democracy flourishing there to see and it's I think he had an OK season last year. But I think this year will really be the year that he kind of takes the reins sesno on the on the guy on this team I think Westbrook. As does a great job of being really dominate the ball. Clearly but I think Paul George if you if he's really resigning years they've had some conversation about OK this is how things need to work. Don't doubt that that conversation. Most interest in me is. In a federal did not acted last year. And does this does this change anything. Are they better known or they just an MBA middling team because this. There a combination of parts that sort of works with sort of doesn't. Because it mellow opt to him so it's gonna be Paul or Russell Westbrook and mellowed him as has really changed even. Amid I think it might about thinking now that they kind of know what works and what doesn't. They saw. Westbrook. Kind of kind of dominate the ball last year and now they get a chance to. You know maybe maybe make some changes some subtle changes so some things that didn't work of course they only won one more game than Wes for one the year prior. So they know that there's definitely room for improvement they know that none of them played as well as they were supposed to last year. On the west for average triple double for the second season and he made. Was even thirteen MBAs all the games. Per second or thirteen grew out of milk I can't remember you know at this point so he disappeared a couple times in the playoffs if you remember Westbrook. I'll sort of appalled you're all Belgian army and I think that happens when you have a guy that just dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble. And doesn't look up you know until he's already at the rim to kind of pass it off to someone so that's Westbrook entire game. It took the ball out of his hands and made Melo just that spot up shooter you know I just these are what that's not what those guys are and I think they all changed her game to play. With Westbrook I think Westbrook has as the point guard as the leader he's gonna have to change his game to make sure that those guys get what they're supposed. The other thing is LeBron. Is in his decision. Because they're calling it washes silly. He just figured oh man he's a really weird DR Daley's man like he's just a weird cat meant like well what do you since you were fourteen the entire media the of the MBA was following you. When manage your real dude I mean you he'd he'd kind of up and on himself marry you that when horse following you around the lowest out of fourteen and went horse been following the due to see was. 1415 years old man he knew he could famous. And that's that's kind of the climate that he's always been a sought as while to get bothersome as much I think that extra camera stammer just like. Snacks and you know around like on the island even notice them and some other dealers and they're just there there always is facing go to dinner and someone assist. Recording you had dinner at a club in your dads and this is your life right now is holding a bothersome. Like that. But still use that you have a have a decision Cain ever you know well not really but I mean he called the real. He called the cavs are midnight apparently like when it started he called the cavs. He had a meeting with the lakers. You're sending his raps to mute the sixers when he's not going himself was is about silent in the nuggets are really interest to him battle Brohm news so far. We also are there about LeBron wouldn't sign until a big free agent signed first so I guess that counts Paul Byrd's. Stayed he said he be signing on the third and make it this is there a total motor. Well what's its enemy is. It seems like the lakers are eight. Less and less likely chance herb option for him a less cynical why because. They didn't give Paul George and if they don't get coal Lotta reports are saying that the talks have Trimble the spurs and the lakers are stalled and they don't need to treat him the lakers spent. You know the lakers just want him to zoom LeBron. Hobbling on both of them but you don't mean. I don't know when our LeBron is going I thought I was certain he was gonna lakers. But now there's the big question in my mind. I don't know if he doesn't know there. Well Colby. Kobe was Colin what's his last name of Jim from a 000 vehicle we Altman uncles went and or not tiger couldn not a bad idea about your favorite player I'm. Our do you don't don't confuse two but he. So LeBron you up text at 1201 the minute you know a free agency started. It LeBron with the which you doing text you out right now trying to see what you know trying to gauge and see what is what is that was looking like. I don't think LeBron going or is sending his people to go meet with the sixers is of the best side you know this is it. This is just go man this is me tell you go there and see she likes facetious cute and come back girls who seems things are cute. And they come back and tell me you know like gee I don't know whether he's. Not much afraid to go their 'cause all the after his arms. From got to meet with you to take a job I wanna hear what you have to say it. A launch to sell my people my people are playing. So me and let me know why it's complete freeze and the fact he's not even. Attending the meeting and it's 2018 he can use go to meeting he can use if they can use it as a diabetic and facetime immense so. He doesn't have to physically be in the meeting but the fact that he's sending his reps to me instead it doesn't bode well. In my opinion for Philadelphia. Are we got a break he's got a guest coming up next Lamar Winston senior joins the show on spur somebody on the feet. Chancellor made offers. Since supports and quit my Gingrich job on it. Ultimately so far in the show here on sports Sunday is free agency opened up last night at 9 PM Pacific time lasers that are. That's not so far are mostly as the fans. The blazers can do welcome news welcome delight being a blizzard Campbell take a break from Matt at the moment to bring on against his name's Lamar Winston Sr he's the father. Of both Lamar was in junior analyzer Winston who are now or yen in USC football players simple assumption but I don't Lamar. LaMarr or either. All year ago. Aren't. Which moves the militia men who struggled real. Mir basketball. Basketball yeah he says he was basketball he says Jews and on the road to see little cheap and. Not failed America got a big junior NBA economy. Asylum there was an amazing that the NBA put on. And invited our program to. And they got acute got a little coup couple NBA NBA players. Give a speech. Enough to play against some top not. Competition from Tiago. Alaska or California. So whom Portland. So all is that. And she Suisse last night and I actually saw a couple of the teams that. At the hotel appears I didn't I didn't realize it was turned to house how Justine do so far. Would increase year we're truly true. Socially and physically I want to land and today and twelfth decline. Toward without don't compare. Who some of the NBA players who have talked of the kids. Are bigger volume lion increase. Ryan Grant park imperial America Portland legend Brian grant. So older so be in the data both Lamar analyze the two guys who got recruited in the pac 12 top players central Catholic. But as one of my big questions is. What's it like being the dad of two football recruits and having to manage all the coaches in the calls in the mail on the tax like what. What was your process to manage that from both Lamar analyzer and an attitude changed over the course of two years. Well it really led army to be on an amusement about order. Their mom had demanded almost a culture that I didn't have demanded analytical to tumble our hands on look cute. Where Martin and get them to where they need to be at that level. Where there's practice where you mom and you know mostly. By. A lot of good a lot of the coaches had to get had to edit compromise because our homework line. I can't work our whole lives you know mom meg focusing just gave them here. Make sure that they're ready when they go. The whole organization I mean. You know administrative piece. A look at mom Julie 'cause they've become a lot it becomes a lot calls it. You know recruit me and all harder is that all of those things would be if a lot to deal with. Wayne. When Lamar initially told you that hey dad I think I'm ago. Did you evolve on on though he had schools like Stanford USC and UCLA. On the table was there ever a moment for uterine like not you're going to one of these. Morsel upper Echelon schools or did you say managed do what's best for you. And now Lamar Lamar new belt is current school. So no more wanted to go to and over again. You know everybody else who has been a reasonable debate remains an organism may remember Wales but he wanted to go to. I'm an original REE. Didn't go at it basically woke up there around one or. Yeah. She community. Was it the jerseys forum was it. What was the what was the selling point to say ma'am of pass up California. And go to you well. And it really can be either or keep. You look he's in order to raise feet you know. He watched a lot of the players Morton. And he'd want it kind you don't get dream school when you get it can't suburbia dream school looks a little bit different matter what the school look like. Every game becomes a blur. When you can't to go to your current school and you know their offer you scholarship here where an hour and a half almost two hours away. So for Elijah. Did he choose USC because Lamar went to Oregon and he wanted to go do it computing rival schooler was there. So the about USC that's the cycle of more than Morgan did for a Lamar. Well they would vote for like it was all about to be taken make it was based upon it. You know you wanted. In education. And you know where you're at our school. It is it is. More intrigue looked at. And people I mean he is they're black who was USC and Oregon and you know in particular scene. And would do immediately because they're looking to. Comp. You know cadet from different treatment they wanted to make and he wanted he went straight really. Wanted to do good things as brevity and do. Eventually picked the right school he would just wanna you know go because his brother. So who are who you are ruled for so USC plays organ onto the play each other this year. But I mean you cannot Rupert and I just found so whose whose colors he don't Wear it again. Well believe it probably won't play each of the until it is felines electric outlet to our. Mubarak you know Vlad out we're both well. I'm more and have a number mr. 12 W retreat. An ally who like him or you don't tell this man who loved more you gotta pick and the other pick scholar wrote the difficulty. Pepper. You don't ticketed he is a go to pay go ahead of the is it to pick all have a choice. You're gonna have to Wear one of those combo juries is that splits and have to on the middle and the one size friendly besides you have seen it I regret. Saved. You've got a tournament coming up that you want to talk about the rose city showdown teller listeners know what that's about them know where they can transfer information about the. And who wrote it showdown is it's affected no mostly children under media Michael Lee. Our code code state warriors are dealing. We put on. This is the second year. Then it happen it's basketball tournament case you best alternative that would put all each year and we have it greatly grade it's a CD turn meant that I do. I'm up to a couple city tournament. And we just invite everybody to come play try to get community together I mean cook we have a detainees. So huge showcase for being used in the community. And we just have a real good time. Gonna cost a lot of money. And that it could community based initiative it's amazing. Also wolf thank you Lamar for for Mo man up and all of us and good luck to both their sons in the pac twelve and have fun at the rose initially on. Runoff from. There ago Lamar Winston senior. If so is it is fascinates me about the actual recruiting aspect we go for the guys in the pactel Spencer's judgment your two sons who both get. Permit offers her. A scholarship offers Tuesday from really really did pactel schools how it's different it's also funny that the mom to see it because you know in all the time. That kind of makes sense to especially because you know. Mom is always going to be concerned with I just wanna make sure education is due and that is wanna make sure he's got classes and tutors and that is you know Richmond Jimenez wanted to go to college I just want them to to do well into other stuff so. I know mom no dead men both men are really good really good people men and let's say the kids get the man athletic prowess from from mom like me to actually play longer Omar we played football together when I was a freshman in high school. On the news senior and he was he was the star running back for Jefferson at that point. I think these is definitely get their dad now we should ask her about that I don't know that I know yeah he was he was he was pretty good enough margin the team itself. Was great you know not that year but a young Aaron Miles who's the big 122 all time leading assist a guy and leader in steals I believe was the quarterback are freshman year so he we struggled. Just a little bit but he was actually better business. All airing isn't it better basketball but he spoke of Michael Lee who was also on that team Michael Lee those who don't know Portland native went to Kansas. Actually the assistant coach for the world champion Golden State Warriors you know freeze actually assisting on their. Jie Li Ting 'cause that was called out it was all the Gator who did so and that's one thing. That I do like about this city that I've noticed since I've lived here especially in the use force missed most from you because you work amount grown as. A lot of the guys who have played in the pros who were from here. Do you come back and give backs of the community a lot of the guys not everybody. A lot of them do. And a lot of the players who were on the blazers were not from here sometimes come back and still hope the community capsule back Randolph Songaila tattoos. Or is involve them in the Portland youth sports scene and I mean I know do email alert is involved in some ways and since he's been here and other players are too it seems like it's a good. Good place to be absolutely if you wanna come back and tell. I can say this may be mentioned Zach Randolph met and he got a bad rap when he was here for whatever reason. That is one of the most selfless and nice is dues that you ever meet is your goon meant absolutely does he have a team full of groans. Absolutely he does. But Zach Randolph is one of the most caring dues I've ever met this one time he dropped off like 200 bikes. Organization just cousin Mike army do you want to elect a press release anything is a well known I was. Don't have like on a really wanna do any. Press or come into play with kids Dwight Howard another dude who just comes and he went when he came he came to. The organization I work with him just. Hung out with kids hung out played one on one and shot with them and talk to him and you know. Again in the media. Terrible Ratliff. You know one on one with with kids and families and some of these dudes are awesome awesome people me and they're not all jerks males are coming up next is cyber hitter look this is sports summit on the failures Jesse. Where sports. We kids' sports with a different. This is sports Sunday with Mike and ratio not 1080 friend. So I remember. I know for a fact that last week and one. Yes some were shot I guess to answer first this is hitter love those who have not listen before. Jesse Alaska to question him annual awards points based on our answer kind of area. Around the horn style association. And other winners host last much cooler than room door yes. Especially definitely that's definitely. The words don't don't tested to school please get out well here a year ago just started off after itself. Let's start off with a one NFL question that I have. Everything else's and Yang related matters a lot MBA yeah and it is. Kind of the topic of the town right now so we'll start like I said in the NFL. I think I've been thinking about since I went to Vegas I was looking and all the odds. They were talking about this actually on prime time this week yeah. Are below fifteen to one odds so I want odds they're gonna pay off. Right kind of phone future events is trying to find Mac that one that's really undervalued exactly so right now if you're looking for really good future NFL bad for like work. And winning the Super Bowl. My top two in the NFC. Number one as the rams twenty to one bank union at all they donors and it's just that that team's gonna be filthy filthy good from second. The New Orleans Saints spirit sixteen to one another team that defense is telling the bastard reasons ever had last year. That offense is just getting better I think than the biggest question mark as he was Alvin Khmer for Ford it for four games this community and sees itself. With that said those are kind of like the future bets that I like but the vote the one I wouldn't touch. Was the favorite to win the Super Bowl this coming year and that's the Philadelphia Eagles at eight to wind. We all know how hard it is to repeat in this in the NFL it just doesn't happen very often army times is the New England Patriots than it. Mike wants the Clarence. It's just not something that happens very often. So with that said. Although Billy will still be a very prolific offense. You'll find that the rest of the league has had time to catch up to what Doug Peterson likes to deal and is gonna slow down the Eagles in this coming season. I'm. Is to get two shots turn. That last part again. Glover hit the rest totally gonna catch up to the Eagles and stop their often to. So slow it down I know I don't think it's one of those things where you're gonna stop it you know but I think the NFL's prove that they have learned how to slow things down when you see something Neil. Shoot our our love it I think this season. The Eagles are gonna amok and say come back down or because I think they're incredibly talented roster but. We talk about all the time and one of the things that. Kind of helps a bad team. Us this combat team that goes all the way is the fact that you can have the toughest schedule in the first the NFC east has been an up and down. Division in itself there's certain years to where you have couple teams that are great. Other years where you have three teams that are great and then other years were everybody in the division sucks last year was one of those years years that. Really Philadelphia was great but the giants struggled. Think through. Washington had some issues although they did have Kirk cousins. So that the cowboys obviously had issues last years of Eagles just happen to be the team. To categorize the top. I think you're. The rest in the C has gotten better as you mentioned the saints. Look like a world beater with that defense and Drew Brees to sling the ball all over the place. You can't forget what the Packers are gonna do they still have hail Mary got Aaron Rodgers that's going to be a problem for whoever wants to play them. You look at the rest and she worked with what the rams have done. And also what the 49ers have done. Every team looked like they got better cardinals got better at the Seahawks the wanting to look what they might be struggling and you never know what's gonna get from Russell Wilson got. So I think that they're gonna be slow down this year most of which is going to be because they're gonna play a much better schedule did last year. I'm gonna say Kate because I think Doug Peterson is in only coach in the NFL he proved that last year. It just because Belize and catch up to what they did last year doesn't mean they're gonna do exactly what they did last year this year. They have. Obviously their team is a league top to bottom they don't have weakness and they have put a lot of money into it a lot of positions. And every single one of their positions and is looking down their current depth chart is a strength. A Carson what's gonna come back from an injury they're saying he used to be is on track to come back on time for training camp released a beginning a pre season. You've got. Good at running backs you've got really good wide receivers they brought in Mike Wallace this year as a as another targets deep threat. You've got one of the best tight ends Armenians Akerson got a solid offensive line your defense is loaded you got Michael Bennett and trade this year from the C yards. In the on the defense aside. To me the Eagles are set to be a power for at least the next couple years we know in the NFL dynasties don't last very long mustard like the patriots. But because the NFC east socks and it does suck giants are not great cowboys are bad to Redskins are bad. Eagles should be good for many years and I've I'm emissary hate that I think the league's the teams are gonna catch up to them. Don Peterson's Italy coach. Lot of moving on we're going to move on to the MBA. I think everybody's a little bit surprised not just that Paul George resigning with OK CH I thought that was something that could happen. You get a year they kind of say hey hey hey think about what we can do to gather. That it that is an advantage going to free agency but what I thought was really weird is he never sat down with another team. Just immediately signed with OKC. With that said. They don't really have much cap space to do anything else they'd probably have to facilitate a trade to really make anything else happen and OKC it's kind of what it is. An and LA the lakers really. Now their offseason not looking too bright looking like maybe them being a favorite to land the brawn by the third. Starting to dwindle lover hate Houston should now be considered the favorites to land LeBron. I hate Houston so handsome salary cap issues especially every registered for 460 million for four years. The reason Chris Paul picked up news and off we remember Houston has ignored. Texas has no state tax so he's going to get all 160 million and that. You already paid James Harden 200. Million for however long I think goes a couple of years ago. So you really have no opportunity to do stuff even though you did just lose Trevor reason to the Phoenix Suns for I think 151000003. Year. I've seen LeBron being hang around in Cleveland I think he knows what he wants to do especially of all the chips that has all the chips have fallen. As far as Paul George norm where he is I don't think the lakers are going to make that trade with San Antonio San Antonio and are gonna make a trade with the lakers I don't think they wanna give. Make the lakers stronger in San Antonio weaker I'll think they're gonna wanna do that so I think Cleveland is still vote landing spot LeBron and and a pin. He's going to fill it has wraps excuse me you're going to Philadelphia me within the fact he's not to give even given them a face to face. Interview says a lot about what he thinks about Philadelphia and possibly play and there are so I think all signs point to him going back to Cleveland and Cleveland is going to make a few moves to make sure that you keep LeBron. Thank you thirteen competitive. I hate it and the one reason why is it's actually almost impossible for the rockets to get LeBron now that he's an undershirt to freeagent the key thing that happened. Was if he had opted into his deal with Cleveland. He could've done a sign and trade to Houston. Is Houston needs to give money back. To be able to afford LeBron. When he opted out and became an unrestricted free agent and essentially ended all of the chances for Houston to do it unless they wanted to go really high into luxury tax. And right after that happened in the when free agency started they committed to resigning Chris Paul. I think if they were going to get LeBron Chris Paul might have had to have been a casual team we did see Paul type some other teams in the west. As a potential target if he didn't re silent the rockets once LeBron opted out Houston had really really little chance to do it so I say hate for that reason alone. I'm really into it was an apple LeBron the fact of the lakers are. Now dwindling in in a chance to shocking to me after Magic Johnson said if in two years to get you big free agents all quit. And so far above the and again nothing's official yet but so far looks at lakers are missing out on this year's free agents. Well it. NASA be used to mess of a pure magic Johnson and no one goes the lakers this year when everyone so they want to go so and I hated for a for the rockets and how do you. Skies and say they wanna come and how does that work. It probably overvalued their young players who mostly over value themselves over value what they are as a to forge the lakers are worth three billion dollars or David or whatever it is Tom young MBA players they don't give a damn about Magic Johnson. Winning five championships there is a mean they were alive when Kareem Abdul Jabbar became the number one all time lead score they don't care nothing about that. Sell something other than LA they're all rich they all get LA. You admit we were talked about this before the show that. If you you have to be able to offer and something more than LA at this point network where players literally are sometimes taking. Less money to go to play for a winner. That's a team like Houston can can say they were aware that closely took him to seven games and Brandon I'd like you said it's virtually impossible to cap space by. Other franchises have much better things to say then hey we're LA. Moving on. So we've you guys come. Touched on this a little bit earlier we are talking about the Paul George resigning and that was kind of the idea that maybe this changes the mentality of trading for somebody who. Like a choir Leonard says I only wanna play in LA. After Paul George resize would of Casey who is in the virtually the exact same situation lover hey Paul George resigning with the Casey will change the trade market for quite let it. Bluff. He was really the first big piece to fall off the board. And he really changed everything that. We thought LeBron was wanna do that we thought the spurs might do he was really the and it really didn't seem like consumer Paul George was kind of an afterthought. In this whole wide Leonard in the brawn James thing Libyan he was the first one to decide signing. I kind of seen everything kind of messed up everything else from people whose for a week ago everybody was saying LeBron James going. To the lakers now cycle as you stay in Cleveland is possibly going to Philadelphia now they're all of it's nothing but speculation because Paul George first. The first ball drop and now. Men to the spurs again there's no real pressure on you can trade Hawaii at any point you just wanna get some asset backed because you don't want to walk next year. Get absolutely nothing forms we can still be traded I think we're all assuming that they have to trade him to the lakers and they do not have to trade him to the lakers spurs can trade him wherever they damn well please and get real and gets something back for him. So yeah I think. Paul George being off the board kind of changed things for the rest MBA now all of a sudden we hear the boogie cousins. As the number one target for the lakers two weeks ago we heard nothing about bogey cousins being the number one target of lakers coach Paul George is gone. That's changed the way everybody is looking at free agency now including where guys may wanna go play basketball. I love it as well because teams now in math mid market range have that that vibe of well maybe if he comes here likes it enough and we win and we do well maybe you wanna stay. Called I Leonard for all the stuff he's gotten this offseason to me always appeared to be a loyal guy who was down to to be loyal to it to the team that he liked in the coach's delight. And I don't know prince's uncle I don't know because his uncle is his main advisor. Maybe it's him who's who Tom Fox in his mind about LA only only only but he's always seemed like a guy who was loyal. So if you get Kuwata Leonard and your team that's decent to make it to the playoffs all sourcing Oklahoma City gives you that hope that if we trade for him maybe we can convince coli to stay. I think that's a that's a great thing for a lot of these franchises that are out there that are always a little bit scared to give a volleys valuable pieces just for a guy who's gonna leave. In one year. But sometimes it's worth the risk sometimes that is were arrested to get that chance to be better sometimes sites it becomes like human and I think when you see. So many of these these teams just failed to make that commitment you have to take terrorists to get the reward of getting further in the Western Conference last. Having Paul bursting in okay see proof that risk is worth it in some senses amenable increase the trader. Partners for the spurs. All right our winner and today. Rashad Taylor and I felt like slaughtering the first question did the first question you. Honestly I couldn't think of who was on. The roster had to look at the roster my computer's going kind of slow out of the right now that mine was mine is still loading. It's tough not just made up those closer than you thought that he he didn't win the round by. You know you. Turn it around there in the second tied it up the minute it just came down to. The dumber points in the third Mary Joseph parent or shudder socialists are meant to me to also talk about the show and a total I don't know he gets choose. Next on. Weekend sports would. This is sports Sunday we'll Mike every job I tended. 1049. So maybe the thing. I airline. However. However I don't really you know the thing I'll talk about that's not really what element clues the show with today I feel like that's you know. Would it wasn't. Most upbeat note to close in the positional however. When says something and as we were. Talking today for the show started about his visit to the Shanghai troubles USO. My wife's birthday gift to me was the trip down the Shanghai tunnels were riddled goes tore yesterday. And I'm of that many of you probably already know he was into the fan but I'm I'm dosed to Ireland and believe in goes my family as the time goes stories on kind of stuff. And is critical to go down there is pretty creepy and the creepy as part was that in some pictures. There's like missed white mist or like little worms that were in the picture when you start taking it. My wife have a couple that relate the whole picture was blurry. Except for like one or two little or zero runs. And I got one right to sort of pictured on a hallway images literally his white. Another bit of a cult of the Minnesota fog. Definitely was not there it was just a dirt ground I got captured the picture. I mean it could be coincidence could be smug jerk it is believed the light was weird and whatever. Or it could be something I have no idea I think something from the other side is trying to talk to people is really really cool and really creepy at the same time and down. Yeah and got a cold spot in my arm bows down there which could be something so critical not listening I tunnels are the cool. Creepy parity super prix I mean. It's a that's a cool spot to go you know for a little make anything. Serve beer and burgers out of anything you know and so. It's crazy there's the restaurants right there as well and they wrote voters here go to two Beers and there is I didn't realize that the history of Portland is such a sordid past. Like usually checkered past the looks and we're all these people assault of votes it and there's like. There is like prostituting prostitution that went on down there so it's it's you know let them but now disappeared. You know so that's another one of those things that I mean it's something like that none of the Donald's good. It's there you know you Rio police say was we're gonna Shanghai tunnels that's here I know exactly little you know when you say that's you know. It's a solemn you and you believe in ghosts Jesse are you are a girl's gonna I'm living in a it haunted place before. Yeah I'd go I strike me as someone who's lived and hunted placed before instantly and yet and I I I stayed until the landlord kicked me out. Paris at at and helpful to the good reasons it's ago Miller here here's the thing right at him. The weird thing about dose is that nobody is in the middle. You either believe or you think people who believer gigantic morons there's really no middle crap on. He now people who when I bring this up on the primetime sudoku one of them just review to shreds or. It's like well look maybe there isn't it. A real explanation for some moves W experience were that these people throughout stories of experienced maybe parents. Or you know maybe there's not now maybe that maybe there's not you know I. I stayed in also called official hotel when I was at London. And down everyone was so convinced that the hotels haunted and one day I just kept hearing this weird. Kind of you know scrapings admire. Like my air conditioner in the room and then it just got allow order and creepy your sounding. And there was can tell me about these little weird things are happening at the hotel. There's one enemy combatant the pool cannot swear some almost behind be walking you know I can feel or cures mom behind you in the hallway and looked back it was when there. And that that happened a couple couple times and lightning struck her hotel and the night before we are about to leave we're coming back from dinner is a big group. And we see the smoke just billowing from the sky and has got closers like us Arrojo. And looking yes to bolt of lightning in our hotel which is. I mean that whole lightening not striking in the same spot like Arnold super creepy so and then I came home this is back in 2001. And I come home and I'm washing Travel Channel. And there's a show like. Top ten most haunted places to cultural and all Charles tells us great and our hotel was like number seven or eight something like that and though not knowing anything about it so. Yes it was I definitely believe in ghosts I think there's. You know. Spirits that are out there that are lingering some of Richard nice spirits are good spirits like we talked about but some of which. Our. Tucker I don't think so. If there's one thing little Margarito roll her eyes and it's the story of the horse had rock which. That it's one of the most infamous stories in my group of friends and and basically. When I lived in Eugene. There was this area. Up it's called trail side loop I lived in this new south Eugene there was a trail up in the hills that a deliberate by. And I was walking up to one day and I saw this area that looked really flat. Become like a real ritualistic type area went up to it and sure enough there was this weird flat stone there they're released trees there relying all around it but not in the senator. And there was a horse had rock they had the face of a horse etched into this rock. A friend brought it into my house after that I have to mistake the yet at IIA. To this date. Give him crap where it. But it after that I had doors opening that were locked. While I was gone I had I mean multiple different types of doors got to the point where I was like making sure I was. Do in that the Tug and everything. Everything was locked because I was so paranoid about it and come back from the store thirty minutes later and sure enough my doors wide open. Footsteps. Changing of temperature. It was really weird I am I live there there wasn't all evil ghost in trade doing anything but it it poltergeist in the crap out of me. Yes and Poulter is a creepy movie seen it yet. Ha ha. That made me he'd static on TV the little black much static for our turns enough I can't do that Berger no luck when the end of the the show with like the American flag and then it goes right to the static on their sleeping. I'm like oh OK I don't know almost no offense in general finds something all did you and Jesse remove the rock from your house amended. Stop afterwards so I've heard that stops it so this is actually an object it well I mean my friend I don't want untouched giving things so I mean my friends. Take him back but what they did is they just took me through it into the woods they didn't actually take it back to where it was supposed to be. And I into what they did win I moved. Way is they thought it would be a really fun idea to go out finest rock and hide it in my truck when I moved back to Portland and I moved back to Portland and sure enough. There it is. And this is where I didn't sign three dollar and I freaked out I was so upset. I threw it into a blank lot that was on my street I had a house burned down on it. And it's. It was like a curse I I had bad luck after that really really really bad luck and so one day my friend I went back to find it. Couple swords enhanced because there was a bunch of Blackberry bushes there's a word just have to let these Blackberry bushes and a cop rolls out. And we tell the story and he's like as much as I appreciate what you're trained to do. If you can't do this so that the horse had rock is forever lost to time while yeah cool story. Even again even if ghosts are real close to or is really cool right. And get your press today we'll be back next week may be the blazers who have done something probably not though because well you know that's blazers. So hopefully things go well enjoy the World Cup enjoy baseball enjoy everything the rest of the week cousin into their history can cynics with. This superb.