Sports Sunday July 15th Hour 2

Sports Sunday
Sunday, July 15th
Rashad and Jesse fill in on Mike Lynch 

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends were made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots are. Joseph a look at the weekend and sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meets freed on area boundary on. Adam Scott Shannon Sharpe the football don't yeah I have aliens now you can catch TV about sixty T. Never caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I do. This is sports Sunday with a Mike Lynch. Learn. You can't he's going to move forward and you. Rude. Of you soon as the. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor okay do and I concede don't wanna be cured up here c'mon on north of Jerusalem and. On ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Okay. Our number two. Sports Sunday so in the be football Sunday. Gonna miss talking about all of these. Non sports you know of it and the timing couldn't be better though you know comes almost forceful action loose you know stopped basketball kind of stars but run around. Middle of October now something like that in October 20. But it football Sunday rolls around man and it's all football talk college or NFL. Fantasy which I'm looking forward to a thing for doormen. Think we're doing the fantasy draft again a marcher you know Leo talked to a talk to people that try to get his money please pay the bills over here I mean it's been so successful has grown every year I don't know why wouldn't do it again mr. well well. I plan do and it looks like France. As one. The World Cup is that. Is that accurate. I don't know is it oh no here watch and they're doing it their door and a celebratory. Clapping now dance so time looks like or to France defeats Croatia in the finals of the world will there you go congratulations to France. They mean. You come out on top of this news you're you're pretty dope. So. Honestly haven't watched a watched one game and I was telling him. It's cool it's a lot of running back and forth for possibly know score. So I don't know if I set I watch sixty seconds of the World Cup I'd be lying no again I am now I had. No offense they soccer fans you don't go to embers however. I'm all about watching any. Being at its pinnacle at a at its best like I can understand watching the World Cup David still probably bore me but I can. I can understand like watching especially. In the elimination phase of that of the bracket not. Now warriors do in the seeding and everything the actual nomination as I could see getting excited about that by. I'm just look like I said I'm so. Put off by fifa. These these organizations. World Olympic Committee I just I'm I'm kind of done with that kind of stuff work. It should be about the sports it should be about what it is is bringing the world together and it's more about the money in Latin jazz and am just cattle that well. Either way make congratulations to France congratulations to Croatia who made it all the way. So the final of and that is a great story that is an awesome story so congratulations to both teams both countries for you know. One out there and both teams played hard the quote. Great Rasheed Wallace arm one person I have watched most of my life as a football fan. Is the great Terrell Owens. Talented yet quote unquote controversial. Wide receiver has finally. Made it into the football hall of fame arm however. In his own way of kind of spurning the hall of fame he's decided well I won't be doing my speech there and Kenton. I'm gonna do it at my school. Which is like I don't know what university chat Tennessee Chechnya the Yale University of Tennessee Chattanooga. And a lot of people are. Very. Very upset bad TO would dare. Disrespect the hall of fame by not showing up and I start with this. A hall of fame. Should apologize to TO fur and not allowing him or not putting him. In the hall of fame on the first ballot. Bears no reasonable explanation. For TO not being a first ballot hall of Famer. Not at all your tell me you know like the way he interacted with the writers. And so. They decided that he wasn't worthy of going in despite his work ethic. Despite the fact that every team TO is played for has gotten better. Every team he came to Philadelphia and one year. For whatever reason Donovan McNabb couldn't make it over that hump. Benton NFC championship game I believe three years prior and just couldn't get there he gets TO on one year in my agility and play and again. And they got all the way this boy and then he gave one of the most inspiring Super Bowl performances at a loss. That she would ever see playing on pretty much a broken ankle. And having arguably the greatest receiving game and in Super Bowl history. This is the player TO is so people are mad at him because he. That like talking to media. Medias the media is jerks his be real some and I guess some of the media now to end inaugural we can become a judge army times of the culture here called Meyers Leonard. Trash or soft or any one of those things you know never even met. Meyers Leonard just judging based off of what we see on the court will for judging what we see on the court from TO or on the field for GO. And he's been nothing short of phenomenal most of his career the last year he played with the Bengals. Getting touchdowns. But the Bengals. You serious like that's so good TO. Really really was so for him not to be voted in on the first ballot was was really disrespect him so now for the hall of fame but and then Jordy get a second year. That was a slap in the face not getting in the first year OK whatever your mad about stuff I get it I'll get in next year not getting in the second year now you're being petty. Okay this is old that's a little bit strange. So you got a guy like that. Who's a believe second all time in. Receptions and third all time. In touchdowns and if you're talking about top receivers in the NFL TO is. It can be argued he's number two vaults to number one receiver Walter I'm Jerry Rice. Let's get him out of there if he's not part of the conversation who's number two was a better conversation and there's only two guys that you would ever put in that position you know they are just. Probably Larry FitzGerald in and on. Your half right. You're half right line is I think I think Larry Fitzgerald's going to be for for me four or 45 all time. But for me it's it's TO and Randy Moss attic yet there ago I think those are the three greatest. Wide receivers. Of all time and heard TO would be at the top of his class and every single. Category. And you let guys like Marvin Harrison in who. Marvin Harrison shot some money. They need these shots and yeah yeah I'm pretty sure he did but he got hall of fame before Michael Irvin. He had something to say now margin. This is Michael Irvin we're talking about. But. He says as far as the NFL not choosing to not acknowledge. TO Durham hall of fame he says. I think is the right move but they're not saying he's not gonna have a blessed in the room they're not saying he's not gonna get his jacket they're saying we're honoring his wish. He doesn't wanna be here were dark and we're going to mention him as little as possible I think it's the right. I think he's not going to be there because. He's. Again bin feel like he's been disrespect it twice. And so why would I go and stand there and act as if I'm. Humbled to Europe from grateful for this opportunity and I'm sure TO is very grateful to be put hall of fame and be acknowledged for all of the work he's within. But at the same time up in the NFL has to understand. That. Heard they they are they messed up on this we got a text here on the birdie unity text line of the whole premise that the duke players getting in is the writers who do absolutely and I think that's the issue. Players don't get to vote people that are in the hall of fame don't get to vote. Now he's doing that the hall of fame it once you get all premium. I think it's why so I think it should be a few writers I think it's unfair of them the writers get most of yes the just say. The people that have never actually laced up there. You know their cleats at least on a college or professional level. To say that man v.s this disguised the most worthy of being in the because he was the most fun to write about and they typically have an ax to grind. In now on paid if they butted heads with you they're they're not kind of forget that when it comes voting you Linda hall of fame and and that is a problem because. He need to look past that what. There is. Not big character shouldn't be a part of that diet this is about. What this guy was on the football field and plain simple what he was on the football field is atop I wish receiver all time. On the other hand in very rarely do. Players get in on the first ballot let alone receivers so I I understand why didn't get in an Indy to here weights not the longest wait of all time at the same time. I mean we had this conversation last year why you wasn't he voted in. And Marvin Harrison was voted in the first time in TO Wesley weight wise like that makes no sense in my gee this is an oath. Martin. Michael Irvin as one of the greatest receivers of all time but I think receivers the one position where there's a lot of jealousy and there's a lot of resentment towards you know other guys just because they feel like day. Maybe don't get shy Michel Michael herb is when the race he was ever and we never talk about him as being a top five guy I don't. I mean aren't we knowing these towns instill but I think there's still some diva there with a lot of the receipt receivers and retired two receivers through history. All right coming up next man Jimmy buckets turned down a 110 million in four years. To stay. With the Minnesota Timberwolves what does that mean for the blazers we'll talk about that we come back right here sports Sunday on the. May first born. This is sports Sunday where it might get richer on Kennedy spend. Then seventeen. Sunday morning beautiful Sunday morning as a lookout the window. To the beautiful lamb and forgive forget what they're always talking about with the who filled Willamette amendments or assist them drone shade meant yes who filled. Yes definitely but. No don't ask don't go. To school him. Pitchers feed him on a nice. Blue part it's not as poop filled in the summer because we don't have all the rain which makes all of that. You know waste system overflow into the river so. Not a group old rule. It's not. Jimmy Butler. Jimmy buckets as elect called. Just decline in a four year 100 million dollar. Extension. From the Minnesota Timberwolves now I think most people if you've been following along. You know Jimmy Butler has had some aspirations to play in New York. Kyra Irving who I think might be the softest player and the NBA. Next Kevin Durant. He wants to go play in New York as well. New York Knicks probably the worst ran franchise in all of sports. And that includes teams like. The browns. That includes teams like. On the world's been pretty terrible the Marlins. Right I think the knicks are a top tier terrible team. You know for Ortiz top tier terrible team that's with the next. And but the debt hasn't stopped Jimmy bucks wanna go there he's declined his four year option. That makes him long or are free agent next year. To go out there and get some big money but that means there's one year on his contract where. You've got some action there. The blazers are seemingly still and that talks. You know you still hear the name when you mentioned quietly. At least a little maybe not a whole lot but. The blazers at least amongst blazer fans quiet later it's still. Very much an option for the true. I don't think wise wanna. To me if he gets traded I don't think public is going to trade him in the Western Conference I think they'll be tree which rated. Somewhere out east and somewhere in my cruising is or something like that is coming. To the next. So. I don't think that's gonna happen to me Butler though. Again I'll think it's kind of happen either I think the blazers. You have an asset and CJ McCollum. And you know you have that asset and I think when you go out and we ovals guards. You're sending a message to blazer fans and otherwise I think we all kind of new. That something was coming down the pipe was CJ McCollum the minute you got enter every Simon's. With a 24 overall pick and then one mountain got Gary trained junior in the second round you kinda knew that they were gonna make a there was going to be shipped. In the guard position. Simons is said to be. The future of Portland a building block in which they wanna use. Two two progresses they get ready to move forward. What does that mean for CJ McCollum. I've I think it's clear that he stills he's that a little money a little time what is on his buildings he just got another what two years. Yet thanks to two years. So. You haven't been credit his there's been been involved in a lot of trade rumors for the past. Couple of seasons guys like that don't typically sticker. After your name has been involved in a couple trades you feel little dis respected and you get ready make your own moves. I think CJ McCollum might be at that point to where whose name has been involved too much so when and if it's time to get some money. I mean I know he can get the most as a blazer book. Would really surprise you is if it's for whatever reason they can't work a deal out. If he can remains on the blazers roster until his deal expires which shocked UP decide to leave it wouldn't shock me at all. Three warriors three more years okay. So I am now in that case I can understood at. If if you don't talk trade after this conceiving a field gonna have trade talks. Associated with CJ throughout the rest of his contract is no he's definitely. Not coming back so. But at depth but you do have an option with CJ McCollum and looks like the timberwolves are looking for. Some longevity. And their from Jimmy Butler he's not going to give it to CJ McCollum has three years left on his contract. That something that the blazers could possibly work out but is Jimmy Butler players that if you're blazers fan you would actually want on your team. We do know he can be a bit about it. We know he can be hard to work with yet issues in Chicago. He's had some issues in Minnesota he doesn't get along with Carla from towns and Carl if you count seems like one of the nicest guys you can. But you know we could be roaming could be. Just all an actor whatever the case but we do know that Jimmy Butler is kind of developed a reputation. As a bit of as a bit of a locker room cancer. Do you trade. That I guess. That cohesiveness. That the blazers had four player like Jimmy Butler I say that cohesion has gotten you nowhere at this point. It's got you the first round of the playoffs from most of which was on the back of Damian Miller playing some of the most minutes totally. Do you give. Some of that cohesion up for. Which you which your shirt is going to be a problem but. There's a chance you can get the sector around and beyond with a player like Jimmy buckets of. I mentioned it earlier you have to at this point. Were not point your you're not getting a good draft it here you're too good to get a good draft pick your not good to truly compete in the playoffs year. You're in purgatory. You can do two things. You can just tank. Which Portland has proved they're not willing to do because they have that opportunity two years ago in the Jason Taylor draft. Had a chance to go out there and get possibly a guy like Jason Tate coming you chose not to go get bumped in the first round of the playoffs. So you're not gonna do that. Yeah one other option. You've got to make a trade because you're not gonna get the draft picks you're not gonna sign a free agent. That gives you one option a trade in you can only do one thing you can. You can upgrade and that means sending an asset like CJ Hoosier only true asset that is coveted around the league that you should be willing to give up. And you should be able to go CJ. Anybody other than their kitchen game. Ford Jimmy buckets for coli Leonard. We'll give you whatever draft the you know the next 21 round draft picks that uniqueness or once again. You should be good enough those draft picks don't really truly matter. And go make a deal goes swing for the fences and Entrust that dame can talk one of these guys in the end their year. For a whole season and convince him to stay the way Westbrook did in OKC. With PG thirteen is day. You really don't have a personality that we keep saying that you know dame should be able to go and talk to these guys get the mistake like is she really that type of life. You know. That live wires and where he can go out there and just make someone come. And and and play here like I don't know if she's I haven't haven't encountered name a few times is seen he's a real chill dude he's a really doesn't seem like a recruiter. You know to me you know as far as a guy that would actually go out of his way to say hey man. May she come here you troops should come see what's. But we know he's been on the phone we know he's been texting to guys who only do we know guys around the league respect them and we also know he is the leader of this team I I don't know. What more it takes other than being then having the respect of your peers wage. Eight. This is a guy that doesn't go on play this is the guy that's. Involved in the community around Portland he's a guy that is one of the best at his craft in the league. There is a guy that has the respect from guys like a Jimmy Butler coli Leonard. And so when he sits down has these conversations a lot easier to commit somebody face to face when yours we nearest teammate. Battling with them year round. To stay. Then to say hey man think about what would be if you came in signed with us and free agency win we just know nobody ever comes to Portland in free agency we've seen. People stay after they've come via a trade. At Marcus Camby stated though we trade him away eventually but he chose to stay. We've we've seen that. Net now we need to do that at the next level we need to go and get a guy that can really make us competitive in the west and eight you're not gonna do that without giving up NASA like CJ. No you're you're definitely not we got a texture of the very muted its excellent CJ as warmer current game. I don't know that to be the case I know what CJ has been doing he's been selling himself he's been selling Portland in a CJ is on the media circuit this is what he wants to do when his career. Eventually ends and he's doing work now on some local radio stations here in Portland. So CJ is one of those guys it's really. And the community in doing some of those things he seems like he's doing a great job of trying to sell portly only thing is. And as you might be doing that to his detriment at this point because. You know he if they affair affairs and wanna go and we know pit LB CJ. That's for well they end don't ask what whether CJ is which has a better recruiter not news that has nothing to deal with it because. You have a couple guys on this roster. That are good enough to be able to trade an upgrade to a guy like a Butler acquire Leonard. And only one of those guys. Should be. Beat the franchise should be willing to trade in that CJ and whether he's better recruiting and game that's beyond the point like. It what I said earlier of him having the respect around the league him being a great player and him being somebody that has. As well and actively trying to recruit are seizing getting people to Portland. You still have that day so and you still have a a better player and you still have the heart soul and leader of your team. When you keep a guy like game you don't necessarily lose all of that when you trade a guy like CJ. Yes very true so. The blazers have options right now with guys like Jimmy Butler still be on workers still couple chess pieces on the board took her to come off. Will see what happens in free agency over the next few days okay coming up man hater love it. Me verses mean we're gonna see who wins coming up next the first Jesse has sports. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday with the Mike every shot on 1080 friends. 1033. They've left it on the fans. I was I you know I still like this segment you know after all this time it's still fun so it's a little different without anybody to go back and forth with. I'll go back and forth pretty just get the WOK well I can I'll have a ticket W now we know he'll take the W and you know I love W so okay we'll shoot. Let's go holy Moly Utah Memphis as the high scoring camera out the bad. I was just look NN it was 33 announced 95 like thirty seconds later girl crazy in summer league this. Want me to see vs the two point seven seat of the things the Hummer Opel with it if she's we've used act act act. When you see her confinement somewhere. I believe it is let me check out on the guiding here as 728 years ago. Ass every down to just summer league basketball. Tight it's. Tight game right now and acting class I used South Africa. All right so let's get to this him. We'll stick with some some really great they were targets are relaying vets some early action we got some. Some star is one of the big moves in the NBA draft. Was Atlanta. Moving up training wind but Dallas Mavericks to get trio of for young thought to. Like indexes staff hurry because services. Crazy distance shooting threes. Recently heard of some experts like anymore to Steve Nash. Had a rough start. To his summer league but the last couple games. Has been on fire. From three point range and believe he had seven for fifteen and is as last game. From three's. Or ten point four points in the game so basically all this. His contribution on the scoreboard coming from behind the three point line well okay. Ray young. Despite being likened to staff curry and Steve Nash. When not being nothing more than it ancillary piece in the NBA. Love. Like I look it's very young and the good shooters. If nothing else you know Osce an undersized guys who do choose not his big even as staff was you know when he was common in the league com. I see more Jimmer Fredette that I do. A big a big star and I think. You look at this kid and you think you've got a light skinned kids with a you know with a jumper and as Lehman staff curry man you know. He's more Jimmer Fredette than anything else he struggled to his first few summer league games but he's finally start to find his. His groove you know as as a as a as a shooter and everything but the mind you this is still. And some legal things that she would get to wall shots you would get arm in the summer league aren't happening you see a bunch of counts of assault putback dunk that was nasty. In the NBA more than likely. That's not going to happen with Jimmer is one of those guys are believed he lit the summer league on fire you know for a couple games at least and he was one those dues that was a big. Talking point tray young obviously coming from. Oklahoma you know there's a lot of expectation on him believe it was like the freshman of the year I heard something grisly parity at the beginning of the year when he was just incredible. College basketball's a lot different than NBA basketball it took steps curry. Even some time to really find his groove in the mind you he was good Mike almost many he came to league I don't know if the tray youngest a basketball player that stuff curry is at that point so yeah I see him being a really good piece on the team are good piece of a team. Possibly a star where our releasing him being a star like not not not in times. Yeah and I'm gonna have to agree I I think you look at a guy a news shoots a three he doesn't do much else like SNL this points. Basically came from behind the three point line. And he doesn't racked up assess he's not a big rebounder. I don't he's not. Huge on the defensive side of the the ball and it's likely. He's a seems to be a three point specialist which means seems you took him a bit higher in the draft for a guy who's a three point specialist. With that said I don't. I I don't see how he becomes anything other. Then a guy that comes in and hit some big buckets for you. I see him being like maybe do some Robert Horry stuff where he really comes in and some big moments and hit some big shots for you but he's never the star of the tendency are there too that's Ronald CMBS starved team must see him playing alongside those stars yes. So I mean. You would probably think that that was a bit of a reach them by Atlanta correct thing in Dallas most likely wins that that trade and no because you still need three point shooting in the NBA in on this NBA you still need guys that can put up shots and be able to make open threes are still think he's one of those guys. But I think it's a lot to ask him to be number thirty from the warriors because he's super special. And right there to see that. This is something I think is really interest that's probably my favorite storyline and policies and goes along with the LeBron James as the addition of Lance Stephenson. How how. The third try hits. If all of you that don't know why a Rashad has blue in the microphone time to eat you'll remember went. It in the playoffs Lance Stephenson. Lou in the bronze phase while they are getting ready to play. That was a big deal ESP and made a big deal out of it. Now they're on the same team Stephenson is a guy who. A few years ago a PG thirteen was. Look like a triple double in game type guy now since then. He's had moments but he's never been quite the same guy lover right. What LeBron James Lance Stephenson is gonna return to form. And look more like that triple double guy there in the guys in the last couple loved. I don't think you'll be the triple double guy went up. Lance Stephenson can be. A really good player he wasn't he's a LeBron James here it's like he's one of those guys that just gets in and to LeBron whose ear and didn't make it. Agencies make things harder formed by coming and that's all you can really do for guys it's like LeBron who can just do really whatever he wants whenever he wants to Lance Stephenson just irritated. Masset a Murat Iraq in your shoe. And just couldn't get it out into a bothers you still able to walk the celebrities who are things you wanna do but I gotta get rid of this rock that's what Lance Stephenson is. To LeBron he's that net at a at at a party this just in your face keeps quite fanatic. And he just keeps showing up every single time now LeBron does have to deal with that anymore now you got a real plus for the first time a bronze career he's got a good honesty he's customize not afraid. To make a stupid foul Mike Margie JR was just was a dumb don't insane Jerry that's a that's coming cannot adding I JR Smith at. He's my least fair player in the league JR could be just dumb dumb at times Pamela Stephenson is in dom let Steve since just doesn't care he just the AD doesn't. Give a F about anything he's gonna go out there and do exactly what he wants and I think LeBron need to do on his team that when things go wrong is don't step in a way meant. Back up off my teammate and I think that he's that he's straight mongering essentially not maybe not as skilled but he's a guy that. Man when you need someone to get your face needs might be that tough guy for your team and he will be the energy. That I think the lakers really need especially when LeBron so I think Lance Stephenson is going to be a very good player look for him averaged twelve points five rebounds. 445 assists a game I think that despite a solid number for player like as it. I think he's probably going to be the most underrated addition in the off season this is a guy today as I think mum. Under a guy like LeBron James is going to have that fire that he had a few years ago. Let's remember that that team. That Indiana team legit had a chance to take down Cleveland valid eight era learned. See Danny Granger and company man that was a good squads that were right there that Lance and Lance Stephenson was a huge part of that not not the like he had a guy like PG thirteen and we are talked about PG thirteen kind of the way we are talking about client now where he's like he's the second best two way player in the league there's the guy that it is a LeBron stopper and and that is so. You have this team and he'd. Thrived in that environment that team as quickly blown out. He's never been the same guy I I know you get them. Next to a guy who wins two breeds. Winning and LeBron James. That's gonna bring all that confidence back that's gonna bring them bad boy Lance Stephenson back and I think. I agree I don't think he's going to be a triple double cut type of guy but he's coming closer to that many as what he's been the last couple years now smooth as can be reinvented Lance Stephenson an ally. One more quick one. This I think is interesting Isiah Thomas signed to a kind of approve a deal with Denver Nuggets he had eat. Had season last year coming off that hip injury I'm still kind of not quite the same playing on a veteran minimum deal love or hate it. IT comes back and has a respectable season for the nugget. It's healthy. Is still so I've. I had a lot of things probably healthier than it was last year I don't know how healthy he is but he's in a place that I think wants him. Well if he's healthy that I love it you know if he's healthy then my cheek is easily one of those guys and put up. 1922. Points a game you know and that's that's easy to me so. If he's healthy and absolutely love it if he still struggling with that have you can't be five foot ten and injured in the India it doesn't work you gotta be one. Or the other. And when he's hurt you see how much of help he is not any one of the teams that he's on. When he's not hurt him when he's healthy like he was a big part of that Phoenix Suns team what they were able to do. For the short time that he was there he was a huge part of clearly of what the Celtics were able to do that season and that was really his best season today and the best season by anyone and under six feet. In the history of the NBA so he's a guy who can light up scoreboard if he's healthy yes Isiah Thomas is one of those whose votes when he scored the game if he is not. He's going to be just another chancellor part on the nuggets team still I think this is a great. Place for Isiah Thomas kind of making a quote unquote come back he's still young. But coming off of can't I short off season naming him he. Played all the way through the Eastern Conference finals with the Boston Celtics the year before so all that extra basketball. Short off season comes back last year. Had a plea for a couple new teams in Cleveland in the lakers and a new coach is and still dealing with and it with a injury obviously. Didn't have. That playoff experience last year more time the rehab gets to come into a place where they're gonna use them off the bench use them more what they want him to be and that's a scoring threat. And probably more of a situation like what bogey cousins. Is where they probably are. If he's not ready at the beginning of the season and I'm probably gonna push it no the wait until he's ready to come in and be a troop contribution to this team because Denver is one of those teams that was real close last year. They just miss the playoffs they were they were a couple games away from the same record as Portland. And so you can at a guy like Isiah Thomas and give him a while he was maybe 85% of what it was two years ago. That's the type of guy that can push you over the edge and it it's it's the perfect type of relationship for both Denver. And Isiah Thomas gives him opportunity auriemma and his career it gives Denver an opportunity to get a guy. And push them over the edge and get him in the playoffs so I think it's. 1012 points isn't out of the realm of possibility for him. I don't think did they'd sign that he couldn't pass a physical so I got back on for it there yeah. We don't want. IAE. Rashad UN and I actually gave out a few points that they were often you sell and I appreciated well coming up next. Sports. Writer on the for. Weekend sports with a different. This is sports Sunday we'll Mike every shot on 1080. A man. Final segment. On today's sports Sunday. Thanks to the to the text policemen we were able to. Make a little bit of correction it was not. Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadal actually lost just in Novak Djokovic my dad and Novak Djokovic is the winner of the 2018. Wimbledon. Permit titled yeah yeah. He won and that is sweeping Kevin Anderson. For his fourth Wimbledon title so congratulations. Novak Djokovic. You know old school about mentos and this is you know. More than any other sport. Did this is the ultimate. Passing of the guard or passing the torch. Sport. Tenet men's tennis is you know women's tennis is ran by a star and at a point it was multiple stars in Venus and Serena but for the most part. Just Serena is the but the face of women's tennis. But for men's tennis however. Since I've been a kid I've been able to written with these these. These kind of passing of the guard type of situation. You know where. I saw Andre Agassi getting beaten by Pete Sampras you know and pretty much Pete Sampras became. The best tennis player in the world and then. I saw Roger Federer. Beat up on Pete Sampras and become the best tennis player in the world you know and then I've seen. This Raphael Nadal you know beat Federer and become the guys so there's this. Constant passing of the guard that you see in this is really the only sport that I think you'll see this it. But you'll have repeat champions we've seen the same 56 franchises. Be NBA champions over the past. You know thirty years the cavaliers are like the only. Well one time cavaliers and what the mavericks are the only champions that have only won once in that whole stretch you know since what eighty. 83. You know when the sixers won and then since then it's been lakers bulls Celtics. Pistons. Rockets. You know those have been the only squads that have really been able whereabouts I was two tennis however you know it's really cool did you get a chance to see. Man these guys pass the torch not think that's the the one really really cool poem instance I can't watch it otherwise I prefer to watch Winston. That's one of the few sports that I would actually much rather watch the women in the. I honestly camera last summer Los tense match. As. Not for me it that. Zotero especially like six hours yesterday something like the hey are you kidding me. Well I mean this there's baseball games they're going to like eighteenth innings gamma and stops every beer after the seventh like I think I'm leaving my Villanova at stake. They act I am I I'm all for. Go and until he got a letter like I mean that's one of my problems with. With soccer I just just go just keep going guys may yet happen idol winner. Don't net I'm if you have to do penalty kicks but I mean you should never and and drop know how to do that. I think that's silly but six hours. I can't forget about Maria Sharapova she was a good story and were arrival of Serena yes she wasn't super. Who's who's the other one that was suits wasn't as she wasn't good that you super Campbell who was. Tennis player. Their share Poland was actually good and then there is someone else who is. Just actually. And I can't really remember where names which I know she doesn't. Was a winner the blazers may win the championship this year who would have thought the world summer league better than a kick in the mugs and that's on the better you today tech's linemen it's actually true the blazers actually might get a championship. Be the first time in awhile arm I think they've won summer league once before punting game was the summer league MVP. So. Wave Baldwin summer league MVP. Question. You know Lucy. I'd be okay if that you know with. And a corner cold that's what I was asked about the Seau had to step up his lanky so mustard gas yes and a corner called super hot. I don't really really remember ever winning a match though. I'm sure she did and I'm sure if she played me in tennis she would demolish me. In straight sets officer on the go ever get a chance the to the ball back to her. So yes man she was super super hopper women's tennis has been meant Serena has just such chokehold. On that like she came back from being pregnant and damn near made it back to the final from him. Kournikova won Grand Slam titles and 99 and 2002. In Australia. That's cool WTA championships in 992000. Schools long time ago to thousands of yeah it was a while ago I mean she retired. She still. She corner com articles like Andy Roddick of women's tennis like. She uses the kind of one and Mike that's what all of them in I think she married Brooklyn Decker so meant shot out and erotic her. For that one. But Pia army Arnold. I don't really know what it. I don't know much about like hum is not an act like I know anything about men's tennis are really don't wash are really only watch the finals for the most part and I missed the Wimbledon final. It was this morning sometimes more like eight hours ahead. So I missed that put mania shot out to. Novak Djokovic meant for Megan and happened yet again be Raphael Nadal now think she's going to be the guy for the next. 52. You know seven years for tennis and then there will be a new guy there's an American kid. A black dude our member's name but I think he's supposed to be. The next guy so we'll see if his career. Kind of pans out he didn't get a chance mango and go to are you to go face from where we watch videos. And check out Pacman Jones beat Somalia and airport. So we kind of teased earlier and so we have to pac man that had fights this weekend. Both of them one. Both of my tko. One of them won a championship I think the other ones probably going to jail so. That's how those fights were couple last night Manny Pacquiao won in the seventh round tko. Against. Whomever the job where he was that he was fighting against no one really cares about boxing anymore unless we may. Well that's gonna do it for today. I want everybody go out there and enjoy your Sunday let me know we're at let me know if they don't get me at tailor made 503. At Jesse Osmond he's always responds on his Twitter. On which will be back next week sober group will all be here. Hopefully we have a guess those supposed to have won today he's in Vegas for the summer league doing his job so maybe next week will be of little wore down. And ask them questions so we'll hopefully see you guys next week. For Jesse doesn't armour shot Taylor based. This is put. The.