Sports Sunday August 5th Hour 2

Sports Sunday
Sunday, August 5th
AFC NFC east preview and hate it or love it

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends where made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots. Joseph a look at the weekend and sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber everyone meets free guns area boundary on. Adams. Your sharp the football done. Yeah I'll have Haley is now you can catch TV about sixty team. Never caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I'd do. This is sports Sunday which Mike Lynch. Overwhelmed. You can't he's groomed. Form and you. Rude. Of you seemed his for the. Yes. Where image and Rashad Taylor okay do that I can see you don't wanna be cured up here component on north of Jerusalem and. On ESPN Sports Radio 1080. Okay. Our troops here are your odds for Sunday. I just a reminder we we announced this earlier in the show we now have the data text Greg. The fantasy football draft is back. It is going to be on Wednesday. August 22 at 6 PM we are not sure the location yet. But we have been doing two leagues the last couple years. And day if you would like to be involved. In either league mine are shots. Text into the better you today attacks on five countries are five with your email address. In your first and last amoral as you to list and you'll reach out to you guys lethal beliefs so pure interest in. Again Barry to attacks on pop opera five sinister email that's your first and last name the key is you have to be able to go. You have to be able to go on our sorry second Wednesday at 6 o'clock. To draft. Bring a laptop with you with him in person grapple reader on the laptop. And that'll be. 21 stipulation so make she can go pretty please. Let's continue our NFL. Preview of we are certainly in the east this week which talks and patriots last segment. Hello slide down the AFC slightly TU. Two teams who have drafted rookie quarterbacks. And two teams who if the patriots. Have Tom Murray retired Bill Belichick retired could overtake them. And to me that's the jets in the bills and can't ignore the dolphins because I'm not really sure what the dolphins plan at this. An earlier one storyline behind the dolphins. Out of ten l.s back here and I guess he's the starter but he's never been healthy and he's always been kinda did become an anchor to. I don't really understand the dolphins are doing but. I'm really excited about the jets behind Sam Arnold. He just signed his rookie deal finally. He's back into training camp now. And out of all the quarterbacks who were drafted this year he's the guy I think is gonna have the most success in the NFL. Come out of the baker may fields Josh Allen Josh hers and Mark Jackson and Sam Arnold group I think it's in Charlotte's gonna the most success in the NFL. And Qaeda there's something in me that thinks he might be special he might be. College that first due for some seem players like the to Shawn Watson feeling of last year Ehrlich won't risk as really get it. And we didn't they using to be quite this good that's kind of how I feel. He's going to be with the jets and the jets have not been not good for awhile they have not had the best talent on either side of the ball for awhile. But like I said last segment if you got your quarterback a lot of other stuff goes way. Back guys able to win games by himself and I think that send Arnold's us embrace embassy employee. This year whenever that is. I think Sam Arnold is really good I think there's still some things that you know as a quarterback he had passed a work now like. The camping in my capacity your quarterback guru but it is still have accountable weird relief and he. He does have a little Brett Favre him and sometimes the bad Brett Favre but one that rose into double and triple coverage you know Brett Favre so. If your. Jets fan I think she really excited about this young guy because he he is a and he's a gunslinger you know he's he's one of those guys who wants to go out there and try as best to make a play if you Washington USC than you know. How good he was my issue is a wonder how defensive minded Todd Bowles it is what he's put around. Sam Arnold can help them be successful. You talk about hot seats. And is is hot right now to like there was a lot of expectations and troubles come in and a couple of years ago to really take this jets team to the next level on I think he had that first. Goodyear with the you know and when the jets had. Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall and they broke the receiving touchdowns in the season for for the jets and everything that was really promising year than last year it is kind of fell. Flattering their face and so what are you gonna do with this young this is you don't wanna have a browns to nation to where. You've you've got this young quarterback and no way to groom him to be great and he could end up looking really really Jay-Z if they don't do everything in the power of nature that they develop its young that's that's my only thing right now. When players go to defense of minded coaches like how you get alerts. When you look at although rookie quarterbacks that went to. Offensive minded coaches and people knew they were doing it what do you know they end up writing exploration you know so what is what are they gonna do with Sam that's that's. We'll do the younger receiver robbery Anderson who although. Been in trouble once or twice not most consistent he was really did last year. And I mean I blame this is the key is lot of teams is going to be down how to draft. Because of their gonna get in the league quarterback in Sam Arnold early stage a top. Good quarterback can send Arnold testament to put a team around him there's only so much ability by himself that I'd I'd I say I think. A great quarterback by themselves can add 45 wins but you need other other talent around Jeanie to defense they'll stop him or team and their defense has been. Fading in recent years but they also drafted some some guys recently in May. You know drop the two models of their first pick plastered LSU safety in me got you remain Johnson has an unrestricted free agent this year. After the rams coach and as a corner see other doing some things on the defensive side of the ball. That our. It's gonna help may also got horse Claiborne if you remember from the cowboys I was an undrafted free agent so that they're adding good players that they Kim. Hope to build around there I just think that bill they're the team in my opinion. That jumps the patriots when bell second pretty. Fast the team. As much as the bills. Which is I like pills and do you like the bills. Why don't we say on the show I would a went Syracuse lot of my good friends mirror bills fans like kind of got a soft spot for them. I don't trust the trust the way adults. Who insert intimate Mets in Madrid team dropping Josh Allen. And maybe he'll be good but I think he's the worst of the five quarter wreck strapped in the first round this year. Currently behind AJ McCarron. They've got Shawn McCoy of maybe he beat his girl really badly price shouldn't be on the team anymore that was the case. I don't I don't know and leave the bills just British volatile mix it. And their deal with some you know some changes on defense in you've. May be shady really beat up his girl. That vastly he's got his legal situation. If you ever needed to star right now. This is the time mr. buffalo. And that's where you insert Josh down like maybe. As well week we don't say I don't think it's agent here and I think he played well for his time that he can't come and play. For the Bengals but for the most part of the AJ McCarron it's going to be that star that he was Alabama. Josh Allen however man has his checks every box for the most part. So will see if he's able to go out there with you know with with some of those receivers some of those weapons that. But buffalo has you know and this is assuming that shady is they will play her for this season. You've got some weapons that are in Charles plays he's still yet he's still there I think they'd days we'll let you see. Trust but is it a terror. But for the eight kids he plays every scene is just. Terrible you know they're scored touchdowns for a oh my gosh like I've that you're number one can't run all the routes he's just there is not a prototypical number one means big but. Kind of lumbering only slow doldrums in the act elementary in. That the guy you drafted last a terrorist name right now Rosie Jones day Jones there we go had one brilliant game and then everything else was a total disaster for his rookie season. Might you just. Well. What are you giving Josh Allen the work quit if you brought them out there are you giving him a lot of sacks. I mean and AJ McCarron what are you thinking signing with this team like there's literally nothing to throw the ball to I've. I guess he could just keep peppering elementary disease gigantic that's one thing you got on forming or you're number one receivers gigantic and then for that respect he's typically on this huge loans to the reds on you should have a by. That this team is. A mass going into. The regular season once again with all those shady McCoy situation. Kelvin Benjamin call an out Cam Newton in the Panthers and I wish I never was drafted by am. I'm sorry but you know I. You have a decent run there in Carolina you couldn't stay healthy in Carolina another guy I think can't stay healthy there and and buffalo my knee issues basically since he came in Italy. Philadelphia's mess. Brett coming up next let's switch to the NFC east. How good. Are the Eagles just how filthy there's the seals team that's next here on. Weekend sports with a difference. This is a sports sundin with Mike Henry show. On 1080. France in the NFC is there a couple of teams Yury. Stretch above the rest. You've got to Philadelphia Eagles. At the Minnesota Vikings. At the Los Angeles rams. Think that says during those three in my opinion are basically the only teams in the NFC. And as much as I love the rams and we'll talk about them as much like the vikings. I think this Eagles team is built. To destroy. The NFL this year. They they have perfectly. Worked their salary cap or they have a ton of good young players and are controllable for mobile deals. They've got. As long as she can come back whose injury. Effectively. Do you best young quarterback. Carson went. They've got great receivers are gonna solve offensive line they agreed defense. I don't I don't see how and there are no easy division in my opinion in the NFC east. I don't see how he Eagles. Don't make it BSE telling him this year. Billy OS it is of Carson Wentz just doesn't return to form and get or gets hurt again that's the only way acts expose by I think this team is. Basically issue and to make it to the NFC championship game. That's how good having vehicles are that's how well bill I think this team. Amid got these guys on deals like they're not. When the deals are out then that's when new bid team you'll have to make decisions but for now for I think a couple more years thirst that are solid. I like the Eagles. I'm supposed to hate them because of all pats fan but I. This team he says their top to bottom. Here among the best in the league. The Eagles like that you mentioned the rams. That that I think the other NFC team you might have missed his new world it's nothing New Orleans has it is the potential to be. One of those top three top four teams in Tennessee this year however I'm with you I think Philadelphia is going back to the Super Bowl. I just don't see especially wants Carson when it's actually comes back if not you've seen nick Folsom knows the offense enough and knows how to go out there and run it. We we've tend to forget that he's had a lot of success in Philadelphia prior. So being the backup to Carson wins you know here's a guy who went what was thirteen and you know route through elect when he's eight touchdowns and one pick. You know his his second year rookie year whatever wasn't Chip Kelly so he's had success in the NFL so he knows. How to be I guess the leader of the team I guess mighty. My question is. Because it's still such a young team will they be able to bounce back from winning this sometime we've seen that. Be an issue for guys that come out and had this great season. And then they just can't capitalize on it because everybody's got a number at this point. Last year for Eagles nobody was really check in for you know they start the season six and 07 and oh. And then you had everyone's attention well this year. Everybody circled your name on the schedule they know Richard coming in there's going to be no surprise for a lot of those guys so. Will they be able to have the same success I think they'll still be good will they go thirteen and three again probably not but I do see. 011 and eleven so eleven and five are twelve in four like I think that's a good number I think thirteen in three. Is really asking a lot of this still really young team. To be honest I could see them going for Tim threw him because. Beautiful season night do you consider what you want about a beautiful season. In small wooden Sproles he got a perfect complementary. Ran back by committee if you wanna use it like Valerie got the power guys get the speed guy you get past catching guy. All working together as low again injuries of course can derail any of this but right now all working together to create. It perfect running back situation for them. You've got. Multiple receivers who have proven that they are effective receivers always united Mike Wallace who is a great deep threat. You know also on Jeffrey use the power possession guy who can also. Run deep routes and he finally got the break out season you're looking for at least in part from Nelson idol are the USC product that. You've now got a great receiving corps he does that hurt one of the best tight ends and leave your Iran could very easily see this being. Another thirteen and three team. And a lot of data we can we can transition to do that is the rest of the NFC east is. I'm an impressive too well but a but as I as a look at the Philadelphia scheduled this year they've got some NASA team to have their first game as. You know they have Atlanta they'll play the vikings in the play the that the jaguars in that defense to play the saints. They'll play the rams don't have a Texans like they've got some teams on here. That are that are could all make a Super Bowl run and I don't finishing in first in your division and there you go and so now you're now that you're gonna have a first place schedule. We're gonna see which if your tracks and again we've seen tons of teams. I've that's why we have to really respect what the patriots have been able to do through their through their run and also with the Seahawks were able to do through their run because there's a team that. Won their division over and over again yet and still kept making play off runs in making the robo waiter that's of their son he said. About a team can do it. Are equals in this young team this young coach are they gonna have the moxie I guess to step out there and go into New Orleans and beat that nasty defense and go into LA and beat up on the rams then play against Shawn Watson in week sixteen. And go win those are these are games that they have to win are they going to be able to beat the vikings like there's some nasty teams that they have to play against. In Los that's why I think men 11512. And four I think that's doable but that asked them to go thirteen and 314. Into I think is reaching for referred in meet. Lit this team is. The there there couple filthy teams in the league this year. Basically all of them are in the NFC. You know that they bear just high powered offense they're not high powered defense they're just a well balanced high powered team. And now Philadelphia Eagles LA rams a pulpit that the saints in America. Teams he just don't wanna face. Don't forget the bike and the vikings are in there for sure I have to put on you know sit there is exactly and it's 00 all these teams have a tough schedule I don't see him having the exact same years last year is it last year was. When these teams played each other it was kind of a round Robin situation. And none of these usually dominated each other so. Phillies. Running that. That more college like system is different than most teams run in the NFL they've had an entire season an entire offseason to look over this film. I think it's still going to be super high power there's too many weapons there to stop that but I think it can be slowed down I think they're there are things other teams. Can do. To get one over on the Philadelphia Eagles they got a tough schedule and it just doesn't happen back to back so I think they're gonna be a top team in the NFC east they. MC championship gamer. Buying for it but in the end probably put him in there at eleven to twelve points like that they think they drop back a gamer too soon and it sees that doesn't. Because we're saying is not the best. Bomb out of three we haven't discussed Dallas new York and Washington. Will agree the worst is trying to rescue right now yeah. Yeah. Alex Smith is not as good as. Kirk cousins I mean he is good to and he will do a fine job but he's not as did but the rest of that team missed. A complete garbage hit it's a Sar Redskins fans and have a tough season has the I think the giants of the Redskins this year for one reason they got a running back they got the call Barkley who by all accounts is going to be an absolute beast. Who might be better than wonder for now wasn't his first year and no for an act up hurt for biz while the number Fredette burst on the scene. In Jacksonville and I I was so wrong about that I thought he was in a sock. He was great adding Barkley is just got much better the giants' biggest issue the last few years. Has been a complete and utter lack of running game and in injuries. They got a little Beckham back. He is at training camp now. And they've got an elite rookie running back and on Berkeley I think the giants have been much better this year definitely is Dallas Cowboys to. You know as long as guys stay out of trouble stay healthy they'll be fine I'm in their super great. Ellis is usually it's awesome bill allele as I would say on dot Prescott's got to prove from me. Consistently now and his first year was very good a second year was not so good. On the so got a great offensive line one of the best in the league so that'll help of course but their defense is not super gray in my opinion. In the wide receiver corps is definitely not good in my opinion so this. They're they're then the giants and you're going to be back at me in the range like real we see Unionists he used in any directions are gonna be like if three entertainers and yet I think the giants have potential to be the second best team in the NFC east this year. You really saw what not have an Oda Beckham junior on the field did for them it changed their entire. Office if you thought they never run game before he really didn't have anything after. Oh BJ. Kind of won out. They got tae Kwon Barkley and by all accounts everything option camp or from. Reading about camp he he's looked good he's definitely look the part I think you're finally get a point two years. I think the start to try to put things around. That hasn't happened on office you'd never really had agree receiving corps unit really had a great run game I think you know Tiki Barber was his last. Really really dude alone running back so. I think this team has the potential to Thabeet to be much better for your printed oaks usually Brandon Jacobs can appreciate about him. I'm with you I think Washington is going to be pretty dead washed and they. While they bring back a couple key dudes on defense they also have like that like the worst run game run stopping defense and the league last year that's definitely a problem Alex Smith is not better than Kirk cousins we've talked about that on the show. You know again you got Josh Norman you guys act brown in Ryan Carey like you've got some guys on defense. But again you could stop anybody can stop the run last year so this is going to be. A really really tough year for. Washington fans. Blood and then there's those those good old cowboys America's other. And odds. At a shot countless I think they'll be better are there is others the other there the other team you know make of the most Americans it's. I mean this is this is program blue collar on that stuff it's not. To say. Dallas is a mess I was a mess you know but I think they can. They've got. Back it is a huge they've been there you go as well as a sale last year with without Z for a couple games. They're still over the nine and seven and so this is a team they've given their star running back behind that offensive line. Behind act press got who. Even though he's says silly stuff on your season he can still be an okay. Quarterback so. I mean I think they can be a little better at Allen turns you know this season who. Could be good could be could be trash we don't know yet but I'm. I think Dallas could be second or third those in this NFC's but overall I think we go agreement that the team to be this Philadelphia in this. So these are Philly and new England and everybody that's kind of how it is. So next week I don't actually what are you what are you gonna preview next wasted decisions or you don't she move. Will probably try to find who post Ers. But I think we're gonna go move signals the south's. This golf via the self. I suppose that aren't so Ana CAC south can and an excellent LaMarcus orient new. Little New Orleans things chatter. About Carolina Panthers in the as well. And the Texans don't print and I'm gonna forget about the Texans while this year because they have not been good for a bit. But I can't lawless how often sell it on TV is on the not gonna forget about the Texan we Texans have. They've still got dizzy watts who's coming back this year they played well last year without. JJ watt in the mix. Did staving clowning finally looks like the guy that should have been the number that was number one overall pick. Like all of a sudden this team looks like they can be. They can they can do some had a killer receiving corps last year before the quarterback went down into Texans are easily the best team miss so and Angela is playing yemen's interest and then luck is back after the next weeks and issued two men. Coming up next we've got heated a lot of the first just has got sports. We can tailor made for sports. This is sports Sunday when Mike Skinner is jive talk Kennedy but I. You know better music means it's time for hitter love it. I believe I did win last week so different changes to choosing when you're two gunmen in a second attempt something. Do you know the worst of the song. He Arkansas. Let's hear. Six. Paid. You know not stop my head I'm not who didn't do anything. And be meat I'm perhaps MVP so much close. Yeah that's I I used to listen to this. I'll mole lots out of my front would have been able to recall better. But none are now some so that is to. Grant we already returned it. Love this album. An angry. But it's not the Mets census there documentary ground and I guess I should probably bring up the points on our little page over here so liking. Dish out them points. Do you guys. Now we need lots of points. I'm can even find it my screen when blacks like you know how I was just let's say he went home. Now I'm. His wife I don't know what it's gone all right enough of them aren't gritty Iraq a role okay I'm start off it we're we're gonna do NFL the day it's just that and apple have shown is gonna go that way probably from here on out I know you are quite excited about that time pretty. Pretty stoked. Let's see here looks dark wind something that would bring out front up on the morning roast this. This this morning by a jets report camera's name off the top my head I just heard it and then saying it lost its. So it was he had this to say about the jets. And the coming seasons. And that's. And it will. Yes I agree with that I don't think getting what we are predicting gloom and do last year like wanted to keep it 119. I think there's definitely more talented than that right now. I've seen about a seven week he'd you know it if everything goes right in the quarterback position produces. At a high level you know they could be in the playoff conversation but. Playoff conversation. Love or hate. The New York Jets have done enough not season to become. A contender for the playoffs the season. A week. I'm sure as a trying to get there. Yeah I don't know I guess I would still you know I was still kind of hate it. I really don't know what they did this off season who they had this team outside of Sam Arnold I know they got some bug guys do when data and in the from Ivy League their front office now. So I think there's there's been some. Some some numbers currents are gonna guess that it went a few more games last year we thought the jets were going to be awful. I think we we said that they were gonna be tanking and the season started with them winning a few games and completely ignoring. The whole tank in that they were going about. Then they went ahead and got Sam Arnold and I think that might change a lot for them depending on how topples is able to use them I'm not sure I think out as a look at their schedule yes let's see them they can actually be a very good team that if they got. The first few games or is the lions dolphins and brown so that could be a two and one start and then they play the jaguars. Broncos colts you know so that there could be about four wins to start their season was to be a really good thing. For this young team from this you know presumably presumably we're thinking of Sam Donald's going to be. The starter for this team this season ends on a pretty tough to know for them haven't played. The patriots the Texans the Packers you know a couple times so that might become obvious our point for the most for I think the jets can be open to better and they were. I'm gonna say he because I don't think they're gonna be if playoff contender this year although I did in there will be improved as we discussed last segment. The scheduling for shots and at the end is a little bit tougher. And do some decent teams in the schedule number they have to play the patriots twice to wrap for the taxes they got the Packers they're gonna have some tough games America. Did the reason I say no to the playoff aspect of it. Is interestingly enough as much as we have. Laughter this division the last few years the AFC south. I think is gonna be really inching division for wild card potential teams you have a healthy Andrew Luck you've got the Texans with a Shawn Watson. You've job market Spurrier to one more year further follower of the new head coach who hopefully won't use him in an offensive way. Event that fits him better under my Crable and and don't forget you have to journalists who have one of the best about the best defense in the kind of fell. I think you're gonna see one of those years this year in the AFC or both wild card teams come from one division because you know who's at the top of that north. We know was at the top of the east and the west he's pretty sure you know looked at all but a much of that division is going to be super great this year. So I'll leave adjuster to contend for the playoffs just because of how strongly AFC south looks this year could better. As you that that last point as saying. Two teams and Nancy coming from one division I agree with that I think that the AFC's just such us a weak conference. And in general man that you can have one division really stand out and take both though the wild card spot. I'm moving on in hated or loved it you remember this guy named David Johnson. But do people forget about him because you got AZT lately Ian bell Todd Gurley was amazing Corey Hart came out led the league in. Rushing his rookie season and all along there was this guy. Who last year came in saying hail 1000 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving arrogant worked out broke his wrist. How is the same goal this year thousand yards rushing a thousand yards receiving lover hey David Johnson will remind everybody he's a top five back this season. And bullied all RBs in fantasy points it. I want fiercely with the sort of a double legs were hopeful bull. I'm gonna love it armed David Johnson didn't miss last season with a knee injury unions here's ACL. We didn't have a hip you know a duplex or anything like that they're really affect his ability to run the ball he had a a broken hand which absolutely will hills he's one of the best running backs catching the ball out of the backfield and that's why he was due twice hoping for a thousand yards receiving. He's also one of the best are running backs in the league and I think he's just behind. Lay beyond bell as as the top running back in the NFL at this point he's got a young quarterback in Josh Rosen what I think is going to be able to use. Use him as as a weapon especially in in the bubble screen here especially. And an actual just. Running the screen that's what's it was a really effective play for a lot of young quarterbacks so I think he can be some and they don't has also smartly you can lineup. If you decide to go five wide receivers and see if you can make plays against slower linebackers something like that so. I do think he can definitely do that. Nobody's really expecting much from the cardinals anything at this point is in the. You know it's interesting about this is a kind of wanna save both love and because there's a little double question America I. I love that he can get a thousand a thousand. I really do you I think fish he is such a talent and as long as he's healthy he's going to be the guy on the Arizona Cardinals and he's gonna take a lot of snaps in. That's a lot of passes and run the ball time. If he's healthy he'll be able to do that but I'm gonna say hate. For the number one fantasy running back because this year the running back position is top loaded with a ton of guys. Who could be amazing this year which is the first time in a while we've been able to say that about the Ryan acquisition of fantasy football. You cannot forget about lately on Belle you cannot forget about Todd Gurley and how great he was last year you cannot forget about ZQL as long as he's claiming entire season he can be a weak guy. Don't forget you have Alvin tomorrow who now doesn't having her in front of him for four games this year. Who's gonna have a sophomore season after being explosive and you're number one you have Kareem hot it was explosive in your number one last year sit com Barkley who we talked about. There's a ton of guys I'm sure I'm missing couple's well. Melvin Gordon another one who can very easily take that number one console I do not wanna give it to David Johnson immediately. Also love for the 1000000. Back seat for number one running. All right it's kind DB. As a little heads up going. Into the final round to. Rashard got a one point believed. OK. We have time to get my debate can't song let's go this was up from last week I I can add. Left to date there adds a started making a list of all my ideas and highlighting what we've done and you know that way I can come back Mimi read this I think this a little bit older story maybe something you didn't even. Hear about it is kind of an obscure story. In the NFL. Having to deal with Antonio Brown tweeting. Dez Bryant's. To comment claim Pittsburgh notices him says Bryant has contended. He hacks to play for contender. He night that's a prerequisite the other team he's really being connected to your analyst. Cleveland which I don't think anybody's gonna say is an actual contender despite the good moves they made an offseason we've seen this before with Cleveland. I hate. Eight between those to join the team in Pittsburgh. Will turn into a reality. I think if there's any franchise not name the Bengals is gonna take a chance on. Any knuckle have players I think it would be the Pittsburgh Steelers thumb the Pittsburgh Steelers have vote probably one of the few players coaches. In the entire league and Mike Tomlin Mike Tomlin we all know him to be a really loose coach and everything like that but. He's also my the players really relate to and respect very much too much to the I guess dismay of of a lot of writers and pundits and people they do it the old fashioned way you add him to this receiving corps and Pittsburgh and holy hell. All of a sudden would you usually Shuster on one side and Antonio Brown the other side. And you throw it Dez Bryant right there you name a group of corners or group of DB's that's able to match up with anything they're able to do and oh yeah Elaine Gambill still coming out of the backfield maybe catch balls for them. I think if that were a reality the Pittsburgh Steelers as we go from the top fourteen in the Aniston and they have seats and maybe the number two. Team in the AFC off top. So I think it is something that they can make happen like that there's anything that would gamble. On smile like that could be the cat is not going to be cowboys so I think it beat the Pittsburgh. I'm gonna let us love on this. As well because I think what Dez Bryant needs is a consistent quarterback and a consistent offense that makes sense. For him to be able to be a big time player again I don't know if he's ever gonna be like he was in the past. But I think not being the number one guy having Antonio Brown they're being number one guy would be very helpful for him I'm being number two from Dez Bryant's not gonna see the top corner on every single team. He's gonna be put into an offense that has a quarterback that can find him open and throw him open a lot more frequently than doc Prescott's been able to do. I ever since Tony Romo left as prime has not been good so we have to put him back for the good quarterback put him any solid team and has a pretty. Kind of a good safety and around it and a good offense around and I think he can flourish. I don't think you would flourish of the browns I think you'd be. I just on the good fit I'd I agree he has to go to a contender to find a team and as a good quarterback and I'm gonna do you want tougher shot if they get as Bryant. I think that the Steelers have been the number one team may have seen this year. To be hard to argue that number one seed over the patriots don't all of it. Our rights. Tally up everything and an English ones that. And the lower so the couple is Mike Lynch the winner is. Or Sean Taylor and her husband talking about and needed that. So Akaka can't lose again that loses of the 30 it would have been certainly you don't want next week now is on deftly when he makes me. For sure and especially from on my own if you Jessie nine yeah I'm definitely. Take the double and a oh yeah a couple cities you reading a chance talked about it and talk about the Madden and conduct well and also if you wanna do that you can fill up next some boycott Madden. And we'll talk about next right here today. Brian time will rise again soon awry in an abandoned car. You see the rest and big dance during the journalists that got shot gamble he's not dead but really now. Fit well you guys other journalists to criticize them which you don't do you know in many Wii shop and the anti Kremlin they know they faked his death. This is all good teams gets because he was good to catch up the pace of Ukraine are the guys in Ukraine yet different from the guys it's criminal gets right. Did their Saber metrics yes thanks save the guys in Canada slightly different in the guise of Washington yeah I think so to the training guys down. Found out there was a hit on the journalists to get his he didn't like he's anti Kremlin next. And so yeah. Date faked his death and today it's back in the news because they rolled him back out there like just kiddie. Omar. Weekdays 37. Sports with a sports center and Mike average job. That winning music. Big accident in Williams hosting. Who'll really us. If this is my son's favorite wrestling. Being solved remorse was everyday in the car. Little annoying but. I like it it makes it I mean you've picked you for your own Soledad and that's as it's uplifting wool army when you hear as much as I do. You would definitely understand. For those of you were gamers were much like lynch myself. Wolf I don't know from really gamer as matches I've played sports and that's pretty much where it went so you are more of an area. You you're like the basic schemer yet cool. Based yes sports games are weird and for me a lot of a lot of guys play sports yet commodity fan like mission games because when she beat two games like oh okay well so much that. Won't play again. But as far as sports games ugly season after season retired guys make new old. So that's always fun. I have not played man Maurice Lincoln bill changer in one recycling got tired of buying this add some nuances every year but usually it's something like in the keep taking stuff away like import player from. College football to man like that was groundbreaking took that away in the Moby as the cultural ball game yet and yet he's old album those before they took what college football they stop doing them and becomes a by the way I still play men for anybody want that worked definitely get it but now this year I might be. Going ahead boycotting. So for those of you who haven't heard there's a rapper by the name of the Exxon. Believed Exxon assigned to Kanye West. Good music. And he has a songs with. YG. And humanize. Two chains and that song is called big bank and its actually a YG song. And incense own. He references Colin peppard. My GE A sports as they're preparing for the soundtrack. They kind of know that they're going to use the Colin Capra that line in the song and so what it E. A. SPORTS do they invite new song. They just simply edited Colin Capp critic's name. Out of the perks. There's mamma wanna solace it's it's so crazy because again I can pick any song I want to. We can pick any song we want to let's pick the one song that they reference column Capra that and then let's on a football game let's take the name. Episode to me it's one of two things Paula to me it's the same thing but it could be two different things I think unifil says TA. If you want our licensing deal would continue better and I'll put his name in this game right. A bench I guarantee if you create a player cavern Oksana Mimi news in the back to Jersey I'll probably not guaranteed. So I think this is all from the NFL. Again furthering the keys to their colluding against Colin cabinet which. Don't I don't understand how they have one map. Lawsuit. Capita contingent. And the other thing I think is meeting didn't intentionally. They put this song and they're just simply his name out intentional that was a. Like we don't know government and so then EA comes out with a follow laying. Wolf first big show on. Comes out on his Twitter bit at big Sean. Is disappointing and appalling at NFL IEA sports so called capital to name out of my personal big bank on that nineteen. Like a curse word. When he's not a curse he's a gift nobody from a team approve any of we may and unfortunate mistake with our Madden NFL soundtrack members of our team misunderstood the fact that while we don't have the rights to include Collins government in this in the game. This doesn't affect our soundtrack we messed up and they edit should never have happened. That's what they came out and says salt added should should've happened and who made the was the NFL or was that you are the way. We get it became isn't playing he's lost millions of dollars he's essentially a pariah to most NFL franchises. Like we get it. Don't. Don't drag his name anymore Ruder by by doing this was this was a whole new level of parity in court even for via. It's. Yeah I do it from that there was. Well this is not the last thing it's not petty even for the NFL this is exactly European Opel would do in the situation. But it is completely. We think I. I don't believe VA for a second I don't according to the backlash and now they're backtracked you know I mean. Of course so now my question is to actually go ahead and buy and physical part probably conflicts. Where I don't know home actually going to buy a really good and so are on ultimately going to buy the game. But it's cool stuff like that like that's about to lose as a jab for Marreese. If elective there was. If you didn't really wanna that you knew the song somebody and on the music team E. A. SPORTS heard the song new dimension cap for next name and save it was used this. Mentos look like this or does lead to Pardo that was a poor move on whoever Spartan. They should be kind of disappointed and so that's that's that's all. Not to get into the through this whole. You know cap predicting in the where you I think most people kind of know where I stand on it by. I just can't believe it's continuing like we. We already kind of know. And yet there's still sliding college athlete we get it you're not gonna come back and play anymore because the owners colluded and so now we're not gonna sign this guy. But I'm in the song has has Nieminen let's just western song it's all good. I I just think though the one thing I can I'm gonna try to take some good out of this. And I'm gonna I'm gonna believe that this helps. Com Kaplan it in his collision case and this is eight tipping point for him that they don't all know there's definitely something going on here otherwise. This wouldn't happen so I'm hoping that's why he is said it was a mistake yes spurt for those the good of what Colin Capra is actually doing not just for car Kapanen up for what he's trying to do. I hope that this turns out to be a positive for her is costs. Her reminder if you missed it earlier in the show. We are once again doing during this race fantasy football leagues this year. If you would like to be in her shot or eyes league please tax the battery to attacks on five countries or five your email address. And your first and last name and we wolf I due to lower leagues you have to be at the drafted is on August 22 Wednesday 6 PM location undecided at the moment. Ali you have to be active draft will be Allen table with laptops and dropping together and it's a fun time Madonna for a couple years and are really as fun. So I'd like to do with us please text us your email address battery today attacks on fire after a five or consented to our porters. Mike Lynch 27 at tiller made five on three and we will had due to the list that's what soliciting I'm out next week where shall be here. And a Cianci south previews. And then. The week after that. We'll be due at pumpkin ridge oh yeah let's go come for our annual trek out there on Sunday to view our Waco foods open. Portland open show on that some mornings so. Q was it just much appreciated Matt vigorous your summer. We're. This part. Absolutely.