Sports Sunday 6-10 Hour 2

Sports Sunday
Sunday, June 10th
Andrew Nemec fills in for Mike and Rashad 

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Weekends where made offers sports how would you like to play for the New England Patriots from. Joseph a look at the weekend and sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the Bieber lunch meat free guns Andrea bound Bianca. This your sharp the football. Yeah I would hate you now you can catch TV about sixty T. You're caught an alien ship not yet missed the question but I'll let you know what I'd do. This is sports Sunday which Mike Lynch. You can't. Rude. Of you as soon as the blue. Yes. Where in it and Rashad Taylor. Okay do that I can see you don't want a future career component on it was a good hustle and on ESPN Sports Radio 1080. No might know were shot instead Andrew Nemeth failing in on this for Sunday. We spent the first hour talking about the lack of parity in the NBA the war the war years dynasty. And in the draft teams falling in love falling in love. With measure of else instead of watching the production and I told you before the break. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the NFL quarterback position. And you look at this NFL draft and I'm sorry you look at this NFL draft and you said two months before the draft. There were maybe one or 21 round guys and then five or six guys it will what do we should go in the first three wraps. And instead because everybody wants a quarterback everybody thinks that's a quick fix. Five of ongoing the first read. My problem. That's not the way to build a T. Your quarterback has to have time to make plays yes dev guys get the ball to cornerback should be your last piece. And yet time after time after time these NFL teams think the short cut the fast track is drafting a quarterback early. How many quarterbacks have we seen their entire careers derailed because they go to a team that doesn't have an infrastructure that can help them succeed. How many times. And miss your draft there's no excuse. We're not 51 round NFL quarterbacks I'm sorry. You cannot you cannot convince. This five of these guys worthy be in first round picks the niners did the math. Credit to the niners they did their math early as that we can get Jimmy G-8. For a second round pick the niners won this draft was a non draft pick. They gave up a second round pick and there isn't a team that drafted a quarterback in the first round that wouldn't have traded their first round pick they got this year forgy BG. Jimmy Rob Lowe is going to be a star in the NFL we saw last year. He got a trial run he kills. He got a trial right he looked like controllable. None of these rookie quarterback's improvement by any stretch. And in some cases they fell in love with with measurements. And we've seen this time and time again it doesn't work the NFL falls in love and then they say welcome draft and a quarterback's a crapshoot it's a 5050 that it's not. It's really not. No one no one who really watches dot Jimmy Claussen was going to be ranked. No one really watches not Johnny Mann Zell was going to be a great pro if you get attention. What worked in the NFL. What is it that makes you Italy quarterback in the NFL. Are straight B a 65 near. You need to have beat it beat plus our history you have to have you have to make some drops you have to be able to make every drop. He need B to B plus arm strength and then I want to lead accuracy. I wanna leave accuracy you can't tell me Tom Brady has the biggest holds his keys and has the biggest armed ethnic. Veteran come across a totally different way you can't tell me that Tom Brady hasn't struck disarm the NFL right now but he's an a plus accuracy quarterbacks he's the best quarterback in week. Police at least Brees has a very very strong car. He's six foot five. Which you falling in love with this six foot 5230 pound guy that you know did Josh Allen district judge Joseph sucks. Josh Jones Stoxx 50% completion percentage rough. And the thing is he's worse against good competition. Every every game he played against good competition is numbers were worse than his averages. Last I checked the NFL was better than college football last I checked. So it's getting harder not easier. And then he goes to the bills the bills had a crappy weather stadium. Which places a premium on accuracy and ease the least accurate quarterback has gone in the first round in several years Josh tells not the answer who Josh Allen reminds me up Christian had embarked. They're a member Christian Achtenberg the Penn State quarterback you're supposed to go 11 got a chance to see him at the open. Which is a camp for the top high school quarterbacks they invite a bunch the draft text he disposed to go one want. And he comes out and I didn't fall for it because they were all coming out together with high school kids and I soccer Schneider Burris if that's the best looking guy here as the best look at. It was cursing at him as I always Japanese four years old OK okay let's see him drop. Don't watch him throw and yelled they're playing catch back and forth one up their arms ten yards fifteen years twenty yards maybe the best partner you look at maybe. Looks pretty good right then they start doing drills. And you have to roll out or drop back either one needed both and then throw the ball through a hula hoop towards the sideline and about fifteen yards. Some high school guys put it to the hoop summit a missed by a good distance and then Hatteberg comes up and misses by yards. Yeah yards. Literally to the point of people have got a few people on the side and we're laughing. Letter supposedly 11 can't even get the ball near the hula hoop. The radius to catch radius for receivers in the NFL specially on on passes that are shorter is much smaller than Yahoo!. And yet no JC close he had no chance he might have made one trip. But he missed was seven or eight Mumbai a lot. And many still ends up being in a second or third round pick I don't I'd and to be honest and are meant he was supposed to be 11 that was the big thing and that was all he can't really throw up. Yeah he's he's unique and he's being. Sand iron sand Arnold. Ice call plays for USC USC quarterbacks put up numbers do. Do they aren't giving USC's quarterbacks all try to take everybody else. Enjoyed but fumble and Mike Matt Weiner. Acknowledged today. You look really good sometimes in college because a we have around. And nowhere is that and more apparent at USC over the years Mark Sanchez not a great NFL quarterback terrible and folklore. Matt liner terrible and if a court had people bought into that good numbers for a good program. So much harder it's so much harder to put up good numbers and look good when yours as you when you're supporting cast is very good. The people keep followed for. The best quarterback in this draft was Josh Rosen to escort wasn't a stress. And second might be Lamar Jackson is not 'cause I think mark Jackson's unfinished product and a leaked out I don't. But I TT projects to be pretty dang good a couple of years sure has a high ceiling yet as a high ceiling. That that and that's one thing the Euro Winger drafting that should be obviously. When you look at that should be a factor but. One is also he doing on the field which I personally I wants. A Smart individual. Which that would be a Josh Rosen somebody who's gonna help manipulate the game before the snap is even I'm been snapped I want I want the the pre snap. Peyton Manning manipulating the game seeing what's going on on the other side changing the plays in you'd. There's certain quarterbacks you can look at on an act as super talented but he doesn't have the ability to make that happen at the ones. There's a minimum for arm strength and there's a minimum for intelligence and priests are a good arm and you have to be pretty small. But the thing that makes you successful is accuracy. Because if you are not accurately got a big aren't just throw the ball really hard to the other team. Cool. Little League the NFL in dropped interceptions did you throw the ball so hard to the wrong guy not interested it. Not interested in you look at baker mayfield for the browns browse to baker may feel here's how you know that's a terrible act even if he pans out. Even if he can't tell us about it. The ravens picked 32 and took Lamar jacks and they have Lamar Jackson higher on their board the baker mayfield. And he went one so. If you try to make a trade right now that well maybe not after me camp will seek but if you try to make enter a trade right after that hit. The ravens would not have treated a guy they got 32. For the guy the browns got at one that does not getting value out of your picks. That's not getting value are your picks. It your goal. Your goal is to get the best value out of your draft would people looking your draft they should say man they got a lot of value. And you look at some of the experts board Mike Maalox board. The browsed to had no number one and number four pick and they didn't get a top ten player in the draft. That can't happen. Shouldn't happen. Well I think we need to about the about the NFL especially when it comes to the draft so cyclical and it is such. A copycat league when that for. Several years it was you don't need a running back in the first just you don't take running back in the first look at what happened when the two Trent Richardson at the top five. Elvis an easy deal Elliott comes out. Tiger really come out all the sudden it's like all these running backs are back in the top five when it like no no no no no look look you can still get the value look at what Kareem hunt did last year out of third you can you can justify him over the guys that were taken in the top ten last year. Bit they its the same thing with the quarterback when. For furlong time they're like you know what you don't mortgage your future for that is just not worth it for a quarterback he'd you don't send them. Eight picks to get yourself a quarterback move up. You look at what they did with RG three you get one successful story with the Carson Wentz and all the sudden everybody's mortgaging their future they're jumping up in the draft and they're trying to get that quarterback because they saw the one success story and that's the problem with the NFL's they see once success story and like we can do it. Everyone's looking for the new mid major at B yes Carson what's ever so Josh Allen then goes to pot because he has to be Carson went what does he have to be Carson went. Because once you have to be about but why does he have to be even rivals Burke what do you Byron Leftwich. What he's Byron Leftwich we fall in love with this narrative and it doesn't work tech in the absolute perfect scenario. Your quarterback is a superstar so let's say to Andrew Luck with what happened with the colts. The colts on a slam dunk it one slammed up into looks a superstar went into let's help these wanna top five quarterbacks in the league if you don't think so you don't understand football let's say it's just absent. He's a leaked. He takes a terrible team in the playoffs every year when he's healthy that's that's who he gets. But because they have no infrastructure around him know supporting cast even with the lay up of an elite quarterback they're terrible still he's hurt. You need to have. It pretty saying good supporting cast before you take a quarterback that's the way you built and we've seen it time and time again when it works. The Seahawks. The niners now good supporting cast then they bring in grapple. That's a recipe. Any other recipe you're putting your quarterback out on a limb and say and good luck to you young and we you're gonna get blitzed you're gonna get hit. And we may not have a receiver to throw tune in on a running game to support. The best player in the draft went number six that can't happen. Quit Nelson is a future hall of fame. The interior offensive line and quit Nelson. Is all fine how he sliced the sixth with as good as you kill a position please guard can't take a guard at at one you can't take a guard. All taking a leak interior line where I can dictate the line of scrimmage for ten years. Over a quarterback that's a coin flip and I took the league says it is akin it's not Josh Rosen has a better than 5050 chance to make it because I know Josh donate may. I disagree that I I think the best player with five. Adding his job but at the same time as it is an even at all even great eat out while you're wearing your Broncos that and I did is this is that you can hit him in the line of scrimmage right apparent with a bond. Everyone's freaking out and it was a great job by the Broncos the Broncos now pair. Bradley child with a Von Miller and now their edge rushers RT era fine. What could browse on what could the browser had miles Garrett night. One of the things you wanted to do was compound. Your value with your draft so if you take a guy at linebacker. Then it makes sense like the ravens did when they had re losing his agent they took a loading not. Loading auto was valuable because he made Ray Lewis more valuable. He's suddenly you're adding value all of you make every you're elevating your T. Compound interest when you take a quarterback you're not necessarily elevating your team you stick it on an island hoping they get better but if dictate miles Garrett whilst you're it's very very good. But if you put Bradley job on the other side miles Garrett becomes a lead and Bradley job as easy way in the league where he's not constantly double T. Exactly instead the Broncos go and do it may look like Jesus and they are the best value in the draft. It is it's the save it like. But that's the thing I you can not if you're starting a team. Like if you're eager giving me every player in the league at the first overall pick I'm not taking Tom Brady at that doesn't make sense I'm not I'm not taking Andrew Luck I'm not taking. Carson wines. I'm taking the best left tackle. Who seek. That's right to see if if you're giving me a known commodity on take a quarterback it's a known commodity what I'm saying is the draft. Is not these quarterbacks were not known commodities they're quit every quarterbacks question. But this league starts and ends with if I'm getting another tick down the road all take a quarterback alternate. A lot of line offensive linemen and I'll take a receiver. To make sure yes support. I think they'll see this is right that I. And this is why would. Skip on on Tom Brady I I'm very much he's old a while under the quick let's let's take up. Six years ago or it may eight you still got another six years out of Tom Brady and playing and only level obviously. I guess what I'm thinking of is is this league and you've you've. Mentioned it several times in this segment is so enamored with the quarterback position that they forget about everything else they just forget about the whole team concept and that this is the alternate teen sports and football. And so. What I wanna do is I I like the idea of having. A only team with a good quarterback and I think that there. That model has been proving an old Scott back to Super Bowl fifty with the Broncos where you might have had an elite quarterback by key. He didn't have the physical tools wasn't it wasn't a leader he was England I was fairly deep at what they had was an elite supporting cast. And then a Smart quarterback who could elevate the rest of the aisle and I want and that's what I what I love about the Broncos and and John Elway recently as I think he has to get one more Broncos right unsuited to it. It's been work it it works out for the sake that it has. Does your right is changing it he has kind of put the foot stand up I'm not gonna pay whatever males is gonna pay for quarterback because I don't believe you need to and I agree with that. All watched the niners whenever you watch the Broncos whenever but there are some sports. That I only watch when they're at their absolute. Apex. What is the ultimate sport you only watch when it's at its championship we'll talk about that next on sports and continued. It. Yeah. Yeah. Chancellor made for sport. This is sports under written my generous jive spontaneity about prayer. I know Mike you were shot today instead I'm Andrew mimic guest hosting. Justify Wanda Triple Crown this weekend he's the second. Horse ever to win the Triple Crown as an undefeated. Athlete's worst when we come he joins Seattle slew in 1977. And is interesting is that is ideas farm orange to sank. What sports. Do we only fall in love with and watch at their absolute apex horse racing. Most people only watch the Belmont Stakes if there's a Triple Crown on the line. I soccer people watch it watch soccer and soccer's a year round pick I think the ultimate sport. For watching only at its apex. Is gymnastics in the Olympics. And figure skating at the Olympics you can also convince me curling because every single person I talked to. Every year for the Winter Olympics says not only do they like curling but they wish there was a curling bar around here so they can go and curl. And I know no one who's ever really got. Those are my sports the other weird one and I think it's kind of I sneaking out liar. I would never in fact your cleat. If you go and watch Little League Baseball and you have a family member or a close friend involved you are a total weirdo. If you just go and watch somebody else's kids would know rooting interest. But I'll watch the Little League World Series. And not only will I would watch the Little League World Series I would judge the coaching. Is you're good man. Does he treat the pitcher right when he gives up five runs gives up a five spot how does he treat him to yell out and tell him. You know what you left ante in the day you're gonna go home and everybody loves you I. I'm a sucker for that but it. I wouldn't watch Little League World Series I went much too Little League Baseball apart ever ever in fact if you do maybe you should be arrested or at least question. But all watched the Little League World Series. College Baseball I don't watch College Baseball during the regular season but I'll watch it when it's in Omaha now maybe not some of the games this year in fact I purposely want some of the games this year. Talked about a bunch times don't wanna talk about it again. But all watched the college World Series. A watch college based what's your sport what's your what's your ultimate sport you can't you have to watch and love watching it when it's at its apex. But any other time you're not aged and. Attract and field as one of those ones where I am not to mention tracked him feel mentally you put something on the line in there I'd. Like did you watch did you watch the NCAA championships and all. Now I want some highlights and okay yeah for me all watch. That level so that's not the eighth because it's it's not Olympics so I watched quite a bit I guess I mean in it compared the average person against all watch track and field. Like I would watch the van nest like. Like when they go and have their mean. For the national title. They are big time knee jerk I'm not gonna watch it. You know throughout the season on. Typically I'm not eating and no such the national team unless it's something big like the Olympics and as well. And going to meet and I'm at the cabinet. I literally think it would only be the Olympics that really watch track and field. Well so winnings another one. Yeah what swimming only if the US has likened leaks were like Michael Phelps that was fascinating I watched every race a Michael Phelps when he. I don't remember who was team Canada or somebody France was France he'd beat him at the line in this like split second. In saint comeback is all my amazing. And I didn't wash the mean again for the next four. I has just like data curling is the one that everybody likes. Now washing is he going to. Idol watch Olympic curling like it's on it's in my periphery where I got in on one doing other work is a house American tune in curly and then. I'd like you know curly to be fun if if you could go to a bar there were a bar that like. Pitchers and growing beer and garlic. I do like during the Olympics and I'm going let's go back and then we never get it organized to. Never happens now what does foresee washed and like decided. I mean I know I love watching water polo. OK I used to play out literally get one you can't really watch it outside the Olympics there it's very hard to find every once a while pac twelve network a very very rare yet and end the pactel network because that's I'm at the pact wells where. Water polo is really really really played against California I don't. I don't think I'd national titles ever been one outside of the state of California in the in the sport. Is is there a sport that is huge now that if it got huge you know you'd be really super into. I've got for me Eric. I got tasked with covering the state championship game in lacrosse. In our caucus and I loved. The big team celebrated literally by jumping on my work bag and it cracked my laptop and I I didn't want a report that was New York anemic had been less than a year. And it like black and half the screen is a huge crack and it. And I you use my laptop and just pretended like I had like weird. Dimensions screen. For like a year and then I was like this just broke. Because I didn't wanna be to guide just got a laptop and got a broken or just didn't say anything like a year. That I had a broken laptop. Despite my laptop breaking I really had a good time if lacrosse became huge would like to draft on TV in every week and we knew the players. I would follow lacrosse religiously. I love across. Following a volleyball I OK I was on TV more I actually find volleyball will be. Quite entertaining every once while every year down and its seaside there's a giants volleyball tournament there it's yeah I guess when on the West Coast S. Been there many times it's fund ago we typically I go at that a group that. Bull. Our seats plotted out on the big sand burn a year and watching the women play and we'll watch men elements of Canada and I meant it but I try I try to ditch an 88. I can't say I hate watching her I edit by I do like the sport itself is very entertaining it's very interesting. You get into the the six man volleyball that's a lot different. I'm and that's really entertaining in its own ranks as it it's so team oriented in a lot of athletic things that they do happen that. And indeed in the ball out is its real fun to watch and it's pretty fast pace for what it is. I'm little UT's the next segment because this is apparently a staple of the show. I don't know what it is but it sounds like something then I will laugh at coming up next. Internet external lets you know if he loves or hates. What it is I have to bring up whatever topic it is that's next here on 1080 the fan but first I. How sports and a nice. It again sports where the difference. This is sports Sundays when it's my generation not Kennedy's friends. No light no we're shot instead I'm Andrew naymick guest hosting. And this segment is all about Jesse is he's got to love it or hate it I almost a blog that are listed. I'm buying a house and we're watching a lot of love and their list but this is love it. Or hate right cracks OK let's got program ran governor heyday here. A lot going on while we we have a lot going on these ports world it's all kind of winding down now we're certainly get into that. Lol but it is ninety days in NFL season now I need actually I think it's 8088. At this point but I. Okay thank my Broncos aren't taken off and did my eye injury for the first time a long time and excited about my niners how could not be I. I'm I'm gonna go ahead say top five GMT time I'm gonna go ahead say he's probably got. I like your coach Mike Shanahan I think he's gonna work his way up there into the top five at some point. Top five GM top ten quarterback top ten coach all role was that compared to what to add three years ago. Any day of the week. And a whole lot on son Brett. Right or were on it Ron Ron AFC west already. And I'm gonna throw it out there we're gonna throw a little biased question out there I think I think it's obvious in the AFC west that LA rams are probably the teen to an NFC west. I guess FC west are against the guys yet in the NFC west the LA rams aren't the team to be noticing you would agree with that eight that's accurate but I there's a lot of oil going I think you can steal how to flip flopping in positions. Between the three teams behind in the airs on a cardinals the Seattle Seahawks and obviously this instance the 49ers love or hate the superstar 49ers are gonna find a way. Coming second in the NFC west this coming season. I think they well I love that. You know. I think there's some and there has been for a couple of years now some weirdness going on to see oxen teams. If finely knit some where it really affects them on the field they blossomed big pieces. Offensively I'm not in love with some odd the running game last year was a dismal the offensive line hasn't gotten a whole lot better. I just I don't see the I think this speaks more to the niners aren't what they work close to what they weren't you know last year and the Seahawks are going to regress. Losing some of the pieces they lost to think the niners do finish second I think it's very very likely the rams finished forced. I I agree and I think the you're you're seeing that trend it it's just been an upward trend. For San Francisco since lunch came in and took over that team and took that brilliant move them getting brothel offer second round pick which just. I mean I knowing denied I don't know how he's done what he's done so far in his short career is India like it blows my mind. He's done a really good job and they all of east and it. He's got an and it's adding pieces that all makes sense and all fit together in that that's easier said than done. Is to go on to free agency and not super overpay and to find pieces that all fit c.s still have wiggle room they still have a lot of wiggle room the Jimmy G deal at the time people. Probably would put that they hate it category I didn't. And he was the highest paid player in the NFL I believe for stretched their highest paid quarterback certainly. And now every quarterback that signed it seems like has topped it and now looks like you might end up being a bit of a steel. At and that's foresight that seeing things ahead before they happened understanding the market and knowing where things are gonna golf. Something the blazers failed to do two years ago and you can see what happens when you don't project. Forward the right way it can really buy cheap the blazers thought salary cap was gonna go way up and he gets steals and Leonard heartless. And turner now it's the ultimate reason their their roster is bogged down. Niners the other way. They get Jimmy I think what's gonna end up being on the cheap they're gonna have wiggle room to add a supporting cast around him. I love the niners future I think they're gonna be I'm not just 'cause I'm an honest and I think they're doing a lot of really good things right. I agree that is it's am I guess that is amazing flags lynch has done since he's been there I still think there's a bit of a gap between LA in the 49ers. I think they're that they've proven special and that what six game win streak that they had a thing is the season last year. They are definitely probably the second best team in that conference. Her and that division and the season master at moving onto the NBA. This is something that I I think it's kind of interesting we think about the caps the I think ultimately no matter what they would've made the NBA finals whether they've made those. Trades at trade deadline or not I think that team was gonna make the finals. But what I think and maybe you'll love it you'll hate it I don't know is the fact that the cavs would have been better off. If they would have had their original roster with IT wade and rose overnight. I don't think I agree with him and I and the reason and the reason is what we saw from LeBron in January he quit. He quit if he had about a three week stretch where he was the lowest rated player in the NBA who played more than twenty or 25 minutes a game I don't remember the exact stats it was 25 minutes to get. He was rated the worst player union yet. And at which is still this year how does that happen right and it's because he quit. And I think he had no faith in that group and he believed you were gonna get not because they are a better. Team on the roster you may be right there. But I don't think LeBron even terrorists. If they don't makes a major change. Is right there that just goes back to your conversation. At in the first yet at the first couple segments of LeBron being that teammates. That and a now is capable of submarine named. An organization and that matters I mean look at the cavs could've been. He force he forced you brought this up off there he forced the Kevin Love trade where they could enter wigand's. How much better and I know in the Wiggins isn't great. But how much better are they against the warriors. With a guy like with the supporting cast that's Kyle reed who should have been their but LeBron and a random off. Andrew wigand's and the rock. Scott Tyree and your wagons and the brawn is intra state. And then you have to wonder could they sign in as wigand's on a rookie deal at least the last couple years right and he would have banned GAAP. So who do you bring it at the post. Suddenly you've got a chance at winning the title or at least an argument and I read you can make an argument in playoff basketball is he better playoff basketball players and staff. I I wouldn't say it's for sure by any stretch but you can make the argument. At the very least their clocks LeBron to me is a better basketball players and Iran are not sure that's close. And if your Wiggins and clay clay is a better player but if you're waiting and certainly does a better job on clay then they have with the proved to Blatter of George Hill and who else who else cares or knows JR Smith. The MVP for the warriors in game one and Kevin Love who doesn't really fit in this series. Did opinion of they have been in better shape. Not this early keeping that group. But keeping Griffin LeBron came back about death I love that gap gap probably it for sure I'd love that group tied REIT LeBron wigand's. Yet that team hasn't cap space and has a chance to add a post. Now again retroactively and be pretty good news -- I love that keep LeBron could keep that team together because a bug. LeBron is just so. Talented today. Despite the fact he keeps trying submarine as teams with a bad GM moves. They still do well Coke the same thing and Jordan did the same thing with moving parts yes if Stacey King had no chance with the bulls just you just random. But it was 'cause the I mean it was because he was that he was a key component right Pittman state key component. Dennis Rodman as big enough clan has been is on most stayed when they needed him because MJ understood his value. As that we can't run off guys that matter for my arrange to meet us being a better basketball player you understand what your organization needs to win games. LeBron doesn't he understands what he needs to feel good on the court for himself rat which is what Kobe needs to you. And can actually understood how to win championships now he has carried out over a GM at all he just seems to draft duke and North Carolina white guys that are steps. I think we need to get over the duke North Carolina draft pick every year because it's not working. So. I I I hate the idea that the the group that he had January's better but I love the idea that if if LeBron would take his hands off baited and in a better spot. Now NBA playoffs a lot some people thought. The games were interesting but the fact of the matter is there really wasn't a rarity you knew what the outcome wise. Last October when the season was beginning. That ultimately event. The warriors we're gonna win their fellow warriors caps or point out badly you just knew what it was going to be so. With that said. We now have the offseason drama of where will LeBron go now this has been like slowly building up its English and going into this big thing as these offseason has been approaching but it's finally here. Well I hate the NBA offseason drama LeBron possibly leaving the cavs is gonna be more intriguing the NBA playoffs it sells all. Love and not even because I really love the idea of LeBron holding the NBA hostage for a few months apart socks I'm not interested in Nat necessarily. But DBA playoffs were on a watchable correct were unearthed. Watchable. The blazers were the three seed in the west. And people like who kind of kind of exciting sexy blazers have suited you so what might have Alex Smith that's a bit of pelicans. Go to sit around and it's laughter when one game to biggest weapons elements we OK gentlemen sweep. Boren. The raptors although they will HL no no don't vomit all over themselves they'll LeBron tell all over themselves so yeah I'm I'm an interstate. I think. Right now. I would take whatever team LeBron is on next year because he's gonna go to web content. Or the warriors. And I'd taken it tend to want so I would bet. I would win ten dollars you went a hundred if you got any any team other than. The bronze team next year the warriors win it. I I would take ten to one on though I get those two teams you get the whole rest of the. That's a much better they aren't and everybody else. I got a disagree with that is it's part of that. How boring the NBA has been you just could just pencil in the east whichever team a bronze on injured you're good you know what's what's that finals team's going to be an end. Well now it's made its way to the last word now you have the super team in the warriors and you just keep canceling NN. I got one for you act in a vacuum. Love or hate it. The rockets would be better off in their organization. In a vacuum. Adding cool I Leonard as if you were free agent or adding LeBron James as if you were. Oh. Short term long term. Again this isn't that they have to trade anything to disperse this just in a vacuum would be a better player for their organization. I mean I I would I honestly announced. That this is also long like it that long term I would go with coli. Why is. I didn't use that it probably at their best player in the NBA behind Kevin Durant LeBron James he's younger. The one thing it and he is coming off injury that's kind of worrisome days he missed the whole season this year. Though that's worrisome. And before here I would say no I don't think is to him being a teammate is going to be worrisome but after. Everything has kind of happened with in the last year and a half that worries me. But what I didn't know about LeBron is LeBron does a great job of tanking roster so it's a hands. I. I definitely want the guy who's gonna be uber talented but probably going to be. More on board with being a team member that's trying to integrate better with the pieces that you already have them. Chris Paul and James Harden are both kind of quagmire is his teammates I don't think they're quite the Kobe LeBron thing where they imploded team but they are. Really difficult I think to be with a whole season without there being an issue. Adding LeBron that knicks man he. Is this would be a scary thing I don't think the rockets are just to guarantee yet superstar type. Team with sobriety there's some some question about chemistry and I agree I think that's that's the big thing and that's where that that comment of whoever's going to be the better teammate. I I think coli Leonard wood in a great. With Chris Paul and pardon better than a LeBron went 'cause I don't think LeBron stomach like as. He keeps getting to the finals. We met a mention to you off air before we started the show. The one thing that I notice about. Great players that play with LeBron and their great when they before they play with LeBron and you forget how great they are by the time LeBron. Deere is a sequel. Coming out this summer. It's going to be the best sequel to of come out in a long time. And no it is not solo we wrap up the show and I tell you what it is. Next on sports on him and if. Again sport to a my cameras show. No Mike no worse job instead Andrew and Emeka is guest hosting today I am him I am injured and act which is a very exciting but. It is the truth. There is a sequel coming out this summer that's gonna be much much better. Did anything else certainly solo. And you know what it is Jesse did is incredible to. Incredibles two is going to beat wait for it play on words here. Incredible they stole it guides are you're going through a scanning the everything dad or just an incredible thing was candidate it's. I was gonna say that simply aren't well. It's got to be gut and I have a problem with the stars behind her I know I know sports Sunday you come here for the sports but you stay from hot Star Wars takes. I am so sick and tired of the Star Wars movies. Where the Jay and I are almost on their way out and there's like one. Can we can we ever do a prequel we're all these pre equals and and sequels and all this nonsense and find you're gonna make fifteen million Sowers movies. Trouble make one of the Jay and I are super awesome and just Dominic. We haven't seen that era we've seen you ought to be like and it is these are going back I mean you know. It dealt with one Jen I left there's a last hope there's a last night there's we have a Jay and I school but this bad Jan I kills all the young Jenna -- now we're back down to one tonight. On the jet I used to be powerful when everybody thinks they are miffed because nobody seemed imminent in the 2000 years. 2000 years when they were awesome let's see some light Saber actually just. Kick but can we do is too much to ask I think you're onto something like I know I'm on there. Like literally a thousand years of Chad I culture and there are there're. Literally they've. They have so many like splintered off but switched their called the legacy series knowledge and honored now I mean either they're not handing all of sings I wanna see Lifesavers I don't know anything about canned and really get well it it just think just because there. That there are old. Sith lords that you can go into and and just that are fighting armies of jet I they have armies of their sit armies and yes. Mike I get the back story and so like you wanna do indeed I think they did a terrible job at night I get wanting to do that. But every Star Wars story is based on these same few characters. Scott Proctor kissed his sister and her romantic way why we stick with this family. There's got to be other families are asked to be a time and agenda we're super awesome. I wanna see a jet I takeover of a sea of a city of Sith lord henchman. Like a massive Star Wars Jay and I battle instead we get there's one left and he's meditating steel. I'm not interested in I'm tired of the Incredibles you I know what I'm getting. I'm doing incredible. Yeah. I am here but I'm getting a family of dominance not a Stanley of kiss and sisters. We're gonna see some pretty gotten Incredibles two and Dana thrown this coming out the prequel. And I think that's a win we can we're doing this prequel sequel playing and I think you know Lord of the Rings is coming out on Amazon I think that's great. I do think the missing piece and I said it now for a long time is dominant Jana I era it just there is no damage and I era we've seen the ring we've seen. You know the lord of the ring we see not comet we've seen we see all the stuff. And it's like this just feels like a layup cut and Jenna were awesome instead when they're dying and soc. I. Is that hot today I feel like it's just. Honest now Ike is as though one time that you had something similar to that was episodes 12 and three which are considered to be the worst of all of them. And you had the fall of the jet died in those. And you literally during those scenes you like fast forwarded through all of it might like you didn't even do anything cool with the fall the jet IU. You literally I think showed like a handful of them and then. Act anything cool was literally escorted through that was probably the first Captain America was like I'll any of actually just and I like to look. A quick sequence through it and wasn't cool now app now that they definitely have dropped the ball back. I'm back on Thursday from seven to 8 PM for recruiting with Andrew now and they can also got a podcast checked that out on 1080 the fan. I am not your normal host on sport's sending we will go back to Mike and were shot. Next week they will do a good job I'm quite sure I hope I survived I hope you tuned in and enjoyed it thank you very much for listening. Onto anything. This superb.