Sport Sunday August 5th Hour 1

Sports Sunday
Sunday, August 5th
Some Neil Olshey talk and we start breaking down the AFC east 

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. We can sports where the difference. So I thought you sort of go around Saturday that it matters. We'll start a look at the weekend in sports with the inside story on the blazers the ducks and the beavers. This is sports Sunday we've Mike Lynch believes that my own bed. Your dad is a car. Yeah it's a week are Henry shot tailor we use don't go down stiffening sunk. Chalk up part. Walk out on ESPN's Sports Radio 1080 friend. Are feasting on I think amuse producers like bull lasting. Yeah that does a super loud but I turn up which you may know I was gonna say turn the series around her head and turned down to what. I had the headphone volume at one and it was still good. Staying Els like oh my god. And super the term my retirement accounts and we don't even have a novel over the you've got like this weird broken thing you have to. Your past to be great in order to turn up or down so. So yes to those who don't know. Our studio. It. It's really old. We've got some news being said the window now we've mobile we durable window yes. We've got we've got this thing called white orbit that's a brand new screen roll upper limit of six years old now but. You know it's a touch screen all of this clones doesn't touch screen anymore because people would accidentally hit it cost things to fire off Isaak op. And so we've already lost out functionality but it's nice and new but in general all the things that our studio work quite poll it. If Ramos from there is a mean. Things there's super dusty like this picture of we have but an autographed picture of sexy Rex Grossman. And here in the six USC you know and it's super does we're moments cares about it we're real we have Carl Malone Bobble head I think as a Brian Russell. Bobble head yes so dip dip it's a budget random collection of really old dusty things that no one would really want. Obama drizzle we've got the Coach Jeff Walz Bobble head that's the Georgia Gulf coach again Malia got rocked the masters tickets essential employee as usual mean he deserves all have the studio were on route loyalist is why some rock side nor has gotten. A we just just found this Stein. In the corner of back room it must have been seen her for years we were like what's this box that we open it up and as a giant beaters and yet we saw that we just saw that the order that would come from. I think Charles let's new. I mean Joseph found the box in the corner and went what is this that we have and opened it. He's an idiot you committee is like bitumen Egypt like you don't open we have the holy Iran. Just here you know I don't know if you know that is the exclusive edition for eyes to grow up I did not know that. Somebody sent out for him I did not know there you go so you know there's there's. A big kind of like it's meant to inspire us it's that jambalaya of you know old things in in here. The other monitors that are being used anymore our board but just he's behind right now is quite ancient who we are supposed to be getting into one very shortly so happy doubled in the last David's NFL a year and a half I was gonna say have been here met for awhile right I don't do that they did saying. Audiences when they're gonna do it. So. A good to learn how to use and you piece of technology don't know if you do if you know that but it's artists so. I mean we can hope we can hope that it'll work out we'll weird thing about it is we could use yes. The word thing about it is I think women are installing it we might have to do you the shows from a different room. And that might mean that. The producers sitting in the same room as the hosts for a bit niners admiring him and I intensity up. Really yet that'll be fun belly river we really cramped in loans and it is weird sense of being here. I'm the united as much as that would be fun I think is well. Being the producer maybe maybe you agree with him on this Jesse when I'm over there I felt like having my own space technology. Get my stuff done and not have to worry about what they're talking about every single second 'cause I got to a little podcasts or Tweeter some point that. And Hollywood type being so imagine me in the same remind. Typing as they're talking they're going to be stopped I think that you have super loud too like you really heavy handed you know it had quickly. War means I mean that's if I poked impact what some people do that I could I quietly but well that's an efficient. I've got these huge hands and doesn't really work as well rivers. Well you guys think that this studious little funk because it it's. It's different than it was Al couple months ago all of all the levels on the border are different used to know exactly where to put all the pots for. Your guys as my aches and everything. I don't know anymore like all everything is coming in really low on the levels really low. Oh let that changes all the time I don't know why. On the levels are always fluctuating the lock the real thing called a logger which obviously you were grab our audio from. And that's always changing always changing. But the volume so I don't know things or weird. Over the new board makes a better but yes so as always and I said were shot doesn't have a dial on his own headphone Jack it's because for some reason it's been missing. All that's left is this little metal prong you have to turn turn really really hard to do it but. You know I got muscles so that's OK you must please yes indeed even. So this is sports Sunday and we. Are on its 11 o'clock this morning and because it is the first show August. We've. Will begin. Our NFL. Preview. Stuff let's go stuff. I don't know about a virtues and stuff but. Generally what we've done and we've kind of made a little bit broader the last few years which I kind of enjoyed is we try to tackle division or two week. And we've gone from doing super specific team based stuff to discredited storyline stuff and I think realistic about this year. So today we will start with the AFC and the NFC east divisions. I have a set at 930 is over gonna start and we'll just go until we're done. We'll talk story lines we'll talk interesting tidbits from all those teams. But we're not gonna go like hardcore Buffalo Bills preview you know. A lot of talk about Josh out of their quarterback situation I honestly wanna dive into the built up so. That's kind of just an idea or to be doing each week we'll try to do two divisions. And this way then in four weeks in the season starts we will be done and be able to you fully previewed for you. On the upcoming NFL season nicely is that a kind of means Israel who put. It's the hall of fame game as this past week which. To me never feels like the legitimate sarcasm like god an extra game and it's only one week or one in the weakens again. Okay but this week is the first week of the full pre season slate. And we are finally reentering the 24/7 NFL news cycle. It goes away for a little bit in the middle of the summer there's occasional things up up up right now it's every day. There's news stories bidders negatives always there is interesting battles voters' questions about starting quarterbacks all accounts of so. It's ordered into the sweet spot of preview in the NFL slow start today. With the BA FC and the NFC east. We also pay ourselves talk a little about the NFL hall of fame yesterday which I wanna get too. And also I wanna keep your interest on this because I haven't enough chances to talk about the so few. But you'll share audio damn. Which we have a new audio. For around it is in your view on the blazers face Pedro propels Indians he knows the hard hitting questions because it was on the blazers on his. It's just more. I think it needs to be played and I I am of the opinion that. Blazer fans have finally figured out his thing his schtick. It's why it's now monologue that is what's on every time and I want an I want you just play some of the clips. So that all of you guys out there and continue to say I see through your via. So we can do that too if if your interest I've got it ready for I'm always interest in what Nielsen races and I don't know who entered a not how can ever believe you. Slowly coming up as well on the show but I do I have been told about this officially but I wanna start this now. And as a as kind of a preliminary thing. I assume the dirty Sprague fantasy football draft to step is coming up in a couple of weeks I've been being tweeted about it and stuff like that and so you have I have received well. A tweet maybe I should. Retract that say someone has we asked about that occur well. What I would like to do is even though I have not been told officially about this I know that will be involved again as we have been since the started. If you would like to be involved in either but assuming it's two leagues again this year either mean. Mine or shots league. Please. Text us at the better you today tax on the 55 preserve a five with your email address in your full name and we will add you to list. And we've got I'm trying to get as far ahead of time on this because last year Ella to flick the last week which was dumb and it was a panic till I get all of them both leagues filled. You have to be able to draft on location yes if they're going to be on Wednesday as it oh ISIS' so. Keep that in mind. And. Also keep this in mind. You wanna be on our fantasy teams are you wanna be in our fantasy Lee's officer. I think last year did you win lynch. Rule number immigrant Czech we have all won we have all won all three of us like our league we have all won our our our our individually so. I believe I was first you were second. Rashad I listen I've only won this man and you are saying yeah yeah so. So you definitely wanna be on the football Sunday. Senior because that's when I was like we should be championship Sunday because we are just absolutely are champions a world champion so. If you're really about that action boss then you wanna go ahead and be in the football Sunday one of the football Sunday fans Jesse. How to find out if I wonder if it's not activated again. Oh you activated at will but I did I don't want to because. I wanna get new people in the league wild. Wild thing you panel Danica and I haven't you just reactivated the newly. Ali like that's why I was Ileana as revenge or whatever last year Bill Allen. Oh yeah is that it will tell you is that Elliott's. As my as if you Elliott. Com media do I don't know but. I might I think after I finish in the classless jerk remember if it normally but if you'd like to be involved please tax the better you today attacks on a 55305. You have to be able to draft. Live at the event. Which I believe is going to be Wednesday and like two weeks. Is my guess so keep that in mind me 83 weeks away so. I've placed our sister email address as well as your full name. Relations for some last name and we will add due to a list and we will send an email out to you guys when Maria powerful leagues so just wanted to throw that out there now. And Howell asked Boston in this week in double check to make sure the that is happening. In a couple weeks all that so well wanted to throw that out there fit and we just do it ourselves that it Abbas fences not happening here. And I guess this thing absolutely but then we wouldn't have to be on the cash don't we would not have to be allocation although it's still could be fine. Indeed at so we could still do it I just this is for the dirt sprint event usually a must rim and out there. What more information for you coming up enough following shows but but yeah so let us know on the battery today attacks on in Texas your thoughts on the show on the battery today attacks on. As well coming up next let's get into the you'll share audio. Let's hear man let's see through some BS get a pack lets us do it yet almost holed handled through together while. And we can definitely. Elsewhere it. I will be back I guess is from bots for somebody in the fifth. Tax library today sex line 553053. Hour they have seen in a cease previews start next segment. I would also a couple of things got to get to you in the show forget time include in the hall of fame induction yesterday endeavor shot just reminded me be. Punk happen next story. Madden. Believing out essentially the name calling Capra like it was. It has some of that they picked for their their own. Well I get to that at some point as well putts. You'll shape audio. Illustrated sat down liberals and AM on the neutral blisters FaceBook page. And the only thing that was not asked which is frustrating but understandable considering it was the blazers an interview. Was about the trade exception. And that Nielsen lauded as this amazing trade piece without the Allen Crabbe trade exception was going to be you. To get to be really helpful. Well two weeks ago that expired because nobody wanted to and the blazers used it for nothing so they. They didn't get to use that trade exception that was being sold as is really important thing. Now when I was find funny about that is if you'll show ages didn't tell everybody about it's gonna be such a great trade piece. No one would look to batten said oh well we lost their own country exception. There would have been like well okay whatever we don't know what that is we don't know what that means but because Neil Shays said. Look at this great asset we have look at how awesome mrs. When women Austin didn't use employees federal at all there's another wrong but the reason the handle meals chase and all of the only question not asked immense. I would like to start here. Mule Shea. Remember he said he was gonna signed veteran playoff experience players this offseason. He did not think he signed that no just and some Karrie and me on the notre attitude arts you know probably a summer league legend somewhere. Maybe. I'm so here is ultra not signing any veteran players this offseason. You know the market dictates that do we identified five wings that we all had playoff experience or veteran wings we thought we need for the taxpayer mid level. They all got more than a taxpayer mid level they all got either significantly more. Or they're in markets where they'll become early bird players although I have no state income tax which adds to go to the the value of the contract so. You know what we did we realize this year was we were gonna go moralists. We attacked each guy who recruited me as hard as possible when they were able to get compensated at a much higher level in the five point three tax mid level. Then we went without them it's gonna continually going down the list and trying to make signings that check some boxes in July. We went with the guys that we thought had a younger that had more talent than had higher ceilings and we're better for the future because the end of the day. That ends up paying off we've seen with our own roster with guys like CJ you know instead of bringing veterans ahead of him which all that it was someone made his development. And we all are pretty in the gym knew how good he was but because we're trying to appease. The marketplace and try to bring an guide we thought had a higher level of trust for the coaching staff. We kept the guy subordinate to him for X for a year where we would have been far better off playing CJ sooner rather than wait. I'm. There's couple there's there's a lot of things to impact Canada. The first of which. Is. That every player that she wanted to sign. He was going to sign for the mid level exception. Which was what five million dollars. Which he then separated out the next Oscar some South Korea contracts. Did he really think our playoff experienced veterans we're going to take you five million dollar deal. The deputies said they all went for much more much in some cases much more. So you really misjudged how much stuff player would take re trying to low ball him. To get a veteran a playoff guy for cheap. Because you didn't wanna spend money because you knew that you already were common near the the cap issues because of what you did in 2016. That blows our mind to me that again. She's the one who sold back as a great idea to help build the team. And then all he was gonna do was use the five million dollar mid level exception on that player that blows my mind. I'm I'm with you by what were you when we expect immediate for the mid level. Exception. And I'm curious as to asked looking at their free agent list of all those guys were around as a Junior Johnson some of the guys who. Who is gonna accept that. Like you accept five million dollars to go to lawyers OK so it really doesn't accept yeah I'm gonna accept five million of the wiz get paid more but in order of the championship but the blazers are going to with Golden State. So yeah I'll take five million from them like that's kind of arrogant to believe that. Your team that you can low ball people that like okay. And you're you're you're good Milwaukee though not to mix your not to the lakers you're you're we're still. The Portland trailblazers unfortunately your true it was a team with the GM who. It doesn't seem like he really. I think people like either like him very much or. Because for whatever reason he hasn't made any outside of the two draft picks that we continue to talk about in the big trading for. Circuits. You got off seasons every year we'd like to think it works like what what could be worse than Evan Turner offseason. Like seriously given all that money away to two guys who end up not being worth anything and then use. Answer that off season by getting two guys that nobody else really wanted. I'm I'm floored by what we're trying to do yours oh I don't know a figure that's what he was gonna say you know these sound like really rehearsed. Answers you know he set them over and over and over rightly questions he that he came up with and sit here ask me ask duties and so. In I understand you wanna make sure you can kind of steer the conversation. I think Smart basketball fans know that this is at work and Smart fans know that you have years to your star. For another three years before he says OK you know what man. Let me give you know what I said but. He. He's also. I mean he's the master of this and frankly a lot of gyms are the master of this but a rock likes to say this kicking the can down the road. That's a 100% what he just did he said we don't want to block the progress of all the young players that we've got that can develop. Well how many times have you heard that. And it's not just from Walsh act it's from a lot of the GMs in the past as well where. Look at all this young now look at our future potential. Well when you've got you debt saying that is almost ignoring. The elephant in the room which is Damian Miller does not happy. It is incredibly clear that he's unhappy. He is cryptic tweeting he is sounding extremely disappointed. In press conference close and asked about the us. You've got what three years left with him on that contract to three years left. You need to win with Damian Miller who was a first team all NBA player now who is a getting votes for the MVP player now. You need to take advantage of that. If you kick the can down the road and say wall we bring in the playoff veteran guys we're not gonna CV experience Zach Collins grow. Not Tennessee hills wanna being competitor we're not gonna see increase Simon's do anything. Well frankly helping to military is about that I think Daniel who wants to win right now. Did have those guys were really up to the you know up to play then they would play is just kind of one of those things when she gets the NBA you see who's able to play. In the NBA man trademark green what from a guy who again that young talent that was on the bench what's he got his opportunity so yes I'm better astute and now I'm now on the on the team like cool from the lasers they step up like. You should wanna be sharpened by our in our sharpens arts a few comments you have some veterans come in. It is gonna sit back and sue Coleman is good who's been Salma know you're gonna compete and try to get on the floor. If these guys are ready to compete and try to get him for more met if you are willing to push them to a to a point where they want to compete to be on the floor with the best players every night. And this is who he should've drafted in the first place are. You're right they don't care nothing about. This is a career arc I think when you're Philadelphia and you don't have a superstar and a roster you have time to wait for the young talent to develop. And food and then also the that you get oil and beat who's been resting for four years and then you get have been Simmons got a set for years but you have a superstar on the team that wants to win now. Damian Miller has been the guy on the blazers for the past six years now. Seven years mindedness and on the the guy and opera wallet why. Would you do everything you can to put as much around him as possible now if you wanna win especially knowing that this day and MBA bad guys. Our check in until we lose by themselves they much critical win with a group of guys supposed to lose a small market by themselves now I know we have. Really said this in this conversation about the you know it time to move on from all shape but it it just has those overtones going on through this at this conversation and the one thing I hate. I will say about that that top process is. When you look around the NBA meals Shea as far from the worst GM is not. Getting anywhere you wanna go buddies are from the worst GM in the league and when you look around you gotta wonder when you're when you're talking about getting rid of a guy like me or Shea who has done some very good things. Since he's been here. You have to wonder what are you gonna get that's going to be better that's going to be able to do more. In what are the limitations of the Portland market. Then what all Shays diamond and a lot of he says there's not many out there they can do it in specially ones that you can actually. Get to come to Portland so with that being said. You know. I think that his seat could use a little bit of heat organized element added that well I mean. Not enough because that's where if he got enough heat you do decide to make. A bald he moved well liked going to get a guy like coli Leonard or at least. Beaten make it may be more rational about the idea that may be I do need to give up on a guy like CJ in order to make this team better. And that just I NEE got a ratchet up the heat until he's willing to make them. A bold move because that's what it's gonna take to get this team to be better than what it is and that's I even competing for in a championship that's just making this team. A viable three seed consistently going forward. We got a couple of clips. You played them quickly and our. Her written review preview back to a lot of we have a lot of people on the better you'd it's excellent make a lot of sense you know okay. About some stuff so we just we got a break when a laundromat put them expected there's a couple of clips I wanna play. And then we'll get to Samir checks and the better you today attacks on as well. So that's next on sports summit but first to see a sports. Weekends where many first hour. This is sports Sunday when Mike in Russia until maybe both men. I'm 34 and a Sunday morning my camera shot with you till 11 o'clock we'll begin our. NFL preview next segment with the AFC and NFC east storyline is doing into this coming season but. Once a wrap up the middle Shea. God clips from his interview this week is all Samir text in the battery today tax line. At 55305. This tax imminence of the fingers that nobody is mentioning is that nobody wants come to Portland. Unless they're overpaid to do so. Yeah yeah I mean that's that's been the case freeagent wise forever. You just I think in the back your head you hope that a couple players are still willing speeding up the top of the top. But. When Nielsen says veteran playoff experience that could mean a lot of guys but I can mean anybody. So. I don't know I don't know those five players work but may be one of them is willing to go to Portland because it was put him right. But to Jesse's point the only way that you attract free agents is if you make a ball remove trade wise a risky move. Two car guard Paul George scorer while Leonard or bogey doesn't. While you try to do what tuna is that there. And no one of them yet the best offer the temperature caves you the other one but because we shared the same engine is used meritage and I guess that's problem. And the last one was coli which apparently reached out for boys were willing to offer anything of any. Yeah and so on and it's close things like sold did you really like as far as. No he reached out to those guys like you cinema you up text and that's pretty much. The extent of it you know you up immensely here but should that ruling com for the will and the drive over there for whatever reason that's that's essentially your door so you. You wanna get coli oh okay men you've got two guys next on the team that are worth. Anything as far as trade value and you see them argument IPOs. So would you call me for why are you. Thank you know thank you I mean I guess to be able to save it. In all you know we tried we went out there and we tried to do this put at this point. I'm just kind of over anything Olson says and we got a a couple techs that are saying man we're not talking more about poll out and I totally agree but here's the call part. Paul wound care about the blazers like he he is that he owns the Seahawks might. That's his wife like the blazers are you sergeant that's you know they despair for finder in the winner. Then you know some something somewhere Arctic chill get a front row seat you know inside. That's that's what the players are. You know to we've got a couple hosts on the station mentioned Matt. He's becoming more and more of base a separate owner though they what's the term work. Gonna kill me there's a term for the owner who's not really following the team Asia's injecting money into the team. Sugardaddies from basically I there's no word for open about a Briere he's basically turn them out here here's a nice also clip on. Salary cap decision. It's interesting rumble league I think you're seeing a couple things one. Teams are very reluctant to give up quality players. You know I think most the trade you've seen almost exclusively have been. Cap and tax related whether it's to leave you tax pressure. Open up cap room. It really given her a few player for player trades based on just teams doing business with one other. And a lot of that is that players under contract at some point have more value. Big cap room in certain markets and others. Teams are more reluctant to give up quality players whose. Destinations they control in terms of player retention. You know having for rights keeping your own guys developing is becoming more important because you're seeing destination markets capitalizing on guys. And then the smaller and mid market teams are not destination markets really have to stay more invested in the guys they have. Develop them actually fit the system ensure they're producing so I don't know if it's as much a product of the 2016 caps like you know there are guys. That you don't their numbers are inflated relative to what guys are getting last summer in the summer. And a year from now those guys cycle often everything we'll get back to a normal businesses which. Three of fourteen cent cap room you've got the mid level and teams have to do business with each other. Frankly that's just not true on. I mean think about it. He's saying that we're not seeing trades of from what player to player trades. Yes we are. Yes we all of our current. I mean prime example hey Cole while Leonard and DeMar DeRozan got traded for each other. Right. You have an islanders looking through. Trades right now there's a trade tracker on ESPN. And I see a market seeing six or seven trades were players are being treated for players. You know. So what are you talking about middle showing. Yes you what you are right in some sense that teams are concerned about salary cap space me wants basement what it's like a list of course. But hasn't that always been true. Yes that's there and I liked best arms that's what I'm saying like you're saying stuff to people who. Haven't had one sports scene for the past. Forty years you know I mean like movement and basketball is what blazer which is what Portland does men and boys are fancier so you understand how trades and everything work especially when you have guys like men. Traitor Bob which it was weird woman opened up this you know his pocketbook to do whatever so we understand these things to say players thirteen don't want players. Not even see day. You can tell me nobody was booed him like oh yeah we'll listen for CJ McCollum yes absolutely. Well maybe not maybe wean. Have been suckered into thinking sieges values higher than it is and we've talked to ups on the show before. CJ is. Any U eight and I mean I guess the only offensive player this news he has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve. But what else is. MLS and and I'm just saying there's a lot of great offensive players in the NBA you do nothing else Sanjay is slightly better than a lot of them but he is kind of wiped out. You know there there's something to be said for a guy that can put up twenty fortunately there's not a lot of dues in the NBA that averaged one. There's really not there to seventeen. You know and I'm talking of the 300 somewhat guys that are in the NBA right now like. You mean tell me seventeen of them you know are averaged twenty about somewhere around there every of every every year is he just happens to be one of him and yes he's in the lead scorer. And there is there's a market for that guy there's always a marker for somebody who can put up points and two days in the position now we're Dayne pretty much has the ball all the time which is why she is such a black hole because he. Yes to kind of create his own often supposed to play in off Somalia. I split a wanna play a few guidance. Losing to the pelicans in the playoffs. I think two years becomes a very easy narrative for people who wanna look at the negative. You're the first against Golden State so we don't get to talk about how affordable unbeatable they are and how they swept every team in the Western Conference that here. And we played without use of clerk at each other in the game you played were up twenty in the third quarter when he was on the floor of the the most competitive series of a bite out of the playoffs and and then coats and we got swept by cheers erupt so. Everybody gets up Michael say that you're okay so like that let's throw that one out but look we've talked about it kind of odd nauseam at this point we did. We ran into a tough match up right. You know. Necessity the mother of invention I think of bogeys healthy they're more conventional team they go small not dissimilar to when golden once more what dream on. And you don't know cola had a huge series we had an elite defender point garbage room we Italy defender is a big with a Anthony. They blitz the pick and rolls. You honestly defensively we Roque you know the first couple games it was offensively we couldn't score. Took a little while to get going but you know three of those four games were one possession games with three minutes off the game three. We stunk up did you we just weren't ready. We're stole shell shocked it didn't work. You know mall whatever and we're both kind of trading off injuries due to that point which was the wrong series to do it and where you need to position those guys can switch pick and rolls and but players said it wasn't that big disparity between wins and losses. And we did finish there you know and no so the naysayers wanna complain about getting swept in the playoffs. Yes yet you yes but we do a complete and result in the playoffs and. Knoll I don't wanna throughout the Golden State series. Because you have also been lauding Mann has some tremendous while it was lose the warriors full camcorders. Yes what tears and roll. Broke up. It's that don't want to say we've got we've heard closely that are ready about a series is closer close one game got close at the end of the others were kind of disappointing. Waste to finish the game would start trying to make it stop trying to polish factored. In just let's let's call what it is it was a massive failure disappointment ministers. That's what laws don't try to make a positive. It's sucked there is nothing in May say or it's the truth. You got swept by teen. Who shouldn't swept. A team that everybody up until game one was like man the blazers are gonna win the series I'll think of seemed saw any pun as the ruler col. This one should go to New Orleans because Anthony Davis know everybody thought the blazers just top to bottom had a better team and who knew. Arnold Arnold think we did but the team went out there. And pretty much laid down and a lot of which is because you had you you paid for guys addition to pay for Asian paid all the money. For a return route is gonna keep saying you pay a lot of money for Allen Crabbe was able to get rid of that vote. You you spent money on do musician and didn't spend money on than it came time for you go get some extra people. And you can't because you gave it all the way on. Not having turnaround crab. Meyers Leonard mark boom it how many of those do enter our starters on any team outside of Evan Turner is gonna start on a lot of teams foot mark Spencer and mark was at first I was supposed to. And definitely not I don't. This text comes and how pathetic is it that the best thing he can point to as we had the most competitive sweep in the playoffs two years ago. Against the lawyers exploring. Thank you in O'Shea I guess I didn't think of it like. Also this one says doesn't the better team when one possession games most of the time. They should they showed an end and and the blazers didn't and in what he says a couple of games just got Ronald just just a reminder that the pelicans to not have DeMarcus Cousins. And dom there might have been Mecca for the moment and I differ one too he says if they had DeMarcus Cousins the players would have played better. Because it was changed the way and it. Without Marc says he should have played better because you can have one of the best center in the NBA I don't what was the studio studio I'll start with. I've set to stop listening to things that he says so I appreciate you plan. And the last territory on the batteries today sex on fire from their files without a hard cap and MB eighteen salaries a won't matter what the places or others do because. There are owners that will pay an owners who won't pay the tax. True. Alonso has been willing to pay the tax but also. Only if the team as day. Potential championship contenders so maybe we won't happen for. Don't mix let's begin our NFL previews. And leave the blazers in the backseat until the NBA season starts again. SE NSC storyline is next on ten to affect. Yeah. Weekend sports where the difference. This is sports Sunday with Mike every shot Kenedy about random. Last December and the first hour here of sports Sunday thank you protects in the battery today attacks on five Arthur five you can also find this on the us up tires podcast. After the show is overt from you missed any event one go back and listen find this on Twitter MMI clips will be seven. We shot that Taylor made by the three just is that just yells and a as the enemy and and the station is. At 1080. The fan. We do this every year. About a month to go until the NFL season starts. Pens are being dropped out of excitement via a man can't wait and AFC and NFC east previews will begin. All the NFL preview will be. Right now or certainly has seized. And I wanna start the storyline that has been creeping through. The last two years now. I think we are at the very very end of seeing the patriots dominate this woeful division. Because Tom Brady. Only has so many years left. And the patriots have the making a lot of moves lately. That to me scream. Weird. And above all chuck has always run a little bit off in terms of he he signs players people don't expect he thinks players are better than people expect. But the glue that holds all together Tom Brady the reason the pitchers are so good or pursuing here is Tom Brady. In a Tom Brady gets hurt or Tom Britt decides to retire slightly earlier than he's been claiming. Then I can see the drop of the patriots. Really really quickly so because he's still there obviously a sock and happened yet. But I think we're getting very close and we talked about the last year to a were seeing me. The fractures. Him inside the locker room. Because of the trainer guy Guerrero. And kind of stuff those happening mayor. Not all dynasty last forever all of them get too big for their own britches and I think we're gonna get very closely with the patriots here. And your patriots fans to maybe you're gonna view this in a different light but I don't. I think see the end of the Brady Belichick. Here is clearly. Upon its own. What a lot of people call it you know sometime in say you know aware of where there's smoke there's fire walls sometimes when there's smoke there's just smoke. And hand fire X and Paxson hasn't you know actually started but. Sometime it is just smoke and I think that's what it's been you know there's been smoke or the patriots organization. Forever and like this is nothing new now all of a sudden with you know Twitter and everything else you start here more more about what's going on. And Brady and Belichick have an that this has been their relationship they haven't always been buddy buddy I think people think that because they're they've won so much no. Brady is crafts sports. Like bear of the day have the relationship there it's has has never really been. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and Brady is trying to cool late he's helped serve the Kuwait for all these years and now he's at a point where he's like man of and dirty work and I'm done. Taking pay cuts I've never been the highest play players in the league in my career even though. The greatest quarterback to ever play a done everything you've asked me to as a player from the damn near the past twenty years. Men this is while want to be my trainer and you know Belichick say and all of a sudden. It's. We seemed. The patriots let go of NFL hall of famers dismay and you're yea we're good you know you can go ahead and keep it moving you're gonna cut you gonna let you go Randy Moss last night it was halting speech and most of it was about how he was a patriot and and stuff like so. It this this phrase did you think if you spent 11 years two years nearly two years there. Here's why I say the patriots can still be competitive number one they're going to have. We're talking afterward after after Brady I'm ever think this year there's still one they're going to be investing in the AFC. Which is going into I think the patriots I think the Texans there is the best two teams and they this year and then. Maybe Pittsburgh. And that's that's awful. But I saw them go 115 with Matt Cassel Matt Cassel. You know a guy who couldn't get a job after that are couldn't stay on the field after that I saw them go three and one with two backups you know one of its being Jimmy drop below. And then the other guy being. Jacoby percent thank you to Kobe percent who end up playing. OK pretty well even the playing pretty well okay now but culturally relevant animal and keep them. So so there's there's two guys that you know they just came in or three guys excuse me that came in in the absence of Brady. And were able to kind of keep the ship bro that's what I think is going to happen I think you're gonna find. Another guy who knew Jimmy drop blow us who knew which would set was who was checking for. Mac cast no so I think as long as you have. Some of the people that you haven't placement I think the patriots will be fun especially this season though they're. They're gonna go to AFC championship when they win who knows but I think that if we want if. I think the difference though and I do it from him this year in particular their missile Tom Brady and he's the straw the stirs the drink. But you have to remember that it's quarterback league and you can ever really solid team and really solid coach but if you do not have a quarterback. Then you will not win games at a consistent. And in the AFC east right now. There are two rookie quarterbacks who were very highly regarded one of which I believe a mile walk to not at all. So Tom Brady leaves and even if I'm wrong and embolden them turn out to be good good QB's. I can see both the jets and the bills passed the patriots because they're gonna have years of sand Arnold and Josh Allen under their belt. It quarterbacks will be. If if they are both consistent. Better most likely than what over the patriots bring it when Tom Bradley's. I am not sure what the patriots are gonna do a map future moment though that's my big question is. Do they go out and get another top guy and a trade or do they try to draft and develop what they always have. The pitchers have been kings of that. Like your mentioning. They draft me adult to find the time in the rough it may remember an amendment turn out to be good quarterbacks Tom Brady was lose literally DB diamond in the rough in the NFL. Six round graphic. But. Will they be patient enough to do that. Or will build dollar check retire in the may have to have a new head coach and then all of a sudden everything changes. That's my question. Well. We were pretty sure McDaniel just Daniels from takeovers. As the guy went Belichick leaves and everything and I think that's the way craft I wanted to to make sure you keep. Some types and which of that that. Old team that old patriot way kind of been in place and they've been better with just better of me with him is office coordinator men paper haven't missed you know yet and that's with. A multitude of running backs and and injured receivers and no gronkowski and yet instill that dude is figured out. A way to put office togethers so for that reason alone I think mcdaniels is probably. Going to be one of the one a better head coach is coming up and he had his dry run and as a bronco. To any of Tebow. OK okay. Huge. And Jeff Fisher and serie. Richard Fisher was and now I have a Broncos coach out now. Yes darn proud I'm talks are thinking of yeah John I would dream Texans not listening holidays I would I would got an effort at it and it no what worries me about the the patriots is. Acting no and no doubt about it Tom Brady's one of the best ever. But like that we all know that so is Bill Belichick when it comes down to the to the scheme of coaching and I is being countless players that have come in there. I've had good careers but never really done anything with that come there win a championship or Condo and AFC championship gamer went to the Super Bowl or. And then moved on after a year to and you never heard from them again in the work and you know key contributors to that that Petri steamy does it with. Former all stars that are in the end they're very does it with just kind of ancillary pieces that other people kind of forget about you just eat turns them into jams. Every year year and year out. And that is one thing I don't know if you're gonna get out of a guy like Josh McDaniels and Josh McDaniels it wasn't because he's not a brilliant offensive mind. From what I understand in Denver. He rubs players the wrong way he very much kind of has that bill college heck it's my way or the highway you're gonna do everything my way type of thing but he doesn't have. The cash aid is I have a credit they a Bill Belichick has and you're not gonna have a guy like Tom Brady and it led let's face it but. Bill bill text and a great job of going in drafting guys like Jimmy or upload Jacoby percent. Castle using these pieces and moving on from him but you'd you'd know. If he moves on before you draft another quarterback for. For the patriots. That's when you see that that step back from the patriots and they're gonna come back to that to reality. Oldest text here in the batteries that are slime your proven the point or another Brady's not the best ever they went with the guys. Other guys befall the face of the earth as soon as clearly doing when their fourth assist in the snobbery I don't investor at all. I think what we're proving is that bill dollar check in the in the front office staff the patriots are masters. Of scouting and finding talent were other people don't find it. I don't think it's a system I think Brady is the best ever I think he's ago. I think that if you put them on any team he makes that team for five wins better immediately. Molest the like already top team beat you don't mean. It's not about the system it's about the players that keep that they bring in around him. They bring in really good players that nobody expects. And he also makes them better Brady does Brady break. To me that I could not be more often what were argument goes don't don't go. British show and then let's be real young makes everyone around him better Matt Cassel was able to go on there and and win games and nobody will ever consider him anything like. Tom Brady there's certain guys that can only make certain throws and Brady's closed is that could make every single broke. That when when the patriots were down in the Super Bowl don't think anybody really. And when they were 28 for. I think they knew dad and offer so I'll vowed to I think a lot of people were panic in the super man if you if you if you seeing Tom Brady play and man and lead the charge and lead to come back and you knew that there was an opportunity for them when they were down against. The Eagles you know and and and that you know they're not out of this game because they have Tom there's not a lot of guys. You know I think in my met Romo was the only images like and dammit and autos and miserable work. Then. Brady Romo at least for me at the end of game meant Brady Romo. Was my guys for erupts outside of that. I'll think there's anybody better to lead to come early got a break coming up next we continue our previews so we'll switch from the patriots to. Couple other teams in the NC is well slide over to the NFC east this is sports Sunday on the fan.