Sinner and Saint 8-4-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, August 4th
Fantasy football talk and why we can't turn away from Johnny Football

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Hello Becky Burgoyne less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same as say tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. I. Anderson. Astronauts. A man barely interesting I also went to a school bands of the election takes an act of 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We'll dark moments caught error below an agenda and right you might technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland it. On Saturday it's. About sports. Center on those same old man that should never be another war before it funny here sports here. More reliable renewable school. I'm just maybe it's. Admit to our sing oh. Mr. ending bumpers down podcast will be available after the show on an eighty the fan back on that podcast project by. Let's talk John where do the right thing since. Night. 1952. That's right hand and I think at that. He didn't I was super distracted by the fact that today ESPN has gotten so bored they're interviewing Joseph well indeed at the NBA African game. Yeah and then this it'd been on for like forty minutes now is staying in the entire time he's in his fingers here have no idea what he's saying may have been dogged him for amber. A good good deeds but is it doesn't have to put his finger is their reason acting like the typical reporter you know up Darrell and yeah out and had a storms like ABC my arms as we've seen them teased. Sleeves. Ahead this storm she's really endured the storm. Snow and hey who only got fired back at it let's Ireland to the the funniest thing from this week it's been Brett Mike Murphy breaking the bigger urban Meyer's story got. And he doesn't have a job. Now he's former ESPN reporter is how he's credited buddies others got Luke duke. A passion will dig up dirt on people and now they're paying him because doing all these appearances on ESPN but they have to put on ESP and former it's been reported that the last job he had ever ever asked BP was the one who kind of broke the ball mostly pamper him on TV I don't care a bit after he did it get up witches. The best TV show however the opposite of what that shall do to you when you watch it. You know he went on there and then you know we got bored. Yes I think that's exactly happened hello hello we hear out of that. So. A true couple baseball stories that all our. Well let's be honest delightful. One delighted EU. Which is hard to do to be very hard to you I can't stand baseball baseball separated my family birthday or my house. League that's true. Some might be exaggerated so this is one of the things where you know Leo you want good news first or bad news for the bad news because that's all I want. Though this. This is from Thursday night so the Mariners are on a four game losing streak but this is part of a much larger skid they've been on so the Mariners at one point and the eleven game lead. For the second while Scott card spot over the Oakland a's gathered at this time and it very much felt that way they had that spot secured the Yankees had the first wildcard spot and then you're just waiting for them to get through the season and then they are going to be in the playoffs first time in fifteen years all all of it. So as part of this kid do you look for things you go what's going wrong and why is this going wrong and have you ever heard of the name Mike offs child. Now plus child that kind of ring some bells in my head but I couldn't really tell you why. Well might cost child pitched for the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday night has so they came out they started a reliever. Titled clippers this is something that the Tampa Bay Rays have been doing the season opener some that throws a short innings and goes out and when I get a clean first inning three's chief coroner relievers of these start with him. Mimic what it might cost child and I didn't know who might cost child was and neither did the blue jays they signed about half an hour before the game. He'd was not on the roster. An hour before the game was not a blue Jay thirty minutes before the game like. Your blue Jay you get there and throw baseball for six innings he allowed four hits no runs no airs. One walk and five case OK so didn't get his name on the back of the Jersey they headed your four and they that's why probably couldn't start the game it's 'cause they didn't have a Jersey they're finishing sowing the nameplate on there that some guys are back particularly. There was about how this child is pitching no need to get the name on his Jersey some go at the pushing spindle back there like I'm trying to get the sun they run into the Photoshop. And buy your Jersey and thrown on him. So of course the Mariners lose 73 in the off again last night's 72 to the blue jays. Who have been terrible all year yes and this is one of those things reveal what's going wrong it's just. Little things that turn into bad breaks in baseball happen all the time and it doesn't. There's not really a reason why this guy did well it's for the Mariners playing bad. And and you get them out the right time so the flip side of that story is the Oakland days. And when you're doing things well and baseball everything seems to go right. Would you view you wanted to share the story of miso badly do you wanna take the a.'s side of the story that transmitted to the story well I'd love to. Tell the story but I've actually already forgotten the guy's name. Which is fair to that's how much does so much I actually cared about the story there's about two seconds of the story that I enjoyed so what's the guy's name that I can send out a whooping what's the guy's name yeah I don't know either. Of the seed that this is set now. No I had it but listen I clicked on the store the bit that I had ever version of the video of him dominate that I can have two million. So this is a journeyman Oakland these players have been working his way up to the minors forever. Ramon Moreno. Via. On Ramon. Remind remind. Running now. We'll all just don't already know mumble a little salad here you're doing an accent I just comb RJ so RJ. RJ there. It's a case but it gets his first opportunity to play in the bigs what does he do. First opportunity in the days will hold on purpose just before this. He was the miners and before he got called up his coach came up to amended kind of like a tricky thing where he grabbed him by. Kind of by the hadn't it looked like he was about the talent your pack and the guys. We're trade neo and you could see and now all RJ's face there that he gets kind of upset and then he goes. Retrieve the Oakland a.'s awesome moment right like this guy's finally get his first Major League debut. This dude comes up on Friday and he has a monster game first making this awesome deep offensive play. Out of center field broke catcher overthrow second base on a steal attempt runner goes to third appointee in the tires and usher in the run ones do and he comes up in from center field now poses a guy at third base yes also play but that on replay Caroline peck meticulous if either way ground. Yeah many okay that that was it and it was in the throw it doesn't take anything away from what he did got a good tank in the guys out and pray here's a further walk off hit. In its first Major League game as the yen may thirteenth inning walk off hit. Absolutely mobbed by the team afterwards the age is currently can do no wrong the Mariners can do no right bit I don't know what it is about baseball. Everybody complains that there's too many games we don't get swells like this if you make it a sixteen game season not all sports are football. There's something about baseball where. You can be on fire in twenty games above 500 the all star game you look at the marriage you keep going and that run differential and Olympics can hold up. They keep winning these one run games and on about the way to do it the Mariners just hit that skid and start to drop off. And there's another team waiting in the wings is to have these moments read has pulled the guys never played Major League Baseball. And you'll make a great defensive play and has a game winning hit for a team that surges past that team that was eleven games ahead just a few weeks ago all this is. Part about baseball that she enjoyed the most right more than anything if you're not a guy who's super into baseball's affected anybody at any time could make that big play and it justice Kenneth. Now I don't know it's kind of represented him of what baseball is which is we don't really notice the big stars as much or at least people. In the public don't I mean you have Mike Trout who's having an historic year but most people can't even recognize his face out of line up. You get you get to you get to the end of the basketball game you drop and play for LeBron jams yes is it the end of the football game you hand the ball the Marshawn Lynch on the one yard layer are pretty obvious what you yeah. Now for Marshawn Lynch now definitive than I had to. You can draw the played that you want to write you have control who gets the ball how you're going to make the attempt you can drop the defense or offense or whatever is what you want to do. You get to the bottom of the thirteenth inning you don't have any control whether your superstar or the guy beat you signed in that morning comes up. With the Vatican matter in that game and obviously been tied ball game you have guys that are gonna run through multiple guys a good chance. We don't know who's going to be it's stepping up but when it's. Bottom of the ninth down by one run with the bases loaded and and two outs. You don't pick the guy who's there and lets you might have a pinch hitter but most of the time it's just kind of it's potluck who that guy comes up. And you get goes up he's made the big moment and for a Major League debut I think that's awesome. Yeah out and I think it also goes back to the whole thing. You know MLB is one of those players leagues right. It's about the players this and these are the things we talk about big better right now by Corey talked about in the NBA. LeBron James LeBron James opening a school for a public school and basically giving these students and their future. We're talking about a minor leaguers stepping up in winning game for the a's in the MLB the NFL. We're not talking about pleasure right now are talking about an anthem protest deaths we are. We definitely understand the bigger story it was we're talking about an old Brinkley white dude who owns the team. Player speaking of Brinkley white dudes. I see of yachts you're right there. Pick up old timers coming in a couple very good friends of mine now they're dad and uncle. Are having their 35. Season of fantasy football as the league. You and iron up big defensible borders we got to get ready we got to get sharpened for the durden Sprague. Fantasy football draft on August 20 seconds of these guys are gonna give some insight. Into what it used to be like in the door cages before the Internet how fantasy football got its start. At least in their lives and then we'll talk a little who'd who'd take with the first overall pick. We'll do all that next to listen in this and in the saint on any different. Cool where I live in the real lives better Utah State Texas. Well I won't do on this show won't want to. It's simple hello ISO. If you wanna get a couple of users have been playing for a very long time we've got Geary and Ernie be tension in the studio with us. Now you may have heard that name be tension before we had Brian B tents in the executive director of the organ of brewers' guild in here before. I have two great friends that I grew up with them have been as good friends have ever happened to your sons and then there's also Trevor. So. Very evident because in introduce yourself is welcome so they recognize voices Gary's AI. Are regarded as wonderful and Ernie is necessarily talking so you know thirty has a little bit of higher voice there's have been trying to distinguish between the two so the reason there ain't been there. So there is ready guys in user in your 35. Year of your fantasy football league is that right that's true yes so. This was started in g.'s 8385. When he. Actually started and even drive them. For small wanna give credit through guy Norman that I have played baseball with in college. He's he started to say in this in 1984 by asking me one day can you help me. Figure out some players to draft in my supplemental ground I have no idea what is taught him. Yes so how how how prevalent was inescapable back that then seed do you have some is come up and play like went given India Winfrey receivable started I heard there was a group. Either Oakland or Elway started in 1963. And wow. And no idea went back that far so you're introduced to it so what was it like I can did you get information. Earth in its global backed out of the Oregonian or the or you journal. And just reading up on individual players they didn't have a fantasy section no it never fantasy section what they had was stats. I put in the leading rusher is receivers quarterbacks. And so that's all we went on was what those doubts. OK and so I think everybody knows the league everybody that follows that so have you guys had like you know these. Ridiculous stories of of of people doing everything they can to win leaves him cheap and then digging in is that you Ernie or did point that you like you're the underhanded guy. Though you know we we have been blessed with a good group of of guys. In our sons. Cousin. Good dear friends for a long long time and and so we get along really well we're competitive. We love to beat each other up. You know as far as fancy scores as far as friendship goes it goes deep and that's why we keep coming back is a relief. Nation ships. What would you say is the craziest. Side bet that you guys have had with it and see leagues have you guys had any of those side bad spurts. Aiding in being insane. You know. I have never had a side bet in Tennessee in my life was my sons. And their bodies they have some good college for a high school friends that are in our league now. They probably do but I've I've never. But we get to trade cars if like if we have that bet like what are you drive. I was dead today they wouldn't want my car back in your early years of the girl brown panel station wagon for eighteen years on sweet he had did all take your piano I'll tell you what if I don't feel like you're driving it down no really the notes in your current GM no no they're not and let's I wanna make is that I'll take your pen and you can take my Prius other video. That's I think Ernie wins on now. All right so so. As old guys are you. Are you still doing fancy all the way you did for years before you started using the Internet. Or you guys on in the same traps the that would tools that we have where. With this way I defense pulled all the computer comes around goes they take this guy and I like adamant that if I wanna punch him in the face or not. And then I'll look at the next guy if I do I'll take him find out. You know I wrote a letter juniors the next guy Mike and I hate that guy who's next oh Kerio Jones is okay. Sorry I think Gary kind of just talked about. It keeps evolving so. When Michael Vick came in Little League we have rules for cornerbacks. Are running backs wide receivers for each position. And based on in our scoring system distance. So short run there's only four points a medium run its aid once you once a medium run vs the short run short run 09 or one and nine yards and that goes from 1019 and twenty pluses shall point touched. But when you have Michael peck as a dual quarterback. Which is one of the ones that kind of changed everything. He gets double the points move better running back could get a cap on out is there any quarterback but he is double what the running packets. So Russell Wilson's love more valuable in your league that he would be in some others yeah Cam Newton -- act press got. Guys are rumble and again a quarterbacks or dual threat term are rated higher and Ari. OK so sole lawyer said will and I don't really pay attention to it if were looking at a running back whose most valuable running back Fred mountains. Well on carriers tell me Todd Gurley has I think is a kill Eliot Ness. You know he's still there he's had his issues of the field but. Those are two of the best. Yeah I think this is it per perfectly easy for me if if somebody told me is the kilo it's the best and Todd Gurley is a close second. No way am taken as a duo do it's way too much like you talked. If Kathy got right he does but they were mixed early to better play. As ten running backs catch touchdown passes get double our receiver gets. And early. Catches win more passes. Against are actually good information no will Luke will be taking a quarterback all now I have to ask because this is an important question this she will. Provides critical news about one quarterback in this league you boys in the AFC south and I wanna make sure make it right take care now. What are the positives and negatives of picking Blake portals. I don't think he's been drafted for on. And I'm not trying to defiance. Well you you work so well thanks so so what I say what you're saying and we do we can submit to portals backs right now he Buehrle who's been going for 35 years. A team with Blake morals has never lost in your league yes is that a correct that I backed. Well I think I don't know if nobody better at it nobody is ever had morals let me back I don't know. Make sure we don't portals facts straight and assuming no team with play corals have never lost in your league is that a fact. Care yeah Wilson that's how we will submit that to morals backs this afternoon there's a great Twitter feed if you haven't found it acts portals facts on Twitter. Has all kinds of wonderful facts about the the wonderful quarterback visibly portals objects move jaguars. So. What do you to this real quick as you as the Brothers. Gary your decked out Seahawks. Ernie you weren't Broncos that came in today. He has not fight constantly. Well first person why don't they Ambrose brought programs he's learned the dome haven't. So I I went to its debut in the hat I went to a Denver game. Two years ago. And I bought a map. Pick that's why he has a hat that's the only reason duo weight is certainly had a Broncos fan that you went to a Denver game and you sell Broncos that ego. Ernie Blanca. Yeah yeah he told me we want to have two different stadiums went to see the Seahawks open up against Miami. And we went to Denver and and watched Indianapolis this was traveling with a friend of mine. Tom Patton and has more home. Yup hope and that that's all that any child who earlier he says. Gave me a couple of outs on the from a couple routes. Yeah that's that's in the story early this guy I'm guessing that a guy that drives a Pinto for eighteen years doesn't turn down a free hat. No I don't. And duration I have it is. I don't like to talk about championships and on it's it's hard to win a league championship in 35 years and Gary and I counted. Maybe six total with various different combinations. My son and Gary and his son. So. It's not easy to win but Peyton Manning the a year after he injured his neck in Indianapolis. Yeah. And they're kind of uncertain unsure how he was gonna be coming back we come in with the fifth pick in the first round because people were afraid to take him. You lit the world on allison's first year in downer here or that. So what you can say is he bigger connection that's drawn with despair issue we've be been doing for so long like what we're what does it mean hue on Mike a character level like a brotherhood kind of level because it obviously. This it means a lot more than just fantasy football. Yes it does. I get to draft. Rift. My brother. My cousin Rory. My boy is my nephew Ernie son. Guys and I want to college will. And then bring in our sons Dan when they were like leather for twelve years old Trevor Meyer oldest son. Got his first team when he was thirteen her. Bet he's sat and watched me do it for all those years and his buddy. Dan and him news sports as much as I do at that point. Now so it's almost like creating a legacy for your family something that. You know most people might look at college are I'm sorry Casey football and just young Scot batted as some small game but I mean to your family it's it's like creating a legacy of communication and Yankee history for yourself how much as. I mean right now I've got. My a nine year old. Net are assuming my nine year old grandson is in the league he's been in the league for three years a bitchy here I bet you he's gonna win until he tells me I don't I. Because he's IE he's not making the Al logic caller analytical pix he's just like that guy's arm looks pretty good he seems fast. You know actually you know what he's actually pretty good at it and guy he might be one of the best trash talkers in the league outspent ten guys. So this is this is the 3050 year so ten years ago that means it was the 25 anniversary that was Vegas strip right. So so the daughters and I know that I was living in Vegas at the time all the wives came down you sent them to one of my standup comedy shows. And they got entertainment that will you guys did you draft you send them out for a night on the town of this guy. Big plans for the 35 draft party or do we talk you to join and us for the under Sprague Finnessey football draft on the 22. You know I've come down LP about our second one here's what to do draft their we're gonna have all the Wi-Fi set apple do cool things have to come down going to be a big party it's always fun if any blisters wanna join my team. My league or wheels league just text in. All we need is an email address and phone number and so just text and us to join join us upon our teams in the next couple weeks will be given that. Guys thanks for coming talk a little fantasy football with the songs and in the saint you thank you are right now as your punishment you're forced to listen to will be the new. Oh magaziner in the same. Things are Ernie and Gary defense and join us on fancy little hole I follow real wanna see Ernie and though. Sort of like I don't think he has an anymore bogeyed two for eighteen years I don't know but he still sort of BA tentative. I know and brown has the right color for you have a and so yes but why would you get any other color here turner racquet. And make him any other color. They'll wasn't the interstate eighty captain on the have bumper to exploded. No leaks. I think yes there are some car or remember amended afford. Let's I'm just canoe right in TOX. Loathing and and you. Into Google and there is the Pinto fire controversy. So one of the biggest continuing Automotive News stories the later part of the seven he's dealt with details of exploding Ford pen does and it's awesome. They were shall be lemmings a tub. Yeah so apparently get in one of these things and somebody has a minor fender Bender with viewing your brains and eyeball spray everywhere blow up. The ball. Explode very sound effects heavy yeah. What gets you more excited. Tiger not being back great golf or John immense though being terrible football. Were excited. It's funny how much. These guys draw in the headlines and a tiger hasn't won anything since 2015. I don't think Boehner realizes when the Bridgestone where he's at a ton of success. And then you've got Johnny man's L playing a football game poorly and the headlines are unavoidable sport yes and I suggesting that we're following Johnny men Zell more than really anybody. And right now we're listen we're worked a few weeks before getting into actual football games rule out. The 25 they believe the first college football game that will actually matter and were going to be playing pretty simple ball for awhile so it is in that boy we do in sports. So here here's a guess where my confusion lies is the U. Remember. The publicity. After. Terrell Owens had kind of crashed and burned being as big as this was. But again the giant football one in the high spin and then they had this just astronomical. Fall from grace about two years later but. I think we paid way too much attention to him for really not that great of a career he had one good season and that was it. You talking minutes. Freshman season Manning now yes yeah I mean that's really it and then when he got to the pros. You're looking that was exciting that it was the fact that he was late for practice 'cause he was hung over and their pictures of him with rolled up one hundreds in bathrooms and your nose candy flowed on swans the bottles of champagne so I don't get why we follow his career so much I'd get why we're following Tiger Woods and the aftermath of his explosion. Because he was pretty much golf for ten years. That's debt that was that's what golf coverage was for about ten years with Tiger Woods until as a blip. Very true. But I think it's. The idea that there's all this untapped promise 'cause they I'd imagine it would you know we watched the four interceptions that he threw. And take a look at those clips that we between amount to add to at senators and 1080 if anybody wants to catch him. But the one play where he as the tipped interception yet flexible little hybrid kind of a lob. Shovel pass that he throws. But you see how quick and dynamic of an athlete he is because he's evading the rush he's moved around in the pocket is able to put bought. But the other one I think I don't know if it's the second or third I think it's the third interception that he throws. It would become the field. I'm kind of serious watched the tackle that he makes or net play. I realize how much of an athlete he we'll get excited about people want to right now tell me. Not wrong though I've seen kids I Gilbert you know the guy plays quarterback and but there's something about the apple lettuce is an app the quarterback position. Because he was insane in the way he point when he beat Alabama. When he was that a NN yes I mean he's through that team on his back east Macy's in scenes scramble plays. And there's something about that dynamic quarterback we've always been fascinated about but it's been very rare that that's Ben. Sorry white kit. I comes out and does it I don't know what that is about getting people excited about yes people love Michael Vick but there's a lot of people that go. A lone person to go black quarterback just wants to run the ball. Even though you have a lot of guys that have come out and proven that I mean Donovan McNabb was never runner. There's been plenty of guys and commendable even black quarterbacks that stand in the pocket and done well. There's real scramble or I mean I get I don't wish Hussein I know what you say not a runner purse say he was more at Syracuse but it. Idec are queuing you're saying but I guess what joining Intel I think the public's fascination with him more than anything. Is just the fact that he had so much gusto and so much bluster about him dead when he did become good usually with those kind of guys we expect eight. A moderate level of you know modesty. Right chair like he did that Annie and we didn't have any did Tim Tebow was the exact opposite right he was the most modest person you'll ever meet your life. Even when he did things that you could conceive as. Being a little bit cocky like say the speech after the loss to Mississippi State schori a little Italy has its end zone celebration out of town yet even then you found it to be righteous enough that the year you're OK with that regularly wanna attack if you make fun of it various people little tech T shirt yeah I hear your key argue your point yeah. So I guess I'm saying is I think people just pay attention to joining hands Ellis because he was up at the top he knew it. And he exploited it and when things started to go wrong he basically stayed Hui was until this certain point now where all. Facts aside it looks like he's trying to make that transition to being a stable human being and a stable cornerback. Imports are part is he really really Sox. My goal really sucks people love the fall from grace the dad and they love the resurgence of an I mean you know to Tiger Woods was. But what do you like Michael vick's a few people didn't jump on my laser surgeon did. Prison sentence in the dead animals. Right yeah the substance abuse and the not VW your life under control I think that's okay yeah. But the town yet killing all those dogs and then going to prison serving the time and obviously getting reforms that we don't like now know. I win more respect for Michael Vick because he went to prison. He served a complete time and when he came out. It was pretty obvious that he was a reformed human being what it came as an advocate for the humane society held he said you know and it really when you look Michael vick's case and get I don't wanna take complete blame off them because what he did was absolutely horrible. But there was something behind it where number and interview afterwards he says something like hey you know I know what I did was really terrible we have to understand the way that I grew up. This was completely normalized to me hip and I didn't even realize that. This was wrong when he's really didn't do it alone know if I mean it wasn't like he was by himself having dog fights no it was there when it. Jim action packed. I we should laugh about it and he sort of that it is garage and it's it's it's game. All his friends are dreaded talking about a likely get a stepped up its way. Michael this is a hell he's doing fifty pit bulls aren't great support staff around him but he just couldn't kick the habit million terrible support system around and that did. Joined in the revelry and used his celebrity to the bulls through the insult. Added by Vick in a extra large garage with like fifty pit bulls and cages. Bottle of Jack Daniels of the cigarette with the Brea Mario speed wagon on just full blast have a dog bites are use speed wagon now. Nobody else is involved there's good money. It's just emphasis is inevitable closet. Now I can't imagine I can leave pretty pretty terrible. Terrible image but I think people root for Michael Vick to to have come back based I think you realize really quickly that he. Past his prime. They had a opportunity to Philadelphia little bit needs bouncer at the end of Pittsburgh two and as. Gonna be coaching for the American alliance football's pathologies completely gone away and he's got a moderate come back and good for him I don't and he got a pretty good I mean he won comeback player of the year let's first two years he came back you still as prime that you write you know that. Kind of but but I think out. I think people still think that there's an opportunity for Johnny man's they'll come back and and employee in the NFL and it obviously didn't see many signs of that. And Tiger Woods because he's a golfer I think that your your windows a lot larger and I think. I think the other thing about the goal thing with Tiger Woods is. It be great to see him play against all of these young guys whose those in it was never him taking out there and a whole lot of Phil and tiger walking down on Sundays playing head to head even though that was as close competitor but I think if you can get. A few you know screen shots. Of tiger watch in what Dustin Johnson. Or tiger watching with Jordan speed on a Sunday at a major. They the golf industry would there be such a boom there right and it. They're looking for the passing of the guard ray yeah that but they wanna have tiger win a couple so that he can then you know yeah. Beat their contemporary even for brief moment has really ever happens in any other sport. They can you remember a passing of the guard. In like the NBA. Echo be Jordan to go because we do LeBron. Coming I think. Really don't. I don't really feel like there was some pivotal moment there there was a passing with Kobe and I don't know but there's it's it's a changing of the guard it's not a. Passing of the guard it's a change in regard it is but you have Kobe just kind of you know slowly fading away any who leaves with that sixty point game. And then you just realize that the best player in the league right now is LeBron. And LeBron as the best player in the league probably five years during that appear that your. But I mean there was an overlap or blurred lines before really Keeley started popping and he's starting going on on Kobe. There's a little bit of time we like that his young kid that's coming in and he's he's ridiculous and. I think for more minutes about teams really. You know I I think it's really a team thing like a team and our franchise because right you had altered the 2000 he had a team like the spurs which. You know for the most part practically dominated the 2000 that is there were some blips LeBoeuf is a labor won her first test version. Five championships over. Oh god what a decade but the lakers had five championships like seven years there or what ever was and maybe it was a little maybe a buddy you wait the longer much longer period of time for the spurs. They never quite went away so. Yeah you can kind of see that happen the NBA is always been littered with the repeats and there's a handful of three pizza out there and there's a lot of teams. There will win a championship but the spurs never won back to back but they also never really went away. That never won back to back in the five championships and are 12 years Guerrero. And a repeat. But that's that's what I mean but heroes hanging around to be even that to be a shock to you the NBA if you get a good team you're going to have three or four cracks that for the most part the pistons went to two I mean in the in the 2000 you eat the warriors obviously. Have them at three. But I think part of the reason we're sick and lose employed anybody besides the caps and Kevin Curran is very fortunate girl. Our let's make some predictions of take a look at our crystal balls would do that next to listen and listen in the saint on Teddy didn't. These are the these are the Jason bro bumper music. There that's the Judas freeze some flying bridge. There we did this when when Jason broke him on the show last of those role. Songs for her and her. Anyways. Or creed. The lead singer Scott Stapp ask got stabbed he had drunk on stage and forgot lyrics yeah that's every lead singer ever. The opera now and I mean a big guy from Blind Melon is the machine and noon. He once got so high and so drunk that he heat on the crown the first 00. Wish I was at that one but. It. Once Shannon noon she didn't do and in the overdosed on Maryland all right a little Shannon. As planned craps one time in Vegas in this scandal just like Sheehan and so I called him that. And nobody at the table numerous arguments of the guy that had model is looked after the had overdosed former singer of one. It's should know one guy won't shed and who broke. 10 he knew like the only get there with the guy that has making fun out would you just like chimneys it. Absolutely I've I've cultivated his look over the years. Whoa you're blood melon grown. You blend modes though you're into that I was wearing may be costing them time so it's and yet but he. And anybody OK so crystal balls yes we did talk about okay. I'm out next week. Back the week after them and then one more quick keeping trip before the end of summer and we're into football season yes. Usually don't take these experience seriously as you quite well known do we want to take it seriously this this football season put something on it and make our actual picks for college or pro football. How should we do. So you're saying that we should do some picks for our show only and put some money in it. Put some skin in the game doesn't necessarily have to be money. I have an idea that we should try to find the cheapest. And most available prize we can. And then we can create a league within our show with us our listeners yes of who. Can win the prize I think so I don't know what the prize will be will it be a package of reasonable straws perhaps you know may be a ten dollar gift card to Ross dress for less who. That's nice second by a lot 55 through fives or better you today checks on anybody wanna challenge will die in a pick up. All old bulls set him up on Twitter we can use that Twitter thing we'll do acts sinner saint and eighty. We'll put all the picks up and then you'll just have magnitude have to do like. Twitter reply and yet they do they got the victory and we could also do a 15% off your next purchase a DSW. Oh that's not bad that's pretty darn Good Friday percent off already low prices are not name brand shoes at DSW name brand shoes that. That's. You know distributors just couldn't sell to anybody because they suck I would give him on math I don't Italian temper. That I semi semi translucent. Rubber gripping on the bottoms he gets see some of the graphics that we put on the would. Oh man. Give my self and prepare rocket dogs right after that I would not tell you I'll tell you what many listeners what to challenge me the pick him there's a 15% up. That you purchase I'm I'm playing for keeps right after that I went next door to take a prepare slacks from Wal-Mart. Not. A JJ the bee is W was it was in it was in the San Fernando Valley principal Buddha and the for a five. I down there and that DSW that one was sweet that's type yeah. And no president is well not really I mean it's just gonna be either percentage or gift card to maybe orange Julius and we get a new car. A new car let's say we didn't get in on the we get a hold that Pinto doctor Ernie somebody on the better each day text line five factories terrified yet said what do when Ross coupons and picking all the Detroit teams Detroit Lions pistons. Detroit college. That quite sure I don't think they understand what we're actually going to be doing this mean that at Ross dress for less they have Michael bomber jackets for the lions. Like how could have a fine would that be across stress for less if you saw an old 1990s. Starters bomber jacket of the alliance. You were the team apparel shirt that says you know it's like property of Detroit Lions dad I bought that shirt at Ross dress for less in 1999. Pool. Hell of a time to realize how when I graduated my school my my goal is to have a shirt for each of the 32 NFL teams only had two back half of them. And like it's gonna stupid generally need that. But I found I found the property of the tree lines sure I think is one of the first on the bottom my best this week Sharon I don't really care about the lions. Just where NFL apparel and I was like man scan a stupid thing a map or is Leo finally collecting property of NFL sure they were all property of so here's what happened. I go to the Ross dress for less than they had the the brand new shiny Detroit Lions shared a Mike Boettcher. Pretty dope I'm gonna get that lion's killers are gonna very Sanders. Who may have just quit from the lines and my clients I'm not gonna quit on you. So I buy that shirt then I went to I was that good will and I came across lake at 1970s. Or 1980s. 49ers championship teacher from their first suitable loose on the same day. It was within like a short period of time and I'd use same day. So I come across it is aid is a teacher from the the first 49ers super boy also told block letters its before any real grabs among them by and that teacher. And I end up with a and it's the art teacher already and it added a few more got a cold teacher in my mail and subscribe to others during idle new. Sleep outside a big old collection and I got to Brown's teacher and was like man this is a stupid venture what was I think and then moved on beyond it and here I am today here I had that I got here about the story. Of how I got to where I am. I just say and the mammoth in on the on the pick and sort of we'll figure out new arrivals will sit animal can figure out how we want to organize this over and do it. Sit and say pickle we're gonna come up with a red prize. And Yale grad prize that's a good way to put it through rhetoric and over the rad prides itself I don't know if you happened upon it you know say that's nice so in the next few weeks started when I get back it'll be the first weekend in September. Mean and we should have some more plow full slate of college football games will be approaching the kick opera and a hopeful all. We'll be good time will be our act and will be fun also if anybody wants to get in on the dirt and Sprague fantasy football will and I will both of leagues. Two shooters over an email what your phone number to be texting and in if you do that way or view through Twitter. But just hit us up to play in. I don't know who each have wonderful do listener saint league this year can depend on how many people we have answers so I'd like ideally together because like I handle it they'll be more fun that I 55305. Is better you today -- Tex. It was a boomer run the other league. We get required of all boomer do. Gathers a guy started better companies who. He just told us his name is rumor and then within the and we are supposed to take feeling that your real man yelled we'll know that in the spin of the day we go as they illegal name and he goes now. And he didn't following up with the story what is what is lastly. I don't know real man know he didn't tell you knew we don't know Israel and see you don't get it I haven't actually talked to him that I said hey he's trying to on the way to lower cost. I sit Edison Hayes your real name boomer egos no it's not and they didn't say anything else and he did people die you think you would do there is no social etiquette and as things. Go figure. I mean I'm not saying he's that iron game. Big things Gary and Ernie retention for coming in dude that dazzle us with stories of old time fantasy football gives a little device place moving forward. The good story plug your kids through all those years. You'll. Get down all the podcasts social stuff like us that kind of fan dot com Beth mercifully end this show yankees and Red Sox are fan or something. I just over buyback Payer. You'll see it's always shine. Vijay sit here.