Sinner and Saint 8-4-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, August 4th
The President likes Michael Jordan and Blake Bortles facts

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same as say tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Hey happy Saturday. We can anytime. You this is seven shows in eight days. This is the end of the long journey for you time is too dark jeans. Long and mythical journey. Saw on our urge who is. Magical mystical journey. We're like The Beatles. Now yes I'll into our personal there's only two of us like an older Americans while there is no musical talent over all the on its. Announced schedule mr. useless a magical mystery tour you've heard that Elmer and and we need to I know a reference and we're not gonna be so I'm Lennon. Okay you're. Ringo and I are out Ringo at a may hearing go. Because look like relief you should look a bit like Ringo Starr plunge on Italy in the hole. And I enjoy huge boon to. A slow to pony. Buehrle did that it did that he was they give him a lot of credit now for his musicianship are his songwriting. But it like when they went out Ringo was apparently the guy that was the bill the data party. Yeah well all I mean OK see I made the mole reproach you believe you got George Harrison who's depressed all the time yup all all here comes the sun what are you talking about who's just a young kid yup Paul McCartney who was always trying to break creative barriers he was annoying and then you get John Lennon who's what. Ten years out of starting to experiment with heroin. I think he's the only all in guy on this. Not all drugs all drugs just he's getting addicted to heroin in the seventy's everybody's starting to mean that there own them. Heller commercials has got addicted to heroin. Stripped the buicks in heroines. Hot button he'll talk. Saturday emblem a needle Taka euros moved in. Our producer will bring a solid car there. Looks like he's got enough. Well there is hitting every good staff here. Right. Eight days of us being on the air together straight. No it's been seven this is a sense is this show when they hit they re the seventh show and aid we had Sunday off last week well. On Sunday rest. Because way it works so we made I get to any sports. We may not be coherent today so we will lean heavily on the better you today takes like 55305. When are we coherent. The fair question. It's out of a stream of conscious show all right yeah it's a through there. Well we've pretty jock but everything that actually happened this week so really there's nothing negative it's actually usually the nice thing about our show as we get to Saturday and like. I would get an entire week of things that we can toggle pretty talked about it ad nausea. Actually you know what there's something we haven't talked. With that to check this out I went sorting this morning like they usually do ya back U near TG a number wake up early and do that stupid morning show and got my bought up at 415 went swimming right. Good for you now before this let me preface the story in debt for the past couple weeks wanna go swimming on Saturdays there's been a guy. Who will all be seen in there. And he's trying to make friends with me now you don't go to the gym how many guys. I'm big into gyms before you've been to gyms but sometimes chilling account or people who will try to be friends with deals those who wait until we get to the gym what time 4:30 in the morning none allied about five fighter by -- way on the big board that. If you people there I'd say ten yet and so. I get there this guy for the past couple of I would say even months has been trying to make friends with me. And he'll always call me by my name I forget his name personal time because I just wanna go in there and swimmer work out get out and today he saw me again. Those walking over the pool short list. And he says hey what's going on you both your listener you are all I'm sure this he just got out of the son he's been sweaty so everybody's shirtless everyone's sure listen up. And I walked past him he's a K what's going on there will. And think of how much they just kind of like you know did I usually do with everyone in writing him off so I walked by. And then I'd swim and then I go out to my car and he had stuck a note. On my car saying I like to swim for fun. Dave and then put his number underneath. You would date so I got hit on you app pool needed. A little scary. Is this I have to change clubs now. Well here's the thing though for weeks you've been talking about how you need to tighten up your ad. You need certain junior creaky and watched. You go to four will. It's not for the guys that the GM. This is not right this is my old point you view you have a fiance yeah out not gonna get up chicks though. A pickup deer it's apparently. This is I'm gonna tell you with the old. Gotta get my ads tonight's we'll look can we really him we really blame him is I walk out of there I took a shower before I got the pool pure speed news will I do worse CEOs. I got my white yams out they're glistening from the shower water you know. And those fruit listeners that don't know will is the white his personal life I am the white spur you went to Hawaii and got left hand yes. By day actually did the reverse to me what you did the SPF 150. Gap which actually white Jews in I went to Hawaii and I wouldn't go to any local places I just went to Starbucks with my laptop and told everyone I'm writing my novel exactly that's how wide I am here anyway. And so now I can't go back this GM because this guys hitting on me. He left a note on my car you know what we'll all go to David C don't feel what that means right he knows what I'm driving he's watching me drive did oh yeah. That's scary. He's got a thing for yeah did you ever introduce yourself reason to lose you are now he just does speed because yes by name once and I told what my name was and then I didn't interact with him any further. You play hard get. And he likes that I make you second hop that's the bad part always got the bad part well that and I listen maybe nodded and Ellen. Now so you think he's going to be the guy flips me by big. Pay bills trying to put it. I think there's a note on my car. Canas then there before me let me tee was sitting in the window from the pool just breathing on the glass a group will use to looks just open. When those goods produced. Will there. But he glistening him join the Sauna and goes in there. Winfrey why don't speed don't feel like he did. Well like it was too good timing for him and what's wrong with that's not nice guy always find but he's not that great look at. All you care about is what you're so superficial and it's apparently homophobic. Homophobic. Just saying I'm from reg guide to you know be curious. Well a lot. Most a lot of people had a chance to listen to us all week some people didn't have the only tune in on Saturdays and we've made them promise over the years that we will try to catch him up and everything that happened in the weeks to years. Yeah over the years we've been doing this show we've Madoff promised to them to bring them all the sports news that they may have mr. in the week. So for those people only listen to the center in the saints get all the sporting news we bring them. In case you missed. We will have a stroke back there. Paul Casey missed it this week Johnny football that is CFL debut. And you know four interception in the first half of the Montreal what's game last night. Not that should be as bad as you think it might be if you consider that he threw one pick for every practice he had before the start. Posts out here. Made four practices board played the guy he looked terrible do you think he's ever played football his life that is not true at all a lot of people rip him for the four interceptions but you need him a little more credit for the two tackles he made. I. Thirty yards downfield he throws a deeper interception he comes Denny comes night right into the hands of the you know it's funny was when he threw one of his picks is that he he. First old one that was tipped he made he made a very good Johnny football moved to get free than doubling the little that it did some begins I still blame the tip on him because he put it way out there see reread her. But there is one you that there was one. Play where he had dropped back I think he had mistaken that it was a play action and so he goes back any. You know garlic as the players out even there I had let the desert ghost he's in trouble now he didn't even know that wasn't a play action. I I came in this morning camera is listening on the radio they're breaking down to the Johnny football. Performance was the right now in the pit bull. And was early whoa Earl Woods that golf I don't know I don't know broke I honestly don't know who was to the show I don't listen to and it is to fill in guys out. So my -- it's people in the snake filled in for Ernie in the early in the bucket and we what. I know what's going outside net literally no idea who these people are but they're talking about Johnny football and they're gone. All right so. Just below Beckett Hewitt before practices. Incubator Rogers one practice. Would you go and look better to dictate and other Gordon bags again giving them less prepped them yes no and yes that is exactly the only person I could input into there is Blake portals who wouldn't. Who who needs a full week of practice to just played OK yeah. Johnny probably not play OK in case you missed it this week to seal the mayors met a couple moves the trade deadline. And I think you gradually Cameron Maybin instead of being stuck in a Marlins team that wasn't going anywhere now get deployed for a mayor's team that's in a freefall. Else. Ready deletion the Mariners and I began they're buying at the trade deadline. Balloon. Amateur awesome one and a half games back of it boy it sure it happened all of a sudden then that they just lost four straight it was like gut isn't over is four straight they got passed by the eighties they had a one time they had an eleven. Game lead for that second wildcard spot over the days. That's more of what it is and her chair art and I this year more than any of the others in the past what how stupid almost 4050 years with a little while the so I do right now this year more than any other that I can remember was when the hopes were pretty damn high. Yeah they want to do is a funds start to see if it's not over. But it does not look good right now live in a more of why that is just a matter. And so it problem it's probably over its mathematically it's not over that's fairness. I guess you missed it this week what are my favorite stories is Jim Harbaugh told a player than that he should not eat chicken because it's a nervous Bert ball. Els imagine that should avoid PC league begins with an arrogant pasta and doctor pepper because disdain for truck colleges. Way to go don't exactly true. Because we years ago. Yeah oh I agree with him though I like that theory. That's a pretty awesome conspiracy theory that they've injected them with so many hormones and weird things that it made the birds nervous. And then you attribute. The same type of characteristics as what you eat if you drop back in the pocket and you look nerve it is because we too much chicken as a quarterback in football yeah. IE. A league game in the power of it. Wouldn't that be sweet. I've beaten Oster. Didn't hit well. The ability slate. I think it's a myth that this we may make you decided to discontinue. Jeanne miss Winston signature shoe the Nike force grouper prove Beattie. Sir. I actually didn't even know that that was a joke I kind of thought that's opaque armor. I do they do looking through the Nike cleats. To name figure out like a name to make fun of some pretty vicious ethnic name to the public argues. Use that name of the show that the malice yeah it's still. And the force but only illegal simply she'd miss Winston attributes to begin with the grabber yeah. I do a grouper but all of the grouper the other Nike force grouper prove BD the Nike and scrambling liquor stretch. It's too you have about I guess if this week the NFL the hall of fame game to kick up the NFL pre season. There's between Lamar Jackson's Baltimore Ravens and a bunch of guys that we cut by the Chicago Bears. Yes. I know all. Her dad yeah Evans also put me back up bears O line and be out all and also he's pretty much Toby like a beast running your version of Toby Gary yeah I had. Let's I thought of them weigh in he got into Leo's like you know Toby care heard in do great he's candlelight till we gear our. I think he's B minus version of Toby gear or Peyton Hillis there. If that will pick those habits suite here today did in the one human disappeared. And another cover bad and there. Most of these guys are no Michael stuff. No they're not in Michael Scott was the last great just like to. You disarm rampant Staubach used to. That's great like movie style. A running back you know to be in like that dubbed hardworking every man sued played them we talked about also when they were sitting here they're doing the some anniversary of the attendant based Super Bowl. It's in Austin it was just not only was he like the baddest football players and nice is deep government I would imagine mowed people down I think you probably drop. Drop a nice 24 pack. I eat like he would be really cool. I I imagine Michael studying lot of fun to get drunk with because he would get kind of aggressive like play full aggressive but not enough to like scare the crap that you'd be like hey we gotta ditch my Kia. Mike's getting weird and you know. Those women are going over those police over there this is not getting good. And finally. Cases. Where clearly we get on the sole bread sir we can keep vinyl like my case you missed it. President trump mistake is just that LeBron James on Twitter the vote is set on Twitter LeBron James who just interviewed by the dumbest men on television Don lemon. In May LeBron looks smarter which isn't easy to do I like Mike. Of course president trump likes Michael Jordan better the LeBron LeBron did that 2010 Hanes commercial with the Hitler mustache. Yeah. Let's start there next why is better this insistence on a clash between politics. And our sports. It's the Saddam Hussein's. It's our show is that your show but I don't you don't show on the air it's tentative. Who holds. Well all week. Long has been a long way blood it's not just the getting up to view of the morning should also be the full. When he Howard and I and our job after that. And then we went through the transition with the twins are moving a crib so now they just don't go to sleep. But our it was like you throw them in like their little cage and they can be as a rule is they want to. We're transition them in there like they're little toddler bed. There all the force of the three she really shut them up anyway free range children itself yet been an absolutely delightful week. All the confluence of all of this sick in the mail man's been a good point about my a yeah I mean well and homo erotic. Interaction with the guy at the pool is that you can't blame them for assuming you drive a Prius. This is true I mean the Prius is a pretty big magnet it's it it really exerts. Canada the the muscle that I got as a guy like dude look at that NATO he's environmentally conscious and I'm into that there. And excel and putt. Let's a year years there's no question dream boat you did offend someone on the better you today takes on 255305. Know all is way faster than Toby which is complete BS can I think you put them together and I'm pretty sure. Okay I forgot how good Toby you're was yes in college and I think it'll be a close race but I still think Toby hear her it's gonna win that one because he's got he's got more spirit more adrenaline. Like that's just spirit her spirit is and it. Those two dudes all they run on a spear well listen does does know get the benefit of a being able to run his leg during the civil war game because he always had more spirits and adrenaline yes. About as bad as good as he's ever been here. Mondale and all is good when all is good car you woods but he was great in civil war games and I guess numbers that are astronomical compared to the other games that you play. I think all remember Ryan all is how all remember Steven Jackson which way is he was a really really good cog. In beavers football history when things were kind of boring. You know. Like it was really really boring for the past three years but Ryan always the one bright spot where like I'd watch a game and I do like all man is that you get a break offer on. I had the Stephen Jackson was that way towards the end of his career organ state to a good boss baseball I remember he had a really great game like. Apart stood ever really really great but at the end of the day you were just kind of like yeah those are boring season. Death. Well hopefully you'll some new b.s this year I'm excited to see what they look like when when these thirty and he can expect greatness relegate the point Ohio State with or without a coach. Not going to be a very great good matchup for the bees but it'll it'll be edged do you happens I mean you can't do much worse and it last year now. So the ceiling is a roof. The ceiling is in fact author of stealing is the roof. That's save obscure Michael Jordan ref but he gets obscured in I think I know why you're mentioning Michael. In income clever. These are clever. And we now have to talk about the president of the United States on this show because he's infiltrated. Sports. Yeah listen we we don't we left to Malone you know within needs headed to talk about him it's no we don't you talk about politics we don't really need to dive into that. But in the same heat. LeBron James you've been doing his media it. Rounds yeah talk about beat. School for underprivileged. Children that he opened. Public school all and then breaks it up with a going to his son's basketball games this is all LeBron James has been doing. It's going to pretty public school. Buying all of the kids' bicycles and actually get to the public school paying their tuition provided they graduate. Free uniforms. Free transportation within two miles free breakfast lunch and snacks free pantry for families of ged in job placement services prepared. And guaranteed to wishing to the University of Akron for every student who graduates this school. Yeah what an idiot. End that we just saw it takes shots at him what he. But I get good Twitter is full controls I'm aware of that what are our president. I got a little loop of what you mean tweets the Jimmy Kimmel thing. It's a delightful little little piece of of of television and a gold is wonderful and it's a great YouTube clip they don't take very long to watch. There was four or five of them and I watched two men. For five months just use trump tweets. These are all trolls they don't use any other celebrity tweets. But they can use presidential tweeted since wool and I think L. So just kind of puts a spotlight on LeBron James to and what and credible work he's done now I can admit I was a huge LeBron hater. Early on in his career and I don't ever opened any schools like everything about in the first. What fifteen years of his career read an open a single school now and that's you know kind of dark part of his career yet British look at it. But you know when he started when he was an eighteen or nineteen. For me it was difficult to separate the fact that he was eighteen or nineteen years old. Because he would do things like refer to himself in the third person do you chosen one tattoo the chosen once had to the decision in that whole thing that when he left for Miami and you know that really bothered me a lot but it's only in retrospectively that now I'm a lot older I look back at that they go. Do you Hughes each team he was 20/20 one years old of course he was doing that deputies immature. But LeBron James has done deep think you would expect him to do the most which is he's grown. He's completely grown as a person he's come into immense wealth. He's come into immense influence and fame instead of being complete jerk about it flaunting it and completely wasting it and not building a legacy. He built a mother F things school. And gives free tuition to people. Leave it doesn't hate him for leaving beat Powell doing this they thanked him the first mile they burn jurors in the Google think yeah but he went back to Cleveland he made a promise to bring a championship to his hometown team. He did that and do whatever he wants that this this chapter and LeBron james' career. Is. It's it's all about what he can do with the wealth and with the fame and influence that he now has. And you have the attention of of the entire world. When the president jumps on and if anything if if if if the idea for trump is still like knock him down a peg by thrown the little I liked Mike jab in there at the end all you're doing is you're giving a Brit brawn James. More power and moral relevance so. You. Here's the other part of it due at chumps. He's campaigning in Ohio today. Bob why a what did you do pat. Like him don't you think they don't like him anymore and relieved that he brought this city their only professionals do what. Title you'll have a sound clip talking about him leaving yeah I think guarantee that you're going to be brought the president of their best April leaving and this is this is. But I just so childish as it's funny that the idea that like a hog and really get him say that Mike's better. I think when we talk about the slot with a legacy in the way people. Talk about you know how there. How other viewed. And you look at LeBron James right now I don't think he cares what people think of them now not only fantastic. And the fact that the I doesn't seem that he's opening the school because he cares what people think about him he's doing it. And as a legacy thing for a town that he grew and grew up in the needs help. Well and also you you can look at his decision to go to Los Angeles a lot of people came out I effort there was cemented charles' partner somebody else who said that he didn't pick the lakers you picked Los Angeles or that might have been an unnamed source but anyway they they're saying that that like oh he's just going to Los Angeles he doesn't care about winning anymore. Dude who care good here he's thirty cemented his spot as the top five player of all time. And by the way I don't think it's his responsibility to fulfill whatever expectations you have for him. If so what is life like this and go play in Los Ian Lewis and have fun in the last five to six years of his career. Open up schools for people in Ohio and produce movies through good on you. Anyone's his kid to go to high school Los Angeles yes that's what it is a very big part of it that. Do it every well LeBron. I like the fact that he's getting under the skin of the president. And he's getting these tweets coming out but yet the I'd like meg jab at the end. Owned LeBron stupid it's very juvenile. And and LeBron the funny thing is the basketball players above this. Can I say this the basketball player Kia is a bit and can I say this though. It is very obvious when LeBron James wants to look Smart because he wears glasses at what viewers as bad spurs viewers. C shorts. Really think that if you make fun of him the only thing that was missing for him nobody got school is that purse. It is man bag tell awesome would have been if he had the man bag on shoulder always make and that speech just it's wonderful like I wanna see more of the man back this alligator skinned man. Absolutely speaking of campaigning in Ohio. Urban Meyer still campaigning for his job. At Ohio State and we have a poll we get down with two bullets do both of those things will be an expert. Before we did that we can do the news report. The please state mandated. Urban Meyer conversations take place now. Time cart out. Big time got out punches yeah talk about the biggest story ends boards Urban Meyer. Is a liar okay I'll give you choice it is talk about. Urban Meyer or the patriots. Giving Tom Brady had giant birthday cake that he can't be because he's interacts. We can do both of those things will will do them both here I just with a doctor herb Meyer all week since have been filled in for dusty camp so we've had a chance to Canton and the one thing that is happened only thing that's changed. Since you and I last talked about it is herbs. Released his statement. Yes he came out and said well. And wasn't that I was lying. At Big Ten media day it's that I wasn't prepared for the question all apply. And by questioned. He may have forgotten that he is asked the same thing nine times about firing Mike's Zach Smith. Nine Diageo the question again just never really saw it coming back around what he didn't answer it. And then pretended I didn't know they were talking about then called them liars for making up the story who thoughts. On Big Ten media day. Most national broadcast you can give her a day after you fire a U white tigers coach for domestic violence that might come up. I think you have Brittany Murphy who's the guy who broke this whole story originally I think his tweet sums it up perfectly. Let me get this straight Urban Meyer in a matter of seconds can come up with a way to converting fourth and one in double OTB Michigan yet. He cannot be quote unquote attic Lee adequately prepared to take questions that Big Ten. Media get a subject. The other thing that's happened since we last talked about this is we get to your from the dude yeah hired. Taxpayer and boy did he sound like scumbag and boy does he sound guilty yet well now so he's come out and said he's not yet so we don't have any visual evidence from our friend Brittany Murphy on that. Bet he may have gallery and you have evidence the O do we know what's that BI can go ahead for the report. So. Right after the interview happened to be done several enemies gonna TV's been on radio you know denied that and I didn't do anything she's crazy day while I was even Bayer. When this supposedly happened this is specifically after the ESPN interview that aired last. Right after it happened and as expense said now. No I'd completely never tied my hands honor and it even happened in 2015 right so then Brittany Murphy then Tweety screen grab of a text message exchanges. That we either shared with him from Zacks Smith's wife right this is our all started sure this one reads. And this is Smith's wife. The past date back to the cheating the lies in picking me up by my neck strangling me in put it can and at our place in April. The abuse got worse because you couldn't stand meet catching you and your lies. That's this response. I know all. Notes. All oral multiple exclamation points on our wish just put water. The burned out there I hit you yet exactly. Well and and doesn't this seem like kind of the obvious reason she sent that in a text message detailing is so that she would have this Ingram. And it's responded Dinah and go. From the that he today Tex signed by fight to survive he can expect to be prepared for questions on a media day I mean did you're reporters they they pushed him. It did it came out of nowhere jumping out of the wood. I think I think most of all this is really what's what's gonna cause Urban Meyer to lose his job because they genuinely believe he will get fired and I think it's all gonna come back around to the fact that. It's sort of lined everybody and you do on national television William. Here are the two things Zack Smith looks worse now that he's in the public guy yeah and stopped it takes some of the attention off camera Michael this guy looks off yes. The other thing is Urban Meyer has said that he reported it. In 2015 so. He he'll need to come up beat the burden of proof is on Urban Meyer the way he saves his job is if you can prove that he reported this to be athletic director of the president's school dean whoever. Whatever the chain of authority is super remark and prove that he saves his job next Smith looks bad enough. And I thought don't ever work again I'd flip it on me that I don't think it's early on Urban Meyer anymore I think it's on university officials took this he's saying that he reported to all the right people but. Here's the thing that's been missing out this whole story I even heard anything from athletic directors. University presidential now we have Dave power they've. Yes it's that Derek comet has been we've formed a committee to investigate so what to wait until we hear something from OK but like why can't hear from whoever Myers bosses which are missing is the AD right winds are their far less important and the full her coach. Now the and that's a big part of the story is we give these guys too much power and then when they make bad decisions we have to go attack. Tell me about Robert K okay so Tom Brady got a birthday cake dreary for us. This is a really huge deal because Tom Brady usually does meet birthday yes yes we waited and K keys and every need the strawberry no he's never had a strawberry infected. The New England Patriots organization for. Tom Brady's birthday created him. A giant birthday cake in the shape of a twelfth. And let's see here today have unknown substances like a Jew and a woman was taken syndicate. Maybe I mean everybody got a piece that's what you're asking. Everyone hits apiece. As heated. Clever word play. Always and then drafting actually retrieve him and said happy birthday Tom Brady and he made an avocado cake so there's an actual story about Tom Brady this week there's a new book out that alludes to the fact that he could have taken. The eight million dollar fine. Always had a doozy admit guilt in the deflate gate case and he could have avoided the suspension in the long drawn out case hall here assuming that he has. He doesn't have pride. Although this is this is kind of the assumption but I'm sitting here in that position I'm and he was able willing to fight it does that make you think that there's more. I don't know innocence there and in his claims that he didn't do anything to those footballs and any of that now he's the most practical person ever and he lets pride premature blind him from anything I mean he kissed his son on the lips on FaceBook and he's still admitted that was normal. GPS that's we're okay what how the sun what's the age cutoff. Oh cheese. I don't mean to make this personal for your garden you start go to school yourself go to these are taking your kids' school right drop mob outside you don't know more mild this new kid lets you get up for union dollars for the mouth kiss and I still seems weird to me I don't tool and amount to some general and mouth gestured I have. But it feels weird. Kimmel of Jimmy kids and let them deal let him kiss you. Yeah they're seeing it I don't have kids yet so I can't talk to it and maybe all have a different reaction to it. But but I think it's if it hearkens back to the you're creep it. Yeah I think Gregory yet number he's a creep Chernoff. We had a poll yes let's go to the apple had sinner saint and eighty on Twitter. How we don't on the pole okay geragos so our poll today it was a little bits. Those will allow up there. So that is the the inspiration for Wright was joyful platonic couple threw four interceptions and is CFL starting debut in the first half the first half overseas who have Vernon Davis did when he came in in the fourth quarter replace them. No one for five minutes. So we asked what's worse. You're options three yards past. 8% people said being punched by Princeton Thompson. That's obviously not that down. If 27% he said the pee your pants during an MLB game what does that really Avery Bradley had not Avery Bradley. Each model of his name. But a basal with the Diamondbacks pulled his pants and had to go out and pitched. Yeah got off all give his name four and 13%. He said it was Johnny football situation of foreign. Throwing four interceptions in the first half of the few FL game and that are overwhelming 35% and said I really don't wanna be Meyers Leonard. That that's probably the worst thing that you could be used Myers wandered Archie Bradley cheaper to Baffert neighbor Don Bradley was like a the news that Archie or night that are on labor Bradley did he scooped his pants and for some reason well played baseball game. And he pitched. What they call. A clean inning. Alone. See. Hair though you deserve that on a per shipment I'm Louise a joke when we reported on the story so it's not that new joke over that it had a proper overwhelmingly. The worst thing in sports yes. To be Meyers being miers or would you wouldn't be that bad if it was just the fact that you were publicly known as a waste. You and I think that Meyers Leonard is a stand in for. You're huge disappointment. Isn't it and it could just be huge disappointment I think Myers underwent the standard for that I still like Meyers Leonard is a mere. Like he's a mirror fall all of the disappointments we've had in life each one of us and he just kind of look at it sometimes Nikko that's the worst part of me well and it's and it's also the thing that because you have a huge man crush on the physique of Meyers Leonard he's hot and you get Meyers Leonard ego. I should have been so much more and things look a much potential I had to look out good I could have been. But then and diabetes all and is disappointed because if that guy can have that body usually you'd assume that you could be pretty successful and so it's disappointing out like OK even if I do get a body like that it doesn't mean I'm gonna be really successful LU has been a lot of money if you're at the gym. You some miers and pull up. A Prius I met him swimming pool being an embryo of a chance to talk to contend dismiss the view shark would you leave your name and number and his when shall and say that I like to swim to. I like to swim for fun yeah all right I like this from for funnier I. Kit and it's kind of message is chassis its say. Because I have to go back to that club I love that club that Tony for our fitness is really not it's. Good vs evil is next youth in the cinema saint on tentative. I've had been too busy to keep up on sports this week what does happen. No time to form their own opinions I stand before you today in the midst of an hourly time. Well no worries brought. What does senator and those same trick and are well you do send back in right away. It's time for a good vs an. Time Melbourne and restaurants and you know it's fun to. Yeah that's my favorite thing to do was proved doubters wrong I'm definitely excited. Love the kid that we have come back. As you said what would without saying these bases without this doubt about that guy that we do it will be fine just again not and who. That was yogurt slinging tough guy deck press got he's talking about proving an abstract group of people that may or may not exist wrong. He was in the news this week for another reason Prescott's that it was not the right time or place for NFL players to kneel in protest. During the National Anthem. Cynical move. And related story cowboys owner and men whose eyes are too far apart Jerry Jones was ordered by the NFL to refrain from speaking. To anyone about renewing controversy. Do you believe that. Jerry may be using death as a mouthpiece for the public. No. I don't think he's that clever I think Jerry Jones if you want to say some loose guns saying gag order or not. I think like he. And he's turning an Al Davis right we're just waiting for him to go to the costume change Al Davis with a track suit. We're waiting for the Stetson hat on Jerry Jones and like all on western year. Well the other part of it seriously Al davis' kids are kind of crazy I don't know any of Jerry Jerry Stephen jones' part of these like he's eight he's been out talking about this stuff to ease on the president I don't know that they're crazy but. That he obviously as you'd expect. Their balance kids and they're nice and confident we don't take anything from no lawn net there's. Very much that vibe yet no I don't I don't think Jerry Jones. Is that subtle enough to use somebody in the stock form Danny hit the oil and then we get a job on the football team. Right. We have the collective we look at our position players responsible for. Through it. But on the other side of the ball. The areas where we feel comfortable right now and I commend you. And as many watching up next. That was a man who you desperately attempt to avoid speaking with thicker white Christmas party John Rico but you probably know him as the assistant general manager of New York Mets. Does he go into a deep analysis of why the Mets suck but losing 25 to board that we nationals team that looks to have collectively drink three high balls before each game. That should be enough for you all culminated when the shortstop Jose Reyes pitching during the eighth inning of that loss. Would you say that this game is bad for baseball this game in particular. No because it came on the heels of the trade deadline where we thought breeze price are bruised and disappear and the nationals were gonna give up on it I mean the Mets are bad you're supposed to be bad teams happen. It's supposed to beat him by. What was it nineteen. 21 that they beat him by putting five they didn't set a record they were up nineteen to nothing in the fifth inning which was a record that dates back to 1870. The last time a team did it. It gets people talking about baseball that don't normally talk to a baseball that's always a good thing it's the all press is good press kind of thing. And add one of the biggest stars in baseball Bryce Harper at the center of it who knew that. Threatening to trade a guy in kind of we're gonna do it we're not gonna do it Kenneth talk what actually inspired team to start winning some games baseball's an amazing thing people forget how much room and then there is when you play games almost every day. You you get rolling and crazy things can happen and just look at the a's and mariners on two different direction. We're getting in exclusive sponsorship. Deal bombs so they are they official teaming partner. Of the NBA no one else can get that. They are getting data writes that is for dean dean the lie is in game. Which is a niche product here in the US where you can bet live in game. They are getting these direct data feeds from the NBA maybe there's a six to 82 delay. From third parties they're gonna trumped that up says you're getting the unique stats from the NBA. I'd just say you if you work clear it is in game. In game banning yet in game betting on him know that. There are going to use every piece of modern technology that they have to make this. In game batting. In game vetting that was human being dare rebel he's talking about the big sports. Sponsorship that was created this past. We the NBA became the first major sports league to enter a partnership with a major gaming business announcing Tuesday that MGM resorts international. Will be the league's. He league's official gaming partner here's the interesting part though MGM resorts will use official NBA and WNBA game that. And branding them on a non exclusive basis do you think there's room for corruption with something like this. Now I think any time and we take and it talked about this would we talked about alcohol going in Dotson stadium recent stadium I think any time. You can have more oversight and and you know that the books are there for everybody to look at you're going to have less corruption mean right now others. What a billion dollars made in illegal wagers across the United States every year. This is this is going to be good. MGM has already been dealing with the you know working with the governments in places like Atlantic City and in Las Vegas in Tahoe it's it's not new to them to have gaming oversight it'll be new for the NBA but I haven't apart like the MGM. I think legitimizes a lot of it. Yeah and it's. Nobody bankroll. Devil no big. If indeed do things by the book you need to keep the money that you make purses doing it in the shadows. Intention or murder one month for the ball hits and the models ready in oh. Putting me in Los Vegas we could talk about when a mob will build a place. Typewriters story that we this one comes brown looked. For a no change a Florida man story Erie this time a Florida man stories OK here is these slug the headline. Eight Florida men didn't know he was stabbed on a downtown street until he saw the blood. Okay. IQs Finn was stabbed in the neck and back Wednesday night by his ex girlfriend's friend. The game David James Lowe Lowe 44 listed as he tours guy in Key West and sure an incredible job. Was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon aggravated battery and blab about about he was also charged with Lou this meter marijuana possession. We would have known a guy he stats people also as weak on him yeah. Are back Coke for sure the out well yeah well that's the as during a during the leaders and the stab your drug dissent police said the victim Robert Phillips told them he was arguing Whipple outside. Some place over a woman Phillips called his girlfriend he walked away and then eventually the man stabbed him twice and he just walked away from the situation and it was only thirty minutes later. That he does well I've been stabbed. Have been much of a knife. That are who's who's the guy who's really do in the Coke. What you would say yes yes because that would assume the pain would not. I guess trying to I'm guessing guessing there were drugs involved with the not knowing you were stabbed and the beach in Key West yes he had those two things and of communications. That. Yeah you've been stabbed. No I haven't but seems unpleasant well and so we always talked about that one thing that long conversation we had that was if you could. Being a plane crash and survived it would you do. If you gonna survive yeah. Absolutely because when else other than a plane crash in the mountains are you really allowed to groove for the Campbell is so would you do the same thing with stabbing if you knew you can get stabbed a bunch and and survive as stabbed a bunch yeah. Now. No now it seems like less cool story in the plank you I'm choosing to do we're probably in the would you rather get survived a plane precious about survive a stabbing yeah. Yeah take in the plane crash well I guess it would depend on what the you know what what the situation is with a stab you know I can do I put out on the pocket knife yeah like a broken up into the pool cue those are two different stabbing like if I get involved in a bar fight within ninety days Patrick Swayze bar fight and I get stabbed a bunch everybody sees how dope I am that gets stabbed and I'm good. Yeah and I take that one but I think the idea was walked we clean from the plane crash yet a year old good both exhilarating show. You wanna water landing and hang out a raft for awhile raps are fun. The helicopters flying over and you're just laying out. It owns all right give a man now. Following baseball there are there are two stories that illustrate how Ole. Why the Mariners are going one direction a's are going another direction we have to those we've also got some old timers that are culminated tells another 35. Anniversary of their fantasy football league this'll be kind of three lewd to you and I setting up our Finnessey do. Football leagues for a dirty Sprague is a party that's me coming up on the 22 of August will be drafting with listeners again. Yet so we'll talk to these guys who gets an insight on how we can win or fantasy football leagues and more in the league name again is Blair Walsh is love child. That's you're team's week I thought we were gonna name the league. I. It was out of this I don't. I think we get our own leaks all. Ideally you get a league why can everybody it's a league like you regularly together I don't know that's all our two and we will do it next will figure out what the name is. Can we do it together. First I dimension givers evil brought you reference at eight OH the tiger Hawaiian restaurants 2454. East burn side. Or 52. And would suck you listening to 1080 if it.