Sinner and Saint 7-7-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, July 7th
NFL might do something smart and Jameis Winston is not smart

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers trick flyers. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can you save tigers you clue codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up front I don't want. You're listening to that citizens think podcast. I'm Linda Anderson I'm well there is that this is thoughts about less Schwab. Tires. There have been some broker a enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. Country. Anderson. Astronauts. A man barely in her esteem and also went to a school incidental what's Titanic 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We'll bargains hot air balloon agenda. Frightened by technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then that we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. But about sports. Sooner or those same old I am not sure rhetoric and they were before funny here sports here. More loan renewals. And maybe. It's. Oh definitely sports. Get to get a celebrity guests on the show which occurred disappointed by because we promise and everything you know. Yes and false advertising. Please give just his show this leopard we should get collaborative only usually birds are in a few with an official. You know mascot I heard senator Hussein would be collaborative. That's cute. Excuse. That's not. They'll NFL. As apparently. Arm a little squeamish on hand and a big money who knew. But one of the guys that kind of asking for it. Like I would say you would should give it to them because I think he's pretty much the LeBron James of the NFL. Who in that is one mr. AA Ron Rogers. Now the whole talk of this guaranteed contract thing comes up because essentially Kirk cousins got a guaranteed contract in the Minnesota Vikings this lawsuit. And so now oh or looking at a time where Aaron Rodgers I think right now is the tenth highest paid per year NFL quarterback. And obviously he's the best quarterback in the NFL I don't care to Matt Bryant's getting paid a ridiculous amount of money something like and earned something million dollars. But now we're talking about the idea of possibly giving him a guaranteed contracts. Where he's gonna have an option at the end of five years which it would mean. At 38 years old he may have an option to extend. The amount of money he's making. I don't know I'm I'm conflicted with NFL guaranteed contracts. Because I feel like. Owners treat players as tools and they know the shelf life of these tools is two to three years. And they know that if they guarantee you money for anywhere past that. It's a loss on your investment. I get that but these tickets are also putting their lives on the line for you in creating your product. Yes yes especially if that guys and rockers like I think Matt Ryan and Kirk cousins. Could be considered amongst NFL fans as. Men through the guys that are really helped build the brand but. Overall US spiked. Fringe fan and I who Matt Ryan has few walk past you grow you you probably knows an athlete is 64. But I'll know from most regular people would know he was like Aaron Rodgers on state farm commerce Aaron Rodgers dated Olivia mine you know like he's like. Almost of a celebrity outside of sports you know means so. And on top of that when he's on the field. Men who's better and robbers or marriage are definitely Aaron Rodgers he's the one that means the most to his you know and exactly like without without him of that team. We've Brett Hundley and who was the other quarterback that stepped in this year doesn't matter doesn't know you really need to remember her name Brent Henley and yeah that guy so that's how important. Aaron Rodgers is used Helm area as long as he's on the field you have an opportunity to win and we've seen him do that so many times. We've seen him almost in the NFC championship. Really combined almost beat the Seahawks in May end up in the suitable but. Probably wasn't hurt onside kick went for Mount McKinley that they're ego and also. If there's anybody who I think demands guaranteed money it's. It would be Iraq's the other dude I was fate could definitely. You can make a great argument for gay and here's your money is Russell Wilson. He got that one this year seem to meet you because he's in the same type of situation and Aaron Rodgers is in right now bright and he's gonna pretty much carried the team here you know you have. The excuse to not pay Russell Wilson as much before because you go all will defense carried you right the defense essentially carry you. Tear first Super Bowl win in franchise history. You know talk argue with me what you want I think that's kind of what the case once. But now you have this legion of boom kind of deteriorating and you have a team looks like they're about to do some retooling it to blow up paying. And you know you think about that and that's a good point that if the Seahawks continue on this trajectory where they're really not winning two mini games to do that are their barely sneaking into the playoffs here for the next five years. Is Russell Wilson the next guy he's going to guarantee. Pinkie if you look at the landscape and you look at just just look at the NFC. You know would stay close to homes look at the NFC west right now. Currently. The quarterbacks in that division only got a top to bottom. Probably the best division as far as quarterbacks are concerned as far as differences are concerned. It's on the rise to be that's what used to be NFC west is all about the great defense legion of boom the cardinals had that great defense the 49ers for a long time. Had a great defense the Ramsey new that's the one thing that Jeff Fisher for whatever reason was able put together. As much of offensive mind as he was supposed to be elected defense is always the one that kind of and a shining just a little bit now mustache genius but now you look and it's. Men Jimmy Jimmy drop below in San Francisco Russell Wilson in Seattle. Jeered off in. And LA and now you have. Route Josh Rosen an Arizona like holy hell like that group of quarterbacks is great but it all those guys Russell Wilson's the one that has the least amount of support. Offensively. This that seahawk team is not. Well let me let me say this Q I think you're one of the guys too who could challenge that's mutation raise that you're saying he's the guy with police helped you chipmaker rob below last year in the last five games this season. I'm a huge Jimmy G fan now like outlook and for that dude to hit an eight expensive how patriots fan. That we are all Jimmy G fans glad we you knew he saw one you saw him play most three yanks four yarder. Generally is on the same day it's crazy and and he's six foot five and he looks like. In umps and and a banana republic model you know has been by Jimmy drop below is he got to the stage star he's our great face he's going to be the start at quarterback race. He he's got to be the star for the next. Few years but. Other than that man there and I'm not giving any running back guaranteed money. Very few receivers figured he might think although Beckham and maybe. Will be earned Antonio Brown can only do so would ever give your achievements in even men and wouldn't be for a long period. We also to think about possibly even having tackles get some guaranteed me likes like Joseph Thomas I mean if you retro if you retroactively look at that Joseph Thomas could have easily gotten guaranteed money can think I was the strong in the NFL for like and 1213. Years power along he played. It's an interesting concept to look at because even corner Rex. In my opinion have a higher likelihood of getting hurt them left tackle does yes I mean I'd rather spend way more money on left tackle but I would have quarterback on the NFL level. I mean don't give me somebody like Mark Sanchez or Ryan Fitzpatrick like you're basically put my hands behind my back but if you can be an average quarterbacks face somebody like. Kirk cousins which by the way he's averaged just getting paid a lot but if you can think her presence and then you give me a guy who I can guarantee money at left tackle that he's not the hurt. Yet you all the money over there. Well even if you if you know you kind of mentioned but fumble like if you remember reform but fumble man they made it all the way to the AFC championship so no Mark Sanchez was a really good quarterback for men two whole years in the NFL. Before things completely fell off. And in New York. But you look at that often sublime he had at that point. It was there to protect him and that's exactly what they did that's why they were so good you know you've. Look at all those teams that are better able to do well how good. The running backs for the cowboys have been. Over the past 334 years will they had to read from running backs all of them have had over a thousand yards court but it would not cordial was. The market worked out DeMarco Murray you know was able to put up over a thousand yards. And a woman get greasy you. Which are honestly I'm not he's sold on the idea that seek Elliott is pushing a lot of that weight around there I mean I understand is he Kelly it's really talented but that offensive line is what carries him all I'll know the fact that it Zeke is incredibly talented music so a physical specimen. Is what helps him in the open field but that in that meant he doesn't get that first if that offensive line doesn't completely open things up like the Red Sea every single time. They decides to run the ball that's why the cowboys were so effective not having him for swear it was it's a game 686 to eight games. This past year really hurt them but I think they have them on the field along with those that off its line. Man there's there's no stopping by would you would you you're guaranteed money you Zeke Elliott. No. I'm dollars round I'm I can't give guaranteed money in running back OK what if I'm going back in history here think about. Every running back but OS ever running back ever but think about all the greatest. NFL running backs somebody say like Emmitt Smith. Do you think Emmitt Smith was somebody you deserve guaranteed money. Or do you think it it's just like the running back position institutions small shelf like that really doesn't now mean Emmitt Smith had a long career but again I'm behind one of the greatest offensive lines that you ever find in history you know I mean like so and some records almost come election if you give the running back guarantee money almost have to give to the offensive line as well yeah it's because. Max Unger. Phenomenal example you know you lose Max Unger and Seattle. All of a sudden you can't run the ball game you've had multiple reading backs you're drafted and Communist free agency for whatever reason. They can't figure out how to from the ball you know they've never been able establish stability. Again for the office of mine in Seattle because they lost that key cog Jeff Saturday you know the minute he left. The colts. Things were different aria I mean. You look at that the patriot Neitzel you know the minute Nate soldier was trade all of a sudden now the patriots don't know how to how to run of year earth you know how to do any any real good runner past. Blocking like the those things really really matter so if you're gonna give a running back guarantee money I think you have to throw in some type of incentive for the offensive linemen as well. All right man we got to go ahead and break coming up next. And NFL we we question their integrity and right now. Will America kind of well and you you'd like to bring up something that I think everybody has completely. Actually it's funny we just got a text here on the on the better you know they Tex lines and is a headache. But used NFC's quarterbacks. All day. We're gonna talk a little bit about Jamison us when we come back right here sentencing today. Incredibly diverse she's saying I was a choice did you come. Show us is actually a oh lead actress that I average of which I usually don't. Approve of this stress is music. He missed The Beastie Boys. The Beastie Boys rules that these two boys or that kind of time capsule hip hop there hip hop treasure I have I believe may have never heard Paul Revere. It's one of the dope is record. Of all time in my bigger influence on hip hop and rap Beastie Boys are retained Clinton thing. Okay thank you I'm glad because I had this huge argument we will thank only because Wu tang clan gave you something that I don't think any group has ever given you that's an option. Oh Wu tang clan gave you the option of man I wanna be kind of rugged and hard core and for that you have Rick on. And ghost stories you know for those who. You know like a little bit of I guess sex appeal in demeanor Samari was little cooler. He had met the you know for the the kind of guy that was out there in just a little goofy yourself like a little more fun you had old dirty bastard if you wanna grape production had risen jets. Meant you had you guys whose. You've got I don't really know when he of and you go it's a great songs but yes it's definitely blu tango. Walt did and it was too well art or is it nine or twelve guys it's 99 dudes. In a record brake and essentially if you look at that you go OK well thank you to wrap crib so there's only couple that are really good gap of course. Present method manner Kennedy's you look at you go okay they're the most talented but every single one of them. Were pretty amazing at rapid it wasn't quite there is a weak link is like everybody in that group with Fergie. Wrong and goes face and rate Kwan will probably. Among. The best of of those cut so but one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. I was just found himself in. More hot water or is he just kind of lives in hot water I guess you know let's just kind of who is but generously laziness. And I'm I'm sorry so really it's just talk about this a sports Sunday. A last week you please and I kind of wanted to. But there are so many other things happen and it was. The free agency had just opened so there were so mean things talk about winning get to it but now Phil. Bad about let Mexico because. Arafat feel like men sexual assault. Rate any of those things as the lowest of the low to me best just be like and I feel like these things happen women quite often and we just kind of oppression and the rug you know well as long as we don't see or hear about this argued. But James Winston apparently was a maneuver and suspected twice a disconnect between sixties a couple years remind you James Winston's coming off of sexual assault. Charged in the first place at Florida state university and also this is two years ago also believes is his rookie year. And down. Apparently he groped. And over driver now wasn't there so allegedly did this happen. But he was given a three game suspension. And I think all everybody kind of look at that says I. What I will grow if I'm wrong is this cinematic games Tom Brady was soon suspended for. His balls no actually of Brady was again given four games all wars falls right so. The NFL care and it's funny bring that out of the NFL cured more. About deflating. Of NFL footballs during game. Then they do about this woman's. I don't know her safety her how will you know whatever type of trauma and amended. Trauma musher how she feels but. She's just. We we kind of forget you know about that harper has launched aims within its big bat be back on the field if you're. Buccaneers fan I'm pretty sure you're okay with having your quarterback on the field for at least. Thirteen games this season but this is the same who's been in trouble lives for whatever reason. We just keep giving him passes but is not just James because I think I work a working high schools right now right. I've also worked and on the middle school level and the elementary school. And the one thing we do athletes as we coddle. And we let them believe that they are above reproach but they're above listening to teachers that they're above really doing any of the things they need to do. As students and as athletes so Jamison most of his life has been told them how great you. Your gesture to greatest and a sophomore year when state championships in your in state of Florida so everyone knows. Who you are in everything you've probably never been told you know in you look around the league. And this is kind of what it is number a couple of years ago when the Peyton Manning story came out about him. Put his private on one of one of the trainers at Tennessee. And it was supposed to be all in good fun a good fund through. But again because Peyton Manning because he has a legacy in Tennessee and Mississippi. Man we let you know it's brushed under the rug sorry about the you know young and dumb but why do we keep allowing these things that happened. And then again like you mentioned Tom Brady suspended for four games for possibly allegedly. The valley hidden himself just involved in just involved and it. Guys get to I think marte was brightness the entire season for smoking weed. Just Gordon missed an entire season for smoking weed like. We talked about delegate more than we talked about the situation with James Winston I think didn't patent it's gonna per year. Wasn't he wasn't years on this shot yeah what got us a whole year Sean Payton couldn't coach so your telling me. That the integrity of the game. Is more important and integrity itself. Because there's no way that this happens to this young woman or any person for that matter man or woman and is due only gets three games or anyone on his report but it's ridiculous I'd. I think one of the things is interesting about this whole case with James Woods in his that they kind of popped up and we spent one week talking about it and that was it and then the NFL. Did but they do which is just handout a punishment that really doesn't fit the crime and then nobody talked about anymore but I totally agree Q I think this is something that. Just got lost in the interim of NBA free agency and I don't even know what else is going on the NFL that could have possibly taken over the story I mean this particular from this point you did tip bay Buccaneers have. Touted James was today as their franchise guy right there the guy they're gonna hitched their wagon to and they're gonna say this is the best chance that we have. To be irrelevant team again. That guy. Just. Tell. This was just too early in two of sexually assaulted and Hooper driver. And it's three games out that's it but away Janice Winston technically still has a job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Anybody else. Anyone else in the league you're fired this was the same thing with great party great great hardy was. Suspended ultimately was often the Carolina Panthers and then went to the Dallas Cowboys which you know that's Jerry Jerry I'll do what Jerry does over Jerry world but. The fact of the matter is she does once it is still employed and this is going on it's going on and again not a good sign as. As long as we're not hearing about it right now that it doesn't really happen you are a new cycle and a guest. Us of people you know we've we've we've taken so much information every day via social media Irwin or watched TV nets that we we just. You know we've been forgotten you know we think it's more a matter that they're so much contents that that just is something that can wash over us what this is not as important today. Unfortunately and you know that really sucks because. This is some innings to be to have some light shed on it. Even talk about and I have them someone who has I have an eleven year old sister you know I was raised single parent household by Obama so. You know I have of have a very much of love and respect for. For women or anybody that's any type of domestic type of you know situation so. This type of thing like is is is not cold three games it shows the NFL is released about. Meant as long as it doesn't affect the overall product on the field like early on his target and KB as long as we're gonna pay that we don't hear anything. About the product on the field which is which is really sad but. Guess what nobody's gonna boycott the NFL they're going to make they're gonna continue. To make money you know despite. Things like who who and apple TV. And all those things because really knows the reason people are watching people can say all you want to it's got all it's it's the protest an extra reason Obama that has nothing to do with it because named. Name the players the protest of last year. Who are we don't know. I don't know it was an Eagles at any of exactly wasn't the Eagles but yet and still. You know that that's what people think so I can't even tell you. Who protested last year but so that's not the reason people are watched here's another interest keeping your think are you know Michael Vick got. God. Jail for dog fight out for Dodd-Frank you're when he got into the media and basically. He was going to court cases with Peta supporters holding up posters saying that your dog carrier and animal carrier. And there's complete forget outrage that people instead I'm gonna turn off gains I'm not gonna watch this guy more. Fast forward to now right people are dealing during the National Anthem I'm not gonna watch games anymore. It was Winston has sexually assaulted now at least that we can expect to win that people. Adam Carroll still watch games about Jersey it baffles me. How NFL fans pick can she use what's a priority to them in terms of watching a game that. Certain things that players do which are outside. Of their control really doesn't affect the quality of their play. That's what they care about but then when a guy's assaulting women and basically becoming a terrible role model for kids you know that's that's okay yeah suspended three. We got a couple to excellent excellent for regular your better better candidates excellent excuse me. The hypocrisy is that James was and had been sixty insulted by it. A random guy and a nightclub. Could you imagine a foreign outcry in the Tampa fans absolutely if somebody touched JMR Obama god this is not fair all right would someone do that but you know. That's just the way and that's the hop hypocrisy of you know America right now this the same season the colts patriots playoff game which Brady got in trouble. Yes that's that's that's when when that happened in you know in my agent let's not mention Jim Irsay the pill popping. You know owner of the team. Do these dude who's posting at pictures of women with their beavers out on Twitter just Sam but that's all good to again integrity of the game. Way more important than integrity so all us Jim Irsay is candlelight K a punching bag at this point in it like. The Irsay is just like the punch line Katie. So major sports owner Joseph it's like knock knock. Who's their Jimerson. I thought natural areas okay. Are coming up next news. This week. And most free stuff. Oh man it's company flow. Like it. Like it was it was a company clubs who mergers and under the guy. For. Ryan run jewels. A white guy and run the jewels. This is the first draft of these there's a I don't know I'm not giving you much information in the two giants. Those. Our relationship. What do I do like are the Portland trailblazers. And zero you are really I do I and that's why I think I get so frustrated by the that's why we. As the collective. It's so frustrated and feel like her team or team you know you we wanna see them. Do well I think I would. I would take a pay cut for. Maybe a year and a half two years. Major pay cut if it meant I got to celebrate a bleacher. And I think that that I think that day would be OK awesome now you've had a great what do you. During one of the breaks today you said. Would you. As the trail blazers put out a Max two year deal a 200 million dollars. For LeBron James but at the ended it. Know that every single player and that teams will hold will be replaced and you'll become. A sold a of the Orlando Magic sold really absolutely two years guess what I remember I used to go to these blazer games all the time. When they were considered the jail blazers. And there'd be no where I can sit anywhere in the Rose Garden that's. Go down there and literally sit may have three rows behind the team because there was no win there so I remember what it was like when this team. Which trash in this team had nothing and no assets to work with and had to make sure. But it Bob what's it. Changed everything. You changed the way we we did everything he wouldn't phrase it went for expert money. At that point well when did it people were buying Bonzi Wells jerseys are Bonzi Wells because guess what off the bench men Bonzi Wells. Was as good a player in the NBA he keeps he was starting the came off the bench like that whole team. Was phenomenal but I remember that team before that and I remembered a team that was after that after they had the playoff run against Dallas were. It was really coming out party for. Zach Randolph. And you saw how good he was are remembered and jobless squad. A river being cool was some of those joke lasers and stuff like that it's human and clubs and bars and all of us but the fun time to live in Portland. But to be a blazer fan voting sucked so you mean to tell me I could have LeBron for two years 200 million. Right have a chance at the Western Conference finals at minimum you know a chance to play in the Western Conference finals. Meant absolutely. I mean not a changer atlas and they'll lose Damon two years. I'm talking about like. After that ten years of irrelevance I mean like. You're not eating you're not even a punchline zones (%expletive) if I get a championship in those two years 110 years of relevance. Probably see and that's the argument the league canal is have with the 76ers straight debate spent at least like the last eight years of being completely irrelevant after Andre Iguodala left right there's nothing redeeming about the semi sixers. They are at least a punch line because people said they're so terrible hilarious. I river I think it would be eighty are and at the fifty game point the only one my nine games or something and they were they were on it. There are path become the worst NBA team ever that's what we knew that this. But you're basically saying you would do the reverse of the semi sixers get everything all up fried. Just to take the crap later called Elvis have researchers looked like they even have a legitimate chance to go to the NBA final and only took ten years. So I'll I'll I'll out all end you know with Gephardt spent like you said you get a guy like LeBron. Pair would Dane and CJ and circuits all of a sudden your team went from. Oh just the team that could be competing for BAC in the west and you got LeBron James are probably gonna be second first second. In the Western Conference like that saying. A whole whole bunch and so just to be able to say that man our team played in the NBA championship for the first time since 1992. Yeah I'm. The thing I had courage touchy that was the whole. Dame leaving thing of course was. That dealer you would agree means a lot to the city I agree actually is a part of the culture okay. If Daniel Willard got to or he requested a trade wrecked. It came out that he gets straight to the lakers. And it was fully requested by him he went to old Shane Alan says look I can't do this anymore you have to get rated me you'd otherwise you don't want a quiet here and guaranteeing them leaving after my contracts. You burn ministers and now I'm feeling you're any regret about your not gonna feel any. Absolutely you know why because owners trade players whatever they feel like man with no warning how many times will be seen on TV here's my bad. The players look up and thought they were traded or are found on on Twitter I got traded like Twitter Twitter told me about me being traded blows broke before my team to. That's how that's the business of sports like they don't have to tell you anything but I call hearings like this is plagued game like saying well and as well hold us hostage and so for a guy like dame is not one of those dues that's ever he's left at all on the floor for the most part he's done nothing but improve. Every single year and unfortunately his team has Mike will remember a few years ago when the markets and everyone the whole team was blown up in the left. Bad the blazes supposed to be in the toilet. You know for whatever reason that's where they were supposed to go for whatever reason Damian Miller has those two competing every year they've never been anything less Michael fifth seed. In the in the Weston's dame has been there like considering all that the juggernaut teams that are in the west starting with the lawyers and everyone else. You gotta do this afternoon triple double for the past couple years you gotta do should've been MVP to three of the last four seasons but for whatever reason. Only got one of them in james' heart like you have all these great dues in the west conference yet and still dame is carrying in this little group of bad news bears. All the way. Took to the playoffs for the past four seasons or three seasons since markets and in company you've been gone. Men he's given the blazers everything he has in these past seven years well I would have no problem with him going out their. And say a man listen up play seven years three altering for All Star Games. Abdullah you've done he's done his own little part it's also. Zip we've been living in a pretty good places blazer fans too because. I would agree he for the past five years we've just been living in this infinite loop we're not gonna be that great. Like they've always really surpassed expectations every single season maybe not so much. Two years ago when Dirk came on at the end for those last twenty games. Or we would just kind of expected rerelease of the warriors pit every single time they've always. And it's. Always say exceeded expectation has all been on the back of of that guy emerges CJ and that time has improved he want from a good bench player to a great. Starter you know as one of the top scoring back courts in all of the NBA that's a lot of that is due. To see him column but make no mistake about it me and housing guide that last year pointless and she's is the best player. That's what I was able to look at what was passed out but I laced best score make no mistake about it men's team goes. As Damian Miller goes in the and he likes that he has that personality all star game he wore a suit with no shirt in the best. Like he's that type of personality that you wanna just kind of rallied behind and so it probably is a Fran real blazer fan. I meant but do you pay broke thank you Leslie you look at Minnesota with a different Kevin Garnett and you giving your life to this franchise maybe we just can't figure out how to build around youth. The for yourself man regulatory agencies can go do your own thing do men but do your own thing Austin Tex are better usage excellent hi Paul it's game it's either me or Neil what's your choice. And they look up. Payment and if you choose Neil O'Shea then all of the sudden this city is this city is getting pitchforks and torches in going to Wear your hat absolutely and so I am able riot I'm looking at Daniel wilders saying that you are. Europe is very deserving of that first team all NBA it was solidifies who was a top ten player. In this league right now Portland had a top ten guy public has put this into a concert Portland has a first team all NBA. The old that's that's hasn't happened. Since the eighties and nineties Clyde Drexler like tricks with the last due to be first team. All NBA from the war blazers Jersey and now you have one in Damian Miller you do everything you can't. To build around that man and he's the only superstar right now that Phoenix got better she used and got herbs seemingly got better obviously Golden State got booties so they got better. All the contenders around Denver got better. Like everybody got better. But you and the one superstar and then you look at LeBron and I was told him sending a little weird like flirty subs back and forth to each other for years. Deng will say something about man he's the best player in league who wouldn't wanna go to the finals every year. You know man how do what I wanna play like me LeBron does look good game going man Daniel are special like him in for the needs to understand. It's almost like you know to slay every sport through magazines say man I would love to go on a date with him. And heard one man she he's not a left to go on a date that's what they've been doing the job for three years so what shocked me. If they got together and have and so I think enough I would I would tell dame you know what you go be happy I wish the best I guess. I I feel like hit it would be uninteresting match or put both those Garrett interest in parent put both those guys in LA is that he had Damian Miller who's really ball Dominic guard who for the most part has to facilitate the offense every single time he comes down the court right he is the guy. I wonder what it would be like if he had to reload the offense to LeBron. I mean they're styles of play. I guess would work out right because a lot of people compared Damien village style played carrier ring and say well if you know that seem to work the first time why wouldn't it work this time but. I don't know I. I mean what Ron Shelley Natalie. The brush on the not a play ball the ball comic guys the way of looking at you know Kim levels at 20/20 twenty guys at points so. Who knows nothing LeBron is Swiss army knife he's gonna make it happen if he needs too okay coming up next man. Crystal balls whatever predict known and real Wimbledon you're watching Wimbledon right. A wash right now health Leno talking about her gonna do crystal balls and we come back here right here on in in the same. Save your roots and Hendrick. Didn't. Remember him. Agent 00 man. I met the man is awesome. It's funny because. If you're like a young kid placing your fifteen you know something like that fourteen you only know method man from stuff on TV. Yeah I mean like ice sheet he only people only know him as the guy from what does that law and order her it would Xeon now. Ice or snow tires and I am so we're illiterate here for kids to be doing your money so we'll talk about both those guys like. Ice-T made a song called cop killer. And like 91 and got into a lot of trouble over for now he plays a cop. And every in every week on TV how about this ice cube wrote a song called at the police. He has played a cop and every single move almost every movie he's had for like the last five years. Here's have an art. Eugene Kevin Hart you know play cops together. He's played you know some some military guys like you know for him to be on the aft police thing that's what you know that. The growth of people and you know you can be some totally different. We'll also a fact of like K Ali yeah you get a lot of money do. Act in movies yes I'll be and I'll be oh my monkey if you need me to. Quick I've been doing it for years and go premiums so. Crystal ball men will be got a all right. Here at best let's go now they're personal interest seeing information came out with this summer league game. Should save commissioners to something inching their happen. The first overall pick the artery Eitan. Going to sign cheapest first several league game in it was mixed review mom actually currently watching amounts or any of do you. So almost ignorance groans then. They have got twenty minutes of play and he was okay that a lot of people commented on the fact that he wasn't extremely good on offense really just from the interior don't think he can handle on the strength in the height of other people. Museum is the tallest most physical guy in college. Do you predicted IDF raid won't really become the franchise guy in Phoenix no or do you think may be best. No I don't think he'll be a bust but I think the franchise guy in Phoenix. Is Devin Booker. I think 88 and can be a great compliment to him he can be the other star. But I think the face of that franchise is Devin Booker whenever you can shoot like that. And I'll be honest man the lookers and attractive kit so that someone that you kind of wanna put on the fierce courage exactly that literally the face of the franchise so. I definitely see Devin Booker being the guy still in Phoenix but Eitan is definitely going to be how it would shock me if you were. Almost a Greg Oden knocking on wood with components and injuries are Greg Oden type talent let's not forget it went OK and the league. He was impressive. Don't let that tape of that unsafe and that type of evil on that talent that talent is what he had let them hopefully to stay away from injuries and from everything we've seen it and spend. In shape and he's been in you know injury free so another key you is. I'm pretty interest in coming out of the draft was looted gone too it's going to. Dallas Mavericks their trade of course for parks and trade young for first start with look at onto issues his ability to really carry the Dallas Mavericks keeping he'll be somebody who is. Either won a franchise guy or two a piece of the franchise moved. I don't know. I'm gonna say he'll he'll be I think you'll be a franchise guy. He's he's somebody that they can really build or I do I do I'll I'll look at him and he's a kid that he's the youngest Euro league MVP effort. Like that's saying something considering some of the great players have come from the euros over the past. Fifteen to twenty years they've been guys that have had developed in the NBA all stars. And go out cornerstones of franchise and so for him to be the one in the youngest one in nineteen. Says a whole lot man he's long he can run the floor he can you know he's a pretty good midrange jumpers so when he's in transition. Toby good Dallas is in the spot right now to where to start the bottom. You know dirt when he's a free agent which I think you were Simon doesn't retire there. But they're look they're looking for. A new star and who knows it might be discussed like yeah I think he's going to be a huge part of the Dallas does move. Let's weird set up with Dallas to that now he has Yonder Jordan and it's you know it's this weird confluence. Yeah we have some established guys but we also have Luka Don mentioned. Hey it's like they're also in that kind of purgatory place where they're not sure what they are yet they're just kind of testing the waters like. Phoenix knows who they are you load everything up and now they have a couple pieces and they're gonna see what happens like the semi sixers know who they are. They did that for the past eight years now they position themselves to actually be competitive against a team like the Celtics. No yeah I I told I think haven't yarder to Jordan their. Is really don't kind of boost his assist numbers I think without a guy because Jordan is a guy that has to be set up scores are we are going off guy is not gonna do dribble drive vin and spin move for that's not how it's gonna happen is gonna get to a rebounds put backs. And then he's gonna do from Alley oops you know Chris Paul was for the good at making him look at Lou Williams last year was great at making. Kim Lucas I think if you can figure out how to put the ball in the right places for DeAndre Jordan he's an average in his rookie year seven racist. And finally I have to ask you. You don't have to give me an answer but do you think it Damien Willard will make its. Into a blazers uniform this next season do you think he'll actually get treated do you think there will be enough pressure. On the old Shea that the lakers will offering. Large amount of not only players and picks like let's say. Let's say the deal ends up being branded Ingram coups and heart. And 21 round picks do you think that that's enough for all shade ago yeah we're not going year old take that. Yes I think that's a good enough reason for anyone to trade go to the trade any players you know you gotta get a guy like whose menu instantly got. A star you know and in the NBA again you can't teach six Willie you can't teach that athletic. He can shoot my keys really he could beat Paul George you know he could be. And I mean he still get that we all say he's kid but he's not that good or army I think he wasn't that good because you have to figure out how to play Westbrook and yeah Westbrook is a much like the bronze. Can be a tough guy to learn how to play with because he wants to have the ball in the hands so much you don't believe me. Go ahead and ask him under and Victor over people or both all stars without one of them was chip so. That just goes to show you how out of ball Dominique I can help you put crews must some guy that can do it all and if you can get a chance to mold them over the next few years. With the coast like Stotts immense. Well it's again position for the lakers to be in at least is to have the option of getting somebody like Damien Bullard and still having a cap space that the next season you can even go after quite letter that you could still keep dropping these when your contracts like cry Rajon Rondo. Or. Late Stephenson or you can just clearer money. I'll see what most Jews don't just take one year contracts. I think I mean a contractor or something like that and I'll go play with few birdies aren't that good eight years or 778 months and then are locally with some emails that it's a great ideas. Well this music clearly means that we've come to the end of the show is that there's an ice cream truck and a man I'm would Mike's job within that LLC and go get me. Chuckle chuckle mental thank you so much for inviting me will lives and hundred men here are some of them and thank you guys out there for Rocklin today. Appreciate you for coming in Iraq and on the better you today text line by 5305. He can make you get a meal Twitter actually relate five foot three he's at will darken 33 I'll beyond sports Sunday tomorrow 9/11 with the one and only Michael lynch. Come rock was then look for now men again. Thank you for having me. And I had a great time. Hope you guys enjoy your Saturday beats the levee. You'll see it's always shine. Not doing anything. Hands I didn't look.