Sinner and Saint 7-7-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, July 7th
Trail Blazers hitch their wagon to Nurk and NBA Free Agency Circus

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers trick flyers. Hello. We appreciate you going in less job this choice please save tigers you clue codes the same city tires. Now what we're picking from I don't want. You're listening to that citizens say podcast. I'm Linda Anderson I'm well there is that this is thoughts about less Schwab. Tires. There are having some broker a enjoy doing great things since 1952. Well looks like my god Luke Anderson. Got himself a nifty little hand modeling gig. The sprint. He did his hands are hairy his hands or maybe some people. Bet you mean some people like a nice hairy man or woman you know some people are currently I'm not good. To east Earl I hairy woman you hey man there's some people that I absolutely love like. A woman Terri words I have a friend that's where he's it's on our markets it's creepy put it's just. We are to me. Well hey everybody likes their own thing and if you enjoy a waving your hand across a woman's hair relay again. Then hearing your have a woman's voice that matches that hairy leg then go for it I mean hey you only have one life for shod one life to live. No no I actually it's there it's funny so there is actually. Young woman and saw the other day and absolutely gorgeous had a son dress on and look and may look like Esquire smoky. But she was I don't. What she was comfortable in her scans so go girl go ahead and do what you don't do as you can tell I am not Luke Anderson as you said man he's out with a nifty little hand modeling gig. They called and a the medium guns that all in the day against the big guns definitely the big guns will pay that's where there that's gonna call me and I got ready and at least two hours im pretty sure that Luke will be in the unemployment line. Blown open nobody's business but I mean and your talent can do better I mean if if if the fans like you then I'll definitely come over here. And get traded from Sunday so to etc. so I am overshot their co host. A sports Sunday which will be on tomorrow from 9/11 with a one and only Michael mature as a means. Might be one of the nicest guys ever in the world. Also say something about lynch that lynch has been soccer shaming people because the World Cup so far done this past couple weeks. He's basically been just walking around and trying to test me if I've been keeping up with the World Cup the only thing I can keep up with the World Cup is one name Mars hair. Which if he had seen some of the neat means on line there's people who are showering. And with top rom VMware and top Rama noodles in their head and it that's pretty much what name are Serra looks like. And that's led to paying attention to for the most part with the World Cup might glitches been shaming league without a model you can. You would every want. Whom do tunnels Hart yeah Armenians are does that make me some guys make me want to compliment Michael B Jordan I get a little uncomfortable. Looking you know looking at him it's like man always feel insecure but how much does this dad but I've got he's got all that the world so yeah when your name mark you can. Dire here Mike Takashi 69 if you want to rainbow colors if you. If you so filled. Or not only that did and here on the world stage I guess richer saying which I agree with is that you know if furor of the best soccer players in the world why the hell not you wouldn't you want to you can do whatever especially right now the world is watching wolf. Except for me and you clearly not. But the rest of the world. Clearly cares I would have known anything about it had not been on Twitter bird into rim is now speaking of Twitter. You can follow me at tailor made five with three well wishers. Willed hearkens 33 will darken sturdy three make sure you get us on the better today text line 55305. Interact with us we got a lot of stuff coming up in the showed very. And could look well thank you for asking me to commend mark. Are always I had fun last summer did. Cinema sent Elian and it was a hard decision knowing that you are infinitely better than leaking Anderson Murray Jason came by that this time in the show Luke would have been telling jokes for about twelve minutes and then some story about. Working at a hotel and boy you. Please stop please stop but but continue talking about after a I think what you do for the fourth of July because this that's pretty much with this week's been dominated by. Fourth of July I knew it was about to be relocate our systems chill in the house there and not really do much of anything than friend in my columns that are gonna come over our review your house. I said cool and some other conference call today. We got party favors I said even cooler so they came over and it was you know kind of one of those things my son no chance to play it was mother little kids and it was pretty locating united realize a drug wasn't book review. It always happens. You always have about a couple Beers and then when you start talking to people. I feel like it now this is gonna sound like a depressing question don't have cancer if you don't want to but have you gotten drunk alone. Now shrunk Cologne I feel like it kind of where is over you for a little bit of time and you notice it you notice when your only had about three Beers you're like okay definitely does it. But it Hewitt when Europe parties and you had about three or four Beers because you're typically doing that with as a group let you know somebody goes and gets a couple Beers and brings him back and this is maybe. Collectively as a group through girder. Fourth beer allegedly drinking at home I'm not really counting I'm just drinking until. I've have a nice little little buzz the owners tell you pass out there's nothing wrong or drinking alone unless it's like you're. Emotionally drinking alone like that's the part when it's when it's kind of weird yeah well don't be an emotional for a I think that's what they call a drinking problem. To share. Hey did you see on Twitter too there's a couple awesome slow everything's from fourth of July the first one was Donna Mitchell from the jazz. Did you see that he was asking some fans about where should I spend my fourth of July does anybody throwing great party and this cute. Who lives right next to Quin Snyder. Sent him a picture of this massive water sliders like Asia come over our party. And then like an hour and a half later that same guy took a picture Donovan Mitchell in his pool lake shooting baskets. Some like at first it shows really cooled and ego oh yeah that's probably a massive mansion is straight except when Sanders yes of course of course. My fourth of July is never gonna schools that you know as far as. Pay Damon Stoudamire and you should come over my house music everybody should you know play Markel polar that's never. That'll never happen which is a player would you least be stoked about. To come over your house for fourth of July let let's say that you put out a question out on Twitter right near lake camp. A third party on my friends are here like any NBA player come over. Like who walked through that door and you go out to him as like. He's here my man this is gonna be a thing. I don't know I feel like. Feel like JR Smith would kind of come in and MS of the party although he he's gonna bring the Hennessy. So that's my come in on some other stuff so I don't really know about JR. I think that might be the one dues like is number one you may be my least favorite NBA player called JR Smith sliding PR my least favorite MBA players. Ever OK I can understand so I EP but his chair Smith just because of the the shot clock and no it's kind of he's just he's a bonehead and he just does bonehead stuff. All the time I can be different if it was just like a man things happen manned okay it's a small mistake but that whole shot clock being man that wasn't the first time to harassment has done net like. That's just the type he's aloof he's like bear but really I think he's still kind of germs from an act for. But yeah Jarrett widely used like our guys soon be probably be a good time for the most part I'd be more worried that he's on term party so common on a shirt. You know all type of stuff like yeah he's got to come already turned out all all linked more use of it but to be fair. Nobody's coming to the party not just the little bit of feel I'm just a. At least on six I think I'd be scared if Derek Fisher. Got there and he started coming conversing with all the women at the party than Matt Barnes showed up later. Are because you know fight wouldn't CO 00 absolutely and Derek Fisher wants to know smoke with Matt Barnes I don't think we all kind of kind of know that number one this is that this is fellas if you're listening. You don't barbecue on another man's growth. You don't if it will invites me to his house. And he's having a barbecue or something like that met I don't get up and start poking at the chicken and start turning that that's the mark. Many are now all we come up behind me in go whoa that's pretty good we need some advice from me some encouragement no put in I'm not this is your two arms I'm gonna judge when I eat it in terms and so. This is your chicken Caesar earned your asparagus is that you can go ahead and do whatever you'd whatever it is you need to do. I'll just face when I'm done and looks good though. Looks awesome that's your role man that looks great. I've had that referenced here and are on the better you today Tex signed 55305. Visit they have any annoying kind of grill. Habits that their friend Steve because that that's the one that I always get is that like if you're grilling at your house. I'm really pastor Terry in which you're probably just gonna start last and ad which is the fact that I only fish again but like if I'm barbecuing something like that all have a friend come up behind me DEC oh that looks really good. Who Leo look at who put that over just a little bit they won't come in Mike actually take the tongs from me but they'll give me that taxi driver thing with degrees. And I don't know if that's like if if you're grilling my stage yeah I'm probably gonna. Pay a little more attention because some very specific like doubly most of us are. About how we like our sticks so if it's something like that then yes but if you're sitting there making the salmon for. Every one or the check I don't care do your thing I you know sometimes on look at the growth but I'm saying if you're. Dating the woman who just happened to you know still have her ex is real or something like him then go to your own group. Future on them room don't don't cook on that man's. Don't go commandments of got a text here on the better you today Tex lines as far as I'm concerned one athlete owns the fourth of July in my memory. And that Jason Pierre Paul he retooled re tweeted a picture or put it on minster Graham of his. Finger from our tenth from last year ya and for those who don't remember Jason Peter Paul. Obviously thought he's was colossus and was made of metal and had a firework in his hand it blew off and blew off. His index finger. Part of his slick three fingers three singers are missing and so now he wears the big club but he's still had a pretty good season clash. Oh let me just say this I don't want to ever see that viewed hand again I don't like say he didn't really have to post that picture like I don't really want to see that I know it was done probably as a PSA or something like happened at the same time like. We'll get it did you were stupid enough to hold a firework in your hand having explode. Which by the way you are an NFL player your body is your commodity in your tool the way you make money in the way you further yourself self. Why are you holding onto a park I was still in primetime with Luke on Thursday and I said I had zero sim hurt that JPP hundreds and everybody just went cry. Re with you I agree with you that was a silly thing to do like I'm not sure. And what world that would be okay and why you think that it Witten. Blow up in your hand in his firework but you know I digress some of us just common sense isn't as common. As you may think but we got a pretty good show four yard next moment will lighted up for me I didn't have to do much of anything so and good look for that effort. So lover or talk a little free agency organs on LeBron James and thought why when that's in the big talk this week we're gonna get in the good vs evil 945. In the NFL handled guaranty contracts you know. And rushing to think social dive into that a little bit also everybody seems to have forgotten about James Winston and all those things that happened and we questioning NFL's integrity at least I do so. We're gonna get into that a little bit later toxin blazers course forgot crystal balls at nine or 1045 excuse me the first man we're gonna talk some lasers used Americans. Understandably his Jersey for years we're gonna talk about that we come back regular sentiments are on. It's and I need. And can I mean this business and are in the same team and an eighty. Has he done on time and I. Text. Yeah. Really sense. I don't know why there was sounded and really talent and don't want like now jacked up on Saturday at Clemson makes my shoulders. Like. Shot Taylor filling in for the great and Anderson right here on Saddam Hussein got my guy will darken how underclassmen glad to be here. Thank you guys heard or have me for now. We got a text here on the better unity takes line the best part of inert signing has affected you got him for only seven million more than you paid Meyers Leonard who was four years. Yeah. That's you know Meyers Leonard think what 41 million GAAP used to market signed a contract for years 48 million dollars. So he's gonna be here in the blazers uniform although. The blaze is now have a 130 million dollars in guaranteed contracts and fourteen guaranteed contracts. A lot of money. Six million dollars over attacks. And a tax bill. Nine million dollars so basically. Well for one more suits to all one more superstar. Now and we have to make sure that we had court Carmelo Anthony obviously because. He's he's out with a thunder and he's a really good commodity that but now now you mellow. Like army when you could have really made some moves to get him when Melo was still kind of Carmelo I have grown and is one of my favorite players. Vault like I mean our loved he's one of the easiest scoring dues of of ever seeing play bass while what you really have to appreciate how easy it is. For him to get buckets like when he was at his best Mike in the Western Conference Denver was the playoffs every. Everything I did this I guess I'm just saying is that like the trailblazers at this point you have to announce that Al. I think ten years down give yourself now ten years to be competitive because. I don't see Damien Miller sticking around after his five year deal I feel like it after that point he's just gonna look at this team he's gonna say. It's a dead end road the Wes is way too filled out CJ McCollum is basically carbon copy of him who's not as good a ball handling a little bit worse at defense. And naive kind of hitched your rag and use of circuit switched. For the most part I don't think he really is that went to her return on investment he. Didn't average very well this last season and really he didn't really messed that play that he had the last twenty games of last year so. I don't know I I guess it's an OK investment at this point but if you're looking long term this just kind of seems like you stall well so I. I'm kind of on the fence about America's I think this year is going to be the most telling year of any of them because. His first years of blazer that twenty games that you mention debt he was incredible NFL and revitalize the team and I think it was just because he was the really that anti. Meyers Leonard man at that point the entire. Mason plum. As nice kind of the anti NBA Reich has he had the style played it was isolationist that. You know that was something that may simply couldn't do mean was spot up on a guy and shoot over him or anything like. But I think what's happened is. In that stretch men are just had his nose broken. I think a couple time once. He's lost a couple teeth I think in between there accused he there's a step that he was the most hit in the faced thinner. In the league and I think that changed the way he finished so all of a sudden instead Americans being led Bosnian peace that we thought he was as far as going up in just don't mean people's faces. It became more finesse now I think he was a little more concerned with getting in the face that's why the blazers. Need to go out and get a power forward who can take some of that away from at least defensively or some of that stuff. Be able to help them out a little bit. And they got a point guard yes said that her in the definitely oh my god and they signed Seth Curry makes death and initially I was talking about Anthony Simon's all every Simon's 24 overall pick. Am I June the 24 so. Calm down there weren't a whole lot of picks better then that they're probably work but we don't know just yet well yeah go ahead. It just seems like Timmy with these picks in these moves that they're making in the offseason that they're really not making a play for anything big like this big mile Shays always talking about it just seems like they need to trailblazers are in this holding pattern where they know that they have to kind of appease Damian Miller bright he's your franchise player he's the guy. Who you whose opinion at least player wise you're gonna take your most into account so. Now he cared for at this point where the west to Seoul poll and you have this kind of opportunity. Quote unquote it's rumored opportunity in LA where. They possibly might TV some trade assets for Damian Miller like Brandon angered pal cruise met and 21 round picks. And at this point. I think as a as a blazer fan. When I hate to lose. Damian Miller maps Lou I think that will be a big blow in the history of the blazers at least as far as I know. The urban to introduce have been first team all NBA that one please. To. The Walton. Try Clyde Drexler just so happens that two faces. Of the franchise. And then here comes Damian Miller man counted out plays which chip on the shoulder snubbed in a couple All Star Games already. Man he comes out makes first team all NBA instantly solidifying himself as a top ten player in this league. But yet and still all the other teams and we'll talk about free agency. All of the teams got better for the most part all the teams that are important are deemed important got better except for the blazers the moves that you made were. You need bigs you need to re Indy guys you need people that are going to be at stop 11 of the biggest blaze issues there's no one can stop anyone on the perimeter. So guys just drive right pastor. You went out and got a point guard okay cool if you get up in the second you got another. Then you one ounce on Nick's house then you won't touch science Ehrlich went left before that she let go and you just let it. My guy. Any of things and has been on already. To start just. Som the Brooklyn nets space. Well Ed Davis thank you so much the end and didn't do on. Did throughout that heartbroken manager and head to India so that let you know we're star stands right now and then. There was a tweet ascertain. If would you be happy playing with LeBron you know things like completely happy camper anyway. I I feel like with the union voted almost to maybe this is just teach hotter to take. This is hot take for shot featured oven mitts on here. Did you learn I don't think fits in here in Portland adult and a lot of people will kind of say well of course he Diaz because he. You know reflects the culture here and everything did I fits in way more and LA. Like I think he would really shine in LA art to be a rapper in Portland trust me I'll just I would imagine it's hard to be a rapper Portland especially if you already do something great my game is great basketball but. Man as an artist man. And he's legit right as an entrepreneur that guy we shine in Los Angeles and I just feel like a Portland. I mean you can't talk about this earlier look at the type of stars the Portland's had our at least franchise guys that Portland has had in the past. Right we had Brandon Roy in the early 2002 is a really understated guy he was great but he wasn't somebody whose Alter flashy. Brandon Roy is their best to guard the MBA at that point yeah I'm only Coby and their went way yes and so then you had somebody like LaMarcus Aldridge who was extremely under spoken and really didn't want any intention on him whatsoever. Before that who the hell knows he had a guy that brought you Rasheed Bonzi Wells against. But you never had a guy like game whose sole bon a fide star status somebody who's a rapper whose entrepreneurial who wants to get into business deals. And I feel like. Portland is way too small market this guy like Keogh. AP leads young and be really disappointed but in LA he's privately more is I think more many things. It just doesn't look like Dave the blazers are O'Shea has done a great job of putting things around him I guess. A text here. On the better you stay Tex lines to be fair O'Shea is trying to make trades or do you think woes will be breaking her would be leaking more and vote for him to make deals like. I don't know what what deal doesn't he's eight Mikey started to you know it's funny so you tried to move up but utility Simons we gonna work between former taken. But you keep saying that you get we try to move in the draft and you really didn't you because in the same thing you said put your particular tie Simon's at 24 want to be fair shaggy to bifurcated those things. I guess and I I just I'm a I'm just one of those guys that I'm looking at the moves O'Shea is made in. Really outside of drafting named CJ men homer earned yeah. Going out and trading Mason calmly for markets at the time people looked at like you're trading a bench player or as the starter for bench where. Makes process. Circuit is actually numbers wise he's worked out much better than anything resupply on the post averaging a double double a seasonally is married last that's reason markets is numbers fourteen point 39 rebounds. Almost one and half blocks that's legit. I will take that like you don't need to give me seventeen rebounds it would be nice but meant a good sixteen and ten that's what you need you need a third. Got somebody that's gonna be. Consistently 1718. Point tonight they'll have to give me twenty but they just have to be able to produce. Every single night and they'll be some nights we just 25 and thirteen we've seen Americans have. Those big nights but. Can do that enough and I think that's the issues right now we saw in the playoffs that they DJ Byrd DJ CJ and name. Are enough drill holiday a guard that we ever talk about your beer complete. We torched it well and let's also just be very honest with ourselves we are the Toronto of the last. On every single level where the Toronto of the west we have two all stars that are guards we have okay. Role players may be we don't have as good of a bench is trying to did this year we have a coach that's highly regarded around the league. And we always Kenny gets stopped where everybody expects this to you we have way too high standards for ourselves like. When Toronto said that game warned against Washington this past year was gonna be their game seven whenever. I mean. It just seems like to meaty kind of have to blow up the ship here I mean use American sisters okay to sign him for four years but look at the NBA landscape that type of player doesn't exist anymore being a star look at somebody like. Dwight Howard Beatty. Comparing those two players isn't that correct thing to do at this point but toward Howard is somebody who so ancient in the way that he plays that he's been dealt to what 45 different teams in the last. Really just doesn't work anymore it's all archaic way. Of playing re gonna break here but I want to get to a couple text here on the better unity text line the players are pathetic they're spending money to spend money and they. Need to know this time the tank of the blazers. The blazes are stay at home life. All I love that I mean that's you know OK the blazers are the stay at home life and Meyers Leonard is your pot head signed. His stays in the basement and you don't know how to hell to get amount usually these are as young as musica we don't know if he's. You know exploring himself for smoking pot like you don't know you know you don't want that to. But missile IRA itself you don't wanna go down there let's get real Damon and damion did not deserve first team all NBA. I think you're crazy sir or madam Damian Miller was what finished fourth in MVP voting the past year. Yeah that's definitely where you first team. All NBA guard that was really as important to they're T as important whose team as game that's not named after orchards are. Or James art where you actually don't really crisp ball because we found out later in the playoffs Chris Paul is the bigger part. I mean that that definitely helped but you know James Harden was really the guy that kept going they'll have James Harden their Europe succeed at best with that roster also I'd like to say that Evan Turner would be be awkward kid that the blazers. Dad obviously would be Neil Coles shares of restraint you. I'm encouraged to try new things yeah. Well man I guess and also antitrust. Question now and that's I think you like you know if all Shea. Gets canned which I can't ever see happening and don't know why. You know Dead Sea Terry Stotts cast ago. Yeah that's an unforced you have to kind of what sucks because it's not just the one piece that index. OK coming up next van Cortland or LeBron James other NBA free agent talked will talk about the next first will sports. In the morning. Hey we've brought kill John. Logo John I have good friends so ask gets crazier and here we just. He played Elton John we drink coffee. We watch Wimbledon man watch out. Watch out now and then call the party police it's the widest weekend you can ever expect so here's a funny story has not necessarily about belt John but. I'm. I'm downtown combined some bus tickets for a bus passes at. Tires squared too little trying meant paying and I come on there's elements stand there and he's waiting for his car the pull up and arms kind of stand their way mum on the phone and you know people kept coming up woman's shaken his hand everything's okay. OK and so he got talked him into the had a big stack of you know student bus tickets must past excuse yes and he's kind of like men you must stick bustle items like explaining the program that I work for everything. And people kept coming up to a woman chickens and Whitman must be. Pretty good at what you do you know kind of a shorter bolder guy. And finally someone came up to with a record and haven't sign it and look at the name. And I says on SARS or Billy shall. He was slick and we'll Ernst and shook my handles like. What they're well made and how did you not recognized Billie Joseph and it was just a regular led to listen most celebrities I think we saw him just like. In person usually because these short guy he wasn't it wasn't a big dude you know so right. Discuss its arms the men and kind of sharp world demand leather jacket on you know and everything candidate in Philly Joseph and the -- at my age I love Billy Joel in San you know for longs times one of my favorite songs of Malta you know put. You know I have to tell metals like man I'm I'm a fan of your music that. I had no idea that's who I was standing there talking to. To bring in Austin are veteran that's one of the better ones that you could rent here I was kind of hoping that you say urine and Elton John is would be released a collective peace security and life. And all of whom have like sequence jackets or something like that. Huge sunglasses yes so I think Elton John he'd be one of those guys it's almost impossible to tell us like almost kind of trying to. Six on the Michael Jackson. It's kind of interest seeing did even Billy Joel didn't have a bunch of security guards are weird it was we also Joseph big time do you think he. I for when it was that he came back completed the rose girls like it was just. This is when I saw my own sort of 67 months ago six MO yes and like. I didn't know that Billy Joseph can really sell at a house I knew he was popular and everything but like. What I was we're gonna keep PTV news came out about that and they put tickets on sale they said they sold out immediately all they sold out immediately to the point where like they put it out uploaded it and it was gone people who were sitting there waiting and from a record my rendition of uptown girl of that any karaoke spot. Will be number one on the just so you just saying come see me at the vast careful don't play it you're gonna have some women on. Women on the better you today Tex signing my Texan a whole watch out now. Twitter is tailor made five tailor made five rotary pat will darken sturdy three. Make sure you get my god what more cortex a blade is we're going to freeze out Hillary a couple of planes are. Hewitt does is seeing that Neil needs to move CJ mule Shea of course it's that simple we can't all the same Tino from last year I mean I'll take CJ for Guzman straight up. No I'm not doing that dude I'm Bergen leveraging CJ to go get through coli Leonard. And I know that if we got quite lettered on one year rental there's two possibilities one he's not gonna stay the next year in two U. He'll literally just sit there and go I'm not gonna play for you unless I go play for the lakers next year but yeah take that chance because it was like we're talking about right like. You don't have any other choice like you guys are now one of the most irrelevant teams in the league. No you definitely don't have a choice although. This is a trade that I make. I mean the biggest issue at least in my opinion with the blazers fact that you have no. Length on the perimeter. Whose list is 68 wing guy complained to. Got to play the three he can shoot he can drive he's athletic enough to where he can dunk over you that's the one thing I don't think the blazers have. On the squad right now is almost. Kind of a NIC Batum. Type of player that some might that kind of with the Swiss army and I think I mean we have Evan Turner he's just not his district to a yet Tim went or as good as she bats may appear in a hotel that matter right now so. I think that's kind of the the one thing that you would that you would actually need. Hum one more techs were you go and I think O'Shea is to is to face and lies but I can't say how much of a contract hamstrings were Paul Allen that in order. And I just a citizen of day or let it. Is that why Allen has inspired him like I mean will. A lot of this is Paul Allen warning certain things you look at the same army what is dame want and I think that's important because the NBA is very much players. Yeah and you have to kind of go back to that meeting that they had earlier this past year where was Allen in game kind of meeting and talking in private you know they had this requested meeting and you know the notes they came out of Middle East would sources said was that it was just Jamie Mueller and expressing his want to say hey I want to be on a championship team what you need to build the same. But at the same time and Paul Allen just doesn't seem like he really wants to go all in in just stand as is is way over that what. Tomorrow decides she via the Seahawks the Seahawks or his his wife and that's the one that he really cares about you know. But the NBA is just the one he gets the nice Condo for. You know pays couple bills. Get to some Burke in bags and stuff like that it's like disappointed on the sideline yeah exactly that's that's that's the role of the blazers like we're important Paul Allen. But not that you know just just kind of the Seahawks are his friend Byron why not the NFL's the most you know proper police round so. The blazers pay or play papers yacht. That's exactly for the gas for his job that's exactly what the blazers don't seem to pick and his yacht before. Know I feel like you would just press due to look good thing out it's pleasing to the richest owner in sports yet. Man that is days in the MBA. That is a brazen case I don't know I'm some zest I'm I don't know I heard list I don't know if that's actually the case and that's where we go to Google okay. Social forum will gets the answer man we're gonna dive a little been into freeing the Google probably talk a little bit about it after we come back and good. Vs evil but around. The big the big chess piece off the board obviously. Number 23. To the lakers I know that's hard for a lot of people here to swallow. It was it was. Tougher for for me per second to swallow because that's. LeBron James playing in the Western Conference now for the first time in his career first and fifteen years. The places will see LeBron four times three to four times this year which is awesome it was X gives you four chances you're welcome addition to chances that if you do which is something that we haven't had its seem the bronco on the town. Multiple times so that's a plus. But it's just. Makes you know LeBron James is already going to be who himself is a seventeen win team. Just LeBron James on his own until you play one on five and win seventeen games that you just themselves. At that to a lakers team just won 35 games this past season and all of sudden you're looking at a look at how a playoff team and a team that could win somewhere around fifteen games if they keep the same roster intact and that's bad for the rest of the NBA is that they can win forty games now imagine they actually do get quiet next year he's not going there this year. If I'm San Antonio there's no way illegal Weiler. All know god now. Oh and you might be able to do. He said people were talking about the idea quite a letter might even be. Might even stick around for the trade deadline into next year that the spurs are so indignant about all this that they're just gonna say. Yet did whatever rocketry you can sit on the bench for this entire season to just urge you wanna get something form because otherwise the walking you gaps leading. Nothing for quietly so maybe a trade to the lakers or to whomever would be good but you gotta look around him being segment who has access that you actually want. If your sense on so we got a break blunt okay. Richest owner in sports who quiche I'm Bonnie okay who see the move Bonnie Indians. Oh okay. Cool right of course our love their stuff Steve Ballmer. Steve Ballmer was Greg number two. Pol alma is ranked number four or twenties between one point seven billion dollars so he's top five richest owners. In sports yes so mayor there you go. Like. The blazers urge or something and that he plays with it for fun way and his wife the Seahawks is out of town didn't get the end Gilbert is up there. He's thirteenth which surprises because I know that Dan Gilbert. Had any other investments in the Cleveland Cavaliers but you know the Pall around super rich Eric has yet Microsoft dollars and he does other like little tech things bet. Thank Dick Gilbert really I don't know I don't know anything about we're doing you're. I mean discourage people are yeah. Basically screws them without incident but this time he actually wrote a nice little letter about LeBron so after he's off yet here here's the money on that thing was so just like I I I'm trying to please stand to make sure people don't burn down my house that was pretty good settler but I didn't see any burn LeBron Jersey this time so that's. That shows maturity prickly. OK when we come back man not a pretty five good vs right here in either. You mentioned doesn't keep up on sports this week plus our. No time to form their own opinions I stand before you today in the midst of an early time. Well no worries rob. What does senator and those same trick and are well you do sandbagged him right away. I'm pretty good vs evil. Giant Melbourne and restaurants you know it's. It's. They want something where a guy like every Simon's can go. She needs and then if need be coming be on the blazers bench later that night or the next day and that would certainly. Did the bill I think NBC I think they wanted to close yourself. Does Paul minn censor Barack word saying the phrase rich city on bass on television. Jason quick and early Jason quick centric city young man from America. Motorsports. These are gonna be interesting idea floated outside the courtroom blazers this week to put eight she league scene in Vancouver Canada. Now reports in the games would be played at willingly events center and less time NBA teller played in this city with the grizzlies before they moved commitment. Bush's have been associated with the league teams before but it's never too much success. You ever think that you find yourself going to Wendy's JV team. I thought it was there's a lot of really. John dudes that play in the G league. That just lets you know exactly how good the NBA is like it's such as the NBA's two best basketball. That you'll see which at times looks super sloppy. So sometimes gone see the guys that are. Considered. Less talented you know people think the borrower with some of these dudes are so talented. Washington the summer league play now and look at some of these guys and held him. These are real. NBA players who just won't be on team and so yes I would absolutely religion and especially if it was somewhere close after. Which by the way as watching you live broadcast of the Big Three league guys keep our loved Washington last night that you really that's true that's the most entertaining basketball right now duke Amare Stoudemire has dressed down. Did he leave started groaning Micah. His last here in New York that summer element that doesn't compute for me that man that guy was such. I'm amidst all the Amare Stoudemire and he was he was Ausprey gent man pre drill team that do. I'm going to be just rhythm of the judges were prime murals were updated thickens the oven and a rose on. Eyes eyes that ignore that this dvd. 78 or odd dogs I flew a man I I've heard it and we know they've presented by bizarre records I'm happy. Those are man with the talent that everybody is born with the decides to continue just. Living their lives I'm talking about doing chest and of course he extended his reign as champion eater at Nathan's Famous international hot dog eating contest. On the fourth of July heat down. 74 winners in newest face in buns in ten minutes this is the eleventh time he's won the top prize. And actually eight judging air chaos. Cast some initial doubt around his record after judges didn't see him taking the dogs. Two different plates. Is this just. Work. You know. This is unhappy as a hobby this is like this is you know it's almost. You know stressing being heard something like that or sadness and like. All Elliott stopped me I get why you're here it's competition in there is championship in and and a monetary. No surprise then that somebody can take home player right yet to win dire need you know what what what's cool is you know if I'm just something like Elena fight and archery and I win the archery championship that's something I've got to brag about. Some people your momma among gold medalist and archery in or on the silver medalist then. You know believe injuries are or something crazy like that but it's something you can take your girl and Dave regularly you know on the world champion hot dog thing. Cool man thing you figure get India girls' panties here here and archer. Bullseye. Absolutely you think injuries in his neck had not healed connecting the dots in this definitively. The Seattle secondary that was the backbone of a ferocious defense that won on the Super Bowl was a yard shy. Another Richard Sherman is gonna suit up for several gonna continue to play from sitting out during mini camp and camp seems to reach the end of his road so that's a wrap. On the legion of boom. That was the close ball. Guy and sports Scott van pelt he was talking about more bad news for the Seahawks this offseason 33 year old. Sit on sorry thirty year old state became chancellor Willy released a series of tweets last Sunday that did not specifically. Indicate he was retiring but. That eight neck injury has forced him to end his career soon one part of the legion who suffered a career. Threatening neck injury last season and says the final test of his injury showed no significant healing. This a career like this make you less inclined to have your son play football. Yes and no. I guess because we know football is dangerous sport we know what's the most dangerous sport and possibly play. However there are tons of guys who go their entire career and you know don't have any significant damage and as far as as as far as we know. But you know I think every parent wants there is do your kids to compete and something up almost kind of one of those things that a marchers wore my son is. You know he's six now when he's eighteen was the game gonna look like how that would safety precautions will they have taken. Will there still be things like high school football and varsity football like that so. I mean I still wouldn't let him play when I was just make sure that everybody weird that there are risks that come with the just like combats walking. Terry ratio carriers are intimately. Well and then also are you were of the opinion that possibly even just say hey it's okay if you play football. I want you do it at a later time like my son wants you caress. Australia he wants to be arrest and so it like. Like my college wrestling or play W have you done whatever he wants to be a WW BC that's right Johnson yes so that's that's his career goal right now six years old. But so if Obama let him wrestle man I'd have to let him play football as. We'll that if he's here wrestler wind he's gonna be jacked up into he's going to be quite the actor and that's the that's the plan that's claiming that you seem kind of pro Bono it's pretty funny. But Cohn editor thought about being wrestler when I was it's all want to be when a group actually actually trained to be pro wrestler for. Two and a half months. And half months. A lot of time for shot. It's time. And it. This is nothing fake about it. All right well. Junior to sinner and saved but we did you say get down at the end of gonna receive a call by favorite story of the week where we take a look at something in the news that. May be a little bit happy it's all right so. Poachers in Africa were hunting at some Ryan knows. Right OK with this is our star starting great. And it is being reported. By the Washington Post that some of the people that went out to go find them because they went missing for about three days found only their remains. And lions nearby. Basically some lions win out in eight these poachers before they can take their horns off of Brian is good for them I forgive and love this because this is totally. This is totally vengeance further hold Darwinian complex. Hey were bunching humans you can't beat animals massive cats that way 600 talents but we're gonna use guns and whatever types of tools that we have it's like no dude if you think your go poacher rhino horn like you're gonna get beat by nature. Yeah they're Luke I heard a lot at number one rhinos are joined Norman's you know if you've never been to the zoo before or watched National Geographic. They are huge. They are incredibly fast though they don't book is so I'm glad Mike for anyone trying to get that for whatever reason why would junior Runnels. Tell us more for a while there's a trade to let me get a lot of money in the black market for the horns and morning. Corny local auto race at horny cornea according go find another a fine of hustle those. You know rhinos are creative vision you have poser like the most dangerous. And holders oppose or anything I can take and have them push you could not take it yet this is this is a famous hot opinion that I am I you have I think a purchase and there's no way you can take it duplicates and hippos are really stupid and I can outsmart hip could you could you can you swim faster and a half from now that I don't know QOK all I'm saying is that I could definitely. Outsmarted hip could you okay can you run faster than said it. Run fat how fast is the hip on land. I don't know what we have to look that up. No faster so I I think they view would be murdered. By those. Two clubs and just say you're just that men out there numbers I mean you know it's not as. There's not a dis word you hear me play for org Tuesday Euro dollar bottle of spring and yes I did take hippo yeah. Let you know. I don't I don't know that your actually. Fast enough to. You know are right nineteen miles an hour for the problems are yet detect definitely aren't tempo in ninety miles an hour that's on that fast that pass but it. How fast you run per hour. All right well I ran my fastest forty time was a low 46. Okay. It's probably supposed top speed fashion an average human so this lion not here an average human and ask you play if I were to stay there you go there is. Our guys coming up next army edited attack here serie business segments tell. As I know this is a money thing okay well we got a good vs evil brought you by 808 with two locations one on an east burn side the other on southeast Woodstock find the net eight away dot com Barca ahead. Okay cool. Sex and our coming up next NFL they're given our mayor. Guaranteed contracts. Oil kind and so we'll talk about that we come back next right here on center Hussein to maybe.