Sinner and Saint 7-28-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, July 28th
James Harden is doing it for the money and NFL contract hold outs

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Hello Becky Burgoyne less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same as say tires. Now what where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Ever dream. Anderson. Astronauts. A man barely in her esteem and also went to a school bands of the election Titanic 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We'll bargains hot air balloon agenda. Right you might technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it in your life while she's dangerous and then that we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. About sports pro soon or those same old man that should enter another world before funny here sports here. More luck renewals. I'm just maybe it's. Cartoon. Participate in this five radio program for the better you today next time I'm in my group five. You missed that they were and our one or you don't plan on catching all the hours you don't worry. Well in the show the podcast will be available brought by our friends at less Schwab tires on 1080 the fan dot com. Just turn on your web device and then travel to that website and finally on demand button and. Period up from there I would hope. You think. Thank most of course your current time machine yeah we needed tock a little bit later about of this. Bill basketball tournament yet got a very cool and immutable rule wrote you that at. 1030. And then we. James Harden said something this week that gives you kind of an insight into the way it is brain works. Right I don't know what goes on in his state today and I I've got a little idea so we'll do that. Next but bright outside about the worry in the ducts yes and not necessarily the games being played on the field the what's going on in the stands this year they have made some changes to. The odds and stadium alcohol. Policy. So the changes have been made for this year. Or going to be as follows Dotson stadium parking lots will now open six hours prior to kick off a permanent. Up an additional two hours from previous years for late morning and noon kick off ops and stadium parking lots will open before 7 AM. I I'm on board without. And then the other is beer and wine sales which have previously been limited to the one more shot ski center Musharraf ski in the senate quickly. The vision well Michelle ski senator and the club and Dobson will be extended to general concessionary is the increase in alcohol sales. We'll also see significant. Increase in alcohol monitors throughout the stadium sales of beer and wine will be extended to not be extended to the student section of arts and consumption of alcohol is not permitted permitted in the student section so far those. Those are the new changes. This year so. First off alcohol monitors now what is an alcohol monitor actually do do you just monitor people drinking yet did you here's the groups are a couple other changes I didn't realize there's a page repeat the stupid Adam similarly. Out of the way through. Fans will no longer be able to reenter the I realize it and say the reentry board fans will no longer be able to re entry after the exodus dame stadium at any point during the game. A major change from past policies which allowed already it's. Policies passed. Policies that allowed. Game attendees to access parking lot at halftime and returned to their seats for the second half. This and we go and drink as much I have to and then run back and then it's you after you made it through the court it's you to drinks as fast again. As much as you can but not so much that you'll hear from when you reenter. So then when you back your seat then it all hits you and you can be absolutely annihilated. I'm not the stadium wall also implement a clear bag policy he's that many sporting venues across country deepened news SER Emerson you know this is where they have to. Be able to see through the bag and tell what's been so those are the changes to the alcohol policies so what was your question. For me regarding that that you. Posed earlier. Although it wasn't so much well actually is a question okay so the whole. But hold point at this rate is too. Make it so people don't get so obnoxious sleep drug would you agree no no and announced the whole point part of its due to make my OK but you're beauty the the point that is being. Delivered to the public is that we're worried about your safety. And we wanna make sure you don't get too drunk during game would you agree. That is one of the elements to yeah okay 100 no do you think that that effectively is actually going to happen because when you get drunk. And I remembered for being drunk that. The more drunk I would get the willing I was to spend more and more money so really the whole thing yet. Hey it's gonna detract them from going out of the stadium in drinking is such as they can't. No really woke his at that point I don't really care how much money and spending all just go out and buy two more Beers in the stands and just shotgun nose and then get right back up in the states but here's. Here's the amazing thing about it I I remember going to a game and oxen and she's only fifteen years ago now but watching a guy being drug. Arms over to his body shoulders his speech dragging behind me so drawn to Ed down yeah absolutely annihilated there's no alcohol sold in the state. So how does that happen somebody sneaks it in or they consume way too much before. The game or halftime so it's kind of the theory where. He does some parents have where they're like well my kids drink with me they want to go on sneak around and they won't over consumed go to a party. Where somebody's like oh there's no supervision I'm doing something I'm not allowed to do let me overdo it's it's kind of that same theory but. This isn't the first college to start doing this it's in this in Arizona we've seen this in. As in Stillwater that in Oklahoma State across the country you've seen this slowly become a trend in college sports stadiums is allowing beer and alcohol. Not only does it make a lot of revenue for the school but. I think that. When you were doing anything in a controlled environment if you're sitting at a bar drinking too much of the board and lingo iMac to be here. That your job I did that for years and you see people get obliterated mama why were to give you another beer you clearly dropped. And now there's ways around that everybody you're gonna drink or whatever. But when there's no supervision there's nobody actually monitoring it in on a guy who sneaks in its Hydro class full boost. That guys just getting obliterated. And there's no there's really nobody keeping an eye on it so is it a perfect solution no. But is it a better solution than just kinda have in the wild west. It's like prohibition didn't work. Kind of way IC. They're now app I just feel like the major problem really isn't students I think it's probably Tony's they're getting way too drunk is still intersected. Sector dropped to their own area right there is student section I've been told Dotson stadium though I don't know where the hell it is and it's not really recognizable. Throw the shade their butt. I don't know that the burn unused as students you know do the job cheering for your team where you I don't see you can vote in the student section that I read certain because usually through the mood pretty. Bert. Counties that's what I think this is about it's Tony C go to this game who were around forty years old who actually never went to the college that have lived in Eugene all their lives. And they go to these games than they do exactly what we were talking about right you get out. You did just get obliterated awful whatever. They don't sell inside and apparently in selling things tied in first place but. That's who you really preventing write your permitting these adults I think for the college students they're still gonna do the same thing they're still gonna sneak this stuff then I don't think they're the problem. I think it's the adults Deb what's a college experience to think about this you know it's it's. Give birth mothers at the part of the reason that not having in the student sections a lot of the kids are underage. Do you do you ever now there are did you ever act under drinking it's disgusting partisan bull yeah. That we're all tired terrible. When you were in college before you were of drinking age did you ever have any trouble getting out. He kind of he kind of did. This he had Vick kind of worked for he had either go to a party chair. And act like your friends as somebody who you really weren't to get some beer or you had to figure out a way to have somebody older buyer for you. Got to tell you it was like they're really arduous long process it was just kind of think you need it yeah but after a game. The college has parties you know to me like they're there are plea just to go after the game that's not the end all be all and when you bring up counties. I don't know that's ducks fans or former alumni or you know. Mean guys that have been out of school couple years and I don't counties. What if whoever it is that's going needing drunk that's the end of their celebration for that day is kind of my don't know valiant. Well if you get passed out drunk in your buddies drag you out by your feet that's the end of the celebration then that's a tell all Luke. Luke you don't know which I said that you can rally to teach me if you can rally when he says something. Out in Corvallis there's this incredible spot called the peacock. Urban peacock okay now the peacock is this bar and grill mostly a bar. Packers the girl part is just tots. I'm I'm convinced the only thing Meserve there's tot I've never seen anybody whose humanity and I serious I'd ever seen anybody at the peacock bar grill consume anything else but Todd can branch and can't ask you how the top. There are incredible X and I never had so. Okay. So. We got this place called the peacock crater and the peacock is a nice mix. Actually healthy mix of 7030 you get 70%. Students and you got 30% counties that went to the game. And then big kit that drunk and then they come to the peacock they separated between two floors the bottom floor is a little bit smaller. It's for the counties he got karaoke. It everybody looks like they're on the verge of being passed out. Forty year old late thirties. Fifty year old burnout. Everybody's everybody's dragon cigarettes they're about to drop them people are just come by to clean up the cigarettes to make sure it's not a fire hazard. He got the top of the cock fell and that's what it was actually called. No offense to anyone ON FCC EK get on that's what exactly SEC this is what it's called. You're listening. Did that was where the student section. What I'm trying to say here is I had a great time and a place and counties go and party after they do they go play in the bars sheer. What I'm Seth knows the people that need to consume everything at the game yeah. Those are the people who are not necessarily. Is it just kind of my humble opinion and that they're the ones that are going. This is the end all be all I'm gonna be is drawn do they possibly can by the time. The game's over. And those are the people that when you have alcohol monitors you can't leave the stadium. And you can't it it's more difficult to sneak things in. You have people looking out for that behavior and hopefully. It can eliminated now NFL games have served alcohol as long as they're an FFO again. And you always see people that are absolutely wasted at those games legacy that there's a lot of ways around it. Is it a perfect solution no is it a step in the right direction they're probably. The adjacent and I'm not worried about those people get drug fell into worried about those guys that's been pretty and I know you are not about the fights in the stands now. Up neatly. About those jerks that Neil during the anthem and they play the military play they get the military they hated the Gator country they hate our country they wanna see it burned down. What motivates a guy like James Harden. I think Amanda answered wax. First bared your black. Now that's now. Give you another crack when you guess. Next in second and we'll turn. The turn and it. The basketball tournament at a basketball tournament pretty dope it is and enjoy and watch it Somalis smaller better. Opel and that the deep three to death and they've got the college three point line looks like. The pull deep threes at 35 footer temporary and only one. Students could shoot that shot. Which why did I would figure the strategy would be just play as hard defense as you can because it really comes down to it all you have to do score seven points at the end. Europe where it looked we've and that next I do wanna I wanna listen to James aren't offers concealed you're James Harden tock a whole lot. He's a one of the bring back the refreshment. You don't hear James Harden talk a whole lot and you can read between the lines when he talks he doesn't say anything of substance. But I couldn't both signed a new. Five year ninety million dollar contract. And they asked James are nets team USA practice about it and here's what he said. You got a little. Just as soon as you know political. In the room. Best globe. Worked welcome back ten years. He's got that listens and learns goes on its feet. When you were its. That made it. So did you hear what he said read in the middle. Or provide for your family took out about the money. Which I think he was referring to that include Capellas case you missed her for about due in about himself too but I think I think that this is a commerce. I think the conversation have Clint buckled to bella is is a guy that grew up in Europe. And he has family back in Africa and knew you'd huge ninety million dollars changes the fortunes of your fan. Yet you don't hear people readily admit that that's what they do reporters spoke to tow the company line that we do for the love of the game would you OpenId if he threw that aside and he says he goes. Yeah I got a column having brief goes this is an opportune for him obviously we love you Beth will be says like fair idea we about it. But to be able to provide for your family for generations that's what we do for. Good. If if you if you could close and you couldn't believe and you can admit they are blamed for contracts. I think I'm okay with that I. You're reading too much into it for James Harden himself I think it though I do believe there's a part of him that does do it for his family and for his money because they did watch Jay. Not great economic situation so there is that. There's a part of it I'm sure that's what he thinks about but I think James Harden mentally is more kind of trying to get over some block. Well that's because he's made his money but that may when he was at Arizona State CN coming up motivated him or he's trying to find some motivate you had what we talked about it Kevin Durant where what's the motivation does not legacy and if it's not that I mean he grew up with just his mom LeBron James grew up in a no just with his mother and didn't have anything he was talking earlier this week about how he. Once did give his son everything that he never had the and that's why he named him Brian James junior and now he regrets that decision because. He's accomplished that goal and meet builds those families of those guys right there are set up. Four for generations a lot of these guys have kids and you can actually see. Some pretty good examples of of you know parents that are pretty involved in the kids' lives and Dwyane Wade was that big thing is canceled with LeBron James. Bet they the guys were heckling them I mean via Chris Paul always is always out there you know talking about his kids in and doing XYZ for them. And and I think it's kind of a cool motivation I don't actually mind that if you're if you're going out and vote yes and doing it for the money. And then once you get to a certain point you have to find a new motivation but I think when you grow up in the AA use system and you talk with other guys between. LeBron James junior played in the it was a fourth and fifth grade. Best in the world tournament that. That's what he started playing in these in these world turns going hey these are the guys are gonna make of the NBA than you play in this AA use cycle. And you have guys having conversations going seltzer and make it. And Somoza gonna make hundreds of millions of dollars doing and if you work harder than that guy next few. You've been pre selecting your on the path to go to the NBA and the difference between the guys the Macon and don't is that little extra hard work. Why shouldn't motivation. Your motivation B money. OK so now to bring about a event that really stoked a lot higher for people. Long time ago the year Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose came out and I can't remember which extension it was he got some extension of evidence for succession with the bulls he had that huge super Max contracts right one million BP NBA but this is all he was hurt though right it. They gave him the Max extension anyway because they said OK he's gonna recover from a that's fine. He made a comment during that time which was the book. I'm not gonna go out there before I'm ready I want to be able to walk. You know my knees turn to my kids gradually got something to our field of play with my kids I wanna be able to do deaths. Everybody got on that you for that. They were like you do it why are you even thinking about that you know you're you're a franchise guy you're the guy that the Chicago Bulls a hitch their wagon to where are even thinking in those terms. Everybody got him on him for that. I'm surprised that you wouldn't and more people wouldn't get on James Harden if that's that if that really is this contention which is just him trying to fill the pocketbook your second retired. But there's a difference between not player country because I've I've said that I don't trust Weiler. If 100 shows a drone doesn't wanna play and take another sees an awful he's cleared medically to play. I can trust seg I played nine games last year. And nobody knew where he was held in nine games do one thing that he didn't show up for any of the playoff games to sit on the bench is a big difference between. Disappearing. And worrying about everything else off the core and that's. That to mean is very different James Harden who had an MVP season last year admitting that you're a part of the motivation is multi. I don't seeing and seeing guys make that money can be happy fourth. Remember remember LeBron James after the his first year in Cleveland. They made the trade for mom Shumpert and JR Smith Tristan Thompson with a guy. There wasn't eating it in sector first you're around back yet the first round back to bring in those guys they make it the NBA finals he insisted that those guys got paid then he went he went to pay Tristan. AJ are I want these guys with me I think that there's a little bit about you that how do you want that for the guys around. Jennifer O'Brien gives it wasn't so much about I want these guys get paid its day he said daddy I want these guys hey why don't talk to get bit. Am I know he wants and he had paid I think for LeBron James in order for him to feel like he can play his best guess to trust everybody and I felt like he had developed to surges are split trust. Well he did at the time probably on to more but I think for somebody like LeBron James it. Doesn't matter so much about the talent because he is so damn talented but more the fact that. Do I gotta trust these guys around me because I'm gonna be for organ sling in the ball bring it up every single possession when it comes to crunch time and I have to know that if I'm going to give them a ball. After driving inside and they're gonna be at that three point line like they have to make it. And that ultimately is what happened at the. Given fifteen million dollars a year yes. Mean that's. But that that now seem like I get but that's one of those things that is all this money in it and the idea that. You know if you if you work hard if you were valid Chara and the guy next to you you have. Transformational. Money for your family I mean. The way he put it. Doesn't go it's all about the money it's all about the money I think that these guys grow up with kind of bad intent I think there's somebody you know that's talking to NBA players going head. Listen if you really Smart about your money and you do it you know this way. And and I wonder how much of that has to do with the success of guys like staff curry Klay Thompson who came from NBA families where. This second generation around his go hey listen just keep. Keep your head down put in the work you're going to be fine and those guys have that safety net of knowing. That they're comfortable right there they don't have to worry about money doppler about this. And and then the other guys are trying to get there that that NBA fraternity. When the guys get in. Mean come Magic Johnson puts his our morale bronze was hey come out here will make you taking care you you wanna give billionaire. Guess who knows a B billionaire Magic Johnson coming here there's remember that we have sucker. We do as I was gonna bring a company and what do you vomit. I can't 42% from three in points sixteen and seventeen when. What were you present three point shooting gunmen. If so bad my brother was so mad in a dagger at the neighbor kids like fixed period. Chaps who came one animal amendment in the driveway and a view is that kids get step back. Today. Split across the street I I am so. F Ing tired. Of staff Currie you love that you know just every part of everything that his his this is she's who has issues in his indignant wife. She's his and no being oh while you're one of those guys. The fact he doesn't play a lick of defense notion the other fact that he can bring in steals one year he can take to play some defense to get. The most steals in the. And. Now the pronounce and know. No but he can take gobs of minutes offering game and they can still win and he is still praised as one of the best players in the league no no. No dude. Now you have you've never had to work Friday night in BP. So weak dude this is Steve Matt Nash are back back MVP yet is he considered the greatest player in league. I would during that time I don't think he was pulled his. I think at that time everybody was so hung up on Kobe in there wonder why the hell it Kobe when he when he went anybody ever thought Stecker was the best player in the NBA. I think so at a time in the bronze mineral that. Nobody nobody that I know put staff ahead of now did stepped point change a way to games played. That's a fair assumption I would argue the Orlando Magic about it. You're right I'm five gonna is really NIC has got the magic were the ones who started that whole process of he's annals nick Anderson yeah. Decatur city had Kenny Anthony. A little Penny Hardaway will spend a lot of little petty played well all the general public now you out there will be any I think penny now. Was little penny somehow all kind of was sort of racist. When Chris Rock. Wasn't. Just thought the idea little pennies can raise that now. Chris Rock races on these computers. Only if possible now allowed to be not allowed to be not. It's not possible produce a loud he's not allowed to not be via the voice of a generation. Oh. You look up little penny would come back we're talking mill basketball tournament. The general change that is very interesting and if you've got rule changes for any major sports. They look through some goes out to all go low by the end of the game in the basketball tournament use. Electric Morse insane burst the. I'm back through there the battery state plays a hanging. Nationally it's very good a nationalist. Cost a 150 million to make it only grossed 900000 dollars invested capital and that is true in the mail managing good national. Bastard or rip off of food and that's the idea. I don't I don't always like that sweeps the same ailments and then when I like them love them. It was then that I believe you ever heard of Pluto Nash nodded and I. Ever you picture like the poster remedies when that stupid Hokies space to hold Ellman under the arm. He picture that has that SE anger and who played Eddie Murphy. I'm taking your money to measure any married he looks like now whenever smiles. I'm stealing your money well yeah. Really weird as smells like a reunion appearance where he just. That was the bizarre thanks number watching. Comedy Central used to re Ron. Like half hour version of all SNL ups and it is basically a best the late show per each episode of personnel. There and they and they just cut out the music that well they would do one musical act euros at one of amend their though I get the music get to the funny. But this shows an hour and a half long and they just make it they would just get rid of the skits that didn't do well. The man the Eddie Murphy years so fantastic and he was everything that show he used to be funny bit he was told Larry I don't know. Episcopal was his kids and number two I mention that tell you know he was funny he held together that franchise with Joseph is Capello. They know other for a couple years ago he was ready and then these HBO specials were dressed like Michael Jackson. Mean he was even extremely good and all of his early movies and you can. And Eddie Murphy at one time was spent as Briere he's he's a caricature of himself. Okay. There ago that. Last. Eight years. Mr. church. Beverly Hills cop the TV movie which went Chirac's thrilling tales. A thousand worry exceeded the donkey voice tower heist donkeys Christmas. Shrek tech killer. Shrek forever after. And imagine that. Now yes he just. Actually there's all these actors out there who. Like there was just some point their career these really great actors who just kind of like I do for the money out yet. Like did Nero did it. Eddie Murphy did it. Adams and or doesn't Adam Sandler did it and keep it really early to he really gave up quick like he had a really great run ninety's yeah right after big daddy is just kind of like oh wait are you saying that I can film these are all in a year and then just keep doing it and make millions of dollars up okay great. Now I think he had a boy or is like amateur really hard I'm really was able to it that was terribly like gag about the recently referring to punch drunk what he did that and then every glove that was good and he did Spanglish and his movies where he wasn't the producer and he wasn't creative engine behind it hits and decent acting roles that he was in. But what he did was he made like does go on. Yes what is a Yemeni create this character and be fantastic he loves on this and then a really good. What do you do on that everybody loves elements. It's just agree percent I don't know what he's learned to do that the whole thing is nobody does but it is a movie like that and it's like. Well that his future for. I don't he honed his craft because flaky now you're making me think about this that like little Nicky and whatever does though Honda. I think that he learned that if you ask too many questions about an Adam Sandler movie it's not gonna be good you gotta make a real simple yeah like Jack and Jill was really simple it was. Hey I know twin who's the woman. He had she's pretty annoying. Yeah I bet I've managed and give immunity that's the movie yeah. And neither Rob Schneider and robe but like the 51 dates is great. They don't abuse that was a dull I eat it. And drew very moral Drew Barrymore on drugs like hey we're the wedding date of the wedding singer that was greatly to could be Thursday so let's make money. See we're gonna cast a woman nude scenes like she didn't pass high school. Prepared this dinner and a movie. Too I've never been kissed. Anyway it's done basketball tournament is going on. I don't know anything about about what tournament I CNN headline that was Jennifer that's course 41 am I Wear wet what is it doing it he was named like Burnett's army or something. And China. That's right a a leeway what's going on here is he fighting against China I had no idea for debt takes China so this morning on ESP and they are showing I think what is the semi finals or quarterfinals. Of the basketball term and that's the super sixteen puts his super sixty is not the sweet sixteen and I'm sure that's trademark. The super sixteen of the the basketball tournament. And there's all these alumni teams that are playing in the there's teams that can buy in. There's some former NBA players Greg Oden plane on the team which I think is an Ohio State alumni team. We just watched the and of I don't know who they're playing very exciting game what but it was the end of a game that was won by a what appears to be all more Marquette alone yes. But here's what is really intriguing about this and you do more than I did you said hey. The cool thing about this tournament if they do something weird and different at the end of the yet. Newton. And we had a resurgence to go and is what they do is they take immediate timeout at the end of the time. That's left in the game. And then from that point on. They add seven points to the team with a leads score. And that is now the target points to win the game. Severe winning by fourteen. You won't need to score seven points the other team needs scored 21 or what happened in the game that he's been watching is both teams had 66 when they got the end of that they added seven points first team to seven wins. I think it's awesome because if you're a team that's down by like what you said like fourteen points. Dude now you get to play. At loose as hell yeah. Like you have nothing to lose at this point there's no clock like you're not going up against the clock and you have to go OK we have to conserve these are. Eric is it NBA game we did we needed 21 to six run boy asked if let's go if you're an NBA game you're down by fourteen with five minutes left. It it then gets to be crunch time were every single shot as like we have to make this in this league it's if you're down by fourteen in the majors that'd seven to it and it's unlimited time. All right understood Jack temporary shot all I have to do is make sure that they really good defense on the other side of Justin Jack up any shot I want. Yes well in the air and what's funny what happened in this game dude it's a three point gets fouled makes the four point play comes Baghdad at an out of three game Albert got through it happened just like that awesome. This is the tie game. But the other thing is that you see it all the time in the NBA were you get it's like you get these runs throughout the game. And it teams behind you like me have used it one more run them and then you try to do that fan Matthew like only a dream influence government and the good children to court to hear to get within one here. Eliminate all that you just go hey were planed a 731. One to 73. From this point on wins. Cool way to play and a school golf rules. What the scoop we dog rule can aborted him. Preacher preached. It's. But I think this is I think it's gonna cool twist on it and we kind of sent out the hold jokingly going hey what kind of sport would you wanna play but I counted this view if you had a flag football league it was alumni of of your you know. Favorite college imagine if you took all the great. Ducks and all the great beavers senior guys like Bill Rodgers Brothers. And they went out and teamed up with you know all the knee and what are you obviously at the end out there. And your brother Danny would be out there death and so what you get you get got is that that played skill positions when he played a seven on seven. Like flag football tournament. Enough interest in it we stopped at a guy's traveling from where Marquette church route in those guys on a bigger imagine that those people and have a lot going on. I would think I would love your probably right hey there's a big base started the tournament in 2014 with 500000 dollar prize ya they've gotten enough. Investment puma is now the sponsor of that they've got the whom we uniforms of the playing area they've got this big court set up and they've got a big cap the middle of that and they ferociously good partnership with. ESPN. To broadcast this and you just by the time that works but the term you just you you win you get two million dollars if not do you keep your Jersey. Not to be fair with the SPN think this is playing during time at which at one point you and I were watching corn hole. Yes that is quite true now I'm kind of thinking ESP and just kind of gives away airtime at some point the but it it and Komansky to gather like look I can't play infomercials and sports center cost money to Ryan so. I don't know here corn hole just take your critics for our member of the army men in ski commercials. Now. The baseball training videos and Fred McGriff you don't remember. These were fantastic. They had what we're of those deals with the ESPN where they basically got commercials for free and altered the ninety's they play these baseball training video Sarah marshall's. Was a commercial the infomercial but it was just too. 67 commercials going through and showing the drills kids there aren't barrels. And yet there's that there's a great story wood on time for here being go back and read about Tommy man's QQ 12 I highly recommended to surged. The interwebs and you'll find it. Very easily but the the sweetheart dealing of obvious it's miles. We need to get crystal balls I don't know what we're gonna predict. So old. Figure out or 55 through five better you today text line what sporting events do you need the prophecy that is willed or does predict. And we will make you crack of those in crystal balls next. Sit insect anything Rush Limbaugh. Discover the defense team training secrets of America's finest baseball and an exciting video thing. Baseball world defensive drills are video features professionals got and it's gotten on the dancing and singing revolutionary new screening techniques to produce drinkable rolled back to back to back a few minutes. The championship teams. The defensive drills for the best team whose players are different from running speed quickness that doubled him in your mouth defense if you didn't even go to practice organization. Compatible with studio at her when we do things for granted. Immunity to wave Bill Clinton to do you ever produced many professional players were. I knew about it and the training academy where the husband Israeli. They're burger from the video forget who drove. Baseball wisdom to those reports that we bring you. And for the physically possible to have a good looking at me anyway and I don't know I think the only the only console I think it's. It's really important for our city dude has giving us is hardly 100 feet by bringing you thought McCluster I don't know what yeah today. And there's 200 Tommy may have commercials. Blunt blunt. And others like that from what it is definitely pretty high value on those tapes do you hold. Really works and Diana T just disappear up the pace of the earth. Yeah the drills. If you were watching which probably work this is radio the editor a broadcaster anywhere and visually know the generals did not look like they would help you improve. World's false we do with a problem we did some of those drills in baseball practice and that really have any insignia on them at all it's just like a group of rag tag kids. Just kind of thrown balls each other rag tag. Championed the old yeah. And back to back to back age you champions. Redoubling your Tommy Komansky. It was good stuff and they had 1990s. They had. The wife he's in the war the other had the newspaper whites for him eight alien chance home. It's it's not really packed. I see you got to host a golf show last week about ago I was awful. Blood I don't know lick about golf you know less. Public about I had to ask you what a birdie was. Two days before the show. I did I had to literally sit down at the and have few explained scoring in golf for me that's how much I don't. Consider golf. Heard you ask me what the clubs do. And not in not NN like owed we use them to have blood would you like yeah we like what the numbers mean on the clubs and how does it actually word when we have different clubs like why would I use a wood yeah. Exactly we have to get into the very very basic your brother plays golf but doesn't. He plays golf but he just learned last year. OK so he was all over we got on a golf course. A room or I'm never gonna try it you know lieutenants to your knees give out. Probably got so would that mine who's going to win. The what does that mean of the RBC Canadian nobody got Dustin Johnson currently tied for the lead. Key with Keegan Bradley and Kevin Tway are needed those three guys in the field first. Heard ash on that leaderboard Udoh Nash not on the leaderboard in the top ten this. About January G Ed do we also not on there LJ didn't make the cut but Blake morals has never lost to turn and he's entered as a pro golfers. And it's a fact back stop morals fact. Mariners angels tonight. And it's okay. Timbers Houston Dynamo know I like the name dynamo give me a dynamo OT the dynamo could take that timbers stands. All right in your case well if you enjoyed this young starting Monday for an entire week will and I have been asked. I don't know why. They're allowed to do the morning show we will be doing does the game all morning buck will be joining us who's the producer gas being viewed either help people's on the rails or. You'll hear us be terrifying distance from the rail you can go a lot of different directions. But I suggested. If you're not a normal. Subscriber the ratio. It distracts. Could be fantastic could be fun could be fun so we'll see if that. We'll see unless they kids or sinner and saint Ed's in Boston fears of dusting can understand the show right now yes but it shows over by tonight. I don't I don't whose mission tonight. Your drug.