Sinner and Saint 7-28-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, July 28th
KD acts cheez butt, CJ is soft and childhood games go pro

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job it's Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. And now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this citizens say podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Egg heads every Saturday. It who. Welcome to the place we're gonna win this. Considering the saints what we're going way over here but when it's. But the main open wins. I have no idea actually I heard that. And I thought to myself how the hell this fund wind and what are we winning yes yeah I haven't gotten any prizes no prize money for sure. You are fun wins. Basketball tournament. Blood tournament. Basketball through. That well. Well we are right it's TBT yeah I've done actual tournament narrate. That's a fun when so we got in this morning we just turn on ESPN and are no I guess this is ESPN two and you know they've. They've tired out I guess they just blew their load completely on LeBron James and had to figure out something else to talk about. So they just her on the basketball turn it which is this pick up tournament. All pro way players well it's it's a tournament that you can enter and win two million dollars this you and I could minaret yeah and wind. We are it. And the twelve player on the team full of former NBA players we've chance I think so as I told you before. In my high school career his wing guy Kevin Love but I tell you wing guy. You know Kevin Love. Yeah I was you know they built the offense around me Kevin was a piece here and I was on the varsity. Is JV to come up with a GB so today. They are from Mexico I'm back from Mexico. LL was that forensic Mexico's a delightful places sunshine and golf and beer naps and symbols. And great and repeat. Yeah I went without. My wife and children. Because it was my whole family might make Brothers and my sister my mom. And an uncle that were down there that we met up with per day and hung out and they are still home when he got back and they work they were. Had success we planned this in addition to wasn't a surprise trip to makes Google. Yeah go to Mexico port or saying I'm going to take up cigarettes and then you go to Mexico yeah that was not know that was not the plan is something that was arranged in advance we've agreed upon my wife is danger to Mexico sands myself and the children already with a group of her friends that I gals trip. It'd gals trips and is getting married or something I don't listen Saturn and then. And attempts delightful it was a delightful trip it is nice to get away came back relax a tricky bubble is going on sports this week but it seems like. Won't law there are a lot there was also loaded week like loaded I know that country camp started huge load. Due to an. Training camp started in football. Couple -- didn't show up to those can be booted that was a big thing and then they practiced football there's literally just the camera. With an empty space looking at nothing because. Originally the person would be there yeah this is where Sam normally would be if you were here practice yes that's what they're doing is we're parent Arnold would be if he were person. Programs. Air and dot. Now hold on what is this then there are Donald current. Donald the first set there and Arnold. Don't Arnold that's what I said Ronald normal week on now attitude from people and earned Arnold. Wait which is. So what limits catch me up. Real quickly I've I've peruse the headlines and don't worry we have in case you missed it but what did I actually missed. Well let's see. We. Reaffirmed. That Kevin Durant is in fact a fourteen year old teenage girl. Yes. Which wasn't too much was surprised but this time it leaked over into you are probably. Because CJ McCollum who by the way has a podcast. I'd also really close to mean a fourteen year old girl he's kitten there. He's Photoshop guy he's go to show you look at a good you would look in her yeah. He's got all this clip part of blazers logos that different angles LeBron different people's jerseys we miss him a remote g.s and PNG him OGC stick on their simple yeah he's. He's these little brother in Ohio hi were as guy so he's fortunate boy. Perhaps you could. So they went out podcast together and basically what I really don't podcast well because he's he's broadcast guys now that's what he's gonna do when he gets ugly collegiate. It weird to think about could you just got in but don't professional athletes have played their own radio issues around the country like if he wanted to read you shouldn't or you can call us or somebody around and I hope he did that he he did they'll learn our competitors and he actually hosts a music and he he wants to do that you know they have radio shows right but they don't. Most of the people don't host its CJ actually hosts his show he hosts his podcast he does everything. Which I mean does fairly impressive because anybody has a podcast is a very difficult. You don't like I have vodka yeah I technically have a podcast well why don't we ever RadioShack did a radio show that is podcast your radio show right is it isn't it better. Better or worst of a radio show bent upon I don't know. It's just she'll probably not a prime example of so that happened. Okay it's a myth that. That's it. All agreement. We've gone through it. There's a big file in my head trended you know oil and ruled it's not it's not there's nothing that I reporter I well it's is that there's so much is taking you time to go on cycle back to massive. Abstract Rolodex lead in the morning show yesterday it would just a bit better. We've talked about CJ did end very pretty much older have pretty much it actually there was an interesting. Thing that happened with the organ ducks. New stadium morals do you have around alcohol and you which was drenched in oil in your opinion on because I. I I want. You do tell me is it more detrimental to what they're trying to achieve or is it actually helping them achieve what. They're trying to achieve let's put seldom the second hour of got plenty of things to get to the reason I brought up you do in the morning show this is time viewer but he takes a bunch of time off so actually your morning show for the week. Of July 30 is going to beat. The sinner in the saint. We can actually cream you like sixth what seven Jews and eight days the it's Kennedy exhausting of this I I can be honest to say I don't know what the hell talked about by Wednesday. Because I don't know we're gonna talk about for today via. On well that's that's harrowing because we just spent like two hours talking about it and I go we agreed on something and now you're telling me going you know. The idea. I'm thinking in the Brigham and we're gonna probably be about. Ninety minutes or so can we just play like we do like a mix of best of or something. Just throw that by like Wednesday athletes do bad stuff like that whatever we crank out Monday and Tuesday yes it better be good to just say oh my god best of Monday but it takes up that if you miss Monday. Hey duke first ball don't worry yet. It because you're about to hear again on Wednesday. 55305. Is a better you today tax line if he'd like to participate in the show. You do the show this this show with you brother I did who did the does stand a joke jokes at the beginning nobody did. I should've been two weeks of vacation missed it. But all right I was in Mexico I missed it too so I went through a ruse to headlines that no other people tune in just did this show. As their only source of sports news and that's why we bring you segment every week. I've. This week we call. In case you missed. Case you missed its. And browns reveal their 2018. Teams slogan crowd will that you see their team slogan as. Let alone won't. So yes no I didn't get. Read this to here here for the first time nearly Yemen us. What bowl from the heartland. Of America. So. I'm not saying heartland. I'm saying horror to land of America. As it is a that a sexual joke is a sexual ref this is their actual slogan my question was wasn't as a movie starring Kia are a media and Jimmy or upload this. They've got you exodus opinion icon it as I was leaving you and I discussed it yet Friday afternoon. As those getting ready to lead from XP I assume your entire issue with the brother was about that no he wanna talk about which I had a really huge argue with him before because he said that's not news Lego guy it's news that has he ever listened to our show. No. Yeah I know that the sat back and you and now the that is the actual slogan. Can stop doing teams do you have to do this every year for the marketing department hard to land all the horror to land. Of America the debts as a sort of people called moderate in college the. In case you missed it as we Dez Bryant called Sean Lee snake. Which John Lee said. We nickname Brooke. Is shot lead he played for the cowboys and anybody who shown he's now and I actually have a theory that Charlize never Europe football because people keep telling me he's like. These stall wart of that defense but he's always hurt this he's always hurt at. I don't know what impact he makes like does he mix sex. I don't know I don't know what he does Hurley remembers Sean Lee being good he is I think the most forgettable player. In the history of gas and the most revered forgettable player like Giuliani yes yes the most accomplished readable players. In the NF so Jason Witten this kind of like this right. But there while he was like this is that like you would say mobile Jason Witten really makes an offense. You could believe that because there'd be these plays in games were Jason Witten would just kind of come out of nowhere and beat open indeed like OK Derek C surely you don't see. Jason Witten would make plays in a football game yes and he would accumulate stat steps and you do think Sean Lee I don't know what he does he. I've no idea. PLO source they got it just beat can cost constantly inspect on this nick got. And that his weekend plans are mowed lawn yeah. Very much that guy in case you missed it this week LeBron James said that he regrets giving his son LeBron James junior his name. Ole ball. I said the which he named Gary. So. Wait a minute how that a joke. Gary Gary James. Well what would you name what would you and we played cards. But what I did to man you've played garden I play when we're in Mexico were playing cards against humanity. And there's all of these obscene ridiculous cards and evidence that the game you know this works. The most popular car all weekend with. The one to Sydney area. Delightful Gary James Gary. At that Andy has no relevance whatsoever what would you would you alienate your son will alert you. Although because I don't want him to have the wind and it went down. Slid. In my shadow. How much of one that loves your I assume it's similar to LeBron James you can get out of it pretty easy I'll play that's not set the bar high. We canceled a basketball game. For the AU game because LeBron was being tackled. By yet but you know bolsters. But in Jordan injures or Jerry I'd torn Jersey yet you're about to cancel every single NBA game you recap sat courtside counted but I think at center back. He's doing while you had good he is the only news kids like I understand if you're gonna do it. That like I loved it that. People were heckling during and they got kicked out constraint toned gather at the motor center and the people would do that's LeBron James like cute. Find because they're playing and that's their profession they have to deal with that the Cuban owner game of the Stanley watchers it's like Malone. Looked like the camera. The duke. Tackles against JJ Redick who watched that on that's there's a little montage you can find all he got death threats yeah. Which is in in in Arenas in college basketball Arenas which is tours and it's. In case you missed it this week Vince Carter agreed to a one year deal with the Atlantic Atlanta Hawks. Got some fantastic facts for you when the 41 year old was drafted in 1998. Fox rookie Trey young was not born yet. That Vince Carter was drafted the same year taped and it was nominated for fourteen Oscars. Greatly. It's 1998 Vince Carter was drafted in 1998 and in 1998 people loved. Kevin Spacey Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby. Well that. How much is idle threat to feel like there's a lot out. Kevin Spacey was voicing characters bugs life Harvey Weinstein just made Good Will Hunting and build of views those big kids think the dark days. Legs so clear how much the world as she and I'm glad you equated. Vince Carter's glorious NBA career with that. Since I respect him for go into the hearts he really the key assigned to when your deal with. What Houston and accusing his last year. Not he's doing the opposite LeBron James LeBron James scratches and claws to drag his team to the playoffs every year at the institute into the championship just ruins his body. Vince guards like probably for a team with Al. A chance to make in the Boyle phenomenon that play an extra games well that these in a cool two million dollars for not doing I mean like how many minutes as well realistically and importance of they would say LeBron just played like an equivalent of like. For extra seasons just in the playoffs in the last hour many years went with Cleveland and yet been currently zero just bounces around Sacramento. Box. In case you missed it this week you already alluded to this Kevin Durant joined CJ McCollum has podcast. And Katie laughed at CJ for thinking the players the blazers had a chance to win. An NBA championship. The wanna read you Kevin Durant quote. Man if you really big jump shot at winning a championship you clearly not listening to will Americans blazers breakdowns on the sinner in the saint Saturdays from nine to eleven on Portland sports leader. And eighty the fan. Very nice shout out. Good stuff. They do such. A group we will give them that next. Since saint that it. Well you set this up build its. He's good on the front lines all week. And your Portland battling with all of the featuring all the last things that we've been getting from Kevin Durant the vitriol all. The mockery. Of our great basketball team. So TD. Kevin Durant showed up on seize your McAuliffe podcasts and basically laugh that CJ. For a couple things one he said that the public when a championship the other he all the announced ultimately all. All ladies and my daughter basically brought him on the podcasts and they start talking about of course the eventual. Com you know topic of paid you joined the warriors. You hear of the big. He USS one. Microsoft yeah I use soft you're huge huge selloffs teenager Syria like this are talking about that and then. Time. You know direct kind of came back with something amend yes and then like you guys really think the your win the title TJ goes yep we are right there you know anything's possible drew for a third seed yet we were third seed enter its third lefty goes c'mon you know we're not you're not gonna win a title you know that and then he goes directly or third seed because yep but would you play like he played like eight seat. And he basically just left the CJ spaced out. Conflicting feelings about that spread. Chair you can put into an odd thing blew out here you're emotional depth is this vast and wide. Deep and long long. And so. I feel on one half of meat that. Okay here's my tandem can get and assaulted by a guy to. You know took the easy way confer again he did because none of his titles matter by the way. None of them and what goes out of his finals and be people look back in history united consider this guy top five I guarantee that he will not ever come up in casual conversations top five Kevin Durant. And so I if I can have. Don't like what he said that's it the other half of me is he cynical blazer fan and he goes yeah you're completely right. And I know it and I don't like it and I don't like to hear but he's completely right we will never win a title in the next ten years we just won't. And I think that the outrage nationally from this really comes from the fact that can rendering it. Is the most sensitive dude. Emperor. He is so sensitive. He also is known like social awareness lead is like you know he's divided on this dude podcast. To talk to him. Any just. What he's trying to do like what what what's his goal in sitting down with TJ. Yeah. We're of the Barnett JD you. Hi all gamble and. But he's not trying to have a conversation with he's trying to see you know. He always has the one up the guy crossing is not sit down avenue genuine conversation about anything we don't let kids he did that weigh in the desert but he feels attacked because you go ahead thing that moves kind of sub burden we do you whenever. And he tries to move on from of the that's when. Kept drink turns round goes into attack mobile death and then CJ even suggest that you know they were trying to get bullied. And Kevin grant steps a match goes urinary why we go to Portland. Is that well against same same agents nurtured like Gabby you'd trade forum and when you're inert and many but he just he just kind of pokes at people he's very immature. He's extremely sensitive. Well and I think that the reason he's like this is because he slowly realizing your bury your dead. It was like I say before I think that retrospectively when you look at Kevin Durant and you start patting these casual conversations like we are right now we go. Remotes look back at between tents who are the five best players of that decade. I guarantee you can render it or even be in the top two or three you might get in around five but you're gonna have a bunch of people that war. Get to him and go oh yeah I'd number four came under. Oh yeah but I guess it really doesn't count because he won you know X amount of titles. With the greatest team of all time and oh yeah he was up 31 billion a year before. And took the complete easy way out because. That's Kevin Correia he doesn't care. We don't go backwards trash Shaq forgone the lakers and play with Toby and you know we went to the finals in Orlando got swept so. He bailed left her for Los Angeles here's the difference. The lakers who were. The greatest in the work in the conversation of one of the greatest single season teams. Of all time sure and that's what we'll go back to every time when anybody comes up with these super team things like Boston and 07 yeah. Posthumous per game terrible heat beats not yet. When he won a championship. They won one but since then they kind of sucked that's what I'm saying Kenny Perry and because it was a team that was easy way out it did do you think that and in some light. Kevin Durant sits there and goes. Yeah I know I took the easy way out but because of the way his personality is that now we just doubles down on it every time he gets attacked he's just aren't around snap some people. Casinos he took the easy way I see completely no he can't. Being that I'm aware that he has no idea that yet this was easy way out. But now we kinda has to stick with it and he has the doubled don't people come out and about and he's just ready to do it that's what assembly but the guidance so. Defensive that he just turned around immediately and and it. Well and I think this is kind of like the soul sucking of Kevin Durant. Iranian yeah I pick is soul has been completely sucked up because he knows he's not playing anymore for whatever legacy right OK it's outlaw. I feel like a handful of NBA players that don't play for money. Like LeBron James I don't leave pleas for money anymore yeah I don't Erica I don't think poised for money any more dirt does then Katie doesn't think step curry really placements for money anymore James Harden is kind of balancing that line. And really what they play for is one of two things championships are lazy. I don't think Vince curry who plays for money anymore I think he just kind of plays because he goes freedom of the game and I don't know what else I would do. Kevin Durant. Is not playing for legacy anymore. And he's really up playing for the love of the game it's late and not re as not really playing for championships. Because she's been ships are all he's playing out despite that it the only reason he's doing all this. Is because he was told for however many years he was in Oklahoma City that he wasn't good enough and he couldn't get over the line. And then he got in the perfect situation which was you were up 31. And to be quite honest you probably could've beaten the boron. LeBron in Cleveland I kind of feel like yeah if you would have gotten the NBA title and Indy freedom lost it you know what it was on new. Yeah looking for. What that what are you looking for lady oh you like Katie she's the packages found that you could shut up and kept. It's more is Katie you teased but that anyhow. That's Suzanne Barnett. TD. Bellingham on you. He exist. At this point he's absolutely it's cost. How do you see of whatever reputation you wanna have it let's say he is he's looking out go and I'm I am playing for legacy what's the move. I mean can you just get off social media at this point role. So what do you do if you if you Katie I mean he's dug himself such a hole he's playing. What is what is the plane on a one year contract. Contract a fixed area so he's got a 1211. Right he's got a one year options so you've got. Attleboro and you've you've you've got. At least one more season your plane Gould's playing with a bogey cousins now and just making a mockery of this team that had. I mean as as good reputation as you could mean those of that was a team that was built for the draft. And adding players like Andre Iguodala and the end Shaun Livingston and their role players really great when they won the 73 games that was. Likable team I genuinely liked watching you never really form and you kind of you kind of rooted for me though in the Western Conference and there are trouncing. As soon as they get Katie I think that the boot image of that teen changed Kevin Durant image for what ever he had salvaged in okay see even though he started. And a beam that you know snap backed and a guy he still had a pretty good. Image and then he left whatever he had has been totally tarnished now he keeps getting in these little Twitter battles with bands with CJ McCollum. Whose salaries I think nationally fairly inconsequential. Yet is it is beneath him to get an argument siege of a call no offense to CJ. But offense to eject I don't I don't intend to but but that we are intended to defend it well what would be. Would be an equivalent of a CJ McCollum like somebody for another team right if he went out and got. Like. Luke does that Alpert paid just yet. They hit an L for pains I can tell it like the other way hell of a podcast helper patent. Absolutely fantastic deal like thirty minutes dress ball and they're characters like let's say let's say and also like it's Kyle allow Rihanna podcasters and Katie wood whole basket Caroline what does that he kind of the equivalent right. These boys for a great team that finished one in the east but Kyle Lowry both knees. Katie it's an argument of the referendum in which used to be like. It's it's just kind of idiotic so he's done all this damage to his reputation what's the move what you do appears publicist 42 on the day. You don't I don't think his publicist controls and anymore I think I'm done up until I seriously cannot I don't see guys. I think it's just kind of a situation where if it comes with a resume that says published for Kevin Durant had written a note thanks I think it's just hey man do you I guess you're making money. Just keeping in the villain. Buried say text side by factories terrified simply brought up a good point despite hit YouTube because you IE. Or sonic stand more in. Hybrid for the site says it's probably 5050 blazers sonics this let's go the last straw for me with Katie he was the last grates on that but now he's just that if I agree that is that is they're. Jeff Green also put for the Sonics team tweet that we talked about that when Nick Collison retired it's there's only two left and then went against each other in the files. This once upon its all right well we need to get to the news and then we'll get toward what are poll and we've got to actually it's funny that you were talking about legacy who and what people play for James Harden had. A quote that we'll sit and insight to what he actually plays for and so all of that and a lot more first let's get to the news. Don't mind me just moan don't. Will argue is you are media master of all things social media. You've taken to Twitter at sinner saint. And eighty black comedy the most beautiful old. I'm connected with on a bed with perfect hole for. Final Saturday show of July. If you ask me on the net Barack. It was an entry in Bloomington. All right let me Nvidia is of people having sex with a each other found when it. I hate others I don't use it you know that very well. Imagine he didn't use the Internet. At what the hell would you do. I'd honestly I didn't use Internet a lot this week I buy a bucket you're vacation I'm talking about modern life oh I think I'm I'm well aware but I'm saying I did you use it there when you're on vacation yeah it is time to kind of disconnect you sit there and ponder. Life wouldn't be so bad. If you just like the people that you had you know immediate contact with I mean let one be so bad if I just got drunk played golf and set on the beach all day exactly what's that part well but is it can happen is is a goal on vacation there's a lot of you know. People posting pictures of avoid the trip on social media like my sister my mom kind of duel that or whatever. And I got bags to my wife like some of the things happen on the trips that. Earned and we did eventually get its economic path. So from that standpoint to just having that disconnect and actually be able to tell stories you know after they happen vs just having that constant real what. Is posted on their and then you have to go and have to say for one here's what really happened because everybody of course presents. This perfect image of who they are onto the Internet right do you see the stories all the time of the eastern remodeled that are really tortured souls but they spent hours taking these perfect pictures can and then there's pot. And that is everyday gateway and anyways. I get to Syria it's by the saw an average of social media via cell. President like him all the real one picture there on time who's through. And look so bad it's up. If I do you get a listener of this RK form of communication radio. Are on the net and use the webs and do the tweets ya. You know on your Twitter account you can look at. At saint saint 1080 order. At 1080 the fan. And we'll pull up Willits or. Geez Greg Oden has the team you know Jimmer Fredette he has teams mobile you do it's yeah so this goes the thinking. Which childhood game. Should we re purpose into heat her meant to get monies office. Yeah. 10%. Has said Roche Campo. Coach Russia imposed the practice of kicking each other in the groin until one fails also it's in its record says it's not rock paper scissors it's it's growing kick into your fail the advanced terrible I would watch that that I've never played and we should just you know. Be nice we just punch each other needs the commands of a problem remember ever having a game and I certainly don't remember being called Rush Limbaugh okay. Here are your finessed Shipley says this is probably the ultimate question I wanted to pose this to the techsters five by trees or five Betty and attacks on. Would you rather be paid fifty million dollars guaranteed. To play in the NFL. Where you could potentially get CT eat more fifty million dollars guaranteed to play in the road sham bow league. We're gate you know it's kicked constantly constantly. Constantly but if you're really good added. And write the rules he had a coin flip at the start to see you who begins. I mean if you're good you win coin flips you can end matches really fast so. So explain to me how the the the kick version of this game were Q did. I Kiki do you pick and then going and they did you feel well enough you can kick me in the groin passive and I have. If I survived that one IQQ given the groin. Until somebody gives them yes we can take its is sustained blows until one of us either throws up or says I can't do this and so do the row. Yeah I you're done. The got to keep your lunch down but fifty million guaranteed so that those of the league you do need to tap out puke out. Yes and that's the entire premise of this in that entire premise of the game and I would imagine it televised in a dark. High school. Wrestling room with a small crowd and just war and big headlight over. Is two men is their Sylvester Stallone movie made about this yet should be there should be a go over the top. Armrest and make over the top more of like you between excuse. I was forced over the under the bottom and wouldn't meet. They care oval which would you litigate kicker that's her potential. You eat your chances at CT by the way out in this situation 80% 80%. How long have to play out the contract in the NFL fifty million dollar guarantee cowboys what played four years. Them let's go 33 year contract got three years in the NF errors or how long might participate in this tournament. A year on the a year and it's the same schedules right it's your employer and what's a week. But I mean you okay so during that week. You get to the squad is what do you want you as much have work out to see what. Do whatever physical requirements you need to get ready to kick someone in the know are it's hard enough to win night in the end of the NFL but. But the only big mega million that we didn't know I don't wanna be kicked in the Newt's. That frequently but by year project also needed to kick. In the brain damage. I did oh yeah here's the best part of growing damage vs brain damage OK so here's the thing about the worst shot you return to the old legible it's. Worst yeah like what was the most debilitating shot I ever had one really out in Yemen you'd like. I mean I've been there's nothing that comes to mind very quickly you know I mean yeah definitely being kicked or hit their before yeah. And I remember those being vividly unpleasant but the one that jumps and in my mind wasn't me it was Tom Crockett played center field for us on the GB baseball team. He stand behind first base doing something god knows what new and paid attention somebody threw a flyer from third base when over the first baseman I've gotten direct. And I remember him sitting there looking like who's gonna die and I'm not kidding you for thirty minutes. Did not make it back to practice. I just remember the pain that was in that was a direct shot from a baseball I realized and some kicks and they get the opportunity to square up on you. That is not something owner experience and it's that's the only experience to the. Employer once they get numb. You don't have to worry about it anymore yeah I mean they open up the idea Molina footage did Derrick got here we'll be my statement on animal on the but it. I'm saying is that some point this season you can have surgery if you put some. Some different things down there and get some hormone treatment and you need fifty million dollars richer better you can take to find Stallone stars in. Nat king Dwayne the rock Johnson and Natalie Portman. They Harvey Weinstein production. Can I say the NFL and faster. At Atlanta about a needed it's if they objects up. But I would give you got the Kaczynski railed for both the 10% are going for the net kick version of Bruce Jambo I should tell you. How many people in my mouth fell 42%. Say 21 bumped slash tips that's of course the game the basketball game to people gets 21 knock off or ray knows when tips that gamer. Well there's that that well I you know I think bump was the game we stand up the three point line and she got a guy behind you shoots yeah yep that's. 30% face foursquare and 38%. Say wall ball ball ball which law is typical. It is and really you can get really good habits Campbell to mean handled. Is is a pretty intense sport it's far from what I gather a miracle in handball need to be in shape to win. Yeah I think balanced pretty intense but I did have as an adult play foursquare. And it was fantastic. And delightful yet as it was plays that are worked we've just. We do Friday parties every week which was always great need get a bunch here and then some new draw. A foursquare court and he play and we envoy for right now and have a fantastic. It's important word and you are ashamed of which were tuna. I would Dominique you're sure it's I don't I don't wanna piece I have a long video and bad knees. At that matter one kick you know able to swing at the second time I'll tell you that I'd rather you can't you're good this OK you're knee on the first Qichen I can survive it. I've got another blow out might need just taking you out on the first kick then having to like. Take a little bit easy and you haven't thrown up or you know submitted and now I have to take it kicked from you. When that point to us not to own it. Yeah that's the key got to win the coin I'm I'm I'm not going as hard as they can kick am trying to hit both in one so weighing. I'm really build the site of the foot they got everything. I mean what's your strategy right on the kick I mean he can't just do it as hard as you can permission did admit since his party care that. And miss the tension in the ground instead. Drug angle at all but left no dude just. Forget talk ethic back okay look at short to loosen it looks like accuse and little brother I didn't report did get some premium pinching going on that I might be able to take him out the first swing. Will do little opinion between link the and my foot. It got out cutting the sites we've got to be careful not to the other thought I. The slowdown ambulance. And you mr. Erica what's your showed any other kick as hard as I can can we be the broadcasters for Dallas. Members of the blue bag to listen to the very stupid sinner and Saint Anthony in the. I've had been too busy to keep up on sports this week what does happen. No time to form their own opinions I stand before you today in the midst of an early time. Well no worries rob. What does senator on the same trip and are well you Newsome back in right away. I'm pretty good vs. Giant Melbourne and restaurants you know it's fun to. Yeah. I got traded here a few years back we had an idea of what was Cleveland Cavaliers basketball go all the spoiled list four years in a row the files to navigate to build this thing. So we're definitely excited about who we have room before we know that we're gonna have some some new pieces. We feel like things get ahead in the right direction would be happy to miss him. Played extremely hard. That was formerly the senior senator who notably played alongside will Harkins in the fifth grade Kevin laughed and do you play Dwayne got it right I was wing guy. Legendary writer and legendary win game will Derek. Was thinking fans in Cleveland you had nothing to do with his recent pay day. Cleveland signed the five time all star to a five year 145. Million dollar contract this week. Love who took eight million less than his full Max contract this move was made by. General manager Cody alt than to take K are necessary to provide some creative flexibility to actually build around him. So with carrier ring departure to Boston and LeBron James taking over in L a love is now the sole playmaker in Cleveland as they rebuild. You actually see them making the. Playoffs this year do they still have a JR Smith. Last time I checked the Internet yes yeah it's it's it's basketball in the heartland of America. I mean what else do you want. I don't mean to the heartland. This it's the east. So I suppose they could make the playoffs I mean but I. That roster was so dependent on LeBron James I honestly don't know what it would look like he didn't miss a game last year. He played all 82 he played more minutes than anybody in the NBA. I sip. Pose you can build a team around Kevin Love and make the playoffs but it's never been done for Minnesota did not go when he was there. And put up big numbers some say that they missed out on the playoffs if that's your centerpiece. Excellent shape I'm trying vote that it DEA and the church for allow me to move forward. I would say to my friends my family my plans to thank you for support and I know. That was international mascot for Irish trash Connor McGregor all punchy please let it sound like he's made have not actually felt as he speaks. We'll do that I thought that you let me give us some tidbits like so just I could be 8899. Went back to other venues to check in he is data Irish company. I don't know idiots but Irish he would shut up back. I think we did they clever but you're all. Punchy pleading guilty to a single violation of disorderly conduct in Brooklyn Brooklyn criminal court this week regarding an incident back in April at the Barclays center. Video footage showed the boxers slash and then made a fighters slash potentially illiterates throwing a metal Dolly into a window of plus. Station inside the Barclays sender loading Bach. In this same bus was carrying other USC didn't. A plea deal was worked out that allowed McGregor to serve no jail time. Should have served jail time. I don't know and I don't care because he did probably did just fine in jail we got a built for that. Again and everything in his career Kendall led up to it what do you say. Boxer. MMA fighter and potential literate yet. That you could probably say that about you know half the incarcerated people it that would be on his cell within I would block. This. You hit it wherever. If you've been kill me now in and as we are much so brokers. Are hardcourt is that we communicate every single every single day. These are guys and good place to make sure you know during the game that someone saw something in you know some guys do servicers are. The watch film but it's all about communication and obvious is what Eagles lot of talent but some of that sacrifice when it's one of the that was an and that remark from. Only one NBA MVP this season and shot two for thirteen from three point win in game seven. The Western Conference finals James Hardy and used talking at eighteen USC mini camp this past weekend at the Houston Rockets setting Carmelo Anthony this next season. It hasn't happened yet by the way it's intriguing thought for Miller to come off the bench for Houston but when Melo is asked about that prospect by media this week he said quote. I feel like I'm ready to take that role then I'll take that role only I know what it's best. For me to take that role I'm not going to do that in a situation where I still know my capabilities and what I can do unquote. It's wise for the rockets to even go after Carmelo Anthony if that's what he believes. Do you have Camilla Vinny is proving to be quite the idiots this week he also said that the reason he wasn't successful in Oklahoma City is because he didn't get enough help. He showed up too late and he had to figure out things on his own but somehow he's the guy that decides. Maybe it's you dummy. Maybe your the problem why you didn't succeed. If people are willing to help you and tell you hey this will be the best thing for your career to come off the bench didn't come off the bench. You weren't idiots Carmelo Anthony and if you don't get a job at your own fault. And I says that I came into a he's I think he got a job at Home Depot and yeah I know my show we want garden supply has to be talking about well listen it is tired me this morning answers for you so my own house so much closer to over the lawn mowers are bunny. Figure jumpers so we got here too late. You're the solid against 82 games to figured out you are wrong. The shuttles will guy just got here at least he stays up social media. All right that's ever read every story of the week this one comes from a Great Falls, Montana. Late Friday night's. Actually was this Friday night police in Great Falls, Montana received a call from him in in distress he would come home. To find his ex girlfriend hiding behind his bedroom door wielding machetes. She had somehow broken into the house while he was the way he said. And when he opened the door and walked into his room she confirmed him from behind and held a machete to his death. And according to the after dated she told him Q take off his clothes and it's proceeded to have sex with him. While holding machete. And then when she was done and she urinated on his dad. This ex girlfriend this is an escrow of some of the Margo other. What are the problem. Mean it follows obviously him she. She's a youth while those like a much. Yes. Okay now here's the question we all alone and I know it. How do you do it. Remain. Are you completely freaked out petrified. That's probably the with the petrified a new attitude and well done the sun. A originally mean. How the hell could you perform. Scared you scared. Of him but the reports I've I couldn't be frightened for my wife and then perform. As heroin how do you now. If that's true I've never been put that situation though they yup they don't well listen you're talking about some of the outside of your area of expertise. I don't know that I could either but. They need to find out. It's gonna spend that whatever happened happened to ensure it wasn't the most romantic couple in amber is if I would have to guess. They should probably was and a little out of her mind if she's holding machetes and urinating on his bad afterwards I'm guessing. That the things that happened in between that weren't any less crazy that he must've manager. I think that was he was such a jerk it at a price of heating given more attention if police just a waitress. Jet Unita look at you and your floor with her to order the wings get out here. When he got remote view of what are the books rose to its. What should let alone drove dead. Horribly you're rich and marathon to 08. Did you elect better. At that three run Slater who broke above too that's the question I'm an ASE broke up. I think. And I that's let your good vs evil that is we brought you by our friends that you wait to tighten a Hawaiian restaurants 2454 east Byrd's side. Or 152. And Woodstock go eat their Hawaiian food. It's the ship's when we come back a new alcohol policy about the stadium will make things better or worse and or again. I've got a quote that will give you the motivation of one James Harden. And a with months of 20 how sweet is that Morse and in saint is 1080 defect.