Sinner and Saint 7-14-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, July 14th
The Blazers live in a fantasy that Jimmy Butler is on the roster

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this citizens say podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. I. Anderson. Astronauts. Chrome primarily and arrows team and also went to a school incidental what's tanked in 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We'll bargains hot air balloon agenda and frightened by technology there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then that we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. But about sports. Center on those same old it's. Rhetoric and they were before funny here sports scene here. More loan renewals. Log maybe. It's. Goodell or sewer line and binary view programming missed any of our why are you doing any better. Download the less Schwab tires I that is. And mr. last week. But them back from gun next week begin to do go to Mexico I go to Mexico that is complete budget gulp drink a bunch. Serve aces or. Going to be delightful those fun. Should be good time so. We bring an annex we were shot to zero last week charters tear us think it might be a best show. Best changes all best of shows next week to be great. The best on Saturday are almost done with this just. Terrible wall and sport yeah we got camps open up next week the bears and the ravens I think just our next weekend. So that we get sick cover coverage Joseph Flacco losing jobs slowly. Hey listen I think that's a great story of Lamar Jackson went in there and took his job as a rookie a fantastic putted awesome one then if your if your Atlanta senator if you're a Baltimore and you've got Joseph Flacco on the roster and you've just replace them. Summer's gonna lose quarterback this year and when you take Joseph Flacco mid season if you could. Oh man and be fantastic. You just made bad story but it's already more adjusting that any thing more guarded about today I think give these kids take Joseph Flacco. On a one year like just take him for a rental. No I don't think so if you needed a quarterback. In a veteran crescent presents. Who would need that the jaguars. Saw. It's pretty won a Super Bowl. Sure. Joseph Flacco was one for one inseparable. That's a perfect score better than Tom Brady. Better than Tom Brady isn't it is better winning percentage consumables and Tom Brady well the unfortunate part about him go to Jacksonville is that there's already guy US two jobs that. Holds that position yeah. That's believed portals and referring to his job as starting quarterback and jet skis they'll get her ski do so speak you guys with. Two jobs I guess this is a new job is retired I was gonna get into the rule changes but the story I noticed over the break. On what they call CBS sports dot com if in my own that. A little. Tell me of this headline. Captures your attention as much as it did mine. Richie income Needham named ambassador for anti bullying organization despite history of bullying. Is there more to that headline. Well despite nervous bipolar. Breakdown. But that does not say why else. Former NFL off of the lineman Richie on key income Needham who was the player at the center of the Miami Dolphins bowling scandal back at 2013. Was named this week is didn't first national ambassador of anti bullying per anti blowing organization based in Los Angeles, California. The organization is called boot. The number two. Bullying. And it's the states on its website that its goal is to eradicate bullying intolerance and in discrimination. By educating schools parents. And accepting diversity and giving young people the tools to connect and positively impact those around that. And they called Ritchie and gonna neo. It's that hey. We need to face for the anti bullying. Your belief. Joking that's. Help my house is on fire well I have this gasoline. He's thrown around there. Why. I quoted God's good name why. Why would pick him. He's you OK I might say that's kind of a good idea if the whole bipolar thing didn't just happen because I'd say this a lot of he had the most the most insane retirement from the NFL yeah. Sees claiming to Byrd and CT he was dead center of the bullying scandal in the NFL now here's where I think that would come in handy right if you reformed himself but it's simply have a Michael Vick great like Michael Vick tortured and killed all those dogs and any suspend her went to jail or ever. And well Bob dogs before tortured and got right and now he's like a huge spokesman for animal rights in the days BCA. And I think that was because he obviously. Turned out to be reformed person and prison actually kinda helped him now. If you would've told me. Maybe like Wyatt. Three months ago that this was happening and it Richie Incognito was now well adjusted member of society and well contributing member to the NFL in his retirement I go up. It's kinda makes sense he has it first person perspective on it may be can show some remorse when he goes and talks people. He's bipolar he's having bipolar episodes that money to be related to CTE throwing weights and tennis balls at people at. GM's. According to income the only says the bowling is a national crisis. And he added that I can personally relate to both side it's being bullied and being accused of being able to doesn't admit to being a bully. Humid to being accused of being a bully. So apparently thought. Well let's country in three in the article that quotes that a guy that's according media PM there. He stated a release that he was bullied in high school a group of guys actually threw rocks at me. My dad told me not to worry about them and focus on football and then when he started excel football. Became friends. I'm. And Austin solicit some is bowling you know you don't become an NFL football player and a big just doesn't set it gets him by history kids. To say gonna to go punch a wall be right back once I got. All right back now so RM episodes Clayton had a lot isn't that some reasonable Lian. Well you need do become an elite athlete now don't go away you know welcomed. Either that or other negative other kid out there. Don't worry about those beliefs either that or wait until you all get to college in finding good like we'd connection and just sell weed. Then alike yet that the church and then that will darken the bites and you should generally works. Generally will now be there legalizing marijuana. Also now. With doing that so math each. But if it just kind of you look at this situation you can't question. How people are making decisions these days you know I can't help but be reminded. Of the fact that our First Lady. Per. Paying her initiative is that her First Lady has best staying right at best. Impede bats to be best putter hearses. Bullying. Bullying online. But Michelle Obama's is fitness I think Laura Bush's was healthy eating and education in. What was supposed to be integrated dead Matt Klitschko bit Syrians had just asked I don't wanna say can I answer to that they've T Reagan's was ignoring the aids crisis. Anyway it's too weighted politics. Our rights says what was your problem with this organization usually go on first I don't. Some are saying is is that it just. Basic question what the hell are people doing when they're making decisions nowadays. People are just kind of pissing in the face of the public when they make decisions like this. But why you Harry in Ritchie income needle for this. Stable person Y eight bloody trump are you supporting. Inside bullying online when your husband does that. But why or what thought went into that. And then there's a bunch of people who I bet after this decision will look at it and go what is a good idea yeah. There's going to be a segment of people little think this is a good idea. Well obviously that segment of the people that thought it was a good idea worthy people that. I hear him. It seems shocking to me and no it derailed things a little bit but I couldn't get past that and yet reading the fact that he was bullied and he is great football. Can beat everybody else know what's your point of view bully myself. Which has wrecked. The religious tenets Jamie. Did they usually terrible tennis guy check your facts before you present them a house or is the better you today Tex signed check your facts before you present them Fedor was 1718 years old the late ninety's. Then when this first slam to leaves 2003. Gave the worst I'd I'd I'd like table eye to point out that texture that Fedor turn pro when he was eighteen. Check your facts we texts and eat rocks. Text her checks before you text. Just said the jets for a tennis. Balls there next. Checks before he checks broke for a get Bert Sugar smooth quoted text before you relaxed. All right lets kids who ruled since an NFL game may look very different next year and years beyond that it's our next conversation when the center in the saint continues. Then at the old. It's we're really changes. An unofficial tailor to the ground can't help you clear streets there you'll kicking off balance delightful. You've got the big changes to kick off from where he can no longer take the running starter. The formation and you can't form a wedge any longer you have three guys back retire essentially it's gonna be. A very different look but I think the biggest rule change that's gonna make. I don't know maybe for the most. Unclear results is going to be the lowering the head there's experimented ambiguity in the way the rules written it is essentially says let me get it right here. For you know what can lower his head to make contact and using any part of the helmet to butt spear or ram an opponent. Is. Regardless of intent or impact. And it may cause an injection. A little chopped up to somebody's trying to get it to their points so I apologize and go from a dead spin article. And energy chopped up the actual rule itself a little bit. It's like every dead spirit I know there's a fair amount of ambiguity in the rule but I wanted to talk to you about the specifically because you played a position. At Oregon State that essentially your job is to put your head down and run and people. If you wanted to get at a okay really I mean I think you played full back and organ state how much do you see this changing the way the an oval players have to kind of approach their assignments a middle linebacker fullback. Pulling go or if you can't lower your head what does that what does that mean for the way that we put full. Well I pictured you have to just can't read you a quick beta test before anything else and Hillary's I says DK is. Most anybody's ever played football at a higher level we'll tell you that there's a such thing as holding because. Once you to the college level if you're on the offensive line your tight end fullback Green Bay that does significant blocking you've learned how do hold the right way that is slicker hands under the breast plate keep her elbows and and drive. The other holes it's very easy to legally hold now. The reason I say this is because when it comes to this rule I think you're gonna half to see how the referees will interpret it and how they will say. How many of these arena call. Is easily referees could call holding on every single place people hold every single play in the NFL they don't call it when it's so obvious that you're either grabbing your Jersey or shoulder as somebody beats your write yet and that so. You're gonna have to kind of wait and see well how kind of thing I call this thing because. This rule is the same thing people put their head down all the free in time because. I don't know if anybody else there's played football before return natural reaction when you're about to hit it dude. Is all of a mess you up man and I'll put my head down I'll put my whole body into this and you were saying this. Very correctly to we're talking about it earlier in before the show which was. If I'm the other guy he's about to get ahead put my head down to a Michael holy crap this guy's gonna messed me up it's a natural reaction and you really can't. You can't stop that you can't re train these dudes who their entire lives. Have been told run off instinct when you're coming up this do you use every ounce of aggression you have and just throw it out. You're praised. For throwing your body people if it works. Well those are the drills on the first day of you know seventh grader eighth grade beautiful your own drilling yeah bush and not a typical it's just like two guys up and go to run at each other that's your local law would trade go so it's it's. You work out hit people. You learn and a doer right I guess. Which is this now wrong but it's yet you go and you just run through the man. That's how you play for Opel and and I'm very curious. Of what this is actually gonna look like and we are less than a month away from the hall of fame game that kicks off the pre season it's August 2. Sort of start C football but not only arena to see the way the players react to this but you're exactly right the officials I think there's. You never wanna make a rule change that causes big game to be affected to a point where there's a penalty flag from Everett and and that's part of the withholding and that's part of thing with this new rule. Pass interference will whatever change they make they make these points of emphasis. Did you just have to wait and see you really I mean. Again I get away they made the role because right now the NFL is set a very difficult time as the organization right you have. Massive party your fan base who feels like they're dejected from the actual contents because he avalanche players who were. Quorum quote disrespect America and then you have this other crisis. On the other side which is. Pay all these dudes are going insane after they play because they're suffering from a neurological disorder caused by the game itself. Now you have record low attendance were or record low participation for kids playing football. I mean we always at least at the local level go back to lake a street to high school right this past year they couldn't feel the freshman team. Because he's had so many. Wealthy liberal parents who were educated who looked at the information and they go warm up tournament kidnapped yeah why the hell what they do that if they have the possibility. Of having permanent brain damage would you do to her former NFL players say that they would let their kids don't pull LeBron James Rogers said I'm not let my kids play well. Well they'll he would set because they'd ask his opinion on any applicable high school you have there but he you know he's one of those guys who's. I think you know one of the influencers right he's saying no I'm looking at the information here and I don't think it's really worth it in. I don't know it's gonna be interesting to see how many times they call this thing it's I don't think it's gonna ruin the NFL I think the rest sickening kind of catch onto it after this first game or maybe even some of the pre season games go all we can't call this them. Well it'll be interesting that's that's kind of why I say when you get in the game action it'll be interesting because the of the officials go through I'm sure you have this in college for the officials come around and explain you many rule changes. And go over you know how they're going to call conceal it won't be. It won't we knew when they get to the field meal oh wait what are the rules again. They've already addressed this in India known coaching meetings and and going into camp they're going to address this split. I guess when you're thinking of players' safety in it's it's also the Apple's job to think about. In a revenue source and an entertainment factor and making sure the games or watched so you can sell your advertisers. That this is the number one front has been for a long time so I'm just we deer and people love collisions. Duke at those hearing. On both Bonnie jones' show Donnie Jones and Beaumont each that's I said the Bonnie and yet this is that it was that and are no I think it was on PTI so he had tweeted out that and it was an NFL writer that they had gone and watched it flag football game at a college. And there are some player on the giants should retreat and it goes this could be the future of the NFL is at the NFL next five to ten years. I thought about that I said would people still watch flag football if it was all the same athletes. And they were all still so insanely athletic. And that is maybe once in awhile some physical stuff where like you hit nerve you know you've. And you cut somebody did to their legs out from under men like that or do you. Really the product is predicated on these huge collisions in these injuries. Well it is is. To a certain extent but the other the other suggestion that comes up like forget the forget the idea of flag football. But just taken off the helmet. Take up the face mask off the helmet like the whole rugby thing yeah go to go to you know where they the ear protectors of the leather helmet or whatever it is that you wanna where's he can have some head protection. But you take a helmet off of a guy you're not lowering the crown of your head to run through somebody that elderly people are still gonna do with the I know man but you know these dudes they've been trained all their life they don't know the other way wanting to be tempted to make a change in changes insane is that you have to go and you know kind of do it slowly I would think maybe limit the number of bars on the face fast then taken off. But you start at a lower level and you go on in high school but rugby place without helmets Australian rules football plays about helmets that I think. Might be the future of football I mean. I would certainly watch it like would you really object to the idea of of having the same caliber of athletes going and tackling and trying to protect their heads at the same time. Mean maybe spread a valid the Canadian football field or something like that but this is. Again I told he had the conversation with the the Australian gentleman about. Soccer we did the same this is comes into it about football and you say now Australian rules football is very much like the NFL. Where they're looking at players' safety now and they're constantly changing rules to make it safer for their players. But they play without the protective shell that you ever rounder Ed. Can make you a little more cautious when you're running into block. Walt you know the other thing to think that theory is. To get it hasn't been mentioned enough in this whole kind of Haitian weekly without helmets thing is. Yeah helmets are branding and oh yeah absolutely. And you know he's not wrong about that element for the 49ers play without helmets yet kind of threw away your biggest branding piece which is that emblem won't get every set and he needed the the Scott van pelt set on sports center. As they helmet with his logo on it. It's huge branding the mid tier I mean that's how you let fans know and how you kind of trained. Sony's we're trained but it is did you train fans into starting to like a brand into. Purchase stuff from a brain and you know the reason people buy jerseys is. Partly because the helmet because she kind of visualize yourself when you Wear the Jersey get in the helmet on and going out there and playing on Sunday I mean. That's what member Dili and that's what all this stuff is about it's about putting yourself in that position and I think enough people really don't do that when they watch CN FL because they don't realize how horrible it is as a player. 11 there's kind of a snowball factor in the slippery slope when you start to make rule changes like this that have drastic effects on the games. It becomes easier to make the next chain which so you know you go if you go through the process guard we need to make the game safer we need to eliminate these collisions. We were gonna eliminate the running start of the kick off you can't wrote or the credit outlook doesn't work this year than what Cheney what's the next change you make next year but it costs and if you're willing to make that next change just BC essays each time it becomes easier if you don't have bee you know huge ratings drop off. The what does that the American alliance of football is willing to they've already eliminated the Q coupled together. When they come up on plates and after the Super Bowl spring of next year when they launch this league has a lot of big names attached to it there aren't a kick offs paid games. Troy Polamalu is part of a you've got Steve Spurrier is a play and you've. No he's he's part of the executive. I committee that is closely together we don't have any of the players at the you've got Steve Spurrier that the coach you've got Mike Riley is going to be a coach. You've got some prominent. People that are a part of that is okay. But what I'm saying is is they're using that you know the use and it's a testing ground sure. And they're gonna go out in the or try to rules and people still want to bid to limit to kick off completely due to do an onside kick the ball you don't 35 with four intent. OK now you tell me this that this rule and this process would get more experience. Right what's that eliminate cops. There's a cup and now hold on Larry cup now hold on a second Cheney's. Are actually hold on I got a better idea where the jock strap on the outside I got any better and you have to Wear cup now. But just a cup but here here's here's the catch. That before the game instead of the National Anthem which used to you've gotta line the players out and you take tube sock filled with pennies. Oh did you cannot go at each individual player you'd take a swing. At its test you say look I got to Tennessee quit that make sure that it's okay. Do you think everybody's gonna work out pretty thick there's going to be one do you you'll sacrifice. A penny punch in the in the couch. And if you're wondering what happens when you lower your head and running into people repeatedly on the college football level say Oregon State. He give you will Americans as an example like. This is your brand new ideas like the rule that is that like you have to Wear cut but if you can withstand. The to suck penny punch in your couch then you can still play. Like you don't have to Wear the cup if you could drive the net punch then good on you sir go ahead. Did I guessed after getting hit the nets. Where aid to suck for pennies to play an NFL game and let's let's let's do maybe a televised let's do the news thing and then in the break pull up the pulled the yacht your Molina. Footage. Of his capture oh yeah. It's like yeah well multi. Hope you brought up Jimmy about your turn down his neck contract extension. In Minnesota. Welcome the Portland. Kind of the direction people took it all it's not as cold but it rains more. Does it rain that much more. I guess the Minnesota through the greats guys. And again that is a pretty flippant. Statement. Which could just rain a lot Minnesota and and. We don't know anything about Minnesota there's no way to find out. Prince was from there. Prince Fielder not very deep into Troy. So Jimmy Butler. Has turned on the contract extension there's two reasons why were done. He ate there ruin Minnesota and came in to get out or. The salary capsules up next journeyman a lot more money these dirty Macon some pretty sure he loves money. Yeah every loves money who doesn't love money. Okay you do about it. Well and I need to get so. This got everybody going absolutely deserters thinking that oral needs to go after Jimmy Butler so I'll ask you the question. If you had a chance. To save to Ted trade CJ McCollum. For Jimmy Butler. How could who did obviously there be other pieces and bald and to make it work as far as them from you know draft picks salary what what every else had to give up. Just those two principal piece is how quickly would you make them I wouldn't. Why not. OK explain yourself I guess maybe it really did ask that I did Jimmy dollar for one years Eric church. Just like Paul George went to Oakland city for one you reside yep up wouldn't you know when I am now. Erie fest. With a share it's gonna get pretty intense here I did it's ideal. Since a little bit in my anti gay Mueller comes into I didn't let our leg Damien Willard is gone that duties not stick around. When is he on 20/20 I think he's gone 22 when he and what I think is probably gonna happen because he's such African nice guy it seems like. Is that he's gonna stick it out until point when he because he doesn't want a PR nightmare here he wants to keep fans which I don't blame him and why is Libya why would you announce that I can't wait to leave in two years at a party for you more years okay job. He is gone he's gonna get the hell up out here probably goes to Golden State or Los Angeles or wherever he thinks he's going to be able to win a title. Now why don't why would I want him just waste money. On Jimmy Butler for one year is not your money new KRTH and why would I even want to bring Jimmy Butler to the team if I had to get rid CJ McCollum who might be the only straggler piece I have left once Damian Miller. Leaves because of Dave Miller leaves you wanna be as bad as possible or as young as possible and CJ is going to be two years older by the time dame leaves in your scenario anyway. Although on a second. You want the process. No I suggest you do not want the process we wanna be as bad as possible so we can stockpile draft picks and give Ted Simmons 2.0. That's what you're saying you just set it on air. All of them go get the body again. What are you don't get me audio he's just saying that you want to have the process of process was forty years of the words battled anybody seated beginning bad you had for years. Don't be bad for forty degrees. He chances. I just don't see the point of even getting Jimmy Powell because I don't think we're gonna be title contenders I mean totally okay it's okay it's different than what either. United title contenders within unite become content without him what he'd. I removed I think at this point you just waited to help us and so yard cirrus I don't think you're in LA IG retiree. I. I can't wait that out and you wait Kevin Durant possibly going to another did you may be near the worst sports and ever. Now don't take chances. Because weighted down do not think instead because you can't do I think. Look at the west at this point YOK so if the the point is to waited out why do you think it CJ McCollum. If we forty about a double broad retired abroad it played fifteen years this kid would become the league's gonna show up. Understand the chorus on hit you when everyone this summer spec ability to the team. OK I mean he or at least show that you're trying a little one that show you were trying if you went out and I do. Listen I don't think Jimmy Butler is isn't realistically a possibility but at the same time. I didn't think Paul George was and apparently the blazers put in the best offer that anybody's ever seen except for Kevin Pritchard was eight. According to NBC sports northwest and Jason quick. From last year what do CJ Photoshop the blazers cheers Ian Jimmy bothered that they ended up trading CJ Ford Jimmy Butler that would be fantastic. Who owns the rights to the peak for its FiOS. So you'd say just give up on this year give up on next year give up from the year after that you know well it's up at many youth. And I don't lose Dave Miller thank you among those two years three years four years five years until he intimated replaced Dave Miller. Look the reason of having this idea is to keep you and I have discussed this seriously and we did it I think last year where there was this Washington Post article that came out that we both kind of agree to it which was wind LeBron James playing on the east. This this writer basically said I talked to a couple of GM so I'm not gonna name our anonymous sources who say. And thinking about just taken a backseat and doing very slow development and just wait this thing out because. Rudy NBA right now. This is considered the gold major of the NBA man I mean one. All hell yeah did you know we future hall of famers are all playing at once worked on the tail end of it but that's the last five years. There's been so many for in future future hall of famers that are all playing at one of the playing Golden State. And on one team but think about yes people like. You have people like calendar when that he had LeBron James Duncan is old players that I need to hear I get it when all is called PS yes okay wonderful. But here's the thing about the way he did Al possibility. There's waiting it out which means he's put your head news in the head in the sand like an ostrich and just sit there and which was and who walked by or you do the lakers it. You pay were. We're going to be contenders necessarily agree young pieces we play our guys early. And we'll leave herself cap flexibility or not paying big contracts out and we can go out and add somebody like LeBron James front and 54 million dollars. They did it the right way the lakers were bad but they were never embarrassing bad. But the process was where their hope was just to throw darts at the the top of the draft LB get people. There is no way this girl is still well enjoy little Okafor will both of draft picks in during the process. Where they now. I mean you look at Cleveland had three back to back to back number one over optics. In that he Wiggins is a disappointment in Minnesota worries traded to before it played the cavs uniform and that he bedded somewhere in Europe and Yemen on fools. And carrier in the Boston. Anthony Bennett is though Bonn now for real the yeah he's Yamon fools he has. I go look up Anthony Bennett your rotator faith and courage and awesome added. Every bit earlier that he Bennett is your favorite player Ina every day is case in the ass out of euros. But again that the process of of taking a backseat you have to make a move waste of Damien Laura and her roster yes Neil O'Shea made a disaster of this team's cap space and availability two years the only sign everybody to big deal contracts. You're overpaying Evan Turner over to Brett Myers and we know all of that. If you can make a move this year now you've expiring contracts going into next offseason and you could actually move some of those pieces of you make move right now. If Damien load try to convince a guy like Jimmy Butler to stick around with whoever they add the listen we just terrorist siege in McComb we brought you win because we wanted to be. My sidekick or would we want you to be the featured player in this team you and me it's mean you Jimmy. Is what Dane says that he was all right and now you're going in next offseason you're able to clear budget cap space you can bring in another Max player free agency how well Steve do. Because nobody else is gonna go to that team. Two I'm just can't there's no free agents that wanna come to our market but again if you have two all stars in and to all NBA talents and Jimmy Butler and Damian Miller that's held a lot more appealing than CG in dame. It is an but in this I don't think it is because I generally believe the NBA now has been pretty much ruined. Man I mean you know the outcome. Do you is usually expect the worse are the warriors are gonna in the meantime the rockets had him to seven games yeah Chris Paul got hurt if crystal play nine game. You at least give the rockets' sponsorship deal hi can guarantee it. Is if Carmelo Anthony does the rockets a caring he Golden State whereas you know and that's fair that's fair is Carmelo Anthony still somehow. Is just. Fooling people into the fact that he's quote unquote good wanted to ask you won the championship it's Newton's had a love that you want him to go back to that when they like overs resonate. Like pays a gold medal winner and go OK that's fair Lego aorta how is that fair. The name of blue on that goes on that he's a few gold medal OK I'll give you that. But of Syracuse national title you'd like a poor video players now don't even played well you knew him more credit for end. Big dream team championship a US. Gold medal in basketball is expected. A Syracuse national championship does not necessarily expect abuse bad and mean hey it's more valuable in the gold medals. All in down. Now that is debatable and I'd like to leave that up to the better you today tax line 55 preserve five what's more valuable than gold medal or hurt or national champions a national championship not separate back in the ninety's what Twitter pull up and when we come back and look at the results it's going up but I applied. Is an idiot I hate this show sitting in saint. And anything. His read through it and the today text line or otherwise you're sure you're at odds with the if the justices here. When they're talking about the changes to football and moving helmets and for some reason you got excited about adding counts. Somebody suggested view you do the Nat check that you were saying that you give the people the option that you cup wore a helmet. Who you pick. That one. Or the other. Also you're gonna take down and every time also had ever played America and also your complaint. That earlier comment that if you remove the helmets and who's a big piece of the branding. In the NFL. And a suggestion came across you can just paint the cups. Like the helmets which is an incredible idea brilliant fairly brilliant also the Twitter ploy you had me have happened dad there surely put up. However Dow initially put up half as it what's more valuable to Carmelo Anthony. 60% of people say national title over Goldman. Now there's only fifteen votes in bell interest indices had the sense that because I think that's BS out attacks land goes with the two and so I know mellow acted like he cared more about the Olympic wins than NBA playoff wins I think he's still scares. A bit more about the accused wind sports fans probably dude to tell what does he care grow more and national title the medals or money. A money yes easily money money should add add third option grant him money invent. Well I knew what would mean more Qiyue if I mean obviously you're not. You are not about why that's. May mean Intel is for a while and its top number station Wii and have it. We'll look at you know about starting never going to be about school star and I'm sorry that it had to break the news to you on the air you can continue with the show I drove. The if you can win. A gold medal in basketball or win a national championship for your school which would which would you. Gold medal because I think experience would be a lot more fun. I think we were wondering you leave I think could be more rewarding this -- remember you playing for the US you're expected to win. Yeah but I feel like. At a certain point OK so if someone any national title in basketball right I'm probably 1819. Point right there if I what do you gold medal I Philip L be a little bit older and might have a deeper appreciation for what I'm winning. You know I mean like you know so many other there's so many other factors that are playing into it the patriotism that led defector going to another country and playing. It actually don't know that could be the US camps in 20/20 eight whatever mood yet. I'm affair yeah I'm gonna take the gold medal having a better story to it. I. I think if you won a gold medal in May be a different sport where the US wasn't supposed to win the then yes but what college basketball. Especially he did it with the you know as a school that was you know outside of you know the the blue bloods and Syracuse is you know. They're on the cusp but I don't think that they are anywhere on the line where you look at duke and North Carolina with Syracuse is a great basketball school but if you did it with. He may have if Gordon Hayward could have made that half court shot in Butler won the national championship people talk about that for. I think there's way more excitement about that around the NCAA tournament and he'd win that you can't go down in sports or a little bit more than you do in the Olympic. I couldn't I couldn't tell you the roster for the last Olympic basketball team. Let you know. And a half there be some cool about when the national championship and then you always connected to school kind of forever and the USA it's like you're gold medal or gold medal bunch people. I guess a kind of feel like national championships in basketball for college really aren't that big of a deal. No I had I actually did final four overshadows it so much that when she gets to the national title game Metallica then. And I think we also live in a state in were associated with two colleges where basketball hasn't been like the primary focus yet humor and the excitement when the organ organ Gonzaga both in the final four cats. No you're also asking the wrong yeah. If more excited for drugs that it beat them. Have been plaguing. Our alliance area and north Caroline. So any place. I don't know I I would just go that direction every single time are let's wait to fix your your big tennis guys will do the Wimbledon final last but. Need to get your best guess on who's gonna win the World Cup goal with. It's all of Croatia they've assembled their best soccer team that did the reason I'm rooting for Croatia. I don't know if you remember the story from early on but there is a guy the player on the team that was told by the coach to sub in. As I now go and add these like all right go home. He suspended due to home. Thank the guys sitting at home watching the team do you suppose employer employee for the World Cup file. On a goal. With France. And and what's the what's the reasoning behind water. I'm told by articles that I have friend in by opinions of people who. Dress themselves up to be soccer experts that Fritz is young yeah. And they have a lot of energy picture tour of some sort of thing and I wanna make sure that I'm associating myself with that kind of. Team well I have to listen to somebody tell me that the best goal keeper in this whole thing is dude from Croatia. Oh dude yeah the dude the dude that plays in the goal for Croatia I'm too old. By somebody that I probably half listened to and maybe I missed remembering this. But I believe they went penalty kicks in the first two games of the knockout stage and and they won that game in extra time against England. So Croatia has been playing on the razors edge they're not afraid of the moment they're not supposed to be there so they're playlist and play and free all the pressure on France didn't really good guy and Croatia's number one stuff. They haven't. And every may do final does that surprise me. Third Croatia they really should treat and say that's the thirty years ago at new world government run under the years Chris has been a kindred for what thirty years that that probably isn't too far out of reach. Yes so and so what time is the World Cup on. I had I was postage yesterday was that I cam and he picked France because the red white and blue. And it's and it takes figure since this crisis flag them. He didn't answer crucial times there were a couple in the morning. It's morning time you know other planet Russia so the plan prime time out there and and that. We'll get that Soviet Russia I would get time for you loves soccer plays you. You tell everybody who's gonna win the the Wimbledon thing. This is actually. You interstate inaction. So okay Anderson. Is considered probably more than us three servers in men's tennis. Very very very good series six say here's a really long reach as very good first serve and a second serve has hideouts Novak Djokovic on the other side of that. Is considered one of the best for two earners. In Tennessee actually trained with Agassi recently who Agassi was thought of in the ninety's as one of the better returners to yourself. Also best hair what are the chances Djokovic cruised the Amu left. So. If you are actually take some money on this one I would say you can go to Djokovic pretty solidly because Kevin Anderson's ground game wax but. It real lot better match then. Then you could anticipate I was actually thinking that it would have Dan. Kind of a blowout gift and all would've played Kevin Anderson physique and cover the court better but married have a little bit more of an even match here that's what I would say. All right so here's what you need to know about the World Cup it will be on tomorrow that is July 15 it'll be 8 AM Pacific time. The location is saloon schemed Kiki stadium in Moscow Russia and will be on fox in English telemundo for your Spanish listeners. Now there annoyed with my youth with an announcement it's in. You prefer we don't know why Spanish sisters would be listening to soccer don't listen to us right now calling them. But it maybe that maybe they are going to like this on the rewards that we don't I don't discriminate. So it's also stream on who bowed TV. Over all. No. Good hole if you go to an EF UB OTV. Threat free. I hope to all who mode CD. Or us by unknown others who've been but it appears. For us by other. Accidental information you need about the world. Our credibility on doctors lack. Like really lacking I mean I don't even really did needed trot this deal let's give you all the information and read or write off of there. The interwebs I mean we don't even really have a good opinion like that Croatian goaltender is apparently very good. Allegedly from a source that they just I have forgotten at this cool and called him dude. It's men's soccer assuming that dude. You'd hope. What are you premier what do you think we got a she's demand situation they're listed Abby got a man buys it appears kick balls. After Sunday when's the next and we need to talk soccer. It. Well boy. But for still there in four years was placed and you don't that's not map and senator ignite and happen I'm again next week will be here with somebody I imagine I will be back in a couple of weeks. Everybody have a great couple weeks until then. I write. The drug.