Sinner and Saint 6-9-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, June 9th
Comparing the 1990's Bulls and 2010's Warriors and was Clyde Drexler wrong?

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. I. Anderson. Astronauts and chrome and literally in arrows team and also went to a school bands and girl watch Titanic 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We'll bargains hot air balloon agenda and frightened by technology and there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland it. On Saturday it's. But about sports. Center on those same old man that should rhetoric and they were before so Amir sports scene here. More reliable renewable small. And maybe. It's. Howard sued because that part of our one you can do to view an eighty that band dot com. That's our vehicle that don't website. Web page. Brit. Go they're finally on demand button and you can and download the podcast front who are our friends let Schwab tires. A low blow back from my a larger from my story right by 100%. I agree with any blow back that is from or not happen step. Went Dexter says it by by trees or I'd get out is genetic aggravated by Richard yeah. If I'm wrong but the three pounds isn't that pre cooked whole lobster with shell Q such. That's exit. If you're terror overs I'm reading York let's just three pounds of lobster. Again I can only interpret that three parallel lobster that guy's belly. Wants your. You don't think a big it's been proven by the story. Gets back. I was here. Or it. Gets. And 88. Herbal they're Texans stretches this sorry that's tragic this disease will discourage him from eating more pounds. Buttered lobsters and dying of her attack in three years experience anyway but. It didn't but the texture that yes the other way back I had to put butter and she's magic about this rate who eats lobster without butter. I mean Leonard six flashback but the companies that subjects will go news. Anyways. We were talking about the Mariners just a little bit in the good vs evil segment as they give either schedule coming up in case anybody cares. So the Mariners right now are the third best record in baseball their behind the Red Sox and the Yankees in the moderately. Red Sox are 43. And when he won the Yankees of 41 and eat teens right now half game lead. For the Yankees but the the most wins in baseball is the Red Sox and look at the mayor's schedule. They finish up here with Tampa Bay on Sunday that point four game series in the middle right now. Then they have did three game series with the angels were with the Red Sox three with the Yankees three with the Red Sox and the finish out June with the Orioles. And it royals so it's all all is trying to say is if you're interested at all and see if the owners are real. Just keep an eye on what happens this month you know up watched every single game will. They just keep an eye on what goes on they can continue to win series after series like Ben. The big. I think they've won 1514. Or fifteen series sixteen of their last audience but just in other cities series victories I think there's something like four teens. Three and four. In my back into diet eating answers obviously look. All start paying attention. When I damn well feel like once the Portland rays gain here. Because they can PDA is it still be the rays hey soul. Interest that Knoll. Do you think we'll give up their team first. Of him hypothetically you say Tampa Bay Tampa Bay views. Not exactly baseball players as they hoped. Cut relentless sort of that two or three teams in Florida. Which is two in my it's like human achievement for Florida. Yeah I was just in. In the weather down it's so hot and it'll submarines is going to sit and sweating have been a Florida and Florida Q&A showering in another shower yeah. Summers or not. Not bearable. They are not better. In fact he could even go as far as say their unbearable. You know where it's not unbearable summer recess on organ. Her rate placed its. I. So Brian glands. But a delightful story of the last couple weeks supposed bird loved it. Burner account. And then he resigns. From the team. Did resign he in this sixers can sell mutual agreement that our image separate part ways and in his press coverage because these accounts belong to my wife. Which makes it even more awesome. Two questions for you how much of this was the PR move and trying to save any chance of getting LeBron on the sixers side and what does this do for Branko and to. Ask you all and. Org your first statement and say that I don't think currently. Factors and go for on thing because really created just fired the guy in chopped up two of guy he was a Lee's not we made about a higher sari paid lunch come in the Sherman bowl called David perfect together and get a month get a motor. If they hired David Griffin and you're saying then that's clearly a well all I'm saying is that I think. I don't think anything this really had affected any decision LeBron would make it appealing because. Timid and all the whole suggestion of David Griffin being hired yet is a suggestion that well on David grip got along really well to bring him in that the moved abroad but what I'm trying to say is I think this is an isolated incident Michelangelo. And I don't think it really speaks poorly of Philadelphia itself I think it's just one guy who is evident nut bag and his wife quote unquote was he. During the sale which is complete BS I mean dad to have the strong body did you ever even if she was the one that was typing the buttons sheet or give information about player injuries now and his thoughts on them. Out of thin air now what does it need a great investigative reporters precincts detox and asleep is that it apron away. Good people look this all fly by people are almost as. Body back shirt. Sure. And it's. Yeah after into all right so if if you think this has nothing to do with LeBron I think little crazy but. What does that do for his career. Who call and would you touch is now whenever. He's done you'll never get tired again ever okay so. In many Indian BA with that being that I I can't say that because Isaiah Thomas still gets hired. And Isiah Thomas is like he raining example. If you're saying good older do you could do some pretty crazy stuff it's still get hired the guys did Thomas is really like your case study for pat. The fair point yeah it's I mean if our rials got hired again. I feet Q&A that would even prevent further but I mean our browser on places area hired as a janitor at a high school. On not even that as many as accessed. Should. Oh. Is this and events and Twitter and it's the power of social media and how. It's great and I you're. The DA has benefited so much off of Twitter the Washington Post or article with last week talking about how. In terms of social media presence the NBA just destroys all other professional sports leagues because it's this open or on the players' personalities and coach is. Who all talked to each other and you have all these little mini dramas that happened in between to keep people engaged. You know. You have this series. This final series that even before the first game was played everybody just kind of road office this is gonna suck right here and to pump in a little bit more entertainment. You have a president of basketball operations. Who is operating to I guess we found out now enemies higher courts his wife has upper big. Fake accounts Ber counts to make him look better in despair urged players or on his payroll. How much more entertaining kid that beat that's also. I did this week is so intriguing and then after LeBron James loses it gets swept by the worst. In July oh indeed is unto her. Coaxing him to come to the searchers say hey what are news slip trust the process. Comodo career I looked at me and it's entertaining it's great. He had to me edged. First I don't really I can't figure out Twitter all the only thing I. Let's and I understand how worth an elbow words and a button nobody Jake I can't get motivated did to get on Twitter and stay there with any regularity. And then there's stories like that's where may have to loses his job because he's an idiot on Twitter I feel like I had any interest in it. That's me in X number of days. Briscoe when I put the stupid that I think it's funny or odd guy out hustled Gila this'll get a rise out of people and the next thing you know thinking hey we need yankees. But yeah. In Hamburg and no ID. The energy Dubai only Al let alone. Burner accounts sweep burner can't sweep accounts speaking uber accounts yet did you see the list of odds. If all this what does that are so. There is an online sports book it's called bookmakers dot EU in the officially set odds for the next NBA player to be hot with a burner count. Odds on favorite you're taking yes can I say yes for the who's got Vegas that won the best out our best aren't yet. I'm gonna say who's gonna get caught with that yes the the next player to be hot. I would say Kevin Durant he's hurting kotsay is he not yet that does not but not on okay. And in Stecker. Step birdies odds come in at a 101 so now he is he's well down okay. I don't know you. Your betting favorite. Tornado line JR Smith with 41 Rajon Rondo had 61. Cassie Ron. Euronet Portland trailblazers Damian Miller an eighty mile an odds shares that would remind dreaming quite led. Okay. And and your god your odds of negative 9000 per bird somebody not getting guys look at that video of this not happening in those odds are. Not that not great betting odds for that it's like 55305. Which Lazard do you want to have burner counts if I gonna go blazers what god. I would go I would go with two guys ahead of Damien Miller and that would be CJ. And it would be Meyers Meyers Leonard was first wasn't at its its CJ CJ based on his behavior. And that Meyers Leonard based on his performance he'd it's a good thing I don't. It's yes yeah did you how hard does burner counts would be to operate you have to really work hard to try to make him look good. It would have to but everybody is edited to be very polite yes I mean. It's nice and I don't it's it is negative. OK I kidded that he missed the point blank layup but you know I respect your opinion. I'd like to respectfully. Disagree. From not Meyers Leonard and you know what I don't think is only talents are good hair and having a dead down. That followed that Ayers. Debt debt fears. Oops if the weld well done are right. College Baseball. Is in the middle of that are. Tournaments that claim and a champion they've also had the Major League Baseball draft both. Stories involve your Oregon State Beavers. And not all the stories are easy. The kind of. And I'll find peace navigate navigate that word yet a third get into the the treacherous waters of the Oregon State Beavers baseball team that accidents and it. Okay. I don't gamble on your. This is no sooner in the states on Jay Nady drove prayer and. I was will before game four. Before we get in Sioux. Who was not drafted into the Major League Baseball draft did you see who was drafted. No. They'll pay attention to the you know program. Prohibition this MLB draft it's thirty round. Thirty on thirty year round. One of the guys who was drafted with Tommy Wilson. What are Newt Tommy Olson it's the son of a big tell wills it. Mean anything to you. Now now played. Played gift cannon in back to the future. That's okay agencies. Or LeBron at the Kennedy LeBron and all gamble and you. If what cal state pulled together draft but the Mets say OK the Malcolm Moran that does it not one thing to me. Back to the future for him. It. Two people are too young for -- the future well I think that's the teachers kind of a tricky thing because. You know it it doesn't hold up well. In what had to say I. I don't know say it just doesn't hold up well because for me when I watch it it's just really. It looks super eighties. Like hey I just I feel very eighties when I watch says there was there was a comment. Some article about film making and is really saying how any Jimmie watch a movie it tells more about the time that it was made that time is made out. And I can see element of that where you look at it you go right well this is clearly 1980s. Hollywood. Sensationalizing. Everything and of course you're not immediately I computers I'd be you can do that now it's like now. How people put their values into the film they're making no matter what period it's about you can win the movie was made. It's necessarily a bad thing. Sir yeah. Top gun is very much an eighty's movie B go back and you look I would eighties nostalgia and asking if you think you're too young treaties mr. I might be I think for me I go back okay huge decade for me with movies nineties. It's the seventies and I was even alive but all the movies at the seventies to me are. Like masterpieces all the best ones that did you have that god father taxi driver deer on her jaws. You have all these greedy for gay movies that were so are more realistic. Well thought that what. Sir seven he's still our guy get the first one. Get to this seventies was like some of the best cinema because you had these movies that emerges from raw it was it was raw emotion and raw feeling from a decade of people who were just like. God this Sox are. Suggesting that there was not raw emotion in back future. There's that word doc are telling me. They use that magnitude are now. Now I'd bet their futures are okay that's. Consider retaining its. Irish descent was drafted operate. So I yesterday. Or state. Kind of how most. Minnesota. Lineups awesome or in states Keds what six guys drafted in the top ten yet again. But there's kind of a cloudy you know America's yesterday the starting pitchers look I'm like. And either put a Minnesota team actually caught a little bit of the game and it's kind of added on the Bagram distance things on the house. I a statistic that was a little bit surprising to me but Minnesota was a team. Would mostly left handed bats in this may mean nothing to you know care about baseball but mostly I think six of the guys in the line of left handed hitters against left handed pitching. With sixteen and skewed this year. Which is remarkable many heavily timely who's you know a left handed pitcher. And he was just dominating. And and two to use that as kind of perspective to show how good. He years and he's expected to be atop Trent and draft pick last year. Before all of the information about his past came out. Pleading guilty to sexual soul. Let's station and one of the actual charge was and forgive me for childless issue. Forgive me if I don't want pursued correctly noted that. Before all of that came out he's expect to be top ten draft and now two years road not drafted in the Major League Baseball draft. As got to wonder what this says about. Baseball and and just where we've come in kind of blew a hole. You know off field verses on field performance aspect of I think more than anything it showed you where the line was in professional sports. I could see a little bit but I also think it shows where baseball is compared to some of the other sports and not just on this. Subject but that baseball is. Is the only professional sport in the US that really he has this. Minor league infrastructure where. You'll you don't necessarily. You can vary players you can't bury players and and there are so many different past that having a baseball. Is a global sport I mean you know I mean I I was I think I told you this week it was like oh look I wish just go to Japan and and you know Steve Begin in a Sheikh is is passed. All the better going somewhere else there's a professional baseball you must really have the World Baseball Classic. Basketball is getting to that point where there is certainly more options you're seeing players ago. And take a different path that's not necessarily hide prompting from something in their path. But. It benefits the sports in in being able to separate talent from. You know of these these past indiscretions. And and convictions. Beep because you don't have to take a risk on these guys and I think the NFL looking at them they're not insulated from that eight they draft guys to play next year to be part of their team in yield. And and having the ability to separate from because an advantage of baseball past. What I took way more than anything from this whole story was I think in professional sports with PR. Hurricanes. In at least against where you know a news story about he can and now and then your careers down. I think he fell on the line. Which is sexual assault. And I think. You can see across the board. That fits pretty well a lot of them are Pryor was Saddam who ignored sexual assault and he tried to go to Canada and an Internet and they stay shut him down to some actors they have some daylight time a coup. You know again this is a in herbal thing happened again he was fifteen years old when it happened but still that's you're cognizant enough to know what you're doing I think at that age. And he was completely just kind of shut off from the draft for two years straight but. There you go on the against teetering side of the spectrum right Greg Hardy who just. Beat the living living death that a woman. You know was split for the Dallas Cowboys next season. Yeah you had what's the space the running back Adrian Peterson another deck from Cincinnati. Who is on since day from Oklahoma O Joseph makes yet Joseph mix and he had him on tape. Knocking a woman now cold. He was drafted. And yet yet Adrian Peterson. BI NG receiving a child child abuse still got a second chance I think what it really comes down to is. If you'd jump into that next area of sexual assault whether it be with a child or just with an adult I think that's where your cut off from the weeks. Yeah and I don't know I. Listen in this whole thing I think it's I think it's a good. Optics. For further Major League Baseball in the fact that teams came out and said that he's not honor draft board and and big guy has as much talent as anybody. How does it make you feel about Oregon State put arms and keeping them on the team in and continuing on I mean. And organ state grant they wanna win. How I mean. They wanna when that's. When it is that's what awards shows you that doesn't Major League Baseball they wanna win two and do you have a guy does that did that happen that's not a sure thing this is a sure thing right now for organs is now drafting a guy you never know what can happen. He might not live up to the expectations that the level of play at that next level. And there are there are avenues where he can go instill a professional baseball on this doesn't mean that he DE doesn't have a chance that some point make a Major League Baseball roster. And an Oregon State and this is a sure thing this is somebody who. You know is at deep. Highest level in his sport right now James Winston was the same thing I remember him he's getting slapped with sexual harassment. Charges he had and that thing where he went for a in the end you and scream something. I mean again it's your willingness to win. And I made it makes you feel bad for my alma mater because they think it is kind of you know it's kind of I don't know disrespectful to alumni into the sport itself that you allows somebody who's made this kind of decision in their life that you deem them. To be appropriate have to be a case of your program cassettes and I'm a kiss of death whether they like it or not he is Canada face people search look at Morgan State baseball now as. Kind of a crappy Brandon a lot of people are also saying that packed Casey is you know dodging questions. Yes and you know trying to keep it focused on baseball and that it's pretty hard to deal via. I don't know I have mixed feelings about it. I certainly due to its it's a difficult thing. To reconcile with at least this week Major League Baseball sent a clear message in a security that he certainly. Put a point where this is where we draw the line. Baseball made out of and steroids thing nearly as well. As NFL seems to be able which Aston every density is suspended just dismiss it almost immediately. But the NFL has had a huge typical huge difficulty in figuring out where their moral line astronomy in baseball and a better job. With that bowl will see what happens if look I'm resurface somewhere down the line both via Major League Baseball response. Let's gets things that are a little bit later. If you remember all of the bulls championships. Compare these two of the warriors of today did everybody loved the bulls when they were winning I did. And you aren't stupid kid. They everybody. Don't think I did it. Let us know 55305 we'll get to that next it was in the sentencing on the. Warriors win. The rain in forty years of greed he repeats have happened they're not. Of the dynasty they'll. Yeah I guess I I don't have any problems and their dynasty in there there let's go to the warriors are agreed to have a hard time rooting for him with Kevin Durant move over there. And you know it's it's a pair of Kevin Durant smell. Hey agencies. Or other product. JD yeah. I don't gamble on your league and you ammonia. Three to six when they're really correct Jirga that fire left. So after. Game three. KD Kevin Durant was going back to his hotel room in Cleveland and a bunch of Cleveland fans. Waited outsiders are tolerances tackle him. And they said there you're things like Katie said all of law does not turn does not make any move he's fine is I got that winning this in its rim but he did turnaround. Win this was said to him by a couple fans waiting right outside the front door. Okay. You don't gamble and you. Now TZ posted this and they say that those spare instead KD UT's. But. Which they interpreted as the University of Texas the asset so bad there at the bottom of the big twelve. So we're supposed to believe that that. Cause Kevin Durant to turn around and want to charge some fans well really if you listen to it just a lot more time. HD movies I or LeBron yeah maybe. I don't gamble on you. Aides step they say KDU cheese but. It doesn't matter the whole thing is stupid and fantastic and wonderful. Isn't it our freedom of those parents they're great every other gonna get swept that they got its outside is a hotel and just at club. And so. And it did a fine job listen. They they cadence was a little unique little thing but it's a wonderful Hackl and ended delights me and you agree on you you you put Lama on into the night. What a lot of thought into his after the warriors one. I started to look back at the other teams that have been great and I. At that growing up and living in Portland I was never a fan of the lakers dynasty with Kobe Bryant Shaquille O'Neal. When they had their three peat I like that with distinct. And you know you talk about which we timely coming Kobe Bryant seemed to get away from his sexual assault charges. Some what unscathed and came back from a couple more championships is mean to be donated a net. So the lakers dynasty I think most people agree we're fairly unlike their may have been some fans others like them but then the one. Point of comparison for everything that is greatness in the NBA is the Chicago Bulls 99. And head back to back her I'd say they had to separate the repeats they won back to back to back and then two year hiatus for Jordan when he went but baseball. And they won three more. I do not remember. Rooting for the bulls in most of those scenarios. I I I for sure road for the blazers remember. Mean my Brothers actually drawing like go blazers sides even though we were going to the games that's how much we were you know in favorably is obviously. Being from. My dad group the Seattle SuperSonics fans I know Edward for Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp to beat. And I had the all the Charles Barkley verses Godzilla tee shirt and were that around when he played for the Phoenix Suns. And and it remembered rooting for the suns against them I can't support the Utah Jazz and never have been able to but it by the time. They organist it in high school and a lot of my friends. In high school we have high Mormon population a lot of root for the jazz. I don't remember the bulls being beloved like they are now when we look back at good. That's ever doubt he can't say anything against him. I don't remember rooting for the Chicago Bulls like people look back and say that they were so great. Jordan had an appeal that was outside of that I would compare a little bit to step Korea he's caddie gets this. Roll ride so I'm breaks. Let's step Currie. For kids right now. There are a million kids that stepped Korea as their favorite player. Have not been basketball fans necessarily. My niece is eight her favorite players stepped her. So being in that same age grain when Jordan started to come up. I don't know there's there's a certain appeal that doesn't necessarily have to do just what basketball about stepped Currie. And Jordan was that way when he was coming up but again even the fact you just told me to pump my breaks and make those comparisons. 45 years apart you look at. You know I. Jordan seems untouchable I'm just saying is at the time I don't think he was as beloved as of briefings is now during it was absolutely beloved. Why because he globalized basketball. He was promoted. Yes but he also quit basketball with a fair amount of a controversy around Matt yes and that was the biggest story. For. Two years when he didn't play we didn't play came back here nap later Michael Jordan saved basketball. And yeah it. Because in the 1980s you had even cases where there were games until way. That's ridiculous given it played just it was just because of Jordan I think this is what we've done where you go when you look back on and go Jordan was in foul. And the further we get away from the Jordan air there's people like you that how old were you when you've won his last championship in 1998. 88 and seven and Ethiopia was Diana's ten. Okay. So. I I would I would then 1617. I I don't. I I guess I'm just asking. For any older listeners to ever remember Jordan you love like he is now were we look at it can go into it. Reagan Hanes commercial Hitler moustache you re took its Jordan. By the way he brought that. Now Michael Jordan. I you can't compare. The like ability or anything like that his staff courier Michael EUK. Be completely fast forward 25 years well. Curry did not globalized the brand stepped curry is liked by children and the reason he's liked by children is because he's about as tall as there. Zachary is changing the way people play basketball stepped curry is changing the way the kids look at how they can pursue their dreams. That's what he's doing the reason people while Michael Jordan was because he was plastered on everything in terms of media. Products in commercials. And he needs so that. Basketball was known. As big brand in places like China where they would have never thought even. All of something like that stepped Currie to meet is one of those away and players there are when it comes to contact Hugh I had. I think the reason the kids really likes their curry. Is at a nothingness in a joking term I'm saying it because they go probably can do that even if I am that short epic I could probably do that. I think they relate to him in that says yeah I should get older and you see how he plays and you notice how. That's public pretty easy you do what you do now because you have seven for Michael Jordan on your team and you guys can just take rest between games. You really is that you really not that operate. The entire campaign. Is like Mike. What are bee wannabe a wannabe Mike I don't think kids thought they would grow up and PU like Michael they get those all it. My niece is eight years old she does not think she can be stepped curry. You can appreciate you our big kids are dumber than they are now Edwards has done. But the blizzard dumped back then too and kids like you wanted to grow up you thought to be Michael Jordan stuck your tongue out at all say that I played orders verdict Egbert. I wanna Charles Barkley to beat him what the Sonics beat yet that's racist. Why. A I'm just. There's just that element to it on the text line in others. I don't remember that's the one. I. Back when we all hated the bulls I remember still can't still can't stand Phil Jackson. But we nude Jordan was great but he did that team that's that's all I'm saying I. I think sometimes we count and up up in it and we have a lot of millennial voices that are out there talking about this dynasty and making his compares is not just few but a lot of the writers there's more and yet and there's more conversation around sports. That is accessible to everybody yours you referenced a Twitter Twitter is this rate thing in the NBA converts agent. I think sometimes we forget to stop and put context and Jordan was not. Universally beloved he was respected and he want an end and albeit very odd by the time they'd you know had their second three peat. I think every cent bag man these guys offs. But that was an awesome team the bulls were incredible and one of the things I've always lamented the fact that they never got to play the rockets. The one back to back championships I wonder how differently those would've turned out compared to what they did everybody yells. He will anatomy and Anchorage this year you that's an act he was seventeen back in 991988. Yes and it was double that he did. Say basketball but it. Again beloved by seventeen year old is different than beloved by thirty you when you're thirty I'm 36 right now and and watch these guys go. Does good is the key big guys remember when I was a kid if you were seventeen when he won his last championship that means you were and nighter and when he won his first one I'm just saying it's I think they were a little bit off and going oh he was the greatest Everett is because the guys watch Jordan and wet. Yeah he's no bird. He's no magic the lakers and the Celtics as a rival what is it never had those voices don't get hurt is often. It's it's the thought it's it's a question I'm asking but I I I think that the way we look at it as universally beloved. I think when we look at this warriors team in 2530 years and they were all in different. We know right now nauert just read that now. You your kids know they want because all all teach them how what it all how this. That's I I would agree with you bit I think they would be blood intended when he years if Kevin Durant didn't join the team. I really do believe that I think Kevin Durant really will have his crew looked back on as I did inconsequential. I think people get to the finals MVPs the boards boards and you only get at that. Creditable Michael add Michael Jordan. Also didn't play for raid said mediocre team and then saw another bulls team that broke a regular season record golf. God this is tough others join them down I get that it didn't have to wait because he was on the great -- what will always be going the distance you'd double always mar. Kevin Duran's career. It always welcome jewel always go back and you'll go yet to put you joined the greatest team of all time you're not that great in the finals. You've got five minutes of rest during games. They played like ten guys for the ads as they played six for them for and I. Listen I get it listeners footage of you sitting on the bench resting and more a year at the end of grabs a. I can't. Like I can't save your really decorate because LeBron James is playing every single minute baby taking thirty seconds rest at a time. That's the difference that's where. LeBron James is going to be thought of as so incredibly great because he drug. Eight terrible team in the NBA finals it will be fascinating to be able to fast forward and see the way we look back at both of these teams. We will take a look into the future we'll do that next with crystal ball juice in the cinema sank on tanning. Manic Clyde Drexler Jason championship game. I met Clive. Do we look back got to go any kid begat Clyde. He he joined an NBA champion. They'd just won and is there for the second one but you think it Clyde was as in high esteem as Kevin Durant. Is at this point now. Probably not but I mean that's that's an all star perennial all star who'd been in champion with his two championship with his team just be years before you can get it done Portland. So jump ship and went to Houston can finish out as a blazer. I think the difference here is that Clyde Drexler is the machinists wasn't on display well but again I think. I think one of the symptoms of this is is if you took today's social media and dropped back in 1990. What would we think of all of these guys in the moves that they made. Verses you know having Ayman perspective to look back not only on the career of Kevin ramp with a career of LeBron James and stepped Currie when it's all finished do you think. Michael Jordan would have been pretty active in Twitter. And hung who'd been interest that the motive for charity all accounts like free easy yeah opponent of that then give make you burner I had acute. That's the Jordan did exactly that Pippen would at a burn account pressured no question yes yeah event and then Rodman would have been at least cannon on the air I've. And again with bill the so that the social media air that we live in now it's the scrutiny is so high and every move that is made by everybody and act. Looking back on things. You don't have the real time. Opinions of people to go off so we'd usual missed algae and you look back on it and if you're my age or younger I think you just kind of automatically assumed that the bulls were as loved. Then as they are now I just don't think that's next but. Who knows it's it's it's silly arguments one of those unanswerable questions here's one question for that is not unanswerable at. LeBron. Realistically. Hi I mean a parted. It's typical because. Right now we don't have anything to lead off because usually you'll find out guides you'll make it guess now yeah here stole at your you're using used. Really gets you twelve stall tactic in the let's go. That is levity well it is because he's there. Seeing moves by other teams and and you get a better idea nobody is making a movie yet right. Don't know a kid because if he starts in the rockets unload players then you kind of go I can see what's happening here if you see the cavs start kind of unload some players and then he signs. His player option by its way nights ago. Okay act Tennessee was gonna ask their roster in the league LeBron couldn't take to the finals to be just took this bag Orlando. No way to take Verlander and M yeah who's your second best player Gordon and before the end import now an area. And program. Who else future is used alone. It should be maybe edit that matter assistant perhaps so where would you go dueled where where is LeBron did they make a gap news to Memphis Memphis. That's ridiculous it is at this point like you can't make it yes. You don't know OK okay. The questions he said now the ocean and that's not how about this question do you think LeBron knows where he's now I actually don't I that's I figure it. I think he's pretty. I hate I ticket Palin thing pretty seriously I think that he's kind of thinking about and I birdie cemented my legacy. Maybe I should just spend more time. But the other thing is I think that he has a legacy question wrapped in this as well where you look at it you go if I stay what does that say about my legacy verses going to join it team Houston. Or going to picking up another team and taking. Us through Q championship. So I think legacy I think and we I think all of them cleansing I think he has no idea right now as best chance he has security during teams. All right next week is all baseball. No other sports being employed but hopefully some happens this week otherwise next week is going to be pretty built for you. We'll be back at British have a great week now I buy you'll see excellence. All we. OK I need these or LeBron yeah maybe. You don't gamble on your.