Sinner and Saint 6-9-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, June 9th
NBA Finals re-cap and how much sea food you can eat before losing feeling in your legs.

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. It's bad means Saturday. It is a beautiful day in the rose city beautiful and we're very happy that you joyous sounds fine sport team program. Pilgrim. My height man will darken with you as always. Suppose all this with a book reports are true. A fine job their young man I appreciate your enthusiasm. Some sort of explosion there on animal Lewis. Well it's over it's over the NBA is over the NHL is over we're officially in baseball season sure what you guys import data team. The mayor urged cruise and. And pulled out a little bit there are well now. That you know today you know they had two games here resiliency astronaut old that you checked in on this score admit it's my only my. App accidentally before I went to bed. Still read it. Edit east. Happens all the time all com bill on the iPhone I swear to you like hell all go into an out dated certainly and then I'll get sucked in to something. Airing now there and you know he can't explain more like for instance I was. As check in the is checking on the Washington Post that accuse both through their comics in the morning. Give myself a little bit laughed chickens Ziggy in the theme we see if you go to India was here like perils forcefully. I'm not into the comic and probably. And let's all of those stories that they were talking about how that alleyway right you get interrupted by a story in the Washington Post we can't tell us trying to get the comic session they had that story little sub story about what they're talked about primetime about that guy's house. In Canada that had a toilet in the living room with a shower don't know the okay is this guy put at his house for sale. In Canada and there's just a toilet. Just like in the living room yet the guy it's it looks like a very regular living remote hardwood floors but there's just to toilet there with a shower. Got a fireplace chip and it's for open. I guess that's wait at the heart reported observation hours for all of its purpose but like I don't think he'd just pee in it because the Hardwoods allowed its of the spelled as an attached to a carpet. Anyway so moving on from this you've got caught up in that story yeah. But that's not the same as having a genuine interest in them in the baseball. Bill because I didn't. Uh oh I talk to talk to the day after the Mariners I don't about a year ago slicked marriage line that I told you the score 72 under the ego. Blog about it they pitched this they have this ago don't know anything about that I noticed though Owens and you can skipped over it but you view retained the score that is this is huge becoming a baseball and very slow about that. On value we have three months and but so. Get meaty camps starting but I don't know what's gonna that can take care of every Bergen talked about Munich what the hell we're gonna talk this is what is it. When you register into a baseball show no kids eat that I'm just saying it's nice that you have and Lee whom I think it's very close together here for. Radio listening audience you have this much interest in baseball super which will help prepare well. Repellents. The football season in August Doris speculate on show they are Tony's injury who who who man is it Tommy John. When that even better case. I mean lose you don't want the rotator dealers a year that you care about peacefully at the rotator cuff as the worst injured for a pitcher for the Rottweiler but he. That's true and you wondered if if the right decision is them do both horror of these these more about labels that are. It's all very very interesting this conversational go on for the next three months. Abroad. Three months Noll who don't worry about that we can also mix in speculation about where LeBron gonna go well cot we India are ready he can resign with the cavs before June 29 why rumor online about him go in Orlando. What now. At that he doesn't go to the or yours. The results so I had to say this there's a Twitter timeline of somebody who did put together theory. And we also want to hear your theories about where you wanna go 55 preserved by the tax line. But others also Twitter there's also a Twitter you can tweeters that sinner saint and eighty but I also works or that and sent them screw that one. But. I saw the timeline that there's somebody who put together a theory that highly Irving left. The cavaliers. Under LeBron James idea. Always is was instructed to yeah so we gonna beat him in Boston yes so that they they look to head into the future like three years in the gulf we don't have enough talent to do this act. I go over to Boston and force a trade and then once shared deals done next year. You come on over here will make some moves. But I myself the pitcher's duel brother. Yeah Steve. This. There's no way imagine how much more interest in the series would have been had carrier Irving ban that now what event because we know that he would that meet and have the surgery either way but going into us. Last year too. What I mean he is. Here's play in last year when. I don't think the warriors are firing on all cylinders like they were last year there's about that. This it will get into before we get into all of the NBA finals online everything that's gonna move bon. We owe our audience are fine fine audience of people that tune in just. This program is is all there sporting news. And we we try to fulfill our promise every week catch mop and everything they missed in the week in sports in a segment we call. In connection. Down down down. Did you miss that this week's box news or use the photo of the Philadelphia Eagles kneeling. To pray to defend Donald Trump's decision. To dis invite them to the White House proving once again the only thing the right hates more than disrespecting the flag is praying to god for. Yeah yeah. Applause very evangelical audience was. Sorry about that. Other big story this week is that the controversy over who isn't who is not invited the White House. Before the champion was even announced. The decided that they were not going to invite the NBA champions. And here's the here's the propaganda that I hope comes out of this. It is. Donald Trump. He decided not to invite the NBA champions. But when a Russian wins the Conn smythe trophy he has no problem invited the Stanley Cup champions of. Now is that we give ago. I know. Now there's enough interest and now he doesn't like the African Americans but he as the Russians did you hear your show and you appeal Mohammad Ali's. Prison sentence. Or. Kinda toss it out. You don't it is gonna pardon mom and Ali and then Mohammed Ali's family's lawyer. Made a statement that said yeah that's great bat the Supreme Court learning pardoned him in 1970 weapons you can't pardon stumping it's thirty been part of. Yeah eighties is fairly clues the best part is I I want him I want it to look like Kia is opening the Washington. Welcoming the Washington Capitals with open arms yes but I here's is actual statement. This is Donald Trump. Quotes from Twitter he goes. Yeah we'd love to have the Washington Capitals. Compare and and he says. If they don't want to be here though I don't want them. So he's officially inviting them and dis inviting them in the same quote. A bigger president is my junior high of a possible not that. I mean we really want to be but I mean that would be. It I did you visit this week the Washington Capitals won their first daily cup defeating the Las Vegas golden knights in five games but don't worry. Gold knights fans they will be back just essar Finn and. You know I had aged and do you think the largest organ throwing stuff out but still goes I know but. You do nor I can find it and hopefully at. PG 738. We don't need for that you configured but he gets I'm Dan Marino my ball did not flub at all. There was little flow and wants and and send them. Did grounds like gangster. Marino. I was aware that Marino sounded so much like Italian mob boss I need to listen to that or more time I'm Dan Marino from the Miami dole did not flub at all. It was a little slow and wants to. Send them. Big guy that kind god father do you mean it's great effect that he was unbearable to review the cute in my office CBS news that charming. You looking in those isotoner gloves HO legend Dan Marino as very intimidating that you don't like you work with him in the capacity that like I'll chat with you. You know in the three minutes we have between commercial breaks but if I'm gonna find you in the hauled me and I am. Now there's another hallway I can walk down Dan Marino strikes again that always has better things to do in two deaths. Of course always. This week in case you missed it Julian Edelman could be facing a four game suspension for PD's are. Also falling right on the heels of that story another shocking report someone spotted a bear whooping in the woods. And he's surprise whatsoever when NFL player gets popped. No end of affect you and out on in Seagram and it's like I'm sorry oh it was on his lap and it was a mistake at Lucas. I get paid millions of dollars to have advisors who tell me what's good to put my body and not at this time it's the classic I'm sorry Agca. Yeah it's I'm so sorry. Did you just don't let fans like him on sooners fan to do this for years. I guess this is we repeat dollar proposed to his girlfriend Allison stoke posted a photo on mr. Gramm that said. Today is national best friend's day so who wanted to lock mine down I want. And then I threw. If you missed it and in case you're wondering she did say yes. And I can still you can. Also this week Frankel Angelo and the 76ers decided to or ways. Decided to part ways yes the only people are shocked by that were five seemingly anonymous Twitter account for. All. Previous. Dad I'm speaking about her accounts online sports book book maker dot EU. Has officially set odds for NBA players getting up wood burner accounts in the future all off. The Portland trailblazers own Damian Miller made the list with eighty to one odds. Dave if you listen. And an idea that meant a lot of and figuring him. Would hit that was that the partially. No and get that one went up. In a record there's two parts first. Damian Miller listen to show for all that the second part is that Damian Miller needs eighty to one odds to make a lot of money. And that he would want. I. A. Larry Geller currents are up for her that. They would not everything works. I only audio. I just edit it doesn't would you I'll. It's hard you gotta bring your a game I read about focus group liberty really like it it's about hitting lake. It's about that I have since swap case it's about you got to really make it obvious no identity did air conditioners running up in my head he did dumb things down quite hard to put a dead in that well and finally. In case you missed it last night the Golden State Warriors completed the sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers. To win their second straight title in the third in four years. Equally surprising last night someone spotted a bear. Who began the Wallace. Pass. That won't let them. I was there we start with the the with the cavs warriors NBA finals. What went wrong for the cast that's necks and insane and it. I Wii tennis or another snow in the news didn't notice. NHL. NBA. Over no end in no NFL and so. August. All mariners here. Okay yeah. Where owners are all the way I'll I don't forget speculation if we're gonna get a baseball team which. Won't happen really Egan realistically for another team three or use it. The best we can hope for is I'm guessing somewhere around a year and a half. To find out whether or not we may give one may get on May get that's kinda where. Itself that it seemed for a lot of interviews that the aides coming here is Canada. Erica that's up. That the pipe dream. Yeah I mean and I think that one's probably the longest shot and then expansions gonna take even longer. The rays coming year might be moral likely but it's. It's hard to say it's all speculation very much like to do next segment LeBron James. But it that's where you live in sportsman that's. It's half the fun having arguments that there is no correct answer who does the all time. I'd call the us open ended questions. They open big questions of the open and debates because it's an ongoing it will never the united headline this morning. The only player that should ever be compared to Michael Jordan is Kobe Bryant. They got people upset if you compare the wrong people. I was actually kind of upset because after the finals I read this line yet says. After the finals. Big basically drop right Q comparing Kevin Durant to some of the best players of all time itself. ESPN put out this info graphic that had KD on it with Michael Jordan behind. And it had something that said only players to have four scoring titles and multiple finals MVPs so immediately after the finals. Kevin Durant wins his second straight. Finals MVP they go all right let's start comparing him to Michael Jordan. Never in hell ever nap. Never. But again heaters where we end up in sports here's where we end because it was such a terrible game that this is where we had to go. About a terrible game a terrible series I mean let's be honest after game one game though of the rest of the series is very lackluster apparently. We're finding out LeBron James punched. A white board after game one he was so mad and moss and may have broken and definitely has some sort of and injury self reported and by the way. But he's been hiding from the media and anytime he's been in public. He's taken up the rat he's been wearing it in private since game one even practice. It just stayed one million he did practice he's been for what I ready didn't Wear that guard in. All of I had read like he would do you know kind of pregame stuff analytic and individual practices yet he's just like now. India. And I. I can see it both ways because you a lot of flack on Twitter from other people and you know I I wanna hear from some are listeners to five factories here by about this because I think. You can tick is both ways right the bronze making excuses. For why he launcher that's one very cynical way to look at the other kind of side of the sword is that he kept this under wraps because. He didn't want it to be next he wanted to be an excuse heated or anti something lingering throughout the series. He also said he didn't want to give the warriors are competitive advantage which they also very true thinking that that if they knew this is you know a tactic that goes back sports forever where you don't want you know hockey does this. Better than anybody over the upper body injury lower body injury and that's that's they'd commissioner they've they've. Talk to the league. To make sure that that's all they have reports he don't know where specific antibodies and is earth. The they can take advantage of NFL you hear stories about especially in the trenches where he knows he's got a battle arm angle at. So so I mean that's a bronze kind of gamesmanship but you also saw LeBron James come out with a 51 point game one and he never looked quite. That. Aggressive but it also that. Composed. Right word play there's something a little off to that he put everything into that first game sure everything he put all of himself into it which. Right after the first ever remember having a conversation with you and I ago I think this is going to be a sweep and he said. Let's take let's I think look at game three is obviously game two week intelligence as soon they'll have a let down and lose let's think a game period. I felt like after that that just took the wind out anybody's finish. And you know it was it was one of those things though where. I mean if you watch if you go back and re watch games 23 and more. Knowing that team had an injured hand I wonder how much you would notice. 'cause it seemed like of those because he'd shoot nearly as well from distance. And he didn't shoot as much any didn't shoot as much that's the thing it's it's not even so much does the worst shooting percentage but it's not shooting as mutt she just. He didn't have the same confidence in the if you're right handers can. Items incompetence in Asia. That's at that is him involving other people be decided to me I thought he got two game three he does look this obviously isn't working need scoring sixty does everything team's points maybe I should get other people involved in just goal outlet try. Is it safe but at the same time that's not the reason they lost game one is because he wasn't enough it's. That they were in a critical situation the guys made mistakes. I think of anything if you're gonna correct one thing at the end of the game you wouldn't make it past Georgia jail. Yup for a fourth half seconds four point seven whatever you when he for the past Georgia gets fouled on the entry. And gets those free throws I think he takes that shot instead edges. And I don't think you trust your guys is much in the final moments but a criticism of the bronze and higher career. Is if you have that moment at final seconds of game. You need to take it on yourself but he's always made the right pass he's always made bright planet Georgia makes those free throws a league anybody questions. This employee effort the game and somebody else's hands to kind of build confidence I get a is one of the greatest players of all time but I doubt why he'd pass to George Hill and I get why he's still show escape teammates involved. Otherwise get a turn to Kobe Bryant which that's what Kobe Bryant was for the better half of the 2000 it's not early on really the middle of the two thousands which was block everybody's socks. I'm obviously. 800 levels better than everybody else I'm just gonna take care this is scoring 81833. Points and game. It's not entirely wrong. Let me stretch there when I shack where well yeah. It under the point where he finally went OK I need help platoon of how to solve lets you know but he also had that mentality when he was playing with a hall of Famer Shaq and ran an attempt yet so I I and I understand. Let's also look at the other side of this in the warriors because there's a really good piece put up by ESP in this morning that talked about how the warriors really. Boy looked at their season after twenty sixteenths after the loss in the finals against who were on the second time. In the first time that they lost the second time it gets. And they look at their team and they just said okay. We have the problem that every team happens at every team except for them at this point now has this problem which is. There are about to. If you're lucky guys on the court who are really really good at scoring points when you need to there on command the you can call any ability Jim called. Yeah that would you agree quite gray so great that. Idea let's move on my next point I was that was flat as owners had to write the Bennett and 2016 you saw that they were challenged by a Brian James carrier being and Kevin blah. Where. Petered off he still had carrier ring to cleanup the mess and they can Kevin Love played as kind of a buffer between. Kevin locally greatness how great great he really built his dress up but I think what the warriors have done now is to say hey look work that Kevin Durant so if the most likely thing happens which is. Clay and staff go nine for 27. Horry got a just not Katie cleanup mess seemed behind and now noted Haiti and the sweet game that's at play as great Oscar 37 staff. And that's that's all. Well and the here's a problem with ED joining that. Is there's no team in the NBA that wouldn't have taken Kevin ran on as in free agency. There's nobody that said we don't want him he knows he. I mean he's the top two or three players in the NBA just I'm pleased that go. I understand that but what I am saying is no matter who we went with its very much like LeBron James free agency this year where ever he wins the team would be astronomically better and would be in contention. If not for a title at least the Western Conference title. It's that's how good he was no matter who he pairs up with automatically. Has a better chance to win mean. The Oklahoma City Thunder were not that great of a team and you could see happen when he left they didn't get any better being led by. Russell west again Russell Westbrook had one of the all time seasons Ruble is triple double what it succeed last year. Mean that just it's anybody would have taken given the fact that Kevin Durant went to a team. That 173. Games yes should I just annoying it's annoying and now we're living in that were. What happened he's got a job that sucks and now you see why that Sox and that is its. It does have a conversation with dusty about this early in the week we were kind of passing in the halls and I said. Oh well I was kind of crap on the warriors desires tired of watching the games continue the result. And Eagles will what difference is it then what happened with Boston. In the two thousands when they got Kevin Durant and everybody together and are sorry Kevin Garnett and in Kevin's street dollar skins of Kevin's. Miami and and even the bulls when Debra Rodman and in the ninety's and again have a Rodman once and he was in the transcendent player he was just kind of a glue guy and threw in their butt. Mild difference was with Miami when LeBron was that team it was making something out of thin air that wasn't there yet. At a championship though in Miami and did away with pretty well established as a superstar yeah but the elusive in the first round and all those guys individually except for LeBron. Wade and bosh for losing in the first round series and they knew they all had to give same thing with Boston. Pierce was taking them a little bit into the playoffs chair but they work. It was a huge stark difference from the purse here next what the point you're making I totally reworked which is. You already had the greatest regular season of all time. And then you just cheated and added seven foot. Michael shore a debit but again the warriors would be idiotic to say thanks but no thanks I'd put it more and haven't yet. No matter where he wins he would be able to improve the team. And likely get them to a championship level he chose to go to the war I a little uncomfortable or other like when he wizards of horse should've liked him more if he went to any other team. Because he. What was the reason to go there is we know were going to win instead of going hey this is it even. Even LeBron James teaming up and Dwyane Wade who's going to play with a bloody obvious. He is I really like this guy never went to college and go party in Miami for a few years Chris Bosh let's go let's team up and make this a championship team. The Miami Heat did not have blood. NBA record for work for most wins in the season and played in back to back championships. And fourteen didn't lose 231. With a 310 yeah. In the Western Conference finals that's good Kevin Durant is you know Iowa commander in care of the wizards. Because it would have set up some parity in the NBA you as he would have reunited with Scott paper. The. Where will we're diagram great coach where would you go if you're LeBron and I about three or five hall. We'll do that next first. Did some. But five Dario lives and tech's linemen we ask you will break soon. Where. When. Oh yes if you're LeBron James where would you go who would you play with. What uniform. Would you Wear. Who how no let me make it religiously quit because that's a big Meredith. It. I'm sure he's been okay a way out waited until on the facts that like you live in reality would view would be more surprised if there was a infidelity scandal or AP ED accusation for LeBron. Neither. Neither would surprise which would surprise you know I don't. I guess he. I mean decry the guy's marriage just sit there and put. In your LeBron James you're traveling counts. Let's. If LeBron to come to Portland he would be able to play the TD rule with our already existing good team with fantastic plan B. Earlier. Let's be honest. Let's beyond he's going to the lakers of the 76ers Q would that. I don't know at this point at Kandahar. Also apparently the brunt can get is on FaceBook showed because the Lithuania to play. And actually Acadia idiot at the Ethel bar Lavar Ballmer yeah that is that I think it's. From Tex Tex lines or you could sit church CJ for quite a letter to bring Paula George and LeBron says Sam yeah this is. Yeah the page you asked them no I. Like it. I think LeBron will opt into his second year of his contract and kids and got the roster. And bring in one or two more stars. And you won Glasgow Golden State. Cleveland. I don't think you can do that it there's. There's much of any of its joint in the super team narrative that's also a village thing that you could do in terms of getting need another superstar there's really. In reality Chris Paul because Chris Paul's the only one that old George. Paul George is too hot at this point market wise that you couldn't pay him lower than tax you'd you'd have to. You'd have to pay Paula Georgia Chris Paul's the only one right at this point who I could see looking at the situation going okay I'll take less than masks. All all gold. All go blow I think you also have to. However LeBron James restructure his contract to say are all take less money. Because you can't just have Chris Paul LeBron James on the same team and keep that same roster you have it's trash that please garbage yet data third heats. Tiki Barber you keep Kevin Love. You can keep Kevin Love I mean you just have to add more to it they they're easy more. I beat Kevin Love is a good piece but then after that there's such a dramatic drop off of talent that Richard expressed player after Kevin Love Ruddy good. Honey and it may be. I don't know Kyle Korver. Corporate disappeared I. If Dan Gilbert went weekly pay whatever techniques and luxury tax the just and and pay all the penalties to keep. I think it's about the this warriors team being a billion dollar team and the Tulsa and time. The superstar I believe in Kevin Durant decides on please Morales they could end up spending a billion dollars. In luxury tax and and contracts and all of this did this were a group of guys they can't get corporates like. And I just pay out the no lose to keep. Or whatever what's your angle. Let's mean like you know like if LeBron leaves this team does exactly that it the last time they go to bottom of the those conference in the bottom of the league in there there back in the lottery there's not another LeBron James and I'm. To do everything you can keep. I think gain Gilbert's goal is to keep LeBron James until he retires. I think they've accomplished their first goal which was bring a title to Cleveland and so if LeBron James leads in against the lakers. You know the sixers. If he goes to Boston. I think if the budget cat scans ago that's fine that's OK you got us our title he came back Roque would dampen it for Dan Gilbert it's more of an accomplishment. If you can keep the guy there whose entire career and then he retires. And really gang Gilbert's legacy is look that is not as bad. He knows the relationship LeBron James has of being Gilbert is awful if you're not good. You know gang Gilbert kind of covered his ass this last time around by making a few. Kind of sneaking news that trade deadline to set him up for the draft yeah. And so basically coverings but says LeBron James does leave then at least he can kind of save himself. What the eighth overall yeah. That got a roster that they can easily dump everybody and and still it still to pay it that's all that's the way the cost money that they've. It's going to be very difficult to build a team. But I mean if you look at the way that the warriors have been able they've enabled advent transfer for next nothing. Cavs tried to do without. It really be able to I don't know how realistic is that he stays in Cleveland and other in the fact that he's from there it makes it really difficult a couple other suggestions on the texts like LA clippers rich owner LA market lots of upside opportunity. War. That's the key location would be new worlds. Give the ball over at certain that he doesn't shoot he's not a scorer on the guy the guy Alastair it's. The guy has more assists than than points often I mean twentieth just games in the NBA playoffs that's pretty big but. Who brought liked them the ball in his hands even though. You've got another point we could do that my thing is that with both of those suggestions and and the whole idea of the lakers and the rockets and auto suggestion on Tex about. The Portland trailblazers which surprises me. Yeah I ignore what you wanna stay in the east if LeBron James I mean he wants what's the advantage other than. Against geography and and the whole idea of he wants to be annihilate him to be Hollywood he complained LA right now. And I just my outlook about it is if you found the rate seen with the right kind of players. That really matters which cursor on because eventually you're gonna have to be the warriors anyway what was your other stupid theory about staying in the east. I don't know. Losers. Remind me the green theory. The we know and and hiring him and carried it all right there you have adults littered the area that carry and LeBron. For. Got together at the trade debt are after last year and he said I'm gonna demanded trade go to Boston you wait out a year we'll feel it out. It's so I'll get them come on over. That's the waters I think the most ridiculous theory I've heard so far and I hated because it's being pushed by major media outlets like ESPN's Sports Illustrated is. He could go to Golden State. There we couldn't. No in Hebrew I mean. There's eight. There's a likelihood that he could like there's a likelihood that in the next five years the world will flood. Entirely. I I think he's more likely to go and play in of marbles new league gases to go and if I I would say there's higher chances there so if this were to happen. Here's how it would happen first you have to expect to Kevin Durant would take lower pay which is to reap out of you know. It's a it's not too unrealistic because he's already done that but you also have to expect that. LeBron James would opt in and they'd have to do a trade for Klay Thompson dream on green because he can afford everybody. The worse have worked really well because Kevin Durant has said I will take a pay cash and they've paid people. The bigger amount of money who they knew were glue guys that they had to keep like Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala via. I mean. It's not gonna work it if he does showing orders and somehow that does happen. I will no longer watch the it will yes I will no longer watch games I will watch blazer games either because they won't care Kazaa altering notable result. Yeah that that would. Would be the worst case scenario for all of this the other one that I'm I'm kind of curious about just because I think it would be cool if you got basketball. Good basketball in New York the other one people as the knicks and I just can't out now the only intrigue there's spurs. Well that baton you don't think it's under the trees but they still low. What's his name's Chu communal 23 million dollars not to play basketball. It's paying their workers and there's the plane Bobby do you. Oh well old. I. 00 well there's a lot of that's excellent we'll get back into the as we get into the second hour we need to get to good vs evil that is next you listen to consider in this. An eighty. We've been too busy to keep up on sports this week what has happened. No time to form their own opinions I stand for your today in the midst of not only time. Well no worries brought. Because senator and those same trick and are well you do sandbagged him right away. It's time for a good vs evil. Time Melbourne and restaurants you know it's. Around itself where. In the news that it has for virtual view also with a school of thought of all the people. That got you there and so I suspect you are wants to do this is probably you know I don't know what the world and all your. Ellison in that looks the part of the US bank. Branch manager Ron Amadon he's talked about former teenage drill hole it's legendary wideout was selected for write it into the pro football hall theme this year but. As declined an invitation to meet and reductions there. Instead TO says we'll celebrate the moment on his own concerns. In another place on another day Owens has been a hot button candidate for the past three years because of his public image during his career. You support oh his decision to be spiteful. And selection board. Nobody I don't support. Weren't necessarily mean it's I guess it's what you're going for I just have because celebration when you sit ups and I've helped guide he has. That's really windy celebrated. I don't know it's the guys. Definitely marched them. The beat of his own drum. I wondered if you like to be too emotional would give them they're in good speed to be our time just press count. Guys. My quarterback. I don't know I mean I guess I gets its bidding against this is the best. Probably the best decision for you doesn't know what do there instead of making a spectacle we still gets all the attention without having to go back. If you are at it would be great if he did it sit ups in the driveway PF I think it's like whatever whatever he does is going to be bizarre this. At least the evacuated to compete you know without having. I mean creed I think. I was just actually just found out about Reynolds wolf in the support him I really digest notebook on this typical. I'm not surprised. I miss them to go global. Am I mean I know no matter who wins this year's animals. Don't want to play indoors. Elvis freak of nature in full grown men LeBron James he's commenting on president Trump's decision Q this invite. The build up the Eagles from visiting the White House because most of the black players refused to go. Instead of honoring the Super Bowl winners propelled the widest concert on earth full of white people. Singing fight songs not a white country. Now the president says that neither NBA title winning team at this point home state warriors. Will be invited to celebrate their win at the White House. This church in dire refusal to sit badly. On the beach as a pool. On bill. On them being as they polls are not just the cavaliers and warriors but. Does it now look like the NBA doesn't support the troops the troops. But generally this has. And and and do it the NBA. Supporting the troops and it's it's put them all and that burning. Yes you're gonna bite you knew you can't predict we have a ways it's the entire NFL this could be equated the entire India known. This is very much a back and forth between the NBA which has I think. The easiest path for their players to be vocal about whatever it is it. That's the face of the NBA is to play more than any other released. And they can get out in front of it and you know and we talked about this with the free agency thing the players choose where they go now the players they behead or more power they wanna get up speak the political views. And not just reporters he and Steve are not a predicament they would he feels about president. What skaters the president about people having. An opinion that that goes against its. It's very childish to me the whole idea of this inviting people when something's going to be you know fun opportunity for the players kind of he hits it's far less about troops in the flag and any of that. The ceremony at the beginning game in world last night was and and veterans singing you had veterans holding the flag it. They they do a fine job job honoring the country and I don't think it's disrespectful for the military. Lag not wanting to go to the White House where it's spin this back and work. On which there with the united different. Side note is it difficult for Yates takes keepers social political opinions seriously when he allowed stream untrained eye gouge people on the floor. This he seemed a bit now sell now that and I don't satisfying now. Now Fremont beat him on. And that's and in. Here he's receiving Nicole's and Charlie Morton's America rescues in the cougars in some cases multiple times of Michael homers and error if you could deploy it smells we've we've seen all these guys and it's yet that we somehow we've toed up and we've done our thing. There's general manager and men most likely to be named Schuyler in another life Jerry Dakota now. Tricky district baseline uttered this next sentence. The owners are good at a building one game lead over the Astros in the mail us and you know despite no Robinson canal. And also Nelson Cruz T Gordon Mike DeVito Ben Campbell Brian Healey in big events and all spending time on the DL end. Pastors are under a bridge still being a hundred runs better than there's. Hundreds. It under in two runs better students aren't are the spur real. They're amazing they've they have forty wins right now they're forty and 231. G of those wins are by one run. They've had two season sweeps in the last month. Steer our series start seriously yet they have they have these swept the rays is that the twins. That are on the way to keep it. Raise again they're elected they gonna plan this month we'll tell you have the Mariners are for real. They've already play the Astros and split the series down and used in they've got the Red Sox yankees. On the docket June is going to be. Us put up or shut up. For the Mariners but they're good. Are they better than the Astros are they better than the Yankees in the Red Sox are the only two teams in the nailed with a better record than they are. We'll find out but it they come out of June with the same fire they came Adam anyway. Yeah we'll be right and and isn't it gracefully hours. Debit but at this point it's all you can do we beat the teams are playing against it's we get the twins and the rays doesn't necessarily go all watch out for these guys but. You're supposed to be the team to better than he's editor in their job exactly and now you the chances to play against the big boys who. I'd temperament favorite story this week and it comes from where else but Florida. Eight jury. Awarded a couple six point seven million dollars after they get sick from eating seafood. At a Tampa restaurant. The verdict came in May years after the husband's illness led to a rare disorder that causes paralysis and herb dean image makes. I don't Martinez's wife had eaten ten times earlier at that lobster haven. Their usual order was it to three pound lobsters and a dozen bullet point oyster X. A few hours after the meal the couple experienced vomiting and diarrhea according to court records. Doctors transferred. Mixture. Gonzales to Tampa general hospital where he spent seven days. In intensive care unit according to court records. He's also paralyzed from the waist down for several months and had to learn to walk again. Out I'm Martinez's food borne illness developed in Q and pardon the butchering of this condition goalie and Barr syndrome I think. Young ray there it is rare disorder that causes the immune system to attack one's own body. Yeah unfortunately I'm familiar with the numbering my hand at that it's. Terrified throw that title now you're gonna make it's that. Sort of the tingling sensation the 2000 and it just works its way everybody. In paralysis in my attic goal almost full body so it's it's it's a scary thing. But the weird thing about something like this is they don't necessarily know what the sources there. Those few years ago. Fifteen years ago maybe yes and the 7 my am but there's a lot of cases in one little area so I don't know that it's food borne by the. Freaky stuff. How much seat where it did just hoop on that I had to give it depressing. If that the president the guy ate too much seafood. Was paralyzed that's we'll be a fun story of in the article they say his usual three pound lobster. And a dozen bullet point oh test. You think that's a much booze and a lot of eat food and suppose that policy but all one time so here's my question as you think that's what he gets free so much seafood. Our dogs and she. What a court case I think you have made this insanely bizarre year parade is not something to for a yeah this is the same thing as. As. As six brother. Getting. Doubt. Is that in 2010 yeah he got out can. How the hell do you get out. It'll count is done if he'd just way too much meat no vegetables really that's that's the dietary three Claus yeah. And on the blues' hopes Jesus tell that should be eradicated along with scurry because you get out. Oh mad people get sick and this person. Beyond beret after eating a three pound lobster Ted orders to their usual by. Or paralysis makes me laugh if that's their usual I wanna see a big night. Al lobsters what I half its shell. Three pound lobster meat. To crack through that bad boy you're still standing. Victory lobster the most vicious. Though are letting go he planned I was hoping you'd you'd five up up up up up. And that one at home Rio. And that is don't get the and I take that body that's different joined seafood jury. That's correct area to enjoy it should do would urge people eat seafood in joy and gouging or nine gouging gorging yourself. With fish. Not show. Need unit now three pound lobster and oysters sorry twelve oysters. Not split dozen oysters well it's each each of their orders and at six pounds of lobster total up at that really matters is to people but let's hope. While well this as I did receive a segment ended in typical fashion brought to put it appeared tragedy. I brought her pretends that he'd donate the tightened bland response. Why restaurants. Point four did you worries inside or to dissect it and Woodstock. Back with Twitter burger account Kellogg's. More NBA finals and the College Baseball since thing continues. After these. Messages as an incident that.