Sinner and Saint 6-30-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, June 30th
Lebron speculation porn and Cider talk!

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Okay her dream. Yeah it's. Anderson. Astronauts. Chrome and literally and arrows team paso. Went to a school bands and girl what's Titanic 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We're old arguments hot air balloon agenda and frightened by technology there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland it. On Saturday it's. About sports person or those same old man that should never be another war before funny here sports here. Yeah more reliable renewable small. And maybe it's. Yeah. OK. We invaded our zoo. This is that part of our luggage you intimidated NI com and download the let's go tires podcast. And listen to it you leisure. Could sit by the pool himself a nice thing Maria. That back in jewelry name. Soak in the sun beams and get a good romantic novel with me whom the dad you know read something with Fabio on the cover in the in the gals can just gala. Yeah and then through on your walkman and. Some of the and same podcasts though works while then. I actually don't get the podcast what I do is get a tape recorder hook it up to my ham radio. Report it. And then I just play it back on the walkman man these consent to settle convenient. I well for ever got a simple cassette briefcase. So when does free agency start in the NBA that's that's Sunday at midnight don't want 12 old line this evening tomorrow morning whatever you want to college but. And stop people from speculating what's gonna happen in case you missed it. LeBron James has opted out these free agents lights. And crazy. Wow I I didn't see that coming. Yeah nobody did it doesn't really get resigned with Cleveland Cleveland's actually one of the teams that it makes sense from the side with in time for more money futures do they can pay more by opting out. Dirk opted out of his contract it looks like the blazers have not extended a qualifying offer to. Chavez Napier packed content that they can't be resigned or just unrestricted free to do with all means they can choose where they want ago. No restrictions. OK pretty simple right. Does not stop people from speculating why failed believe. About what LeBron is gonna do that started months ago anyway so it's not a big deal as soon as the NBA finals rover that's the biggest news story in the NBA. I tried to avoid this we talked this many times I always try to avoid the sputnik and help or cut up and it today and I came up with a scenario that if it doesn't happen and be extremely well boy I don't know about this. You sure about this. Listen it was they came out this week that LeBron is texting Katie Yahoo! reported net who's out Stephen A did. Boy that guy. And ready to other pulls on the NBA it's Stephen that yes. Stephen A reported that he's apparently detect each other in the idea is that tedium LeBron join Campanella. Yes obviously it's a very very is likely thing possible yes so here's what I had the here's the scenario that I want to see happen. Current that LeBron Katie go to joint press conference and there are bid for the lakers backdrop the bowl form purple and gold seats. Get ready to sign there. Contracts to play for the lakers rule and it will go down on the go to sign and Katie signs a LeBron looked like he's ready but he's having trouble with his aunt and who studies I just isn't we're gonna look happy meanwhile Katie is finished signing his contract. Old Ronald Samuels. You have blue bloods bully tears of the god dreading go Begley when he breaks up the warriors. And it goes back to Cleveland and goes on to win a championship that's the only scenario. Biggest meet any satisfaction. In this insane world Specter okay likelihood that happens. Zero point zero OK 2000. Perfect their warped that sounds right. I mean I think the only likely scenario is he does is 76ers right. Yemen in the front process yeah I wouldn't you wanna join the process. Things are going great over there a way to do it makes a decision now we can't because there's nothing going on right now. The World Cup is going on right now. In other threats to our building up so much of the excitement really it'll be such a downfall when he actually just goes to Los Angeles like like what we really care if he gets the reason. Or the way I'm really gonna care if he does go to Los Angeles is if quite Leonard and Paul George follow him there which at this point it seems like the spurs are really taking what the lakers are giving them like it's one of those kind of back and forth matches where. What I think you're really hinges on is that the lakers are saying hey we're gonna be branded Ingram yep and OK fine we'll give you Kyl who's right and a first round pick does that enough. They go up now this guy's the best two way player in the league we want more picks yet throwing someone else. And I think the lakers at this point are playing a balancing Najaf. OK if we can do that are we really getting get LeBron James to come over because more than anything else pulled Georgia's going to Los Angeles at this point. We think so but yeah says there's unfinished business in OKC you know he's he's getting the hell out there that the question is is LeBron going to be the first or the last domino to fall he'll be the second. Because it yet because I think if Paul George does sign I think LeBron will have enough confidence and doing that I mean duke now say they go it's a dead end I would I would do it and everything in my power to stay on the east in the eastern well. Well then go to the Celtics Kazaa was 76ers I mean I mean this sixers is a viable spot they can afford him. And it's a it's a good team is as you wonder how much of his skills that. Overshadows what Ben Simmons brings who Benson can't shoot the guy took 113 pointers last year and missed the ball. And I assume they were all day and shot clocks and his heritage. I will say this I've certainly changed my opinion about the idea of having them on the court together because they didn't Simmons can literally just be magic Johnson and -- I'm totally about creating offense yeah all he has to do is at that point is facilitate like could you imagine how scary that would be on a fast break to have Dan Simmons leading at the brawn James on one wing. And then having storage were at a guy's name is on the other artists aren't Shia there. I mean you're not stopping them at all this Simmons has to do was facilitated that point he doesn't have pressure shooting he can be involved in the offense and like pick and rolls. How much should we gripe about you know it's like how is Chris Paul and James are gonna work together on the same core of the wood what bald big. I am very I think that's the dumbest argument the NBA that everybody has said the basketball and could be effective. You tell middle brawn James isn't Smart enough basketball player to figure out how to run off a screen without a ball on his hand to get open for a shot or or or run a picture of Penn Simmons and LeBron James running a pick and rolled together I nonstop and then good luck yeah I mean that the idea that the other there's not enough basketball's is an argument we hear all the time. To me it just seems idiotic LeBron James makes any team in the NBA. Astronomically Decker yes there's no purpose here yet well and and and how much. Does he want to boy does he want to lead the league in minutes again next year I highly doubt it I mean he's said that the greatest achievement that he could have. Would be playing with the sun which I think would be one of the cool stories to city. Is if you attic Griffey Griffey junior moment with LeBron news kid where they can go out play together on the same court. And the difference is the way they'd have to interact together I mean. It would be that would be offs I think that that would be cool no matter lab and human being able to manipulate it where he'll go wherever his kids drafted it'll be very easy. If that's what he wants to do we'd better stop playing as many minutes he played last year and it was some a team where he can it's you know stop having to carry them. The entire way so we can play on the wing I mean that's. That's the dream right they play in the weenie you play in the posted their positioning couldn't play in today's NBA where you go small and the death lineup is is putting all the small guys for. For Golden State I mean. You put bends Simmons and LeBron out there play in the four and five and then put anybody else on the court followed. They're good they're going to be able rebound they're going to be able to defend you know you're you're Sanders because they're faster they're stronger and more athletic. But look at this from LeBron james' perspective right from the very beginning of this whole free agency after the NBA title game there's been a couple things that you have to look at. And consider what this Eckstein moved one being that he told ruler shell born. That he doesn't want any elaborate pitches right. And sell. This entire. Offseason you've been having Jolie and the joy well indeed blow up Twitter. Saying LeBron you gotta come over here you gotta trust the process and everything and until you have if that's considered elaborate. Well tweeting I was gonna go there this dude kept two weeks it's enough that it draws too much attention panic it's seems immature and what are the other thing was that you had cut Leon now. Forget Angelo yes cut and caught Leon now. You had that you'd forget and creating bird Twitter accounts I mean in terms of a program's stability I wouldn't want new. You get near that if I was eight you know 33 year old Brian James looking to win a title with a stable team. I mean the most stable veteran on that team right now as JJ Redick as Gary he's a free agent dudes and yes so. I don't know 88 bit. The thing that I expected you gonna have a broad trying to orchestrate things what does he do last via Chris Bosh. And Dwyane way mail sat down and said we can make this work you opt out you re silo with less money Chris you give. And he's going to try to or get a little thin Gilbert to when he said he got a trade wigand's get for egging Kevin Love over here and that'll be the reason he doesn't want pitches he wants to be the one pitching he's gonna walk into whatever front office he decides on these and go and he's got to pay. This is what we wanna do with your team. It's not gonna be the other way around that weight is when you pitching and he's gonna pitching. Here's a piece did you guys happen plays here's what were gonna do to make it worth it on your team. And we'll bronze again it wants to be in church. My chief ever laughable scenarios this point one from the tax line why does that to be lakers it could be the clippers. Don't wanna put for the club pretty hilarious the other one is that he might be going to Oklahoma City you know there was another room and any suggested he others and other they came out. And might have been yesterday here in this morning that his wife Savannah. Is you know Casey looking your private schools for their kid brawny. Chris Paul's been saying that he's going to school and LA already it's like guys I love that they're looking at the kid and rarely let Gary Payton. Okay you've got your prayers I also he's gonna Los Angeles and Gary Payton of their shop doesn't random source for breaking news you care to all I heard from Gary Payton not only at all there impedance unverified Twitter account that. Caddie here. Cool Angelo. She is. Arianna. Will probably get back in the summer for the first time we talked about that that I Addai use that is the last name Leon on the net is stuck now they are the offices. If we're going to continue to argue talked to walk talk about free agency I'm gonna need to drink luckily the tighter summit PX is in town at this week. Get a couple guys one from avid. A cheese and we have a mead destination problem with the bat well that's correct and their right here in the room I know I was just looking at its. Terrible. 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From our of author need over in Vancouver. Is here with us in the we have Dan McCoy from what is now avid decider these trees and went through a name change may have been familiar. With atlas cider but due to some other. Folks uses the analyst's name in them and hours talking about it in the break here that they had to go through a name changing go through this. Add Clinton they're they've joined us to talk about aside are summit and right now we're gonna jump into the grower and the growth. Can recommend applying Weiner cocktails to compliment your meal I'm thinking back to water hole this got. U2 fan we believe you're more sophisticated than that he won't group. Good team entering college for the best culinary sports offerings of the day. The fan presents a truly enlightened sports experience once and future. Insisted that the. This is the drummer in the group. A weekly feature on those sooner in this thing on Jenny the only sound here. I've read against. Kelly Collins and Dan McCoy joining us stock about the eighth annual. Outsiders summits. Over Sorenson cider in a year Dan stepped up to the Micah what do you porn there. Not to get these kind of kicked off. Sir Blackberry cider. One of our favorites. You know it's just a base of permitted her river Apple's and then we finish with Blackberry and black current and spend more of our. One of our siders that really took off for us and it's always been you know are one that were really proud of. Okay well I think of this as is. Try and we'll do that. Real quick just give an introduction to avid cider and and you guys are and and you've got a new spot open and your Portland though it's pretty exciting so I just kind of introduce avid. Yeah we were. Formally. Listen now. We are now out insider hot. Primarily because. What are we out and about routed out. You know taken true it's in the northwest and ferment in the mountain. Macon delicious cider. And routers so Britain insider summit which you know one of the largest. Cider events and orient and you know a year or yen its killer because we are the biggest. Drinkers of cider in the country and we drink more cider here and per capita than anywhere else so this is like our event where we we get together and celebrate the cider industry. And it's right that siders the fastest growing spirit I guess in the in the northwest as well so is this kind of played on on a trajectory where it's gonna catch an outsider at one point was the number one beverage in the US and they've kind of been on a subject it's funny that. Pierce city USA turned into one of the best wine regions and we had a all these distillers an outsider is doing fantastic as well which yet. Eric it was crazy because I was teaching middle school six years ago. And it was one of those things where first you know I started getting involved and hard cider we've we would have to explain to people what hard sire was hey this is that this is from fermented apples meant to be drink like a craft beer. And now it's awesome that you know I runs really educated on what it is and you know to come out decider summit today you can have all different types of siders you know from dry to sweet tea. You know we're we focus on different troop blends. And our sees Laura knows a dragon fruit Sarah get crazy and with these really need troops in on the black series is it's very good it's at but it's not overwhelmingly sweet it's it's got all the Blackberry punch to it without being kind of overwhelming. I couple notes about the cider summits to open today which is Saturday from twelve to 5 PM that's fueled fields park. To pump over ten tickets are available at the gate for 35 dollars includes a souvenir glass. Tasting of twelve siders over 200 siders like music food there's a dog lounge so that's welcome and it's strictly 21 and over as you would expect. Good decider summit dot com for more. Also joining us is is author of from author media and this is sacked Kelly Collins so Kelly. What is need. As codify audio right now what is mis Hamid eyes actually olds from into the beverage in the world has been tracked back to 7000 BC. As they basically just it's it's honey water companies curtain and and nature. The pharaohs is before with very with it and mass effect actually sees it and ointment for Sais he hurt his night's work and have me. For some like visions we got back to to their camp south. We're completely re envisioning the entire thinks there's still media honey winds any lakers. We're we're doing it is what he's still in where were you given a different option. Where were from nineteen it's like Saturn we brought exactly like beer if you came down tour our army grieve like you know calm and make him beer here yeah they don't we get we've had amassed and as of right using and it's sit in the park in front and so we confront figure what to do it because honey are an eloquent statement. Instead of Busan apples for our shippers for season hunting ground water 6% alcohol content drinks a lot like aside nicely on back. Yeah and then it's as carbonation been something that's normal in an added to means is that fairly new some people been doing it we're doing draft mead we're we're the only draft me green and in the country at this point final doing it the way that we're doing unit were we've reversals in the craft beer industry our techniques are the craft your insure as well. All the way from the eastern and using so where were. Completely two ended differently yeah that's why Howard named came author in the first as often branded category Austrian brand new way of doing something that people been doing for 7000. Years before. Now I'm yet. Nine thousands monitors and they go and so for author you guys are over Vancouver yeah we're we're in Vancouver recurrent east Vancouver were on one of the three meaning century farms out there solo. Our farm is part of our co-founder Stanley great grandparents founded back in 1904. Spent dairy farm is has been converted into a horse stable. And that was take one the farm houses and Adams had a one of the Barnes and we've retrofitted into a world class brewery. Say the art equipment and then were actually taking your original farm house that's. Has great grandparents lived and amber converted into a tap house so we're gonna have that hopefully opening in some time and when he nineteen wolf we're also in the process of a swing as some sledge hammers and reg fitting name another one of our our buildings on the farm. And to a taste in terms of people connection come out to us and try some some some of our delicious draft mes or perhaps some siders on. It's as well be that rest craft Beers kind of kind of make a celebration of draft me and where can we find. Author mead right now with the taste and fun. Right now I'm fine at the side of Simon's Fred heads on there and it and the pearl district that we will be releasing very shortly. Where. Canning it's pretty soon we go with Wii console can sound there for the side of summit but we've partnered with the greens zebra. In the next couple weeks sees them. Some cans flown into and of their locations and then we're in the process with some other retailers and hopefully make beautiful launch of priests have fairly brand new and yet we are frowned and towing easings X implant her three plus years and even then. Go full force last six months on technically a little rebirth for avid. As avid for you Dan what's new coming down the pike for previous. We Ers. Jokes about open mean AM a full tap room and kitchen on nineteen TH and now we're doing interviews this morning. And yeah our real excited about opening pizza ovens. We're going to be doing a lot of senator cocktails sign that that you know we don't see a lot of out there room in the planner around that really coming up listen delicious. Some delicious drinks Khan. With the pizzas we remain messing around with using insider east in the you know in the video window and that's like that's working though. To some really creative ways to tie cider in two. You know feud cocktails and then you know our our signers of course. And the out stubbornly the biggest project we've taken on in. And you know Portland's always been great to us so we wanna give them a really cool cool place as say thanks guys very. For support nests or the last couple years weren't you here really cools their card check out. There's a tonic competition in Portland but there also seems to be a spirit of collaboration the figures are both here. I mean I don't know that there's a mead festival coming up and be part of the senator first of Peruvians Kelly I think it is a wood pretty great. And he has put her arms around them the cited summit again it is open today from twelve to five with a field park 1099. Northwest Overton and it's the eighth annual hard cider festival featuring more than 200. Outsiders from sixty different producers. From five states California New Hampshire New York Oregon Washington five countries Canada England. France Spain has not just exclusive to or want to wait for you guessed multiple industry. So got check these guys out find Caylee find and talked to him of other siders really appreciate having you as a incidents and it's all right well much I guess we'll get more back in those LeBron James quick guys where is LeBron James gonna end up. Probably with the lakers unfortunately that's Kelly and then where's. Her. The correct answer for it and go get more and of that we've got some World Cup gets in baseball it's the sinner and saint at first we get uniqueness. Usually with the NBA free agency guys have talked about the Celtics just any changes Huskers somebody had a something no Danny Ainge fabulous team I heard it. That true. But he should also your break in the news a site. Plus the Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said it's. His job to explore all trade possibilities and superstars become available but just. That is current core indeed the possibility that this team completing another summer blockbuster trade as. On the likely I would. Move any of those pieces because we still don't know what it's like to have carrier ring in Gordon Hayward on the floor together yet as good as they were last year missing the two best players choose. It seemed that. My guess we'll just stand pat when I'm just gonna go west I mean you're the likely favor right. Well December Toronto. But he packed. Let's get a video industry because. It's been out now this I tried. Pathetic team. Or sports scores and stories in thirty minutes brother has revealed what sports that's beyond where the family values driven. From Eugene to Longview and Astoria to hood river late picks up and delivers towards decades laced flatbed tow trucks have been helping consumers all over the northwest. 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Or that's what I was working on OK so when you come up ports excellent seems a thinker Toronto. Well I mean it is will Bronson now isn't it can you imagine if you went to Toronto. I don't read us some that whatever it is I know but something that's unexpected death I mean where Bruce like you kind of alluded to this. There's so much height in this and just the kind of the madness CeBIT but we're not even really trying to birdie that we're spending. Half of an hour on this stupid topic because people love that they do week you get into it and it's like. My curiosity is still typical bronze made up his mind. Okay Mel and the reason being is because. I heard some stories from. Heavy breathing man Brian win horse or about the discovery Caver what are where every Israeli eyes where is this. The tomorrow in the Caribbean yes or the Caribbean where they go to the the decision cave for eight and they're I trying to figure out like his. It's the most trusted advice I don't know about wasn't an ego he's in the Caribbean now the spam again is off time when he consoles and cave though we when he comes home he goes and this is given I don't know cave to take command gave yes brings in his voice. Yep Nelson around and Savannah and then they get other ouija board yep. And I trio. He imagined. Well no they just think there's so many moving pieces to it again I think he's trying to orchestrate things behind the scenes I'm I'm convinced that he is not decided who happened to have to get a park. That they did like Pat Riley that's going to be willing to to move pieces around remember the downfall of Miami. Wasn't that LeBron wade and Chris Bosh didn't work together it's they could never afford to put any complementary piece is around and they are being shuffled through. Mario Chalmers and and Mike Miller and you know bird man. Chris Anderson I knew but they do they never had that last title Burton couldn't even walk yet. Back and end so you yeah you have to figure out how you can do this where there's enough young pieces that comply without big money contracts have to find that combination of veterans. I mean LeBron has been kind of his own worst enemy throughout his NBA career where he's never really been able. So can a team built around him he ran diarrhea off you think of carrier ring was there they would had a much better chance this year of winning but it. He kept calling them little brother and carries a it was tough to us get out of here he greater fake in the injury her faith in knee surgery. To get out there that he actually needed. Well you know how I can feel about this whole thing is that I don't think it's so much about LeBron deciding where he wants to go but deciding how he wants to be remembered. Yeah because. If he's OK with his legacy now which is you know if some freak accident happened and he was never able to play another game again this is the end of his career year himself jumping off a cliff jerk on right now cod that video yeah I'll every team must've just been like please please come up please come out. Tom Brady do that at W gallery but a video of jumping off a cliff some learned from tropical Lyle yeah. Him being able to. Come to grips with what is careers could be because if he never played. Another minute basketball again. I think he would still go down as one of the top ten players all time but I only there's something in his head saying. I have to win X amount of more titles to really solidify who I'm gonna be. In NBA history now. Does he have the possibility of getting three more in getting to. You know Jordan's status possibly but even if he hit two more and you get five now your compared to Kobe right because that's kind of how CoBiz measured every -- but again here's the problem with with that whole theory if he's trying to just win championships to catch up with Jordan I have like let's say that's his -- area here. But what he's doing is he's trying to build a championship team every year from scratch. Verses. Going what's going to give me the best long term potential Tim Duncan has five championships. They never won back to back with the spurs what he did was got with the organization. And he worked with them so is never highest paid player his position any work with them to make sure that the teams he Ron read Keating better there complementary players were drafted in the second round and developed energy no bleeding coming into the NBA as a superstar. He ended up being a great player hall of Famer because the way he worked with in that team again like Bruce Bowen wasn't you know exceptional. Tony Parker wasn't you know I at the lottery pick. He these guys that you look at that win championships. By constructing a team the bulls had to go for ruled the Celtics in the pistons. With with Jordan scored sixty points in playoff games but he couldn't win a series he never beat birdie in his career but the team kept getting a little better a little better a little better. Intel when he left to play baseball. They host one less game. They still made it to the Eastern Conference finals without Jordan that's good that team won so LeBron James wants to win championships maybe has sacrificed couple years. And you go hey maybe your team's not going to be great maybe we don't have a shot to win a championship this year. But this will help us develop for long term he does have the patience to do that he's tool he's too set in his ways he is too much influence. You try to build championship team this year but doesn't work he's gonna do the same thing next year. Well I think eagle assists. Has to do that when he was in Miami because I truly believe that even if Chris spotlight mean eventually response sort of retired anyway because his wife turning but he added to that team that they started with and I wrote it because they build a championship team for this year and it did they didn't win the next shoe there's still good enough dead red and Ray Allen. And Ray Allen was old and an added another piece but that guy in Mosul they added this guy everybody calls too much everybody costs too much and I think that at the end of the day if you would have tried to keep that team together. Even if Chris Bosh wasn't. Part of the picture with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James he still could have gotten another two or three championships I believe she has. You could have built the players out she is what you wish I did what you had to do and draw the contributed Goran Dragic was actually in the process of happening while he was still there there was rumors about that actually happened so. I believe they would've. Be able to build a core like. He would have had to sit rule and I don't wanna do that if beat a way to. If any Wiggins is not a great team leader but if he was is sidekick. The kids still what 2445. Years all I don't know about Anthony way against but I you know about Andrew is you know on any set out every Bennett is the other guy that was in that trade. There's one guy you mixed in its suit cavs disappointing to I think that's it. They had to go to Kevin Love because you need in the sample spectrum I mean that was the shooter. Yeah but that was the whole idea is it's like Q do you trade youth or experienced. And what you do is you you make that window smaller new you have limited time. To do and a young player that they had who was a great sidekick was carrier ring and he ran him out of town because he was so demanding and he needed to win right now. And there's no other young guys on the team to hang out concrete and he fell a little kid on that team and even wanna be treated that way. I was controlled around on indeed Twitter the other day and I saw that there's a Briton nick fans who have this very. Hilarious sense of false hope that he's gonna come to New York. James don't sell on the team. He's got to play with four Zynga is why wouldn't you want to. I think if you do that you're gonna play with parsing this which is awesome but he also play with you know. Four other MTU haul boxes which are the equivalent to their roster how many years is LeBron have left of prime or total total. I think he can play toll 38. Until it and then retire your. I don't think you employ at least forty so his body will eventually break down at a certain point because you don't have to miles yeah he's by on NASA yeah well if you're gonna say prime IC two more years you get few more years of this high level of basketball but then at that point. I think he takes the precautionary steps to play a little bit more on the wing and again that's. That's illegal back tool 76ers theory is that if you could sons are long term have two more years of this ball dominant style of playing and then let then Simmons connect. I don't what does it take over Bo Lamar colorful speaker brown Albright of course. That you what Dan Simmons kind of act as the point. And let yourself kind of naturally flow into that role love hailed the playoff the weighing hail and a play off of the screen. You know I think that's the best bet that you get now if you go to the sixers this year they are probably not but when the title this year. Like you said after probably gonna have to wait but how many more titles do you need to catch up to Jordan and how many more years do you have to play if we go by the 30 April. But again do the sixers are still in the east I mean the Celtics are here are the team that you can be Peta and compete with them every year do you but this that the sixers plus brawn. Would it be really good would be great it would be dancing crowd plus. But I but I guess the reason I was asking how long is is gonna play is this going to be his last stop is is the team that he signs with going to be. The last one more if again if he goes after the eighth though. The one and you know. Each get a championship this year get a championship next year is he is gold just to keep chasing and we have to go through this cycle again and again and again and tell. He's too old decrepit to care about. Both pitchers seem too because he has to think is the get in this Kerr like Kobe. Where it's kind of a disappointment. This is career ended on kind of a far. Well episode jordans and so does every well let's let's to scrap the wizards can we. Now we can yes we can adult Ed I know Albright did not really it didn't happen as Bergen ridiculous. You know. It to me I think Kobe's career ending was one of the most disappointing of any NBA legend that he had because he basically signed like a one or two year contract was at that was 42 million. And you know the money that the lakers were giving him was just like K banks. That's not even the it was they gallery now with that kind of the most disappointing career Ender in Los Angeles who else was on that team and who else was getting Potomac Lamar Odom. I'm sorry who asked how Gasol you don't remember him do it in play cocker is not knowing he was in play here. Steve Nash ended his career in Los Angeles remember that huge contract that he got he never plays back was never able to actually play yeah barely in a lakers uniform but he really give him just. The most stick around more marine just for the money they said that. Commands goes yeah I'm there the payment money why would I leave. Yet his. You're very cracked his career ended on a very wet fart. Because active back to back MVPs. I mean it's kind of sad that that sends team really never converted they can never beat the spurs. Sure never. I mean they weren't Oklahoma City with Kevin Durant and never to win a championship either I mean yeah I did parts of the spurs bit the raptors are two abroad. I can they just could never be all they were better than the rafters. I mean they did. The raptors do not have MBP tacked talent on that team are you telling me Kyle Lowry is not in BP now here that's exactly what I'm saying are you telling me that it was a mistake to trade Bismack Bianco. I just. Drop the ST never wins on which. And on the mortars stay intact there's no guarantee they do they don't have while they're windows not that big always close. I don't know us hears again I I don't hold any of them now really I mean think about it if LeBron actually goes to political advantage for sure yeah it's completely closed Chris Paul has a I mean that was crew last year was Chris Paul's peak. I don't think he's gonna get any better might he sustained okay. But James Harden has yet to prove that he's actually gonna come through a big game situations which by the way. Here's the league's MVP shouldn't you have going back to your home court in game seven against an extremely vulnerable team taken over and beaten them. Always had a birdie it's him gad PGA and have you had you have to go get a concussion and go to strip club bride. Fringe show dude and Chris Paul doesn't crystal does as gets hurt gets better. And then it and and the best part about him getting hurt is it's a of them employer they're always you always get hurt. Every time every single. Time Portugal vs your way who's gonna win and will dark skins knows all he tells you next in crystal balls that are insect anything. Now through July 31 save of the dollars of coastal super rebate six. Okay. 400 dollars on the liberty limited edition 64 port 300 dollars on the liberty limited edition forty game. They're special financing and delivery available so take advantage of single to right and everything off. A century and 24 save with any luck is still quite good but 9999. A sister right your newspaper and get 10% off all those social reasons struck. Coastal states sale going on now and this Saturday save what about price broke things coastal since 1963. And I just put the country needs. So he covers album for just between April twice the July 31 selection varies for store locations in store for instance exclude from an exchange from. 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Minus the queen requests an audience when you know case show nobody in. Don't get me an idea and I don't still engine called 1800. Divorce that's marks. Well you know why did you come up to my teammates tonight and perhaps we could straighten things. Call 1800 divorce if your phone questions answered at no charge. Located at 111 southwest Columbia street in downtown Portland that's 1800 CN VO RCE. The fourth of July is about celebrating America's independence appreciating freedom and liking the guy with fireworks. The fourth of July like Grand Slam fireworks mortars well. Forget Excalibur. I'm 33 loyalty. There were 2990. Locations all over southwest Washington next firework. Bored by the Grand Slam location near you. Invigorate the plot. We're in the same. I'm. Earth itself both Washington and mr. selfless love Mr. Bush again. The mayor of quite candidly is that how much ground. On the text line. Todd Leon of crime family operates a huge number. Red numbers racket out of Candice they battled the Russian mob over the Vancouver horse. That's true obviously. I mean that'll storied. Let's storied rivalry will. Well yeah. Bringing this up on on public airwaves they've just gotten us. Over your wax you you may have just. I believe the good work luckily luckily for me I have connections over there I may be able to save myself. And I've not confirmed or denied anything that you mentioned here. But I don't think you survive this. I don't know that you've probation abruptly from. If there really was like a huge crime family that was surrounding like this area. It would you have to keep it quiet again should talking about it. If there's a crowd all he could bring that up read it when they're asked to be though what do you think that there's some under grand crime family around like. In cougar report that we just don't know about we're not in tune with. I'd I would definitely. Have to think that if there were I would not know anything about it I'm fairly oblivious that he can do you know some think about it. And I think you're just acting out because you're scared right now. I can't I can't count for big wire you. He borderline. The liar. Does. It's been a terrible reviews. I I enjoyed parts that. Which parts of it have you boards was conscious. Well you drain all the time I just kind of stare off into the distance if you drag on outsider what you've just some thing about a dog park. They were good dog park. This and I'll read it to get back to find it. Joseph was just our cider guess they said that there is going to be a dog park at their cider doughnut that all of giving information or somewhere so that's okay. So listen that if the siders some of the eighth annual PDX Snyder's son it okay that the if that. The fields park and what they have is they have. To what insiders. Live music food. Dog lounge. And war. Okay that has the possibility to be disastrous. Outcome bunch of people getting hammered with their dogs. You don't get hammered you sit back enjoy used here's the thing I realize that you've you've stopped drinking I have. You used to do it too well I was extremely good drinking and I had to retire but there's been there are other ways to drink than just to binge. And that is sit back and and you know on your morning radio show enjoy a cup outsider. Literally sounds like you're speaking Japanese and there's there's any event that you do you don't. You do it. But some people go and they just do their tastings of their like or enjoy this. All have this set a nice function later on the road I rule I will make a note of this name a lot of people other overruled gather all it warned in Bible enjoyed. We'll get to enjoy each other's company able drink enough just enough. So that we don't have to think of all the reasons that you dislike your family sit around socializing with. You drunken yell at a dollar and that that's not decided yet if they employ a god damn doll out up threes that I don't have a job. They're good at all Craig kind of dragging. I go take a whole load you just down the streets of noble worries of the world away my wife loves you more than me. A country song. It's a country people drink insider. No they units or and they both a bush ice. A dollar and thirty pack there's got to be a lot of lost dogs repressed it. It's legal drinking with their dogs are gonna lose them and it's gonna be a hole you have a deacon you can enjoy without over indulging the UK and I'm just saying people who rivers don't you ever did does that mean nobody can I enjoyed beer. Did they know too much. Just too much debt. You are enjoy a beer did you you. And. I enjoyed a six pack of beer yeah exactly. This is is a problem and then the second six pack you blacked out the new woke up and covered and crime tape. Oh printed and nothing but we need nude except for the caution tape around it crimes in. Don't. And dredged you'll want to know. Every. The only one earlier in the urgency of the fault in this. And then getting hammered out siren that I don't get hammered what is wrong with you on you the words. And it's helping get a dog in my truck. His beer all agree. Today at 11 AM at the end of this show begins the game between year away. And Portugal yes where is your way okay now. I mean you're gonna ask you this Kent. I think. I'm gonna guess Europe way is like. Eastern Europe. Not northeast of course 'cause I know that's where Russia is but like. Maybe somewhere there either that or near Hawaii which. Dear. Which is good answer because really anything's near what I know that's not true and there's not all that much years. I watt near alone you know. Yeah United States he got Mexico. He got South America I got Japan OK thousand near Japan. And not. Your comment. You go to leftists is. What continent. You are with Europe and video it's on island nation IC mile island nation leader Mir online. It's. Stick to South America itself that's pretty good. And third guess and so America is near Hawaii on the report no matter to that is no. Longer had put the map. Well. Your understanding of world geography terrible. And pay attention to much as too busy during the decider. Of your ways on these other southern end of brazile. On the eastern seaboard of the south American gotten thinner Turkey. Really I gotta tell you men I still americanize that I can I only know the states and I went. I went to Paris. When I was in college and I had no frame of reference for where the hell I was like people would speak to mean tax felt like different countries they've been in in Western Europe. Now they know yeah that's north like less now. They go yeah we went to Spain the other again as I go out isn't cold up there that are at an area predict the next world can be Eminem I need to know if you have any idea where Portugal and now Portugal demand. Portugal a country that's gonna make this a lot more difficult. Where is where is Portugal will. It they'll get a map I see you looking at the map do know your math and science amendment yeah that's all right where's Portugal. That's South America to. Insert Beebe through you know. I. Well who's gonna win portion of Portugal over eight year anyway well I know where your way is so wrong with that your quest. Brilliant way to do it they are pretty wasted money were ruled Wednesday. Nine regular Cristiano Ronaldo. Carrying his European country of Portugal the victory in this thing he's taught that no. I hear only wins hurting our efforts considered safe bet again and again. They fitting ending to an otherwise is terrible radio program every have a wonderful weekend big things. The Kelly and Dan become an insider summit check it out some very good senators from both avid and that actually tries to meet author mead. Both opening tasting room soon every immigrate weekend by vice. Yeah yeah. Just.