Sinner and Saint 6-30-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, June 30th
The dilema with rooting for Oregon State and sports video games 

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Okay. Have a happy Saturn day. We made it to another show you welcome. Darren Darren. I oh billion that's quite the sports editor of the gold. Well bulls soccer goal of bad news everything in their outlet the Mariners five in a row that a little tough road trip periods yankees and Red Sox but it bounced right back to sweep the Orioles up complete game I Marcum those. I know you as the newest mariners fan will alert you excited about. That's ought you know I'm excited about it. The only other thing I could be more excited about is the fact that ESPN has now. Did in there. Tickets nineteenth hour of Walt Walt Walt will LeBron James do. Body this is wall to wall coverage. They got some good looking guy in a suit up on a video board right now and order it's not Brian because good looking yeah I mean who knows when recognized I said coaching guide not collection of tires. Pretty good. Visual image there and he is he's a collection of tires either that money and our staple marsh moment as he's now to our the Michelin and that too yeah yeah. I keys in mid belt he's been in mid belt for like ten years he's he's he's your. Martial man you have themselves to know brought in horse became popular because somehow he became friends with LeBron James I know he covered him. Covered in a season high school yet our government is high school like you really cultivated her relationship with them that you know they trust each other now explodes. We'll keep hole. LeBron James told him that he had broken his hand during the NBA finals but in trusted. Dead Brian when a horse wouldn't tell anyone about it before the last game owes a good influence the reporters by. Yeah it may keep this secret from here. He's gotta zone mouthpiece other run around ESPN while would be a mouthpiece of brand when horse's mouth was actually. Didn't have food in all the. And. I don't know I don't know known universe enemy food that's that's an unfair characterization of this really true I've ever seen Brian when her seat may not even need food. Assuming disintegrate BIV or film how the hell is he still large agency had to step on the joke he is a greedy I veto a couple of times just off camera. You don't wage Florida is pretty Corey VI you can. Are you blood type is right do. Proud doc I think the gravy sky and even needs more brisket pills. You think they it's giving he just like they make him a separate Turkey. We can make fun of apartments weight of the fine reporter it's harder and obvious like Q looks worse every year. Yeah but he also I. I don't think that's an easy job of course of the night LeBron easy brits it's even harder this secret keeper you know all the way it is it's just LeBron secrets. It's everything that he knows about LeBron is what's weighing him down this much and it's not food and all know he's just he's overwhelmed. And everything that he's hanging on to block blurb over on secrets. And bill ought to wait to clear out you can do you couldn't handle it. Well no I couldn't go from senate. So us friends is gonna win there is that. Gathered out of this source soccer and the World Cup it's at least interesting to make at least there's a consequence of losing. Did you catch it any of the big controversy around Japan's final game of the groups staged the now all of Japan's still and it ended gets it stood well they they won by what they called a fair play rule. They went to it's I was cynically tied all the first what like eight tie breakers or whatever and so they went to get more penalties. So if you had more Senegal had more yellow cards and red cards accumulated so Japan got to go through people accuse Japan of not trying to. All right yeah Adidas at the bags at the Lawrence and nobody got a penalty and that in school or have a good thing is that an understanding the admittedly the four corners thing and distant but it is about the ball bag of four of people got Madigan awesome. At that see that now leads as consequence if the winner. It's this this is where I'm OK. It's going to watch any of it. At least I'm okay. I doubt be a dream for me if I was and one of those teams this being one of the guys they put in there they hear the the stall guys learned our get to go to Italy links that guy and events like. Both the artist bolts that secure comes to Americans off the edge. Threatens that the Arab after the the backfield for. And at bowers did if I got out there I would be running my ass off you write your first ten minutes and then I'd just throw out you'd be Bo Jackson run the clock on tech mobile. It would be. That reminds him of polio about the general get to that. A little bit later but we do owed to our audience we have people to listen to this show as their exclusive. Avenue for all of the sports news that they need to know. And we promised to bring them that every week in a segment we call. In case she missed it. In case you missed it. This week. His name to the Eastern League all star team after a solid start in his season for the New York Mets double a affiliates. The Binghamton. Rumble Tony's right into. The celebrate he fed the entire cried a crowd of 5289. The rumble ponies Friday night game against the Portland sea dogs. Using just five Barley loaves and two fish for. Else wow you know that's gonna really. Alienate her Christian censorship. Why they love Tim Tebow. The IQ but did you I mean that's a reference to Jesus feeding people crackers and used her. I mean that's that's that's from the Bible five Barley loaves and two fish and he used it to feed 5000 people and that's actual attendance from the rumble ponies came on Friday night to put. Just say you know I realize it's my edged I recharge my jokes well done. Yeah do and it can in case you missed it this week's James Harden became the first NB NBA MVP to dress like a cal went public. Yeah you can expand on what the hell he was wearing which by the way everybody knows these women that winning the MVP we got to do is closet don't. Says that I have I didn't know him big awards about eight. It is mom onstage. I didn't watch it did you actually watch I watch clips. And I wanted to see the speech again I don't know now. James Harden me it's just not the MVP. Though he's not what we try every every sentence she said TI he's the people's MVP but the NBA MVP is LeBron James as should be every year she's have a trophy that is LeBron and LeBron yes it should be they should be like holding office for government like. Yet I don't even tell somebody knocks job until somebody had to kind of like that it's a good dictatorship where it's like somebody has to go and kill you. King of the mountain at teams have been hearing. That you overboard. Case you missed it at the NBA award ceremony one thing that did actually happen. Is cameras cut Bill Russell extending his middle finger and an obscene gesture directed at Charles Barkley at all. Bill Russell later clarified that the sign was not one middle finger but it was both. And it was not appropriate it's just the way that he reminds guys with no rings that he has eleven. The legacy. Legacy burdened by eleven championships or just go around doubled middle fingers all the time so I don't get it this is Charles Barkley no apparently this is what he does to everybody throws of the Byrd Charles Barkley said he was trying not to laugh can be so honored and considered as Bill Russell amends or leaflets amount in the middle of speech and on the cameras were supposed to county budgets they chose this is for you and they'll let us. Also roads around flipping the bird that everybody as like a polite like how do you do he's doing old man very well because that's what you dream of as an old man that you become silly said that whatever you do is okay yeah speaking of old men of middle fingers in case you missed it Argentinian soccer legend Diego Maradona. Was caught on camera with to raise middle fingers. Maradona later clarified that his hand signed meant exactly do you think man. Sony gets catches a well built a stroke. No he threw the middle fingers like. All right the world I was I was paying attention more that he had a like a heart attack oh we well know we passed a contribute to which white line. Really it yeah the medical purpose that you follow orders ell yeah we talked about the sub prime time I've filled in the suit on I think Wednesday. Yeah he'll drummed on white white and passed out paramedics had to come in. And amid checked out season in tropical man they did check out this facility is fine just got. I don't know if he's old Manning very well no he's doing it terribly it's. A draw local men and funny old and an angry drawn Goldman maybe I use up viewers to everybody in the stadium and Argentina scorer not a majority it was on the cusp of gotten eliminated there are now. Yeah. I just said it and down one watch in the highlands and get them on television and unforced too I got animal Clinton yeah. A geisha mr. from the World Cup Germany was eliminated in the group stage. Apparently this is a very big deal at least so I'm told from everyone with a foreign accent yeah. House. For sure thought you're gonna make a World War II Joseph. I was a World War II joke but I just like a peak like every time somebody's tell me how important it is that got to Max. Everybody with an accent knows how big of a deal this is an American whatever but what do you make you think or you think they think when we're talking about what team LeBron James is gonna play for their pro like who cares. Require you concerned it's gonna happen I don't know how far this story goes because outside of it outside of the US do people. Thank you know that we're talking about I'll know that this is like do things like the biggest story in sports right now I do they even know it's a thing. Mexico was the beneficiary of Germany's troop pour performance in the World Cup in South Korea was the team that played spoiler. Following South Korea's 20 victory over Germany Mexicans were so happy with the South Koreans they partied together in a shared celebration. Meanwhile back in the US IE 82 Korean tacos from the Quaid whose future. They need to realize that a celebrating in harmony with them like crazy talk that's. And then Mexico. And reemerge. Think you celebrate I think you're just hunger I didn't stay as what the doctor has me and allied arts expert. In case you missed it this week Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley. Shared a story about whooping his hands moments before he had to go into a game foray. Quorum quote relief appearance. That's pretty good yeah. Keep that in yeah slightly. She calls themselves the costs costing guy in like apple copied it and did you guys talk about whooping your pants. Last week from him too expensive I think everybody did I mean I figured springs entire show was too well. He we had talked about this pretty extensively actually a lot of times. NBA I would then we know we definitely discussed it we talked about this a lot about OAT crap prepared to work like what do you do do you tell anybody in your all the areas like no I just tell someone I feel terrible and I have to go home right now it's still. It's gone yearning to tell anyone else. So you. Worry yesterday. Hello. At a meeting. Worried about it I don't think many who do barker at his you know they're meeting notes. Oh yeah like I don't story a primetime had a buddy that 222 spans of working at a Brown's spot and his tactic was. If anybody has to be just L and tell them improved his pants and blue. And worked while now. Well did you actually hear it in his interview with RG Bradley MA's doctor buddy goes yeah I told everybody that happened had to go to the game and nobody believed me is they kept telling them ever get a check conceived the business bottom pants he's going into baseball game. And he had what they call a clean inning. Real face. While playing its true. Stroke. In case you missed it this week Jalen Rose and Chris Weber are still very annoying people. ESP in the magazine showed a bunch of beautiful naked people. I guess idea. God. Some hot. Athletes. Now. A really hot yes it did you seasick on Barkley. That's not a when that I was thinking dripping wet. Article is that it's any of his money from the program. No he's not and I love that I've played by this terrible us anymore this financial penalties the first got to do that BA's only and spent endorsement money which he's an Ariane launch the Marshawn Lynch theory that's what he did yet he's a he is a good looking guy and he did. Looks very chiseled in and in the buff but he's also he seems very charismatic mega dynamic. On that endorsements but you've been in New York. Don't think Kelly he's. Those guys who's really really nice and really really great but like if you put a minute commercial it would be really really an entertaining like Tiki Barber. Like stepped curry like Tiki Barber. Like Tiki Barber to you will do and curry is totally that I can be seen step Curry's new commercial for infinity where you'll get them now he's getting old you know enemy and he is so one of dealing INS. To you. To me maybe. And I firmly in our kids are buying opportunities. The easier it affinity commercial. Where he's like I think he's a really huge BA and then like it's cuts to a scene of him picking out milk better commercial. In kicking on milk or the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads. Cool yeah at the series did so again Anna Eleanor comment. The other one is recipient target of the longhorn bull. I case you missed it this week every single person with access to the Internet in the entire world published at least one article. Guessing where LeBron James will go. And will read every every single idol this season. It's totally grossed an yours so compelled by this. And finally in case you missed it this week the Oregon State Beavers won the college World Series. They be the Arkansas Razorbacks twice after dropping game one of those series the best of two out of three. Final. And if you're counting. That is one more win than their football team got the entire season. I. And hills Oregon State Beavers went in the championships that is necks and insane to any defense. Reliever and Canada knows beavers played for the beavers played pullback. Thank and then on its and I couldn't let it pull back all right I'm good fullback back in the yachts backed me up. Where I wanted to put an accurate but I did in doing that where let yeah. Played a human battering ram so I heard an awful position. Well who's it's we put together a you know isn't quite a linebacker you pay your recruitment that you put the stupidest guy who wants playing time. At fullback and then you may read your head into those yup those wrote your body into people yet the so he. Your alma mater had a quite the week. If there was this I don't know I'm I'm torn on this so for limited another the orange say beavers won the baseball national championship and it's the only excuse to watch baseball is terrible local team go. And play in the championship we got a bit of Locke when with two outs in the ninth inning and one run deficit you had organ such as sub nets coach pop pop fly. I don't think it was so much decide not to you just they couldn't decide who should be out is really want a lot like did somebody scream mind GAAP and nine get out there. And then in what was. It was a great comeback. And it's something that I think most sports fans would be very compelled by. Again had a map and the College Baseball World Series I don't think we have a ton of eyes on it of this event I certainly never watch it must. Oregon State's playing. Is significant amount eyes only because locally there certainly were sure but I think even nationally too because this is a weird time sports rate even though you have the World Cup that just seems like there's now a lot of interest in the World Cup this year there's no there's no real in what does know US is whether to assure the US is not mention it was it's. The bats went so. Now and I think this storyline that attaches to this bit. Makes this a national story is the Heimlich. Element yeah the Heimlich Helmand is inserted and that's where I'm conflicted about celebrating this because again I go back to you. Do I wanna celebrate my alma mater who allowed. Someone who. If I say district is convicted child. Now he that he was he admitted to. He pled guilty young child molestation yet it's since been expunged from his record food you know but he pled guilty he did he did in this came out only because he missed a check in with whatever. You know organization needs to the state of Washington. This came out last season. Pled guilty to molesting a family member of sexual foreign six I think theirs to keep his sixteen. Yeah fifteen or sixteen years old so anyway is you've got you get the star pitcher national pitcher of the year in College Baseball should be your first peck. Like two years and Rocha to bend if you're eligible and cut in College Baseball your eligible after your junior season to be drafted Major League baseball's so you kind of go into me drought and high school. You make the decision whether and I wanna go out of debt so eat for two years has been eligible for the draft has not been drafted despite being one of the best pitchers in baseball. And here you have. It is being a. Only the best pictures pitcher in baseball I mean this guy. This guy is a sure fired. Lottery pick a blue chip guy and you have something like this that not only Mars his career 'cause. He'll eventually get into the majors he will know a thing through back channels you know dole kind of I think you were saying which was kind of interesting idea send a new another country says oh yeah Japan there's an hour. Options over for professional baseball players to go and play. That he's going to get a chance somewhere whether it's with a Major League organization were going to you know as a matter of time just waiting for these people not necessarily forget but to be more okay he's he's tells an of the some bills take the chance and and weathered the PR storm and an organ state is done that Oregon State you know he took a leave last season but he came back this year and they were willing to take whatever criticism they were gonna get because they believe that. Knowing him. From happening in the organization it was worth having him wrap shirt and an obviously is RC team leader and obviously is tells part of well and I guess the most redeeming part of the whole thing is. Is able. Well I think there's there's two has it dude and pitcher just throw in the wipes out great and yeah but he also look at we rush man who's there sophomore catcher who was outstanding and was named the most outstanding player of the college World Series issues at a record for hits in at a mean he's fantastic I gotta be the number one pick in next year's draft. Because he's not eligible this should be in this Bergen sweet kid in high school to get and you have other kids that. There have been drafted and and you can look them a lot of the had disappointing World Series but able went 40 in the college World Series. As a pitcher threw a complete game in the finals I think that is the one redeeming quality about this team. Eight is that the hero is not on timely and the heroes are guys that I think it's pretty easy to support in and be the young guys get seven guys that are drafted in the first what five rounds and no Major League Baseball draft and none of them are the year showed got a soft for a freshman being your heroes for the team it's easy for us to report to you because most guys on the team local guys. I know. I think its Jack John Sanders somebody they got a much as they go back they got the guitar that ranked. It's something Johnson. I know that easy to support the guys that they think. I but ever does get from like this week on there and it's all guys ever recruited from the northwest and so let me pet Casey's developing a culture around their witches that you know. We recruit northwest guys we're from. You know we are from the staid itself but I think there's something redeeming about that and obviously everybody kind of jumps on board it's just you have this kind of mar. On the side of oh my gosh we're supporting. A self admitted child molester. The guys it's it's. It's it's nice that there was a story big enough and and Kevin Abel and Adler rushed manner I think there's two guys that you look at it. You look back ego hey these guys really played there guts out in this and the cool thing is for Oregon State I think that will help them separate from the all time what. Portion of this. Is that both of their those guys are coming back next year yeah if you're going to have a team that is going to be led guy by guys ever experienced. And it won a championship and this is now their third championship in the package Sierra they won back to back. 20062007. So he there's enough good things around Oregon State baseball that. You can look at and go yeah I think they'll probably get through any criticism that they're getting and I know that I got caught up in in watching that final game and I I was torn through output you know Ian desert debt ninth inning in the second game I mean that they believe it even though it was okay but his game two was just like oh my god I can't believe they're pulling this off yeah. Well exactly it's too late you need you need every contribution late to win game two after game one time what kind of poor performance and year like our wall just check in chair with them in game two and needed the ended a game to watched you know I think the last five innings of the of the final game and I mean Kevin able went out there and had I think one he consecutive. Outs and it's a finished that game and you'll you'll get a you know like art when of the intake scatters and earned the you know hundred pitches 115 pitches got to to I think 130 pitches. In the game and his co holy cow this guy was. Or worse as a freshman retired the last when he batters he faced yet there yup. First complete game shut out our pitcher allowed two hits or less in a college World Series history so I mean. I'm just gonna take that storyline run with that and added rush in the most hits ever in college worlds like it's encouraging. It's it's it's very good in good for Oregon State congratulations to add to. Pack Casey and his team. And and Olusegun your back next year with some some great players the better you today Tex sign is helping me out about Mel Ballmer moderate Jack Anderson. Jack in which it's idolized John I know for sure it's Johnson. It's definitely I'm sad just sad that everywhere I went to that I ask are you following you is that a year high school pulls your college like college it's it's a double shaming. NBA debut at the go to Gideon's broadcast degree from mount a community college are going to be disown terrorists. Well it's got a brown has seen us. I don't know that we've got some pulls up we've got some conspiracy theories over over I don't. Well geez my brain just African hypotheticals for LeBron James to get to. We'll do that but first we need you to the news and. I love watching the world I went back cover up for this TV it's just and you can one. Channel we look to the PP TV yeah. And World Cup back to the yeah. Single elimination tournament than any sports I think you're fantastic the NFL but the better than anybody. And then you guys I would fold up by the college basketball tournament. I'm OK with I'm okay would this type of World Cup. I mean that the group stage who cares B it's nice that they do whatever the ball further you do on knowing given knockout stage you give people. Where it actually matters when he goes down as penalty kicks at the end. It's delightful. I got duck tales on over here via. They still run on that well it's a new version where they have the animation all updated. That's bizarre like CG. I'm not quite it's just cleaner. Can I get old and dirty. That's what she said. Who's. Mold and dirty with some how we got talking about old video games this morning I'm not sure what brought us on that topic. I don't either but we're trying to trying to figure out what was definitively the best sports video game of our childhood which is. For our cross over age is the ninety's. As with original poll at sinner saint and eighty is our Twitter thing. Or did you put it on the Tenet the fan thing artist winners things. Yeah I'd say it's it's on its retreated on today either fails on at 108 to their Twitter thing it's their two well you do is pull the Internet and get on the page in. You got it. Will what are our two lewd Twitter polls this morning while Luke what I did is I got up on the Internet I buy typed in Twitter and I opened the box and start typing what we got up there is time for the time machine here. What's your favorite sports video game from the 19%. Of you say NHL 95 and I've gotten some feedback that a lot of peoples and should have been 94 I told you that 94 through 96 were all great for slightly different reason I 95 the best that's right through yeah ally and I think I think there's also the reference to swingers I believe is 1994 has intimate that made their head bleeds 17% said Ken Griffey junior baseball which is present unique site just play DS out of that game. Yeah and then in a dead heat right now at 38% is NBA jam and techno Super Bowl. I will say about. NBA jam the arcade version. Kind of ruin me for the the console version yeah who used to go to wonderland the nickel or a kid these to have one remained Hoover oh yeah and so we go there and just that was the place to play but then when they released it on on the console I never really got into. So arcade version NBA jam with Sweden or some guy that worked there you know that. The wispy beard in the long hair and believing every guy that's ever worked at an arcade ever. Andy knows all the passcodes to get its name he would be guys from mortal combat plan and be Jammer or whatever it was pretty silly weed through that was spent in the offense a little evidence though yeah that he sell you we don't he didn't initiate this cheat code well you guys ever tried black tar heroin. That's and you suddenly older kids I was never the one that he came out of Toledo Edison Selig said that it was always the older kids that knew so yes they were by and Aaron from an inflamed cheat codes on NBA jam. Well vetted museum has affected the blazers had. Clyde Drexler and cliff Robinson. And that was just a Fergie and suites set up their get well three and three. Yeah now to want to know you get three guys and your team. If you want to with three whoever your reserve is it all of course the crap is part about it was that Michael Jordan was not in the game. And that led to another discussion the fact that Michael Jordan had put a copyright out for his likeness and any video games so innovative game weathered the engaging in May be alive. Any of them they were in the 1990s really really 2000. But there was not in that there was play here. Yeah so he basically beat girls 43 year QQB Eagles got a phone lines. All right so that was one of the two bulls but we realize that there's a second category that we needed to be reflected on here and the text line is ready brought about. I suggesting double dribble don't worry double dribbles taking care what's least second. With her poll are bonus pool was so what's the quote unquote best worst. Sports video game and we mean by best worst is that we absolutely loved it but in retrospect it kind of sucked well but it wasn't. It wasn't quality controls or graphics but it was everything about it sucked but it was great. 11% that make him in soccer which is my personal favorite that's 42% said baseball simulator 1000 that's NES version yet. 31% said any insights hockey and then yes 36% double dribble doubled multiple game. Yes the fantastic. These slow motion black and white pixelated conquer whatever Lola is that. How are while wow I'm very similar to the tech mobile high fives. You attacked the original tech mobile on the with a player like eight man football and you in late sixteen teams are some if your broad Jackson UN. Well no that was. Yeah I mean Bo Jackson was a legacy is on the original. On think about a for the originally could you're stuck with the play easier said there is really like the season motives is randomly picking guys you play again. The original text mobile to go on the best. Worst also cited when you're in India live fan for as Sydney asked. The only. Really crazy thing about it was that Dennis Rodman says it was all little pixels straight that were playing sheriff Dennis Rodman was the only distinguishable one bigotry and yet they just put a little color pixel on the top of the head. Like that's Dennis Rodman yeah. Everybody else looks the exact same there's a couple. Versions of like the college football game might. There's game day game day whatever it was but it was is like mad but it was. Sure not quite but there was always a couple versions of that it really got into and there's always one play in those games. Where you did just like watch the safety news in the would you dispute began a slant and Maya he'd never be prop posts only editors ran cross post because the safety of your confused about who's take a dangerous to our boy dad yeah and then and then. Mad and I never really fully got into. Madden mad another when I know the people obviously went crazy for but obviously doesn't fill liquidated I know but isn't that a north ninety's that they would you get in the 2000 graphics come up with what he had envisioned John Madden freaking genius. Mean that's that's your lice and he's right there that Blair afterlife. Still am beer full contact basketball's insect suggested by the text line as well. Were there any others just on Twitter games that we mr. do we do pretty good job pick in the top. Oh we did an incredible job we can affect anybody else it. Writes in anything their wrong. Excite bike. As a sports game yes excite bike was awesome except by 64 wasn't bad either. Excited but I think yeah Jeffrey Jeffrey. I always say they actually recently more recently played the Nintendo the NES version of excite bike. And that was dope and then there was the 64 version. And Nintendo 64 version of excitement were you boy excite like soccer. That's it got you by you can it's what's the with the game now say banks soccer and giant soccer ball in the right around there's there's a game. I can't think of wrote it's. I don't know if there's some now we put cars my brother was bound what PlayStation thirty year whatever zone now PlayStation 78. Yeah rock league rocky league is the game but it did that was except like soccer was the same thing and now relatively easily lose big on like. Mean what I wanted to suggest was about this is that ninety's it's. Early two thousands NFL head coach. Where literally you did not play all you did was organized she organized the teams jets playbook and did all the boring stuff like negotiate with prima Donna's about their contract and yeah. Make plays and have it he would free and have meetings you would seriously it would be the computerized version of whoever you were sitting in meetings with people and the that would go back and forth between dialog boxes of like should redo this shouldn't yeah. Hopefully and it got. Her first role play game ever it really gave either the satisfaction guy that you don't wanna be NFL head coach because the kind of sucks. Do do you have to spend eighty hours a week playing the game or give your life remembered as I've used. He's the first one in the last one out to a gruden was so good level thirty watching Phil. Sweet. All right oh tie highlight your team's weaknesses uh oh boy 00 don't don't forget to give begins competence by complementing their good play is bonus round I get to you being the coordinator for skeleton drill. RBIs baseball has suggested on the tech fund one that I thought about being in their nicer than a felony either category the blades of steel hockey. The hockey was okay but the fighting on blades of steel is Stan. The bad. There's good points steals let's talk about LeBron. They'll do that to start the next hour we'll we'll do it right after we do good vs evil and good vs evil of course is next since thing. I've had been too busy to keep up on sports this week what does happen. No time to form their own opinions I stand before you today in the midst of not only time. Well no worries brought. What does senator and those same treatment arm while you do sandbagged him right away. It's time for a good vs evil. Time Melbourne and restaurants you know it's fun and any. But there were czar with family friends and now we'd be without merit and despite teammates of course migrant boats and the city of Philadelphia. We're really embracing me. This audio one year old man with a six year old reading level then Simmons during Monday's second annual NBA awards and won rookie of the year over Jason Tait and the dominant Mitchell other awards included jazz is really go their winning defensive player of the year honors. James Harden winning MVP and Bill Russell winning best use of the middle finger on live TV. But what effect this immense many people believe Tatum and Mitchell were better options because they've met more on a hole to their teams beating. They took their teams a little bit further in the playoffs and Tatum skates how do you feel about the award. That's a regular season warn about the big argument with the Benson should have been rookie of the year authorities here whenever. I can go either way with the that I mean the biggest improvement of any of those teams is obviously the 76ers and having incidents play. Accents right I mean you go from 46 wins to. What they went 59 this has to be the first thing you've ever recognized and celebrated the process. Did you try do give me to celebrate the process was that your whole stupid goal of that I did. Yeah now the process is still stupid bin Simmons is good basketball player. BB draft good basketball players you get better that the process every light yet resist. See what you do is you get the good players if they are better players the other day we're gonna. On the bad teams in the event. Gary and Shannon. But the bottom line is that your part in recognizes that he's going to be in major distraction for this franchise moving forward and rather than continue to be. Front and center in the spotlight for everything that's going column often develop with this particular story he made the decision to announce that you're selling this franchise again this season. That was your big timer at a Shia after he's talking about the fine. Being slapped on Carolina Panthers outgoing owner Jerry Richardson the old white. Rich scoop of melting ice cream will pay two point 75 million dollars after the NFL investigation revealed sexual and racial misconduct in the workplace. Delegations included three cases of sexual arrested in the use of racial slurs towards these scouts. The report also says the Panthers failed to report on any of the allegations. Do you think this punishment is a little bit too weak considering the Panthers are at fault as an organization. I don't know because who's punishing them. The NFL the NFL commissioner's office who's really run by the owners and I think. I think they're just going hey look here's a gesture of punishment that we would like to be you don't wanna set or to life is no wonders when we get punished for any mistakes that they make. Because when you go on and help lift weights. Rich people vice premier melting skewed by 2000 who buys him that drew a picture of and he looks I don't know you're there you're accurate what I am saying is his profile pic could be exchanged for any of the other owners and one really knows the difference necessarily out. They all are trying to protect each other you put up penalty it's it's. This is more public relation relations and actual penalty yup. I'll bet everything I have been there won't be perfect in six weeks. If you don't play any NBA games or six weeks Danny Cain you know a lot NBA and ready to shoot in the summer league is generally it does. Date mark hill Paul has got issues. That was one half brilliant sports show Michael bond he's talking. He's talking about the third act of what's quickly becoming the NBA's favorite mystery what's wrong with mark helpful it's according to pull this. New shooting coached the rookies shooting woes were attributable to the I case that the quote unquote yips last season. That shooting coach drew Hamlin says quote I thought it was going to take me at least six weeks before we had a serviceable jump shot. And we birdies started to shoot with the job in week true. But I think it by the end of the summer it will be perfect and quote. Do you buy this. The number one overall draft pick which finally learned how to jump and shoot at the same time. The process is getting the stats isn't. Working. It's in his head enemy in the yips or one of the things you're not familiar with the it's gonna of those golfers term when you kind of forget how to use your body. Then things stop working. On your muscle memory all the practice you put in these idiot she's can't do it you're fighting in yourself internally it's the two bizarre thing. Sometimes they stick around forever sometimes they come and go for it it's it's. I don't know Marco Fultz is definitely got something going on I credit the sixers with protecting him a little bit from them so they. We've kind of don't get a firsthand look in the fact the team played well hit it a little bit as well but. I really do hope he ends up being a good NBA player does need to beat Creighton doesn't need to live up against the number one overall I'd be eight deceit. You know somebody's internal struggles be the reason they fail and. I think it's suggesting that some people are quick to you kind of cast him overboard glad they're talking about like put on the trading block see what happens because this point you know he sucks he doesn't know it it's like well. Humid chance he had just. What do figure this. The whole shooting paying out apparently part of the process is. Wait a year before you play through the 76 to be awesome yeah yeah Richard. Did read. Later I did hear Richard Burton burns right through drafted before use done playing college basketball so mr. All right time for my favorite story of the week in this what actually comes from Denver and a little of the audio speak for itself on this one okay. Should listen very carefully to this story this is courtesy that CBS channel four in Denver are you ready yes. A local artist created a mug featuring a unicorn. Passing gas. It's his funny take on renewable energy that's what's happening with the images serious business is Kelly were put on that story tonight from evergreen. Very some really unique working in this ever green pottery studio but it then it's not about gap. I think a big stink. In the design and I've been doing since Tony cant what began as a playful poke at electric cars has turned Tom Edwards into an Internet sensation and explain to me with a you know parties dealing. Okay this is natural bodily functions unicorn is partying into this. Container and then it's going to record empowering the electric car. The whimsical creation copy I have Elon Musk the genius behind Tesla Motors he took to Twitter about the tutor at last year anything it was quite possibly as they remind you ever Toms says the billionaires tweak gave him a small boost in sales well and you know parting her harness is sales magic but a couple months later Tom got wind Tesla was using a copy of his bottom blasting unicorn to promote the car's new operating system. The straw that broke the camel's back was it Christmas they send a Christmas greeting. And I had my artwork on it and so Tom got a lawyer to reach out to Tesla for compensation. With no response from the company on Twitter firing away at Elon Musk and said hey. How come. You're not compensating my gap Twitter. While. A guy. I know lighter than I heard the story that a lot not you know and very clever ways to dance around the moon before. The word passing winds passing wind in the bottom blasting the there's some clever clever wordplay and there I look at. Eli and us just went pulled the Jewish and heard talk that got credit rules like if you're really that concerned about money which I wiped my past let. Like fine I'll take it down gadgets because I'm a billionaire you want money from Maine this is exploitation. Now. Dude you're using. Is are worth just because I can take children from their homes and forced them to develop flame throwers. Just because we could really billions decision be able to Mars were definitely gonna die when they get there you think of who's got money to throw way. Do you have Leonardo DiCaprio cell phone number. Could argue that united did who doesn't. I hope she sees three available. All right that's good numbers is evil brunch of our friends at 808 to tighten a Hawaiian restaurants 24:54 eastern side or 52 and Woodstock. To the point and show. We dive into what will will brawn due to rule. Next that incentive.