Sinner and Saint 6-2-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, June 2nd
Baseball gets closer to Portland and Growler and the Grill features some weiners!

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now what where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. Oh. Anderson. Astronauts. Chrome and literally and arrows team paso. Went to a school bands and girl let's take an act of 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. Great bargains hot air balloon agenda and try to do my technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland. On Saturday it's. About sports pro soon or those same old game that should rhetoric and they were before so I'm here sports here. More reliable renewable school. And maybe. It's. Fortunately it missed any part of our line there is they've podcast available. Will be available at the end of our show on and he the fan. Dot com let's recognize you less Schwab tires. Oh. Folks. Folks over there the appropriateness of use the word folks ought to do. A hospitality. For many years and one of does that have a chipped kick. I think would be respectful others drop guys as scripture. And then you don't Nicole you know I I never liked ma'am. As a way so is used certain young lady and folks I don't think these two say young lady when I might be offensive to him. I used you know coastal area in trouble he equals demand and I am. See I told until the memo on that you shouldn't ever call. A woman a girl a gal. Or miss there are so young just column women. That woman we asked but when you would dress them what do you call and see go up to a woman someone I don't get our guys are young lady. This gives you woman yeah did you go to scooters every woman. Unaided to use. Sooner or. She's yet understand NL lobby and and you need to get some of the tension that's not looking towards you you walk up to them and yeah he takes to yesterday what do you set. Kids that can be and I can't. I. You go may have won yet. Yes. I replaced with a young lady. At. Its root well would you say to Sierra. Excuse me in my I would miss I would probably use well certainly that's just there with thoughts here it's yeah. She goes should. Stay and under an alias. Know what aliases to bomb. Oh and Wilma Flintstones. Sheryl Crow. That's good. Sierras in the news. Here is news that we're trying to do. Yeah I tried. Never good at transition game. I appreciate the effort you put in so if you missed it Sierra and he plays for football team that's. Also notable for promoting you know bubbles yeah. You know he's a man no gas. Is still there. Still on that train can only hope and let's hope so keep his keeps them from didn't see each year it and fix your brain eating contest concussion and you know bubbles. Yeah he while we're it and him. So there are conflicting story. Conflicting for me conflict the American founding I don't like this guy. But he's kind of hoping that's so Russell Wilson's Sierra our individual the becoming investors in the Portland diamond project. And what they're trying to assemble. The ownership group for potential baseball team here in or rule. Those interest in that diamond project released this news and I should tell you that Russell Wilson. Read it now I have. It doesn't say. If it's going to be Russell and Sierra. Is stressful and Sierra or separately it does that blood and an elbit they're due and press conference today 230 a baseball as. Yeah and they're supposed to go walker in the PPS building here and just take a look at it yes this is. 230 ad says baseball's so to go over there and take or pay thousands of cool story have been in the UK based. I did or did a baseball well I'm still on the fence about Haiti in baseball because I am the most homer guys you'll ever meet so we get a baseball team all jump ball into baseball I don't care all all start to learn it as best I can. It. Backhand not rocket surgery it's not really that difficult to learn so. It's time ball. RB would. What does. It here eleven right. We you and I had yeah you don't tackle and of course all I should we have. I think I would you handle bubbles yeah isn't in a bubble saying and that damages after every statement to say something like you know all that's not what Jesus wants. Let it go that arbiter that adds in aggregate to the dagger quake and an appeal on the old dive in head first on that one. And SE your your conflict of why why it's is. Low this Russell Wilson's got to smog in a certain sense he he's. What does it low key smug I think is what the kids say globe can. That he just kind of once himself round is somebody whose whole article right now ball players. Again the community as to why you favorite lines from that article they put out against about the Seahawks accuse. Last summer you know about the deteriorating cultured up. Was they said oh yeah he gave her body on the team like these three. Plane ticket passes or something with his deal with Alaska another's freedom is like a bunch of miles guy sure and they said yeah I mean it was really nice but here we have to pay anything for it it just it came with his contract. And it kind of speaks a lot to do Russell Wilson is which is discount like. There's really awesome parts about it but would you get to the underlying effective who he is seek Mecca. Are just doing this for publicity. Here's the thing if you go and sign a contract with Alaska Airlines did they offer dirty Diego. How do this but I need this many miles from my teammates. What's that for all to get up bros to Cancun I don't know if you did that. Do you think they suggested it. We view as an endorsement with our company and two to show you how much we care reading give all the beauty I think there's sponsor of the Seahawks anyway it's a made out agreement is to give. Any more information. It took up is different replied that I'm trying to do an investigation. What is your mute replied to my brother works for Alaska Airlines and he'll get me like a buddy pass or free ticket ally with the matter go. You measure it got me a free ticket but that's because he works there at actually paid for with the money that he gets. From shoppers that he works for the same place it chair. I don't know there's just something kind of smug about it but what he's doing now is taking you like Camelot and you. And it's interesting to their res can I get on the bandwagon with this and it's that there's so much more money that he's putting into it is that I I'm pretty sure the other investors probably have more money well sister I think it's just putting a face to this whole diamond project now over where now aggregate on the national scale people are going oh my god this is getting serious can I tell you potential. Portland. Partnership with Russell Wilson may make you love him even more is this real or you making it goes from the text line are let's hear it we get nano bubble beer. And added doctor in a bubble that when the mayor bubbles recover. Does give you a clearer shot and no hangovers guest read the same time it's a recovery and and you know elixir at the same. Oh my head doesn't hurt when managing the nano bubble beer. Like two or three of them I start to feel better yeah. Three more and I'm on cloud nine the act it's just appear to be upon you get the positive affects the bear the other victim nano bubbles. Our blog and if they did that news is here there's nothing to it. There are there hurting the other minerals there is is beards like oh course there's bubbles and it's. Bubbles. Everything. So the whole thing is we're either gonna get the rays the rays or are gonna be one of the two expansion that's. That's the idea that's the putting yourself in position to be and Bob one of those options torture they get or what position would rather be. I think it be cool to have an expansion team I mean obviously over some of the golden knights of the particulars and you won't minutes and thankfully the gold knights off like you went three or four years. And had plenty of fan enthusiasm just seven in new team. Then went stars Dwyane that's when you went up. It totally raw but if you get a expansion team were all the players were you worried she didn't exist. You know new mascot it's a new culture rigs that were not adopting they were creating sound exactly now the rays I think. Be very much like that his name player on the race even if your baseball fan and and you're obviously not keep in would be the rays. The days. The a's are difficult for me because if you if you moved here. Kinda wants them to stay the days. And I'd be OK with that and and you get a lot of history with. They won a World Series championships and I mean their history goes all the way back to the Philadelphia a's in what 1901. And sentiment Kansas City and Oakland could get a lot of baseball history around the eighties. Moral adopt that you know and it like I think let but it literal days came. You would get there you would get their history. Anyway it's like it would always be attached to it because of France had with Arnold federal adopt that like that once something original my when you put it speaker choice was the eighties no baseball. You take the I guess I'd pick the is that I guess that's my thing is like choosing. My first choice would be an expansion team and the rays then the a's put the a's came. I think at that point I think out of streets. As a baseball and had respect for based hopes it's meant to stand in the same division don't change too much up there's a's fans here he. I would I would think that would probably be the best option the equipment urged its. Bigger things here is the whole stadium tock of where we're gonna put the damn thing in I know nick fissures on dirt Sprague this week and you're saying how it's really come down to the point where we wanna keep it downtown right I mean that's where you're gonna drive most revenue for local businesses restaurants it's gonna be easiest for travel people getting off work for day games but I kind of wonder. And I always had this guy in this discussion with you about put it at the PPS building cell near. The motives and modus irons. Bruce Cohen and really it's after the rose corps does what it thought the rooms we recall the rose quarter pentagon memorial coliseum there and then you tell the rose parking which is one of the benefits I think that season overlap you kind of have to worry about where it might become Armageddon there. Debbie give other cities that do it you can simply scheduled gated Dayton. Gay games. Seagate and almost said gay games snared with a gay games gay games. That we did better. Begin day games. Dating games. To play ball and I asked. I gave parents went baseball. It. On the field. We don't care. The day games could be scheduled when you have a blazers game at night you don't work outside it it's not going to takes them you know fancy algorithms to figure it out there they only overlap in the spring and in the went up and all adult. Initiative the World Series and and I think you can manage that as well Scioscia area there's not much that you need to worry about. At least in my mind with with the overlap I think just being close to. Existing parking structures gives you a little bit of an advantage and that if you add additional organ for the baseball stadium. God knows going to blazers game there's times where it's been nice to hold extra parking are part half whipping stick for. If you get to gambled late so and beat and in that makes sense to me but. I was on now primetime last night with with all Suker and that we talked to Maury brown who's part of the push to get he's the leader 20012005. And you have national baseball writer and contribute to all kinds publications and he did the thought that. Even if you don't get the ball park in downtown. And he's very much a realist about just having gone through the process and realize and he could not. Even if you get the plot of land it's not in down his spot was what you would do. Is initially build that infrastructure that housing the restaurants the commercial. All of the the other things you can build around the stadium and you leave that spot where the baseball stadium is. To Bill Blass once you get that agreement from Major League Baseball that you're getting a team. Then you build the stadium but now you've already got a little bit of a downtown infrastructure. Built around it so even if your outside of downtown. You build another. Oil that's gathering that's going to be financially. You're gonna have to have some incredible. Financial timing to do some public. Users needs more housing and then you know even got EPS proposal has I think eight. 830000. Units that they're gonna build into it so there's a lot you can do with that and you're never gonna be you know bad for building housing in itself. Anyways. We are going to talk with I think we're gonna have big fat winners in there so double talk about the night market. We'll talk with them I'll do that next with news sinner and Saint Anthony. Never did yeah hello there I have a minute back. And there's a good way to pull up a conversation about raised look at Portland's. That's talking about dogs. I talk about puppy dogs and talk about Wiener dogs. And we've got friends big fat winners kick off the grower in the growth. Can recommend applying Weiner cocktails a compliment to yield on vacation back to water all the Scots. You defend we believe they're more sophisticated than that. Good team entering college for the best culinary sports offerings of the day's the fan presents a truly enlightened sports experiences. Let's listen to him. Insisted that it. This is the drummer in the group. A weekly feature on the center in the city on Jenny the only sound here. Did it June we've got the and golf classic and back by popular demand at that event will be the big fat leaders who Truckee can also find them at the up or when night market this weekend. And back in our studio is the home of the big for food from before and hails ago I guess that's a man you brought in a couple options for us will. For those that don't know his casket airy NC doesn't eat meat. He brought him they banana at the ticket at. Yeah it was delicious you Rhode vegetarian dog will be given way to unity dug into it what you bring forum in. That's just our outfield roasts chipotle Mexican. Vegetarian dog. And it's got a watermelon pineapple salsa on top we make scratch on the truck. And a little bit of mustard here in there and that's about it. It's organ awesome and this and ice too little by Allah kick perfect you'll love it and then you Brett. As for me as well would bring that's our polish dog with cranberry mustard homemade sauerkraut. So for those that don't know you basically just take classic dog and then turn them on their heads. You build another sandwich and propaganda time absolutely and so last year you guys had in honor of going down to the future competition with down on the coast gala at the mill casinos. First annual food truck off and we took first place in two different categories become best saying which in the state. And judges over all pick so very cool and and he delegates that will be the third time that your out for the and golf classic yes but this week and you've got the port night market I've never been deployed a kick in the pants match and I can't tell all night party in its own based around through loosely based around good student Portland. Yeah we're lucky enough to be a part of that almost every time. I had I can say I have been to the Portland an American before and never once have I went there is. Why I bought it because I never aided again with spicy peanut butter. I don't know how they'll delicious taste talked Meehan had a sandwich I know I I play a little piece of bread they had knows. Jason's okay well well all play an eight dollar thing of peanut butter. But what do you want more urges kind of absent headed purchases that are coming up because later on I had it on scam which had jelly I was like this does not he's a. Tobe able to add to the pool in the market hasn't ban like I mean you said it's kind of go through and it's only party but it's it tell us what exactly yet there's a lot of vendors and their son like a lot of stuff that they maker on Portland's kind of like the Saturday market but it nighttime in a big bar loud music DJ playing tonight I think there's going to be alive bandits the last or the night market until September so. Get out there against some hot dogs school now where it's going to be. It's on third Morrison underneath Morrison street bridge it's a city liquidators building. Very cool excellent and done so we've been talking about baseball coming to Portland I'm sure you've heard the buzz around that and I mean. What better fit. Then baseball and dogs had no doubt. So how do you get a big fat winners. In as part of the practice to start own in this are gonna join Russell Wilson. Man I gotta find out some do that the diggreel little then you do get the gay your truck there into the PPS building today and get some dogs for him in Sierra Waller and if I wasn't tied up in this part of the night target famous Iowa. I maybe Monday. After. Incest so this is new this this cranberry monster as it is for them about that one tree again very. What else you got going on I mean I've had she's. We got the new southern fried chicken sandwich. Which is a homemade fried chicken Aaron seasoning blends. Homemade ranch that we call shake shake ranch because we make with the special seasonings eco chic chic. And we also have the blackened chicken sandwich which is new to kinda lighten up the fair on the trucks let's not just all beefing grease you know. We're also in towards mourn veggies stuff vegetarian options a avocado dog stuff like that. No end your imagination out man I'm just getting warmed up at school so. Let listeners know how if they wanna find you they contracted him other than it's been night and you've got a FaceBook page got the FaceBook page I got my email which is big fat winners at iCloud dot com or my phone number 971371093621. More time 9713710936. And leave that we here's a iCloud dot com. And you can do catering you've always said when we catered events weddings. Whatever whatever you guys need bachelor parties bachelor parties. If you need some food will be there Helen before had a second track. Path still working on embodied. And he is like fourteen albums ever and I get a fleet of yeah big that we use drugs and everywhere. Well today a fleet of wingers. You guys got this interview without thinking or Wiener did I just professional. Here's the thing it's winners of the jokes kind of themselves. You know it's completely that the amateurs we just love him dive on and solid here on imagination yeah exactly it's funny it's give you come on Dave isn't vote. I it's. A columnists have meant so. Yeah yeah can you get government house won a good god those are wrong big bat and I couldn't gags. All right well again in my market tonight with them to kick off starts at 4 o'clock goes till about midnight OK so you'll see the big fat winners food truck there there's going to be a lot of other I agree vendors that are yet be out there whether it's tons of options there's lesions that are there is drinks there's all kinds of stuff going on they're gonna have a live band tonight. And a deejay thing plays up to like 9 o'clock is like that before the band starts well David I always enjoyed talking Q thank you earned her the dog and the fried chicken you have. When you try to violence especially when that mango watermelon salsa pineapple watermelon salsa there. Oh yes it was all right we'll get a big that we had food truck if you've never tried it before. They're fantastic one of our favorites Dave Orton thank you very much appreciated. All right well when we get back we've got to. Debating whether he's got back into the NBA finals we've got them playing tomorrow night's maybe we'll do that. A different direction but do that after the news. Jam. Well any extra hour Daytona that we can do good. And it's it's. You waters that I will say one thing about baseball stadium like as good as civil duty is upload center. There's something about baseball stadium where you can go and you leak and now it's on its way through my hat. I went up and quit dramatic. I was not clear. Sort of feel well. We don't super earth it's up. You wolf thanks Carter well. At a big morning. If you've been really working hard. You have to admit Portland with a baseball speeding. You throw benders all around the way to do in the mode senator well yeah. I can absolutely killed. Lovely what happens every year to begin baseball's you see it. It's not voted for bush put it. There's always like some crazy food they have to kind of one up all the Mariners are some crickets writer get a new item every Nvidia deep fried crickets they have so auction sites where these puts a rod John everything in the entire ball far distance issue -- whoever renteria has some good gets and clam chowder and neighbors and you get the whole thing so yeah but there's something about baseball with the go very well together in Portland. Another benefit to baseball coming were. I did when I ask you though about the NBA finals kind of moving forward and it will make predictions in the crystal ball segment coming up next. But one of the things about the way that the game ended. Where he had a kind of get real champion the end of overtime o.'s real chippy. All interest in Thompson as a 20000 dollar fine. Threw the ball and dream on greens face again you know talk to pay that. Celled spore is. If you manage. And feel like. Childs for the it's that randomness trainees have to test the page to shut up now. And as my girlfriend is rooting so hard we got fine concede loves Khloe Kardashian. Sorry the part of your Rio volume dirty through the reality TV thing out there how much he loves loves Khloe Kardashian. And interest in top bubbled up there Kardashians. That not crazy about Kim. And got a little chippy at the end there. If this ends up being a blow out series. Do you see it kind of going down that road word and of getting into just it's going to be ugly basketball and just bites in Oz. I don't know when they go 30 and you get to game four and it's like five minutes left in the fourth in order up thirty in game two. And distort did in and you got he got dream on to initiate wait Nancy was due land. And stepped Korea the look over a silent everything makes a three pointer lanes at the Indians I don't think so much for game two. I couldn't imagine that because I think the game to really gets out of here and ridiculous with. Like you're saying like it's only point lead. You know some mid fourth. I think he cast at that point cottages throughout the white flag ago OK well let's let's say for game three see what happens. I think it'll get more that way if after. The warriors hypothetically take a 30 lead you get to the fourth quarter game four and now there had by twenty. That's when you'll see things get really bad because that's when the Kaz really will carry more of the warriors do win they're gonna celebrate another title. In Cleveland yeah and I think they just won't care who care what the reaction is that the crowd they'll get is chippy as they want and as much as Cleveland is chipping to them. That's where could he get it dad gave to it. I think it really gets bad LeBron or have enough sense ago okay well we're down. 02 to pull broadened let's just see it matter what happens yeah. The other thing is that it kind of makes me feel like I think the warriors. Are a little tone deaf but maybe it caused her home crowd that is kind of play that apple little bit. Play great game Amanda that they were on fire and overtime but they always is kind of get into that rhythm where you where we dominated. Or necessarily dominated they know they got lucky they said in the press conference they said as much. But they were celebrating from two minutes in in overtime period and obviously the game was getting out of hand that at that point but. I mean they really went all in on little hustle around Danson and do the whole thing. Have they don't care they just don't care they they will not try. Able. They were excused themselves for really lazy play they'll cover up Kevin Durant playing a complete crap they they just don't air at all. Epic what you really started to get to me more than anything it's deeper. Still occurs really starting to get me down because at the end of that game when dream on green was just tackling around drooling laughing and you know pointing at the crowd and making everybody on Steve Kerr himself was just sitting their kind of smiling and wave and off the Pentagon yeah ha ha. Look kid if you're there be so high and mighty. On social and political issues out in the media and basically position yourself as the good guy he's hubris yes. Don't laugh and smile at that don't because that's not you truly green is not what you represented on the worst team in the pet that you kind of brush off his attitude which. By the way caused him to missing game two years ago and basically cost you guys the title Nia. The effect that he can placate the images allow him to do that now screw you Steve curve. Here run violates the car tell me how you really feel about it. Yeah on my list I just still like he. He has two sides to a one that would he gets in the media he's mr. nice guy and really when he's. Around media that's not associated with sports IE social political issues he displays himself as one thing. But how he coaches his team completely contradicts that allowing driven green to do that basically got a treating. Kevin Durant like a little child like if these are gonna play hard OK I I guess I can't. The coach and today let me tell you let me tell you. Only tell you quick Michael mystery cabin maybe he'll be in a better mood. But a lot of the coaching AME if you look around and happening with the with the New England Patriots were you've got this. Reported up you Bolton and everybody's kind of throwing barbs Adam that they don't have any fun and nobody wants to play for a team like that. Five Super Bowls in the Bill Belichick and I mean. It's fun to win mean the Eagles and lane Johnson and another one I mean come out. Us and I wanna play for that it would rate it's like sure easy to say when you just won the Super Bowl against them but. If I don't think he perfectly happy to move over and play for a team. That wins a game. Let alone you know gets to the super every other year and they're. Don't get personality of players I think you have to. He Kate to. Get everybody sentiment about that with the patriots about how all I would I would put a team year I won rings doesn't look fine. Wrong looks like he's having fun ever forget today is pictured this week Brady marketable for me as your eyes on Monaco to another yacht in Monaco yacht. That has a great life yeah I think he's. He's live in pretty good even though Tom Brady himself is. You know I think he he embodies the Belichick mission because he himself is like that George it's one of those things have. You know similar is don't attract very well I think they're two very strong willed personalities and Robert justice in the middle like who are hot money that now but but again the idea that. Winning that much camp beef and and how Cassie is Marcia. Seattle edged and Monica weight eat. Probably don't want our help me and only played fit in and they played better in San Francisco at the end of the year than you did the beginning of the year in New England it. Let's not everything's the golden fit aegis the mean that's part of it and Steve perhaps to kind of play that I mean you. We've already talked about Kevin Durant today in the way is you know personality defects affect the way that we look at him he needs Egypt is kind of that baby how well can you coach. And he's too good ballplayers. And if he decides he wants just. Up and Levy probably will stunt with you know. Oklahoma City it's what you wanna keep this agent I guess sonics. But if you keep this team together and keep winning championships the best that you do is let these guys be who they're going to be. So I don't know that it's necessarily. A reflection of Steve or the way these guys act. But he has very much what Pete Carroll does like just beat UBU and to show up and play our wallets see what happened with Pete Carroll. I think Pete Carroll Carroll won a super bullet back to another one and that's. Outside a village checked there's not a lot of guys that had had a ton success in the CIO. Give me that but I think that with Pete Carroll's situation and it. I don't wanna use the phrase book Paris based because then that's like. Bush blowing gap in your case is reserved for people who just like I have no foreknowledge for what's about to out yeah exactly I don't think I speak. He's Smart he's part of the rebuild not yet he's the rebuild what else that the key was part of cultivating a culture there at Seattle. That was hey it's free Wheeling do you whatever you want but when it comes town to structure. I'm not gonna have very powerful voice that you guys need to kind of passion sack yourself. Be good aspects of that and there can be negative ones which is everybody kind of feels vindictive towards your quarterback now. That's kind of the whole pot that went behind Russell Wilson was that all these players kind of felt like he was. Holier than now are mightier than now and that all the attention is placed on him all that. In the press con or in team meetings during filming everything people saying like you know there was one day where. You know. There's one film day where everybody and gets picked that it needed criticize it's like but Russell Wilson. Is avoided that like he does and what do there's something bad that happens until Pete Carroll always seems to have. Excuse. But I also think that there's also a lot of that where. If you word the face of the team the legion of boom with the pace of this. For awhile yeah yes and then it became Brussels Brussels eighty plus percent of their options last year. That's insane. And then you have the legion of boom all chipped up they've never really they've been cycling through that third tech quarterback cornerback. Position for years and and you lose came chancellor of the year before that you'll lose Earl Thomas last you you lose Richard Sherman as well. The legion of boom was falling apart whether or not Russell Wilson became the focal point team. And and that's just through injuries still don't know Cam Janssen camp coming back and and Richard Sherman. Can I still can't picture him in a 49ers that's going to be one of the trees and members of the lesser known but still it's the idea that you know I mean all that hatred that he had the 49 was directed at a 49ers in that Erin Andrews. So it I mean it was in fact Crabtree and it really is not the same guy is not the same team out there but. There's a lot of venom spit towards him and his team come back and o's but. But I think. No matter who the quarterback one as there would have been it's you know some some disdain forum. But because his personalities soul. Four on the other end of the spectrum from those guys I think there's an element that and Michael Bennett I think filled a little bit of the void. Being that mouthpiece. To that I don't. Know that he necessarily. You know was the greatest. Offs is an off sides machine. I don't makes big plays but I do remember there is that was very efficient there's little pucker moment right after the interception where the pages of the ball and half yard line. And Michael Bennett jumped off sides in game you know a five yard relief cushion there are still only what twenty seconds left and suitable. Michael Bennet as good as he was also a bit of a detriment of the team at times. Both with his personality and his. Welcome back suit. Steve Kerr are Maria and I were talking about how we had listened to you the pregame. Game one on the radio on 9910. They're talking or motor shall learn and she had covered. Warriors that maybe for the past 23 years. Then she said it's really interesting because this is the first year that I can remember going to the practices in covering them. And nobody really laughing having fun she does this team needs to be so much fun you know everybody would be in on the joke everybody would just be kind of really loose when they played in really nothing was ever taken too seriously even in their darkest moments there is always some light of kind of hope and and humor and she is jokes and his haven't line and she said this is the first year where it's really just kind of been very very serious where even when the worst moments things are taken extremely seriously and personally by certain players. And you and I both came to the conclusion that. I kept entering its part of that always a big part of it may be the same things about the patriots two where it's like when you're expected to win the championship every year. And anything less than that is a failure. The waiting carrier repression of the warriors or the patriots in that respect. I could do you think has a greater level of pressure to win their respective title every year. I'd go to the warriors because the majority of their play all the players to meet that may be boundary dollar in the prime. And Tom Brady is it's now the the narrative is a little bit more of how long can keep. So plus is not really it didn't really have a rival against the Steelers. I mean so other there's mr. analysts like the raptors are able to. That's like yeah hey were. We're gonna talk this up as something big that it look as in Tom Brady's prime it was always Peyton. And I think he's beyond his prime meat and he's still playing and I'll always. Guess the raiders ravens were kind of does it Payton man of yes it was a patent against Tom Brady but again right now it's. Steal. Any pitchers seem to need here is that the Bronx is really never our rival. Before the well we should didian the spurs when he is in Miami. But in back to back and they they won one in and lost the big case for the Celtics because the loss than a bunch of times in Cleveland during its first and then finally beat them I think is. Actually Perry's first Miami's south you had this least. Well there's that mr. hey never saner. And yep that's going to be the interesting part of this whole rival rivalry once it ends which is it'll define most of basketball that when he tents church. It this'll be enemy in the 1990s as Chicago Bulls will remember the 2010s. By LeBron James and holds that orders that it looked erupts in never happened before any sports NC. Possibly five under oath he. Well let me possibly five in a row even if he goes to another team on the east side has really any team egos you. In the Eastern Conference they're gonna gates there's no way in hell even the Boston Celtics with a healthy carrier ring in Gordon Hayward could be a sixers team. With LeBron James on it and I would guess they pick up a couple more keep better. Ron James did not leave without having a plan in place to add somebody that he really play with two wherever he goes that's what they're saying about LA is that if he goes to have to expect Paula Georgia's gonna follow. I think you're right but. You know we owe it to people. We the people demanded every week and they wanna know what our picks so they know where to put their hard earned cash. Who make those pics for you and we'll do that next in the segment we call. Missed doubles. Misses than in the same man. He went back through all of our shows. Senseless. United together. And I tabulated on all the pics we've ever made. And I am I'm not great and I'm 47%. You have never missed it. So if anybody is listening higher don't think that's what. That can't be 100%. Accurate every single week. Would rely on me. Which our great song title for countries on the brink yet I'll wouldn't Rhode Island me he outward. In. Mind. Yes I think we think that worked well cup send it over Willie put. I want you when alive on me Ira you Ireland is really game. Let down at Rio. Thought I'd the Arab played musical instrument. Or sell one work on it again your twins a boy I've conquered it he did spider on the piano again rural road building and bridge that hey any eight year. Get your paycheck. Easier it I don't know I don't my brother my brother has made the suggestion absurd to think that he might be right you'll be you'll be all in on this earth. Just give those two idiots couple tennis racquets yes it's free. Easily get a couple cans of balls and and then you know I can join and play him play guesstimate as one on two until they get better than me than just thrown out and play against each other well now the latest in any supervision. Want to warn you is analysts yours Serena or Venus Williams you got a lot of money up front. When that. Is in tennis there's this other it on ESPN like a year ago that talked about how tennis if you're not like one of the top twenty players in the world. You're you're just traveling costs you money yet it and you're practically warp like you're going to these turn and inspect it and take. You can't go to the any of the overseas ones because it's too much money to buy tickets trips and then when you're going to the ones that are in the United States treat actually qualify like the masters 500 or like just qualifying turns your driving them and listen you're saying it days in. Let's be honest with the money though the thing at a college scholarship to go play tennis Amare. And I think that's the money that's about what it save it money we're not looking at earning money we wanna do is set up their futures so that they can be yields a speech you should. They wanna make it so that you can now wanted this to my kids that they get a scholarship and then you don't have to pay for their tuition or make it so they're in debt and then you look double good. Because then people go while you were such a great parent you got them ready for college. I'm really what it was as you go this is for an awesome I don't have any debt are not pay for kids' college and they're not constantly asked me for money yup. And they don't have been on a big student loan payment and you know governments and as a graduate yeah. Yeah they go up so yes just couple tennis racquets bucket of balls and just leave that for other late what it team and tournament's. There it. It's osmosis. And it's near him and then and they'll merge and it's shame let's yeah a bit if they do they put the minister gets in now are in there yeah Bakken plays that. And tackles and Venus. Anyways we did make some six figure. Today is Saturday there is a hockey game today oh. And really. It's time for me in the showed act like Inoa. Well what what's going on this you never you never bet on in the golden knights take their talents across the country to Washington in the be on the games against the capitals in Washington. I'd get game three denied that the one tied 11 series Judy get tonight now I read my update that I'd written direct that sports center. That the capitals record five well so based on that information I'm gonna pick their biggest gold. There's are I think I think tiger and I only can have that I think Washington's mr. nick wanted to. Keep guys do. You'd love and I'm definitely gonna have to pick field double down on Vegas called the golden knights tonight I won't make you pick the rest of the games in the week we do have game two tomorrow. And Wednesday it's game three Friday is dean who. We've got three games in the NBA finals the here's could be over by then we go on the air next. Saturday evening about the possibility I think it's a possibility I do expect this one to go five games game twos can be really interest me because I wanna see. If you have him line Kevin Love it keep insisting that technically he had in game one being able to allow staff hurried just kind of it's completely understated how Kevin Love defendants Decker. Completely he allowed him to go into the lane to try to face a bigger players than he had to kick out any relied on outside shooters. It kept looking Heath that kind of play I think every chance he hates you if they lose game field. This week. How easy sweep it pales in here. Now I think go back to Cleveland got branch investigating win but here it happened jeers that is gonna go off for 35. Rug and another fifty. And they'll still managed to loosen out a game through that'll be the amazing part. But I bet against I'm against pushing it at least six I think they're gonna win. At least. One of the next three games and maybe pick up another every night I think they can win tomorrow night I was actually surprised. How little effort it looked like plummeted to score fifty points he didn't seem to entirely exhausted. And now other benefits after that it. So the big cast in game two we'll see what happens if there that that. It will say advertisement next weekend. In the small and children. Now thanks to Dave door coming in have been great weekend and I. Thank you that I'm a genius feature of.