Sinner and Saint 6-2-18 Hour 1

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, June 2nd
NBA Finals Game 2 preview and Lebron James' purse

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy. Doing great things since 1952. AK heads happy Saturday. Who's fired up for some hockey today not well gas. A murder for that putt to drop you know what I always. I was listening a lot of people this week there's no ups that there's breaks two day break between the NBA finals games. Go outside. Yes utter is a perfect day and what is man. About like if you don't need to have something. Every single day means. Football season how excited we get for spoke all season did you have this anticipation. Building now. Up and -- wait till Thursday night the game's gonna be terrible but that's a precursor to Sunday where things can be awesome and go to Monday when the games are lame again because he had absolutely key is PM and then you know put red product but you tip that. Build up. Game every single day and what do we complain about youthful ball. The problem is there deluding their product because there's stretched they're played too many games on too many days college focal plane Mac games on Wednesday you have righted now they gave. They need to keep concentrated. We get to the NBA finals and we do. Two days do we hey. A bad about it. Then what other well moment in sports. Baseball to. Put two million. A few people. Lights. I got teen mom to you going on here in the studio what else teen mom two delegates sequel to the series of yeah well. There's so much orderly or does it it's that teen moms that are ready avenue second kid Blount still do you go to notes C. The original teen mom they had so much team mom that they said we now need to bring more teen moms on. And so they made teen mom two which I enjoyed teen mom to a lot better than. T moss site awaits you all interview about this is like a duplex situated on any of teen moms on both sides of the duke players they don't interact with each other does that to factor the two factors in as. Basically there was teen mom the original which is now called OG but what. This so there was original teen mom so there is okay. I guess I've never actually seen this year you've ever seen teen mom. Now so I don't know really it's like teen wolf though is he does to its women who got knocked up early and are now living their lives. Cat and Sony still teenagers. Note at this point they're in their twenties. Our votes lets you watch that's what I got on here in the studio didn't really help with the gold go outside motivational speaker and I needed to go outside and get teen moms journal of their lives here points. Fair point you know my fiance got me on the show because we have a trade off thing CI get to watch CO2 teenage. She's not a ticket you will see mom. It's a trade off thing. See where I got to watch sports one night and then she goes the next night I get to watch reality TV and I go OK final deal with that now certain like it. I'll see you want to win there have now I kind of like I kind of get excited to watch team on some type in my have. My wife watches the bachelor and bachelorette the get involved in the no I try to 'cause one of our local sports personalities three. From Fokker what is it NBC sports northwest political up and yes she was all there am I won the one of the gals. Is on the outside check it. Let's approach debs and beat you appeared Watson. And it's got immediate that's about as far into reality shows again what little I. It will correct I didn't watch a little when Aaron Rodgers brother got a pretty crede get some attention on their. Well as much like that played the hole or that the media he abandoned his family. Yeah its bizarre we mean that we were docked at a time and a new York and what he's about Aaron Rodgers pizzas and yes this is bailing he had an existential crisis after the Super Bowl. Yeah well I didn't know what else to do with the. Well man I wanna see you all I have had a billion the dollar's. Role to play and date in this hot piece. Who's a comedian. Mean now I am now all right actors now I'm date Danica Patrick. Rough life. What am I mean I don't abuse the the footage of it. But a claim that drew is drew right into the windows stripped. Yeah never had a scratch on it though it does dog is what stuff. And I love those state farm commercials that they had to at a dog to Aaron Rodgers 'cause they go he so damn unappealing at this point nobody's even. No he's responding to these so we have a dog in the equation. Is he had a feeling that he's horribly and appealing iPod through five is Aaron Rodgers unappealing as easily yeah. Lot of him. I mean look at this play but when it comes to him being in his units if they don't let off yeah when he opens his mouth I just fall asleep. He's an appealing OK and he's not that hot. I'd like Israel and in her Roger's not yes or now. But that group Aaron Rodgers spoke it well. I hear it and you can I interrupt who I Sid spoke at wet hot is he. Question mark cashed it. I'm not big hoopla and that's a blood splatter let us know what you think is yeah. These are well that's ever flood it's a picture of him with the stirred up Brit when Aaron Rodgers got that. Of that rat that's the place of they've edited. And be the worst show we ever do. Maybe the best show we ever do but from the start I have no idea restrictions go get teen mom got Aaron Rodgers but we can get into some team on to. And that an expert but this is the part the show where we we fulfill our promise to all those listeners that come exclusively to listen to the sooner the saints. For all of their week's sporting news. And we catch you up and everything that you may have missed. In its segment we call. In case you missed it. Case you missed that the Stanley Cup finals under way in the bus plus Vegas golden knights won game one. Prompting one idiot I know to ask me the question before you get the baseball team do they have a chance that shot at winning the World Series in year one. Pulse that idiots will Americans. All I at all. Our hot enough games silly case you missed the Washington Capitals narrowly held on to a victory when Braden hold the patty late third period save that may have been one of the greatest of all time great game. In the game then nights Alex tuck was actually criticized for not lifting the clock higher on the shot. Those that you don't know this is like the hockey you quit went a victim Jamie. Oh he was asking for DC what he's wearing. Say oh. And get them. Did you see the saved you know I don't watch rock. I don't get involved in the Brit Brit Kobe made like one of the most ridiculous age completely out of position he throws himself across the net. Reach they'll just stick and blocks it and they come out and got a shot was enough. You didn't that was empty and the guy just threw his stick over there and some it is goes what is ball should better better shot. Now it cred to the. In case you missed it this week the NBA head game sevens in both conference championship series. But if he did miss it don't be upset because what happened was exactly. You saved five hours yeah. This is the first time since 1979. That both conference championships went to a game seven. Like the cavs in the war is in 1979. Finals and beat a rematch between the Washington bullets and the Seattle SuperSonics. Maybe that's the way the NBA finals find a new match up next year the jays are warriors named to the Golden State sorcerer's and they move the cavs did the morning and call the tornadoes. Supply on the east Supersonics and and the bullets no longer just. Listen we're have to watch accounts warriors for the next decade if LeBron doesn't leave these probably gonna get a free agent it'll come. And play for nothing we forty years grow young alleys the only way to get a different matchup is changing names. That's clever young guys plays on 1979 very well. Yeah my the idea that yeah. He's always asking for a punch in the face is as anybody who wears a sonics that's sonics to jurors the sonic Kevin Durant Jersey to a blazer game yeah half I just get out if you're dale Shawn Kemp your okay lady Bernadette let shrimp. If you owners let's stripped Jersey I want to talk to you and find out where you got it but if you did you get that Pedroia and Kevin directors. If you Kevin very Jersey just get the hell out. Unless woods where no Casey commander enters into the game like I don't like phantom for the Sonics doesn't belong here there's no point to. I did see a kid when a guy Kevin Durant and Casey Jersey ended industry backed up just for segments were in the car and taken yeah. Burr Dan Jersey. Any Kevin managers let's be honest. Over this it's. Better. One more attention back to the 1979. NBA finals that was the last time LeBron James didn't finals. Of new. This week Danica Patrick completed her final race of her career at Sunday's Indianapolis 500. Acacia missed the finish. So to cheat. 08. Wow should have went through the race that's disappointing for murder let's pretty awesome. The end of her career you know yeah yeah and a career too well and other favorite moments while their right here body. Even though Danica Brad never won the Indianapolis 500 her third place finish in 2009. Is the best finishing position for a woman in the history of the race. She also finisher IndyCar career as the third hottest racers ever behind Mario Andretti and Helio Castroneves. No way in hell you know any of that without Google not ready come on you know Marty and that is a name. I mean I know the name I didn't put a name to a face and Helio Castroneves. He raised I think it was David Letterman race teams who showed up on Letterman. To dream about Helio was castroneves. Super Mario Andretti it's mar entries are just a bunch of Italian guys there are Islam there's a bunch of and readies there's a whole slew of injuries Mario family thing. The end readies. And Freddy's pay attention it's all worth noting that Danica Patrick finish second as the hottest racers in the history of NASCAR behind Dick Trickle of cause great game incredible name greatest short track racer of all time unfortunate name. If you're a woman he just slept with JR. Well I guess it's is named Dick Trickle down and then you think like oh boy this can't be good. Bet they just kind of insights like I might have some this. Again did you Dick Trickle greatest short track racer of all this and the stricker and other short short track. True true short. The winner. Of the race was Australian will power. When a veto that the Indianapolis 500 he barely edged out IndyCar veteran steel resolve. And the hottest driver on the circuit self restrict. Talk a lot about hot drivers today look hot wet driver talk. It's there hot it's a veteran and I did that oddest ever. If he saw a name you said will something that will power will power and in the perk us we'll resolve. So mr. our aero. Case you missed it this week Isiah Thomas declared LeBron James is much better and I quote much better player than Michael Jordan all. I don't know which I think it's an ascetic that a defense a headline but at least the debate is finally. Posts. I also sought Patrick Beverley tweeting. After game one of the finals he said something like. Forget Huey he was and saw he added insult to make chair Smith are that was Tristan Thompson who's talking smack they go. You're at home right now on your couch like you talk any asked about it is those players you us insufferable guy. Right after dream on dream. Apparently on any teed it based treatment greens Bayard she talked trash directly to people if we got Patrick Beverley he somehow helped propel us through the second round of the playoffs it would bother me. If your backcourt is Patrick Beverley and even film would normally got. Asked I would watch every game because though analysts it would happen I thunder and lightning they get into fights with each other yeah I mean how Greece points will be scored together with the over under on that like twenty. And I'm saying don't like a month. It erupts in seven game series at the other ad scoring. In case you missed it. This week the 76ers general manager Michelangelo's discovered to have as many as five burner accounts on Twitter hall some of the tweets that people took issue with -- were joy along beads on court behavior. New Orleans no l.s problems in the locker room Jules local forum a remarkable injury issues. The the Twitter accounts went to the defense of Michelangelo's job performance in the made disparaging comments about same pinky his predecessor. And what they counts just took pictures of these 76ers players' heads and Photoshop them onto bridging eels and body. This is not the first murder. Account solid. The NBA is seen of course everybody remembers Kevin Durant is famous when he was cut. Posting to the wrong accounts. And then of course the other Twitter drama had Twitter existed in the 1990s we all know that Bryant big country Reeves would add several burger accounts well. At last one. Took a more Uga it's 23 it's it's it's. Picked the best one are there well. They'll lead into the next one good supporting me and that's to keep interrupting. How can I not. I don't know pivotal point of us are allegation missed the Cleveland Cavaliers missed a golden opportunity to win game one of the NBA finals George illness the last second free throw. And when JR Smith got the rebound with four point seven seconds left. It seemed. Like he forgot what the score was but. In JR Smith's defense. He may have just forgotten how much time was left or forgot which team he was gone or forgot where it was or forgotten the object of the game altogether. It. Cavs despite losing LeBron James did have 51 points. In the las proving LeBron James may be. The best runner up in the history and and Serrie Jim Kelly maybe in all of sports while and that we start. Projects. In the NBA if that is next. And it's made up. It's part of that segment and better like Willis. Don't hear it. It could be. But I really can't. Get any better or worse things could be stacked up. Go in both directions simultaneously for some people I mean it's a matter of opinion it's the omnipresent. Segment. Expanding its its XP ever expanding like the universe everywhere every moment that it expanding in all corners of the universe at all times. That part of game one of the NBA finals. Well. Because I know what your favorite part is annoying it is I want to talk about it but it's now become my paper part. So. Okay so of the game itself. I was I was rooting for the caps as seriously as a plus absolutely hate the warriors major I I detest them at. And board for 88 Kevin. And I like the team before he was there an OK you dream Andre kind of like that he gets into people like a guy. Listen the guy was was was in the headlines all year because Charles wanted to punch in the face. And during the games it try to put critics. It's perfect he'd he'd plays his older Kevin Durant you don't always gonna get he disappeared a little but meg game and then winning kind of take it took. Kevin ran off the local. Dude if JR Smith would have just gotten redundant backup space because the rebound was over Kevin Cash it and it took a shot to win it overtook it wouldn't. That would be in the storyline Kenderick you're seven feet all wire you grabbing that rebound so I was I was pretty upset. And the cavs lost. And I didn't root for LeBron all again. My spirit errant they have never been like a big Castro Brothers were pretty against the warriors are elements of upset of accounts. But had to cavs won. They wouldn't have had the press conferences that they yes and the greatest moment not just of this game. Or press conferences ever but maybe Elton sports. Is at the end of the game. Vague they go back and they come out of the press conference to 1 in the morning in. The press room or brawn James and it's light and Marc Stein of ESPN is is badgering him about. What was going through JR Smith Ed and the end of the game which. Marc Stein what Mora knowing journalists are oh and this was this was peak. Annoying marks yet he could not have been doing a better job of just. LeBron what you flick and was gonna escalate the know colleagues ruled JR Smith do you think he'd do what was. And a I don't know. What you put yourself that you should would you saw it go to bed but what do you think it. We know went in and out. Of shape shouldn't way. LeBron. Stands up and and normally in a press conference for. You just see the backdrop you really have no idea the big the room is an until I was in a restroom. Think that there lobbed at that point in Rina but the of these very small rooms. And that angle that the camera is that when you see it. Shows how small the roomy as how big LeBron is stands out shall brawn stands out. And you just seemed how world everybody else in the room he's damn near did CEO. But. Because pre gaming had to show up in his Richie Rich Little. Such short suit. The stunning suit. With shorts yes we stand that patsy. And he has to delicately adjusted shorts down which is a very dainty moved begin. Literally does it yes. I mean you can't get up in your crotch and you got to adjusting to walk normally fine. All looking dude storming out of press conference firstly as do. Delicately adjusted shorts out of his crotch. And he grabbed his sunglasses. Put money Ed delicately. Grabs his jeweled earbuds tosses more virtual shall early goods jewelry. And he picks up his 171000. Dollar. Shiny glistening alligator skin Ers held her purse and gist struts out like beyoncé out of the room. And turns my extent. Be better. It's great I love it I loved everything about that and you and I watched it probably four or five consecutive times yesterday breaking hilarious and nobody. In any sport ever could pull that off. And not be mocked. Mark O'Brien genes oh I will. Relatively areas oh scored 51 points and drug a garbage team to the finals where really he should of won the first game stolen. It's the whole game away from general of the greater teams of a decade. It just do you couldn't Wear a half suit and carry around a seventy degree in purse okay. Share all of their words on no way LeBron James looked back against now up for that. Like a dress for success that there Yamaichi one to be where and leg just denim on denim and just stormed out of their in the Canadian tuxedos didn't have to adjust a single thing you can Wear whatever he wants I give that put in that moment when your like. Is that good about that game was I mean you saw. Full motion for you mean it was. The good the bad foul calls you have the JR Smith. Brain fart you had. That overtime word lockstep curry shot stepped creatures be funny and chipping of it yeah. It relatives like. Up yours but he did that. If he said I think court is that these said a word starts at bat that we can't and the air but he excuse. Is he was yet the end of overtime he has got a little scuffle with late onset of its. You sought every emotion from him many storms on the pressing you know we won February something different bill because. Here's how I see that's the worst had no right whatsoever. To talk any trash. Not know they did when they're up twelve and overtime and and that's when they chose to what it is only word they were so pocket at the end of that game. They should get an opportunity to have that shot at the end of the end of regulation or. JR Smith distance just got free throw George Hill and keep it took the bat you wanna see the war years with four point seven seconds left. Down by one. The owners have assembled probably one of the greater team's all time sure that was how many what three years ago and then you add Kevin Durant who is eight players in four years ago with the warriors together in the red Kevin Durant these transcendent talent. And you basically don't try during games this to me this series no matter what happens this season will taint Kevin Durant it's. Legacy when his little. It will completely tainted because of the fact if you look at him he'd just go in dominating games what is it that you let JR Smith can rebound from you. He couldn't hit any shots during game one why is it that you seem to disappear in the finals if you're not up by fifteen herself. Yeah you stood as an MBP when your routing people yeah it's. We really easy to play well when you get like what three minutes rest on the bench when LeBron James. It's what 22 stressed at picking a little bit more rest this time because you remember there is that out. In the second quarter were there or what George Hill run the offense there's going to Kevin Love every time on the block yeah I want. If he he's a front runner that's what he is front runners go there are guys that in free agency go to the team that beat them. Any seven game Western Conference finals when your team had a 31 lead. Mean he just keeps his boys are going to be on your team now. You kidding me. Eight it just it it continually. Shows itself this guy's character. Hits and. I can't either and insecurity level that he has where he has to creep burner counts yeah. Yes to defend himself constantly from people tuck asked him which is like to remind the crater. Basketball players in the world why you just forget and let it be yeah I mean you've got to expect that people are gonna come at you when you Nikkei career decision like this where it's clearly just something you're doing is a tour. It's just like I gotta get that checked off I gotta get an NBA finals this should there ago that you do it yet. Well you re. The other the other big thing about game one know was the officiating. And I actually got the final two the last two minute report the bad yeah we'll do that next read after the news. We'll get into the last few minutes reports. Action that is Marc Stein is a reporter it was march towards. Happy you did say that I is missed the mark. It's. And my apologies marks I was pretty serious because there are slandering someone I had my apologies aren't signs. I don't think the vitriol was intended to go towards either of the marks in that it was hospital Bronson blame you for. Making it filed diet you know this is gonna put us in about light with the marks. Within we've been trying to get mark shorts on the show for. What. Know mark Steinberg and marks the odds are a key catch it east. You never we never once called march words betray you Marc Stein forever. To make sure we get that right moving forward pretty rude unbelievable. And the worst thing we do have polls which approach are but those. Yeah it's well let's do and do that before after the two minute before have you looked at the two minute or looked at it. There's some investors tells speaks I go. And you can look at Iowa OK give all mine there was a lane violation. A bit less than that the fact he's done all of those missed calls and in the NBA comes that goes. Budget bill that you do reversal on of the calls that you also on that the ditch. We kinda had write and edit an upset that we got a call all right it's that we reviewed the first place. But past that but guess what you know other critical play again forgot to score a negation made the free for awhile. That player that you hate on the warriors reminder. Lined lane violation on that this free throw should have been taken over which would have erased everything that. We've talked about for two days which by the way as a big deal not really it's. Again everybody everybody is called but it's it's everybody commits lane violations it's like Phillies sculpting in the NBA adding. Again that might have been on a technique but I'm not really sure why they call that I mean. There lane violations constant it's like it's like traveling I understand that but it but again. For it to be two days. Later and all the people that are still upset about. That all it was reversed the charging call. The two strips the foul on LeBron right after one of the strips that are men go and review the cavs lost. This again this is the NBA presenting the information you going. Oh by the way here's another thing just its ad deals adds fuel to a fire. That's against the bit bigger point of the whole thing but. What do you set up and tell people what are pools are on Twitter apps sinner saint and eighty or at 1080 the fan. What do what are you up are they were. Two polls today the first one is which of the news music videos takes the cake for most ridiculous music video. We got 8% for L cool Jay's doing it which it's him pretty mr. Skoda peep shows and eating impeaching just. Just hit with chicks are like four minutes straight that is every LL cool. The dead tied 20% we have Michael Jackson's remembered the time. That's sort of magic Johnson and Eddie Murphy has the Egyptian. Pharaohs and whatever and the grandiose sending of Michael Jackson at dissipating it to sand. That's crazy they went type that is dancing on the ceiling with Lional Richie which blew my mind you never seen the city aidid I'd never seen it until this morning and and I saw the camera trick they did and I said how the hell is that skywalker on the ceiling. I got a feeling he's got a. And then the end are dancing in the streets with David Bowie Mick Jagger that's get a huge lead at 52% which it is. It's one of the most absurd ideas are lodged in my life because it's just basically them. Fueling sexual tension for five minutes just really like. Like you do it but did that I'm just like just kids which does just cans but it's also weird eighties sexual tension out. Since Roger it is and Mike can mine is you don't you guys are getting pretty close to kissing could you just do it at the end satisfy everybody. Other pro we have. More sporty look of course and that if LeBron James averages 45 points during the NBA finals should he win. These finals MVP regardless. Of the outcome. 11% say now. Up 9% say yes well it's funny. Mean I did add that stupid joke at the beginning about. LeBron being the best runner up in NBA history be a member. Jerry west was won and nine in NBA finals he's bowl logo of the league. And heat he's one of the guys that we don't mention the six guys or whatever that add fifty point. Finals games Jerry West is one of them and he won an MVP in defeat in the NBA finals so would be unprecedented. All they talk about Powell also. After LeBron loss is for sure and I think in twenty and when he eleven of the mavericks that he called Jerry West and talk to me and he had said you know he's got a feeling down in the dumps about himself and west instead. And you think you feel bad I'm for again one for nine yeah take you don't talk to me about that you have the whole or is she your career to make up this happens I ain't. Hey it's. To me that it keeps getting into this whole conversation of who's better Michael Jordan or LeBron James and I think. The best way to kind of just quell it and say. It's over let's not talk about it anymore ist. The brawn James is the greatest player of his generation for sure. That's all you have to do you don't have to compare the two because Michael Jordan plated a completely different time he played in a completely police his greatness was compressed into a decade he played in the eighties but he didn't really become rate until he hit. The ninety's what he was a star too is that they came into the league in the UMB like my you can and you know first signature issue and there's so much about Michael Jordan. But she's a CEO Ron James spans 2000. And helix he'll expand in the forty and still the NBA will be defined by LeBron James in the 2000. In between tends to be two years. A LeBron James owning a league that's that's part of it too though is as we try to do you know. We try to do all of these. Breakdowns. Of of legacy in the middle of his career. And because if you watched this year at 33 years old led the league in minutes. Drug eight hapless cavs team to the NBA finals. And is is doing things we've never seen him do it he's never had fifty points at finals did he spend eight straight has had plenty of opportunity to do it. But he's he has move on his shoulders and he's carrying that weight as effortlessly. As he ever has also carry a purse. And it's very good point. Who knows what you're going to see it if if he plays for another five years that's a twenty years career. Get a sense meaning he puts millions of dollars in new body every year out to make sure that he can play. Do you think his career is over after the five years don't. I don't think over birds. It's minimized. Get a deep pairs up with somebody any because. Because these guys it might be the best comparison to him is when you when you start speaking of longevity is. And Grimm won championships late because he's playing with guys like Magic Johnson a Michael Thompson James Worthy and mean he did part of the showtime lakers if you have will brawn where he is the second act. As a you know role player. And it's hard to imagine but imagine. Having LeBron as your second third or fourth option on a great team. And there's no reason to think that could manipulate his way to being on the team looks similar to soothe the worried at all I think. The difference between hearing Karine music Kareem really never had to change roles cream was always the score and cream had the advantage of one of the most enviable shots of all time I get my what is the longevity is is people forget play for 21 years political james' words you go into this tipper roll right like what you're saying what a slasher or not a ball dominant player. The shot this year he could go as a spot up shooter. That's a big change for him I mean in Miami Heat kind of played that he was walk more in the posting his Clinton Dwyane Wade kind of dictate the offense a little bit more but. One of the suggestions has been recently this week Haywood he goes to the rockets so then you have CP three hard in June and LeBron James I mean. You're gonna expect on that team LeBron James gonna handle the ball. Most of the tied it to mean it seems weird to have LeBron James on a team where he's not gonna wanna handle the ball in the last two minutes. What appeals and rigid to get roller is just a passer just a distributor just a point guard Benson and scan it at whatever bit but again. That's that's a crazy thing about LeBron James Kruger I guess and you kind of made my point for me is. Who knows what's next for this guy is if you told me at the beginning of the year that he have a season like this replace all 82 games. Lead the league in minutes. Switch teams halfway through the year 13 of the roster flips over the limp into the jobs barely hanging on to a fourth seed. And then have deployed to a seven game series. To speak their way in its. This year has been as remarkable as any we've seen for LeBron James because what he's at work. If the capsule is in the finals are we gonna remember this year and oh yes really. I think you do. Know man like I think the most memorable LeBron James your duties when he twelve. Because he won MVP and he had the most insane statistical year of anybody has efficiency with. Through that app and root the guy was almost averaging a double double with I think that 53%. Field goal shooting. Like it was in senior in any topped off with finals MVP in winning the finals for the first double. Happens this offseason. That's the other thing about LeBron what happens this offseason. And don't. That he stated he goes if he leaves this will be remembered as the last season Cleveland and the reason he left. And it DO GR Smith being a moron at the end of the season roster turnover all the things that have just gone. That's the reason he left Cleve if he stays. They need to rebuild this team over so this is I don't know what you can you it's that's they don't have it in money to do and there's not and you can't do anything got to keep the same castor go find some other veterans who were willing to take some pay cuts and just say OK I'll let it I think it becomes memorable based on what happens next. So no I mean it's it's. It's as entertaining a game one of them ever seen. I hope that you get the of what you got game one the rest of seers dude if they don't win at the cap selling game to. I don't know if I can watch the rest because at that point on Disco it's going to be a sweep you know as a sell out. Becker is yet or act commitments a lot of oracle. Well we may get back into the NBA finals and our two but we need to get two good vs evil that is next you listen into the sentencing. And needed. I've had been too busy to keep up on sports this week what does happen. No time to form their own opinions I stand for your today in the midst of an hourly time. Well no worries brought. Because senator and those same trick and are well you do sandbagged him right away. It's time for a good vs evil. Time Melbourne and restaurants and you know. Yeah in just a few localism LeBron. Just football and we've done ourselves a hole. That was cooked polls payable twin brother Chris Paul. He was rightfully so looking after the rockets game seven loss in the Western Conference finals against the warriors Sunday. Well of course it did not play because a bum hamstring and 27 straight missed shots later. They'll missed three pointers this reporters thanks to picture indicating that other work all night. Out awesome river is involving Paul and LeBron James this come to light the New York Times as well. Courting the all star point guard is actively recruiting game to the rockets that season. Let's say this could financially work meaning Ryan Anderson that this path at Seton Hall carded in games that. Talk about LeBron James having to have the ball in his hands and then give to other guys that have them all of their hands. And in isolation offense by the way he had eight. Don't. Really see it working plus through LeBron James why on earth would. Left home and that his camps. War I mean. Let me let me get the rockets this year were close enough to be I mean they really shouldn't be the warriors hackers called her I would agree with that too but it. I don't know if he wants to take that same kind of path it. I'm very curious what he's gonna do I I wonder I wonder if LeBron James is even decided what he's going. The fact that he has to be actively. Rooted it's one thing I don't think he's made a decision not only expect to be in the finals necessarily and I don't think he's made a choice on what he wants to do and it'll have a big effect on his legacy. Everybody's gonna wait until that happens when they do anything except itself. Hornets and I remember. Trevor and out here first democratic side that somewhat of a free agency that was restricted. Who's normally the seagate can feel good van and it feels good now. The bandits and the though is still playing wide receiver in the NFL Brandon Marshall 34 year old signed a one year to. We've dollar contract with Seattle this week Marshall. Coming up here surgeries this comes as Seahawks begin their portable rebuild adding veteran Paul wideout that may help kind of balance out Doug Baldwin. Marshall says quote I didn't have a lot of options do you think he can it. Make a real impact on this team this week. But let me other great okay Brandon Marshall is the difference between a few more wins and two more. No probably not directly. But it work when you sit the two million dollar country one million wit. Potentially get up to two in incentives if they cut in there are only out the word. Like 90000 dollars. But it's a once we're going which if you bring in our should be pretty sweet if you went to camp. These tax cut like Derek Slater yet many. And that into the sea I think it'll one point one million dollar cap fit so it's it's it's not a big commitment on the Seahawks are you bring him in and if he can be. A strong veteran presence in the in the receiver room and and help out there's a lot of young guys on the that it. Haven't had much playing time in a bills is again as a lot of experience plus it gives you know the red zone target to meet him gone. I think he could have a big effect on this team a couple of different places one veteran leadership and to the red zone so yeah I think I think. Maybe maybe not directly but it indirectly got two wins. Sure if he plays well it not be kind of Lyndon Johnson follow up question would you take him as bright said. Now having him. All that we have gone on me that I mean no I didn't think we goes. You know just. Just noted that fan bases like it's. You. Starling. Game. It. Is a rare sound bite and that FL player saying something stupid but. What else. Soaking with ironing and president of brand safety various Randolph. Even if corner history this week with the most read tweets that any NFL player of all time. Tweet read quote if the Cleveland Cavaliers wouldn't when he eighteen NBA finals hopefully everyone who read tweets this Jersey. Or who read tweets this agers it yeah yeah. I think it was around 600000. It's a valuable over a million it's OK but I thought it was over a million the cheapest Jersey on right now as 99 dollars and attack. Think you'll actually pay this off now or later that he wouldn't expect it done at one point one million and he said he's not paying enough. Sure and well I think he's an idiot for the league and it just. Why. Why in God's good name would would you promise of the that is what Joseph just by the way I would it was this out bad again but at the very end. All that have gone on me that I mean no I didn't think we would goes. Just. Just noted that fan bases like it's my you really can't imagine how can be won the crowds start winning a lot of games. I don't think you'll be alive when that happens dad who. Oh man I really like it around start winning games. I'm not Smart and very dumping the say and and the nice thing is they'd Tweeter I tweet is not a binding contracts the safe. The content. I have a favorite story because this one comes from. Story that in the air Scripps national spelling. I would challenge you say the puppy bulls it you just. Or even if you. Fourteen year old okay. Back butchered it one the top prize Thursday night. The grand total of 42000 dollars please wait. That he's spilled to win was courting media. Go ahead and give it a shot. And using the sentence. The the I. You can every trick in the book on the country or just a but did you look at into a if I can get an example I doubt Merriam Webster did mean. Well here's a question is typing in the group you. Fixing a you have the spelling. Let's see. In any given me example that fellow battery and landed right on my four new India yells. All the definition the Christian fellowship or body of believers. In Tibet's spiritual communion and purchase they priest participated sharing in common religious commitment in spiritual community a year ago. According any of the disciples with each other and with their lowered so this should be easy queen India or in India. Wayne India. Thief. Oh. There he line. Queen in the queen mania go ahead. KOI. And oh. And IA. Ethnic. And who has got an idiot right away and I should've just said senior K and well welcome grass yeah good for you did a. 42 grid that's pretty damn good for just spell. The competition's pretty fierce you what's bad words with Jason Bateman. God that movie. Didn't enjoy based on that your story. I don't know but it was it's miss on Jason Bateman life a did you see it ninth of the the idea is he never graduated. Are never asked the third grade and but went on to be like editors something for some publication of some guy under book editor one ever but because he never pass the third grade he technically qualified for the spelling B. He wanted to put it Tuesday have. And proving QBs but if you liked spelling that's that's that is just taking Billy Madison picking it up and they just throwing it on another movie. Watch it's it's it's enjoyable. He befriends this a young Indian kid he is much bad words that brigades to go out get drunk or something they can't do they go he the little consistency of boobs figured the vines that after the show on the boob. Hello zealot in third grader on yeah it's it's at pelican third grade like you know what boobs are not sure why you like him. And it's a site to see one to see what happens that's pretty death get this big big fat black hooker which that it Teddy and kid gloves that sound happens that's yeah. I put the delightful film I think you would enjoy at a highly recommend are okay it's. Bad words that he he had some pretty lowdown dirty tactics to get the other kids now on assure all boy but the catch the hilarity ensued. It's listed. Watch it at the hot tub Jason David with an offer that one. What I write about how that I didn't think it may have written in direct lose all that. An excuse for us Larry and that I don't know he is Canada's. He's the same dude and every movie he's murky sarcastic. And don't like it. Terrible that's like him in Hancock. You're river that now he's a attic Zach in Hancock needs it's like the same guy he is in every movie which is just like whatever talks to somebody sounds like he's placating them. Okay. And good residual bred by 808 of the patent of one and restaurants 24 through 240 side or fifty. Via the 52. And Woodstock. Baseball may become and Portland thanks to a couple the properties. They've of that next since it and it.