Sinner and Saint 5-26-18 Hour 2

The Sinner and the Saint
Saturday, May 26th
Blake Bortles facts and Growler & The Grill

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Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you go to the less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up front. I want. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is buts about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. I'll never dreamed I'd. Anderson. Astronauts. Chrome and literally in arrows team paso. Went to a school bands and girl watch Titanic 1917 times in the theater it was a different time back then. We'll bargains hot air balloon agenda and try to do my technologies there's HBO where it's like you watch it in you're like wow she's dangerous and then we have the capability to build a 33 best radio show in Portland it. On Saturday it's. But about sports pros Souter on those same old game that should rhetoric and they were before funny here sports here. More reliable renewable school. And maybe it's. Committed through how you want if you missed any part of that you can go to and eating and cannot. Go to the on demand button down localized to a tired podcast. And then you won't have missed anything when your friends start talking about hey did you Luka will we're talking about on Saturday. You have a life you really gets my icon that I listened to podcasts is that those sleep Mitsui and sleep this sum is killing me it's repayment and we apart. Whoa what. A bit much I can. I was listening to all of disciplining their children. Intelligence children. Journalists this student our line smash these morons talking about sports and teach yet but it didn't take my car without mental midget. The door open. We air conditioning the whole neighborhood. Tickets. Until I kids anything what's your what's your biggest dad oh every dad has like a dad think they do what what's what's your biggest dad thing you do. No I'm gonna make them watch basketball. Like OK here's an example the Monica I give you like a lot of dads are assessed at the thermostat rightly K I had no highways insurgents. Mr. and I gave up a long time acute does she get pre Nazi about it. No I don't touch it. Each key there's nothing to get Nazi about I never touched what I like dish he does she take to get the hell out. Why would she if I'm not touching do you understand that works well I understand that I favor I just I was lake here you can have a thermostat or you look at that wrong. Now I don't what. And it is move on from that point no the thermostat is not an issue in my home. You like to assert yourself by raising your voice. Now. I want to look it here's. Here's probably the biggest apply as a as a parent. Which we serve as an uncle is a probably a little too lax at the kids kind of get themselves into little trouble. And they probably go a couple steps further than most parents would let them your dad. Fund that I guess that's if they if there's a dig header off the couch in my let's get this sense. Yeah. And get that that well let's let's see how they do in this pickle they've got themselves into. And sometimes they they do well sometimes. Some nights she opened dejected as owner on well together excellent and I don't doubt we dealt with the Jack Daniels or they can reach its usually the Hilo on the bottom shelf that's on the house let them get crazy with that you'll get yours. There's starting big banners up the heels got a core McCain for some reason apple corps than just fun it's. So they put that. So speaking of parenting yes the NFL did their best impression of unreasonable Aaron this week. We'll. Add depth and reasonable. Reasonable. So instead of actually having a conversation with their children. IU players they decided just to you know assert their authority and they've come up. With what seems to be their idea of a good solution for the NFL pro to tickle a compromise if understand how to compromise its okay. Here are the choices you have now appear to have a player for the National Anthem. So here's what it learned this week they didn't know I want to kind of preface this conversation. To know that before 2010 players to not even legal locker rooms for it a bit did you know before this week. Yes I did okay and the reason Roger Goodell did it was because when he came on as commissioner he warranties start to appeal to a broader fan base of people in the midwest and said I can get all these guys out here. For the national hit them it'll show more patriotism and more people. You say hey now I really relate to these guys this is so. Beautiful this is the Roger get back there now disparity in such as makes me very happy itself. They made the compromise. Alive for now the NFL players is if they don't want to they don't have to BO for the National Anthem. An affair that's how they can avoid it sure no problem but. If they sit down were they in the eagle or protests and any other way which is really day. Then the team will be fine and his team can decide who is that finds that teams can individually find players. Or the teams can pay the fines and the New York Jets chairman and believe Jared you were co owner of the 49ers injuries that our players. So. How big did it well. They've created. And this'll get us into our other very famous arguments. Prevalent on the show what the meaning of catch 22 is. This is a catch Toni TO. Because if you stay in the National Anthem you're perceived as unpatriotic. But if you go out there and you wanna protest. You're also perceived. This non patriotic you can't win either way leader Jimmie and the parents and owner art but. If you're staying in most likely you wanna protestor right now this is for guys who want approach a picture or wanna do it yet I'm some capacity right. You can't stay in you can consider that a protest but. You're also not openly doing it in your perceived perceived as unpatriotic if you go out there any protest supersede does it and unpatriotic he can't win either way if you're somebody who wants salute their peanut oil closes it's also just say really quick. They do play football after the National Anthem so you can do their jobs. This is a problem with the whole thing is that they're talking we are talking about the protest. In the middle of the summer I mean were were three months from them playing football and we're talking about the protest prop the problem is. Instead of making a decision. They shot the middle. You never win shooting for the middle I'm on the road on to be when Hargrove and the most mediocre player in the NBA I'm sure it'll. Don't get success shooting for the middle at anything you all you can do with blues and and what they do it's you can do it Jeff Green pickup. Jeff I believe in you. But that's that's the problem what they've done is they just went well let's let's compromise on this instead of making. An assertion which would have been like hey this is you have to stand for the National Anthem or you'll be fine. Personally or your team laughs apparently no one option is gone. This is ever British stay in the locker room then everybody's equal we'd have to worry about those the Q proposed ideas that they decided to go to split the difference. That's idiotic. And some now aged that way everybody in the locker why even have an out there and ineffective. Like if I didn't know a bit before 2010 that was an eye gets at I I never really remembered. Not seeing the players on the sidelines but I don't remember the seen them either so there was. To me I didn't realize that it was this recent of the think so let's go everybody stays in the locker room injured good but what's going to happen is weak one. You're announcers and your broadcast team is gonna do what they did last year they're gonna go when do roll call. And you realize how did you see who stayed in the locker room. Did you see you woods you know standing he was stand in a little bit sideways he wasn't the whole team withstand this when used another one that's silent protest. For this and now what you're gonna have is exactly what he had last year which is it wasn't even so much the protest. But it was all of the the talk around it every time somebody kneeled there was there's a list of players released every Monday on here all the guys protest. Gonna hate him. Well another thing is if you. So what is it that we keep them all and there. And as a NFL fan you see yourself where you stay out openly on Twitter page. Wiry keeping them all in there that's unpatriotic. Right yeah I think this would have been the best solution thank you teed it just keep everybody inside they have the National Anthem and who cares. And if you have a problem with that then. That you cared that much about their opinion of patriotism that you want them out there and you wanna be the judge of that. OK so why did you care in the first place when they were. But this you don't it's this trap of like looked they can't do anything right that's I think you're not gonna let them protest so. What the hell do you care about I did I I just go back every single time to anybody has a problem with this a they play football after this you know that right you know they're not getting on the field giving everybody the middle finger during the anthem. And then leaving the field and getting in their Mercedes and going home right in other playing the game like you can still watch it you know that one and a half minutes before the game that you get so pissed off about. You know that's not really a big deal because there's still gonna play a game you're gonna get trumped. To watch but again this is this is the reason it's a big deal is because we made it a big deal I mean NFL instead of just going. A cap let's let's police I go hey what do what is that the protests were together we agreed that police brutality. Is is out of control and then there's people I mean sterling brown this week and NBA player was eased in what should have been a parking ticket incident. You want to do that the the video was released. It was yet the roof that was released this week I guess but what I'm saying it's in within the same week we have the ugly controversy of a young black man being. Overly overly forceful cops. Go after whenever that was said very poorly and a professional radio personality. But you get my point. And now you have the NFL who is basically they want everybody instead of telling them to fall in line they're going. What we'd like to do is you choose to do that who we want you to do but we won't explicitly say what we're going to do yet. He just had that was going to work the reason to believe the reason the reason we see Mark Ingram gets suspended for four games in NFL for TDs. Embryos that are owed back where we five. And we look at a guy like Robinson canola. Unbelievable. Another guy that does is based open is there it is kid's baseball look at to Freddie and all its. The NFL has never done anything where they go and look at all these guys that are cheating look at all the things they did but he did tell the flag it wet but the problem with that is it's these people clearly hate the military they hate America. Well if they would of jumped on that they would have had your your broadcasting go our let's. Now the guys that that Neil and what does it mean you'll talk to and it'll be the focus of our interviews. You may get a bigger story and it's not going to go ways easily they made the bed now they have to lie in it and their solution is idiotic by the way. Marketing herb fattest guy every is TDs we just choose. We just talked about portal Cologne getting busted in 2012 PDs fattest active eat the user. You think our tallest aliens. Would you stop he's 45 years old he's still productive Major League Baseball player of course is that you would have to get some let me get straight baseball's I think everybody ages and PDs. As they are ridiculous you know what I need a beer. A Belgian beer. Next up were bring him back one of my favorite segments the grower in the grill we gonna talk with I think. The man that was our first ever guest on the ground the grill the executive director of the Oregon brewers' guild Brian B tension. Talking about a festival coming up next weekend the cheers to Belgian Beers. That is next on the center in saint assist anything. All the music today is in honor measles is. Really talk. Eight out of ten. I think seven of them by one run lead product. The phils slit its Memorial Day weekend. And I think that it's time for beer oh we had a second hole they're will how're we doing on that the oldest is at its inner city and eighty. Or apps and eighty the fan our second poll question comment. So the second poll question have you with Memorial Day it is if it's Memorial Day weekend what's the best way to celebrate. 5% and the pastor Terry and I answered that one 19% say outdoors beard meet. 33% say beer outdoors meat and then 43% they meet. Bureau doors okay so it's meat then it's beer than it's outdoors. So we'll take care of one of those for you we'll talk beer. When we do agree our group. Can recommend applying Weiner cocktails to compliment your meal I think he's got to water all the Scots. You have to send we believe they're more sophisticated than that. Good team entering college for the best culinary sports offerings of the day the fan presents a truly enlightened sports experience. Let's listen to him. Insisted that the. This is good grammar in the group. A weekly feature on the center in the city on Jenny the only sound here. Next Friday June 1 and Saturday June 2 at the north. Warehouse at 743 north Tillamook. From one to nine on Friday and twelve to eight on Saturday is cheers to Belgian Beers festival. Showcase of beer built in style Beers brewed by worrying craft brewers is the twelfth annual festival. Very happy to welcome back to the show Bryan beat tension the executive director of the organ skilled Brian thanks back. EU have a cousin who's a very good friend of mine he always told easily carry a body that works for the organ brewers yeah I've my cousin works organ brewers should be to you should meet I think your radio show to actually meet you but its third fourth and we idea. And you've got an extensive knowledge about the years. Quickly tell our audience. What is the primary characteristic of Belgian Beers beauty of 101000. Yes so for Belgium it's east of the Euro late. Germany at sorts of the Czech republic of small to be go to England it's may be Hopson. But yet Belgium's own for its. Varied yeast strains and like. So the Beers you drink their very yeast forwards and has a lot of different flavors or maybe just don't yet and if you're gonna have like an American macro blogger so what are some of those notes that you wouldn't notice from selected yeast is put forward yeah I I don't never tease ago. It's EA you look at lake. Got clothes pin and some through the late tropical freak trying to flavors that it peaked it's really varied so. An and the way they made peace to those he's tend to be. Like a little Trier mark Karr is great food friendly okay okay it if you had to seize that Germany has mall. Your English is moral hop beer and and obviously Belgium with the yeast. It's defining characteristic of poor and beer is or people just kind of all over the map. I I think they're they're both they're kind of you know being the second largest pop producing region in the United States tops of all it and really important here soon. Everything easier kind of has popular add to it no matter almost no matter what style people are dealing. Other than people are all all over the place we represent. I think. That varied styles of the Peter world really well here in Portland. Okay episodes some bullets to have a beer and let's talk a little bit about some of the brewers that are going to be. The choose old Belgian Beers. Yes we have over sixty degrees from around the state a lot of them are from Portland appear first they're gonna try. Is made said the kind of the you we do a couple unique things with this. Beer festival this for years though sir Ivan had any of these peers before on this is from back pedal brewing. It's called Taurus it's not legislate. Drinkable seize on made with sterling hops from Crosby popped foreign Syrian ears. Here in origin and it's funny cause I do notice. Almost that warm banana kind of taste to it right up right up front so. I had it open. It's funny but it wouldn't recognize that as the east characteristic but the Katz's it's. And eve this and it's cold beer but it does double global warmer feel to spin me out. That's what she said. Thank you will for your participation you'll want it. Vehicle soda and there'll yeah. A so tell me about back pedal I am not yes of back pedal is on basically fourteenth and Flanders there's three Curry's late. Really right in the rose ours buildings on the east and west side of the street. And they also operate through cycles if you see them people and that that's that's where they're coming from and that they're actually gonna open the place here. In the south waterfront here I think in a couple weeks hopefully and fast dance that's right our neighborhoods it is fantastic. I'm pretty register in the program were talking with Brian detention the executive director of the organ is field. Next weekend is the cheers to Belgian Beers festivals so he's brought some. Beers and so the the back pedal beauty brought it it is in a prowler in the crowd Larry yes. Colors the prowler is at 32 ounce can abuse that they basically can review from draft. Yes yeah you go in there. A lot of places have them now the table F filled beer draft beer fest appear Indians and conceal it. As he Wii for now and then you can take it hominid it I think it. It does it is these are good job as a prowler which is the next spear that we're gonna have. But yet it's it's a great way to do appear to that's one thing about four months but she's not only beer but beer technology is like go to. There's a waiting list for them mobile canning line that goes around different at a gas until it is our what's next cynnex up is created pro Claude which is a so in bells and a lot of Trappist monastery is and then on Trappist monastery is that there's. Religious I'm not religious group that. Can attack athlete base which happens in Jeremy happens a lot of drivers may get a big could be here in imperious. This is a quads a few satellite hit single double tripled their different styles of different strengths and Claude is the the strongest beer that kind of heaviest. That. This is the meanest bearden minus jail yes oh yes. And and use whose make in this particular. Quad. He's he can actually. In Canada and this is from Alameda brewing on Fremont. And yes Alameda makes the 94 sevenths or freighter here for so profoundly they did get old terminator ulta neighbor or sister station and then. Will wheels wheels ready to chime in with them and watch him be clever it is feared. Nothing to be clever about you know they were Alicia gets it together looking and I only get from the collaboration. So one of the unique things about this possible does that. The peers who tried to every bit the same yeast strain. And so we take it we were with our used purveyors to choose a different you strain every year and most Beers made our. It seems eastern it's about basic kinda unique and then. We tried to diversify the line at the summit are throw we do. I in January. So people you're taking this here because somebody threw a dart and it was important are part and it was a closer to the. Close at them to them people's lives. Okay so so this was this happens every year review his guy that's. The challenge of bridge by making new brand of beer with the greens we select from chuck in a dollar yes indeed now that's interesting detail it. And some of these in the the best ideas come from we're talking with a home brewers went and we got the worst beer they made who has. He did he try to make do with fried chicken skin something itself. Who knows how they do it and so anybody goes to the Belgian Beers possible. Again for anybody's to announce the chairs to Belgian Beers festival takes place June 1 and second. That's next Friday and Saturday in the will be at the north warehouse and on the street. And I'm sure you can go to craft beer yet or craft peered out or and then ran a front page we have a link to it's a name Figaro that information right or just search cheers to Belgian Beers he had to you'll find is well you had sixty different brewers yellow we're up to more than six Hampshire. I know anchors the penalties some last minute it is. The other thing that beautiful about the cities you get a look at the collaborations and everybody works together and so I had fun environment if you have a chance to make it. And then couple years that we track here on the and back. A both really good at and in my book than you're a little bit more about beer like going there which has spent so it. O'Brien really appreciate you joining us in the saints and have a great Memorial Day we can be a big points. I I do not I'll probably have a family he would like outdoor grilling thing on Monday afternoon and say again euros in charge of Revere it. INF hathead I will have a good Memorial Day we can they forget African injures two Belgian Beers. Friday June 1 and Saturday June 2 when we come back I've got some startling. News. For will Americans that he may be the only limit finds exciting but it he'll be giddy I can promise that and that is next since saint anything it's the. Ramon is as part of India holds baseball game. Do you think this winning thing. I'm double listings and show. Them premature as well. Yankees. Desperately. Daily ports samples but he gave him the grounds that no we offered in the Honda Civic. Of so he. Came across something this week. That. Of this means that you and I spend too much time together or whatever but honestly. This is really going to be great for. The bill that's up. Better payoff. Well listen. Again I don't know this'll necessarily translate to the audience. But I came across a story that is related to UW WE. And made me think of view how often do you watch the World Wrestling Entertainment. When it's put in front of me inadvertently kept a while watching sports center and it's just there and then it's usually only a couple seconds changes. Chernoff. So it you don't know and you're right the same way that OK so did you know that this week. During WWG. All. All. Your favorite and a vocal about it it's okay. Wait was. There's a AJ there's a sign off of the ring. Held up by a guy that says Blake portals. Undefeated in WWB. And elect candidates can work is never asked him WB and wait. Are you and you about to tell me when it appeared in tell me what's that. Go ahead noted. But portals was an Adobe derby and he's never been. So but. I would like you to go on Twitter. And goats do. Act board rules facts. Portals. Like portals facts yes facts about weight morals. These are great Barry is getting tired Twitter page dedicated. To Blake morals facts. Like portals is undefeated 994 countries. It's true. Undefeated mean you had to have played now is without a defeat. There is. There's so many vendors so good in year round but I want you to file and if you scroll down click portals and Tom Brady of combined five Super Bowl titles for Super Bowl MVPs thirteen Pro Bowl three. NFL MVPs 31 team all pro honors. NFL offensive player of the year reports that that's true this script it combined. For all of that is incredible. So I came across that little nugget this week so anybody that has followed this show in any capacity whatsoever knows that Blake morals is some sort of a siren calls to willed Europeans. And brings him home every weekend comes up. I would say probably three times a month career touchdown receptions by portals one Tom Brady's troop opened his facts those are fat again these are facts not to be disputed so their opens and so as facts. And I found to be absolutely. 100%. Delightful five factories verified your favorite boy portal that yeah please please and thank you voice portals is never. Physically attacked an opponent during game now that is very true I'd never seen Blake portals get aggressive during game ever what nobody you have to always acts so yes. And try to get your attention back but I just wanted to show that element the united when figures actually did did it live up to the hype. Yes of course it did. Now I did find it incredible quote here and a I think this is it right. Meaning. Not real. What am I spending my last fifty dollars on man I'm going for Bud Light and tacos. It is so forget let portals. I think he belongs in Jacksonville he is every part of Jacksonville Jacksonville belongs to bully boards and we want subject DC tall. Vary somewhat large aging white guy who hangs that on the beach it's really great when he does. It's not good enough that it's gonna focus fiction gotten to the super ball. They didn't win that game it was very matches all you better stop now meters absent on the again. One. What did at the final final second of the thing it's kind of now we're at. One that. I don't think it I don't lead it out of the stat line for me here in here. Here's the transistor which to make I admit there was a poster that WW thing I was miles Jack wasn't an. Act act act. That's a that's a bitter. So you're. If so Jackson. The kick off. If you've been trying is to try to do everything they can not too. Eliminate the kick off but it is the most dangerous plan on their more concussions and were full speed running collisions. And any other played football and so they've already moved it up to 35 yard line to kind of get more touch backs but. The changes they made this week so now if you're an NFL. Kickoff coverage guy. Outlook so I watch your. No more running starts. All. Then. They're taking away by paper part. A football which is the running start publishes the running start because that's how I know that there are going to be. What are they fear parts that the organ that's is that they get into a forty stance for their kickoffs. The irony is forty yard dash so it's a no more running start numbering start and then you can only have eight players forward for blocking and no more wages that's a short why do we even care but the take up anymore I mean since Devin Hester left the league there's been nobody that really caught my attention where I are actually wanna pay attention to the kick up. Tyler Lockett had a good rookie season second sees both seasons. He didn't sustain now now you didn't. I happen though sitting up Devin Hester and Dante Hall is we put guys in the offense finished up being just to kick returner. I think that they should just keep the kickoff as it is and it wouldn't say get rid of the kick off because then you get rid of the whole idea of an onside kick right. Yes so did you see the American full. Bowl. Federation. Whatever the American association for all the new spring league that it wouldn't ya say to Purdue and trickled to a no kick outs then if you won an onside at its. Worth and fifteen. From her on 35. That's here but how is that on that so instead of getting Johnson they give me the ball well all fourth and fifteen. T at one point essentially to go fifteen yards and you make it. I assume it is look at the statistical probability of cup recovered ons like kick. Lined it up and figured out what that down and distance would be in and they daddy you won. He may get that fifteen yards than him the ball I think that's a better. That's a good kind of band aid solution it's their forward is what I think it makes sense since the good way to tested but you'll still be onside kick now in. The NFL with this jaw are I had an interesting thing though he suggested fuel more touch backs. Give the team a point from Macon the extra point. Give one point yeah I connect to point. For making the kick off via our little of that and actually where my fair I think that should replace the extra point and so I would go a step further if the extra point was just your kicker on the kick up to be made it through the upper right. You can putting it be 75 yards from 358. Yes so why not okay. Have you seen the movie on the Disney Channel. The you tell you right now you know it was on the field goal kicking garbage picking. Trashed Meehan or something Tony Danza the Tony deanza. Is he trash man. American treasures is he tries out the Philadelphia Eagles who are terrible at the time so this is is based on a sensible. Slightly. He's a kicker though he practices. In the back of a junkyard kicking old water coolers. Just hundreds of the arts are low key such a good kicker of water cooler so mrs. cries out look at a dress up for the team makes the team. On his first game. He kicks it on a kickoff and it goes through the operates an. In the free movie big Q the Eagles three points. Because he kicked it through the up rights on it. Other people. Big Three all it did pretty much just ignored the conventional rules of football. And they go oh let's just have some fun for points what would you do with the Cuba. I looked at one point idea I think it's gonna get though I will tell you that's that's an extra point could give to move back Dexter usually how to get really interesting let's each had a game up yet to kick it off and this is a pretty probable thing that could happen. He Teddy gave out. And get a kick it up again and there's like. Thirty seconds left on the clock here. I mean you could very easily with the game on the kickoff at. That's a cool I think like how do you distract. Can that kick return team distract the guy is old chicken I'll tell us that there's a cut there's a couple of. Things that make it interest right so. Can you score on the opening kick. Yes got to get one point for that one boy howdy do the two point conversion. You mean from that kit so okay so did two point moves to the field to the kick start. Right to aid you is. If you get a chance if you decide to go for too whenever you get one pointed to make it you'll lose a point. If you miss it. And then yet they gain that point back by making the extra point on the kick off. That's very contrived but I would say this though. I would say keep the extra point as it is just add to kick off as another point the again. That's what I was thinking when you were talked about that's a jar bonds idealist yeah it just added on like eight you have the points are you have the option to either keep the field goal or get an extra point but then right after that it's like hey kick off supreme and you get one more point for getting it right through the upright to think. Big it pretty consistently did you get the opening kick up the other team gets the opening a kick up for the half of. The fans excellent yes it's got. Blake portals has never lost to Eli Manning in the super bull. Fact. That's sure Blake portals has never been beaten by Chuck Norris fact that is also. A fact though. Dispute that on because they they have fought. Like I agreed that the the portals news the old. Angels pitcher Tony Danza he better basketball movie to the other sportsmen. Boxing movie. Before you as the I think you're just saying that news because the guy from raging bull sounds like to do. If I think you'll get Tony dances Wikipedia officials say it was an amateur boxer well get ready. If is it's gonna happen all right we'll get that answer for you next. And Chris balls that it's eight and eighty. He's got a Hollywood morals back. Ready for an again. Like portals and Tony Danza. Combined. Combined have appeared. Is one Academy Award winning the world. Which when that crash Tony did there was no rat. Says a memorable is PJ Tucker the fan. And it did and excellent physical more plate hills next. He's never beat my dad had a game bidding so he's like every one else in the world according to my dad. It into a really good. That's. And. If we should make a facts. Website for them and going we should do is use our listeners. As a resource come with facts about somebody else. I'm a little upset some dubious public morals fact I feel like my lack of social media paralysis is the reason for the and I apologize everybody we can do geyser rock. Actually now we need somebody a little bit more we need to it's known. But disappointingly known lately portals. Liberals that he knows who plea portals is nobody's nobody's excited about knowing it. And Jeff Green. Pat Thomson. Pat's pretty damn we're about a little by year's letter Meyer's old now Meyers Leonard I'd be a good one. Or what's the states that the other white guy who's crappy cheating Luke Babbitt. Luke Babbitt and really now are the grey and Aaron dialect and root root for it yeah we've that. All right it's kind of a bad thing when you have in fact they inspect bridges rate. Thrilled about to WW Ethan went on there and represent their faked back page about while fake facts fact it. The blade portals fact that it. By the way the movie I was referencing the garbage picking field goal kicking Philadelphia phenomena here's I am DB describes it. The Philadelphia garbage man who develops his leg muscles from kicking their hydraulic lever. On his truck is discovered by the Philadelphia Eagles. Signed by them economic picker. Mohawks as we should be Jay Cutler. He had Jay Cutler Beers should have just east of Portland particulars are really good one because he hasn't had much to. I know that I except for maybe some stats are coming normal function of some to Portland Portland the end I think winning matters lenders and in my letters birdie and a it Myers Interfax. Ours letter did Damian Miller combined have one rookie of the year. Mean Guillen Meyers Leonard and Michael Jordan combined 16 NBA championships and a sixth. And BP and BP if that's true finals and duties. That's sure. Of LeBron James. And Meyers Leonard. One of them is black. Don't I'm in the fact of the fact. If you added that LeBron James and the Meyers Leonard together you get exactly one black yeah. I I. Let the bank. We begin that's not children will make sure isn't it that's what we'll do our can't tell me it's not let it will be a little. Bulls think it'll go crystal balls and we get enough support from the fans excellent we will start the make sure there's no matter is littered facts are in now. And we will do this as an aggregate will collect information from our listeners every week and we'll add new Myers hundred fax daily. All right with that Meyers Leonard facts at my letter facts and figures out of that the thing are. People them people relied so heavily on our predictions. We wanna miss out on that cell. Got game six tonight warriors rockets Ana winds again. I gotta lean towards the lawyers but I am gonna say this is going to be a lot courses that we think he thinks I really do I think a lot of people I know it's steady pretty dad. Cahill I'm thinking that. You know. Yeah it's obvious that with Chris Paul out the defense is going to be. Horrid. For the rockets is really I think that was one of the law are unspoken things. That Jack responded for the rockets in game five which was kind of locked out staff Currie and keep Klay Thompson all that PG Tucker's defense please now. But I think you're gonna see the rockets pushed pretty hard reporters favored by twelve yeah your answer the rockets pushed pretty hard in the first recorders and aimed to get half it'll either be tied to the rockets be ahead by a small margin because Harden is going to just. Pour it in he's going to issued as much as he can be penetrated by baskets that he can he's gonna draw contact as much as he can but. In the end it's gonna come up empty because this is what James Harden doesn't games calculated. Yeah he'll play really well in the first half maybe even pretty well in the third quarter and again I'm excluding game five here but. He does that and they want to get to the fourth quarter he takes these ridiculous shots. Which even the game for. I was telling what the hell are you doing do you the last four possessions he just came down blew off twelve seconds from the clock. And then would do a step back three and this it. Petit move the ball around like you believe right now run the clock a little bit you have time. James. I assume that they lose I I'm with the Celtics there's no way they win in Golden State if this goes to say yeah so who wins series. It that's really depended Oscar's fault from playing game seven which I think he can I don't think it's gonna happen. And they say they're gonna reevaluate that probably a plane to Europe right now to get some treatment that's illegal in the US he's got Robinson and those guys on the plane with them back if he does get into the game I don't think he'll be as effective. Willis Reed moment. And I say the warriors. Minnesota warriors win game six and then given game seventeen of the and in desperate aren't we got we took games that well really it's a those did any I think it really does it. It's disappointing. If that's what we don't know even though we appreciable we don't know if crystal plays can do that went with yes. I think and I wanna see Houston win because that they give Golden State in. And it's sneak their way out of this series and it did finals we'll just turn it on an oh OK now our watch for Houston pollution early in game 660. And then come out full force and I think that's probably it's. They'll lose by a thousand points. Tonight and vetting gaming it's that old old can be used everything maps inability to close again what racing game seven ever Celtics. Ask does have some of us. So that to favored by half of the civil brunch in them and elimination in season. A campaign against these kids and captured in the finals it's three years from LeBron James and before LBJ is gonna hook that. LBJ I know that is on the it's. Still it was the only place. Brohm Brian who voted in the Boehner. I. People listen to this show I'd like thank you for this show and also like to think Brian B tension there was a person McCain is the executive director of the actor's guild. Geragos did cheers to Belgian Beers festival. Yeah Beers on during. Know that. Every emigrate. Memorial Day weekend to delve podcast that he and dot com and you think it's as though but I. Then off. Get drunk yeah.