Recruiting w Andrew Nemec 7.19.18

Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, July 19th
Mycah Pittman and Miles Norris join the show, and more!

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This show is for cult drink Greenspan. Inside story on the ducks a beamer whose the national recruiting season and high school prospects across Oregon and southwest Washington. This is recruit me remember Emmett. Our demise in Oregon and recruiting expert players coaches and fans follow full. Hello and welcome to recruiting with Andrew naymick on candy the fan. Is still. Still the period until Tuesday coaches cannot have face to face contact winter Chris. Limited contact over the phone via text all that. And so because of that. We haven't had a whole lot of commitments organ org state hasn't Milan had a whole lot of commitments we have seen a whole lot of fireworks. But hind the scenes there is a whole lot brewing and in some cases this is the very best and to come to recurring with Andrew naymick because. We can deliver some of the back story for star wide receiver Michael Pittman I've been telling you about him now for two or three weeks he was so he is planning to release. His commitment and CEO about two and a half three weeks ago. And the prediction I made was that he Jews organ Florida's in their very much as well there might be some dark horse candidates. This video it seems has been delayed few taps so we're gonna have Michael Pittman on in the next segment he's going to tell you. Avian date for his commitment certainly give us a top line for his commitment talk about us finalist is it between Oregon and Florida are they're multiple schools involved. It's something we'd like to address and I wanna hear from him. Because any time recruit delays things. That's what the rumor mill starts. And the last time I remember that happening in a big way for organ was that Braxton Burmeister was committed to Arizona he prayed first team all American quarterback. And you started to hear rumors that he was going to flipped organ. And then. The Arizona recruiting sites reported he would commit on a Sunday at 5 PM and then heard Monday at 8 AM and then Monday at noon and it took several days. But there were several different time lines and no one can get all the Braxton Burmeister. So I thought you know what nothing here and from other people and from hearing what other people think the speculation is on on what is finalists are when he wants to commit. Let's bring your mom is she now and ask canceled she will come on the show. In this next segment. And preview his decision he's not making his decision on the air. You'll give people an idea aware he Zach what's taking him a couple more weeks than he anticipated. Things like debt. Organ dust Forestar tiny miles Norris and we'll also be on the show in the second half. A shell miles north committed organ in the best for last in the history the program. Win he can that he was the first commitment for or did it a classic when he eighteen when he was committed he was a five star prospect. We committee was one of the top five or six commitments in the history of the basketball program. He slid about thirty or forty spots nationally and the ducks added three guys that were rated higher than him. So instead of in the fort their fares the best recruit arguably ever for the program now he's in the back cap for the top ten with a whole bunch of his team its expectations. The organ basketball team. Our sky high. Vegas at one point had them as before with the most likely team in the country. To win a national championship in other words there prediction and would be they'd make a final four. If there were the top four teams most likely to win a national damage that means the expectation is final four. Is that how this Oregon team feels. Is this a final four season is at final four or by. Docs is it national championship or bust what are expectations. As blending a lot of pieces. They bring back pain Pritchard yes bring back Paul White but let me bring in freshmen. And we haven't traditionally even at Kentucky it's been a tough row to win a national championship would mostly freshman. Organs got five or senator bull bull they've got to anyone junior they should have two of the best rim protectors in the entire country on the floor at the same time. They've got six foot eleven miles in the Norris who can shoot the three can rebound he can block shots. They've got Lou king and McDonald's all American who jumped from a low five star to our arguably a guy who could be a lottery pick before he got hurt. And the stock kind of stagnating because he met some of his senior year but Lou king is another player who could very easily be on in dot dot small forward position. Then they bring you eat about mean we heard from just a couple weeks ago who led the NCAA and steals two seasons ago. Is considered arguably the best on ball defender. In the entire country he's come to organ so there are a lot of pieces how dean Allman gonna blend. We will talk to miles north but we got to get to the news that I reported yesterday first reported by the way by rivals wanna give rivals credit here. DJ. Illegal lately. Google illegal Leila excuse me. The nation's number one crop you had a before the show it to multiple times a week Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole. The legal anyway I can do all day long oil do you review. We grew. It derailed showed their momentum from elk. DJ eight. Do we go a leg. The nation's number one prospect in the class of 20/20 if a star quarterback six foot 4240. Pounds. One of the highest rated quarterbacks in the history of rivals rankings when your quarterback and you're being number one prospect in the entire country. You are in historic territory. DJ whoo eagle melee. Who eagle and I really. Perfect all the way through until we get to this point is planning to visit origin this fall organ and cleanse and are not his top two even though a lot of people of Maine. A great. Deal about his comments about climbs and he really loves organ and cleanse. A number of other schools are going to be in the picture including USC. Washington. Alabama. But organ is very much going to be in it. For the nation's number one prospect in the class of 20/20 and he is arguably the best quarterback prospect in a long. Long time. This kid has been dominant for Saint John Bosco is one of the best high schools in the country. Last year he will be this next year and then he's got all the other your high school so there's time. But urgent is it a very very very good position. For him. Now that they're going to host him on a second visit this fall. Organs got the Saturday Night Live keep coming up a last Saturday. Of July. Gates open at 315. You can go in Dodson and a starts at 4 PM. It's free the public free apart. If you remember. Or analyst the first one of these last year under Willie Taggart. And they invited fifty or sixty of their top prospects to come and basically work out play seven on seven run drills and get coached by organ coaches. We're an hour or two in front of the apes. And in that can. We clearly saw some names emerged Spencer Webb was a three star prospect and an act can. And there was no question Leven it he's got a chance to beat in the leaked. And a leaked receiver. Or tight end in G. Spencer Webb is a really good when he added a fourth star on their recruiting service after that after a strong showing all spring and summer if you want a taste. If you like this recurring thing if you like listening music man I'd like to see these kids in person. How else seeing. All of Morgan's top star gets. And Johnson stadium. That's what's happening Saturday. July 28 begin the event starts at 4 PM gates open at 315 is free to park. Is reading it again. All beat air all the top recruiting writers will be there it is a massive massive event and all tell you what. Last year one of the fun things not only getting interact with the fans are got a chance to talk to a number of listeners and readers and things like that. Was that people left at event with a guy. You can hear me talk about recruits all the time you can hear on talk all the time. Right because they come on the show you listen to you are like that character I like his personality like what he has to say but you in that camp. And you've got a fever football player. You've got a guy that you tell your friends about this guy is going to BA star in Eugene and they were so many people. Who left that and then for weeks afterwards I hear from fans my guy is Spencer went my guide his team Brodeur on my guy is. And it went all on and on and on and it is a really unique opportunity and I'm really glad to see to Mario Chris boss continuing patronage and making it his own again that's organ Saturday Night Live can't. The last Saturn in July just coming up here. In about ten days. But first. We've got to get to Michael Pittman. Z committee soon. Has he changed his mind is gonna wait things out is it an org Florida battle. Is organ in the lead is Florida in the leader there are multiple schools involved we will ask him directly. Next on record in the engine and untamed. There are a lot of things I love about recruiting one of the things I don't. Is when a recruit wants to take a little time or when or fruit. Doesn't wanna give interviews a lot of reporters like to fill in the blanks of wants to decide here is gonna decide now he's gonna do this. These top schools I don't like can you act. So I'll get four star wide receiver Michael Pittman what the top receivers in the country a chance to tell that listeners himself. What is timeline is who was analysts are and what he brings to the table and joining us now Mike and Mike thanks nausea. No problem so we've heard and you mentioned before that you're having network and video commitment video nay. And the you plan on releasing that soon. Is is that still plan in India have a date set and does it for when you released. I'm actually you know all did not date on the now they're so. It is very so. I'd planned to figure I well it. You're going to announce the date of your commitment on fright. Yes there OK who are you finalists because a lot of people are trying to say it's just organ in Florida. Or Europe officially your finalists. Latin tried to look organ in order a lot he Georges saint who org or lord. I did have a top five there are they in the Basque. Or oh org and art that. Right now I just can't I. Cool though yeah. I mean those crews have been recruiting. East and has been a very topic at least look at every school Tribune's. Option to do it and the screens. So let's roll over and equally. What do you about organ stands out about that. I mean and they're great great place all you do is a little out. It integrates by all and called to marginalize. On. They have great ones all are you. What leader and young man on the connection to a Mikey do it was that are called. Just finger out of better weather room forbid an injury or are people whose country. Upon thank each and not on the other it's not far. And now there's a lot of whom eight is great. Could deliberately in my home. Are on them obviously. What do you like about Florida what stands out about the gators. Mullen caused Marlon anchors in the item in those are. One of the best to do that doing they have great history and industry. I believe. Coached and it changed our program are on the become very successful. And aren't they like Rhode Island terrorists and those dollars I mean. To see our cars and no it doesn't work ethic he's sending knock on him in the all Clinton's. Our dues to work out and try to get better. The best player I can be. And law and see how we develop the guys are awesome and violence and work work at archer and I do it and. I don't mean to puts it we spot because I don't mean to place spot to criticize recruiting rankings I know that's not figured certainly now I'm here. But the thing and need it stands out recruiting is sometimes indicted 64 taken project really highly. Is rated a public guy who might be 5105116. Foot. Can flat out play when I watch your honor you can flat out play you're doing it against pretty dang good competition. Health frankly yeah how frustrating is it sometimes you're still a top hundred prospects in the country. How frustrating is that some times when the rankings come out and you see you're below a guy that you know. The about performed in seven on seven tournaments on the football today and Friday nights and big camps across America for the last three years. And I'm glad to somewhere. You guys in their cars are now point I mean. I mean I would get a guy like he submit a I don't need maturities them CRE play just like how people out of him I know. Announced a highly highly pro are yet I'm still great. Or that I'm not okay too much attention to the right he does use. But. This week that a guy like Steve Schmidt he is that the person you probably kind of looked or to try to model aim game matters. Well are there like easy and not too much shorter than me but he display here already are and there's a part of the part time in the league are much. You don't see her and click Indianapolis dirt that chart is that sort of making on the catch. Beating him Lian Li start to receive large that. Our number. As a deal to me mumbled obviously it is. Well anchors and stuff like well they are not not about. Not be able to go but the problem guys you look at mark though he's in the odd couple a couple on your level operatives. Armed I mean I I can't choose our Jacobs or how to guides. Are got unity. Hours shorter medium side it would I can't control. Our work ethic in me trying to be better than everybody that. Higher than me or below the earth. Still undock. Our rank low and that our it stuff like that so. Mean it is it's frustrating but albeit. If this keeps me motivated and keeps me hungry keeps me going just to see it. Aren't I leave our embedded and stuff like that. Older meaning just it it's is that demoted for meeting key already in this group a lot of people wrong. That. We're talking a four star wide receiver Michael Pittman your ad played in the NFL won a Super Bowl ring in the NFL. What's the number one lesson you learn from him about the. Army in the norm isn't from my dad are out there and it's just a single hard. Play. I mean he's that was our yeah he was relentless. You want it surrenders over great news Baxter's product everything about either remember that later on. He just partly. Art is equally that's a big game. Tom dart on yeah that'd be great great character on and off you. All while on ankle or hand could that not every player you are pitching out of bed at in the rice in gotten into that as well. A little trading in May yeah. If so are you. Art about art. He didn't meet creates you to get me while I. Like. I was trying to take that is more about. About. Christine. When I ask people about you one of the things that come out all time is he's got a lot of dog and he's a football player quit doesn't seem pure football player he's got a lot of document. When you described about yourself when when you hear people say Mike and analog dot what are they saying it has seen in your game that they say. Yeah I mean hey Karl meted out because it. A more doubt on the and I out here nobody. I absolutely nobody actors are careless and your quarters thanks to you. Tutorial on my package and let I like to see trot out most of these cars that means that a competent Smart at all. Might that nobody out. Am I in the dvd world as it is I mean. But I love the competition on numbers on April may and it's great it is that you start yep I'm like I know Marlon and I know. I know when not each what is it like that Ahmad no pushover. It you know and so it is great great. The best competition. And I've been there mark and I got my confidence that nobody can. At that mentality might have been. I didn't even that like. One in ten years ago. You mentioned on not being afraid of anybody not not being scared of anybody in. And actually came up in your recruitment and I don't know where this started when you ask you were asked about depth charts. And I believe Gergen and Florida. And because you know the names on the depth chart and and that's just to meet that kid who understands is opportunity. You're in there were able to name the guys on the chart. And because of that somehow because again there was time to fill in because you you said this indeed you plan to decision and that people cared for news. It turned into Michael Pittman is if he'd of the depth chart. At different schools. How difficult is it is a high school to it as high school athlete when you have never said anything like. It will fit try to fill in blanks for you that must be just. Incredibly incredibly frustrating especially for a person group comprised himself on the football field and off of it as a guy who's gonna work hard and never afraid and. Mr. ER is its person that arms are marked the biggest vanity but. Assists is at Scott it was frustrating. At a point where had that kind of tweeted out at people now like from a guy never traded competition and never arm from a guy. Competition right I just want to meet right Archie. Or her mind and I know he's probably highly ranked these guys that and so now the holiday I'm gonna try to and a income all the receivers art and my opportunity. To do mean India best. Competition right. Now. I don't know why. And keep in bats and innings. So why can't they won't let you know. I'll look for it and nobody. In nobody on the scene. And yeah it is very frustrating as not on that is. Like bang. And he didn't mean as act out what guys are right in the series of charges against. What you have to do it are the argument are or it is him being like I know on all of our. No it's not the be an experience at all it says he's saying. Senators I receive your order right I know write a note saying stuff like that matter could never intended well not only. Ordered B. Coppola that are that are pursued that air. I don't care. I heard our players understand what she meant. Speaking of knowing guys or you miss Cali flock locally. People and the huge deal on August organs suddenly is going in California and able to all top talent out of the state account of what. You're a California tally your one of the top players or in all of Southern California. What is the Cali flock means you what is organs sudden California pipeline mean he doesn't make any difference in your recruitment does that does that help them in anyway. I mean. I guess you could try and stand away arm. The late recruitment arm starred in organ actually in my top ten just in climb a ladder and crime that respect. Yet. Bunkers aren't in yet so right. Though and I got to another coach and really talk to currently. Let in are RD anymore in the crystal mark argument to a narrow are into that so yeah but I am. Cali argues. They Kelly mark you are among you not know all. Pretty well. Mono or Mya. I know our notes on. And so. As I'm sure that. John are still not know about. That but yeah I know it got pretty. So. Great guy. Eric there are some that are there are trying to group yeah yeah. They're like that and is it and it's pretty good as. I I know there by. The speaker of the great aspects Matt and Matt or genius and up like that I beat oddly they have great potential. Forced wide receiver Michael Pittman he will announce a Decision Day on Friday he doesn't normally like to an NB some might think you very much for a given us time. And I really hope that our forum to address some of the nonsense that's gone in the last. Couple weeks and we need to make a decision I would very much like to have you back to talk about it if you BWAY. Yes alright thanks man appreciate you. All right. It's that time Michael lynch we don't have any brought music this oil is what do you think organ or Florida. This the toughest one a long time. He. I was trying to listen between the lines a little bit and the at the very end him talking about much more about Oregon receivers and all accounts a to count out. He was given normally search for a while. And then what you brought up. The comments on the depth chart in the docks receivers. He. Didn't mention specifically the Florida receivers he sort of mentioning specifically mentioned co. We did mention one but he went deep dive into the organ receivers all the more he was like sorry for him when he you know as likes our our Josh the guy who's going organ and money side. And OK I just you know what. I don't like when I see a social media the a lot of social media warriors who he's got his video made that's out of his gamble if it's delayed by a weaker TO. There's a whole lot he can do about that. And so for people to turn it into her keys being dramatic where fans starting to look for things to talk about he's afraid of the depth chart. I wanna be given an opportunity and he hates to an inner I wasn't sure he said he was gonna do what he wants to do and he said he was happy to come on clear the air. I wasn't sure that he was gonna do it because he hates it so much but did say to him I wanna give me the opportunity of the explain what's been going these high school it. And for the last couple weeks people are trying to speculate on stuff he never talked about it bugged me so I said come on an all askew. Some these questions you can clearly so is organ in Florida. He will announce a Decision Day on Friday. He has not made up his mind yet in the sense that. You know he's announced it behind the scenes or anything like and it's gonna be organ or Florida. And he's not afraid to play or go up against or compete against anybody for playing time are lined up across from any I don't think that's your take. And Michael Pitt you know one thing I'm noticing too when we have these these guys on their they're talking about the different schools. Terms of trying to guess they're gonna go. Oftentimes when the only good thing may have to say about a school as I like our relationship with the coach amid talk to me a lot. I feel like that's not exactly what you wanna hear if they say that great as always they also talk about some of the benefits. But he talked about the facilities all accounts over the organ in Florida. Are you know Moline amend their do or they wanna get Florida winning again you know about that to me is like. Yeah that this is the only thing I have about Florida's the coaches talk to me verses I've been thinking more about organ in this. Here's another thing I'll pat and then we we got to get to break but. To me if a kid general speaking not even talking about like a pin and generally speaking. When there's a local school all our regional school any school across the country. And it's on the tour three that kidneys to completely rave. About this rule across the country for it to be that school. If all things being equal. Usually kids choose closer to home you usually kids choose playing with guys they know over going cross country somewhere they don't know as well. But Michael Pittman didn't say any of that and I wanna be scared him because it's so many different were put in his mouth in the last couple weeks Michael Pittman did not say organ was ahead of Florida Florida was ahead or gay. Those are his top two he will set a decision date on Friday I wanted to clear the air on that for him I'm glad we were able to do it. Origin in the recent polls in basketball recruiting shifting gears here a little bit. Was picked I Vegas as having the fourth best odds to win the national championship they drop down their still considered a top. And pro am odds wise. For winning the national championship. Is that what this group set that set of goal last is that a final four what do they expect what is this freshman phenom class expect. We'll talk to my isles nor is the four star power forward he's our campus we got permission to talk to and he will tell us what's the expectations in Eugene next time McRee with Andrew naymick. On pennies thing. Here's Mike with sports and. Whether Andrew Mehmet did so in origin lies in the Oregonian recruiting expert Andrew mimic. On generating most. The Oregon Ducks I knew one of the nation's best basketball recruiting classes. One of the best classes in the history on the entire West Coast. It's an elite group for top 100 prospects appear McDonald's all Americans. And we've got four star power forward my Els Norris joins us now to talk about the class and their expectations miles thanks for being on the show. No problem but. It's like it's more. Our album. Robin it's why we like it. Again so. About who would also. Gain to the flow. How well do you guys all gotten to know each other boy mobile Lou king will Richardson in your set off. That or that group of freshman phenom phenom. Levee has gone into each other and you had a chance Sarah to chat who previously years this last three weeks been kind of an introductory course on you guys becoming team. Yeah. This summer a grade eight days out the play would veto the no bull oil and food. It with the other. You might go like are my results are they talked a lot. A part Hulu. Like the little bail on direct message on it and Ford and Eric. And I know I talked to Bill Clinton at 48 years ago. I know a little bit but I well in Chile that. You were the first one to commit in when you committed you're considered a five star recruit drops a few spots still one of the top power forwards an entire country. When you committed or dean did you know kind of bask in the scenes the wheels were turning on this class or did you assume Mitt. You know you might mean the the absolute headliner of this class did you get any idea what was happening in terms of origin may be putting together one of the best classes program has. Look opera and they've got this. I commit myself I didn't mean oh what they had bought we all I have done my best crew. The guy does it mean now. But they're legit I didn't really know what dude they're recruiting. Owed on a bet I'm not. What do you see from from each of its commitments including yourself what are you guys each bring to the table will start with you. The term use of corn kinda gets overused but at six foot 10190. Pounds you can blocked shots. You can shoot threes. What are you bring to the table as a big time athlete at Ord. Are you on the outside bring energy and do whatever it made me do another army the act and we're so. I think that's on the ballot bowl committee is solid the idea that I Cano on the floor. Does this equate. Will Richardson kind of a combo art can deftly played the point can definitely be issued and guard. When he's seen from him so far what do you like about his game. He plays parties easily top players our determination to blog world. Like a lot united in their dog. In government big budget. Lou king obviously battled some injuries is a senior. On McDonald's all American a small forward potentially a star her right away what do you see from from Lou king what does he bring to the table. Icy blue voice. Really does or learn a bit scored in the class. Outside the heat and re allowed to create a lot of this. That it came it is sort of bought. That was a little silly in this will be all about player really get scored. And mobile obviously a lot and made about a shot blocking ability he can also hit that midrange shot. What is he and how special do you feel like he could be now you've got a chance and to see them on the floor consistently. I am a little number because we are not gonna do in their new big day this year. I need. Got a blocks. You can have a lot of matches spot in the post this year as well and ready to take. Eight out outside the I'd keep and hit that he could really shoot the ball well but the and the annual business can be. Too shall block yours. The impact game east. And it doesn't I am about as well. You're selling so short you can block some shots too. That's that's about it oh yeah that's three pretty good shot blockers how. I think we got to begin. Tub like it came pretty good these are dictating how we this. But I get out mines like. These let moved it up. So when you've got teammates that also blocked shots when you've got multiple teammates you can swap things into the fifth row you guys kind of fuel off that is the shops tracker when you've got like Twin Towers back there where somebody gets one you feel like man it's gonna be my turn next year a little bit. Is their energy bills are being blocked shots for other job blockers or does it become a competition for shop liked how does that work when you guys. I want on the floor. The morgue. This added he grew. So how well the and it blew my. Dog one of the highlight plays but it's a big time block. But I told as many are it out get out this year. Did deflection but this didn't include the development will. So I I teased this earlier I talked about the beginning of the show Vegas as you guys as it is kind of that final four type of team a team with a chance to win a title. What are you or expectations is a team that what is success. What is failure and what is pay we had a really really good year this next season. Final four is it national championship that win the pac twelve. What's the goal what's the teen goal. They get all that I know all of the actual well we sure. Because they're saying government what to expect a day. The Bible book is on a war we got. Restart and right are we were. I think you'd think she is gonna saw how well we don't. Could hear and see the. Well I look forward to seeing knot wind now is the three towers back there blocking shots it's going to be one of the best defense of dean's. In the entire country I am really looking forward to see what you bring the table miles think's gonna show. Know Bob yeah. I think this organ groups got a chance to be really a man. Not only do you have three shot blockers but Lucci if he can be an elite scorer 'cause that's the piece that's missing is that we score. If Lou king is an elite score they bring you album mean who's one of the best perimeter defenders in the entire country. And then you've got a veteran point guard in kind of facilitate he's a better shooter and certainly spreads the floor better than Casey Benson did that I don't fourteen just a couple of years ago. I think the these guys near the ceiling is really hide the sky is the limit. For this group. Especially with the pac twelve having been down the last few years add 34. NBA prospects to a rock star. On top of already having Kenny Boone. And that is he really really dangerous groups particularly again boy born Kenny wouldn't get there might each individually. Be the nation's best shot blockers. But there could be there to death or. AEA and in a down year for the pac twelve I see a lot of teams can down. It seems like or they Nash are this that pac twelve championship skis is just absolutely right for the taking if at all. And together and absolutely. And and that's the one thing I always say this is. Building a team with a lot of really good freshman is kind of how college basketball works right now a lot of the league teams but. It doesn't guarantee anything with the tournament alms because it's a crapshoot. And you do when you don't have experienced Mac kind of whipping you up against a team like. Bucknell. Who has a bunch of seniors mimic it every single year back and your run really quick but with a team like this. In the pac twelve. I think that is that it should almost be it a given that they win in Basque publisher how good they are at least on paper but. To win and make final form a national championship. I mean I should obviously be a goal many top team it is so stinking hard to do that. So you know for doc fans hoping that of course but never expect him if it was the NCAA tournament comes. We're gonna try introducing got a new segment in the last segment Todd touch on it just old little bit this week but going forward it'll be a recurring theme. I'm looking for questions that Sam will be ask Andrew. Or you can hit up the better use today text line at 55305. You've got a recurring question asked them leave your name will read the name major question we'll get to it. In that last segment always try to pick the best 12 or three in the week depending on how much time we got. Button next. I got to talk to about Morgan State news and it's it's not necessarily positive we'll talk about the next agreement entered on ten and I think. We have not talked about already in state and all day. And there hasn't been a lot and it was on the organ state lately. Except for me to be some not not mean not not not not not great. Ryan all obviously declared the NFL draft and went undrafted but it looks like you might have a chance to John. Bright a wave who was suspended indefinitely he chose to leave the program in late June. So arguably your number one and no amber well you're number one offense in a number one defensive players are arguably gone and then this week. It was announced that Xavier Crawford has followed Korey Hall the central Michigan. And transfered. From the organs football program he was an honorable mention all pac twelve player two years ago he had a stock solid start to seize this last year and then got hurt. Estate is arguably losing its two best defensive players at its best offensive player from last year's team. Yes guys are getting older guests are getting physically a little more mature but when you are one and eleven with a long wind being a squeaker. Against Portland State you do not wanna lose three expected return he's everybody's gonna lose guys to graduation. But you do not want to lose arguably your three best return heats. Two non graduation decisions transfer. I declaring for a guy being kicked off the tee in or at least suspended indefinitely and she seemed to lose the team. And then now Ryan obviously in an in the NFL draft going undrafted. Jonathan Smith has a Siri is rebuilt. And I think some of that momentum and it's gains air in the recruiting trail this spring and they did a really good chop. They're selling a one and eleven program whose alone in his Portland State the recruiting in Los Angeles Seattle. The recruiting against air as the Arizona schools the recruiting against Stanford in cattle old academic institutions the record you against Dorgan who just has a eighty. More successful recent history they need you and right now facilities certainly. It's a tough vote. It's a tough route but I thought they did a wonderful job selling. And they were real with kids they pull and you're probably. Well probably to me is away from being kind of competitive in the packed and I think that's realistic I think their two years away. From being consistently. Not winning. From consistently being competitive. Week to week in their games Gary Anderson took a lot of flyers. On kids that if this kid pans out. He's got a chance to be a really good athlete who is 320 pounds but he needs to gain seventy pounds and maintain his foot speed. And a lot of times do you come together and a guy they had was an undersized slow footed guy Dick half way to the high are halfway to the weight. And lost half the speed. So we ended up being knocked. And they've got still a lot of that on the roster. And when you look at why things derail Gary Anderson took a lot of chances on a lot of guys that if this guy turns out he's got a real high ceiling. But if he doesn't. He's in AB not even a big sky kid and Truman. We talk about when things really derail or organ state last year it's when they had to go to their second guys. And they are now essentially that would lose three guys they expected to return going to their second guy at running back. Linebacker and the number one court or spot. It's a it's a really. Disappointing. Offseason in that regard I think some of that recurring momentum they gained in need again they get a really good job. Selling the truth and getting kids to buy and especially in the state of Oregon. I think next year's going to be robber. Then mini organ state and expect I think you're looking at. The over under on wins and two Michael if you were given an over under for or against eight. Will say like two point one so under is two over is or eight. Two point one or 2.5 is the over under what you take. It's so hard because. You do tend to see you. Teams wrap they around new coaches and we solid core of all play a lot better when when he took over in the first couple games. And everyone seems like Donovan spent a lot and everyone seems like the direction they're going the problem is. It's starting now with depression are going to be encountering now what it's minority existence oh. All. I wanna say over because I wanna be optimistic because with a nonconference schedule you can what a couple of games if you play an easier team and Adam what to do these schedule yet this year bombs to remain have a Portland or some phenomena that should be a win for them they opened with Ohio State. While number that yes it did get reminders regularly back in 85 to. The gun safety don't mind in my head yeah that's good by its yet that's I'm a mistake I would say cautiously optimistic over but the slight right through these. Yeah I think that's I think that's fair ides I take the under but it's really clubs. Next week we are starting officially the recruiting with the Internet and a podcast not only will we have this show. But also during the week I will be recording a podcast that is a deep. Dyed look into an aspect of recruiting into something that's coming up and we have got to get to organ Saturday Night Live can't. They're going to host forty to sixty of the top recruits on their order. I will give you the full list we will break it down next week on the podcast on the show we'll have two of the visitors talked about their expectations. For the organ Saturday night lights and that will be down and just two days away on that Saturday. July 28 thank you for listening. 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