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Recruiting with Andrew Nemec
Thursday, July 12th
Brandon Huffman, Jacob Bandes join the show...and more!

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This show is for college recruiting and stand. Inside story on the ducks or beavers the national recruiting scene and high school prospects across Oregon and southwest Washington. This is recruiting remember Emmett. Jim lives in Oregon and recruiting expert players coaches and friends follow cool. We including Andrew M blogs and maybe. And welcome news to agree with the Andrew naymick on 1080 the fan it is still the dead period and yet. There's a lot to get to you as always point 47 sports came out with their new rankings. In the next segment we'll talk to 24 sevenths sports national recruiting director Brendan Hoffman about some of the duct recruit who's gone up who's gone down. (%expletive) on dollars and Jeremiah crow Dell went down pretty significantly shorten fans be worried about that is that something they should be concerned with or these still quality prospects. And then last week's guest Giles Jackson I I've been talking about since March. About how much I love this kid. He went up 400. Spots he is now being nation's number three all purpose back she went from a three star. With only mid major offers no power five conference offers an effort started talking about and he is now rated ahead Sean dollars. When John dollars committed he was the nation's number one all purpose back that's how much styles Jackson is gone up in the recruiting rankings. He's got a final four orient organ state Michigan and USC I had to guess right now it's the organs the leader. But we're gonna see what's commendable and what's not commit a bull in terms of offers. And if you're wondering what is that and how does that impact recruiting look no further than this week's news. I don't know if you watch this solace on organ live dot com back slash recruiting teacher Sheffield less than a week ago. Committed to Notre Dame big time commitment for star wide receiver. Fast forward just a few days and he gets a phone call from the wide receiver coach to be known for a long time. And well all let him explain I've got it right here on from Twitter here's what he had to say TJ Sheffield for star wide receiver previously committed to Notre Dame. After establishing a long term relationship with coach Alexander the receivers coach from Notre Dame. I call them on the morning of the 6 July and stayed into my intentions to commit coach Alexander congratulated me on committing any spoke my parents as well stay need to look forward to coaching. Today I received a call nose was a couple days ago today I received a call from coach Alexander stating that Notre Dame was not going to honor my commitment. You would change of plans coach Alexander stated that he should've let me know on the sixth of July the Notre Dame a different plants. As a result of the information that I received today recruitment is now tobacco. I completely except notre Dame's decision is God's will for me and know that god has opened. Has an open door that no man can shut thanks again to Notre Dame for considering me as a possibility. For their program. And Notre Dame got a Vista rated for this and so what for good reason. Right a kid commits a four star wide receiver he's got big time offers commit still Notre Dame. And a few days later they don't you know we're knocking honor your commitment and a lot of people are are framing this. As though Notre Dame pulled his offer and it's important to understand that may not be the case here in fact I think it's unlikely to case. Let me in the behind closed doors here let you behind the curtain a little bit. Recruiting now has commit double. And non commit mobile offers. And that sounds insane right how do you get a noncommittal blocker. But it's a real thing in what ended up happening and what is happening college football recruiting is for a long time these elite programs waited Alabama. Orton did this for a long time when health rich US seek. A number of big time programs the way they can only get they they're only gonna take a top kids in the country. So they're gonna wait until it got absolutely proves he's one of the top few prospects in the entire country before they off. But these smaller programs. And an even smaller less successful programs cow. Arizona Arizona State Oregon State Washington State they are offering these kids in their freshman year in their sophomore year as a regular milk. In some cases building a relationship. For a year or two. Before these elite programs were involved. Will that delete programs behind the eight ball yes they had the selling point that they were leaked but in terms of personal relationship they were far behind. So to catch up to this trend college football recruiting essentially established a noncommittal offered what these programs are doing. In their sophomore year their offering a scholarship and often they won't even tell the kid themselves don't tell the coach the pair. So saying this is an example will go to Notre Dame here saying Notre Dame offers up by IQ is projected to be a big time prospect is a sophomore. They may give him an off scholarship offer. And as I've said before and what that boils down to essentially is that note do you do you pass out you're a potential girlfriend in grade school or junior high do you like meet. Check yes or now. And and and not commit double whopper is a yes Jack I'd like Q and it starts the relationship now is not explained that kid necessarily at the time. But he's explaining his coach sometimes it's explained to keep down the route you don't want take away the excitement the offer so you offer to. Then you wait awhile and you say hey listen you know we wanna see you develop wanna see your junior year film we wanna see you in person. All those things are kind of coded for this offer isn't commit. We need to see more from you but here's an offer we liked. So in this situation. What I think happened. Is that each one of two things frankly one of them could've been at TJ Sheffield may be wasn't told his high school coach was told this is not a commit a block from wanna see senior felt. And that coach forgot to relay that TJ or didn't relay the other possibility. And this happens all the time is ahead coach and offensive coordinator doesn't relay to the position coach a change in the big board. Doesn't really pay you know we looked at the depth we look at the depth the spring practice and we need instead of 3-D linemen were taking full. So instead of four wide receivers were only taken three. So suddenly you left the lop off the bottom you're bored one spot. So that coach may not know that because the communication breakdown there are two possibilities. One of them makes it notre Dame's ball. The other one is kinda on the kit. And not a silly on the kid the potentially is high school coach this happened organs state. Seven Oregon State and Gary Anderson honestly it wasn't entirely their fault they offered a key they offered to kiss from Florida from the same high school. And they told their high school coach after offering the kits and I got this eventually from the high school coach and from the kid as far as what happened on the route I figured out. They told the coach. Hey let these kids know when the excitement wears off and a weaker team that these are non commendable effort we still wanna see their film we really likeable we wanna build that relationship. What do kick got so excited. He announced his commitment didn't call the Oregon State coach is to say hey I'm ready to commit didn't check in with anybody just tweeted I'm committed org Wednesday. I'm happy I got the offer is what I wanted to my power fight get on a pac twelve get. Or can stay in modern recruiting in that situation did everything right. They did everything right they offer the kid it was a non compatible offer so they let somebody know to let the kid no one that excite the war that's kind of how it works. And unfortunately in that case the kid got so excited he jumped the gun and so he announces commitment and a bunch of sites. Run. I know something's wrong. Because I see the kids filming what are you doing this long enough you know now this is this can't be have been a commendable off there's no way. So I try to track down the coaching stepped up. And they're not calling me back and usually I can get old so again another red flat our reach out to the kid the kid get the full interview about his excitement. Then hangs up the ball. Hangs up on. And then delete this tweet about five minutes later at that point I knew somebody called an incentive pay your offers not commendable he did not inept and or against it. It's an ugly trend lynch. But in the Notre Dame situation. Whose fault is. All tell you are being a second but it does reminds me two of the year the false idea of what scholarships for players means an aside I had this is well and and sued kimbo and just focussed and is your talked about this. The scholarships are not four year long scholarships. They're yearly re like the you get renewed on your scholarship so a lot of college programs won't. Basically dropping kids scholarship he's not performing and say you're knocking them a football team anymore. And the may have to pay for the entire rest of their college experience as well. So that's another thing that reminds me of this where it's kind of what a dirty little secret that all I got a scholarship offer my four years are paid for. Well not necessarily. I think it's I think if notre Dame's fault in this in the scenario. If if it's his dirty little secret of its and a behind the curtain kind of thing there's no way end of the minorities an example. There's no way that the kid knows it's a non commendable offer to know once told them about it right so. You can't blame him for announcing his commitment and then being told us not real amend. Opening up his recruitment again all that right. To me it sounds like it's the receiver coach's fault for not relaying information him and it was a non commendable offer. Honestly until you told this that and know that not credible offers existed I thought if you got an offer you could take you and then all of a sudden you are scholarship athlete at least for one here that. And that's the piece that a lot of people who follow recruiting never really hard time with enact it it has because of the level. That they're at right now in a sex organ state recruits. And their commitments more often it just dies as a kid gets an offer from Morgan Oklahoma they end up getting commitments from higher on their board. And the kid may be gone and offers a junior but organ and or Oklahoma and LSU and those schools don't talk to anymore. And they slowly kind of moved down moved on moved down and their commendable offers are kind of that level lower where it's like my my offers or Boise State. Organ state. I was state do you does that make sense here and so what is happening is those kids commit and then what I write my story I also know what's commendable and what's not commit double. So all say can chooses Oregon State over Iowa State and Oregon State fan again that I'm their favorite human being in the world. You know they'll see we'll get an offer for origin and LSU and Oklahoma it's like the schools haven't talked to many year there he didn't but he had an offer originally and it's really hard for fans understand that. Organ has offered I think rhetoric on 300 kits. Is right around three anarchist. They should only take 25. In their class so even if you said well. They would give out more commendable offers then 25 because they'll take the first 25 even if we were generous. And sent a hundred of those are commendable that they are hot you know 75 different F 1486. Kids right now they have an offer for Morgan are committed could commit they take it. That still leaves 200 that are noncommittal. The majority. A offers for a lot of schools now are noncommittal. And it's important I understand that it's not always again this is not TJ Sheffield's fall in any way. It could potentially be the system's fault where his coach maybe didn't relay a message. Or it's notre Dame's fall on him into all the high school coaches know that not credible offers exists to. Or some of them disarm the dark and they don't know maybe they're like what does that mean it's an offer. I think at most good schools like modern day high school they now central Catholic they now think the schools that have been through this a bunch. What I wanna know when and what I've been curious to know when you ask a coach and they're not gonna say I don't know that. They're not gonna say I don't know how to do recruiting net they're not gonna do Africa but I'm just gonna throw a school out there because you know if you took like banks or more law. Or Milwaukee high school would dare head coaches know if Morgan came in and offer a kid but it was like but we're gonna wait and see. Would they know I'm not a 100% sure they know that that's how. I I mean I I would I would bet there would melt and it just because. Again. I know that I'm not like recruiting guy necessarily but I work in sports and I and rely on about sports not all about stuff and I had no earthly idea this was even. The thing and that. Don't regret I almost lost the desk here I grabbed a gas dispute in in the whole desk. Lifted up we almost we almost had a major incident or pick I got a imagine wires is breaking everywhere he no one can see what happened backfire if this were T need out of an horribly embarrassing almost sounded almost Justin Upton smacked into the I ya. Yes I I and I just I would bet that a lot of coaches don't know and I'm thinking back to my school and mean we weren't very good at football but we had a lot of we've had a lot of good players who have come through the school. Volatile Molly went to my high school so you know he obviously had many many offers and Lance Ball former running back went to my high school. Had many offers way to Maryland so I mean there are players who had offers but I don't know if my coach because there are smaller school. Wouldn't necessarily have a great football history. Would would know what a commendable or marketable offers. And that's the thing that a lot of cute kids and organ have had a hard time with the schools or act that's why organ hasn't been a little bit behind some of these other schools. There aren't a ton of schools that know how this works west winds and NL central Catholics can now Jesuits gonna now but Terrell shelled and obviously at this point understands our. There are a lot of schools that they don't know how this goes. And coach is college coach can be a little leery imagine if you offered a kid and from banks whenever and your organ or Oregon State. And then you have to say he announces his commitment in order to stately is big in state commitment and then you have to go back and go no never look at the specs on that. Vs may be offering a kid from modern day who does understand how Augusta. It can hurt your recruitment or is getting better but there are still a lot of coaches in the state who really don't understand is not their fault they just never dealt with it. I'd. Middle overs non commit able offers is kind of the latest trend and it's been going on for a long time. But as one of the most major late trends we'll ask 24/7 sports national recruiting editor Brendan how often about that. Asked about the latest 24 sevenths sports ranking Sean dollars Jeremiah Goodell and my man Giles Jackson all of that next on recruiting the Internet onto anything. Visits this is where it happens frequently with Andrew and damage featuring Hillary Jim lives in Oregon and recruiting expert and remember on ten feet both and on initial I really true. Right see here local prospects aren't we definitely talk about the dusty talk about the beavers we talk about Oregon high school sports but what I wanna go national. The absolute best guy in my opinion to do that with is 24/7 sports recruiting editor Brandon company joins the show now. 24/7 just came out with their rankings how much is that a labor eleven how how difficult is it to kind of spice that up to sort that out. Well you know it always the most on day and then bought a year we come on you know Twitter all so her immediate and very understanding. You can imagine the technically in direct messages always weak bat it could appoint. I you I do organ rankings and knows can be a nightmare and those aren't even that hard off and it's pretty clear cut is just super fans of a certain player they get mad I can't imagine. Nationally trying to decide averages 85 or 91. I don't know how I don't even know how you can slice that out. What little weight one of the things I was wondering about is already kind of tiered with the star rating. Have you guys ever done kind of a deep dive breakdown where you kind of tear it can say. This tier of guys is kind of in their own grouping. Among the four stars where you where you kind of break it up a little more specifically do you do anything like debtors that just. Too much splitting hairs at that point. Now on which we merged twenty or seven lots all that that's been one of the keys that 20% really did I don't. Will be able to really discouraged by what I've forced a global force or an outlet. Bible reading and of course everybody has reviewed. It scored need. Well I'd settlement of course aren't you or odd that it need to equal that you've been to seven and I gotta be integrated greeted as he has had a big night even look at the scene not our next their data so. I quit your belt by the Eagles the cream of the crop really hit the heat and and you've got that are hundred plug. I'd better that you eat one generation. That you didn't I'm partial on the very types as well. That you really eat at separate themselves. From other guys to be rated well of course are in. Look at ad today. To guide you organ prospects that that took a little heat and I just got a little he dropped a little bit. Sean dollars originally are rigid you know a couple weeks ago was the number one all purpose back in the country drop the number five in the Jeremiah Kordell. Drops over a hundred spots in the latest rankings. Assaults on those players in general to meet. There's still are who they are on film they're still Forestar prospects they're talented I think. Sometimes people get too bogged down in now but why did they drop and and what you expect from them in Eugene. Well I think it would want to get people forget when I go up other guys. All of that they need every eight and drop you because you don't beat out. It would at least ours is that would BK. How do we deal ready to eat and will be part of it's pretty good lead it shortly after signing date February booted marched. And the need for months what to do that but it got a chant now. Eat more and more guys emerge you'd see other guys. So let's say organ would get it out Jack's. Amare would it be that he's now being debt 500 spot into the top 12147. You know because she did. At least look back into Bob. Well the guys and our other guys mark leaves it there until that happened in it that could help. Kick the ball about August and questions about is his. Bead or seven I doubt it that it's opening could be open final yeah Crisco. So that kind of speed that you want equal. More machine at the back to may not that you meet people that we're in it would beat up these force are still need heat the building. Yeah make an impact at organ but there's other guys at least the gonna make it bigger impact whatever school they ultimately end up. And may soon it was a guy who potentially was was almost a five star prospect obviously he he suffered an injury and that kind of hurt his rising stock. Or winning healthy. Was he potentially was he in that category guy who could have added a fifth star and and even with that injury how do you guys manage that where. You know obviously you're not gonna see and quite to the same degree you'd see a healthy guy who maybe is in the top hundred how do you how do you deal with that. Well there are questions technique you know ACL injuries are treated people need to not be in that David work and years ago a bit. Your achieved badly need to see years and you wonder it ever going to be. The player who wants what he bet that's the marble marker senators need a lot more bite recover quicker. And becomes suspect that they were before. He indicate that so he will. Position. Actually move and iron eight eat when you get in orbit over the course of the spring and summer and then an age like you'll be much like L or the net eat we eat. Mix in the trigger. We'll mix that you let. I think that it is still bad it still help. Now you can ball away and indeed only LP you'd let orca the young. Or contracting. Eight and our keeper Ian it you don't. Would be. It still eat yet but looking beating. Extremely talented. Ballplayer yet injury that back yet you're probably keep him from movies out because pocketed the body work watched quite. Is that equipment that excellent phenomenal player that would help the is among the I'd like you're in the country. Which 1247 sports national recruiting editor Brendan Hoffman. I was so excited to see Giles Jackson I've got him on the show. I wrote about him and did that I never create a photo gallery Machida doesn't have offers for Morgan Oregon State and I created a photo gallery of me was like one of my favorite prospect. Early in the year it's exciting to see him rise up he's got a final four that includes organ and organ state. What do you like about Giles Jackson and if you had to pick right now where he say he commits. You know you could attend to argue that he'd help or equal coming up I had a little bit of the Michigan. Official visit from a couple of weeks go by deep. She didn't change. Egypt in Michigan out of it a lot about countries we. She wanted to get out they're in the streets and about 78 it. Is already committed addition he had. But ultimately 08 that the draw is going to beat him you've always got into the oh yeah we don't speak again. Lot of people a network and evil candidate it was a bet that was in day. He knew that apple mobile player. You were an organ made that First Act all blocker or. Pat Howard I bought their significant obviously it's at and TTP leak it's been quite a key player or a lot appeared. But he also grew up in the UE Igor. Watching you know he'd be utilized. It. Ultimately at. The USC mortgage. Would not respect that it is that the liquid state specific. Eight you've been recruited pretty back. Which is what he wants to play it took over karate Gregory junior is now eight and a lot last year oppressed and before that bit and was at school so. All the running back in his heart he wants to be ready when you watch him intrude on city lot he would bet. He'd he'd like so well in a blow to do it. Technique organ unit equal are in the opportunity to be double that crooked and it all purpose that you've really truly is no current. Schools. Kane Brent and fill in the blanks organs next commitment will be blank and he brings blank to the table. Let me it would be a picnic junior tell reflected luck Kyle Orton right at receiver I know I've said I'm an immediate that we. Recruiting to eat that I actually like a football player by that it did just about as much if not what anybody in southern cal or. Bill Big Brother looked at me I junior is he didn't beat that bad actual height weight that Michael did acting like it better oh. Oh well there then collect little parakeet used really become all the company to USC up next couple years that we got at age. Bellows ball. But I love but it is on now open it he's got a lot of dog eat what you which is between or why he did so much introduced a wedge I would. Adds to it. And I. Probably conducting an organ. That they. Wanted to hear or all of prompter football players in this op Ed it. Ellis is gonna summary shall find he's the best in the business that's why we among the shell. 24/7. Sports national recruiting editor for an announcement sprint and where can fans find your work that one region more frequently. Up. Love what my order today about all the bill ain't gonna. It's led you to all day and it echoed territory I did read our on tweet or send sports dot com. Thank you very much for joining us. That's my Dick to you by the way. Michael Pittman I think descend on last week's show it's taking a little longer than I thought it what I doctor. Doctor Mike had two weeks ago or about a week and a half ago and he said basically he's got he's got a video going. He's having it produced. It looks very much to everyone like it's down to meet their organ or Florida. If you read between the tea leaves on social media I got a chance to talk to him this week it's sounding very very much like gore and it's also sending like Debbie was taking a little longer than it should. I have not got a chance to see Michael Pittman and person and that's one thing that. I really like when I can checked out box and I'd seen an in person he's a real guy Giles Jackson got just semen person OK I get it. When Brennan Hawkins says he's potentially one of the best couple players in socal. That is massive. That is a massive debt and I know I've talked Hoffman a lot where he's disagree a little bit. With the 24/7 sport shrinking its and I like or previously was a scout Lisa gill I'd like this guy more than our rankings he's usually right. So she says this is one of the best players and socal. I'd say pretty safely is one of the top 5060 players the entire country certainly a major get for the origin docs. They've got a chance to add another guy here fairly soon the nation's number three defensive tackle cons list with top eight organ made. We will call him in check in with him next YZ like organ going to be next on agree with the Andrew naymick untainted fan. Here's my sports and. Andrew Nemeth on good maybe it's include. For a every spring every summer a couple kids nationally. Sky rocket up the rankings this year is arguably the leader in the clubhouse for that is California defense of jackal. Jacob band dance clubs he is no way to the nation's number three. Defensive tackle the hottest prospects in the country closed adding that star becomes listing today and he joins us now for small and and they did for being shall. So you went to the opening and there are guys that are automatically fives are is their top ten prospects in the nation and and you kind of swiped the title of the best player on the along the VP the opening. Which is big time you look at past winners and those guys in the cellar all Americans. Means you get defensive line and VP at the opening. And our our disarm very graceful and a hard look at it and so we get. A great. She me and in the point in my country so harmless editors are mater it's it's really cool. I don't think fans realize when when kids cut their lives sometimes that. It's not like he had these relationships in some cases for very long. In your case you've blown up recently an added offers. Just in the past couple weeks how difficult was it to cut things down to a top eight when you are adding offer seemingly by the day right. It's really really challenging and because you make a lot of the relationships with all of these. Coaches in the your family and they are. So without saying. About how old. Hey how your kids can make. A change at their school it's it's really up and and you just need to remember that the business we can't be about it can't be purse sake of business and that's what. Is colleges date there're progress date they want you to come to their programs economic their program better it's it's just a business you are that sinking incident. You've gone up a ton in the rankings. Are are you surprised by it did you feel like you were overlooked for a long time how do you react now to being rated the number three defensive tackle and one of the top thirty players. In the entire country. There. It's it's really be really amazing to have that. Achievement. But it it it it also. Doesn't really do anything else because it is really. Prove anything bad that Europe better. I accept personal life because really it is it really. Out on the character played actually the number one. In the country and I can be. A real jerk to people and copy. I'm not into character it's really it's about character I only see like rink is how much secrecy about who goes to daycare totally different community. I would be at home how do this coaching at the school I don't receive regular much well. But it's it's really cool to do another greedy couple in the in the country. It's just like vicious circle that I have not really like. Really take it only takes me and so. So you you rank your top schools in no specific or you just things down to a top eight. I'm their reach or top aides why don't ask you to do it off the top your head because I've got it right here. Cal or Washington. Or again Colorado. Illinois Purdue. Ole miss and Florida are now locally. Obviously the big one on that list is the third one I ran the organ docks that's that's a lot of our audience here. What do you like about the ducks what stands out about organ. It's been one of a child. Schools taxes. Back in the early 2000 late late 2000 and they're out there urges unstoppable like all my friends we'll talk about organ light. Can't comment. Or. Yachts is clearly that ends I just always. Like it always had an attack on little organ docs and I just our level I would really like I do our own. Really care about that it'll form an accurate saying that's label like organ highlight. The program of the football scene coverage cheaper creates a really well a lot of Eric your character players there and that's why it is so leveled the door and dot program. Have you visited Eugene do you plan to. I have not been Eugene and I do I will probably won't work it out with the coaching staff there probably see it much you may get to one of our camps. They are happy it's Saturday night lives camp sometime. In late July saw probably. Talks must admit they kept their cool look there are probably just probably look search Eugene to look at a camp. Familiar are you with or against kind of the recent I guess for surgeons the defense one of the worst defensive teams in the country just a couple of years ago. Now they're not only functional but probably going into this year expected to be one of the top three to five defense is in the pac twelve. How well do you know that coaching staff and what you think to their schemes now. Wool honestly bill all that goes that took tables scenes and they all find a way to get better. But really it's just how how much time and how much effort they put into it because really you can have one of the worst. You know we have sort of course teams that people think. They they can become the underdogs and they can become better like they can become better and that she work hard and can become champion sadly accept you know a lot happens in order under dark. Under under our team's comeback in his dominate they get they dominant conference dominated teams. So really. I know lot about coach crystal balls. And coached oh did you look like a circle stomped them. They you have a lot of plant blast in that they will try to work and they are and so they become a dominant defensive. And the actual. And as the nation's number 3-D offensive tackle thank you very much for being on the show. And if you do visiting or again wouldn't and a daddy back on to talk about tiger visit Lampard may be may be sound like. Thank you. Now he mentioned Saturday Night Live there there may be some vaccines entered don't know organ did last year. It's an event it's a camp that is a non patted football camp at thoughts and stadium they invite all their top prospects last year organ a four or five commitments. That today. And they host. I'd tonne of the top prospects on their boards host seven. 2019 several of their top targets from 20/20. It is their biggest weekend of the year in terms of host because these guys are actually participating in drills working with the coaching staff. It's a new event. Fairly new in terms of the recruiting game. Everybody's doing them Willie Taggart brought it to organ last year and like I said 6070. Of the top prospects. In the entire country all they are certainly the top targets on their board. Last year organ had twenty to thirty. Four star prospects -- is Jacob and as comes for that that's being because you're building relationships with potentially the rest your class. Expect the majority if not every single one of organs fourteen commitments to be there. And for those guys to be recruiting like crazy that we can we will preview hack out and out due podcast on that. I I will try to go to that if my baby doesn't come both. During an. Accepting now lynch is anything comes up in the next month view I'm a little worried I'm gonna get the call in and not be able to ago. Well something's take priority when you go and do like a full on recruiting report if I can go. I'll probably be kept at it. I didn't think. I also bought a house today. We finalize paperwork so I'm excited about outward moving here in the next few weeks on adult in extremely. Hard this summer. I was going through some of my old stuff on my mom's house and I found something. Really really cool it's a sports it's in sports memorabilia. Potentially worth a few thousand dollars several thousand dollars. I'm gonna talk to you about that next screen Internet. Recruiting experts. And eighty. I was a kid from. Think everybody kind as a kid collected from. Sports cards or memory of your support standard memorabilia or maybe jerseys from my big seeing music kids. It was collecting autographs from and it it started out with buying a few. I am you know and as a kid for Christmas I would ask for you know like I got a signed Michael Jordan jerseys and a signed Jerry Rice Helmut those are things like my big Santa present. But as I turn like. Fifth 67 grade I started researching and looking up how much my you know my cards were worth 'cause our collective sports cards. And I I saw this thing in it was called hot stuff magazine which is the door to his name for magazine ever. But add a section on writing guys letters. You put in an envelope that's a little smaller with a stamp on it right in the letter you sent Emma Clark and get him back autographed and there are so many things in sports now where you don't have access to athletes but up and tell. Even price ten to fifteen years ago it was kind of these hidden away. You collect autographs and it was really easy to deal you can get a lot of good stock so is going through before my move again I just bought a house face were moving. I'm fairly soon here we moved in the next few weeks. And I found my old autograph collection. And I was going through it and it was really cool I had so the things I paid for. Was like Michael Jordan can Griffey junior Jerry Rice Ron Amadon Barkley Coby. Vince Carter Alex Rodriguez Mark McGwire and Maria that's Brett Favre that's all stuff I've talked. But stuff I'd written to guys and gotten back from I had Larry Bird autograph cards. Dirk no whiskey autograph card Bernard King Jason Kidd bill Sharm in Bob Cousy Peyton Manning autograph for key card John Elway. And I have hundreds of these hundreds of them. So. I I knew I had that stuff. And and I knew I had a similar but you go back and you looking you see and go oh my gosh I can't believe how many cool things I can't even list all the guys like a news Williams who was a really good corner. Some of them are guys that aren't that greatly Damon Damon Stoudamire it's like okay will Coley played the blazers not like a legend right but there's hundreds of them. And then when I went to Holman. I stop doing it for like all through high school I was miserable I was in Paul mention talent I might my knee and fiance who you know we're having a baby here. She. She I lived apart when I was in Pullman for two years and we were still dating and I was miserable. So I needed a hobby and I felt we are writing I don't know why I felt weird writing the pro athletes that felt too weird for some reason. So I got this hobby of collecting minor league autograph cards I would buy boxes are sets of minor league cards. And Millen to me explain like are you on the sport turn or a miserable we you know to you I'm adding to my collection hopefully one day for my future son or daughter. And I looked up I found that today too. And some of those guys at the time were just minor league nothing guys it's been you know. 789 years since I did that I had fifteen players in the all star game on their Minor League Baseball cards well Bryce Harper Mike trowel. I'm Clayton Kershaw who's not in the game he's hurt Corey Seger also hurt. Johnson I don't essays making such Jeanne Sig cigarettes. But a bunch of on an and it was all. This stuff I collected I kind of forgot I had the coolest one though. And I I need this why it kind of remembered I had but it wasn't wasn't real sure. I would really like Russell Wilson before it was it was content liked an NC state. And he left the summer between junior and senior year is graduate a year to play baseball. And I actually win by a Minor League Baseball card Russell Wilson and mailed it to them and set I think you're going to be a really good quarterback any NFL he saw right. So I have a minor league car I don't know if that's a rookie card or what they consider that necessarily have a Minor League Baseball card signed. My Russell Wilson's I was going through my old collection and it just brought a lot of nostalgia I mean. There are too many things that I had more fun doing I would sometimes write no joke you have to hand write them. And there are certain things you say to get more responses I did for years. And I kind of forgot in that I do go back over and it's just it's hundreds album and stacks and stacks and stacks. Of of autographs and I I went through also that minor league the list of all the players and it's a big bought into huge box. And some teams that I had the majority of their starting lineups and like Jose Fernandez who died. I have his autograph on my on our minor league cart just anybody you can think of how valuable or the minor league cards. Not real that they're probably like ranging. Anywhere from. Like for the good guys and are very good like fifty cents. To you know like a Mike Trout minor league card might be worth like 1012 dollars okay but the rookie cars north while more they're like mint condition right. Only old once they they sold amassed print I know enough I unchecked are so very little about I I didn't collect cards as much as just a handsome as a kid I'm so kind of a very very last cards that were worth a tonne. Word early early nineties saw like Shaquille O'Neal's rookie card is still worth a time. By that time like Kobe Bryant those guys came around Kobe Bryant was the last guy who really likes the rookie who 'cause I collected I have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of sports card I got I mean I don't use them anymore look at him anymore but I have a I have over a hundred co B Ricky carts. And some Obama words like five dollars some Omer worth like 25 to forty dollars. But none of former worth like Jordan you know cards are without rookie cards a thousand dollars 'cause they started mass producing. But this was like a hobby it instead of buying all these cars and doing nothing with them I was born and I need some to do with my time. I highly recommended if you want to reach out on Twitter few of a son or daughter and you wanna continue to hobby reach out I'm happy to explain what it is. Especially right at you write a letter you put another envelope inside with their card. And just say like I'm a fan or whatever and I'd seen you play or I haven't seen you play but I love you on TV year you know I wish you the best in your career. He handwritten letters get like five times as much response is tight things Regis changed her name. It's a really fun hobby that I hope. That my children someday get into and we continue to add to this collection because I'm sure. It's over a thousand on an amused over a thousand autographs and there's probably 75 to 100 hall of fame athletes on it's pretty is kind of fun. It's interesting because I'm just trying to faceoff I was on a card collector I I had cards I have a little late. Binder that have the little plastic sheets temerity to but the cards and yeah. I mean I have plenty but I'm curious now I don't know where they are there might be in the attic my parents house but I wonder if there's any. Good. Like classic cards and art and get them signed but yet. Just kind of Selig Omar got us thirty cargo blah blah blah and because this is in the ninety's for me so maybe there's some value their because. I probably have some early ninety's cards. It's it just depends that it wouldn't be signed of course it depends entirely on how old they are. Because starting around the mid nineties the mass produced so much stuff. They like Ivan Jason Kidd guard that's autograph the card itself was worth four dollars. But it's autograph. Like people didn't realize and I got so into the hobby I would learn. And I talk like. Minor League Baseball just sent to Minor League Baseball but like when I was a kid I got really into it. And I would follow these web sites that would say like so and so was signing right now like to be beginning letters back and so you keep up this forum. And for a long time Peyton Manning Alter his time at Tennessee. In his first year. As a pro he would sign anything you sent him and return it within like two weeks of further so I bought a really nice Peyton Manning rookie card like a rare one. And senate tune I found autograph he's in his Tennessee uniform. I really really enjoyed doing that as a kid it's a fun hobby but it was really neat. This algae to go over I don't know what everybody else collects but that was one of my big things and I collected as a kid it was fun to go over his manner some cool stuff in there. I was not much of a collector I had a lot of hot wheels cars okay again it wasn't a collection but I had a hundreds of this is yeah I was only intention like oh I can't wait to get more reserves I loved cars are so so my big thing was to try to get every player from the top 100 in the baseball prospect list. And at one point I had 78 of the top 100 prospects in baseball on their autograph minor league are not really into it. So I had a lot of fun when that next week. I would guess my next week Michael Pittman is committed although he's about a week before and the week before if Michael Pittman commits we'll talk about it the four star wide receiver again now to be next week. I'm recruiting with the injured in a continue to fan thank you so so much finesse.