Primetime 8.8.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, August 8th
Hot 5 at 5, new NCAA rules plus some Mariners talk, and more!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less rob tiresome. Why would fly to club want. On Mars. Now this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here and time is your source for the best in local regional and national sports. And clap. Media are pretty deserves applause Isaac Brock miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this more Jason's a cannon arm or do they do to stop the do prime time on 1080. Yeah. He once got as and he says a judge Kevin if you will not look favorably upon the woman's lawsuit. I like that very much some of the welcome back it's your sports Breaux so a big zoo got today he'd been John up to us he froze him in C panel tonight. So a double data and up there and they will be back tomorrow so I don't know if we're in touch on tonight. At the end of the club but does sickly that tomorrow on the show tomorrow is a short so. Because the Seahawks have their first pre season game. In BF five to return burned tomorrow. I'm coming up tonight very exciting stuff Mario crystal ball the ex coach will join us at six. Non way to kick off the club but dead as are gonna do that was the time he had so he'll be joining us in about an hour. On this Darryl talk how many game the blazers went away maybe not. Some college football. The Mariners lows are getting bad and what are but the space between the mayor's team on FaceBook today they spoke only. Wanna discuss that with you guys. In the club. In Osaka somebody last night. Who for whatever reason. And ask questions. Had so info on non. Swinging swinging swingers you know a couples that can you share share. And I burger scheerer some scary scary hey it paid. To each their own idea. In the second it's given up your wife to some other guy you're like yeah so that may be an. But let's let's. We're all. Well I would on the Internet today to try to find some numbers on that and I didn't have much luck but I do have some inside Intel. And I find it fascinating and that will be an abbreviated club after the Mario Chris Barnaby tonight. Now he's coming up at six right now. The hunt I'd thought. Odd topics and opinions we go our way home park that day and there. Time for the iPod hybrid plug the plug on private club yeah. I see consumes you. Refreshed my frost brewed chorus line download the reward happened starter in points towards them kind experiences game tickets. And rewards. I got a few minutes. That you really. It's number four iron. Thank you claim. Who swears by this kid says he said added in touch whose family investigated the situation and thinks he'll be. A great member of the Trojan family so unprecedented that and said yes well I didn't say that. It's not Astros levels I think that. There's not as a lineman by the name of Bernard to share her. Who just couple years ago punched a referee in junior college game down a Southern California knocked him out cold and videos quite a lot in. I he was arrested but was never charged because the DA didn't think that they can get a jury. Contents that he did it on purpose is he's always maintained that he did it was an accident. Well anyway Bernard Shermer. Has signed with USC. And clay Helms says program did evaluate hit me and concluded that he will be great member of judge Stanley but remember. Zero tolerance. Melbourne or. Photo it's I meant remembers. Second chances. Yes. And then zero tolerance. Yet but now zero tolerance for lessons the first top M when their senior program meant zero tolerance I know second to thank you they recruit because then. Given gets a little Merck and closeout games get a close up based bug you then it's like well. Right blunt what unprecedented leap vet you glad. There's no yesterday we view Washington lost the top recruits from their 2018 classified star linebacker Ali K ho. He apparently had some family issues in the top was he needed to be home in Reno where he's prom with everyone well he is headed to Alabama a day later. He's on his way to Tuscaloosa he'll be there day in pads for Alabama's football team by tomorrow so nothing fishy there at all. Rumor has it that perhaps he had some qualifying she's at Washington. And it. He may have had to sit out a year at Washington but it's Stanley wants him to. Place. Right away because he is a bright future perhaps in the NFL and he to do that Alabama wanted to go there were tossed the point anyway so. Take after what it's worth. Batting getting worse for the Mariners. The Texas Rangers did dump on Marco Gonzales is dining room table today. In eleven to seven. They DN seeking to three newly I'm a reliever Sam. To leave a lot of luck. I say to we've bylaw luckily there's an I and then I'll I'll look at. He strained his Achilles and excited also is that do you gave up four runs and a more isn't good either let it cements us Scott service is now hinting that. Felix Hernandez his days in the rotation are numbered he is a career worst DR AM 573. His next earnest come in Houston that likely will not happen. I he won't be early because he's owed about 27 million bucks next season and he can also refusing yeah I'm into the miners due to service time. A big guy likely to jump into the rotation would be aroused irascible Ramirez hits close to returning. From the injury eat they say that's his third record of four rehab starts is supposed to be. Monday. The NBA schedule. Part of it. We know this is interesting the blazers again open season October 18. With a home game against LeBron and the lakers. On TNT. It will be LA's first game with their new superstar. Look brownie. I believe the blazer and with this after it did the blazes continue their streak over the lakers they've I think beat them fifteen. A row. The local news Mike clearly does and they were banned I remember they were on the street but I feel like they're lost the last Illinois I thought but I looked at him. Laura Laura doesn't play well in the mode there yesterday blazers we'll play on Christmas Day. That this will be to percent of lent his distaste is two to ten in the road game in Utah. And now won't be on ESPN will be the last of by Christmas begins a B 730. A four other Christmas games include LeBron in the lakers dizzying the warriors. And this guy. Under scene Houston. So I'd NBA notes. Today I wanted big man Jim will Oca has signed with the number of pelicans. In the VQ with New Orleans. And then won the NCAA has adopted this year of policies they hope. Help clean up college basketball the biggest changed is they are going to allow you to eat. High school recruits. And players to be represented by NCAA certified agents. Wild claim. And they have also instituted a longer post season dance. Suspensions. In recruiting restrictions for coaches who break the rules. And should not have teeth. And they are overhauling the investigation process so now any investigation into a school. Will involve two independent groups the first group will include. The traditional NCAA info since out. But also external investigators with an old schooler conference affiliations. And then the second group will be a fifteen person panel of people with expertise in long. Higher education and sports. Zero affiliation to any school and that's the group that will review the findings of the investigation. Oversee hearings and decide. Penalties and there's a big merely didn't say. Is now of player goes to the draft and doesn't get drafted he can now go back to college so it's not just you have to ten days to decide kind of thing. You can go through the whole process and if you do not get drafted in the right factory work. We'll talk a little bit more about this in our necks and we just a quick thought on now and what that means and then now we got a we've got the blazers over under win totals. And the mayor urged lows in college a buck is Mario crystal ball is coming up so I stay here I want geez you don't go anywhere. And as they say on the FM not now. No wait what do they say on the FM down you know Mike. I have no idea where you're going with that I can't even help you didn't say a word the Internet dialer don't punch that some. And we get into earnings before he probably says outside a cyber threats by prospered course like download course lights new or more zappa start earning points or is one of the kind of spirit is. And game tickets by thirteen on the thing. Prime time where you buy tickets to God's pity though. I arena announcer on this hour alone things that's very sporty. Until Mario crystal ball comes on he isn't scheduled to Colin at six. It is currently in 518 if he'd like to set your so until much as soon will be back tomorrow he's in Seattle didn't rock out real gem tonight. Mike just alerted me that the Boston Red Sox are eighty and. 34. The last time they lost I feel like they are like 65. And 34 and Brett. Beta don't lose they win constantly. I think they lost. The series before the Yankees won game two and the camera crew well there 170% of their games a little over 70% gain so they're on pace now to win a 113 point six games. We is just shy of the 2001 man there's in the 1906 cubs the record a 116 wins. And there on south yet there and they are there about that feel right now or last night they're losing by two runs late game and won by two. Because Jane Tina's in a big two run single or something like that package he's unbelievable. He really is in the end debts given that some of same damn team. I don't forget about that attend the air and boat birds and Chris though. I can bring well. Lisa it's not the Yankees. Right right oh Terry. Neely says not. I mean look. It could be allow worse. Could be a mariner fan. Through. We'll meet Anna Sega and one at this on this NCAA. Note so they made is they pass these policies that they think will help clean up college basketball. I so elite high school recruits now can have agents but. That has to be determined by what USA basketball I think. And I was reading a tweet from a agent bush are asking who said USA basketball and the NBA didn't know anything about that. No they had no of this was happening. Which is so suitable way. In any kid who they were gonna make this road's gonna help us with the whole agent thing in key players and against bop over it and someone else do it. They'll do right let's just announced in June up but. So they're apparently not too happy biz so it's not all recruits it's just one's labeled elite by USA basketball strange. But you know the agents have to be certified by the insulated they can be represent bother playing so that's I guess I guess that's it. And then as you mentioned. It is a worthy of noting that you go opens you name in the hat for the draft he'll get traffic to go back to college yes. Which is not as that's nice tiger match it came to an easy one to. And then the whole overhauling in the investigation presses they likely I would read you mark Emmerich who is the head of the NCAA I would redo his quotes. But third nonsense they're dribble mine analysis is that this is lipstick on a pig. Is basically what this says in the NCAA is a joke. And it will remain a joke and amateurism. Goes away and they usher major college sports in the Tony for century right. So final spot. This. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just really want her. You get mentally. So. Many Dijjer sixty more seconds of it. It. I. The coming soon the unique. And yeah. Even so there's no. He. Agree. Fair if the senate took. Ruining your kid at MD. That from time to time. I think it tests. Galvanizes the points. So next up on the docket we've got to talk for just a moment. About the met nurse. And I clinical again if he'd like and we can move on. From that may include can be very similar poll that. Some little bit you're in the right here and says click on any just want to get this but to do that I I and didn't really care to watch the Mariners game but I wanted to see. 'cause it there may is griping yet you look at social media like our. This FaceBook watch thing is so stupid and wiser don't sound so this is this is one of those gains serves only Facebook's it was on TV. And I wanted to see how hard it would be defined in my god all you do is pull up FaceBook in tight end Mariner's or Rangers in the search bar and it's right there yeah. But it's amazing Powell. It's not that it's difficult but it's an amazing how that confuses people don't they confuses people I just think. A lot of people still don't want to watch their sport honest like a small screen or or laptop or something. You know I know that we're moving into people watching him mad in that realm but I don't know people like watching it in that way when you can just especially useful put it on the TV. And most people have fairly lark TVs now funeral pretty cheap. And you get the big screen mean you know your your couch is it we don't like watching LA Arista and I used to watching intently. I don't like watching a ballet sports mop of all the time out of necessity some arms there's two games at once in the football season Opel on the TV one on the laptop and Iran. And I am both but. I'd I'd I'd do it because you need two or maybe it's only way you can watch something I don't. I prefer well based. All is a very background sport I mean that's beyond a scene were glued to football but baseball you put on the TV in the angle but your business he keep an eye and it. And down. You know when you got your your own your tab earlier laptop there immediately even your desktop. Your be your busy on it read like it takes your nine Emmy unique in. I am. Minimize it in and watch it that way but also I got to whatever measure it in honor of gambling but. I I feel like there is but still asked. Sports is is going to. You know FaceBook in these types of platforms it's only matter time they're ready testing it in to go if you. Yet but it there that it did the TV still has quite a just has quite a draw for what you're taught him like just I want without a bear while I do this on my. Screen exactly how off. When are watching and even if it's the NFL word even back we take Muir and divided attention. You spend fifteen minutes on your phone stat you're looking down you look up all that's happening cool when you texting somebody or your look for some music or something. When you look up big and I you know that's what's happening so if you're taking your screen. In your being. Mean you're off course but it feels like you're like well got to watch us now. Can't can't feed my dvd just got to sit here and stare at it well you can cast geo TV. True you know not everybody has that functionality though. That right and it's a maze it real he is amazing how little it takes to do a lot of things and that will keep us from doing it. You know even just the littlest thing it's not comfortable if she decides it's it's like. So how many times you turn on TV neat and you and you you're you turn up for something specific. And you can't find it in sieges move on. It's not hard did you confined to game or you can find that show. It's just I don't normally do I'll find it if I'm looking for some so for example like DH BO. At the hard knocks which we reviewed earlier in today's unprecedented radio broadcast here. That a record on my DVR you said to have been YouTube yes and we think it's because they changed its name but I had a sets record you know all seasons. But anyway I go this morning to go watch it today it's the last night. And I didn't find it on their NI a and I thought you know now I got to go to the search I you mean. And put that back in the Q are you kidding me. This is putting me out so I said first pro pro V so I didn't do that and I went straight to HBO go. And it HBO go on my phone pops up as a half ethanol sponsored in my phone. HBO go pops up and it needs mind password for DirecTV and am I did it. All do it is like this is this is hard now but were soak and it's so although there's probably just a Q3 minutes to get to that point even that. Yet but it's like. That's a minute. But we're so conditioned that is so easy that even when the first first of tiny robot parts of like Alfred get an 02 later. But I can let you know my passer on our panel's pass her so it looked for that and I finally watch it later but. It is amazing you you've really got beat us over the head with a there were worried and had no you're not gonna get. The Jersey want so I tuned in the Mariners game on FaceBook just to see how many people because it says on there how many people are watching and it was 28000. Or something. And I have no idea whether that's good or bad. Because the game was in the in the game was kind of a blow out but down. I don't know whether that's gonna bet I don't know of the FaceBook being FaceBook watch is working at all Twitter it's a little easier either way they're both easy but it's. I don't know how to act how do you think those. Entities think the chairman is going with like sports I'm not sure. I would say I would probably guess if it's negative. Because. 20000 viewers isn't going to walk to me I mean I don't slaughter people but. On one of the most used web sites if not that's pilot the second most used web site in the war on FaceBook. Get 28000 for the only baseball game you have all week. What. So let's again like I've I think is partially on FaceBook. Like put everybody's page. So that they see it if they wanna watch sports. Is it T make it searchable you're only going to get the people who want to watch it you're not gonna get all the extra eyeballs there. All right well. Mariner's. It's a sinking ship. And we'll talk about that coming next and how many games split blazers when the over under is out it is 529 and here's Mike with sports car. We're advised against duke opportunity though. I think 35 my interest above the ducks coming up at six. Plus John well. Unless done on the Mariners set Felix Hernandez sixth. Man that is painful. He's just getting beat Iran is lost command. Five. Point 73 ERA career worst and yet they own the rest of his deal this year and they on 27 million next year. So I only TD can't demoted and he can veto that he got a Poland from the rotation. And you probably just bury him in the bullpen right you just bury him out there and throwing in there when you need some innings in game so where you're getting blown out your blown out your opponent. But man they do not look good right now connect. Felix just hasn't been able to figure out how to become the older paint the corners picture that none of the guys have to turn into Italy does number command he said last night thing now. He said it is she's enemy last night now. Is demoralizing he's done and even seventies and I can't I just lost the so. He looks so good the first few innings to the yeah balls working ending comes and goes. It comes and goes they he has almost six ERA that is this late in the season that is reflect. They are two and a half back in the east swing and raise. The mayor's now have a run deferred chill of minus 29. If you wanna know who in baseball that's similar chill. That's similar to the giants. Who were 57 and 58. And the twins. Who are 53 in 59. The so the idea. In the marriage or fifteen games over 500 their silliness but the idea that. You know they were just get lucky and win some close games. And that will. Recalibrate. Post all star break that idea so far is playing out as quite accurate but Woolsey. I mean. I think we all tried to look at it as it's good to win close games he used to do and in the playoffs and you wanna build when those games but. Now start mid sued trend towards what you said there which is better they got lucky. They a lot of close games ever related closer but if they're not in a close game chances are they seem to be on the other side of it recently. Yeah but maybe it's just a punk him tonight. It looked like you said it earlier in the week it's still early August there's still a month and a half flood to the season a lot can change in a month and a. Well I don't look I don't want my team peak in right now that doesn't mean you want plan like this but you don't want MP peaking right now. Ranked viewers Zain on September ain't keeping that up so you never no never not the case may be they're peaking too soon. And they're taking to simulate a fire's on the line tonight. I gotta say now I'm gonna talk about this on our corners as well but seven and I'm Kim after prime time. Off and on the fan I know Patrick today disposal bill and some. There's no way Oakland keeps this up. I don't believe it. I'm so there was 36 in ten in the last 46 games or something great out there are they were thirty he did they win last night we lost our they lost so they were 33 in ten. In their last 43 which is by the way to best in baseball bat is unsustainable. And it for a team like DA's switch. He is a nice story in their play really well they don't have the horses to keep that going for the rest of the season. I'm gonna say so they are peaking too early in my opinion and should be a positive from mariner fans may be either the blazers. Maybe about that one hot streak gets from close Brett. They'll see. Blazers over under win total came out this week as transition yeah. Thank you well they don't call me a professional for nothing a way to becoming a professional I believe they do Obama assured the other business card that says your professional now you know I I looked at today. You know they have those signatures on your email yes do you have one. Mean I have one yes not one that's mandated by corporate I just put my arm BSE we have those corporal ones where it gives the logos of the stations and should you fancy title and all that. I get time that can't put. I'd has been violent they just sent out an email CEO features signature here it is skinny grade and and it adds the radio dot com playing in. It's like act. Now do you have a signature at all now he just sign it Isaac. We are lazy don't sign it. It says right there who it's from Atlanta latest sign that that's true. Says my name on there until it gets kind of part of like the old fashioned letter writing even though they knew Bruce from crystal signed the bottom. With love. Isaac. Now. I don't ever write crap like that I get to the point. On email we have three wordy emails sometime else don't like it send we don't need fluff on there. So they over under for the blazers win total is 41 and a half. Feel like that's accurate. Yeah yeah I feel like and he team because they got what for the six last year or 49. On mainland 49. And remember how many they won my share looking up for him. That's tenth in the west by the late 41 and a half they did Vegas hasn't sentinel as this is from though Las Vegas Westgate. Super book. Oh they want 49. Bless America you're a genius pro I remember sports things sometimes you do so so sports scene. So 49. To 41 man that's a little below. I guess because here's the thing the blazers didn't change anything who right there essentially the same team just a little bit younger. Is that he wins last. I don't know but they're not gonna make the playoffs doesn't feel like it's this year we have few injuries. Or key injuries. Like they got last year. I break no I'm saying to their Tivo. You know like load goes down but you don't have with what how how how long was there when streak to thirteen their team. You don't have one of those that can easily be 41 I think that sounds about right Dylan's it's a good line to get bolted over on the under the blazers are. Are not so suddenly a bit of a yon in the middle of the pack in the last which is where they were. Five years ago Eminem wannabe. Well that's what I've been seeing how long is that they've been dissed the whole time but you know people get their hopes up needed thirty game win streak in the trade for Turkish they've had moments where as I know maybe now they're the same. Need to same next year. In the west got better on the and that's right in the west got better is Daniel O'Shea saying got teams just resent their players double less is better bifurcated they have. And Sobel may tune Utah Minnesota. San Antonio Denver. Lakers warriors fund her. Rockets and telling cans. All better and I would agree with all of those teams than the blazers yes I mean is any is any of that close. I mean email is so there may be in Denver he had Denver. In Denver Minnesota made a color close but no they're a better. So blazes can be fighting for their playoff lives but hey. Don't tank belies their anchors Wednesday no tanking yet in that game against LeBron that's pretty sweet. But it is cold have a Christmas Day again it's in Portland so Iran's embassy there and yes environment for game number on Yasser than if he didn't hear the blazers will be opening the season at home against LeBron in the lakers got to be the first time LeBron will suit up for lakers that's pretty sweet that games can be on TNT. That will be cool. That'll add some juice to the start of the season and LeBron and struggles a Mota slash Rose Garden so now I mean I think some of the ancillary care. Yeah I don't think he will this first game Matt. And on the you to see the same LeBron he's seen a Mota you know a lot of times these guys come in in the north west wing and they've been out on the West Coast for awhile and it's Portland and it's rainy and it's the winner and you know the bronze been known to come into town and take games off look Phil Jackson needing to come up here want him that mammal protection Damon come here but a it's like rag army to back in. LA he did yeah yes why he did the debt a lot of this you know and he looked blazes have been really get a home. Generally you mean they're they've got a good home court advantage but some of it is that teams are traveling out this way they don't want a it's been it's usually the end of a long road trip or. It's a long trap it's lot of travel to get up here over the for some of Ronald I'll be traveling a lot to get up there are considering doesn't hurt a little bit is coming up from lower. Yes anatomy cool and then it I think it's cool that they play on Christmas that's awesome that's awesome guys there there's an ornament for years and they're playing that at you talk the last game. Christmas now other than those two games so I think they win both of those games and then they go to an eighty. It seems reasonable that's that I am your going super super hard on the under 41 wins. Now I think it's really acts are we in the schedule to is that I don't think it's releasing yet I think this is just some little tidbits here and there to keep themselves and his uncle. Agency ahead maim a beat Portland shirt on today they did shown off my dad died and I'm now because it's kinda tight slightly sales lead site there'll snug. But I have a Major League Baseball the Portland. Stat and it pertains to the blazers. Okay. I in a tree don't look at me like that I'm intrigued now color me intrigued. And then we'll have us so it's 545 and Mario crystal ball the ducks is scheduled c'mon at six we've got an abbreviated club he's come on in fifteen minutes so stick around play to come here on the fan. Prime time sickens you got tentative. I think we should move on I'm moving on moving on the MLB to Portland men and jockey Matt a run that horse. That's what's up the main LB to Portland shirt on today. Miss and one down in my brother in San Diego so he can now go to pay echo park in where written. Had to re treated by the Portland diamond project I've seen military to regret. You're trying to Jersey are they trying to get every ball is trying to get some anywhere near mobile portal insured it in every ballpark Kia. People are sent in a min. It's great. Nothing new on that front they're trying to secure land. Micah Barrett hop on the Portland diamond project at Twitter account today and ask questions and in typical Barrett for me. Didn't say much but he did say they one of the questions was. What is the biggest obstacle and he he basically just said timing. They lead they Linville led the timing just has to work out there's a lot of politics in town there's a lot in these deals are complicated each one of them but they're working on and so hopefully they can secure some land soon and we did have some to really cheer about but Justin a couple of. The Portland politicians come out and save gasoline in this though and at that think it's going in the right direction and then right then what the Odyssey the mayor came on said about who was it yesterday. Was I don't know it was like Fisher someone that I forgot to get a Spanish wrangles him and hindered spray have him on. Yeah but I I don't know bellows from matters haven't speaking but yeah. That's great I mean that they're not as I said before I talk to somebody from City Hall. They're not gonna get in the way this as long as this group would bear in the Portland diamond project has their stuff together and it isn't like it you know when Amazon. Floated out the idea well hey make a bid and will be you know our headquarters in out I mean c'mon. Portland is sitting there going really we're gonna waste a dime on this thing getting that. It's EL they don't want one of those types of things but as long as this is legit which it is MLB's going to expand. And it sounds like they have a lot of big money behind this then nabbed a series not gonna generally not this time and I think. From what we heard from rob rob Manfred a couple of times on various interviews as he keeps him in Portland. We've seen the Portland is is the best set up at the moment. For. Getting baseball all the cities they'll want it so perfect. Were popping your man and a lot of people here. You know it's growing. It's it's an awesome market and it's I think Major League Baseball would do well here and you know you gotta think two likes of if it's a legacy play for Wheeler. Ted Wheeler mayor but you know it's like does somebody has got to be kind of the sort of the guy or didn't do you know the group that ushers in the Portland as a big League City and this can be. This could be yet yup you know getting Major League Baseball because Portland is growing into a major city. It's it's a rise in up the population ranks in the market ranks and it's just dumb it's headed that way in so it's somewhat symbolic but if you're Ted Wheeler. You know maybe you can look at this is like Italy every year at in very cats died recently at her funeral they're not talking about like. Herb balancing budgets and you know this and other talking about legacy plays is talking up. Things like this like what what did you do what what are you known for what are you remembered for. So there's that you make it's it's time it's gonna happen I really do believe it's gonna happen and it's gonna be great. And they give us that teasing tweet. Where they were taken at the picture on the river and they said to stay tuned him. You know so maybe maybe to purchase of the properties coming soon Barry did say watt four to six weeks from the last time we talked on cell. He goes to three weeks ago sorting clothes at that time frame now. And if that hot if they get a piece a land. And then then the stadium renderings conniving sukur said those bats went at all that's when it's on. Any some tangible yet is there may discuss a new weight right now public. I Dionte is sounds like TTU. In play. That's the terminal to sign up off highway thirty the former port of Portland. Area now owned by Lou did Dolan does the global lighting guy I still think I might be the best spot I am all guns available. Does that L land which is down here by a south waterfront is offered for us very much in play I've from what I understand the bond street. Thing we've come a sour on that now one over there and and I haven't heard much at all about the PBS site right. Us on what's going on there anyway I wanted to throw this out ES solace on Twitter we're gonna Mario Cristobal on here in a second so it's Canada it's gonna be an abbreviated club tonight. But. I would like to note this that Major League Baseball. May be here to take your mind off of the middle of the pack blazers in by the way one other no cause or time that they must say that I do believe Paul Allen. May sell. Soon and I wonder. If Major League Baseball to Portland. If that ends up happening down the road couple years it just starts to galvanize. If that pushes him over the edge containing like that. But anyway we talk about that a million times and they're saying is we don't need to go into it here but if you call that if that happens soon and you were of one of the first people are brought that up. Can receptacle mower and happens you're gonna Miller told it been telling you since 2018. Is not a blazer I am very much I told you so guys CA apparently you probably. I'm right at them I can now I mean I just it's my spider senses something's of her in this town does not very big people talk. But I don't I can be wrong. Because nobody really knows tells Donald Paul Allen quite frankly it don't talk to anybody right it's like he would see gotta kinda. Read tea leaves early strike so seventeen markets in the US have bull baseball Major League Baseball and the NBA. Did you know I saw this on Twitter today that MLB. Beats the NBA in fourteen of the seventeen markets that pebble. While. And MLB wins by an average and a 107%. Across all seventeen markets if the markets have just. Your just those two or that have those two and others I think is is I think it's it has those two you'd think that's a lot of clear away. Because there has yet to would have a we have a sport beyond me would include LA or the three NBA markets that win. Our San Francisco. Miami and Cleveland increasingly not San Cisco held a sports market is they love their giants done there. But the lawyers you know with what they're doing that's only a recent. Bridegroom for them Welling Cleveland's gonna flip the other way with LeBron gone down but nobody goes Indians games spill. I thought that was interesting Major League Baseball out paces the NBA in this is this is ratings local ratings. In fourteen of the seventeen markets that have both are Mario crystal ball or again football coach is coming up next is very early in camp. But can we get him to talk about. Players who have come out of the gate strong who's stepping up a wide receiver they were at Nike Tuesday why the change of scenery so much docked him about it'll do that next on the fan.