Primetime 8.8.18 (Club Hour)

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, August 8th

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They solicit the primetime with Isaac can sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. My. This is our podcasts that I welcome to our pod and is now. Specialist rob them you're not picked it. That time. Hey look and learn them. And you can find the time to spin when you actually yeah. Right time we advise against is. Your home what they'll bought steroids and all clubs. Think yeah. This is prime time does not and I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here are rising Robin Jason singer Janet quit trying to and. 9602 here on the fan base duke is out today he'll be back with us tomorrow. The sand if he didn't hear was announced earlier this summer is a new home of the Oregon Ducks and we can always appreciated when a guy yeah moves around his schedule to. Come on the show we will abbreviate the club that will begin in our next segment that down we are pleased to have the head coach at your next Mario crystal ball as promised here Willis now I'm. I'll orient. Sure over our guys doing today and they haven't seen you since media day you got through that OK I assume. That it will cut brutal period five practices in the bank potential torso could opt radical cleric. A lot of progress and that it was the year residential Watson and I got off. Yet EU be mixed in a day arrest there are neat you went pretty hard for five days out what they ask you how you. Monitor how guys are doing you know with so much emphasis on players' safety in football now and you know it's been hot. What do you do to monitor and how do you know if you're pushing too hard or not hard enough. No without a doubt but that's an awesome bush and the first thing is you know this was oh caliber. For the entire country before you a lot of it'd point nine practices and short month series. Are you at 29 days order first names so obviously you can not practice 29 trick is old school. So world what are you better job managing your particular calendar. That allows him to get more or much of course you won so between. Our coaching spats between now are sports science equal pressures are excellent position. Department that would put together a program that hopes those ramp up. You little little group department get ourselves a Lex back or go into its servers. And then continued to opening our current spoke first ever go out power quote we won without compromise. Yen in those guys I seamer out there watching just looking for things in. You know watching guys and how they're how they're going about their business. Well that part of it and we have a couple guys that are over as sole condition and those guys have watched her closely. Special advocate popcorn. On top of that and we got the GPS system. Does not tracks where Lu you of each walked out. Model or they actually do their topic speech draft which we got a pretty good clearance he's a as to how much or are you one that we have a pretty good you'll put their baseline also legal or. We don't win or go push and he'll want to pull back and it really helps us manage or sixty under health. Not the same time right does wonders in terms of recovery as it closed course ordered. Right so you have data you can literally just go look at the data and say well this guy. In May we should lay off them a little bit. I just took a break from graduate duke athletic. All. Look at a couple of the guys who expend themselves not special needs to apple back. Innocent looking girls won't jump back and look at our actual go. But it is entirely it's sort of band and I'm glad you are so eager to get elected. And make sure what you like but that person almost. Yeah that's interesting ideas Mario crystal ball the ducks. And I don't think you have any injuries yet but I just wanna ask you in broad terms as the head coach because. We certainly had some some controversy that passcodes is and how they viewed injuries and talking about injuries. What is your opinion on even talking about. Injuries and your team. Talking about it in terms publicly you're talk about the interview with them out some broad. Yeah yep publicly MEI think Tim you know it to pass the chip was very guarded about tiger menus and a Mike Leach is like this. What is your view and how much are you going to talk about injuries publicly. Well you know I figure it's kind of you know you're in the mine so my concern with that result anything at all our alternate which outs. Anonymous secret matter now trying to hide anything the media is out there are some issues so that she entered who's not. I kept political warm ups that they could play cracked it's are going to be out there is not gonna help out so Iraqi community secret which is now. Almonte I'm not quitting or into the or how they're critical. Johnson got to know you guys are up here. What is that would have been yesterday you were at Nike rank order yeah. By the change of scenery for practice come and appear. Spoke to were the parts and await you right but what difference setting it on the roof caught on buses. He's scenery I actually got out of that progress that was neat it was good ballplayers and a lot of the guys will actually there are either last year couple years ago when an adult book orchestrated you know so. Alberto brought into that facility of up apartment an incredible places you'd visit. And then retreat to see her get our players as we can't support them. A place that you just haven't seen it present a little bit of a different app mr. further it was good it was good you could focus its sale. Well at the same time I have a chance of your route I orders bought Schwartzel would salute dinner at IQ so what sort of Omar of course. NN you've been an Oreo while I wonder how you specifically view. Nike's influence and and where does it help you most Indian your viewers that coach. That's the most powerful brand in the country. Well in the world of art which so for us and we benefited tremendously you know from on the generosity of cultural and the united. Excuse our facilities and it's not. It's not again it's not the dollar grow values earned its more commutes to resources. The best. So that every single student athlete at every one battle all. Could receive just the highest. Our highest caliber. On training now facility's carrier. So it's like nothing I've ever seen you under Mike Abbott yes its citizens to support the current level. This is my crystal ball ducks nineties you mentioned just five practices so it's it's probably hard to answer buddy. If any of course it's early but can you already pinpoint. I may be some receivers if we zone in on though the wide receiver position that. Guys the UC Klain a bigger role this year. After the guys that played last year. Have already assumed it cools on her pregnant schoolwork this release about cracked this to a virtual. Looks really really good Johnny Johnson continues. Could become topic arm plane maker forced to read. Has released about practice and we got a couple of guys out of work around by. I mean those poor guys that he is rose about digital a couple of guys out there like slick trick reloaded hits but I will play excellence cam orbit. No war debate another guy that would stand got the guts produce significant. A lot of plays capability on dot com. But more and not as it is yet you that you want pat minor. On the secret done. Our home but you'll be back so we talked about oh we. Cooks also. We'll look pretty pleased with the clock those guys certainly they wanna. Home built a hundred target for quarterback got what I like up to the people at home. I get workers forced out just it and Tyler elections so I think it'll they are sure pledged support him. And one other. Position battles are you watching closely. You know it all over the place there really is sort of signing class is stronger as the agriculture. There's so obstruct loses its wet transfer that content. Heavily pushed competition. Guys have been here for a couple of years democratic Corey go to Google so. You look at you ought to line I'd like Jake captains to query to push review yell and fight for storage up. Neitzel is a month saw Alex or site. I'll swarm micros go to battle hard and here get after. You Koppel on the entrance and you can't say. And helping in the thought I'd actually the way he's come on and to have a lot of black holes the what do. What part about a guy that hasn't actually you do a guy a guy that can belt out you know and he's playing alongside tour dot. But players in the country. At depositions so there's clinic competition it's our doctor didn't go to nurture that our environment it's really quickly. Ordered. So they kind of get it now it's it's a certain culture different. But it's a kind of doesn't tolerate anything less repressed and so forth so who. You mention Alex fourth of foresight then I meant to mention this to you when we met you at media day but. His mom Karla is a dear friend of ours that works here are building. And I you know that is that is a wonderful family who's been through a lot inside I just specifically about Alex does. He's now movement in do this is set to hear what you see out of him in in what do you think his feature is on the offense of liner. Alex has a tremendous future in your ordinary now after playing at a college and he's a guy that. He could play any position at any time we have moved him around it's only good squashed because his versatility. Super hustle or acute and it is our great you know. We have these tablets that were able to allow the use what they can watch at all and covering it look different I cut on the watch that. Alex laud all Molson double. More than anyone else on the entire team also know. Just watching you good starting today at all because or are you really don't goes inside out you snapped quicker at tackle. As clinical art. Alex's. But we're blessed. Would you expect it. Well this is so Murray Chris of all the dots elegy Gillie appreciates Carmen not time but I do wanna mention that the annual. A portly kick off dinner is coming up that's August 23 it ad tech cast away and I assume. You in the crew will be up for that. Brother we are fired up for that that is these huge event for us. And and kind of the same problem wanna make sure that we get there we will we can't. Not here not too because what would Portland mountain park a plot and it's old it's very simple equal not. Want a piece of our pentagon Barbara talked he did so we'll look look orchid. Well look forward to seeing you thanks Mario we'll catch of the later in camp. All right sorry Chris the ball. But that's an organ deaths he had it about them a lot of people it could cut in the club matter club. Drop a brother honest. He would rather. He gave that's anyway I picked up form in the break I was the coach goes. Brother how to do yet that's like a very the rock thing you know and his buddies with the round here I think maybe we need to drop. The brother into the system or images brother in let's put it next they'll say who brought me. So we got O'Shea colony bro. And we got crystal ball call me brother will drop would you like to remove that the only figured out that might interest you might play logistics. They don't care about are we got to get to the club in listen I have an expose a day on. Swingers. Not the movie. Swingers and a look at ready you GO. I mean if you had a girlfriend or wife. Swingers very big deal so. We'll talk about that kick up the club next on the tenth. The following Joseph may contain adult fame is not suitable for a children's health. Shut the hell up. Where the incident. Man does go well with the chicken. An eighty almost and his bride do you buy better you today real weight loss results education accountability and the lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey you know I'd better you today Doug come I don't know. Don't think I know he was make you smarter full disclosure forty. Temporary super intelligent is just a side affect the legacy thought in your record after all men. Yeah and once those feet blew era gonna lose most of your motor skills and jobs and a to bring about an outing for 72 hour morning starting. Right about now. Have to deal yeah everybody. He has not. Back. They'll still be fun especially. Picked it might not be. You can't be good. NASA waited followup marry crystal ball right there the untouched and. Welcome back to our broadcast. We love you all. Pay. Post game show for the disciplinarian. I just wanted to tell you don't follow up in just make sure everybody knew so the reason I asked him that Alex foresight. Sophomore offensive lineman there but the ducks his mom. Has worked here for years as a sales person Carla NA and only people Knoll. But it certainly was. On the air when it happened we talked about it and such but his father. Was also a dear friend of ours were tear. He had moved on when this happened but Steve he was one of the two people killed in the clack it was Townshend are shooting. And so Alex has been through a lot. But it's good to hear that you know he's driving down there in Eugene and they're looking for big things out of him that's awesome to play in the pros two men. Which I think we just one it would make his dad. So proud in two he's a great kid and that's a great family so I just wanted to make sure everybody knew that what we were talking about their. All right Mike do we have Bob Murray or Chris both called mead. Broke her it is going into the system. As we speak he Hulk Hogan green and he did although it's not quite as. Not quite as strong pro. But there will go or an area which is better. Brother broke. Brother who broke. Brother broke brother broke broke broke broke brother. Them Imus and the sales she wins I think you'll see when Jeff Burton. Was there more than one brother though he did a brother at the end it was too. He was too much combined with another word guaranteed that was the woman I found that was the most solid granted to report by itself. He done so I was out last night. And. The judge is being mean to sound. OK just just you disarm attendance and finally this. And let. From final news. But you like final finals and final final final final final final final final there was no final final last night. Them well that was a fun found there was no final final final. Apparently he had to act but if the shooter down pretty yearly us talking to a friend of mine and listen. He give me some info that I wanted to share with it because he was talking about swingers. And you know like polygamy is not talking about the swing set. I'm talking about relationships. Yeah we're talking about will surely Cellini is like being married did tooth to more than one woman correct like. A poly amorous people ran like swingers like people who like to swap you know yes you do with a bunch of people instead of just one. Boring person right. Leno I mean it's like who doesn't love the idea that having been idea sounds great right inference that right okay so. He was sand. And this is through like gun. Well he's got a rental house in his range talking to his Rayner who knew realtor in this is islands convoluted but ultimately. This guy that he. Has in his renal had a renal himself any said that the dead and it is like in lake oh you know prepare their Wesley and Wes went. US slim folks give little freaky. So he said beds. For some was living in a rental and also owned car rental property elsewhere. Just Mike I'm just trying to double down and come back here OK these these are renting go it's not important. Sting has her own house and he goes over to the Rojas after awhile and he sees that one of the doors to a team like a small room like aside like room ish closet he thinks. Had been a bit bill locks had been changed in needed bin like. They deadbolt. BT tank Gideon like sex dungeon. Well maybe you don't know what's in their right like right nobody can you on the house you're the owner in the Renner is the one that did this in musical mrs. Any never knew what was in there. Until they moved out and when they moved out he goes back into the renal and he sees that those locks are gone so he can get in there any opens the door. And there's nothing in there but Abe a bar like a clothing Iraq bar. From one side of the room to the other. Does bright it's like not it's confusing music what does this what what what were they doing it why is this padlock might then need to be deadline to might yet right. And so he had a real answer friends that told him he said I'll. He does I've seen this before I notice us and you on him believe this but here knows. These swinger types. Apparently it's a big deal to play dress up. And dress in. You know like Chad panda outfits and such but for recent experience. You know offerings and everyone knows for his I didn't know of freeze until last night but I you talked about on the show are you furrier no. He had a free office Mel. When I mention on the show before and I don't remember everything done here but I'm gonna shows. And a lot of segments anyway. This realtor does he they were swingers because they padlock or they'd be locked that door CU pinning Gideon and they kept all of their garments. For when they went you know out. In there and I guess those garments cost and eskom the money. And there of really big deal indeed poly amorous world's interest and yes so then. And this realtor was certain it was map. Leah when those can be. Mean c'mon I feel like it only makes sense I feel like that don't really good story my arm are burning and underscoring. If they could still be related to swingers but I wonder if it was something else. They've bar across the room and nothing else could be anything. Note that could be handcuffed related then she seen it before she knew she knew it was indeed people related so locked doors with closing with clothing racks. Brother swingers that's a it's a telltale sign brother. So then. I found this little nugget about the poly amorous ways of Lake Oswego. So any Irvin out on the lake in lingo milk and not know I'm sure a lot of texture Xena texting and they know this. Maybe this is common knowledge down there but I don't live in that swanky world. I only have one little window into that world. And I have been out I've been to one hot August nights and that's where they all get their votes in the yearly trash in a timeout and in concert. Need to sit down on the fondly called the lake we wanted to end the war I he had won the beaten the big work ocean water so. You know is finally get time. In a bit out on it on a boat on lake over the course you know lake goes it's all surround about these really nice homes in some mansion scene they're not there. I've never been onto the lake has been. To this to the streets around the lake enough on the OK so if you go out there the next time you all around there. Look. In she's looking looking into the backyards. Of homes that surround the lake. And if you see. Painted. White. Rocks. Do you think means. No but I can guess there's something to do is suing him you know that means brother Broder. That means they swing that interest thing. It's public knowledge now. Just like the orange bandanna. Right. Played what does that mean. This reminding you of the the gay club being Dennis system and I could tell guys what you're into very elaborate very elaborate it's a color coded hanky system it's quite efficient. But you know. And we'll have to give dusty on talk about it. So in lake show if you do it here if you're out there and you see. Aid painted white rock. That means bring it on now this raises all sorts of questions. Do you just. So I'll show up. Do you use its find out who lives in that home and then strike up a conversation. Are their code words limbo I think their probably Arco there are passwords I'm guessing there's like baseball signs you know you do a couple taps of the nose task an arm hit the hat. You Ganassi may or may answer you go. I'm here to ask about your air conditioning yes. Yes come on end. We'll show you just how cold it really with your handouts it. Yet but that whole world and some of the show up wearing the outfit urge you just haven't over your shoulder and then you put it on in some in the bathroom later. In here's another question that somebody else asked him we're gonna come back and try to answer these questions. Somebody else asked if Europe let's say you're at a five year a couple that did likes to party you like to swing a little bit. You're into it but your five. Can you. I mean does the natural code. Of. Range of what you can get applying to swinging couples. In other words if you're a couple that's about a five. Can you go after the couple that attend that likes to swing maybe because the population of swingers is pretty small but even they are saying it's larger than we thought. It's still small compared to the general population. So maybe a five in the swinger population is Lloyd actually said he's. Right I think it's quite common he might mean let me restate that I don't I think it is more common or shall I say less rare. Then anyone thinks. Tonight I just. Got to be a special kind of person to not have a relationship be ruined by this. There's a lot of jealousy my natural jealousy involved now you know I think you either are you lark and if you are you get it it works if you aren't. Then it's not gonna work. But there probably are the stories were people that jumped in my Cape May get think any imminent is again. Thank you know you know right away right. I think you would now and you know right away that first the first time. Your significant other goes off for someone else even if you had a great time with the person you're aware that you felt a twinge of jealousy you're probably not the right thing. Some real pain went rockets he thanked him. Person only can swing in the tournament that means a Wafer nurse nice to find out why don't want the rockets beat if you think it police does that mean that tiger. I'll listen to. To link she'll of the minor thing but if the solo and all I could be even worse he really PK KK you get some but what broke the limbs in Vietnam and never. All right I taxed the better each day takes like 55305. Years Mike with sports. Club campaign we advise against you know I always felt like fair good very seldom. While I believe I can talk anybody doubted it picks up women to deserves a feeling that I can't go. Clubs and eighty on the family's front you buy better you today a real weight loss results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey you know I'd better you today dot com. Size of the gas in tanks rolled in here on the better each day Tex signed 55305. Brother. About. Suing. Poly amorous folks. And I did find a website I swing your code dot org where apparently you combine. Like this little wrist bands. Dance you know because people widows wrist bands like member of the the live strong ones yellow ones they sell one of those. Any night in like there's a lot of those out there and he CN and he kind of knew would deliver strong one was. But not those of you where there's you know what they're for frank like you look at the risks like up means there's is cause alone is. But they're learning it and apparently there's one of those for swingers and they put it on and then if your swing or two you recognize it need to hang. Let's deal with. Interest and let's party. There cursing the people who Wear light each of those fans yes. Maybe there's more. Weird codes and those of me think right like why else would you Wear that many bright. Mean I guess could be style it's like to hanky system indeed there. Think we're on something I think we are I think there's a lot more hidden codes in the world begins and ask him a regular basis right in bad is interesting to me. How about it does seem to be wrist bands or tanker ships or whatever. I've seen this before it's a like movies and stuff and I'm sure if it happens in real life. Having random markings on walls you. That lead you places. It doesn't actually mean that place that has the marking is something. But if you follow the multiple markings and leads you to the police are trying to go. It looks like Iran and an X marks the spot where there's like somebody's face is you know. How creepy a Kazaa a kind of creepy to a little bit but it's also society is leaving you with multiple indicated markings and the parties and buildings and ask one that's one. Brother first ruled out by close never talk about Michael. Here's sunny readable text here. We have a guy ain't. This is paid Mary for five years. To year strong with the couple's dating life takes a ton of communication in total honesty but it's going great. No guesses Texan my friend who grew up and LO apparently a pineapple in the backyard signals. The same think there's a lot of pineapple decorations out there you've seen him in those generic stores. Went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and such you'll see little pineapple things sort of a pretty easy to do we know the code we talked about Samie Texas inner mining unit softball code right there's the we're in the ribbon are not really in yes. So in softball girls softball is widely known that then came in which ways which but if you Wear the ribbon. You're into deeds. In if you don't Wear the ribbon. And it chicks man it's. One of those to you on Brothers murder. The acumen which is much let down. Yeah I asked thank guy that's married for five years to your strong with the couple's dating life how he finds. Other couples and the other thing too is I guess less land easily the folks I was slim. Big investment interest and it's a thing down there. My whole blocks of people can I just wanna know how they find each other is this say. It's maybe I'm wrong but Lake Oswego Wesley into the more affluent suburbs of world. Is this more common with happy people probably eyes wide shut type stuff you know are they just boredom and want things to do my interest and yeah I think so I think he can draw. We need to study on the news. You did you calling my computer and the together right Erica the fact finding mission together about the ways since he poly amorous. Policy here a couple other checks and a buddy he and his wife pursuing yours as a network. And. The seniors. And he ought to dinner and do normal friend activities like take trips. Some couples become friends need I don't know this in the Texas a broken up unleashed trying to tell me. But. I just wonder how that goes night. Yeah maybe it starts on homes. Nice and you know like kids are just regular friends not to dinner and then before you know it you're all doing it. How gets their but this text is intimidate him reject GAAP forming. Could god there is a canyon behind my house here in central organ and run by at least three different rocks painted white yes sir it's better in somewhat secluded parts of the canyon again I never thought anything about it I'm now half terrified and half intrigue you heard. Ged Wright men who quipped back that's. Let's job now do some recon forests and Jill. Up to the panel this random. Friend those people. It's thirty Johnson as a bartender and and cameras for years of bigs for your community and other affluent suburb chemist chemist that doesn't surprise me. Interest and very interesting very interest in him. People hurt people are different men. Then there's the guy I ran into the Irene into I was a victim departure one night start drinking of the many. And I have to come upon this table in it was. I think it was three women in one get it was only one guy remember that can remember going icann's can have a picnic at the end they were openly talking about. Well after you know we struck up conversation you know thing you know they get drunk you used to knock people. And they were they were openly all going they were they were all. It was just one big super bright with all of them. And they were very open about it didn't do it for years. And you know I got to asking questions is a little inquisitive you know as they do in she gimme a couple of books. A couple of book recommendations on that I'm sure you really followed up on that note that I didn't but I have them written I have left a note in my phone of movie recommendations. Restaurant recommendations and book recommendations is enough time seek it cut those types of things come up in conversation he never remembered it was a bookie to lead us to check out who's that show or whatever so I'm right imminent notes. As I have not. Followed up. But I have them right here. Maybe that's my ticket maybe. But they are very happy people the next guy he looked like Lindsay bucking a hero like in their may be late forties early fifties. But there have a good time in they seemed really happy why isn't always one guy in multiple females. I tell you never see one female and like three guys. Right in Indiana and I'm guessing that's I've seen like documentaries and stuff on polygamy you never see one wife in three husbands. My right never seem right. Well why. A spindle your mom now I'm not gonna spend Dolan now there's probably book. The library. Okay. Plus a new rental library. In light very still with you have to do. This gas would you buy a house in the wrong neighborhood. I mean are you obligated. But you buy a house in the in the rock is painted white you never even notice it. What they always people like my good who's met with these people many neighborhood. You know I bet you over if if the swinging thing happens more than we say in that kind of situation happens more than we say unless. He previously your family removes the Iraq knowing. What it's gonna do you order a leader for fun to us guys. But I Toma and this plan to go pranks some of my friends and drop like rocks in their yard. I feel that works out. Here's a former armed forces guy who Texan and says apparently. So military base spouses. Would paint a rock quite in their yards signifying that their spouse was deployed in they were DTF. This horrible but this this whole white rock thing. So maybe it's just so real so maybe the white rock just means DT MGM Brian he had doesn't necessarily mean swingers only maybe the pineapples that. I don't know maybe it's a pineapple and a white rocked Gavin. Us. Where did indeed been to this drop where Digg and. And you know what tomatoes mean any more clearly we have very substantiated answers. Well I find it fascinating. RAI reading John on. Probably not a try yet there have been sued Jon and Jason Europe in Seattle to go to pros and tonight although I don't know what to do right now. It's enabling calming Quetta the pregame show. If he's a swinger seeking those swingers echoed that feeling John does not bad but the hey you never know it's always the people you least suspect to. Because you know it's like no but I'd I suspect pretty strong jobs are involved about. But if you told me see it again I'm sure I have friends that it did dabble in this or Dennis I don't know they don't. They don't see anywhere but I can. If he said he named two couples the you know to do this I kid amulets that they're out there on the top domineering and some of potters it's it it's a knew that the fact that it's probably these guys maybe these guys but it's probably neither it's probably did did did the couple that you least expect. You know like the ones or something. Mean. All right will be back wrap this sucker up next on the fan. Plus can navy win by Dickinson I loved god. God god god plugged and eighty on the street and his bright you are better you today real weight loss results education accountability and the lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey know it better you today doesn't come character. Are you know John tonight they are out of pocket they're up in Seattle had a good time solo. That's based then Mossad will be back tomorrow now we have quite programming line up here in the next couple of days man reset for you. Please do. Brother. I mean murder we'll have. What you need to get Mike Mike Lynch pioneer hi wolf. And June by Jo fish need to Joseph Fisher. I probably would buy there at next songs Patrik. With a corner. Talk is that Felix is the Mariners. Just how good the Red Sox are you'd be Portland diamond project trying to micro reporters left him out please. He wants immunity is being you know I'm watching it is let's turn she on B. Is gonna explode. I yeah he's gotten so. Fat he's like the fat guy in money python yeah. After they need another day. He needs to dinner in explodes imagine passing imagine that job. His she's traveling to games like every other day I'd be fat but too he's never moving he's always sitting on a plane and he's eating good food is in cities' public comp I used him. Math. The introduced are met or Coke you know a little bit easier but off of that he does have a two hour show then after that. Oregon Ducks insider. From nine to ten in the tomorrow. Full lineup dusty can't Ali guys and in. We're on till five in the sea hawks Iran Seahawks played what the niners I think. Is an excellent. We know that I'm checking on them and then now can grow over it and men that's insider again after that and in. Played two monsters and then in genetics off tomorrow recruiting with the engine note no showtime because. Well he's his wife is having a baby. And some of the things so and he she's not having those things and saying he's got to the things going on colts their mailing people yet they're playing the colts like you said. The super Cisco forty coal miners are making is confusing but 49ers he show will not be on the milk nor next week right. So then. Friday I think we're back to normal I'm out. Vegas. Yes sir he magnificent bastard. There's going to be so fun and yes and he decided what you gonna do yet. No I'm going to. I'm definitely gonna take up the the twenty bucks over three hours for sporting event is a great way to. Ride twenty bucks in Vegas can submit take that up in a duckling and go watch baseball game and put some money on him you know kind of ride the highs and lows of it. Hey you win that's a couple free drinks made exactly. I'm gonna go to the pool of course GM and gets hot to make you bring your a sunglasses I O'Connell pool is is did. I we we saw last time or they're just kind of in passing. And have some fun it's good Tom Broder. Good brother and idea that's the kind of my initial plan and a little play player Paul wander off find an interest in bar. Maybe go finishing by T. Eight hours a fly by until my wife's done with her her stuff have you re. Search restaurants yet they assuming good restaurants there not yet used Maya biggest has such good food. You know apparently might I was gonna say that this somebody told that this last time I was in town. This is that the state counts in the circus circus is. Wonderful really ya in the circus circus Valentino but it's a dump yet from the old Muslims there again it's like Canada and it's cheeky one it's but go to and I guess it's not that expensive go to steak house in this. A circus circus and you won't be disappointed I've been told that all of the offered that up their both interest and have been told that. What else you do. You know you bet on Hannity looked then like the games. No I wanna do future bet or T long cultural fall down for the NFL and it's get that bent over under ducks that. Seems pretty good to me the seven and a half wins you might do that what I am I think my Super Bowl winner he had fatigue and take. Probably. The Eagles but. Well I mean I wanna get a good one in the media long shot. I mean look at the line at the the odds yet though. Took the rams are going to be undervalued man in my ability ten or fifteen to one of someone's. They're sticking to. Thank you probably didn't do it live out their kids how would help guests if if if if if the plan and on that fifth. Things manager. Tony Bennett and I did it. Not this weekend that won't. Trying to corner slid down lynch. And geo can and the next step since setter after that we're back tomorrow three to five seats will return tomorrow here. Containing dependent. Chips. Okay. Oh and by.