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Friday, August 10th
Hot 5 at 5; Astros rainbow unis on throwback night; Maryland football is in big trouble; Friday randoms; & more

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Find a club or private club want. I don't want. Now this is prime time on sports radio and hitting a fan yeah we expect. The best corner break a break somewhere deep here prime time is your source for the best in local regional and national sports. And I in class. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac rob Missouri I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason as a candidate and you may not do stop the do prime time on 1080. And I welcome back broad. Citi's 0506. Friday Iraqi news. On a Friday Robin seemed. Rocking new on a Friday pundits and so my theory things you've ever said. What do we have coming up Friday random since coming up and we have two new developments in the Urban Meyer investigation which will this guess herb Meyer Europe next coach of the Cleveland Browns after huge exceed its fired mab. We have a story in the club on face to choose. Oh really yeah. Apparently fits tech TUs are the new thing now yes I'm like a lot of the mumble rappers. They all have face attitude as you go then that's starting it's starting a thing. Boy look at and not against do is I know you are I have tattoos. Kids don't don't that. Bright sensor had the best advice ever of the Branson's or any all added up he's all added up you'll that you never know they end in this it was the best piece of I think he was on news either. Conan O'Brien her. Or maybe he's only Jay Leno and he was where in he had rolled up his sleeves and they were like oh my gosh like I had no idea and center to publishers weren't wife beater. And he sleep tumble sides. And sensors said that the greatest thing ever when it comes intent is never gonna attempt to with the judge can see it. And their hurdle said that the one that said that I don't know if that's if he'd originated with the amber that's the first place I heard that. And you should always take that to heart meet or you could it is never get a tattoo where you're your boss can see it. Eight a nice treasure should be able to cover what you have to that's not a thing anymore you put down on your face a singular year gauges I just. Yeah that's that's that's a bold bold strategy gotten to see if it pays off for our right it is sad time now for the hot five at five. Odd topics and opinions we go our way around are there and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid plug the plug on private iPod. Isaac and soon. Serves police pushed by frost brewed chorus line. Humbled to reward happens starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. As more brother broke bifurcated. There's more broker pro life for me leading that's a nice trifecta there as move won't murder pro lifer. It's neat it's. You know group behind Athens. Bring your face that you have made me grab in the drops from. Bahrain let's get down to business here and number five is as follows. Freeware that I installing. Yeah I aware that. Does it sound like I'm stalling to find the story here that I wanted to beat TM hi I want is a sports talk station I certainly could tell that you were stalling but let me go in the my five part explanation on why. I think you were scholarly and unless you're ready with your story now you can do that later and I will look okay thank you. Continue the Washington Redskins have lost. Running back Darius guy east he has done for the season and they drafted him in the second. On at a village you good good early on as teammates arraignment about what he knew but he's getaway eerie tore his ACL last night's pre season game. Yeah and and and I think it was Dennis Dodd had bits he said that one of the general manager said the only thing that matters in the pre season is the injury report and in this this socks and what did the 49ers lost five guys. Last night they were starters or guys are going to be captured hours we don't know how long but yeah they're hurt they're not lost. That's that is anyone say like pre season is that there's this notion that somehow it matte Jersey guys are fighting for their jobs. The five spots that have to be determined the oh leaving that matters is people not giving her lines gators tonight in pre season action Teddy bridge driver party has a touchdown pass jets are at seven in the past seven needed nothing. What has not seven nothing on the company's. Our round two at the PGA ship ship they are at bell Reeve in Saint Louis Gary Woodland rock jock ten under he shot 66 today. He is your leader by one over Kevin kids who shot 64 they did it low Brooks kept us. Is at eight under Dustin Johnson Charl Schwartzel. Hamas Peters and Rickie Fowler all seven under Tiger Woods is three under. I he had three birdies in his first. Five holes but dance to play they suspended a long time ago due to a storm inventors of the gonna pick back up. In early tomorrow morning I think DOT curious if you step. Occasionally. Who. Felix emit and Felix Hernandez has been demoted out of the mariner starting rotation he will pitch from the bullpen for the first time in his career. So Sunday's start is likely to go to harass roe Ramirez who is coming back from injury forgot about him did I did forget about what when I saw yesterday in the against him. First that was sad because he has been so good for so long it. Each Yankee brain about the middle of play us chase but that was my first thing let's hope they get a throw into the rotation. And they did forget about him. BA shaded for twins closer Fernando rod in late last night Oakland leads CI by two and a half for the second ale wild card spot. I just in boy or the big first baseman from the Mara and has been traded to the Phillies. He's only getting to 27 this year but he has some pop and big news out in the NL last. When the Dodgers and Diamondbacks are tie I tied atop their division. The Dodgers lose closer Kim Lee Janzen he's gonna be up to a month and get irregular heart. And for people asking the trade deadline come and gone well you can still chase you at least have to clear way ups. Attorneys for Courtney Smith and Zack Smith saved the Ohio State investigators. Have not talked to them while looking. You urban Meyer's handling of a domestic violence incident between the two power we. But you can't do an investigation it's supposed to be included within two weeks and the two people. Most involved. In the incident. Have not been contacted they have contacted the police however there the talk to them that blue ribbon fact finding commission a bitty shells used in game really get to the bottom of this in now I stay now here's a little nugget in mesa per issue. From the Urban Meyer story Courtney Smith's mom mom has come out and said she believes that Zach never intentional being hit Courtney. Rather he mr. into removed himself from an argument. I see what about the text message were you admitted to choking her and throwing up against the wall. Shot up man would you say that parts. By the way this is the same parents that was asking her to not straight start because that he would lose his job if she says you can support yourself. Bang up job mom wants him rather. I'm bitter and very large NBA news today as the blazers schedule is out. Well we've had some weeks before this to we knew they wrote it up against the lakers we knew the Christmas game but now that we've got mom we. Kimmel and officially blazers will go 42 and forty. By my count. And I think your business up. To 82. 4240. These kids and on yeah. Wow yeah I thought originally are heard something else or not hear the 4240. So the season opens October 18 at home. In February 13. Also I'm making marquee appearances these Celtics and the sixers. And the blazers are gonna wait eight. Road back to backs and also had a very long seven game road trip and Allen's in late February early march. Two national schedule that's why Leonard. Is that gone back to San Antonio the raptors are gone energy in my third. And the lakers visit the Celtics February 7 LeBron ver is Tyreke in all 31. Laker games will be on national television. So get ready to eat and again. Really 31 games yet they're gonna be all over the place say it's gonna be not LeBron. Poland and what if they're not very good and you see that's the thing at least of their good and relevant but only if they're just average in you have to watch him 31 times but they'll they won't just be average because their interest because it's LeBron you're right it's it's always need to Michael. You know even if they start slow they are rappers to 500 of the I call. How did you know what's happening with the lakers and I did better than. LaBroque it's Kennedy is on standard and LeBron makes the gets opened with them. Yeah I know I think that's great yet I think it's cool got to play on that'll be a great environment also called they planned Christmas music to leave really fun games. Okay I'm pullback Christmas laid that's. That's the good. Are this input for some people that's when the NBA season actually starts that's when a lot of people start paying attention to and it's they've really carved out a nice low niche there would be one of those people. One other random local sports snort for either him or tossing at the end okay it retro Benny. Is back retro Betty yeah the old Oregon State Beavers logo new retro many. With like a little sailor in Louisiana's eat in is to use a teeth. He's returning to the Hillary state helmets October talk if against cal okay. So there you up not for the red just it's like a one off thing retro many okay the gone retro so is that of the anger he beaver shark. Yet it's the it's the beauty beaver with the teeth in non. I a little hat I like the old goofy Benny the beaver ID to my favorite look I know I'm I'm probably on my own on this and it's aimed at Washington State cursed beavers. When it just Alley I stood out Washington State doesn't with the kids I did say I think are supposed to look. I don't mind it did look up I guess I'd prefer some of the older stuff don't that the beaver shark to me is kind of hit miss. What do organ does their throw backs when they go with the the traditional greeting yellow with a dinner locking. You know that's a good book so retro Vinny. Was Oregon State's look from 1951 to 1998. He'll be back on their helmets October Tony that's when comedians cal. In the only other time he's appeared on the org say helmets was indices in 1973 and and get some retro Benin march as Hussein exactly Richard Renny is back so more merchandise to sell insurance that's only. How about five refresh by prospered course like download course likes new rewards at the start earning points or one of the kind experiences and game tickets cycle of about herb Meyer. And then I am if he's in the right at random disease in Maryland stories being a college football Cotchery is Maryland football and going on there we had a guy die. And we had a temperature hospital attention did to pressure under in six. And there's some details read the article about what was going down in Maryland who lives. And Tina on the fifth. Where Isaac can sue god tennis need the price that's funny too we are out watching mariners play the Astros you know go with a throw backs like who is in the seventies early eighties the end does Astros won easily the rainbow on the Jose Cruz is that like to call them you'd. Beyond teasing you say Jose Cruz and I see those I think of that. That pitcher GP Richards really. To remember him I do remember MCI would've gone Mike Scott they're young. Yep yep beaten because when you see that'll Astros uniform mean it does remind you of players who wore them so like yeah whereas there's no beautiful to me that does that. There's nothing like that we are we outside of me feel like the old Vancouver Canucks hockey jerseys like that and he's. That may be the most distinctive professor you reform of all time but when you seem like the Padres who browns yeah don't you think of two UN now have a absolutely 100% so so I guess there's the out there are others that do but. But I don't know why you with the Astros I went Jose Cruz that I I did like. The the Mets played the in the in the championship series the Mets played the Astros when they've when they won the World Series in 86 and I go to bat. Like that's what I think actually when I think of Mike Scott and Jose Cruz. So I just wanted to bring this up for we get into some football talk. But how might leak have we has it buddy disgust. The fact that mariners pitcher Mike Lee looks like any better. And we talked about as we have not and you brought this up but I really went to a Google image search and there are times he looks more vet esque than others. But you are you are correct that he does have the edge in better beard slashed jaw line hair thing going on yet he looks he. Icing mildly out but he looks like any better and I are never noticed that before I think it might be. Largely eat the way he's got his beard going right now but doesn't element of that. And not taken a step further incident this you know bothers me most about Mike Leake because it's not that he looks any better. It bothered me anywhere number eight because starting pitchers with single digit numbers bothers me. Why I don't know it looks unnatural and head bother you it does you shouldn't be number seven in beyond the amount it doesn't right. It's odd man that's a man never notice it's just it it. I don't know why it's always bothered me when I won a starting pitcher has a single digit number pick all the great starting pitchers that are out there. They were single digit numbers. I was able to professional sports for me anyway I pay far less attention to a player's Jersey number and NFL NBA and awareness. In look at what cornerback were the number 22. Mean regimes thou come from you think that was weird. If if Cam Newton rolled out and he was wearing your Lorenzen rocked happy if he was where and 37 it would look. Odd to you would have not Jared Lorenzen to relate. Number 1115. You know that that's true it's stretched very heavy people lose Achilles out he's done. He still plays. Yeah he was painful like the river monsters are subcommittee who deep blue said the NASA wanted an open is they're all pasta but hey in league team but wait. Do you pick do you base saw a piece in the NFL you have to file your position you have to yet big. It it's like a specific set of numbers yet exceed aware loosened it up quite a bit baseball doesn't do that no they've loosened up quite a bit over the the the last couple years yes there there has to be within a certain a framework baseball does not you Wear order. You want. And all insane is it bothers me when starting pitchers where single this and I'm OK I don't like it that is really hot sports take its stride it's almost scalding for today I look with two architectural and then here is that it's the same thing. It that's what's the same thing did it bothers them as well. This is it this is a deal maybe you guys can get a focus grouped on or like a little group chatter like. You know amid little help Groupon it's clear I'm not being together I think and ideas like Mike Leach because of murder. But it does prevent me from being a big nightly train them. All right do we think Urban Meyer is gonna live. Urban Meyer comes back at Ohio State plays a cultural playoff. I I really do you give. Sense that that's the way and in some sheer perform this is gonna shake out. Well in what what do we make of them having not contacted either of the Smiths. Like what. You're investigating the whole incident you'd you haven't talked to either a number the only thing that I can can think of is that they're gonna say is that. The that's gonna be a bias slant from both of those and so they're just gonna try to go to third parties please sin and report in this Odyssey may just be about. What Urban Meyer told. That they may do the naming care about the situation really think you're all well and urban mired in what did you do but wouldn't talk to Zack Smith about what he did he topped deal will absolutely you talked accordions aid Haiti V doctor managed hunter and about this that they may not care you provide any record improve the talked to him they may not care this may simply boiled down to. Did Urban Meyer run this up the chain of command. It's like when they be NFL did did deflate gates stuff in and bring a suit him and all that the judge even said this is not about whether or not you deflated football's. Did the NFL have the right to do it this may be in Ohio State people who say look I. This this has nothing to deal with the Zacks mid Gator didn't hit his wife does that mean you whether or not she was scared or what are Meyer. You know had dug obligation to deal more leak. This may just be about did Urban Meyer tell people at Ohio State. When. This came up and if that answer is yes that may be all they need to say well. Right hurting your your fine here's your thirty billion dollars keep coach a football. He and the other data news's kind of interesting Courtney Smith's mom. For some reason does not back her tied it's that's weird it's unbelievable if he she said that she doesn't think Zach pepper hitter intentionally. He she say that she thinks he is China get out and an argument I've lost in Nash hit women I am but it's only because I'm trying to get way. From those women that happens to me all the time. It's like when you end up to strip club you only go to the strip club because you're trying to figure out how to get away from strip club dad's. Completely normal I guess so take this guy named Jeff snow it. He's a writer who's written about books on a state. He he released a report also on FaceBook. That suggested that. Both the mother of Zack Smith and the mother of Courtney Smith from claimant or any vowed for years to eventually take down her husband and Ohio State. Head coach Urban Meyer. Other quotes himself reportedly came from Lynn Bruce zack's mom. And Earle Bruce's daughter. But snuck says. That when they reached out to 18 o'clock on Yahoo! is Courtney is mom. She back to what Bruce was saying to both moms are saying Cortese had it out for him and Urban Meyer the whole time. I'd doesn't really seem like she's had enough for Meyer at all in fact I don't know what exactly she's done to barrier urban my Aaron. So all the police towards the arrests all that stuff that's all that this is this been like a ten year plan right and only now. Is she really dig and indeed been in going after this and then. The text messages where he admits to to be hitting her and choking her. That those all those are made up who are. Who well anyway and they're they are strange like Courtney. So Tina Koran on corny Smith are strangely I don't so obviously don't like other but on the other worst part about this animal move on to Friday ransoms. The worst part is that these Urban Meyer supporters these people that have jumped. Out the blind support he had like those guys are gonna get and I told you so or or they're gonna get SEC. There. And they still don't get it. Thank even if he keeps his job that's that's not the point about her in my the point is that he kept. A a wife beater he knew he was a wife beater he kept in my staff the whole time he didn't care for a decade. Right so why any he cared dafted need be sent an email to the right Cheney commanding gated off this play but he didn't care about her now. Any like Zach because he can he can recruit here and that's the point but that's gonna be missed in what's gonna happen is all these pro urban people are gonna come up B they see we shouldn't. No disguising great man and. This is Leo that's what's gonna suck this is the only thing I'll say about people that support their. Right I I get the EU and U wanna support your guy whether that's. Joseph Paterno Urban Meyer our trials. Blue card only thing I James was that if Florida State and whatever anyone that's been involved in some sort of new controversy. Did you wanting to support your guy. The only part about it that bothers me is the blind support. If you take an objective look at any of those cases. And actually look into it and huge and you can tell me. You sand. This is the way I deal but I've done my my my homework and read and ominous stick by him. What bothers me more than anything else is you can coach you can throw a football you can throw a baseball and so regardless of what you're Q is. I will be lying lease or you would know knowledge whatsoever simply because you are silly if you with a team that I support I think that is embarrassing I think it's egregious. And it happens way too much ended in phases meted seemingly rational human being. Are willing to put our you know form or college or a tap it in a silly game over basic human decency of blows me away and yet at how. And time in time and time again all right Freddie randomness will kick off with hydration is Andy Maryland football player has died. Here. Is just rust with sports center. Brian time. We're in the eyes against duke on obscenity though there. Hi it's referendums. CNN Ewing gets you. Maryland puts multiple members and its athletic staff on leave. As they reviewed the death of football player they're Jordan made mayor from. In turns out they have released a cause of death and per say but he had an internal temperature of a 106 degrees they get a good idea what killed him. And now there's accusations. Coming from different players from former staff members basically pain if you go to ESPN and read the article. It sounds like the worst environment humanly possible. Inside the Maryland football program and my guess is there's going to be some firings coming real real soon and hospice lawsuits yes in this so he died in mid June. And it was heatstroke. And there was an organized team event so this is not coaches this is one of those like you're talking about. With that a guy door again what's that guy's name Aaron filled. He had a strengthening conditioning staff. Gets their hands on these kids more in the summoning coach's hand rich core is their strength conditioning coach and if you read the article. And old rich is not painted a very good light. So there may 29 for cal was run by Maryland strength and conditioning staff and athletic trainers were present throughout according to a loose account of the day provided by the university. I'm McNair had trouble recovering from a conditioning test consisted of ten a 110 yard sprints. I seizures are a known symptom of exertion heatstroke. In an ESPN report McNair suffered a seizure at 5 PM 45 minutes into the work out. Nine on one call was first made it 557. Low. So he suffered a seizure at 5 PM and the 911 call was 557. And a second was made ten minutes later. And multiple people are reporting that he had shown signs of duress. Aids it's it's amazing to me I get that not everything can be prevented. But he's she related deaths I I blame the culture the it's ridiculous. EU don't just go from being OK to die rained. And in every one of these cases and enforce the happen all too too frequently in in in football. There's always a warning signs. And it sounds like if you read do this now granted it's it's just one report but you know I did you read through this there are multiple instances of people accusing strictest and coaches of no basically not giving a rip about people being in duress during during workouts. And that this was this was somewhat commonplace and it may have ended up till. A guy I don't know why it took him 57 minutes that's crazy but then you know I mean isn't it that if you if you have heatstroke. You can. Even you you'd use emerging Mendez cold water Rex and you do that soon enough after. Your symptoms come on and get him initiate you should be fine yeah out. They didn't do anything in any goes to hospital as temperature. Was a 106. Yeah is that they never did anything to cool him down a mini does the hospital and he stayed there. Until he died in June there's just no to me you to get to. A 106 degrees year not fighting through that this is this is on an entire program and kerosene. And I hope his parents get justice out of this being our this is preventable this is 100% and in preventable. And again just go to ESPN in read the report because it sounds like again the most toxic environment. And there's just no there's no room for in football anymore fact if former staff member. In this article who wanted to stay anonymous obviously everyone fears reprisal from these guys been now for news and investigations and gave will be held accountable and hopefully fired for this. One former staff member said I would never allow my son to be coached by the Maryland state. Mean just it's. Everything they could go wrong with a football program it sounds like. What was part of it to stay a pay overly masculine toxic environment can't at this pro. All right more predator in Amsterdam next including Chinese nicknames for NBA stars and the largest. Ever. Donation. To his college by an ax. Player basketball mood piece never do you know who it is I don't know how much it is. I don't I don't know how much. I'm intrigued he got me that you're gonna love that got me hooked. Coming up next on the fan. Primetime where guys that can sue god 1080 Beltran. Thank you live in the global take you wildlife face tattoos are now. The in thing that would undo this weekend. BC NN. But guys Freddie random time. Nestle so. So this is from Bleacher Report homeboy Newton. And they say that ski buddies Chris Paul. Is the one who has donated the largest. Ever gift by an ex player to. His college so he went to Wake Forest with a cabbie ot. That he's under 35 years old I just looked at and they had a heavy on their so if it's 2.5 million could then. I looked up a story from the New York Times a couple of years ago. Because I I swear I remember some a given more than that any was streamlined green. Who gave three point one million to Michigan State is the sickest film might ran track at Morgan and I'm pretty sure that he's the well there's that 400 million dollars yet there's that but I think they're talking about blacks and not on by NBA guys here. All NBA guys and Ndamukong Suh two point six to Nebraska a member of that. Do the rock noted that much money to Miami in fact I think the Miami weight room is like the Dwayne the rock Johnson weight room Suisse now maybe your thinking get some of that rock money. He's a big crystal ball again yeah I don't think Morgan needs the rocks money get paid supposedly has a Kutcher is Gary Bain supposedly promised much money Dorgan state never blurred out he never did not of the giver well. I don't wanna say that the last I remember hearing. Is that there was some debate on on what was promised to not delivered in. Some. Occur Fo awful if you will look up but there's been some the gas give us a bit there's no real definitive list night Curtis Granderson apparently gave five million to the university Illinois. Which was about. After their big new baseball stadium to know who nick Curtis Granderson played the University of Illinois. Hey there's a story about this uninteresting little thread had kind of funny god the name of nick cup horror. Is covering the NBA players in China then he's a historian. Apparently an order by guys that are going overseas to play yes OK let. Yet but in this particular thread he put together a list. Of nicknames that Chinese basketball fans have. For NBA players now these guys you know most Amare playing they're playing here yeah. Kgo Chinese crazy Ford's Indiana or. And here are some of the names is like there's a couple of guys that go over there in the offseason because it's such had a huge market for them. It's for our shoes and merchandising and all that so bunch of those guys some. Klay Thompson a staff Currie CJ a lot of those guys dame big over there and make a tour of China and play like in these little camps and showcases exhibitions so his street says a thread of Chinese Internet nicknames for. NBA players China is crazy for the NBA but official sources. Use boring phonetic transcriptions failing to take advantage of Chinese characters having both sound and meaning. So in other words don't necessary mean that in China but when you. Transit Ambac yet EE this is what you get LeBron James is the little emperor. Okay. Kind of makes sense right he's king James he says sit over there you'd be the emperor a play on the English king James that is also a slang term for spoiled only child. Under China's one child policy interest I kind of liked Colin in the little emperor in fact. I think for now one armed only with a little emperor. But us we have. Oh staff curry. Sprout god. Guessing is kind of a little guy his size now. One other common nickname he said for staff curry is the elementary school student. Again he's stall the count. John it's not Akimbo letters bro. Letters Borough because his last name a semi letters. I'm guessing that that the and gets it in China that it's that's his whole point yet there's different there's a bit alike cooler than calling Ned and letters Borough coast Bryce. Remember him or do you remember him he is he's up among the snail's shell. Because it is kinda barely this says Kobe is snail shell because it rhymes with my age Coby. When he was young they called in Peter Pan literally flying lawyer. And at the end he became chatterbox gossip which rhymes with old OP I don't know which half are box office. If I'm totally I'm really trying to push that black mama narrative over there as opposed it. What was the snail one. Us snail shell steel shell ha. My do is get one Manu Ginobili did demon blade. But how cool is that. There's enough and he's like Vieira he's like the war the last guy you would call the demon doing the demon Malayan. Right and they call and that because of his ability to slash. And use tricky footwork as of the demon blade slashes men. Shaq the giant shark. Derives from the fact that the first sound in the Chinese word for shark sounds like the first sound and Shaquille. Well I can see him be in the giants' charge he's got every other nickname right he was who'd do. What did he was Shaq he was the big Aristotle you as the big cactus. He's been he's gotten me anything got a thousand nicknames. They also called Shaq towards the end of his career they called him a low fat. Because of you know O'Neal low fat low fat cats. And then organized Kevin Durant school bag do. The need further explanation on school bag do school bag backpack you've been anywhere. And do short program. Now and then Charles Barkley. The flying pig. Celtics literary rights of explanatory. Klay Thompson the Buddha. Because his very short curly hair reminds Chinese people of the Buddhist hairstyle and traditional Chinese artist Ed traditional Chinese arts a couple of it was bolt. Apparently not Carmelo mind blown Mellon. Lou makes cents. And James Hardy and the big beard a little more straightforward they call Paul Pierce the truth of it there Alan Iverson was the answer Gary Payton was the glove. Coli Leonard. I his name means cute. But today and it sounds likewise they call him cute. So bad either worst things to be culled and cute. Now. And then Steve Francis former chair Lazar Steve Francis the franchise. Yes he was the franchise but that was poorly translated over their over there that means special rights. That he's Stevie special rights. Francis yes. And I think he's a legend over there a Q and over there and had a really successful career yeah they do with the Stephon Marbury and Michael Jordan was gang boss. There for which any that makes cents as pretty as does a pretty bad ass one. All right so are coming up next let's learn about face tattoo shall we let's. Let's go this Hillary together did get there it's. You're you're gonna be blown away by this this this is a vice story. It's than you think. Why do know that any time I look at like TMZ ultra mobile rappers that's a big collar on the amended Hague. I don't understand that really what they thought that's what they call on the call multiple rappers you know being derogatory no I am not that is the official term for it is dubbed the mumble rappers. And every one of them all has. Face tattoos and opposed Malone is a big deal he's got paced attitude he's honest he's in the story IC a bunch of those guys and they've got and it's like eight feet said to look at Mike Tyson bing baby to have multiple phase said little Wayne as fish tattoos. So that will kick off the club coming up next on the San.