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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, August 10th
Aquaman sucks; Decline of Felix Hernandez; Should we bomb wildfires?; Oregon drivers are terrible; & more

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If you can find it times news. You can find the time and spin you can actually yeah right time we advise against is. Home what they'll all there are all in all clubs. Big ask if this is prime time it's not like you know your source for the dressed in local regional and national sports. Here are Isaac Robin Jason some damage quit trying to I'm generating. Our exports in real hard on a Friday guys doing that for you out there and radio lands. It's Isaac can see you can come and at this hour in the news should we start bombing wildfires. But meanwhile her yes I haven't seen it this is a thing okay colony air force dropped the bombs what about space verse that's. It would seem that that would start more fires traction we do something from space and whoever. Then in any case. You know sure I mean. And I don't they're not gonna be doing anything up there are so clearly the answer is to bring an opera man and adopt some sort of an art or force. Booth who I think was that the navy don't yet. I think it's the name and because you're not thinking you know scientific enough that's true that's just don't shoot that stuff look he would talk and write in votes. Wonder twins right wonder twins one of those guys can do anything with a water one of them like forms and animal the other one gets a bucket of water with a how are they doing. Where the winner twin can activate their powers I really like doc woman did you really MCI. I didn't know you didn't I thought he was the worst ball. This superheroes really. Sort of pickle do you give in to Wear like talking to a shark does anything. What we put a man what sort of crisis in the middle of the ocean but what do a lot of bad ass goes on out there and not really I never won. Remembered like watching GI Joseph and cobra commander tried to take over the oceans of the world this. I really wish my superpower with swimming really good I don't like I remember watching the super friends and Justice League you know those cartoons and I think like. Any time they involved awkward man. They had to come up with a Ludacris sort of situation just so awkward man could help out. They came bad man Superman Indian Schieffer busy doing some that I don't know this. Don't water and so we can do we now about amending something he would usually saying he is the lowest paid. I feel well maybe indeed she is he even but he was my favorite spot and his power was the gauges grow really being outside of that yeah I commands the worst he was by far the blame has to like him. And I understand that but you never did any financing that would be a great job like he get paid year's super hair like you're one of the big boys. And you have super human strength I like he couldn't penetrate his skin. Yeah he did swim eight you know like but he doesn't really do anything you think it's a good job he just talks to whale that's on sailing there's lot of pressure on Superman now man. I commend. Like just I'm hanging out they on the water and I'm so you say to you wanna be hero without having to do any of the heroes to applied I think if you wanted to find that balance. There's your guy now. As the C we're coming within. I'm into the back of quarterback with a superhero right I feel yes I go and that is why is it isn't kneeled and you can't get a jobs here agreed calling Catholic. But there was something about him when he showed up I just got so excited now the guy that plays Ottawa man in the new. Maro Bernard marveled at the DC universe and Momo one of the things he might be the best looking man on the planet. Heat is man drastic and again I'm gonna go on a limb and say and do anything but you can bet it's like shirtless and movies specially with a hundred million dollars right there would be able do is going to see that guy. I yeah I know they can what give him. You know I sought for him who would be mean the guy is ridiculous liberal and that's even fair that he can be that good lucky well any Scott. The long hair and beard yeah gone on yeah. He was in game of drones and he can't act his way out of a paper bag but we'll look at this is anyway the guy that plays Superman that Henry cab hope. Holy hell if you ever seen that guy in a movie now he is so wouldn't. He's a cigar store Indian but is he looks like that he was the new Mission Impossible. If you ever acted in anything. Let me tell you right now I can say without hesitation you. Better actor than Henry cattle. But lafrankie look at that guy and that's all he does he shows up on the screen so the Levy's all the time get mad at the guys. Because you know that I saw you is like girls that look good in the you know they have no real talent. You the same thing ladies you know the reason I had great Camelot. You know the reason why those guys are rich and famous because they can't act. But look at. So what we have going on here the PGA champ ship they suspended it because of rain. Now they'll know it's raining and Mike do as the drizzle while now like storm you know where's that this year. Saint Louis. There on saint Louis Missouri you know the midwest storms are no joke. Yes they've is about 130 yards I know 1230 our time innate. Olympia course of the Munich he can back up tomorrow I think with a cent but down Russ shock there were some low scores from what I saw yeah they they were gone deep today. I Gary Woodland still leads. He is such an under Kevin kiss there from nine under bricks cascade hander Rickie Fowler and Dustin Johnson seven under solely to worship in a nearly did. What did those T greed US of Indian couple birdies yeah and he's out there right now he's only played I think they say the only laws launch in May through five holes six holes or five holes and then he birdied three of the five residents say he started out the odd and yet he's three under. Back act but tiger. So he's in there the cuddle pride be even par unless somebody gets slower than ten. So yup could begin weekend in did Ricky of gaffe. Or reduce the ten casinos leader of the series it's seven increase three back he's got the judge said satellites are I didn't hear that I was looking up tiger did not hear you. On the Rickie Fowler. And then worries like even he can't putt and then. Oh speech had a pretty around the nation 66. Guys to go low. Speed to make the cat. And passing up. Once again the PGA championship being overlooked it's by far the worst of the pictures in overlooked why. Mean the coverage of it it's all even this year worry about this is not lost it all day PGA. I'm I'm not like that you may be like that I'm not like Annie get away with some enjoyed you were defined and I was like really isn't anti death on TNT. Yeah. You didn't want to know that I did. I headed on literally all day. And I watch it on PGA dot com. You can watch it you watch that early guys afoot to coverage starts at eleven you're an animal. But on put on my iPad us launch and Bubba Watson suck these sitting on the couch to watch in Buenos prepped and you know I get like I do that I have award winning show press here you know digital talk about a male privilege of that this afternoon yeah yeah. Don't you guys via award winning. Yeah I mean allowing daily I didn't tell is that they are talking about it over there. Worldwide hey wait your league is abuzz like our command rightly people appreciated that you know behind the scenes the big deal but you know. I enjoyed determined now as we mentioned. Tuesday there will meet on Wednesday or Tuesday read on Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday we mention this but you know the PGA champ should move means. To our main next yeah so next year what they're gonna do is gonna go the players in March. The masters in April PGA championship in the name. EUS open ended in June. And then the open champion deal championship rounds so they so they're putting the whole season and the FedEx Cup out. Hole on out there and all of that. But man wouldn't look wow. I read wow what a feeling one is. Looks like it's a will there's gay pride bike ride. Happening right behind us. And the best I can describe it is the person that was leading yet. Whose daughter tricycle. They had on a glitter top pat. They were top lists and I'm not sure if it was a man or woman at the door top authors like a sequined pink top and there was no. Shirt underneath the noted the sequin top got you so thick like tuxedo jacket like with tales. And it was sequined but no top. And they were poll leans some sort of cart behind them was like a stroller on a trailer yeah Ed to jam box on an had what do you see. And you know and says gay pride like Irene Cara now and then they just kind of rolled by and I'm not gonna lie it it threw me for a loop. And then this is it the ball well. That's a very long. Not small and maybe a neighborhood gay pride by Greg is a great thing teaching the kids you know Luther lingo. He began rounding you know teaching the kids to be to be act. Acting is an activists it was that the actual smoltz in their. Yeah my point to your PGA bush and anyway they're gonna six months the this seasons in 86 months and then they wrap up the FedEx by a Labor Day weekends of it that way it's little more condensed and and it flows a little better and I also think they're moving the PGA is gonna help I do I. I don't know I think a lot of people have by the time the British Open is over. I think a lot of casual golf fans and you're not obviously you're a die hard but I I think a lot of casual sports fans. Don't really have a lot of respect for the PGA championship I think it is the intent this it is the Australian Open. Of the tennis world. You care about the French do you care about obviously will bleed on you care about the US open and then as they asked the Australia I feel like that is the PGA championship. And moving that up to make it the second major I think is going to do wonders. For people paid attention to that any getting more respect well certainly the fourth major there's no doubt that PX a hundred what is I think this at a 10001 Cutler's a world of their job is all the big boys out. In a leaderboard looks pretty dead. All right so I committed expedition and as is moving to the bullpen for the first time in his career for sixteen on the fan. Prime time where Isaac can sue god Tennessee program. All right well yeah. Let the Mariners a pain in their their two and a half back BBA's CA's by the way last night he didn't see they traded. For us Fernando Rodney. From twins so clearly the Mariners have. Hope now that Fernando Rodney is an open exit failing to do you rail. This great year it's Fernando Rodney. Well he's yeah actually. Pitched pretty well for Minnesota right now he is so shaky it's just it's he has such a history with the with Mariner's inn in mariner fans. He may be my Brothers most hated Seattle mariner of all time high so he started into trait he went to the angels. The rain is. They Mariner's San Diego the cubs. The Padres. The Marlins. Did Diamondbacks. The twins. And now the days he still did this stupid aero thing I don't have he'd I'm sure he does that's his little bit and you know he's forty while he's 41 sideways hat he zany just Tom Brady. And that I had a good year last I was a big win for the for the Mariners mean that was that was huge state team to beaver land that they touched Verlander. Rob and then Verlander got run after what two innings while he got thrown out yeah I'm saying he got thrown out and I used news bitch and about a balk car somebody was getting knocked around and then yeah he got hit that hard a while now and it shows like there was a couple times the mariner bullpen was trying to get. Give back that game. It seemed a little rocky but they held our method that's a big win especially after losing series against sure Rondo and Texas. In and looking as bad as they did to you that's a ten game Brody there and to beat Houston special attacks than on the mound that that's a big win for Seattle. So Verlander pitched two innings gave up six runs out. I think the first four mariner batters hit for the cycle. I think I saw that the first four mariner batters went single double triple home run. Oh you mean like in order yes well I don't know that was in order that's kind of cool yeah but I think as I was because when I got home obviously that and the game was was already under way. The I think I I saw that the the first four guys and I don't know what order it was in reverse order for orderly way and our triple double single yeah. And in Verlander had. In have been one of the best and then the best in the game up until that point is that we got knocked around Micah. Well Felix's so I'm not gonna start on Sunday in Houston. It's over. Felix is out of the rotation yet he's headed to the bullpen. First time ever he'll pitch out of the bullpen icon and we'll see. I don't know obviously Z one how you handle that how he's gonna be used. If you read did you receive any services in the photos comments now they'd very early in this delicately. And they said that's you know will will see what happens will move them to the pen you know have an opportunity to maybe he moves his way back it just seemed to be pretty vague. And they don't. I mean they heat they owe him. The estimate 27 million dollar salary this year they own 27 million next year yen because he has so much service time he can veto. If they stay if they send new miners in Yemen united going on there now been one of the bullpen so they're kind of stuck with him they just kind of got to ride it out. And it's it's a delicate situation because she was. I mean for for a good 78 year stretch was one of the four or five best in the game any played on such horrific teen. In god no run support and finally. Yeah the Mariners are good for the first time you know I didn't since he's been there the Mariners are actually good at key. He can help and it wasn't like like with a Berlet deride or some of the other guys that have had dips in their careers. It wasn't like he fell off a cliff this this isn't injury related this is been a slow steady decline which. Eat you tend to believe there they did you're not coming back from this isn't an injury in the if you fix it your mechanics. This is unfortunately. The undefeated father to. I'm now he's only 32 now but you write like you can look at that Cy Young year. And this team does 2014. Or finish second in the Zamboni. You that a 214. Or ERA GAAP. Is ERA he has gone up every year cents a jumped to 353 then 382 then 436 now 573. Yeah that's just that's age that he's been there since 2005. He needs to polarize or Clements heard that he needs is to get around that program. Am looking at there. So when he came in they won 69 games. They have had 123. They have had four and will be. The fifth winning season that they've had with him yeah. And that's you know thirteen year person. And none of those seasons were extraordinary snow RC go to playoffs any of them now. No post season play and he just had no run support John. His is it about this that I don't have that the number in front of me but it's ridiculous the number of games. Where he has gone and like six innings and given up less than two tons and is not gotten a win it's and there's there's like sixty yourself media. The end has begun yes is it well don't unless he gets on the sauce maybe he can borrow some stuff from Robbie can now. Who their go to me why not you've got inning you're dead anyway you try it. Tried yet pot gee you'd slide away Poconos eight is well Nelson Cruz avenue a year and he got pop before right. That there are guys you can get it from on routinely. See in counts is up a little bit I think Meredith and would forgive him. If you just came back hacked and was great the rest this year Lander did it. And then got hot did you Berlin p.s know I I meant it that mindless suicidal. Yes so there's a piece in the Bleacher Report I think his about Berlin there and how Qaeda considers line Yemen has got a rated Sports Illustrated. Now let's idling two and off twitters where aside but yeah he said when he was struggling and in Detroit why he said that you know he was beat up he was injured in ands. Just it was it was wearing on him as he was in pain all the time. And he got his career is over in Kenya he was he was suicidal but he said that same time he started dating Kate Upton and in a stunning developments made everything better wait years suicidal in your career is in the tank but you get to go home Kate Upton everything's okay. Yeah so what we've let them must not so what we've learned from this is that your rough go of it. In years suicidal all you need to do. Is fine you suffocate Upton. Big tops. And a need to work on that well they wasted feel it's an end his career. Nice John Mayer did that is a 100% they witnessed of a career and I and I feel bad form because he knows he is. No one's more disappointed in this than Felix Fernandez and I hope the fetus treat him with respect and and it doesn't turn uncle. Because he was great for them for a long time and he didn't chase is somewhere else he didn't demanded trade he didn't bitch and what about the team. He played his entire occur in Seattle on crappy teams you know he gets can be. Regina you it was like that they are reference are similar pitchers think yeah. Make you lol rich John Smoltz and doc Gooden. Really top three soldiers territory through age 31 and then similar pitchers just right now Cole Hamels. I Jake Peavy he Zack Greinke Justin Verlander now. And there's my dog Bret Saberhagen on there let me some brits they Reagan is crazy ex was great for a long time. Yeah this guy says man shoot I turned Qaeda way few years ago but I should have done that. So do I need to get suicidal she can help your life to rein Qaeda and how does that work I find one of those. One of eight months with two of those are the baton and find those bean bag is likely adopted another out there man. They're out there and a key applicant. I can and the next time for any news should be start bombing wildfires. First rust with sports and. I'm revising consider God's name he goes yeah. I 35 on the stand. We are party in hard Friday feeling good should be good weekend. Of fun. Go to the Jack White show tomorrow night if where's that coliseum. Don't ask you lie at them more coliseum in what's going on the rose he's playing there well I guess the thing with Jack why is he kind of likes to play in. You know he's cannot dumps him for. No he likes to play in India's. Op she kind of venues you know he's he's a much that musical did you know you love baseball to show that about him you know we've talked. This before easy huge baseball team in baseball guy is an audio file he he has all accused of vinyl guy then Alia. It Justine duties a differing cat he can shred now anyway but at the center is open and I would be offended walk into the coliseum if the motives that are openly you know the only time mom exit at dean of the memorial coliseum. When you showed me like a well something else is going on next door is I would go to the go to the coliseum I have never been to a concert at coliseum son Darius the you've never been. To a concert at the coliseum not. Now announcing some stuff there. And I'm curious to he is here the acoustics a tutor sounds like there. Well I mean grown up that's that was the plays I first saw an. William Martin jolt. Suzanne collegial. Oh believe you'll meet seventh grade. Ish in there is a sub Billy Joseph on than a week later I saw Tom Petty those are my efforts to concerts. At it. In my life and those are both that the Obama cause him because well the Mota center or the Rose Garden was popular in the whole idea of the first concert. That's a very big thing like that's like too good conversation starter Mike people want and down the line but it's him. It is simply by you know mine are. John Denver yet in the Beach Boys will we had it for a while where we would put the name tags. Yeah all the employees here are desks are Escude Abbott on a CD and it was your name that was your for concert is still out there. And you didn't you judge a source with a lot of young that's not their fall beat Gillick Manila I. a.'s MC hammer Mike menstrual pain and some tips and he if you will like at the Lloyd center. But down anyway I'm pretty pro John Denver beach boys and that's good that's a bad can't separate show out. I feel by Billy Joseph and Tom Petty and it's like well week apart I feel good about that. It's August 10 2018 it is time for it being. Yeah thank you know it is mental problem. By the way I don't think there's anything going on at us the notice and no I I feel like he. Wanted to play there behind he did not want to play at the most and I feel like. That's just very gentle lady and because on August 12 they've got what panic at this go but that's Sunday that's Sunday. Should the united states air force bomb forest fighters. I'm intrigued by the is this like eliminates that thing is as I can limiting everything we can burn is that the the plan year to know how like limited the oxygen why don't think you wanna look eliminate everything they can burn basically it's like yet I think of this as like blowing out a candle yeah. So earlier this summer to. And around yet let. They're coming face source. This says. F fifteen strike eagle weapon system officer Mike Bennett says Benitez. Writing in war on the rocks proposes using B one bombers stuck to the gills would bombs to battle a wildfire there's on the American home front. Is saying that in his Mitzi shockwave did snuff out the air flow behind it and temporarily slowed as the fires spread. But what about like you know about all the stuff that's blown to smithereens let that little black bear famine it's down there were that's how soon learn additional. Burning in California. It was burning and readied I'm. Can you not. Blow up Redding California I think that's a that's a place in TU. Like if you're in the middle of no air right I guys I suppose like a fire breaks out in like Russia. It's like in the middle of Siberia borrow a her leg in the middle Wyoming that. I believe I think Redding is the biggest. Quote unquote city between here and Sacramento can you not. Drop bombs on the I've become open to the idea I just seems can do he's got a risky group in Sacramento instead. Thank minnows. He now. On the rights and. It's up to 84 bombs and decent serious fire fighting we just. The you don't drop may bomb. You'd be dropped eighty pot so bombs uses steel casing that fragments into deadly shrapnel obviously would not be used now. When fighting fires would be unnecessary and dangerous. So they have different types of bombs like best but it would generate the the air needed him yeah I watched that video over the area and its. That's kind of tricky. It is theoretically doable. That's a that I'm reading this in popular mechanics you on every continent Canucks Staley he has just think we're on the pots are thinking yep sit down break up popular me enix they say it may just be too expensive enough and you'll do it now. So it's not about blowing things this misery and it's just it's it's too expensive yet but 8000000001 base for sure. Space short crop. Quit trying to be a negative Nancy right we got to pay no need blurred. Space. And whatever we we eager to protect inning Tim peeler would begin for space horse that I know blurred the ever seen independents they were up have you every year are you aware of what the aliens can do. And when they show up you'll eat bacon delay your lucky stars that we've got space force. OK I am next I am up for bids did you see the girl. Knew she's a teenager I think she's like seventeen she got hit by the Max trained yeah I agree that I did see that out and beer she's okay which is amazing. I first thing when I saw that story is. Fast is an extreme ago. Plus that's the thing okay so she waited his story two got whacked by the blue train yet as she crossed the tracks out and be rooting visions look and her stupid phone in that was the other things in my fur thing when I read this story was. How are you live and I was like I wonder how fast or is going to the second thing I had was the same thing when people get hit by trains all the time. How do you know how you know where air that the Max train is barely down upon you and then I saw how she was in her phone. And at that point if I hate to do this but I mean leeway do your own damn fault I have no sympathy for what it is or funny you know that is her fall on. I mean I have sympathy for the that is or I don't sympathy. That she's okay I I assume that she deaths but yeah. Good yes she she bounced up and then lowered her head in. Ran out the blue the Blue Line I sort of guy got him by your car wants to end and he bounced up and just kept talking. It wasn't like going forty or any risk by 20/20 five. And he kind of took that the shoulder roll thing and got off the ground and just kept going I just can't imagine the Max is going that fast because in his role and through Beaverton you know like a main intersection in Beaverton you know yeah it's probably to go round and slowed down. Who hopes of the time you're the Maxtor. Henry I think forever now I used to ride its date I guess I think the free zone is gone now. So when they were stuffit leading to go away I think it's gone you'd that he used to be passed like for concerts and even for games I would park at the Lloyd center. Current. The figure is deployed and then you just would hop on the backs. Take it down there in the net deal with any of the parking down there and an eighty four's right there to go home but they eliminated that and our own doing anymore. Chewed dollars and fifty cents for two and half hours yet to understand that and the freeze Unscom plus I don't wanna get stabbed. Or like hepatitis and so. It. Now they ought not much for the Mac deals get the ride for 125 for tuna towers geez man I did I get tame my dad. He loves all legal although senior discount this these big unit it makes him so hat now. Think about the match that he will come inning Buick. Guess so much discussed the excited about the CD's. Getting about the Max is you realize you paid two dollars and 25 cents and everyone else. Paid nothing because they just on a lot and they're the ones that are gonna stab you in give you hepatitis. We are horrible drivers so says a new study that text on in the news it's 444 on the people. Primetime rabbis against duke got a baby bells. I don't have cited five is coming up conveniently at five. We know that happens most days. Now I mean I had thought after side BF five but yes the idea. With any acceptable range of irons very big NFL injury in pre season action last night at PGA champ ship will be kind of on that in the blazers schedule is out those putts a bullets like the only thing we don't try to get better at her do well like we don't care we use you begin there's a gallon Arum the 1 hand here I am the one in in my cheeseburger well. Mays did it if the minimum my email is still within an acceptable range so let's say hey like I don't know the with a time reading I've sixteen to. I'm guessing it's probably 45 when other ailments to do you its number one way that your gonna die. And yet no one gives a rip about you will do and eighteen other things wall or driving. Under no threat that you may actually guy. I'll I'll I'll counter that. Ends aid that's the reason we do that Patton. Pretty easy. I mean I tell regulators say but this is why people do it like. It's I mean you try not to you know it's stupid to do yet so driving is so easy and so mundane and so mindless. That. It continue to kill you you're you right now you Isaac rob yes that will kill you more likely than. You know gosh it's going to face you know him but at the same time no it takes the third seriously right it's because a lot and I'm into online and in. And driven a million to adapt. I look on our level we knew you see or your writing with someone and I've done it once or twice but I did it's I'd I've kind of learned my lesson. I love when someone reaches down my across the seat to pick something up. But you'll be driving he sees it it's we're gonna you look at there's no one in the car you liked what I think you realize. They're bent down we. Reaching on the ground of the past your side what could possibly be over there that they must have right at that moment exactly French Fries and you're in 65. Miles an hour. And you decide it hit the Smart thing to do is in doubt duct you're ahead. Lo and lean across. The seat it's not the Smart thing to do let. You know you can do it yet because the guy's gonna do that there is an arid friar the phone fell down with a charger whatever. In you're gonna pull over to do right now he's just go and Lee in ride on him. Yes and any extent on the better each day ten signs said that he saw a lady reading a book the other day and I seen that before I got in traffic. Now I've seen it people on the freeway are you Syria I seen that and it just blows my nineteen blows my mind wow yeah. I'd never seen out but I have seen like when stopping go I've seen the traffic. Did the traffic book. The one that blows me away that I have seen on the freeway moving in his Emeka. I guess I saw they do little to the window. Alan and I make of being applied while go 65000 now in the morning then around one little problem anyway so a recent study this that we we have debated. How bad or you know Washington drive czar like it's pretty bad here in and I you know I think they're behind. That's what's I just I've always wondered is it it it's weird here in Nashville Birmingham the same thing and god national. Divers are the worse their bad drivers everywhere but I'm telling you hope in my experience word it's. It's a different kind of bad if you got the East Coast is so aggressive right and that's bad but. Wouldn't you prefer that to. The big guy who who Bono doesn't understand the flood plains passing only you Hernandez tries at thirty miles an hour in the left lane lead and in some big cities that can be pretty free if you are not used to quit every is that easyJet Portland drivers are among the worst. In the United States. Built this was compiled by insert a five picture this go without. Insurance time. I'm guessing that's what it is it's it's it's an online car insurance platform insure a fine probably not answer if I know I would I would. Think you're correct the second time around the company asked shoppers if they'd been cited for a crash where they were at fault is it. They company ask shoppers if they'd been cited for a crash where they were at fault in the past seven years after finding the city any state that has the highest percentage drivers reporting incidents. They rank the top Tony in Portland minute number eleven. Look at the circuit sided 26 point 6% drag some Portland reported they'd been in a crash and they were at all. According to survey Portland drivers are 25% more likely begin to and at fault ash in the average driver and 40% more likely to receive a speeding tickets. Can you ever been in a crash that your fault. Yes. Yeah I rear end when I first started driving a rare and it's somebody very small little but it's been many many in news is done since that happened yeah. Spokane Washington ranked fourth on the list. 29 point 1% of drivers having end the at fault party in a crash. In Spokane drivers are twenty arms some are likely to get an apple crash the average driver. Not the full list I don't sit what is it about. Whether it's Portland Spokane think what. Why are we bat as a rob takes. Your base high. That can't be the case. Must see here only the meat under the Tom wood on Wisconsin be like the worst is everyone's drunk. Lonely it is a new look I'm number one. Career South Carolina. Number two Greer south Kara I don't bird to Delaware and number three. Omaha Nebraska. Scene I just know I'll tell you that out there you know being from medic in her around there. But that is about like they're really slope. But nobody is in a hurry to do anything so why you would think they'd be less active at and instead rag are slow and is just there's you're doesn't work and borders and also people going faster it's like to add makes you know. Is that we're going slow that would be one thing I just don't understand what makes people in certain areas worse than others spoke and four and less George Utah five Littleton Colorado is on here Norfolk Virginia to Moines Iowa Boise. Cincinnati and then there's some dealers and suggest immediate underfunded driver education systems to be a poor schooling yeah that can be part of it. Pounds now putting resources into it well and what about this what about this for Portland this is popped into my head. Give a lot of people from different parts of the country here. And therefore maybe have different habits. Like or different laws like it took me up forever to figure out we'd we learned this on the show that Oregon is one of the states I think to change in his but he is one of the states where. A delay plane is not a passing yes we're bring in a hodgepodge and don't really knows seemed in people and from other states to know it that way that's how I know it. Any edge I think it's like what the hell are these people doing. As you go with that. But it's interesting that went in front of the educational thing that that aspect of it that is going back to its annoyed furious if your kid or young adults even middle aged. It's the most dangerous activity that you're gonna do. It is amazing how little practice unique need in order to operate. That car if they don't really. Now it's like you know lead in peril part but you're getting your license let me ask you this if you ever attempted to play music list and yes. How long did it take you before you had any sort of proficiency in that I don't remember but it would be alone is well yeah that's really like I have I. Often on for the last year's attempted to play guitar and I am Richard capped. But ice I had spent. Ten times more effort and time trying to learn to play the guitar are that I did driving. And I I struggled to play eighty leg flew fighter proved him wrong and yet. Like I corvettes are no like eight years doubled down the down death machine yeah. I got yeah I get out there is it's it's it's interesting how little. Time effort and education go into what is such a a dangerous activity it is for me but for everyone else around. Mean but it's far less complicated and playing guitar you know I mean it's not that hard to Pena is is we just have to concentrate but you get what you need to drive a car from. From and but drivers enter what are. What what we don't do is when we get in the are we don't take it seriously enough now where were the words were lazy about it because it's so easy. Right we've lulled to sleep by that we need to be driving up Parker know what happened. It's like obstacles on the road death tray apps. Tiger's it's certainly nice way to maul you keep you won your toes just put people plan for under element place. But no I think what we need to do is when used when you get behind the wheel unit into cognitively go okay. I indebted I'm gonna drive the best that I can drive them. What wherever it is I'm going as you know I mean we don't do that phenomena do comedy be courteous and if Obey all laws. I'm going to keep in a distant you know all the things. But we don't think about any of them now. Ever in an album and admit desk so I ride my bike quite a bit. I eight page. Fifty times the amount of attention on my bicycle I do when I'm behind my do we let Michael play. To me when I'm on my bike I am hyper vigilant items yet every sign every crossroad I'm sure the page as everything when you're in the car I just turn up the stereo consumers don't know let me check Twitter real quick got a text Robb tell mom going to be a little bit late. It is it is amazing how old as you point it's not that hard and we pay no attention to hide that you're in the news segment for August 10 2018. Hunt five to five is next on the.