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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, August 10th
Lynch on the way to Vegas; NFL preseason overreactions; Ryan Nall with a nice little game; Anthem protests; Nose zits; & more

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Right welcome prime time which buys it consumes what is going on. Her appear whenever movement and unbiased just try to picture on compromise sports done without booze sugar coat of raping. Links and everyone's life in war things just icing dropping Jason's a can catch. And that he'd do my job. Best in sports coverage. This is primetime revising consumed on any. You want me to do. Good Friday. I don't think you might Sandra. We'll get a new board up today. Blitzer let's let rest DP of the sound and just rest it was not a straight day. The a dollar and acted like vitamin nearly two months in a news to a show before me were two hosts. And having another might you know being up there already. It's the learning game like this and only has one house. We have to those you know yes the show prior to you had one host today. I mean there's not a second my god. His dirt and I understand now I get what has this Mike wasn't yeah I gala that. And a potted it's been very our organ eight were cutting that he rusty mine pulled up our drops pages. Your honor and think that a fifth with the rest is in for Michael we love rusty is just it's a work in progress today. Yes lots riding ago. There you go oh yeah. Well we're you know what. There we go and business where you go I go drops stages up. We the royal we the editorial we they send Jeff rests on fire. Didn't. Complain when. This is fine and yes now I was talking about the boom extension and now we've got erode due to its in your bed. A few words in the PGA here on they'll supersede either way there's no attention island Jeff at and he is a huge mean guy out he loves mean rusty is great. But old burned Lundqvist is is in their with though Dottie pepper and let me tell you can cut that sexual tension with a nice Jim Byrne wants to do another hurdle is just a staring a hole through whatnot he had going on a Verne is bloated picnic oh. If I ever knowing that hold his burned out places six these oak I think he's nine bitchy. While now he's probably in his seventies but he looks worse than them probably the ages can indicate that Bernie has not taking care of himself he's been not been surely knew his way to go to hell feel like was as seventy years old yes and he did he leave now he's out there. And he he looks like he's about ready to explode. Well. He stretched to ease stretched very. Pretty good it looks like he can't get any fatter. All apparent lies the question government opposed to you as you age and you just decide did say F it and you buy elastic pants and you know bill crew issues and what not. Is there a limit. Like yeah if you just live the same lifestyle. Every single year like nothing changed. Do you reach like maximum density or do you just continued to swell. You know I scientists. And doctors would know better. So you're asking the wrong guy earth. Mean kicking you glad I contend that your body can only handle so. Like burn can only get so fat like he can't. What do you think he ways probably three to 310 easy but he's he's really short. Of Jason tonight whatever whatever he weighs three spin too easy. He can't put much more on that. Well there and why that's kind of was my question or he's gonna go down for each individual person do you reach maximum board could see where it's like no. At this point you're like one of those like clowns that you knock over and it bounces back up your ship like grimace slow psychic guy from money python. The big fact gang yeah. Who just they keep feeding and feeding and anything he just he urged its key explode days ago because he had has done little dinner meant when I left until the end I love burned though in his tour to lie just. He was staring at Dottie pepper like she was a pork shop. By Dottie was breaking down the PGA and I don't feel like burned her words she was saying he was just journal author of a buddy who. Rain and Dottie pepper on south instead she parties. Like she's fun to see that as she's she's kind of one of the guys who tell you when you a name like Dottie I feel like you kinda have to party. Hey what are you doing and I'm hanging out with Dottie yeah and have a good time I'd be disappointed if she didn't I would think so I guess she's really fun and Con Ed. Like bunny out there aren't the bastards in baggage she likes to work in the blue. A little bit I would in all of the wish I'm just going to assume that takes are a couple pegs and now. Doug can hang when you've been around the sports world Pia actually gave the year urban dog he's been doing this for a long long and that's what it is I think you hung around did the bigs. Big leagues for a number years for a couple of decades I feel like view you know how to swim in the deep end. There's nothing that you're gonna say that's gonna shock. Old Dottie pepper known she might drop the dirty joke on you all why I think body and dirty jokes coming from Dottie pepper are you a funny year then it's a dirty joke from just some guy at the -- absolutely I feel like more than then likely at some point in the mean you're just gonna be sitting there and Dottie drops a macho man elbows from the top rope. By the you're not prepared for your like wall. And then you know what kind of evening it's going to be and that's when it goes from good to great well maybe Verne has a chance I don't know. Things can get a little weird out on PGA tour he 78 I don't know Verne is capable of such things anymore I feel like Byrd as he's certainly has the look and in his eyes as if he yeah he does. Think when your dog gets old in EU dogs like wants to go outsider wants to play fetch and and then you let him outside in the dog makes about halfway across the yard and lays down. If it gets burned in bad yeah well just in general I don't burn like like cuts off the Mike it is like let's go party and then on the way to the car he takes a nap. Is there again maybe ads go back to the hotel. They have got an ailment. You do can I tell you what it is not ruined my day at all is it the real deal and have been a great day that your vertigo. I know I've got a little something going on here. In a wanna let you in on where we know you've got a little something going on for years but continue so I have. A zit. In my left nostril Ole wheel and it's the second time in two weeks. Nancy do you guys ever get these yeah and you my friend yeah the war is always be. Did the two worst places you can get numb arm like inside the ear canal. Or like that inner rim of the nostrils yeah I'm I'm with the and you probably can't really region is right there also it's so high up there's no there there nothing you can do guy I guess you just leave Malone well DV chart they give me Q tip up there are some pin cushion on Montana there bomb and you got to try. This would there's nothing we're gonna do we may be can pop it. Now on top us lead all man I'm mom always told me. Don't touch him really and now go away fast no that's right out now I outer popped them now go hunting for that sucker. And don't hurt because they certainly is so sensitive it feels like it's connected every nerve in your face yeah that's a brutal I don't wanna take my nose but you know what I I'm not you've got my sympathy that can root. An entire day at press on it's not this isn't as bad as the other on I had 12 weeks ago it was worse yet that's not. That's not Hawaii get these rural and that's yeah I am healthy Nicole yet something has clogged up there and you. In a little follicle or poor convening grown here you don't know what you got hurt only Adonis is get these are for not only the man it's an assist roster on right that would definitely explain after the collision. I think you would ever get like in the middle your back and you can't reach it. It now and you know you said the ear yeah I don't think I've ever had one in my argued I've got one in the year before they move it's it's no Bueno. The debate can year they give you get one in in in I don't know and Mary you can't get does the white. Now I just like you sound. I'll ignore them I can't nom I go after it. Thank you the first sign I go hunt that sucker down the elected Navy SEALs and we go on a mission will go patrol and now we don't we don't screw around with that get this done. Get hot needles and warmed up and let's do this men in my planner could fit perfect but that was it lay out the blow. RP MMI not possible here on clocks and stuff up there. I hate so well you know a lot of sports today. Guys go low to determine of golf yeah up. It's an NFL. A lot I had you should see my notes that this is embarrassing lot of NFL news and it's just embarrassing because it's the stupid pre season week one of them but who cares except. I got to look at and it. That you know I am watching. I I and there are so many things to talk about trying to watch some that last night and most it was a moment. I had to see our game on he got the lead to cleave clean game but their most about stuff wasn't. There's no way to know so he would Sunday ticket doesn't do anything with pre season games I didn't even attempt that I mean I I'd. I did I guess maybe I don't know but I don't know the red zone channel was on I know that. And so I mean outside of like some highlights about around the NFL network will show all of these games. Going forward but last night it was mostly just kind of highlights discounted chicken in here or there but yet to see Seattle in in in Cleveland. Here it too because it was on the fan yes you could do that as well. We've got some new developments in the Urban Meyer investigation to discuss with you today. Should we start bombing wildfires. And a lot of Friday random ups that's what that's what got sent me a lot to get to yeah and at some point we're gonna have to discuss what is a good and a bad agency. Today well as helix yeah and a few yeah yeah we should talk about that carve out some time before it ever mariner fan. Yesterday was. That that might in a tough day is there was bittersweet you knew what had happened at a news that. Watching Bernie get old and in his short go away and it's sad watching Felix. Turn into this version of himself. All right so all of that today and so much more thank you for being with us just rushed in for Mike Lynch and his cell partying in Las Vegas. We don't. Yeah he's in Las Vegas that I don't. The idea of faith on him to really take advantage I don't listening trying to see if I could gauge what Mike was going to be up to and I don't wanna judge. It and we don't really know but it certainly didn't seem to its Italian lawyer he's was preparing to. To do anything particularly cool you know I think he I think his plan of attack I think they're gonna be here like a week plus yeah I think tennis she's at a conference yes and that's a heck of a long time to spend in Vegas slightly maybe he's just try and you know he's got like ten days as to make it's I don't think he wants to hit it too hard the first couple of days and make sure that he you know. Survives. Well twofold because that is a valid point you got to pace yourself ten days is a lot. You and you can is only ten days I think he's done well in a week and you know he's he's out on my suite 20 yeah I mean he's he's down there for awhile so two things definitely there's a pacing yourself thing. Two I think he's scared because they're buying a house. And you're giving keys when they when they come back and they signed this morning the early signs salukis are coming now who. I think he's nervous about the finances and lose and some money. And quite frankly I think. He's a little afraid of the mrs. I think there's an element of that to. While she's down there at the conference I think he's afraid of having too good a time. Wall she's working yeah we know who wears the pants in that now call without question and in a new house yes she dominates is not him she dominates the dough Jones I kind of feel like he asked Johnny Cash and a little bit. He's got to walk the line. When now when he's down there and then wait is cage. As much as she wants the party I think kill party is together they have a good time but I'd I don't think he can branch off and go solo act. One of our listeners says lynch has Fanny pack and sandals with socks written all over him. He kind of does he kinda does well or work on it though he got the cargo shorts. Any bots are regular shorts and I think he moved away from new ballots. And now just wears old man Nike's let's. Progress sort of thing okay so I'm gonna make a quick prediction then we'll get to sports stocks Cisco assured the new balance kicks look out ladies approximately kids. We I think he's ease kind of moved on from now that's a ninety's now doubt that he wears but they're like ninety Pegasus they're like coaching issues but. It's he's now we're in the U bounds for a seventh anymore baby steps yes. My prediction is that he will come back sound from Las Vegas. And the reason he will come backs hour from Las Vegas is that he is staying there too long. That's what's gonna happen it's gonna be like. You know all too much yet he's getting him and harmed by them because that is too long in Vegas it's hotter than hell like stare at the sun you can't you just gotta glance up batting get a brief moment and then you you turn away two days two nights is great. Maybe a third night long weekend and that's about it you know. Go hard come home a week long content you're gonna come back miserable or dead. And broke a I think fifteen on the ten. I'm revising ensue god 1080 Beltran. I guess in many when are fine. Then he's on his way to Vegas tonight. And he's in attract that Fanny pack when lynch down in Winnipeg at at the in the wild. Trying to remember where he's their stated the Gaza Cosmo that I know blurred. Public view you're on the Cosmo area and you see. Knightley she's giant head crews and around the yeah reports have some photos is indebted to argue is that as generous floating about a foot about her brilliant ideas and a giant non in this you know clock he had sink strained here Tony change. So we get a photo of flinch in the wild and Vegas will now posted on Twitter. So let's over analyze week one of the NFL pre season challenge. Yes the Seahawks are going to be Super Bowl champs bigger mayfield is the greatest quarterback of all time. Say com Barkley is definitely in the hall of fame. Tending to many others sort of giant snap judgments that we can make. The Steelers. Are deflating for all your deflate gate part to the patriot suck and will not winning game. And by the way let me just put a little caviar on this in case anyone's wondering what the pre season means the Cleveland Browns last year in the pre season. Undefeated. So bring it up well in case you didn't know what happened in the regular season the Cleveland Browns. When sixty. Nobody runs anything ranked like they don't know they just they're not really playing now everything has to be pretty basic IQ you try to get stuff out of the first series or two with the starters. When you get into the backups this is that the problem with the even a second team guys everything has to stay so basic because you get guys that don't really know what they're doing weaned. And receive V receivers running wrong routes offensive linemen aren't aren't able to do communicate trust me that we used to call that thunder dome. I don't trip over the pig's head in the in the backfield because it really is quite chaotic. But you would think that that there is this like cohesive group but it really is at once you get past the starters it's pretty hodgepodge and a lot of those guys aren't gonna be played in I mean plane in those games and trust me I was to give gimme a month or two and I would've been home working at Safeway. It just is it a lot they can be you know to be taken out of that. No offense yet but that is. A great way to galvanize. How crappy creases of the ball is yes you played in those games much like. That's what I say about high school football and he got to take high school prospects in high school football with a grain of salt because I played out. I was on the field in those games as well. Won him in there you covered if I was there out denials eighth grade it's right that you remember the sensible. Yeah I remember this as a bull on man the legend of so anyway. Yet no need to overreact Palestinian anyway sure. I think you can you can look look man is greater good they should may be able to stand out in those sorts of situation acre mayfield yes prime example. He's giddy at the Kennedy did not he's not gonna I don't think he's gonna be a terrible biased. I don't know how good he's gonna be at hi I'm Tony right now I said it before week one and not feeling better about it. That guy is exciting and he's gonna be really he escapes the pocket well I thought he put the ball into a couple tight windows. And that's the game that there were actually able to watch that in this in this game. But I thought he looked good and again he's not playing with with first team guys he's playing behind a hodgepodge offensive line and I thought he looked comfortable is no point did he look overwhelmed. And the thing that was probably most impressed with it was the the windows that he threw the ball in tennis because rose and and you get to this level. Everything speeds up in the windows closed out and you have to be able to to put the ball in good places and I don't think he made a lot of dumb decisions he's legit. He just is it's only a matter of time to that before he starts here's my prediction you were gone and we reviewed hard knocks you up my prediction is the browns will start slow mean. And they'll bench Tyrod Taylor and go to baker mayfield and then. I hue Jackson will get fired. And the interim coach may be Todd Haley or one of the other assistants probably Todd Haley they will win games at the end of the season. Under an interim coach and get back to like out of those seven and nine and then they'll hire somebody for next year and watch out is bigger mayfield. We'll probably be the permanent starting quarterback Dan need to be year under his bout you finally hire a coach you compete. Galvanize that group because. I mean hello signed in one. Show them and that's hard knocks is showing how soft they are yet and and you can eat. There are masking get a sense that they don't have the utmost respect for huge exactly so it's that's that's what's gonna happen with a round you heard it here first. It's it's a lock. Book it. And then whoever is I don't know who the hot you know the next hot coaches out there was the next Sean McVeigh but you know wind with that Callaway kid. At receiver who. You know I'm mayfield and they're in and if he is Josh Gordon keeps his nose clean the roster has gotten better you can get one of those young guys liked the it like to Shanahan answered the Shawmut days Q1 of those guys in there. And more than offense can be really fun. Say Tyrod Taylor look Gooden and supposed he has had a nice camp Foreman so he may be able to stave off baker mayfield for awhile you're right it's only a matter of time before they give him that the go ahead good. You hear from people and it's tough to know because we've seen one pre season game it's like I was watching the all 22 of it. But you hear from a lot of people that are in the know that think that the best roster improvements. Made from last year to this year there do you think the browns so you know they they should win 67 games. I don't think there a playoff team. But Cleveland should be much improved and really in some games last year is that is that that team wasn't you don't winning game your bad. Cleveland was in games and couldn't close mountain with a roster improvements better quarterback play whether that's Tyrod Taylor order baker mayfield. They're gonna win gates a day and how many I don't know too early to tell but they will not be a laughing stock this year. So sit com Barkley is going to be dynamite to you but it may knew that. He had he had his very first run with the giants and was law was. Don't the giants team the entire team only had two runs longer than that all of last year well and it was a broken play to the tight end whose name escapes me if you are Nolan Ryan. He witnessed in Berkeley made a guide myths and then have the little jump cut their doubts it to the outside and then ran away from people. That's they're gonna be fun to and they get back him in there. That's good stuff with com Barkley I think their offensive line is still a bit sketch led. Defense is improved last year and if you like Manny can be old Eli Manning the giants are going to be goat. Augusta and if you luck is not dead now validated through he made it through any look good throw on the ball and played longer than I thought. And supposedly know there are no restrictions on him didn't look like he's favored thing took a couple of licks. And ended up being OK so if you take one thing out of all those pre season games that may be the number one thing that I take away. Is that Andrew Luck was was OK good I've I've been skeptical of it that's been two years and no shoulders he did there's. Not a lot of guys come back from those most at career ending sort of things Drew Brees did it but in a large teams passed on him. Major breezes the exception lot of guys never recover from that sort of thing so. To see him go out there and get some work and look good take a couple hits throw the ball downfield look like he's done a good velocity on its. I thought that of a bald the stuff you could see in the pre season that was probably the biggest revelation ended the most positive thing. You saw. Right well let's get into the sea oxide things gets a couple I got a couple of guys who young guys. I jumping out on defense the sky polonium and and coupled with in the. Prime time where Isaac can sue god and maybe the fans and. All right welcome back. It is us. I'm Isaak sought out some. And geeks who go in there so indeed we're talking about the NFL believe Iran pre season we want isn't it weird when you watch football again. After having not watch it for awhile you like you kind of have to be used to. The latest this is really happening is we're with a kick offs now not being able to run in this looks weird though penalties weren't that bad other we had our first injection in the the CI game yeah and it was ironically the kid because you named your kid ice imminent. That's your sons now. Big guy who got kicked out was the guy named with the name the U almost named Isaac. In Dhahran. What was his name. It was the safety for the cold side show Marco sure Marco right I was an exchange americanize him as a kind of web back and forth so I thought I wanna ensure Marco my wife wanted eyes are men and luck when it wants and then she gets it she'll Marco Thomas. He got a objected in. I want Allen back he wants to play he's with. In the colts fiscal though you Indiana's. So the Seahawks receiver dives for the ball even. And he kind of comes over from the side and they're both really low to the ground almost wears on. And he just I don't know he just leads it is helmet kind of spear like an Akita now for that you have I don't know it's. I guess spite of the letter of the law are likely could have avoided it he could've avoided it but this and it's it's going to take a while some good because when you're talking about being Mo well. It always is to get low you be in the Bender it you can't get that low bending your knee he was he was like he laid out yeah they die thing it's but that's so it's hard to put like where do you put your EC you're saying he cast. You know what what can he do with his head in that you're gonna have to like learn do they gave year when you leap like you gonna have to do some sort of weird poor Christmas who were you like tuck your head and make shouldering an initial let them do flying karate kicks like go the other way. Oh there you go. Like a baseball slated for hate not leading with a comment just start leading people well. It is gonna take some adjustments I don't the first pre season game was rough. I look at some numbers and it wasn't like it was there is does this bevy of penalties I think it's gonna work itself out. Problem is a lot of players I do think you're gonna see an increase in knee injuries. I exciting more more guys are just gonna start. You know going as low as humanly possible but even in this case right that you try to go low and when you do died didn't you your head naturally. Your head naturally you're gonna lead with kids so it's it's gonna takes them it's gonna take some adjustment these guys have twenty plus years of Lorena one way to do something and it's a very. Unnatural things are asking them to to do. So of this Seahawks game. Who ended up winning an NC and the colts one ranked. 1917 I believe there you go colts did win. If it's that the final score of these games. Means the relevant nothing I yeah I Aaliyah because it isn't it like they're there I'll decide in the fourth quarter aren't exactly and and I don't watch and those guys are like they're cheering why don't watch in the fourth quarter but I just can you can you imagine betting on pre season football now now if you do you have the world's biggest gambling problem. If you are betting on pre season football you'd need help you know that well color color help line that reminds me that. One of the sort of a unique things about last night was. Then there were twelve pre season games in now here in the giants played the browns. There were live wagers placed at MetLife for that game first time you I guess right next to MetLife they have there's a racetrack shares of parking lot with it in them and they'll sports book America it's open fresh and I think if you go early enough to give the shuttle pride. You can park there in the and they shut you over the football game but in the stadium you could place a wager. Really watching game yet because you because. You can do is get dubbed mobile lab from draft kinks like they'd village she do you have. That on draft kings and so. God help you if your daddy and if your betting on the the bib Seahawks minus six against but also the browns and were one point favorites where they really and they covered. They beat him sweat now when our area. So anyway yet the Seahawks OK so she keen Griffin. Yeah we had a different Brothers on the field together which was really cool now she she keen in my pronounce and Aaron I believe you're correct he's the guy wish deal when she. Queen's yeah yeah shack and she queen. And he's the absolute number he's he's got no hands and I mean no hands. Yeah it's just don't want him he was born with like a deformed hand and then they ended up amputated because it was really painful can you believe he made a tackle. In the first quarter. And losses or had no I can't believe that the plane with hooks yet she looked really good. I mean what are the odds are that that that big big guy can play I don't again yell he can definitely playing. One pre season game who knows but that guy can run and he was taken place he so they said that he had four tackles we have for instance first four snaps yeah he ended up leading led the team Miette men are gonna be played a lot of the hundred get nine tackles. And was mostly plays all over and you watch him and inning again caviar pre season. He was he looked like the fastest player on the defense but there was a different gear. To where he was running and that was really impressive if you are familiar with him he led that Central Florida team. To that win over I mean undefeated season a season and they beat Auburn up. So he's good story and his brother ish active and and then now by KB is Mingo looked good in net rookie Rashean green yup. And Jake Martin made some plays seek Sosa new guys on the defense but they elects the owns one game at daily. Did they look they look good you know greens. It looked like he could be. A pass or reform their their guess there are pretty high naming camp and he showed up and then the first team offense where right down the field only played one series but. They are right down the field and and had a touchdown to Brandon Marshall looked good and Russell Wilson was moving around. I there was a lot to like your tight ends I was I was watching some of the post games demos of the tight ends what grade they gave them their MVPs I think they should crown them. If the crowd their ass crown their ass Seahawks champs out and for a team that they be Iran game that people were real soft on coming and it and on paper the roster doesn't look very good. It is a big Dave looks they look so it now I think they went seven games. I think there's a chance that. Again I'd I reef I can just 79 I just refused sued to buy into the that the pre season stuff talked to me after the third pre season game when they played three quarters and we get an idea that. I would say this about the first three weeks in the NFL season do not make any judgments. Until you're at least into week four of the NFL season and especially with the way camps are now they're just. It's for a lot of these teams that was the first live tackling that some of those guys had seen. Was the first real you know someone to enjoy practicing decent scrimmage good. They just there's not a lot of of a can't anymore like they Dade tone down how long you can go. The two Dayton in nature of it is basically gone there's so many walk throughs. And so just eating it so Robby you go through the first four weeks of the season and in some ways that's another pre season right get the four weeks the pre season. And in the first four weeks and then you can start to have an identity they need a surge at least have an idea of what you Lar. But we just we all wanna to make these sweeping judgments so early on. And RC it's it's gonna be another eight. To ten weeks before you have any idea. What to make of teams in the NFL and he said damn cheap keen Griffin looked great yet to hand Tim Burton for the so if I'm that he asked because it doesn't have that extra and Libya. Hands are heading it's an advantage I want. Pressed at the way he tackles. You know win with wrapping up and in the fact that you and your plane with one ending catch the ball to and shedding blocks. It's good it's one of the damn this things I've ever seen. So they key is staying healthy yes and one team. And they had a lot of guys go down last night behind the niners played the cowboys O'Reilly time but the Redskins. Well the Redskins last Darius rice that young running back they draft in the second round he's out for the year he tore his ACL last night but the niners lost five guys. This. The severity unknown but that George kettle guy he's they're tied in from Iowa that they'd rather pretty high on him. He's gonna miss some time they also Los Malcolm Smith and Solomon Thomas stepped. On the defense Thomas had a concussion and McKee I site listed as head injuries so that's in on me that's that's the thing is you wanna just come out of these preceding years without any injuries now when you lose five guys and again we'll see how serious their you these five guys that are starters are projected to be impact player. In week one so that tells me Serbs is go isn't going to be running a lot of contact drills over the next week or so. What else we had shot Manny and playing terrible. Marcus Mario played well and his one series they look good for Tennessee going up and down the field New England looked terrific TC showing Holland you've you've just gloss right over my Sean mania news. We antibody in plain terrible did you not see his numbers no I did not. The other say in that. The rams have a real problem a backup quarterback is another once played now they they sat out almost every dominion played pretty much the whole first half with a two using any live three of thirteen. For sixteen yards and an interception who and they say that he's been struggling. All summer all camp. Colleen Teddy Bridgewater yet calling to leverage what they don't have a backup to Jared off. Well in the near Brandon Allen because he was there there are third string guy he went ten to fifteen had a touchdown they'll go golf golf's. I'm trying to figure who held. Randy and Allan is you played at Arkansas lollar year you'd be trying to figure out who Sean May mean is he didn't know he played a mean we're for Morgan's valid point. And you know for guys like that in. You get a new nearing your third fourth year it's it's put up or shut up time bad performances like that. And I think this is is C Fortier if I'm not mistaken. And unfortunately for him that sort of performance if it was bad night I didn't see it obviously be look at the box score ninety. That's the sort of thing they can make make a roster move and you may not get another opportunity. He had that third fourth here you have to be able to performer they're gonna go find someone younger. The vacancy if there there's a bigger upside that that's that's not good if he had that. You know three of thirteen with a pick his quarterback grainy by the way how much can you were seven point five. Well under ten. Under ten that's not is venturing into a good ERA territory early is that he carries her adds value our territory if you haven't if he goes down three more. Yell fore more points easing goody Gary territory yeah telling you this year's all star Carter that you first record. Starred tick in that up a little bit. I can ever be on top of the hour we'll check in on the PGA championship. And down. Felix Hernandez being demoted to the bullpen but. One or two other things here to cover from last thank clean the anthem protest of what went on there. We'll get to that next on the fifth. I would buy tickets to go to ten maybe those fans. Frankly 49 or have not done laughed almost an hour and Intel PCs in week one time. It's. It's only gonna get worse just leave their rhetoric in the hype. Well I'll continue to now launch and I just would encourage everyone to until we want to take a deep breath. Now don't tell me to take a deep breath. They can make fields can be the NDP. Yak Sox can win at all Colin was on this morning and is going down the line gigs is the he's. The anti. Baker mayfield he was doing the baker was an impressive and thought that was I expect Loretta my number one overall pick key was he was doing some hot baker mayfield takes. Ryan all 95 yards is that right. Yet again the sixty yard run and at that. A Catholic a pretty good I believe it was sixteen and who I daisies and hey. Rusty pointed this out Darren about you know like guys some else. He'd he'd treated this out that a horse named Mimi for smoke won a race today that it and the wind paid four dollars and twenty cents. There. I loved someone out or did someone have debt they tootsie. They're rebel dug that up somewhere Darren rebels Twitter follow up is a great follow any terrible follow all in one. Yank the times' it's insufferable but other times you get nice little nugget since he's got all kinds Anderson stuff on there yeah I'm looking here and all had nine carries 95 yards and Yani had a long of a 69 that kind of play. I don't know if he's gonna play but I was reading. After the someone was with point out to debilitating camp. And they were saying that about the undrafted guys that he had made an impression in camp. But again he's not going to carry the football for them he needs to play on special teams so the gamble will wait and see but. For an undrafted guy in order to make the squad as an undrafted guy you have to do something every day. For someone to take notice sub view and it sounds like Nall has done a pretty good job that Chicago. And dog last I have read the the recap but I wanna save for five days ago what I read in Chicago say in the that there are people that think he has an opportunity so do you. Release your practice squad guys so if he makes the squad does he get paid just league minimum net ideas get league minimum. And Ed Norton more than likely there's a chance he's a practice squad guy that maybe goes up and down a couple times and then what do you pay when you're on the practice one. I think it's bumped up I wanna say it's like twelve grand. A week like oh OK a week yeah. This week to week. All this stuff is none of the stuff guaranteed so if you give bumped up to the regular roster than you make the league minimum for that week which is stir when he something. And then if you on the practice squad I think it's somewhere between that that ten to twelve range if I'm not mistaken. So no it's it's sounds like we'll at least now he'll be on the practice squad somewhere and maybe he had to make in the make in the roster. Anthem protests we had a few. Out there it's a couple in my Yemeni. Yet you dolphins wide receivers they knelt. Several guys race tests during the National Anthem that's also someone in Miami did do the fist raised to. Yet Marcum mellow out guys did the Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles raises this. And like guys did around the league but doing brown of the Seahawks into other CI state locker room and and with the jags. A letter for Nan in June Ramsey stay in the locker rooms like guys did that way. But erode there really weren't that many guys that even did anything so I stayed a lot of room some guys raised a fist and there were a couple of guys who know. And of course truck came out said you know what he had to say which was I think funded differently protesters something. Yea said he played game and that everyone enjoys it pays us so much money to go see in many had the in the fund line of the players make most money anyway which is not true they get 48 point 5% of all income so that's not true they don't get the most of the most money. BI said either find different way to protest or be suspended in and don't play well. Hopefully that fizzles and the way it will fizzle is if not trump just key it's not a key space truck shut up about it and then then maybe we can stop worry about that does only few guys here in the air and that's kind of my thing about the and I hit and that that's not to diminish what their protests are about everything on the same night it's I think a lot of people have fatigue over this one and won't. And I don't understand the people tickets sold Bennett over shaped and say I'll never watch CN FL again you realize that 99% of the players do and exactly what. Those angry people want them to do which is stand on the sidelines and over the heart with the with the anthem it's amazing to me that on on meet sideline here you know you've got loans pre seasons he got more. But let's just say in general right you got. 53 guys and in some staff members across the league. You know maybe 1%. Is doing something that's bothering Ewing yet you're given the bugler like and watch it again it's sold. Strange to me the anger in the year of the venom that comes out of of the people that are pissed about it when it's such a small percentage Wellesley of the kickoffs look I don't watch much side and it really see but it's strange that can't eat it because they can't get a running start right now it's it's weird but you are seeing more from go out of the back billions of its gonna be your premium put on but yet it's weird to see the place a premium put on going on the back you know justice -- is to get out to get out like he's can't cover it as well he can't covered as well. But I the other guys being moved up. The return guys have to be moved up closer. In order to block a no bid and the team can't run that the kicking team it's its strange. I don't I don't think and again we've got a very limited a scene pars at three preceding games is like a scene Condit. It just looks strange but I haven't seen it giant impact on the game just to be clear that they kicking team can no longer run yeah us to the line of scrimmage yes you have to be a hard line of scrimmage and then once it's kicked into you know take off and did the other team has to be moved up they're under within ten yards of the kicking TS so they've moved themselves us they're not they're they're not allowed to be way back anymore and so they're trying to cut down on the run. That the running headstart in the violent collision exit the year run in thirty yards since then you meet its most by the playing football and it's why so many people got hurt is you literally had guys with a thirty to forty yard running start. And then other people bracing for it and you had train wrecks and they're trying to eliminate that they're trying to make it more so. Kind of in punts cousin and win than the punting game. You don't get those runs guys are out the line of scrimmage this is the ball's kicked there's a collision there just like you would on a normal play. In their hand finding guys running tried to make blocks as opposed to the kick offs. When you get the long extended rocks there just trying to make a seventeen. And no wedge blocks out night in the Steelers deflated the balls apparently according that rat Howard ask in you know that guy that guy in Philly settled dude yeah covers the Eagles. Recovers Philly sports Hughes on the sideline. Is the Eagles played the Steelers but I guess in the third quarter this is when said that the ball looked like a marshmallows Howard ask India and so he got Elster up now the NFL's looking into it. Do we really think the best way to put it did Pittsburgh's planned we'll prospered wasn't in the game so I don't like the third string guy is like Landry Jones Landry jones' plan was to cheat in deflated football to win it. The first pre season game that was glued the dire yeah local plant bullet nobody sees it then maybe you can might they do like testy. A definite toe in the water. The NFL investigate why doesn't the NFL just say look one ball something happened to it we replaced it no harm no foul move on. Really have to have an investigation into one football. Yet has can pat has empowered desk and said during Eagles Steelers pre season game there THE IR. He uses. He's gone to the big Suk school grammar apparently Cameron was at least. One Pittsburgh for ball found that was very deflated the NFL has the football and is investigating I saw the football after incompletion and it was like a marshmallow yeah. We wouldn't marshmallow be over inflated. Well I think it is means like squishy enough ground track of the national tennis which he can just be a marshmallow guy. No not particularly. In Vegas if you make in small or is it if there's a bag of marshmallows in your pantry now. Will you just pop a few in your mouth from time to time though a little. Hmm go to women and drop this ammonia I have not had a solo marshmallow. Twenty years while no intent. We've got two kids in the six year old was becomes more is right now especially during summertime in 19 no I won't like physically go into the cabinet to grab one now but you'll see there getting on that toner and it's open telegram yeah that's the thing that's that's what marshall's. But nobody ever. Seeks out marshall's stuff when they're there or you see him in the pan unite you know and a pump one of those. Unlike in the aides say. As it's it's a similar to this more like it I I even only makes mores and we we have do we do this fire cuddled a bunch. I still won't eat a Rawle Marshall Mello the marshmallow has to be toasted. And it needs to be on some Graham with as with some delicious chocolate and if you take years more game to the next level. The Hershey bar is right out he got a a rhesus really yeah gone peanut butter and yet you're Reese's peanut butter cup put that bad boy then the marshmallow then they Graham and gain the chain you know I'm all about trying new things and being more fat and stuffed them sometimes there's just. Certain traditional ism. And our time thinking about it it was Morse you have that and then a gets a gets all Mel penis. So wishy wash their offices that the peanut butter cup it is so I'm telling you Jeff if this Schumer me next time you do stores who was shot table one Reese's sought to convince my six year old you have to be one of the day when you do one of the many once put it on their and I promise you you'll be what the hell was I doing. What where it's like when the first time use baby wipes right you're like why am I wiping wish Armon night where where is has been my whole life. Like this is a game changer yet you and then I'll be there in spirit saying I told you so candidate is it weird ideals green peppers. Mindful of and we are a strange. The lot by the way Howard esque in that has treated now via the NFL actually looked into the football thing we told you they're investigating now they have already concluded their investigation. And they determined that there have been defective football's okay this pre season guys and ask instead I clearly saw he deflated football. But I now believe it was not intentional Entrust the NFL released. So no four game suspensions this gang I also like to point out just where anyone that that still doesn't realize this you realize there's no. Evidence that the full balls and doing them were actually deflect. It released on him now and let's not bring that back I just say there is dropping a bomb right before we got to 080 evidence that those balls were ever actually deflated and yet they still suspended him for it are right it is at 4 o'clock coming up next Felix. And PGA champ ship on the tea.