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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Friday, August 10th
Mumble rappers all have face tattoos & names that start with "Lil"; Very unpopular but deeply held opinions, courtesy of Eliza Skinner; & more

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So following Joseph may contain adult themes not suitable for a children's health and. Shut the hell up. Where the incident may does go well with the chicken. Plus. I was pretty self explanatory. And will live is because I thought really giving a sixth day and tomorrow. Flattened play this time his sleeve. Well. You. You know I. I think it's really sets. As new won't Broder wrote. Bifurcated. He's. What. Hala Columbia. Sports talk radio pick me on mom. Now you're gonna. Dad and it's on the good news on the Internet or whether god there's a lot of microphones were eager is that what people. No we never have anywhere new the only person ever comes in here yet no one else comes in obscurity we never had anybody in studio now. What is sound and likely just to small off there's a possibility that we had alienated everyone in the sporting community in Portland and had no one wants to commit Tim Taylor now and I've yeah. I assume you haven't faced matches what he's doing its. Well I was talking to suit could be in these. Like now we're talking face that. Tattoos all the mumble rappers are doing the talking he did know about what we're I've never. Yeah that's the thing. Hello it is rusty people of some number I don't know no the bad. Why don't get maybe you shouldn't is that the people who look good news here do we have a clean mobile rap as possible I'm not even answering your talking about I have been listening to anything older than its 1998. This is the white shown America fairly. No dude. Did I in the cultural wind here at that little immediate like white guy in the dictionary its me I don't wait that isn't. And on the road my minivan odds are there's going to be some Alan Parsons project earth and England Dan and John for goalie and doesn't own any and then there. He's he's got a little river band fired up ready to go home they've all been a drone RB there's a lot wrong with that. Wrappers that they they so wrapped but they've always all like little bit everyone's got a little. They don't pomp and little little xanax and I got real guy that's right and it literally mumble yeah so anybody can do it. I am but I don't think I can do that I that is why do they call mumble rappers and all you doing you later tonight after peacock in America it's not it's like a clever term reading David rapidly kinda date. They mumble their words you can't really make it I admit they are words stages. Yes musicians do that to like it does lives. Sons are you likely to Helen this year but this is this is something different like their. Whiz you know you need this in the lake smells like teen spirit through Jim yelled at humble music. I know this is that those of their sicken me harder said these people literally are mumbling through the entire wraps. I don't know how else is that's where I said Jeff can you please go find just. They Google mobile yeah trying maybe you can doctors like me you've heard it in your suit stays up on all the cool thing he's very cool yeah I mean. That's literally literally do you think somebody like they were drinking their forties and still do that. That are. Access and they were hammered I don't begin amazed we're trying to rapidly mumbled what we're on the selling on don't know him know streak of four is anymore it's always deserve. You drink can spray my duty. That's what it's about now is it's very uncomfortable the styrofoam cups why are you uncomfortable we'll eat literally light and add some less light to this but I can't and that's what's making me. God issue I don't know anything that you're talking. What that means you're the widest of dollars maybe I am it might be yo Y kids and so. Hey I know you're just your forced him you're forced to be around this. You take your kids in the mobile around I don't think so but like. When your grown children and their staff friends or whatever I'm exposed to things and often times I dropped a will what the hell is that. Got to get everybody's Reagan Sprague cutting jobs. And then if you're not then your kids make fun of you and then you get made fun of and and you figure out what the hell's going on and then you find out about mobile rampant scissor OK so why do you think mumble rappers. Are getting face tattoos and what's the deal but they all have to depend on them. Dude they do icing the pitchers is this that somebody tell iTunes the guidance on their praise young good and a giant six and I like for you didn't believe means I said they're all I prison I Google image mumble rappers. Not anyone specifically just mobile rappers and every single photo that popped up 20 yeah they are and they all have they did it's not one Mike Tyson tattoo. It's multiple it's a and a nice guy you will include tattoos and one guy did have. It's a giant 69 tattooed on his forehead and right he's got the guy from side tattooed on his cheek give us a little childish. Seems like you're I wonder as you grow up if you're gonna regret having 690. Road which is more credible. Sixteen I don't you face or the guys from saw I don't. These are nine on your base your faith. NASA may know who's the guy who's the guy there's one dude looks like weird owl post Malone yeah postal back. BBC what he has under his eyes you know multiple days that is. But under one of his eyes it's at Iowa under his left diets as always seen in under his right diets as tired. Well it's only delaying the statue ever I mean aren't faced such is as you might I ask you how high you gotta be cool when you're always tired tattooed so why why did he do this I don't know so here's the thing down so we're checking incidents this. Listen to me here's what's happening there's this story on this on vice. And what is happening is young teenagers who follow these guys is. Are getting face tattoos and it is become mean. Like their logo like your signature. Right. That's what it is and it's becoming a real thing and it is. Way more sort of acceptable now than us old white guys. Ever knew so late if it's how you stand out it's your Brandt. So years from now I get my post loans millionaire and in he's gonna be fine. But he's got stairway tattooed. Over his eyebrow he's got barbed wire on his forehead. Always tired under each guy and he's got the Playboy bunny on his cheek. I guess proposed loan is probably worth twenty million dollars that's fine but in twenty years or 15 years am I gonna go by like a car. And the sales and it is going to ask the Playboy bunny and some barbed wire tattoo on his face is that just get to become the norm. So get this the reason here's Rick comes from a late are we gonna bring okay is this who's this limit doing. Sports is happening we've got a great world markets will darken everybody. I don't let that brown it. Both. It's. Warm. Footsteps of fellow comedians. Are all right broke that would look think he's talking about that Israel okay these are people who broke out smoke pot. Look a little broke her right it's always little. Of this weekend. Yet it looked up upon now there are now the big accurate and you kill somebody. Expense. Come oh yes that's that's the union that. Well trust me bro I'm on the inside of the hit up. You can do as. Little pop has killed any one of pro has look at. Lot. Aren't if you if you tattooed your fees and he killed when you be in jail. Won't know but they can write that got away with it and attack you could indicate Almonte bottom don't have that got away with it like her Michael Wayne. To this. Todd we'll. Visible you really it was our expert you're gumbo will do a lot about orgies and now we know a lot of Japanese statues in murder and can. No return per melt the insisting is that at a lot of quirky. You know he made that. Prestige. Apparently none every case I don't know if I believe what you're saying but I guess I'll deal with you on this I have no other expert here so you know what's weird is I don't this will give us on the phone and you work your rights that he I don't know what you actually do well but a senior in the building. And you seem like you seem like a nice young man you're you're you're clean cut he dressed nicely looks howdy what why are you dealing orgies and face tattoos. The well I have a prior life. You know it's well I would. Regularly twelve have a press entered college it's drizzly Tonys and. Our opponents are news you know I got to be intense flies but I got it to be crazy not those guys it will change our current actually erode article about in the parlance here and how I do crop that really kind of been our media and her brilliance is. I do get out here to thank you for calling I assure you that it was in the back of eleven week. No it was in that thousand to be you know I'm I'm I'm his inspiration. So face that's is bad allergies I don't through it. Well I just know for a fact there is zero chance that little pump were little sing okay had murdered anybody let me tell you what this article says about why these guys get face tattoos here's the first thing the first thing is. In a Regis you a lot of the face tattoos popularity has to do with self motivation. They function as a commitment. To become sufficiently successful and not have to conform to a nine to five office job fiddling around with. Excel spreadsheets Lil people. Is that we need to listed was no people Condo pomp and give little peek. In 20102017. Lil Pete said I got the broken heart tattoo on my face when I was seventeen years old. Just to forced myself to really do some tests wow. To what they do I slow peat is dead by the way again the united IPO indeed yes so I don't know if he did some ass but. We he's got a bunch of them had to do a lot of Essen you know instead. Yes so he said. And then this other guy little's sands anarchy yes a little. I don't know then remove their bids for Lou xanax. And I'm unfamiliar with his work. And send dozens were making fun of black culture note. Why each other's wives. Both blue and no pomp and a little. So he said something similar when explaining why he got a portrait and frank. On one side of his face their people in history they didn't have the power to control to actually do things that they wanted to do with their lives to be stuck in a house and end up dying dude. I'm dying to make music. So what they do is. The bulls and has sixteen and on his face to Clinton's. So basically if you get one of these stats we get multiple it's your expression is your brand in your saying I'm one of these guys. And there is no way I'm never gonna sit but they know this site I'm never gonna sit behind a desk I'm never gonna conform. Ion this is who I am in dammit I'm gonna go out in the world and makes them myself anyway right on about that. Yeah I don't you know that Taylor so they need. Guys have more money in the bank and you do it is so I don't know way. I guess it kind of makes sense it's removing his safety net write yet it is is that I'm going to do this and I mean you're going to sink or swim. And in the case of these mobile rappers these guys are all Richard Davis did the the scary part is is how many kids. Yeah are not famous rappers and now you have 69 jazz you have the peace in right in even now limiting your. Cellphone every job. That you could ever possibly give a little pump would resonate. Look like little pump your perfect for this job with the exception of that based there's some of the people an officer with security did you explain the 69 and your fees. But he guy with a mask. To that point like little pumps not getting those jobs even with SE that's our you know my brain is tired of the valley it's like why so minds on just hype fades out there. I said like give you're gonna get the face had to use either need to be a rock star rapper USC fighter and without that your beer kind of duped by it. Mean if you are one of those people then by all means they have that they did that field as a tattoo on his neck and her lead singer Metallica but he's worth 200 million dollars yeah I get a tattoo. If I was sure this review thing was good but it ran out but it might give came to me instead I wanna get it attached to Blake James had the other little pop I would say well. Get a couple million dollars about needs to add to your face until then what are we go ahead and not do that. Not a bad idea lets you place if there's one other factor that they cite a lot of them cite the fact in those months in this. That they just wanna scare adults than they they think it's funny. Because because like us like we're sitting here and he's only deal guys like beat you know the Muppet yeah. I regret this truth and sit them they're like now this you know it's funny this scare but here's the thing about that. When we're not what we're growing up. If you saw someone with a face that you. That meant that they were gonna stab you in the neck kick Kevin Darryl most guys a legitimate thing capsule it. Now you see someone with Friday's data to. Even if you're asking where's the pumpkin spice latte break into cities on something on at the yeah it's not Iraq but it's not scary anymore but now. People like old guys who don't judge used that's a different story you god it's like in his fifty's or sixty old anchor on the forearm. That guy is either hate kill the lets people in war or duds in time he's done he's nickel in prison and isn't afraid to go back. That's the guy that you're nervous about and still home. You see someone they've got like a Laverne and Shirley L tattooed on him in the person from scared of tattoos anymore tattoos of the will be scary thing. Ever but just let that doesn't work unless you have. Like of a look to go about it like. If you see like a Gypsy Joker or you see like like hells angels guy or whatever. I don't like a blunder crib that you don't have an idea and I write it a year getting killed me that. If I see close Malone out on the street or little pomp and crossing the street twenty some little Dickie expect. Just look a little Dickey he's funny he's a comedian he's a white guy with a beard beyond any calls until Lil Nicky you served from will be key quite a bit answer huh. But that's what it was then again little Dickey yellow Vick has already so I'll tell search for little dinky quite a bit and I was searching Suzuki trying to kid out you don't get out here. You just hard. I was bad your. You're out of here with. Rest is telling us video yellow big he's got a whole bit against it says rapper actor comedian model. He the life lessons with little dinky you anywhere is the term extension of the candidates are makers of the Dickey. I Italy appears to be a turtleneck and use you noted DOE SAD businesses that this appears to be eternal night a full turn like him I would either way I don't drop if you are really good tinkered your game to the next level. I'm I'm inspired Amanda I feel face tattoo you do. All right 618 coming up next not cheer on the tenth. Club ten maybe with the Isaak and suit. It's just been hey. It's all sitters club Jimmy young mostly and is brought do you buy better you today real weight loss results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey now Leadbetter youth today dot com. I we've restored order here. The little palm to Lou's stands a little drops and whatever the hell we're gonna do now Bill Dickey it got crazy. We got in the mobile rap and faced at season but now we're we're gonna we're gonna adventure back into our lane here. That's an underlying note that young twenty something hip pop culture. Even that's I don't know if that's a pop. Yet again don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know anything about this are you going to be Jack White shows to save that they hate I think frankly. Video Alex Pruitt did you had a Jack White nothing says. Twenty year old they bought like those two acts so this woman is that a comedian her name is Eliza Skinner who get. And she had a really good thread on Twitter. When she asked her followers what is your least popular but deeply held opinion. Who and I'm just Roland through the thread and some of it's pretty funny. Again I'm I'm hoping this didn't turn like a real like race is being known on an honor to know this isn't mundane things that things that we think they is that we believe. One is abuse others roll through some of the and he is really long like it got late. A lot of play but I think that's kind of the fun thing it's it's all it's great I was trying to do through right and you said that I was like I don't yeah. Not a beating him on these popular thing here's 11 of the first ones is concerts sunk. And then what she doesn't she'll come through other people commend those are talking about that. And this thread on that says Iowa's one lead after like twenty minutes. Wow and then she said I was a Connie show at the forum. When he stopped halfway through and canceled the show and it was the best one something unexpected happened to you again my money back. But three I got to see Kanye for free. And it ended early. How about that I did see for whatever reason. Did there was it was on multiple headlines today did. Rascal Flatts you've by the way that was still things on that Rascal Flatts. Apparently end at a concert before the uncle and any comeback out there was a threat or something like people were livid and and my point was you we should have been limited you rather Rascal Flatts concerts like Indiana. But it really that was like a major news story today that rest of lads didn't come back out Vermont incorporate so there's the and that's exciting Vienna there will be no long go. Post guys are everything is wrong with music in my opinion yes. I don't know if that isn't unpopular opinion but I sure as well that if you're at a rest go flat concert you are what's wrong with. Music the Netherlands oh this is her she says I hate watching kids act it makes my skin crawl in fact I think children should not act professionally or with adults at all. It is crazy and annoying to watch in psychologically twisted for them. And then she's been punished assigned former child actor who. I think that's interesting I've had that thought before I don't know that I. Care enough to say that they should it but I've had that thought before watching kids in movies go in there really bad attic you know like it's not very good actors or whatever. Like I know I know I read a story about. I don't remember his name is that is the little used to a kid that played. Are at greater then. I guess he did wasn't Darth Vader you is and it gets skywalker Jake something yeah adjacent to her other and you know that movie among Star Wars fans who. Are pretty passionate about their films. She's like the most hated guy in the world that movie's kind of like the Star Wars version of like pledge to yet fans excuse me like big star or dudes just. Hate that film and he was like. I eater eaters some dent the was horrible and it the script it was awful. And he is easier to really bad shape because of it like anywhere he goes that's what he's known for and it's just. Like almighty gets bullied and he said I don't like a drug and alcohol problem at all because of something that he did was like eight years old. Yeah it's a whole thing tell actors and yet if I said I concede so she's just in just get rid of us. Another one so instead of child actors we'd like we'll see GI. It's kind of low we skid do we get a little but people may be it's just the worst of like kids and it's the start of just eliminating children altogether which of those. Bobby and little but the trouble at that point that man is neither great superhero nor even uninteresting character responsible move. She chimes in says she shared that opinion to a degree but. Yeah I can't abide by that I would rather be out the top of my head that I I think youth sports is. This back. Like let's not think he I don't know if it's like if I you hold on that in in all well I guess not crazy she asks what is your least popular big deeply held opinion that would probably benefits that would probably be mind it's that if we took. If we took the time effort and money then we spent in youth sports to actually. Giving a damn about raising better human beings and education and I I think we'd be better off I think we we do the whole all Yahoo! Sports teaches us so much without sports where would we be. And I think somewhere along my dad may have used have been the case and I think simmer lyme we've Arthur funds early that we jump that shark. This woman says as a whole caddie shack is a bad movie. People only think it's good because the few and far between good bits are very funny. Really when a fight that person you have that is an unpopular opinion. That's ridiculous. The next guy ain't there's a much of a threat on that nobody really agrees of their Eliza responds with a weird I have this exactly tattooed in my knuckles. I anyway the next and says pine trees are the worst it's fine in a forest or on Christmas morning but not anywhere else. And she responded this is gloriously specific. The doors. Aren't a terrible bands. Sat there you see the doers are great day because I don't like the doors. While they think they kind of saying dissing the doors aren't a terrible man like it is thought that the doors they did did I think the more popular belief is the doors on decorate. You know that's when I hope glorified but I doubt you know Jim more sin just the lights sound anything but done you hit it. The end this once as the doors aren't clear will be in. What's yours I don't know. I've thought about this I saw this in a day long ago with a one out thank ending up for you as the floor seeing things down you know you'd think flossing debts doesn't matter no less Elena said Denny is what it did that's that's what you said. Not really. Defining what used to I gotta I gotta frame it for you properly you're anti floss I don't think it's necessary how to adapt. It's not necessary to us but. This doesn't Imus done it. And a brother of a dentist now and who I grew up here. Bracing Beaverton we had we grew up in Beaverton with a good fluoridated water and I've never had a caddie my entire life probably largely due to the non flirted water and I floss my teeth approximately twice a year in the morning before I go into my everything you can. That is tea brown they also say that the amount of bleeding that they have when they go to make cleaning would be greatly reduced. Yeah I would loss yeah of course I mean look it's nobody's saying it doesn't do you good it. It is not necessary that that would be how I would however it to him. And maybe all maybe are treated that at this he says it's that your flaw seen is not necessary. Grease two is better than Greece. Noah says Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as the best Indiana Jones film. We do but I'll go with that is that unpopular. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom like temple of doom I don't know. One more than all the others I'm the last crusade got no problem I don't think that that's an Alan partridge there review. That the temple of doom is is the best of those films I can't you be if you said like any of the Star Wars prequel that those were one of your favorites like that. Would be an unpopular view. Yeah I don't Gillick disguise saying he San every food is either a soup salad or sandwich. And she asked what his stake and he says this is my most controversial claim stake is a Salant. I don't look at a they lost him Allen he's just plain cheeses salad. Melted cheese is a C you've been teased contains other stuff that might be assailant. Puck that is a man who has a brain that does drugs I don't necessarily agree with that but I appreciate the passion behind in any says a sandwich is merely an organized cells. If it. Yeah see here's one coming dude I like my bacon slightly undercooked did not crispy OK I got an issue with that good yet that's unpopular I think that's unpopular because everyone like they're big well and everyone that. I would assume the vast majority people like you crispy bacon as opposed things under cooked bacon on Christian big in all the way I could bacon is like would she get like a bad fast food restaurant live like it's been microwave and it doesn't even really look like bacon. It's like some sort of begin image she's Eric imitation may make you better not be limp. Yeah exactly live bacon is no good in the live bacon is under cooked bacon right. Yet that's a bold bold statement. And Owen says how can the again at the Twitter thread is. What is your least popular but deeply held opinion. This doesn't really apply that she's like how can the family feud be on the air for so many years I've never been surfing but if you thought and let them. I'm not really have I ever been surveyed I've never met anyone who has kids and now they know do you we'll surveys do you think I had one of these domain dot it was true. The McDonald's game. Using years and years McDonald's. Gas monopoly I read that article recently lousy years and years and years I held on the belief that those prizes were never given out. That of the good ones the boardwalk and all babbling to million dollars the sports car and everything. I said that's so bloated crap they never made any of those and it turned out I was well I was partially right turns out like a mob at a bunch of gangsters were awarded a law. You could never get it done and I don't know what people could never windows that is a good read if you want a good long Reid yeah that article he came out about the what the story behind them yes I believe that and shouldn't about. Just in general like sweepstakes. And like those big contest I. I believe that those things are all BS and had no normal person ever win those. It's all set up in Indian state promotional thinks no one ever wins. Here's one that I would. Perhaps. I would perhaps wave the flag for. Really sushi sucks. Onboard 100% I'm not a fan modern media. In any time you tell someone and I get really mad I do I try to softly frame it right do this that's from my favorite I would need their but I try to downplay it but I'm here to tell you I eat sushi. And people get mad you had a big day there is no longer like my food cooked yeah and that they do they have you ever had a yes I've had it I don't like it. But it's not an acceptable opinion in general civilized society you know I. I'll undergoing lump in the old steered on tuning in their two. If you were on the middle for me. I've got to run analyst and updating hear him command with a few more of these wrapping up textures but I threw five it is 634 years rust with sports center. Clubs and maybe win by chicken soup for the supply let traffic start but rule twelve pick something. Okay. Clubs and maybe on the street and is brought you by better you today real weight loss results education accountability and lifestyle embarked on your weight loss journey you know it better you today dot com the. As a tall order growth. Bifurcated. Still others here were at the Twitter thread is. What is your least popular they deeply held opinion we're talking about this is a comedian he did it. Andy gained quite the attraction. Liza Skinner is her name two more from then don't read some EU dropped in line. High eight is a gross and unacceptable dessert and there was one there was someone that texted that is. Today and I can be honestly I kind of agree with policy I would look hi guys and Kate guy I'd much rather do birthday tied that it would protect him. I wouldn't. Like this pie and the sun letting us every one of them every single one is the same every bride endeavors to make her wedding different but they're bloating really expensive over the top hugely boring in a total disingenuous display. A look now happily ever after we are sorry. That's a 100% but I think a lot of people share that there have that believe you just can't say it out loud. Most that's why she sits Narnia the sun yeah I said it that's one of those you know I've got to do what I'm gonna catch a lot of heat for work. It it's not universal bled on the drop this right here and and I'm sorry. The whole motherhood is the hardest job in the world. That's a load of crap. The low 100%. That is absolutely a load of horse bleep it is a tough job. It is a thankless job. And at times obviously can be mundane but the hardest job in the world. Horace. Crap I don't I don't have to. He that I don't know what I'm talking about because I am the mother and the father in no it's not the hardest job and it's tiring. No it is not the hardest job. Okay why do you think people CNN. The right and he won't say because you know they YouTube you Watergate credit because they said it's a thankless job. And guys say because they wanna sleep with the with the women. Images go along with it like there's all this this thing of like gets what you would look at sit coms right in their did the dad is always sits in 88. He can't cook he does not do the laundry the mom goes away for a week and house falls apart. Scrap. Newton I can clean the house I know what to do the dishes I cooked meals and help the kids with the homework we do back to school shopping I do other stuff and my wife was still my feet. This notion that somehow only a woman. Jim do that and that it's like it's like even navy seal. No it's not. Because here's the thing I would be any mother and a father I've never been a navy seal. I can raise my kids I can't be a navy seal. Hard thankless job yes first job in the world go to hell no it's not to stop slapping yourself on the back and guys that go to our did you begin you honestly. With a girl what's your other one. Never lost my train of thought I had barely read he read some of the people people out there. People people. Let's see here that are coming in here hunt and he Julie Roberts not hot I've heard that one before I. And I still contend that she walked into any room she's in nearly the hottest person there and now. Wish it floors everybody Dylan says California drivers are responsible either directly or indirectly for all auto wrecks in Oregon. Here's one I like olive garden. That's okay. Yeah I mean you'd that's one that you guys hold on to quite a bit less. The olive garden one night you guys they want you lynch power. Well it's not good but it but it's okay if you like hit him. Starbucks coffee sucks that's. Going to think that's an unpopular although that is and what is coffee injured again you know. Bobby Sox and generally I'm gonna copy drinker you know. I think guiding coffee so I got turned off a copy ever since I was a kid and like in elementary school with your teacher leaning over your shoulder to check your work. And all you can smell is that still coffee breath. They don't ruin it for me I really like this on people pretend they're OK being around someone who doesn't drink but they really aren't at all. I think that's so true gadget is so odd it's so on I don't drink regularly you go right ahead. And until you look at the other feedback on the mom thing and it's that I tried to it is going to be a love it anger coming my way. I will hear a second nobody actually likes the band journey. The one of our listeners said well not true who do you trust that's just because that's just patently false future free. Wonderful. Thing. Donald Trump's hair isn't that bad. You can only do they can appear. Got features like a boiled cigar but I drink upon to do anything. Yeah I don't like a lot of talent make you feel yeah that's kind of my advice in the same way about a lot of beer. I got I don't I don't think that's the other when I I hold that I think a lot of booze is awful but people drink it. Just to drink it based on a dear yeah and then then they see just like the way it did it taste like doing shots and anything RD shots particularly it's really knows not in case like vodka doesn't taste good but I drink it because he's like Bernie doesn't taste as bad as other stuff I thought they feel copies the same way it's why you dumped like a gallon sugary and bunching Kremer and it. You put a bunch of sugar and cream run deterred you yeah I guess it's it's feasible. Good you know people drink odd that you said because the way it it feels but I I had. That's that's when idol I can he would jewels is no deal. Can be habitual suits like this it's kind of like the smoking thing and you sometimes it's as you wanna put something in your mouth. You. Well I'm just saying I get it's it's some of it's been drinking can be that way. It's just habitual idiocy becomes habit GAAP and it's comfortable to you whine whine in Orange sunshine on your brain after a glass it to you start feeling pretty good people do it in the Euro one says Halloween is terrible. That's great I love it I'm still on Boris that Helen's dumbest thing ever done Helling got all know the Demi and on the kids love itself. Brands not a good show. On not a good show at all. Not a good show and all that yes not you know I'm I tend to agree with that knows you wanna punch yourself in the face for even launching it. Now that you go back and launch it like TV wife he watched the Epson reasoning and how would how would we ever watched that's. It is weird when you go back and only that show as held up very well so. I do think. I think when you watch it now there's an element of that that in the you can't deny the fact that that the machine which I think people love. It that's why that show wildly unpopular opinion now. Duty doughnuts and solemn stroll suck to lose some video. Said that the other day asked cockiness one of our clients Heath he knew it isn't getting done and focus that he has to get downtown much. And he did his daughter down there. And they went to salt strong is like my Jihad the lines. Around the Ian is ozone is a line there yeah he's a nine find they've heard all about this since he announced it is we did what is to fuss with them. He's a guy I don't get it. Now I've said I've never understood the duty donut thing lake waiting in line for money was talk this is some straw straw the same thing I hope that. Ones donuts ones ice cream blending witty 45 minutes for ice cream or a donut know. Right doubts are we don't John wraps up next on the fan yeah. I. Give opponents of C arrives 66. Way to avoid. Rolls children that AM. We didn't you live in big. Billionaires and big John's a gimmick. Brought to you on the stand by business and insurance get the right insurance for your business homer raw though isn't it offers a number of national and regional carriers to choose from to maximize your coverage of the best tell you online at DI SN ETT dot com and. It's it just a couple of minutes here. For big John's canticle I'm looking appeared commanders demanding to know what I'm getting into here and it appears as I did two in the city. Right now they were down early to denounce them and they clawed their way back and had to choose so all was called right. Now okay. All right we're not getting cranky John. Knowledge Houston it's Tuesday that it's accurate COLT so I fully expect them balloons so I've been preparing myself. For that fact plus they beat the crap out of Verlander last night which was totally unexpected plot played without money. This is positive I've heard you about the mayors like in a month. Yeah out. Well I told you it's I think it's over I've come to grips that it's over so once you viewed rid of that umbrella of expectation and hope. You kind of go with the punches for the most part. It was funny we her job and have to. Who drove Pepsi pro Jim the marriage game was on we're listening to it is they were being bludgeoned. And I will tell you that John to have better that I felt hot as they were being mangled by the mighty Texas Rangers. I do feel like he's just been defeated in these accepted it and that's a better version of a defeat defeated John is better than hopeful job. Look sometimes. You just have to punt. In play defense and that's what I'm doing right now. Sometimes there are reports that I'm with you on that it's it's a healthy perspective that you can. Bears are in for 25 years at the. Hypocrite I'm rockets' forty. OK let me ask a question baseball related question that it was that it's it. I'm wondering right now OK if your doctor. Yourself hey you're third base. And they hit a fly ball to the warning track to just an average Major League. Outfielder. And you intact and try to score but how far how much are you getting thrown out by the that's not what I consider to part ways like people just people just hate. Tagging from third and scoring accredited baseball because they do all the type but normal person you. Try to catch it score out like a YouTube app where before it. And I get bigger than wait wait I get more than halfway but this there would not be. Well there would be played played because I'm coming to the plate to the catcher regarding a ball. Is it particular walking towards could be too. Cheaters minis go. Yeah and he's waiting. I think he's I think he's lazy I think about this sometimes like when Blake Nelson Cruz always gets CEO we get to pinch runner Albert Pujols. You watch those guys running you're like oh my god how slow can you be that you realize that their way faster that you. Yeah that's the eye opener for me is what I see somebody baseball and I think how slow they are and I'm like what was I looked like running the bases. You're out there and being like that sometimes they have like the grand theft they let you like go throw a pitch of the foundation. They should put outfielders out there and let and try to 13 of my fun. Barrel over the catcher. Below you rose you think about it like we knew Selig Jaime Moore you're throwing 85 and you try to thorough job we got to go low and you let anybody have a great weekend everybody have a great weekend I want everyone have a great weekend everybody should have a great weekend. Yes. And loved one and love each other in the view movies and went right what appellate. All right we're out of here see you Monday on the team. This. You can condemn him.