Primetime 7.19.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, July 19th
Suke doesn't know where to go on vacation this summer and Mike put in an offer for a home...Damian Lillard audio...Kawhi can't just sit out if he doesn't want to play with the Raptors, and more!

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Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Prime time on 1080 the fan I'm gonna get good play there whatever happens with the lemon Charlie I can't wait to get him provide funeral for the way this is a British Open week's edition of primetime revise chicken suit brought to you by area heating and cooling and don't wait for comfort with area heating and cooling go to areas needing dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train its British Open week John primetime revised again soon gone 1080 you go through. He wanted to do. I pizza. Thank Mike Riley was saying hello. From San Antonio to the news is he gone AEA whatever the hell that is yet he's out you. RD on. Dead dead no no not that. Just not coaching your organs they be back and now he's already the head coach of the San Antonio whatever is what levers of the American. Alliance. And they'll start plant owners on them. I mean their next year it yet spring league desolate tells you do renowned in any players I don't know I'd be sure he's gone yes he is not coaching an organ state. A given you don't know if he's in San Antonio no I don't know if he's out though he's got a he's got a hold down there are some indications are worried that any big cases this time year down in Texas. I do know that he's not an organ state he is no longer negotiate had organ staked on vacation in Texas now now on kick around with does. I have you done aiming this summer so the the kids and I were were noodling with ideas were vacation free agents are now. And do something in August because once you know football starts you kind of landmark year till you know December January. And I know where to go. I'm kind of in a a little bit of a vortex right now what does he do mistake Haitian would have looked at that led either of those they're great leg Bender actually I wanna stay in the house someone to go some on us stay patient as you stay in the house does that Jaafari Casey's use take days off and you don't. Mean you done any plans yeah but the kids I mean that's what they've been doing during the summer so I'm RC wanna do something for the kids so about UCK now I actually tried believe it or not to be a halfway decent dad like 40% of the time my son is an idiots well that's true. Let's say more like 25% of the time but. Yeah last year we ought to on a lark went to San Cisco had a great time during your city. A spit spending the man. Did spend the we are big big radio money there's there's four of us and flied out to new York and hotels and one not so we're gonna try to do houseboat I felt like houseboat may be lake Shasta Billy chinook may be seen what how spot starter rent for like five days like 34 Graham draining your home your own house vote yes down there yet. No I have not zeman is a little spending. Again drop and three to four grand for fortified days about houseboat. And that is willing to include the fuel or anything like that nearly I think five geez I Seattle by the time you're done. But that. We talked about it since December kicking around some ideas Vancouver BC and we decided road trip yep BC Seattle bay and sun river. San Juan islands yet we talk maybe even going as big as like jointly Yellowstone making that drive private contours to take about similar highlands cove fort. In and out there a couple of years ago not a fan know London is beautiful great spot very relaxing. But I don't know that I would go there again without a vote. OK I can see that you know I mean yeah I mean you really need and I know he can probably. Rent them or drink tea and water craft though I'm telling you is we've we've looked at that even my going to lake and just ranting about like getting housed in rented a boat to go out on. For what ever reason rented a boat. Is the most expensive thing you can do on the planet evidently suggest somebody with a boat yeah are you a little Dini he can drive up there yeah. That's a little better did dialing because you know use skit stock otherwise I generally go anywhere in the and it's cool but. I would I would only go back there. For an extended period anyway with a boat or access to a boat I look there's some cheap airfare to San Diego. So we've we talked about maybe do that maybe Bowman around you get around to descending or enough like a 170. Bucks. So we are Newman would maybe even bat Nashville's nice. Yeah now. Then again maybe. New airfare thing we got four people. And you get into that for 500 dollar airfare for four view. Are ready that's it is adds up real real fast so what's your limit what you wanna spend on something that's something in the total trip in that like probably three grand range. OO that general area radio money again that's not big radio Monday. It broke and if you spend fifteen to two grand on the air fare that kinda kills the rest your budget. Well Jason. I don't I'm not to crop up not two and a half weeks and hey good Italy at that particular tactic to drop their kids or don't really. And maybe Sunday hey that was a dream trip we've been planning a trip for years yes we in now we're like well. No. We may not travel much next year yeah. Sometimes you have to slow it down a couple other travel budget one trip yeah yeah I mean as a big is big Boller trip Wednesday night. Man yes give back and she has just you know what the one kid makes it a little easier couple others those kids financial burdens 12 and three I column. Go to leavenworth Washington says someone on here went. Yeah it's great town really yeah great great little town. A nerve in the summer when the winners beautiful now like been up in the Swiss Alps out there who need to drive there you know to fly. The drive in is preferable in the Salina Kansas. The all American and I have to say it's tough to get there who the again do you fight. If plane Kansas city of Plano which Tariq finest line of the opinion mark. So it's assessed a place to get hit very remote very exclusive placement can we stayed down in the murdered I didn't that you have done their mom are upset. I don't think my parents who want used at their house now now little busy with your Wiener canceled this point and they don't want you there I can at least come and see the green shag carpeting. Like the San Diego idea on. Yes I do this your baseball to be kids like going to base I'll say is going yellow baseball yeah I seen Diego or Vancouver BC is in ninety choices for you yes. So this weekend will have to live we're gonna porn pool some some ideas and thoughts and then come up with a plan of attack the leg you you immediately think I don't. Plan out enough I'm not a planner and there's no one to plan it's just me. In so we wind it just kinda do in the group with slicks are right let's try this. We're more of a wing and a prayer sort of vacation family over on this can't accept that Haley got big shown is we do ya. Are you ready. It's. Playing. Early show news that it involves guys on the show okay we wanna reports that people. Big day for Mike Lynch today yeah that's huge cheer for Michael it's a sort of easy eased a little you look nervous well yes wouldn't you be. Don't you remember the first time you put an offer and I'm a house here. He would that's. That's exciting time I actually am very stressful day. He dropped a bag of cash yes he did on the realtors. A desk and said here ditch big sweaty why he made it rain. Just throw stacks on these editor Mike said artist Sarah stacks of ones but yes and your name's Mandy which is that was fun I. I know that's his realtor I know Israel and I was tiny amount the realtor oh they're really move IU a real that are. Yeah my life says that I don't think that's correct no it's real tour realtor realtor yeah. There can't. I've heard it both ways but I'll go to pose no extra eaten yet there's no it's not real real terror. Realtor. They go bankrupt we tried again realtor very get Jason. Yeah a huge but he is is named Mandy and I. Soros fund whimsical name meanie yeah. Aren't this impressed life just seem like he got. The likes to have a good time and little plug for her real estate company don't feel bad about hanging out with Mandy Mandy rest in Tampa and I do you know that made heroes likes to party I've heard the stories she's representing the Lynch's and villages put an offer in Honolulu replace them and there's already another offer in on the place so it's a little slow stressful right well Dicey right now a little bidding war Mike wrote little notes. A tragedy then yeah now. You're not geared nervously bouncing right now yeah well it's fun it's exciting that this is like that's exciting. Two years ago we tried to buy a home happy for you and the market. I mean it still is insane but was completely like on doable for us the last two years we have been saving our. Ass off. For every month for putting almost all of our money into savings we barely got anything. So the fact that we had after two years enough to enter the house market which is still insane is really exciting but also really nerve racking. Yes F I've heard that it's retreated a little bit here recently. But yet still crazy here we were so on our house if you oh you are Kia. How do you wanna buy it it's good to know because here's let me know let's all put this out I was still Mike's thunder hook. Just for me how crazy it is right now with with a Mike's this is Mike's first house right yeah. I in the year right when he seven point 9290. He's already 2829. To get that happened fast. So this is my 84 house I turned forty this year. I won't say what you you offered on your home. But your house if you buy this more expensive than my house I hooked her currently at that right yes. I'm Michael Lynch's house that he purchases this will be more expensive. Then moved and I would say they your offer is double what I paid for my first round. But I but Allen also say that the house that you just offered is Wayne that way nicer than my first house which is it was a dumping. Total dump it's almost everything that we wanted to in a home in adjust literally of our our lease our apartment is up on October. And they're like hey you should probably start looking now isn't as can take a couple months you know all that kind of stuff and it. The early days after we decided to to call up min your us together Billy Taylor wants a look at again this house drop in the market and we were like. That's awesome there it is just know that your mortgage grader and in mind if I don't blame I don't I don't have any that they thought that it's not. Can you big mortgage lynch is Karen out. As I just love this is for good for my and I hope you get it. But if you don't there'll be more eloquent as he announced him as an analyst console there's another part of me in the back of my head is expecting not to get it because. The fact that if you open house hasn't even happened and asserted multiple offers on a battle nerve wracking to me but Wilson a you know appear offer unit EU get into a pissing contest now. When we already upped the offer from what we were gonna spend tucked it but I have a lot of wiggle room there are of the it's it's it's pretty crazy out there. Two years little over two years been what two and a half almost three years since I bought my home. This one and in Vancouver and I didn't make an offer on our home and I made an offer 30000 dollars over asking in and didn't get mad at. Kentucky as recently you know what that's like you've got to be kidding me. Like money ready to go everything I knew there'd be other offers so I thought we were Rosa if I really wanted to house. And he had these recently as early like unload early this year. Anything going on the market there was such a shortage MER realtors said and the need to eat most of much on multiple offers within a day now. It's crazy it's it's not so I'm. I've heard it's slowing down a little bit but apparently. Not much. So we will keep you abreast yes Mike's situation and I'm assuming you're gonna have a house warming party right will be there monk. He says her doughnuts yeah he will hear the one now. But you know a snag some of their to trash the place he doesn't it's a house. How how long before she spread yours. Why I put the over under because we we industry figure nine months for obviously the just stationed period there is I think we have the over under on the lynch baby week it is the couple months ago I think we put in it what seventeen months. So it's it's common. It's it's a look at heat she may be great right now look at him now and about Mike is she pregnant now she's pregnant melt. Not yet loses a Hamas and I hope I shouldn't have been my kids it. Our. Our male we've got a lot to do today we really do. Doing. I mean yeah okay. Answer thank you know what that lets put that yeah we do. Those summer league titles that discuss anymore. Uncle Anthony's got traded with a Sauna and then cut. What else we have the open and then we had fun with audio today we're gonna hear how unfunny Danica Patrick is and yet people now we didn't hear this 'cause we just we don't have sound in here was on the TV but people would make an ad out to be like the worst thing ever it's not. Why did I I've heard it it's not I don't listen to the whole thing but I went listen to clips a bit this morning Q&A host of the espy's. This is not a key medium only she was terrible well it's not like they're her jokes anyway. Also I wrote them or just read the script. We also have a hot takes by Larry Fedora. Oh yeah we get to this yesterday did Larry old science and our Larry. He's he's on one this from the ACC media Dana it's fantastic. And also we quoted the we quoted Miller yesterday about his about his basketball camp about the blaze up sees it if you actually heard the out of it. Now it's batters they played asunder and Sprague which we go find this. Because it sounds even better and more disgusted and coming from him. Then just reading that you like tone line he had just tone wise it's it's wonderful. Local phone when you listen how excited mood is about the offseason is he excited like done. Gordon Hayward. That is always. I think Gordon Hayward sounds more excited. Damian Miller does about their offseason and it's pretty good. They lay yet that duke let's play that plays that. I mean there's just a lot to do is add the news did you see they tried to clear who the Miami Dolphins are given a big a few of the protest. And then did you see the new they're trying to clarify the helmet rule in the NFL and it's more confusing than ever. Yes I eat I still have no idea of what is gonna look like football actually start we know football's under attack right. Well according to lawyers Fedora it's not just football rob. It's America. It's our military the very. Fabric of our world is under attack a gave it next let's start with this what happens if coli Leonard refuses to play. Who is could be far would she want now but here is the definitive answer on what happens if he says spinal implant it hit and end it in an Al I'll give you hints. He won't do that. 316 on the fan. Is a British Open we do this you know try and time revising consume proxy fight area heating cooling on Jay Nady vote for him. I teach anyone on the band. Your afternoon show. Afternoon rose. I would've been Damian Miller audio here you ready for this yeah. Does this him discuss scene now all the big offseason blazers who is it was at this camp and so when asked him what he thought about the blazes offseason we read the quote yesterday but actually heard the audio that today and he sounds even more thrilled. In his own words than his regular mile paper for a player I wanted to tell you. On thinking about it shirt that I went back and as a noted newsman I had to get the bottom of this as to whether or not that was Damien Willard out there spinning around on his son. Just cookies her way we runners out in the limit here next to us in knowing uses a jet ski anymore right it's all wave runners. Analysts difference jet skis you stand up now we can stand up on a waiver. No wait jet skis and like the you can't sit down on a jet ski area that you can stand up on a waiver. Yeah I suppose you care if you want to but it has a seat on that so they were out here he in his bros around here. You know doing doughnuts and stuff. And don't really fast on their around waiver Anderson right outside did the building here. And I swear to god that was him while I went back and I did some research. Into his. Pasts. Instead Graham post he's on his wave runner down. That was him really because it's the same same wave runner it's the same wave runners the blew it it they're they're all really nice is like an imam. They're all black guys one looked exactly like him. And he was on this time news on the green on but on his pictures use on it several blue ones. So look is on the blue look to us. And ABC laid out there and try to flag him down there that's a bro. So I do this I here's the idea it's like 47 seconds long GAAP and these are his thoughts on the blazers Nazis sports. We we lost some guys that played great minutes where they got that in Vegas you know it gave us great minutes all season long event and say they would pass anything would best. We came itself Jesus. You know we want to get better. You know we want to. Take steps forward you know boy episode of this. You know we we try to doesn't try to get guys come here previously. You know pretty sure we tried everything that we could to try to improve the team. He made moves that we made and let us live from ES got to guard there and do what I do. He knows we met and what to do about it as the markets rose. What I can't get throws what how are proven power come into next season home how our leaders are so. It was. It will see that's the man that sounds supremely confident happy with the off season direction. Well he's clearly not happy no I didn't mean own a piece is taken Cairo there yet seen the right thing that is always happen. But why would. Didn't sound as bad as it but he's he's not happy. That that's sounding. They command that is an anyways satisfied or content. Nobody made it sound like he was gonna sound disgusted and I think he did he did he did and he just took the high road I like we we made the loser made I guess so the but he says he's had a rotten play. Why is this is really happy with the city anybody about it it's a deeper connection I will truly believe one or present that he loves you know playing here yet that that I good yes but at some point again. That's not like a broken record saying this. At some point these guys are all the same I don't think gaining loads any different. He's gonna wanna play with guys who are on his level. Period he would like to play with them here but if you can't that's right they'll find someone else SO he's. Yeah he's in his RJ says he's disappointed but he remains a pro he's always gonna be approach yes he's Smart like that so you know. Now we'll see man. What how many years left on his deal three. I think he's got Ford but Eitan. I think that's the third one obviously is when you go into the last one is when you you kind of got to make a decision because you can't let guys like that walk for nothing like LaMarcus Aldridge I think his biggest. The the biggest. Heard all in and I wonder if thumb. Paul Allen and he talked about this site can't imagine Paul Allen told him this then but I think his biggest problem is. He wants them to make moves and the owners just not engaged. Rather like like Paul Allen you know if you if your star player. Of of what you know of the blazers and Paul Allen. The stars over the years that they go to Paul Allen in they say men c'mon why are we doing here. He makes Myst he's he's not he is not afraid right yes and are wrong about that no you're not that's his reputation. Yet the last two years especially since the last CBA. It Denny no I mean they resigned their own guys and since then they kind of put themselves that day answering themselves but you know they thinks. What I'm saying is the little words get a lot he he's he's barking up a tree that normally. Would I give him what he wants him. But I think where Paul Allen's that right now I've been saying this for a long time now I think Paul Allen is as dit is as disengaged as ever you know. Because he was one of the guys in the room. During the last collective bargaining agreement screaming from the mountain tops for small market teams and it didn't we didn't work everything fell. The other way well he get anything so I think what's he what he's what policy man I I can't. I can't compete Ike and so that that to me is the catalyst for signing all those eyes. That Nils. We got a good at that time and they thought well we got a good young core let's see what they grow into because. Ethic and we're not getting freaky and the bronze user I get in free agency can't to super team here in the league he is made that hard for us to do market like this a script a sign of well I think everything all his tells since then have been. Big eyes kind of mess and he's never been like that palm is not like that he's he loves this teeny loves to. Hit two UN deal and try to win and it's just not the same it's I think no matter how much do you Mueller says hey c'mon c'mon. I think it's bad timing it Paula is not there at in I'd that's I said I'd think that he may sell at some point within the next. Beers will yet so I look at his contract there's three years left on it so in two years you know. You're gonna have to make a decision and he's gonna have to make a decision is I don't think you can go into the final you that dealings is that god since all keyed or you have to know. That he is committed long term and you're committed long term will be thirty years old to be the steal with three years left on it and then to kind of what you were talking about there are. I think they've tried I just think it's in there and really difficult plays we know that they they swung and missed on Dwight Howard. I'm which was a risky move and not I don't think they test I think they like Carolina too much money they're like no way they sorely miss stumbled cousins they swung and missed from Paul George frolic out they had a better offer on the table for Paul urged. Then like Oklahoma City did but because the Kevin Pritchard thing they wouldn't do it so. I think they've kick tires on things I think they've. They've at least explore them they're just either hasn't been a willingness to move CJ which is you know you can debate that all want but they're gonna do it. And they have many of the gaming done now. Marcus cousins and a new circuit saying there is in some in the to stop them but. I don't think it's because of a lack of effort I think it try. But again that's a two year job as a GM and his organization to make those things don't gives you points for trying but I do think Dave real eyes that there is a. A clock ticking. And I think they're trying to fulfill that and they just haven't been able to do it animus they've tried if I had I I think that it the crews in the putting. Over the last two years and I just line up the things that have some. That indicate that Paul loans in the same place with this team that he's always been. Lot lineup evidences is not there I mean this is it's different now and it to the tune of letting Davis walk out the door for four million dollars out doesn't care. In K Arab man he's just he's checked out and that. I don't know it's see where that that ultimately. You know that may be fine for now because nobody beat the lawyers anyway now about but we're talking about this because where does that. Where does that leave Damian Miller went oh he's ready did when he's ready literally go he's 28 he's already made he's already made. It is and he's got tournament in dollar contract he's got a 200 million dollar indeed issue deal beyond saying he's already made rebels who the owner having met with them Alexander could you know money's being professional but. At some point he's in the he's just like all the other. Obviously to see what happens if they have a rough year. And slide back a little bit and and a little big can be 34 games he could find itself out of the past. There are going to be in a dog fight to make the playoffs. And if they end up as an seeding gets swept by golden Stater god forbid they don't make the policies and that's what I would be adjusted to speak. What that does to live alerts mentality in the offseason and you know where they are. If he doesn't go from being cordial. And kind of do the right PR moves if he doesn't then kind of taken into a little bit of a higher gear you know and. Are in the last ought to win not when the conference. Does data today they're all out now because of all trades on the probably somewhere between seven and nine in their twelfth. Are they really yup. They have like Denver head of a mute talk. Go look it up Al those teams are well yet New Orleans has there in Denver Utah and lakers of course I'm bum. Old gags. It in other not now anyway so there's any little heard audio. For you. By laughing that's the story we're really just the way you said. All right coming up next oh I was gonna tell you why coli Leonard. Is not gonna not play for the raptors. But he's not not gonna put okay. He is not not gonna play. This is a British Open week additional price and time will advise against you Roxy I area Keating who live on ten do you both stand. The band. Because that because you know PN's sports it's like a. And that is pizza clever play on words right 1080s where you can find us a 1080 of fan. So hey yeah and I'm looking up the odds here them. From genie sweet GP Shapira here that you're there. A case of this is the odds to win the way tests. Of the Indian. I'll lawyers rockets lakers under those your top four make sense players are 410. Kinda. Rockets nine to two lakers five to one. New thunder twenty by the once those couple spurs are still forty to one jazz fifty to one nuggets 75 to one timberwolves 75 to one pelicans 85 to one and your Portland trail you or Portland trailblazers says 89 tenths are as a cult tenth. I'd Dallas. Is next then the clippers release sons and kings Timmy. Tough verified their playoff lives some and so do you correctly they were closer today is made to date seed in the word the the two seed last year right in the middle with three games separated without debt narrowly winning streak that they went on with the team in a row and like sixteen out of eighteen something like that there's a good chance that'll make a post season in the west got tougher so. On the nothing's guaranteed this season what is it is they were really healthy last year to. Here's another wrenching thing. And that is that you know they got a trade exception in the Allen Crabbe deal via the expires and what a week so it's a thirteen million dollar trade exception which allows them. To bring him to bring in a lot cited salary compared I'm more there. And there are veterans out there and Nils. They have until next Wednesday well week from. Yesterday. To. To execute that to to finding guys for that or eight goes away there again. Keep your numbness in I'm telling you I think it's gonna go away. And what does that tell you about where Paul Allen's head is that and what he's at in terms of his engagement with this team. Because I'm not mistaken so far they've brought in players this season was zero to self games now one underneath their battle which would be exactly the opposite of of what the that the plan was come and seeking either go off of Europe the year approaches of just checked out and and and known really care it's. Or this is just been a colossal failure if you wanna go down that road and you tried and you feel that everything in either way neither is it is not good it did you know at. If it's not super prompting for the season so. It'll be interesting to see as your role in the next season just where this team ends up sitting in the west because. Excuse me despite what Neil would tell you about being the three seed in all this progress he made I don't think that there has been a ton of our press bifurcated you know you at the very best you tread water I don't you say you got better in the offseason and you look around you in the west everyone got better at least all the teams you were competing against including one that didn't make the playoffs last year which is the lakers. Eleven of core I Leonard. Refuses to play. This is a key narrative in this is one we heard from a lot of blazer fans yesterday gone you know I think I think it makes it helps them feel better that the blazers side didn't. You know jumped into the Kline Leonard staff. Knowing nick why Leonard wouldn't want to plan Borland rights and so thus they don't want him anyway. But he can't just sit out he can't refuse blazes I was in the got a whole idea that he doesn't wanna go play in Toronto is a little overblown you only want aiming gay edged. But he's gonna play there. And they're gonna be a good team and if he's healthy. Who else may be he ends up resigning their meanings that about Paul George have you with the lakers near what just happened he signed with Oklahoma City bureau. Forget drop was the number one seed. And says the DeMar DeRozan but he can't hold anything. That quite let runs out on the floor so. You have quite uttered that mix and that in Boston is issued we the odds on favorite but. And they are and they are outta the odds in the east it's Boston. Phil Lee in Toronto the top three but you had no offense again tend to Philadelphia which this has to talented players and a guy and Marco falsely you don't know what the hell he's gonna give you but it. Well eaten there is no one on Philadelphia's roster they can come close to acquire Leonard's doing this goes back to your point I just think people have forgotten how good. I Leonard. Sliding down the narrative is our baby now hates cats don't want to see cancer and he is a wanna play anywhere and so that's that's why you don't want an bull crap exactly so the CPA. Ya it's it's it's he's going to be forced to play so here's here's the deal here's this is literally. What happens if he were to refused play. He can be punished for each practice in each game that he misses. And they can punish him up to his full salary so he's gonna make twenty point one million dollars and Toronto. He could have bench if he just sits now. He makes zero dollars. For the season yeah it nets out zero right does that make sense yes. This TBA says if he sits out more than thirty days. He can also lose his free agent status. Until the raptors agreed to let him go out that's acumen because he wants to be free agent in go to LAI seven the same thing in the NFL like guys can hold out for a certain point but the crew enough gain strength in order to to get to free to do get another year under their belt to get to free agents so here's how that rule. Reads quote a player who withholds playing services call for by a contract for more than thirty days. After the start of the last season covered by this contract shall be deemed not to have completed his player contract. I rendering the playing service is called for there under yeah accordingly such a player shall not be a veteran free agent. And shall not be entitled to negotiator sign a player contract with the any other basketball team. Unless and Intel the team for which the player last played expressly agrees otherwise. So he can't go to the lakers and he sits out he's not gonna sit out a the other one is if he claims in jury. What the raptors have the right to do is call in a neutral physician. Any neutral position will then decide if he's hurt. He also even to remember that coli Leonard has an interest in proving that he's healthy why not play. You know you're only hurting yourself not only monetarily. But and your own reputation which he's already kind of hurt by the end. Kind of a way to analysts exactly so he needs to get it he doesn't interest in getting in there and showing that he's healthy and show that he's engaged in wants to play. There's this is no way he he sits out isn't much of that I get is to Hussein as much as a you know what he's been in San Antonio there's no way. He were important play. It just that's on sand that whole thing is overblown exactly in more uses as an excuse is like out Toronto that writ no Toronto. Smart move to go get him Vegas now and in there was a report today that. There are talks with him in his camp already have been very positive it is on them to massage that relationship being gaping gazing game in there and say Aaron Lewis goes this. Even if it Spurrier and you hope that you make a run of the finals and that's enough to convince them that hey we can really build something here and try to cool city it's not a Los Angeles but it certainly is a bigger market to those taxes well and attacks can be you know let us say 64%. Or some of them like. Yeah it's it's quite painful. Anyway below we'll see what happens the lead someone did point out to the you know he could cause a stir up there like if you would if he even legally entered candidate member of the Gallup. That was from Canada walked in the United States and she was arrested and held for like seven days. In did you cross the border and you're not supposed to be there you blew it out of a country so maybe that's what why and their needs do you. Go to Canada 'cause the problem get into a little scuffle there are crossed the border may be under the cover of night in a little bit of a bar fight. Kicked out the entire country and that is not as far alt this case are trying to bros wanna blend them won't let me in your country nothing I can do. Well and that does a team wide and dispersed. Takes of these measures last year I don't know the answer is that well because they couldn't prove that he was healthy. You know the wheel but again net debt you have the right to colony neutral position and I think I think that lets you know bed we'll and they weren't trying to nuke this relationship first informant right they were trying to massage this they offered him the Max deal. So they're not gonna go down this road of trying to (%expletive) off quite Leonard. And and second to it I think he really probably was between 75 and 80% Latin and you have to prove that he is not erred at all. You have to get an independent position to come in and be like this is a fake injury Perez they said he was heard issues they they have they disagreed on. On and how bad dirty and gritty play through it. So but that's that they you know are getting a doctor to say it like it for for me Iraq like I've got a bad shoulder whatever you can make an argument that I can play through it. You say look that you know it's it's a pain threshold thing. But they you have to get a doctor in this circumstance to come and be like his shoulders a 100%. There's nothing wrong with that he is faking an injury and good luck getting and tactical. With the current year we did this. Carrier Irving when he forced the trade out of Cleveland he told the cavaliers admitted you don't deal me I will have knee surgery. He didn't you didn't have to have that knee surgery. But he said look I've I can go in I give my knees worked on in all sit out the entire year. I turned out and as he did have to have that knee surgery medical medical records in and doctors and independent positions when you're talking about NAFTA spotty. That's a lot harder to shrewd move. Then 81. You know than anyone to saying well he's seeking something all right up next let's clarify the helmet rule. I don't know if I can't think that you have to. At the end is on you beautiful competition committee can't seem to clarify. I think he India see what I can do a tape 347 on the fan. This is a British Open each additional price in time where Isaac can suit brought to you by area heating cooling my intent maybe both Israel and we'll check in the open next hour. Couple things going on in the NFL. We get a guy and Hussein he will protest in the natural Casey. Of titans the titans when doctor become the titan brass is to make mr. Casey can we two we averaged at. And the dolphins had just come out and basically said F you you're not gonna protest. The dolphins are the first team to actually put language and where they're saying they'll spend you possibly have to four games. If you do O'Neil said the league. Left it up to the teams is what I understand episode believe the language in there where it. What was the EU either have to stay and horse in the locker. I think you can do one of the two right but it also that in the peace in this is another thing embody Libya Ethiopia is gonna fight that you know what that as. Because it said in there that the team it's the NFL's that if if the teams want they can make their own policy. And the dolphins apparently have gone. Was it Steve Ross because their owner. He has come out and and they've done this instead that they had. They AB view Neill for the so it didn't. Set for the exactly how that's gonna determines my guess is how good of player you are happy times you do it. You know things of that nature what the reaction to this is for the dolphins apparently are gonna try to put something on the books. They can punish guys. Sit down I'd like to see if they have the balls if they're starting quarterback they're starting left tackle whatever go Zahn takes a knee. Are you willing to suspend your starting quarterback Forbes four games. For doing what was collectively bargain which was his right go out Neil owner how many guys are planning would year old Casey's planning he's a defensive tackle for the titans. And this is the first guy to come on say yes and protests gays and I'll pay the fine but under if there any others. I don't know he's the first guy I don't say it. Now the dolphins have said the no decisions have been made on the punish but quote all options are on the table yes I hit the ever present. All options on the table. Players are now protesting the protests rule. Yes well the NFL PA is fighting this because people always ask this question why not allowed to Neil in my office. While you're also not required to stand for the National Anthem everything in the NFL is collectively bargained everything. From salaries to guaranteed contracts to the number of practices you have the number of padded practices you have did you know the way the practices are collectively bargained. But if you wanted to you can't go out and hold a four hour practice the guy can tell you to go FEC OM BA like no in fact. There's plenty Seattle Seahawks that have been fine for happy too many padded practices or going too long in practice that way I'd I mean I would imagine some of those coaches wanna keep those guys out there 24/7 yeah. It's is that it doesn't work that way so is collectively bargained. That there while the anthem policy will be NFL came out and said now open this is the unilateral thing that we're gonna do. This is the new policy and they're using those broad guidelines there's something in the CBA and I'm compare freezing here but basically. It's something is viewed as they a detriment to the reputation. And finances of the league. There's there's language like that where the NFL can can make sweeping changes and they're trying to use that. In terms of DB anthem policy and the NFL PA by the way it's gonna fight back against this and say. How is this hurting us and my guess is they're probably look at the revenue sharing and the fact that everything's up. And the league's revenues are up and say how is this possibly hurting the league or the reputation of the league and so they're gonna fight back against the spoke were not done yet and things are gonna go around. Ground you know the FDA in the WNBA each note the rulers on the end of the new have to sit there and yet all of us it's a very simple rule all its two and a half lines and it says players coaches and trainers are to stand in line up a dignified posture along the sidelines or on the outlined during the playing of the national. Yes and if you remember he ate I don't Chris Jackson was his name and any change to two. He's played at LSU was. Is Abdul he became he became a muzzle any change his name not I don't remember him. Hundreds and what did you do you know I'm talking about course yeah that that Chris Jackson. Among food. Abdul roof yes. It basically cost him that he is career to suit your thinking yeah I was Simon's trying to remember exactly what that would allow us but he. He'd seek out black balled by the league because he wouldn't. Stands for the national let them you thought that it was you know lose his right and and he was tried to do his own protest he got drummed out of their league because of that yes there is rules but again those are collectively bargain grant the leaders agreed to that the NFL players never agreed to this. And I I hope NFL knows what they're doing with the dolphins know what they're doing because the dolphins consider say that they're gonna spend got eyes and find them what do you get. Did did the team that wants to have some solidarity and goes out and be a great fifty of us and taken the go ahead suspend its. Do you really wanna give into it paid a measuring contests this replacement players I guess MIE a job for them I DN opening for you. Now earns Little League I just told our tore my rotator cuff them all NM RNA OK so put a shot in a matter who I'm out of commission for aloha. I'm what are you know let's I can't raise my arm above my head is that G and that little we learned today that they have the puzzle. I was little island bear Jaber is. And on the sideline you know they they now they all my dad's dad let's did you medical tent will get yelled loomed up been able to each other you go out there around the area mainly in about your head after that tent I tell you some toured all I would I'd be able to work out arm and began about. Me what fifty pounds I'm right okay next the other NFL issues this hopeful. I seem to talk about the targeting rule you'll turn target in anymore it's just. You can't get anyone care if anyone with the is the upper part of your helmet flawless because the games under attack. Yes according to their Fedora not just the gay and the entire country the world and our way of life again not the world that would be ridiculous just just a United States a get into that next and then now we'll check in at the open it colonies DT 58 on the ten.