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Thursday, July 12th
Hot 5 at 5, Serena Williams playing this well after having a baby isn't being talked about enough, and more!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Finally climbing club one. I don't want. Wow this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news yours source for the best in local regional and national sports. Oh yeah and clap. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac Brock I'm miserable I had to get up at 10 o'clock this morning Jason sic Dan Harmon you may not do to stop the do prime time on 1080. Yeah. 55 coming up in just a few moments hopefully hear it. Sitting in the air conditioning in the 96 degree traffic literally the hot five at five today if you want is you imagine sitting into this it's worse is the fear your going to on the freeway you know IDC. You go to the wind and you get air at least it's it's hot air and warm air but there's nothing worse than sitting in traffic not mean any of you don't have a seat that side and you can tell who doesn't happen if you if the wind doesn't like hearing your car and you're you may be listening to music your Bobby your had a whatever your windows out your purified. B you look at it you see that older car is Susie like at 92 cent acres some theme like a Ford Fiesta. You look over in the maybe there's like a different don't work in a panel in the mid windows are rolled down the person just has that Sheen delays all over him. It's just it's an EU fuel form you wanna digging just get in with me all right submit your car right now let's go on our trip together when was the last time that air conditioning wasn't standard in a car. As I said it's it's got to be old cars. But maybe Casey breaks mean there's there's some of that behavior AC goes out but that's a must for me I. I know that that's probably like. Like first world problems. Well I played it. It is the first troll problem but air conditioning is one of the three greatest inventions of all time yes every time looking like you go to a movie you watch a movie about the old lasted some people romanticize field last terror how cool it would be all I can think about Obama. But one of my favorite movies of all time is on forgiven us write love on forgiven but at least fifteen times during the movie. I think how hotter than ever why. In in those those movies why are they wearing such heavy air and like the layered clothes I think you had to protect yourself from the sun. Plus you're not just right around like a fancy glad you're out there doing work in style now and you can't like you can't be output not fences and shorts with a axis of no but say like the people that live like in the the there are countries. Again why they dig a little that's hottest place on earth. Right like the devil shows that there is Baghdad you know what Ocampo warm as low warm. But they like those those big heavy lag cost of began need you you you can't have your skin eyes you ought to keep yourself covered and I guess like it ate you suppose those things make you sweat and then. Like it traps the sweaty and and that kinda keeps you from overheating but that's just seems like the most miserable existence in the world. Just sitting in heat and not being able to do anything about it and no way to cool yourself off. That's my seventh concentric circle of hell yes being not is not good. When your cold. You can push for the sweater on Brett I always say this you can always put layers on the can't take your skin off right. If you're caught you're just hot you know that's the Mets Sox are cold. The sweater put ability or you know I'm pat get a beanie to something you do warm up pretty get a cup of cocoa. Right that's why I like to keep my house really cold and we don't have an air conditioner. In our apartment we have what in window unit in our bedroom to but generally I'd like to keep a really cold people would like he's turned up for me to press harder on. You can control he wrote temperature down and I don't wanna be hot. Yeah I'd be in Haas the worst they're on the text program somebody to set. I literally just pulled up to a 95 civic the windows are down he has no AC your. If you feel or do you want to just like keep your all of the words and just give enough I'm I'm I'm sorry now in the wind and there's a lot of things that go wrong in your house your car the China polish right you're like. I need to fix that but maybe not right now when my AC goes out that's number one on Miley there's nothing worse IC didn't even break it just was kind of on the the Fritz it wasn't working that well you believe my first call it. I can go months. Hole in my ceiling for a year that's true I after there was a leak in my bathtub than where they fixed it underneath there was a hole I waited a year to have that based. My air conditioning wasn't blowing as well as he should further like eight hours and I was on the horn and I hit I need someone out digger. We got mixed use it no arm and needs to get here sooner than that is we got a heat wave comment. And I need this thing run ended optimal temperature we had a few people Texan in here that they do not happy through 2000 Jeep Wrangler with no AC. It's the worst and then some guy saying that he. Cells Hondas and there are some great year relatively new Hondas out there that don't have meat and understand that you and I go to buy a car in someone's legged as an NBC and on lockyer asked back if I mean when the does on ya know. I'd rather not have a break final expect the path is something for the club but he wouldn't you rather not have ride in a car. Great girls all know Mears I can turn around a much driven a car though Mears and I once was not allowed to take a driving test because it didn't have Mears and the dodge on the YouTube for. Odd topics and opinions. We thought they already are a little bit and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club my I'm 55. Isaac and soon. Experience. Refresh my frost brewed Coors Light and download your reward happens starter in points towards one America and experiences game tickets and rewards. Number flying. They better day in sports when one of the headlines is that Charles Oakley was arrested in Las Vegas casino for taking a hundred dollar chip. Evidently turns out it was really let. And we realize that he was gonna lose he reached over the table and took back is hundred dollar jet and he studied about me you're not allowed to do. That way I meant black it out let's accept it Charles Oakley was arrested. Although a source close to each president who says this is not a big deal and who who resolved quickly he does face up to six years in prison. That's considered fraud and gaming institution of Las Vegas they take that very seriously and it's punishable up to one to six years in prison Briscoe say there's no way he gets six years but in May yes then now they take that very seriously and I like that that scene from ocean's eleven when he's talking about the three most successful robberies and today is yesterday if you don't rob casinos smash and grab job sorry Charles you're not allowed to do that. Melbourne or. An NFL hall of fame came out today and said that Terrell Owens will not be mentioned in any of the hall of fame. Ceremonies and they're gonna wait. So you get here yellow jacket that Dave before they had a big celebratory dinner they did that night before you actually go on stage and give your speech. They're not get them they're gonna mail him his jacket but they're gonna wait until at. After the ceremony. So when TO gives his speech at middle Tennessee and that's in Chattanooga. He will not have this holiday jacket in the universe said that in no way. Well he'd be mentioned during the ceremony in general over the past five times I've been sort of broad PO. I don't mind him this is just. It's really stupid little who's pissed about. I'd I've what I don't you're hurting yourself do you think anybody there is gonna care that TO is not gonna get up and give a speech now hall of fame. I didn't think anybody can be more headed in Jordan Jordan's hall of fame speech but this is how it yet Jordan where like finger pistols and everybody this is it this is the worst and TO it's it's really just stupid. Of Minnesota for him to go pound sand. Good they should hall. Let's check the a Major League Baseball scores oh by the way I gear Richards the callous and California Anaheim angels pitcher we'll have Tommy John surgery. On I was not happy about that at all I'm not happy that he's heard it doesn't make me happy listeners out there that were upset I'm not. Cheering for Tommy just that you're kind of a jerk. I leave the angels and the Phillies a 51 on the Orioles who were the worst team in baseball many of each other by the way should be Yankee within a week or two. Which I'm excited about because John's gonna punch Mike Woodson is gonna pass and I can the case hopefully like your team. The Milwaukee Pittsburgh tied it one after four. The Yankees down 03 here yankees down one it's 32 Cleveland ended the third. The nationals beat the Mets in a stunning developments and DO Oakland a's won on again. And so tonight the mayors have a chance if they can knock off the angels they have a chance to pull within two. And the Houston masters and keep pace with the terrifying in Oakland a's in Oakland decide to be good I don't know I don't know if I know nobody paid attention until this week. Do we listen median somewhere and we just get together and say about the ratings are going to be seventeen. Of their last 21 it's freaking ridiculous terrifying. You wanna make a bet on the final four words I don't use us. So the other the biggest seller release their odds for the final four this year and the first three should not surprise easily on the same lines. And that is duped Kansas and Kentucky five to four. Are their odds would you care to wager who number four hits Oregon State your Oregon Ducks attitude as the little beyond junkies really fight and looking for a bounce back year half moving up their recruiting classes begin recruiting and are never coming up later today with recruiting within remember kids seven he's got a defensive tackle. That's a big deal I think it's the number one defense and tackle are the number three ranked defense attack. The never to be talking to him but hers are gonna classes phenomena I guess they think enough and it. You know where we're organ is the fourth. Best odds right now to make your final four if only sports gambling was legal in Oregon and I could for the vet now on please you get to number ones. As. Number one right. Number all I'm speaking of gambling number well. Did the first sports book has opened on site. At an NFL stadium. So at the meadowlands now it's not in the stadium adjacent to its adjacent you but it is the meadowlands traction. And that's a horse racing Jack and it's sits on the same property. As the meadowlands where the giants and the jets play going and they have officially opened up their sports book and they talked about today that they are going to try to do a partnership with the jets the giants. Where if you want you can go to the sports book before the game you can tell gate there you can party. And then we'll have shuttle buses that would take you over to the NFL games that they wanna try to partner with the jets and the giants. And if this thing ends have really good partnership. It will be erased with every other NFL team to do this guaranteed that if they start getting money from this as successful tests this opens the floodgates and here I wouldn't it be success it's going to be hugely success how many drug in Yahoo!'s go to jets and giants games and how many of them are gonna go to the did the sports book literally. A couple hundred yards away before. Go drop a hundred dollar bet on the giants and get a free ride to the game yeah they got in there or somebody was saying that they are talking about maybe even like at half time. Tried to have some shuttles where if you want to you could get in the shuttle run over this course but plays a halftime bed. Have a beverage into and then she'll be back I think it's great that the casino was Smart enough. To set up these buses like yea we'll just we'll take you come here one of the smartest things about this that I that I read and I think it's genius is one of those million dollar ideas. Is what's it cost to go park at the meadowlands for a football game or get forty us old Noelle I'll bet you it's 78 at sea games at 75 and if you wanna go from Monday night rescinded a game. You try to talk in 99. I would the year the Seahawks won the Super Bowl I went I took my son up we have tickets to a Monday night game late the year against the saints and it was a hundred dollars to park near the stadium. So you're that you're the jets and the giants if I'm gonna pay 75 dollars to park why wouldn't I pay 75 dollars to bet on my team. And get a free ride. It's genius yes if it's if the sports book is that's their right out and who came up with the idea but if that was their idea to say hey. Rather than have these fans pay 75 dollars to park let him park here for free. Bet that money will shuttle under the games that's genius. Stadium near you because this is just the tip of the iceberg 55 brought to you by frost brewed Coors Light download curse by its new rewards happens thirty points towards one of the got experiences. And gain ticket. We come back quite possibly the most impressive athletic feat I've seen in my lifetime and no one's talking about it primetime on the fan. Here. Anytime we're advising consumers content they need. Gambling is the greatest thing ever we can all agree. Money won is twice as sweet as money terms this these words gimmicks we're talking about the casino. And that meadowlands track basically brought across the street from the at the meadowlands the giants and the jets stadium. But this is why gasoline is so great but I also can be so heartbreaking. Is. We're watching the the Yankees and the the Indians in its every knowing Cooper supposed to be that is great pitching match up like MLB network is talking about yesterday like two of the best arms were all excited about a late pitcher's dual and Mike pointed out. That the overheard the run total on this the over under was satin. You can you've the year that's suckers bet if you told me that just off the top the Severino include her. And did over under is seven rounds I'd take under on that all day long. Yes it's now 43. In the fourth and he and this is why gamble any sense of named appears too good to be true. It's usually too good to be true. Or gambling is great hands and bad hit like Vegas knows what they're doing and you set that line. Is laughing all the times tonight cause total suckers bet among all over this. They got the lion wrong then you go big and you never lose you lose like instantly and with that player warm ups but when it but when it works out for you like I remember Colorado and or again this was two years ago when the last year with with health for its. When they were really struggling and Colorado wasn't very good yet. And org they've been scuffling along and they set that line. I wanna see it was like seven or seven and a half and I just started laughing I was like wipes out like that they're only favored by seven and a half. I loaded up on that all day long policy how much but I want a lot of money on to Colorado win by like thirty or something there was no word and get organs is kick the living are thought you were saying don't know organs stomp the living however make two or it'd been losing some games portal was still scored a lot of points is that a bad defense and Colorado socked. And my guys like this is the wrong line I loaded up that was the price the most I've bet on a sporting event in years. Is he just look at because sometimes it's it's not about. It's about perception I incidents like wall organ had lost like three in a row and how well you know Colorado I guess I it's gonna be a close game no it's not. Because you're struggling doesn't mean you're gonna struggle against the bad cholera minority. Every now and then when you get over on the sports book it is an amazing feeling which is why. Gambling is the greatest thing ever gambling rules. Yet the fans should starter on sports book primetime bookie services LLC. And really good year in football last year you know yeah it's any ice my season totals. And I usually bet three of four calls games three to four NFL games college last year is on fire. NFL was. Was slow and then it kind of picked up but college carried me through but it's on it's if if you don't. You don't lose your sure he knew you bet a set amount. Each time except for feces of the maybe your big on a pricey bed just you know nothing major same amount on most of the games and I just do it for kind of funding keeps my interest. And it really does help me enjoy. Collagen in the in the NFL. Well sure and that I mean gambling makes it more interest in same thing with fantasy fantasy football makes emerged into watch IR would be content if they were just bring back sports action. I know I know that's. We're a little bit kind of watered down gambling I loved sports action you know back in the day and same sort of thing you take Tony boxing he would go or with some buddies you make some picks. I'd I must force action was the greatest and I still. I still hold out hope that they bring that back here in Oregon I know that you guys have talked about it and it's set up to do that I think they can do it pretty quickly yes. I don't know if that it'll be back for this coming season but I I secretly hope. That Osama secret I I really hope that or again brings back sports action I love that well. I I saw this story today and it's getting a ton of coverage Annie may have been in the hot 55 to be fair and it's not like it's a super busy news day. But he did try. I said blew me away the more sort of thinking about it this is one of the most impressive accomplishments. That that I can remember seen in sports. And yet it's it's it's not a big deal and it's also person and I think Carrey's they're sport more so than anybody going right now. Realized something that ten months ago ten months less than a year. Serena Williams had a baby. She gave birth and you had a wife that is given birth to two kids twice I have three. The recovery process of that it isn't like you like four weeks after giving birth ya hey if everything's O Pete are you there. It is a major major thing the your body goes through all and by the way she had complications from that birth. And had to have surgery on blood clots to her legs it's a thing. It's a whole thing. Ten months later she's in the Wimbledon final now. She wasn't a top ten ranked player Bryant. Is that it's amazing and she is in the Wimbledon final and is going to win Wimbledon. I don't. No there is another athlete in their sport that dominates and carries their sport more so. Then Serena Williams is she the most underrated greatest of all time yes now and when when people I'd there was this debate and they issued a greatest women's ten she's there greatest women's tennis fireball that was not a big was Pete Sampras did said the greatest women she's the greatest tennis player trying to time. It's just it's it's unbelievable to me that ten months. After giving birth surgery for blood clots on your legs haven't played much and you roll into Wimbledon. And now a year in the finals pretty much of dominated the tournament it's ridiculous to watch which she does like. I don't know if there is it an equivalent I was trying to think of someone. This is this much better I might try outs in the middle of the you know this this baseball season might try isn't that much better than every other baseball player. Yeah there are other really good players that are within shouting distance of of Trout no you're right there and you know I guess I get I mean women's tennis. In all I know Serena Williams I I don't know that I can name three other players. Right now and that probably leads to some of why she's so underrated she dominates sport that we really. Is a really on the landscape. I showed the Wimbledon finals are. So she beat city Julie. George this is Cooley yeah Julia do Leo and she's playing and who knows she planned. Someone else I had heard of before. But to be very like your I don't know. I don't know who she's played against. I saw the name and as I had no idea who you are I don't know either but she. Carries that sport she is that sport and I do not think there is another athlete right now on the planet that does not have appears not men's tennis. Ms. that is at least has a couple. So not soccer if you wanna see the Renault was the best he's still have messy and there's a cup like did the guy from Brazil. As that. That new mark. That's out there the other big soccer player and MR name arson is a handful of those there's no one in and traditional American sports. You know basketball there's LeBron James whose prod the closest thing we have but yes contemporaries. You know there is there's a debate is staff is is is is KD kinda taking over the club bronze public closest that I don't think LeBron said this. Mean it's just it's it's unbelievable and yet. I don't know if it's because it's tennis or if because it's women's tennis but he just can't flies under the radar but she. Will go down as may be the most dominant athlete outside of Barry Bonds on steroids of my lifetime well do you feel let me ask you this in the end dismayed. You what hurts her. You know we're old war bolts and I were both better than casual sports fans obviously you do this for a living. And yet neither one of us can sit here and name to other players on the women's tennis tour. Do you think the lack of in the lack can be recognizable. Second or third option is that you think that hurts her legacy it's like you. You know you and your dominating. You know Kramer's dominating his karate Dojo and then they find out their all twelve year old kids it's less impressive and I am I'm sure that these other women tennis players are amazing. And you know growing up with test was kind of a big deal down. Right Amir have you had people aren't paying an average lovers Chris emirates heavy ground I can Seles right you could name offset earlier not Federer has Nadal and Djokovic and Serena has. Was I guess she kinda has been inspired her sister and I even think there's a little bit of a people discount back because it's her sister so. You know I agree with you I think she's the most dominant women's tennis player of all time maybe maybe the most dominant tennis player of all time I don't know. But I think that mean women's tennis is is a fringe sport anyway no disrespect. This is not on the national radar as much as some of these other ones but I think if you could sit here and name. Three or four other major stars you know if we can get excited for pay it Serena Williams vs. Whoever as opposed to Serena ever Williams vs hoop and that's what it's gonna be mean she has rolled through Wimbledon and it is an it is amazing that she is done it. After having a kid ten months ago. And if she was gonna face off in the finals verses. Anybody that we knew about I think people would get more excited but the fact that it's a nobody it's gonna go on notice so. Kudos to you for bringing it up because it is probably a cup accomplishment that needs to be championed. She is amazing she won tournaments pregnant and she's going to wind up a major maybe did not maybe the most prestigious tournament in her sport. Ten months after giving birth and having Sergio blood clots in legs I bowed down to the greatness of Serena Williams. And I'm I'm going on records and she's not the most. She's not the best women's tennis player vol Taj is the best tennis player at all times pretty good and I siren person and she is stunning yeah she's an attractive Linux like me some Serena Williams art when we come back. The one and done rule is going away and it's not good for college basketball or the MB. Right now though lynch was put. Talking about. I mentioned earlier this is early in the week that the one and done rule. You're ready to get opened to be done with it and you know this has been you know kind of kicked around now for the last couple of months and I think people are saying I did 20/20 season. That that this probably goes away and the more you think about the way the one and done rule because they're not getting it sounds like they're not gonna make it on the baseball. Right where you come right out of high school you have to stay for a couple of years and it. The their goal off the rice commission that Condoleezza Rice in a group they got together remember they did the big investigation. And they put out their recommendation of the NCAA and Marc Emery who's the president in the NCAA. Has been trying to sell this for a number of years. That the one and done rule is terrible for calls sports and they got to do away with that he's been pressuring the NBA. And he basically bullied the MBA in due in this kind of submission here. So they're gonna get what they want in the one and done rule is gonna go away. But the more I kind of stopped and thought about this I asked the question who is this good for. Also got a handful of kids they can actually go now to the NBA don't have to go through the farce of going to to college for. For months and not take any classes here outside even a year. Now if you know none of those kids go to that I promise you do under aid was not studying in his geology class is so I knew he was going to the NBA but. Mark Everett seems to paint this as if this is going to solve the problem. For the NCAA. And it's not gonna solve many problems in the NCAA in fact it's going to create more problems in the NCAA. And it's gonna create the same problem for the NBA that they had in 2006. So brown is the one that broke its. The NBA after will feed on a number of guys starting with Kwame Brown into does sixers the number and overall pick it. There is a rash of bomb like you within minutes within two to three years where they were missing. There was well like that Jonathan Bender member Robert Swift up in Seattle Ohio who's now he's a met. If you really had he was a whole thing. They V that is giving him a home up in Seattle swift DNN waters charge tee and it can't just let slip squat somewhere on his eyes like he was like all methane passes we'll deal. Look up old Robert Swift for your time may be is doing better now but this is I wanna see a couple years ago maybe 23 years ago that there were writing articles about who's lived like in this. Hell hole of the house that he had bottoms I mentioned but he defaulted on and so him in a bunch of people were just living there and it was like homeless camp type of stuff. So the NBA decided that they couldn't they didn't wanna do this anymore they didn't wanna Scott. Sky high school kids. And they were missing on too many of them was too big of a risk without seeing them against college level talent right so the NBA wanted to do away with its. So was beneficial to the MBA you can't tell me that the one and done rule. Was it better for the NBA than just letting kids go to high school. So you go to the NCAA and you say mark Everett he is side of the story is this is terrible because we're getting all these kids that don't wanna be here. And they're coming here not taking it seriously they're taking money from agents. Just send these kids to the NBA. This won't stop anything. Now it's not gonna stop any of that I don't I don't get what the NCAA thinks this is going to stop in fact the only thing this is going to do is take the most talented players and take them off of your campus. Anthony Davis the John wall's the what Kevin Durant try to think of some of the other one and done that DDR drains there were guaranteed one in Dunn's. Maybe they won't step foot on campus so you've eliminated them from the talent pool. Tonight you take everyone else that goes to college in if you had a good freshman season your dawned. Not sticking around. The woman doesn't change anything other than eliminate a handful of kids maybe five or six each year if you're lucky are we gonna be more like three and four. They can immediately go to the NBA. You're just making your product or worse. This in no way benefits the NCAA in fact I think this hurts the NCAA. More than it does the NB yeah. Yeah I would agree and I figured I think this is kind of a byproduct of look everybody and you guys you don't even rob talked about it you know during the season has got close to determine college basketball. Is struggling yeah right now if you without the tournament it's an irrelevance sport nobody really cares about it so much determine kind of saves and if Jeremy loves tournament. So obviously the powers that be an amber heard Arnold say grasping at straws on our that's the right term but. Some got to be done right it's not working right now now a you know you have your diehards and and everything I doubt but in general on the sports landscape it's falling died. And you what's your general perception of the what if you didn't understand anything. X.s and knows what's your general perception of the one in general when you hear that isn't it's a negative thing right so. Maybe this is just a reaction and and they're like we got to fix this and here's the most visible culprit so look at what we're doing to fix college basketball. But in reality like you said when you dive into it. I think I agree I think it hurts college basketball. Is there will be here for the kids that it did BB Ambien be like absolutely you're gonna be a top ten pick our I'm not gonna waste my time going to college but if you're borderline kid. And you go to college for a year and you do anything you're a top ten pick and guess what your goal and you're not sticking around. So it felt like that they're going to go with the rights commission report is that there will be no. You can leave when you want you can go when you think there's these it's not gonna be like feed the N. Stellar College Baseball that you go when you're forced to stay for a number of years and so this notion that somehow the one and done rule is going to help anyone. I see is a negative on both sides of the honest with you this is so dumb because what it's been sold to us as for Mike Adam silver and other. Articles is that it would be similar to college football. It's either and would be added addition that you could leave out of high school either got a high score if you go to college or staying for two to three years. That helps both college grasp on the MBA it makes the product better makes the players going to the NBA better for the most part. And it makes a better putter for years saying his action what comes to pass. It changes literally not I mean outside of now allowing Haskell players to go again in eliminating the very very best from the college game you won't get to see Anthony Davis Brian national entirely too so it makes college basketball even worse that's already been struggling. And the Mac. Quality of player going from high school the NBA. The chances of them succeeding may be is 50%. Is you might get the anti Davis have great. We also get a guy who is gonna be Kwame Brown right or Michael condi or something like that and there's going to be awful. And that ruins the Ambien or some other topics in the draft vicious gonna her ball. Dad just this makes no sense meteor making a change just for like some sort of PR move but when you look into it it's. If this is the way they're gonna do it and it sounds like they're gonna go buy the rights commission. With no rules about staying for any period of time this is awful and you can think and an ever China though this is somehow this stops the flow of illegal money. Now I'm doesn't do anything to stop. Do in campaign. Your kids are still taken a you money and they're still gonna take money going to the college campuses on if anything if anything that that problem doesn't go away maybe just gets funneled down to talent level. Right because you're if if the top top talent is now gonna go right to the MBA then right there's that next level of talent. Bit. That's not that funneling money is still locked gonna go away right now and now to be there right now it's just the focus on this other group. Of kids if we can't get this top level because this kid's gonna go right to the league or go get the kid that's a one piece of rice hello I am. And then. His hand is out because he's like why go to the NBA. And then you're like well what's it gonna take for you to get to conduct Louisville. You know while it's gonna take couple hundred grand you're still going to be in that and here you go so I I agree I don't think that goes away at all I think that's silly to. To assume that it would. And we have this notion that's all these kids are are gonna just be be flooding to the MBA. In it it's just not the case in fact dumb I'm gonna look up and see the last time we had. But the Kwame Brown draft is the one that they say the NBA it was like all right I got to do something we got to do something about it. Some look at updated to 2001 NBA draft but I'm willing to guess. That EE you've got. I handful of kids like I'm I'm looking here so that year the top two picks. We were bull high school kid so Kwame brown and Tyson Chandler. Both came at a high school. And Eddy Curry so that was easier three of the top four kids that were all high school and none of them hit. Tyson Chandler ended up at least you know hang around but they they weren't stars. But you look at the rest today and there's a lot of college kids. Mean it's our am looking in the first round we had. For. Our school kids. That came out that year for. So the one and done rule. Great eve affected for kids every year it doesn't change a thing for the NCAA not one iota. Then eliminating the wars those four kids that would've been in college basketball programs for a year you'd take him out it's not gonna be. This thing where the ten kids than the one causing the problems. It just it won't this will stop none of the illegal money that rules. Now and that's kind of what I alluded to earlier this just feels like that the biggest the biggest villain out there and and market emerges. Without without really knowing what to do. Let's go after the finger at everybody generally thinks is a problem scapegoat erect right now there's guys that don't pay me this exactly speaking of hate when we come back. Time for John Haiti you know and things yes they did his ailing eighty rankings today. The National League I internationally much less but postal find out who you are paid in what order OK then them today one more segment for the club. Prime time your defense. Right side where I had chicken soup contest maybe the man. Yes they we are talking and about John's hatred of everything in baseball outside Seattle mayor I don't hate everything you do I don't yet you know I love baseball. In general I love baseball but there are things I'll end lamp pileup layup. A there are things within the game I hate like the angels but I don't. Hate yeah you do please I look they are you just looking at things in the room and saying that you love them for a look really really love baseball I love ledge what we did have the oh I love microphone. From. We had this conversation. During the break I said is there a better piece of sporting equipment better baseball now it's perfect it's perfect. They just holding a baseball feels good it smells good it's it's it's in there there's something magical about a baseball it's the best pieces. Where you it's why at any game at any level kids and adults clamor for baseball's they want foul balls they wanted to batting practice balls they want. Stuff thrown into the I mean baseball is Santa whole database pulling your hand is fantastic I will say I do agree a close second is probably basketball. It feels good it bounces you can dribble around the basketball's a really good or rather toss around a baseball the New Zealand journalist was to bicycle second gagging carrier around a ball the leather in the scenes in the smell another good it's. A baseball's perfect and just. Looks go the white the reds good mixture but. Yesterday I was I was trying to do let people in on your hatred. And when. Who you hate and I said everyone in the American League west AEA is hated above everyone else. The American League hated worse than the National League I was breaking now you levels of hate. And you actually went through and ranked. Your hatred for the American League team yes Mike gas meter rank the teams in order of who I hate the American League and I did so we re kept it on yesterday's Carol go through it again I'll just say. The angels are my most hated team yes Andy rays were my least hated team I have no. No real feeling towards the race whatsoever and I like trying to see if I can figure out why you hate certain genes that goes about 5050. So now we move to the National League that is less. Aided. Because they don't directly influence the Mariners. You still hate them. I don't hate the man as you do. Now I'm I'm pro DH I know that's controversial. Because of the based on a controversial us the right way to do it woke up there there's a general. Bay are pure TR I consider myself kind of a baseball purist I am I'm an old school baseball I love the sport and yet I'm pro DH and part of that is influenced by my favorite team is American League team in Edgar Martinez and all those things for the job on the same as human baseball purist I love the classic parts of baseball. But you're telling me rather see a pitcher hit then no one of the better I'm all I'm saying to the people who are you for it but I guarantee you they'll be people that text in on the tech's program and say you know it's about doubles which is your strategy of that now and that's fine but yes no I don't I don't wanna see pitchers and I'm pro deal on the seaboard to local news so I and I NN I'm not anti nationally but I did go through and I did rank. The National League teams in order that I hate so Mike again I'll give me the option would you like. Starting with the team I hate the most and working down to the team that I liked the most or you wanna go the other way yesterday we did it. One through fifteen let's go fifteen to one OK so the team in the National League that I like the most the Mets the New York Mets out. Because pre mariner giddiness. When I fell in love with a baseball iPhone lovers the Mets fan and that. That the reasons behind that well actually factor into other teams on this list I knew that I grown up we had the choices to watch the cubs the Braves the Mets the Mets are really good so we ended up watch the Mets and we both grew up Mets fans and at the time that I was falling in love with baseball and the Mets were on -- laws and Darryl Strawberry was you know was my god I thought there was nobody cooler than Darryl Strawberry and then you throw in Dwight Gooden and smokey Wilson and he diced journal those guys I'm. Was a big fans of the Mets are my favorite nationally team. Also known as the team I hate to OK. So moving up the list from that the St. Louis Cardinals. Yeah we've talked about diet I. I have all of the years have pushed you to stop being a mariner fan. And be a cardinal fan and I feel like your life would be better I like the cardinals I like their history elector uniforms are like the name I like the players that they've had it in your life would be better if you just became a cardinals fan histories there they win they bring a good player there everything the Mariners are expert so there the anti mayor there the anti marriage close behind the cardinals is the Los Angeles Dodgers I consider that and again it's more of a history. Things will be huge Jackie Robinson's him. Like the Dodgers I know that's in Brooklyn but just the Dodgers are baseball right the first. The first game I ever went to as a kid was in Dodger Stadium Dodge City was created in my opinion the best uniform in Major League based beautiful uniform history good players I saw Steve sax in a home run there. Like the Dodgers a lot so their third going up from there the giants. I'm pro the giants might take you behind that really now why units like dirt dirt. David do you do is beat don't you just like the giants 'cause of dirt yes it hurt Johnson has made me hate the giants grind out two island will Clark. And I rooted for the giants I will not ever back the giants as long as they work or dirt dirt smug this as a giants fan and that stupid even years thing. Has made me hate the jive I understand are almost marked them down a little bit or push them up the list in this case. Because the bonds because I hate bonds so much so but I didn't hold that against the franchise. Like the giants like Willie Mays I love their stadium. AT&T park is fantastic ever disclosed a great city it's cool park so the giants. Are my fourth least hated team in the National League. Then we have a tie. Tied for fifth at least hated and that is directly related to what we are talking governor earlier that's the cubs in the Braves just can you could see him. Because boom again when we are drawn out and I fell in love with baseball. Come home from school. And WGN and TBS cable channels that braves drawn all the time M the cubs drawn all the time they were both sucked but they were there you know Harry Carrey and create Ryan Sandberg. Like the brave dale Murphy huge Joseph Murphy who also factors in my list later. We'll get to him. So tied for fifth at least hated. Cubs and braves here then I have another tie for. By 789 and ten all just in a group all and a group these are the last teams in the National League I really don't hate you to the nationally OF I. Well I I five or six teams nationally I don't like a and then after that fare so I started with the teams I like those are the teams like. These four teams are all in and in a group because I really. I like oh my don't they're fine they don't and that is the brewers. The pirates the reds in the Padres just walk out of there. OK okay could expect it and hope it too far into who hates the Padres did Tony Gwynn he's great picture right now from that brewers. They got the little guy he's slide down into the beer mug and paid the mini lucky Aybar odd future hit its future with nobody should stick around in the far right so brewers pirates reds Padres all and end a little group 78910. Now you do you navigate the teams that I'd start to hate K and we mentioned dale Murphy earlier. So I thought organizes look down we are in way over. So this over IG's because you're taking your nice enjoyable time time while we got a break on your top five in the club carried in the move over we've got lost the news we got sushi news. All kinds of did you but John's top five hated teams when become back. You Texas in years that they better you'd say text line 55305. Here on the.