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Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Thursday, July 12th
Sukes of Hazzard DAY 4!! Hot apocalypse talk, athletes who don't know when to hang it up, and more!

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. If you find that time yeah. You can find the time to spin when you actually yeah right time we're advise against is. Home what they'll all journalists and all clubs. Thank you ask me. This is primetime. I didn't. Your source for the best and local regional and national sports. Here our eyes and Robin Jason's agenda quit trying to I'm Jane ADP. And no employees. Fine people of Portland in the greater southwest Washington area tally hall of famous wartime days Virginians for four straight days. My C five into a name for longer than that maybe haven't I don't know either way they expert turning into day to this record. Break team broadcast you know we're doing today was just breaking records will yesterday it was a big deal that we had done three shows together breaking my personal record three consecutive. Season has never been done never been in the history of the world no never been done pointed out that you all the great men have ever come Amare in the decaying. Did Jesus never gonna never doubt it's ever done it number he's never done 36 hazard no he has not ever done it you know he asks that you inmate he's June is kid did you see any degree hit at a Q yes you can is can listen sports with your kid is great at bat it just isn't like that Billy Madison we just dominating small yeah need to look. If you're in the backyard in your sign hangs a curve ball and you've taken into the neighbor's yard after a sense of pride there. I don't care that your kids twelve there's a certain sense there. Said the if you haven't seen the video. You know do you budget in the Tom vs time stuff yeah I like the numbers this time I. Two it may mean like Tom Brady I know that's an unpopular opinion I don't I am pro Tom Brady at all oh yeah I. Don't know why don't you like about Tom Brady bill bugs you about Tom Brady is he's better than you did everything he has more money in the new he's better looking in the new. And his wife makes more money than he does and happens to be like one of the greatest supermodels of all time exactly maybe in the mouth kissing and I think that. In a little weird I can turns people that's a look you know what okay that's. That's a generational thing. I think it's also a foreign thing yeah his wife's Brazilian right the other Russian people down there at the name may be the lot of passion and usher out its if just sell wants to key issue open now if you do it. And if she tells you that that's how you should kiss everybody. Who we argue with Giselle Null and now we're not argue those reasons they hate Tom Brady no. And I thought the Tom vs time stuff was actually really good I liked it but the weird thing about it is he he works out like in his backyard. They now granted it's a better backyard and you know your traditional backyard but he's still out there in the backyard. Like. Go and do Syria's drills right and it's because like there's like a swing set behind him and there's the greatest quarterback to ever play. Any doubt leg you know doing drills but he wears pads. While doing them. Yeah it's part of the old TV twelve program yes you train as you're going to play you put your shoulder pads on like your mad Max. In the future. The apocalyptic future. Your shoulder pads eight readily available and why they so prominent I'd Attila two qualified to answer this question I'd like to ask you because every. Certainly watched that movie. And my son wanders into the room now sits down to watch part of it with me and of all the questions you can ask. He asked me that question. He said why is mad Max wearing shoulder pads and it was only one. But it's only half a shoulder pad I don't think it's the full set up here's my theory is true in the mad Max he wears one I doubt one in other. Apocalyptic movies they show the pads made the appearance but it's usually too well and if there's a cat BI. You use the chin strap as the ipad's. And sometimes the shoulder pads have like spikes on them exactly and their their ways toward healthier in the mood in that movie there are other people that Wear shoulder pads out like that one in the little gas village where the people that's that chick is where's the where's the white old school. Shall apparently all knows that the little hut uniform pants right so here's my theory. Carry one shoulder pads sock yeah K so there's. After the apocalypse I think they'll be plentiful. 'cause who's gonna take them for anything valid point you don't need him for anything now right after your done plain little kid football or high school football or whatever they just go in a room. And sit tell next season you think somewhere in the apocalypse like you're reading stuff you know like you guys. And you come across like the Denver Broncos training for snacks like. Yes and see that's part of my problem with like the Walking Dead I watched the Walking Dead down I'm I think they can should incorporate light. Bat like they should wander like go to the Atlanta falcon stadium and hole of air it's as big huge giant stadium go error with equipment they always. There go terrible why the shoulder pad well so here's the thing can we need to get back this is totally changing your fears shoulder pads are useless yes so there I think in the apocalypse they'll be plentiful understand and even after some sort of disaster there is like an explosion in or something and some. Little shoulder pads are gonna survive maybe not you may not find like a hundred error. But chill financial Democrats yes right it's weird because it's not so do you come across on a day to day basis and you're you're wondering in real life right. But yeah there there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands appears only so that's theory one guy is they're out there and a key theory too is after the apocalypse what do you do it you're scrounging yeah it's damaging to do you got a cruise around and at that point. Everything kind of becomes who may be I can use that for something new so you're wandered around its apocalypse she may or may not be by yourself. And you come across some shoulder pads and you're like. Oh OK maybe I can use these for something. Pay down so they're available if you're in scavenge you mode anyway. And then three they do offer some level of protection. So mad Max is out there driving around in the waste lands a right he's got no seat belt he's driving around. Maybe he's run and in scavenger and he's like hey you know what I can bond business some them. Shoulder pad put on there so. That's kind of my my three pronged theory that they'll be available yeah there're. You're in scavenge you don't anyway and and they're sort of use for them now until logic just discount to the fact that they're always fighting with each other crashing their cars and their almost shoulder pads to be useful and that's that's might or might dairy dairy is they use for that I'm about to blow hole right you mad Max there OK not. Necessary in the general apocalyptic shoulder pad their way but the mad Max theory. Where does mad Max take place. In Australia now guess who doesn't have shoulder pads. Australia yeah but you're telling me in the eyes tell our country uncle looked at future yeah for all. And I'm sure your bad first of all the future thank you Mike second of all you're telling me in the entire country right now in all of Tuscany and there's not one place to I want I can't tell you your shoulder Fred I bet you. I bet you that saw him where he's from Alderman. What don't they have an American Football League Dohmann that's my right yeah someplace in the entire country. There's a Paris shoulder pads and it. I guarantee you had Max stumbled across well. Again it's damaging to understand and to be fair he only found half of wind at struggles while the other half was lost in the apocalyptic my little lord looked a lured few month this is wearing a hockey mask had his strip they don't. They don't play hockey no matter clown head that they put on the kid Nate I guess if you find a big cloud I can find shoulder pad right and that's the goo log in there. That's the wheel of punishment if we will be named Tina Turner so anyway the port of all of this is that I firmly believe. That that's what leads to them having shoulder pads in the apocalypse who could. That's eldest argued and I Texas that the better you today takes 955 through five V this guy's then with the well it's the it's the apocalypse he need to look at intimidation as possible thank you may be that's where the shoulder pads commit a cure is when your little kid think about it right. It did this is you know the old you give the other smaller your shoulder pads yes when you're a little kid yes you where you go when you get the big shoulder pads pos yes when you get to the NFL and when your little kid what are you doing what you are taken most things I know you you're running around with and you put the big neck roll on you know all about trying to look take your mom's coming home formed from practice should go and ended Taco Bell you're walking into Taco Bell in full uniform again you're trying to do you try to put some swing and you know what on the chin Ming are now football I got your span. Wanna Mets with the shown up all know you don't like what may you're up not let our people know yes the older you get the small your pads and rocks the weirdest thing is weird when we have guys how some of them they're barely wearing me it's ridiculous how and I. Are we talking like lake receivers but bill pat you were the linemen in my look at Michael Michael I was just gonna say Michael Bennett doesn't they're nonexistent bright they do nothing other than the NFL makes him Wear shoulder pads right my first. Like camp with the Denver Broncos. It was it was no patents but your midst and you're not allowed to to to Wear shoulder pads during your days. And saw that I is the instant so bad and we go to do one on one. I pass rush drills so you don't know one on one growth and every football practice seeded team activities we do individual group stuff. So we do the individual group stuff where offense defense of Lima just lineup and it's. It's the worst thing ever it's hideous sucks you can't win at a huge ass kicked every time. And you just beat the hell out of one another. And so we line up there and but we're not we're in pets. And I my guard so this is gonna be like. My quarters beater would ever do foolishly you're thinking it's half speed he had no no no it's it's full speed it's live and that's what I learned that perhaps don't. Oh really matter in the NFL now because you don't really where many ways. In so where they're wearing pads or not. It's full speed amen yeah outside of actually wrapping up and tackle and anyone to the ground no one cares so. If people go it is slow going and he's got really straight you got these weird little. On the column shells take a little piece of foam that you you Wear down like on your chest. I guess to try to prevent soared from cracking your sternum it's very strange and other than that it's full go. But when your little caveats about what can big some maybe you are under center with a solo apocalyptic thing I'm telling. You're scavenge you know look if you're walking around outside today yeah right now and you see a pair shoulder like we walked past the protesters just but I guarantee you there's a pair shoulder pads and there if there's not there should be right protesters should go far it's so again somebody up there should be wearing shoulder pads down and if so viewer write off for a walk hey let's take a stroll down and we find a pair shoulder pads on the side of the trail topic in a month probably not not a well why would we want I don't need him but if it's after the apocalypse no way we are ask have a G mode. Hey we're Jacob knows that because who knows we could use that we can bear grills that we can take to shoot lays out of the middle use that for some than we could melt the plastic you'll know the valid point and I don't and you're not gonna carry the shoulder pads you bookmark you put them on and walk around in a busy just beacons part of the uniform and then the Ayatollah rock and roller roles in a crisis Joseph your gasoline and before you know it you're fight that's right and that inevitably you lose tonight. Because of the U apocalypse is taught me anything thank you there's always an eyeball messy and a Q and not only is there an abundance of shoulder pads there's. Abundance of chin straps old cloth chin straps sinister evil Argentines know it's windy you don't Wear the helmet to in the apocalypse who pot odds. Where is there. Never been comfortable wearing a helmet no thank you but you do use the chin strap. Thank you to work as an iPad thank you you don't know he's gonna Wear a helmet now too hot big key of the apocalypse like the united slow moments Helmut stifle even if it blocks your vision I'm taken nothing off before it through the spirit you know maybe I could find some kid arm pads to throw for a shiver. To go along with what else do they Wear the apocalypse where alarm happens anywhere armor and watch the Walking Dead their dress it up all kinds of stuff for. Why because they're in scavenged Mon key to the apocalypse is likes. And greed football equipment to launch Walking Dead it's so bad now. Well I bet I've come too far I've been I've seen every episode from episode one John you can stop yourself up to as high before because I thought it sucked well it's not good anymore but I feel like I have to write it out now I know it that. I need I need to roll it out to see how audience for yourself you'll have nothing I know it that it's given me a lot Mike IO at that. Somehow this all got started with a Tom Brady June keep his kid. On the Tom vs times if you haven't seen the video clip Tom Brady's in his backyard. And he's he's like doing pocket presence drills and is like eleven year old kid is pass rushing and Tom Brady June some out in the kid falls down the other kids got horrible technique. Our I don't know its greatest quarterback of all time you can't teach your kid to break down nearly give Dwight Freeney out there to teach secured a move to it's not doing you any good Tom maybe if you had a bet for maybe if your kid did you better look Hewitt won a Super Bowl this year just say and you know give me a better look kid we get an eventful showed they would talk about. But not a lot of huge breaking news today so we you know we can do we can give me cobra read two each Regan is today much like. Apocalyptic children proud record breaking show Ford did begin with breaking down the risk damaging nature of football could in the apocalypse how do worthy but this chaps committed this because those also seem to make a lot of appearances right. Now it's going with comfort at that point. I don't blow air green you are busy talking that but the letter provides good turns out that's why you're in the desert mountain now clouded champs around. How about the one and done rule ended in the MBA which I don't think is good for either league we're gonna talk about John's hatred of the National League set to get to year team's hot National League hate Greinke dad doesn't throw his news Shearson gambling news quite possibly the worst day ever for Papa John are all kinds of get to maybe some GM broke quotes. Talk about knowing when to walk away too. There's something sad happening in this weekend in sports to one of my favorite athletes of all time. And I wanna talk about how hard this is to do include lean. On the back end of this I've got a beleaguered on a WNBA story that actually think is pretty compelling and interesting we. We talk soccer yesterday for like half an hour I don't WWW at some point I do you wanna bring up a WBA story but I hate. Surely believe that it is actually eight interest in WNBA story. With a valid point there will be fun to discuss so let's get to today on the fourth believe or not record break team. Forster in addition the six hazard primetime and fan. Sanity though. Oh my goodness. First segment there any other kind of apocalypse talk your. Vocalists are at the theory of what they're gonna do in the apocalypse. And think he wants that's a problem with the Walking Dead is like to watch the beginning of it and and get you have to suspended its the zombie apocalypse. But stuff is just it's so blatantly. Goes against everything that EU should do in the apocalypse. That it is it's hard for me to suspend that belief and that saints and Eagles on suspending the belief of zombies well that's my point it's like going. It's I don't see the avengers and nitpicking again yes. It's a superhero movies I understand so just there's some common sense things like where they held the shoulder pads. Not one bears show the best of the zombie apocalypse where does the meat go. Now to be fair is like season three they hold up at a prison which I think it's pretty Smart yes the one to Vegas like to ride out they were rocked the right that's my point late in the is in the zombie apocalypse the zombie bites you right. Why now where things that prevent the zombie from biting against the right here at Sears here's my biggest prop I could survive the Walking Dead zombie apocalypse was some rolled up newspaper in some duct tape. It's. That's possibly true yeah bite into this spring copier vote. Oh yeah all he's walking around with that he Barrick catalog forward on us just don't walk in people right not an avid shopper. That good luck here's my problem right up your lease with the Walking Dead universe. It's Atlanta. As for stifling hot has yet to go up north would you work your way to a more temperate climate the Atlanta don't. And you just got to hang around in Atlanta and when they do leave Atlanta they go to Washington DC it's a very high wooden a be slowed down by cold weather if you have further north and Tommy's would be a lot there or there's a whole fear like in all seriousness not to get off on a tangent here. But I have this feeling the first hour of this programs they want to do it just didn't hear all the. If you're there's a there's a book written by Max Brooks and it's called world war easy demeanor really start credit yet have you read in a world wars heat up awesome. Max from Mel Brooks is kid actually wrote wrote the book and it's really good. And it's written from a perspective those kind of after the zombie apocalypse and it and it goes back and it's kind of Quinton Tarantino nonlinear storytelling. And it talks about all these different things kind of like. The cut the war the humidity has survived the apocalypse in their comic cleaning up the mess and and one of the things that they discussed and there is yes the winter. Would totally slow down you have hobbies would freeze and Mount Snow and ice and you'd be stuck in and part of this book is. Kind of a foothold that humanity takes against the zombie invasion happens during the winter because humans have the advantage again during NASA yes that's all. I would agree but in the Walking Dead ages happily stick around Atlanta all summer. Not only are the zombies rotting which has to just be off leaves the spell smelly in them but you're in Atlanta in the summer just cruising around showers that's not good now and like it finally brought sweat alone would be enough to make me wanna just end it right like if you're up in Vancouver BC now you can go right here 24/7. And pretty much we say put your. We're in the right here in Atlanta 24/7 now and the moment you take it off to get a little cool breeze at your best when your throat it's a bit out at the so that's my biggest problem with the Walking Dead is that. I'd be like hey you guys are great gimme my little rations here I'm gonna take one of these jeeps I'm I'm headed to a more better collect a better climate. All you need to avoid. That zombie apocalypse is some decent car audio and a brisk walking today there's a little bit of truth the other part that jams me up like stress armies to me the most terrifying thing in the world. By dawn of the dead zombies or 28 days later like the rage virus zombies that's scary stuff Walking Dead zombies get bicycle. Why can I get a writer for many many miles you know what I'm good. It is something happens to my bike I can jog and if I can't jog I can briskly walk in the other direction no zombie is ever getting me watch this as I walked away somewhat at a medium pace loosen. I knew you you'd let your guard via a I think is not I think you do quite well in all honesty and if I had to pair up with somebody for the zombie apocalypse I think we could pull it off yes I and I have these certain moral flexibility that I think would serve me well I'd argue about I think you would do quite well on the zombie apocalypse cart deal for me would be a problem. I'd probably get beaten but. I think just common sense I could figure out away. To deal with the IE BR IRA but also knowing you you'd let your guard down like that like week early in this challenging process we would stumble upon like to build. A freezer today Chinese restaurant that was still working and Anemia and and you we'd fry up some portray her eyes and you'd take it map and he'd wake up and they'd be eating your face off. And that's how would end for you that is true. But you know what if you're gonna go out go doing something you love tiger has taken a napping eating Chinese food I agree probably some day drinking up but I never really understood that theory of you know like with someone dies nightly died doing what he's look he's still he's still gone yeah I'm not a big fan. I'd rather be doing something that I didn't love and be alive than dead doing something that I loved totally agree. People I got like about this if you'd die if you have to die. In were much much prefer Bolton was doing some and you. Well what I've got you rather die when a mole like he's like some do die of something you love there's some like extreme sports bro. And end any die is like doing something extreme like with three X is on it if he's trying to be Vin Diesel world's biggest bungee jump and our snapped his values died doing what he wanted. And I Gatti indicted 26 consumers are you tell yet. At 26. What I was doing isn't what I wanna do it 39 for and what you have 39 is better than when I was 226. Weeks I did. Better trust me there's a lot of cool stuff you can do so I'd rather do. Slightly less cool stuff for longer than one big cool thing. And die when I'm twenty you know what else would suck like if you died like after your day of work. Yeah like if you're gonna die die before works you don't have to go to work well this is the bomber they saved that most heart attacks. Happen after work and it happened like around like 4 or 5 o'clock because like the distress of the day I wanna be get it over with early in the days or you're done we haven't had a guy one time. Well I played football and an issue we had a guy. They got hit by a car crossing the street after practice law and he got clip I mean it wasn't awful he was fine but he got clipped out right crossing we were going did dinner after the practice and we were going across stadium why they're in Pullman. In a car ran a stop sign or some and he gets clipped he jumped up on the hood and rolled over and everybody freaked out went runner over to him TJ you're pretty good job and we get to him he's laying on the ground and he was a little scraped up but he was fine and we got to women were like do you okay. And he Eagles wide could that happen before perhaps. Off all he was mad about is that he had to practice and then give her some help that happen before practice. And he gets out of practice. It's like you you're gonna get fired you fired me from home right you call me come in because I assets are never like whenever I got cut the NFL which was plentiful. Got mad because they make you comment to CB GN just cut me. That I'm Kat I know that I'm getting cut. I got myself out of my locker don't make me come into the facility. To hold drive that I got to me just tell me over the phone yep I agree two before I go to work. There's a another regretful segment. Are like oh my duty to. Are we come back I do wanna talk about this is there is a slow news day but there is eight. Eighty an event a sporting event happening this weekend. Debt with one of my favorite athletes ever. And I wish she wasn't doing it and I wanna talk about being able to walk away from something because. He doesn't know how to do it in in this sport it happens far too often in its sad. And I won't watch this week incas they just can't bring myself to do it that we come back here though. Which was forced. Trying to. Verizon. Now it's something that you've done since you were a kid that mom. And then eventually you get paid for it and you get paid a ridiculous amount of money and you get fame you get force in the goes along with it. I think walking away from that is underrated hard jerk and so much of this obviously applies to to sports because it's it's a job where there is a there's a timeline on it and then the clock is ticking the moment you become a professional. Our last it's turned over in less sure Barry Bonds and you've got bulk so you can't flip the hourglass back the other way it's intercede in the. There you go in sports the more it defines who you are yet sprite and I mean when your little kid your little kid near student in years you know this in this and you play sports. The older you get. Europe football player or your basketball player your baseball player and I remember. And just remind my own life and I'm sure you have the same same sort of experience are remembered grown up. You know your with your dad and you go somewhere. And here you energy introduces you to somebody you introduced ads right this is my son he plays football at Washington State yes this is my kid he plays a BYU them or what ever it becomes part of who you are and I remember just just for me I mean I played in college and that was it. When I was done there was there was an adjustment period where. It's kind of weird going from. This is my kid he plays for acts. And this is John he works over here you know and that's street and that was just a known name. Eli minute call if you're Tom Brady. Right and what do you do when you're no longer. Tom Brady right and I think I think it's different for everybody and but it's a real thing in and you will hear athletes talk about it all the time. And a lot of the advice you get is is find something competitive to do find something to channel your energy into. It's why so many athletes go into broadcast team in. And it gives them. A way to say close to the game which is their identity and have something to do you have to. Have that it scratched or he can drive you nuts there's been people become suicidal people become depressed right when he gets taken away from you I always use the Shawshank theory that when you're institutionalize absolutely you're breezy talk to guys your prison for 2030 years they get out of prison insights with two of the greatest in their their their life and they wanna go back yet read was here now. They I don't have anything else to do right and I was I was kind of flippant villager said it's a it's a slow news day delete story on is how the NCAA football game the video game. Is alive five years after it's the most. It's right went back and Charles Oakley stealing the hundred dollar chip from a casino in Vegas. When no easier to lead stories look like it's it's a slow day so I was kind of flip it around and I saw that many Pacquiao. Is fighting this weekend. How big boxing guy more so than I am USC I I kind of dabble in both but I I really like Boxee app were little we would watch fox it was a big you know Hagler and her ins and Tyson and that was kind of my heyday it was obviously we were a little too late for the Ali in the freezers. Now that we know of a growing up box it was a big box it was a big deal and I I've always been a fan again I'd I think there's a whole generation of people younger than us that didn't get that gap and to them. But like my son is nineteen boxing is so far I think he knows who Tyson is but that's about it that's it he doesn't he I don't think you can name one other boxer it's an entire generation that has missed is that walks in the U. Don't know anyone but Tyson awed I know more people than Tyson yet but it's boxing news. So far and anything that I've has ever interest to me now is it never was even considered right and growing up boxing to meet is the saddest the end of the boxing career. To me is the saddest thing in sports and I I I remember growing up I remove sugary Leonard I remember watching sugary Leonard. Be beaten by Terry Norris do an absolute bloody Paul. Now we'd I was obviously John we've seen the video of Larry Holmes do we don't Mohammed Ali what he did write their homes cried after the fight terra. And with an eye and apologize. Roy Jones junior. Was a hero of mine got that's who I think of when I think of this narrative and Roy Jones and watching Roy Jones getting knocked out and was studying and watching him get knocked out over. And over Holyfield and his solution is to hold it Joseph thank Holyfield came back in his late forties I think and fought. And there's some dementia stuff they're too. Manny Pacquiao is one of this ten greatest boxers of all time he's the only. Eight time division champion boxing he's an eleven time world champion. He's made more money beacon ever spend he's a congressman over in the Philippines one day he'll be president there. And yet Manny Pacquiao admire many back here is my age I am 39 years old. And I try to work out most days. But I get up and I have a hard time getting out of bed sometimes doing a cross that work out riding my bike and Manny Pacquiao is 39 in his going to go fight in a boxing match you know. And it's going to end poorly and he will not he cannot walk away from it. Mean this is a guide to peak that was unified in the hundred million dollar fights. He's he's making guys it's it's still make a lot of money he's making 1010 million dollar cheer. He's making nothing what he was a one point he's not fighting on peer review anymore he's fighting on on free. You know cable he's fighting against Lucas but couldn't hold his cup. Back when he was in his prime and yet he can't. Walk away from it and unlike football around like basketball or baseball where there's that team to tell you that you're no longer welcome here Ichiro has seen out. Big time. Inbox seen there's no one to tell you now that you can't do this anymore someone gives you bring in a pair of gloves and let you go out and fight. And it is the saddest thing I love Manny Pacquiao I've seen him fight 25 times. I cannot bring myself to turn on the TV and watch. The sad display surely it is Manny Pacquiao a shell of himself as I remember orders like watching and all leave watching and Leonard Washington. Roy Jones kind of go through this and yet they they can't stop getting in the. The rain in and boxing is such a different avenues for this because. You know what the text or of the Texas product easy huge cheer ice him. And it was hard for him to watch him go to Seattle and Denver and a cut. OK this ha well OK so but here's the thing is Jerry Rice goes to Denver he's not very good name gets cut it's okay walks away. We don't have to physically sit there and watch Jerry I guarantee you there was practices in Denver this were were people were watching and they were like this is sad you know Jerry Rice just can't -- said Willie Mays as a met then there's the people tell stories about him stumbling around it and not been able to back pedal right as a mad and what's what's sold glaring about boxing and is that. Yeah you're literally gonna go get beat up that we're gonna have to watch him get physically pummeled us and that you don't. That you don't see that you're not forced to do with that reality and any other sport. So I think it's even worse in boxing that it isn't any other arena like you said great point. In baseball football there's a team that skip the Mariners went to Ichiro and said look you just can't play anymore. We're gonna let you hang around but I can't put you the lineup anymore there's nobody can do that to Pacquiao. And as Jamaica's first give him millions of girls go to make it worse somebody's gonna get ten million dollars to go get hurt and I agree with you you almost need. I'm almost grateful that you have that in other sports where there is a system built him. Where your peers are gonna tell you listen champ you don't have it anymore and inbox team. He just don't have that. Remember the last time I got cut in Tampa I asked my offensive line coach Sotomayor wasting my time so you let me know that lucky guy. I don't know whether I should keep doing this or not and he looked at me and said there's going to be more opportunities to play this game then they're good for you. And you have to decide when that moment happens and this is that there are more producer Manny Pacquiao and boxers like him. That are good form. And I just hope that he leaves of solace faculties. And we don't see him leaving on a stretcher we don't see him years from now right. In Oman would always right. You know you you think about I know there's a lot of them out of the obviously in old. Fights that he had do you look at the beating he took the hands Larry Holmes now in you won any had no business in taking that fight not. You wonder if he doesn't take dad beating. You know maybe you Molly's still around him in his car physically. Hard herself but it's it's very stark and in your face in a physical sport like boxing you know. Are here if you did I I don't know I like Pacquiao to. I don't know that I wanna watch that but it's it's weird you you brought up Ichiro now it's sad if anyone hasn't been watching the Mariners. That he at the end of games he will run he's he's the Mariners when they win which is a lot this year thankfully yeah. They they will run out on the med team comes out of the dugout line and he is always the first or second person. And he's in full uniform wearing batting gloves and he's the first guy out on the mound to celebrate. Which is really cool that he's part of that the team loves them and everything. But it just goes to show you we talked about it on the show months ago. At some point he's gonna die. Because they're gonna it's gonna be taken away from him and he doesn't know what else to do. He literally sits in in the his locker. In full uniform yes and takes BP Bakken and and watches the game guess that's what he does. It's it's kinda sounds kind of pathetic. And you you do feel sad form because again it's all he's almost got and you know there's nothing else there in is is greatest his life is. And millions of dollars and in the fame and he'll be in the hall of fame in 3000 hits all of that. Look at how look at everything he has and look out empty it's kind of sad life is now it's weird dynamic. We come back. Charles Oakley in the news again. Not for good things but something that we all wanted to do but just haven't had the guts to pull off primetime here on the fan. I realize that gives you an opportunity don't fan. Who hasn't wanted to ask you take back. A bad at a Las Vegas casino with. Dig vaccines yeah I don't seasons Rockingham there. Mean to do that. We've done that before were maybe you with the the gloomy mind right. You have eight EU always lose unless on that one hand you bet big and then you can that you take the house guests. We've all done that before where maybe you you you put down a little more than your your comfortable. You're like yeah I just I I've I got a feeling I'm going all in. And then you know you. But the one thing that you can't do in Vegas is you can't reach out and you can't. Change your bet that's Joseph Pesci could in good fellas that's a bit of a known he did you that China yeah or just see no one that was casino wasn't good fellas but Joseph pressure or Japan Shia so god beaten with a baton and dumped into the desert pressure should give people it anyway. This is kind of a sketchy dude that's what I've heard you're not that they gates and a she's got connections and you know that he was also involved in the creation of the the four seasons. Really yeah election relied in real life on an idea if you go see Jersey boys. Joseph Pesci was one of the guys that kinda helped put the that group together and they had in. Criminal I had mob ties it got one of the guys from the four seasons after yours when they got in all of the legal trouble he works he's a joke that she's personal assistant I'm excellence at parish. See. Some connections Annika but she can't we just do that of Oakley who just seemingly finds his way into the the headlines a surprise anybody really does it it's like the whole Pacman Jones thing yesterday with him get a unified at the airport. I get that Pacman Jones. Aqib technically didn't do anything it was the guy that assaulted him. But it's their hearts it's Pacman and you know it's not that hard to avoid situations when you find yourself in them time and time again that's something you're doing. Charles Oakley is one of these guys but I guess Oakley was that a casino. And it doesn't say which ones says he was at a Vegas casino in it doesn't say what he was playing although I'm gonna assume blackjack. He so I guess he put down a bad and then allegedly tried to take back day 100 dollar chip. Being wagered after realized that he was going to lose. And I guess they reviewed on the security camera and they found out the yeah he indeed take in the money back he'd taken the chip up the table. And they arrested him into a I got to. Know that you can get arrested for that it was frowned upon they kick out of may be leg break out of anger I was gonna say I thought they took Q did the secret room in the basement put your head and vice. I hope this. I hope that eat well first of all yes you know that happened it didn't happen my question is does it happen now now now I don't think it does anymore does it have. Happening cool places that we don't go to beat crawl I hope so I think we Caesars IB MGM but I do welcome Blake who cool seeger casino or in the high rollers room that if you do get into Terry Benedict for too much guess he'll go to give kill you then don't go to work I like to believe that yes I. I know that this is wrong of me but I want to believe. That that stuff goes on and I kind of think it's cool yeah as well it's. There's a reason we like those kind of movies as it's kind of cool I wanna take pliers or someone's fingernails now but I want to know that if someone cheats the wrong guy for any gets caught. Someone is gonna take a blowtorch to his right ideal miseries sledgehammer thing. You are the risks knowing and hide it again if movies are taught us anything and I'd like to think they have. I think that does go on in play and you said it perfectly in places we're not cool enough to be yes yes I Diego's on I don't wanna know that if you go into the casino and a five pay enough money or look a certain way that I end up in the basement of the deer hunter and with some Vietnamese guy young did well. I I want that to go on but I guess like a locally there there's say that he he was arrested got put in the cubs and he could face one to six years in prison. If he's convicted of fraud and gaming establishment while. As not to be indicted yet that's still not sure I. Know that doubt was I didn't know you got arrested for that and I needed either but I aggregated to mean I would pick I take your shadow problems the worst she'd gotten. I thought they just would take your money and they. Kiki out of the casino although Charles Oakley a representative Greg s.'s bid TMZ had as someone close to Oakley said this is an incident again matter you'll be quickly resolved. But I feel like Charles Oakley says that a lot yeah I think that's the standard Charles Oakley line when you DK data makes games or whatever it's like it's it's never when you've got to get in trouble it's never your fall right auto please fall Euro is an innocent dig down you never did anything about it but. I appreciate the bad idea deed against doing because we've all been there we've all plays that bad and that roulette wheel spins or you get the the of the you know the flopped Gere played poker. Or again you get of a car flipped over by Jackie and I can via its. That's that's no good nineteen hit me twenty pity Tony 1 AME Torre did at all. There was once. When I was in. The eighth when I I just got done I'll never got cut from the Buccaneers the Broncos now I cut a bunch and that's what I flew to Vegas for the arena football. Mean it was the exit I forget which 11 of those that there was the arena league they flew me to Vegas. Sued for like to try out. And there was the biggest debacle I've ever seen in my entire life you've never seen organization as poorly run. As the arena football 00 yeah I was gonna suffer you're gonna be specific about the biggest team now as I was gonna bring you. The Portland forest dragon is it is so bad yes but they've put me up Ed at terra those hotel and casino. And this is what these little things like cut off the strip for whatever and I played. I press the first night and I'd I'd want a little bit I think I was up maybe he's six or 700 bucks. As I collapsed pretty cool so did little trapping an arson around moved the baton as my blog go gambling boom while go back to the craps table and I thought to myself. The more I play. The more likely that you have to lose is as gonna go play blackjack made entirely get Chia and so I've put it all odds the biggest ever had that on on one hand I'd I would ever was it was a couple hundred bucks somewhere to maybe six in her box. I I played on one hand of blackjack and I think you know either double my money. Or all all lose it and if I play Obama and brave enough to do that the only time it's the biggest bet that I've ever had at one thing and I laid it down and it was the same thing they flipped over and I got like at dubbed the king. They she flipped it over and I got like three at all and I think you've got to be kidding me she shone like an eight. And I Mike I have to hit flips it over another phase card bus gone yeah I was so pissed and I was like if I went over a play craps chances are. As the loser anyways both excited and it was kind of fun. I've never done that before and I just I kind of got a while there did tell my wife about it. She didn't need to know that won the money in the first place and it is thought to be kind of cool one end. Edgar walked away with like you know 17100 bucks straight to her bucks or it I've I walk away with with nothing and let's do it. Now here's the problem I'm Charles Oakley in leaflets over that thirty Emeka I knew he needs to keep got money right back mean to bet that you go to the slammer for six years. Speaking of crappy football leagues there's crappy league football news will be come back and not the NFL all the do you have an update on the LeSean McCoy story prime time here on fan.