Primetime 6.19.18 Hour 3

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, June 19th
Hot 5 at 5, are the Blazers going to do something good on draft day, and the Mike Leach tweet story.

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. It's 5 o'clock and go bifurcated the rise again as soon as more of a little. This is a draft we can they should know that prides nor does it considered grab a nicer way buildings enter your summer after a project and remodeling your online. As if you are WAY. Dot com and try and more advise against duke guns NAV I think it's really sexual. Australian. Right final four here on as a fan it's a Rawlins is okay. The special offer for a year now we have our 1080 the fan. Golf classic and next week it's Monday and Tuesday for the listeners it is sold out. It has been sold out for awhile and only sells out fast it's out at Langdon farms and it's always get time. In our shows will all be out there broadcasting live in everything Monday and Tuesday but we have held back to foursome is. In our golf tournaments. To raise money for Special Olympics or again so what we're gonna do is. You can use the fan text line at 553 a five and just text in your bid on how much you'll page. You your bros zip for a foursome in our golf turn it in the highest bid at 530 in only 25 minutes. Will win we have one for Monday and one for Tuesday so please specify if he would like it did please specify which days of good today in the amount. And a leash is watching the tax back in the back in her lair back there regarding got 600 for Tuesday. And when you tax those in. Here's a ten dollar and eighty cent. A it now please remember that these went for 500 dollars for a foursome yes that includes this hospital that includes the baseball isn't half. That they're making for us this year. You've got to fifty dollars for the Nike pro shop be get all your food get couple drink tickets to go along with that and wildlife. Family friendly fun. Out of the golf course is well here really is a great guy. Good duck term when the better ones. Boeing and guys always since this is such a great term and Iran a lot of tournaments yeah and they do a great job about the courses though is in great shape and this is it's it's a great time you wanna be partisan reason why so every year if you didn't know this is been in the news recently that the S special in its organ had to cancel their summer games ago here because. Other ran out of money so we got to more than ever me raise more money for them. And so on the money will go directly to special Victorian so text 55305. The amount you would pay for your foursome. And please specify the day Monday and Tuesday Elise is back there watching him and at 530 shall contact. The two highest bidder one from and they want to do is they are already at 600 for Monday and 600 for tees broke so hopefully we get that up again tax write off and goes to wonderful cause and you get to come out. And golf balls. All right coming up here. It's NBA draft week will the blazers. Do anything of note. Anything at all. What are you laughing at I just. You you're such a Debbie downer like when it comes to it I said was would they do anything of note there was some stink on that and I'm gonna do as you and it's that there was a there was a purpose pitch. What is up with Bryce Harper being and so liberated. Maybe we could talk about the Mike Leach social media gaffe boy wasn't that there's and that's one of the reasons why. Big schools or higher and the ESPN body issue is coming out camera it is an analyst of who you'd seen naked. I don't care that it's just like we're gonna get the typical like you know handsome men gorgeous women like when the oddities. Like when we get them down oh forks or the it was a Gary Player there was an error and a few oddities Italy is. The light Aggies have and it's gonna Pique my interest so those things coming up right now the hot that'd. Odd topics and opinions. Aren't they and I'll bear. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot on private Bible. Isaac and soon. Refresh my frost brewed Coors lines download the reward happens starter in points towards one of the kind experiences game tickets and rewards. Yeah. Number flies in the World Cup. Mike. China and soccer right in Japan to. Columbia one correct Columbia got a red card in the third minute of the match their flight with ten men in the entire time. And still almost came out the drama game Japan won virtually. Senegal to. Poland one that is an upset Senegal's very fun team to watch and they got a really controversial goal. After the fourth official sent a guy who was hurt back on the pitch and basically led directly to Google because he sent off onto the pitch when the ball's going towards the other. Russia three. Egypt. One Russia all but guarantees their spot in the knockout round it's not official but their goal differential is seven. Mouse to be pretty hard to believe you want the biggest story we definitely does he has good. Men 20/20. 24 years hopefully that you know the biggest story coming out of the World Cup today they're running out of fear I think yes. And aggression together so beer in Russia did they have not and yet they said they were. If they expected people to be drinking alcohol. Like hard news and they're not people who just drinking beer and they're running out of bed and they can't get enough as idiots the World Cup is going to be dry. People are going to be good for us they carted part of exactly and there are already running out of beer Lincoln I felt Russia. All right at the college World Series Mississippi State North Carolina they are supposed to play last night that the you know the rain and think yeah they played a Mississippi State hammered North Carolina twelve to. So that means the beavers will now play North Carolina again tomorrow. They've set the game time for 4 o'clock our time elimination game remember they've played in the opening round of the college World Series. And that was the longest nine inning game in college World Series history went for a half hours so the winner of North Carolina Oregon State would then go on to play Mississippi State it would have to beat him twice in order to make. The final. Also today Florida beat Texas. 621 in elimination games so Roger Clemens. Key it is out and then now Arkansas Texas Tech got postponed. Rain. And lightning and stuff yet weather's been with the Dodgers on the Florida game that was. Really coming down the people trying to get those. Corey lottery is creating a mobile app with sports betting and it's coming soon although. When they don't know be first generation the app will be out later this summer in light seeking and winning the lottery ticket that's is the kind of lame. Yes I said earlier this week rolling out when you get it all dialed it down. They are gonna roll out various games including sports betting in cases overtime now one nugget worth noting we talked about this earlier that war against nine tribal casinos. Given deal at this stage they can only offered these sports gambling games that the Oregon lottery offers no I have no idea about that. But they're four. The rep from the Oregon lottery says it would just be better if they all worked together yet but the the tribal casinos in origin cannot go out on their own. And offer sports wagering more extensive than anything lottery is. Water just comes to us who like sports action that's going to play there have been two. Her real clear picture and if so who could then just go ahead and open up sports book on non tribal. And congressional hearing on sports betting in DC is scheduled for next week. And I believe the NFL has been invited yet Obama well because the NFL and all the other leagues want any federal law passed. So that they can skim off the top of the NBA for the first minute proposed as they wanted in the integrity tax. When the NBA wanted 1% of all revenue. To make sure that everything was on the up enough and oh by the way to line their pockets blazers give a secular catchy and Bernie Simon's. He is I'm nineteen year old Murrow who did not go to college is usually committed to Kentucky. He says NI NG academy. So he he's already worked out wants now he said he chose the blazers work out today over one in Memphis because he felt the blazers wanted to mark. So he has worked out twice. Or three teams the blazers the magic in the lakers he's got like four who were set up though. It's a he's a guy that it was a with a top ten top fifty player he looks like child coming out of high school yes he's what 1819 years old. But he's 64. I guess he's TC Bradley can shoot the ball a little bit and you know who knows is if this guy into Buena vida plays but it certainly does sound like either side is Heidi mirror finish these. For the others NBA comparisons according to NBA draft dot net to this and pretty Simon skin. Malcolm Lee and Josephine young. No number that day did you sports fans Stein and no assists no no it does. The blazers since I was really hoping you're getting to be a better count there there are people who begged yeah. NBA comparison LeBron James is Kobe Bryant picked it. What is said of her life Gilligan only deep hole or something in the blazers pick 24 in Thursday's draft and a number one we've got some baseball stuff this is late breaking. The giants is it was as good giants just lost their closer hunter Strickland. Because he's a hot head and he punched a wall and now he is out for 68 weeks she pulled the LeBron James and broke his hand he'd never use the group that got into it. Bryce Harper. A Sevilla got that two of us last year and Strickland Wear Bryce did a helmet that haven't been able kind of exchanged blows even looks like a total. Shaq and a taillight the royals tagged in the few times in that World Series that may be really happy if if if that he is out six to eight weeks now the mayor's yankees. And headed to the fifth in New York they're open and has set out there in new York and up. It is one. 21 did say that you look at Seattle right they split the series against Houston. Swept the angels salute the angels are struggling but he split with the Sox. And now you've got new York and Boston back to back. Joe's play in the big boys right now and and there are hanging tough to get a split here and the Astros are gone to their thirteenth straight win have you seen their scheduled to it is paper soft. They are in another at home they're taking on the rays tonight the hot cited five refresh by prosperous course like download Coors lights new rewards happened start earning points towards wanted to kind experiences. And game tickets. I let's find out who's gonna get naked for us. Talk a little bit about what to expect from the blazers. In the NBA draft. And Mike Leach was a little bit and social media gas a year and not this is the best look for him shall be discussed 515 on the fifth. This is a draft which they should know primetime revising ensued. You nicer way buildings answer on 1080 those trends. We each school the blazers Dre. Or holy trinity I don't know. What they train for what will they do. They really have anything to trade legacy trade future draft day trek this goes. Should the blazers moved up like into the top ten will of course she'd like to move up in the top ten the problem with that is they shed they should she vision of up to number one on tonight a year the the issue that is is you won't trade game CJ or Collins which is the only three players you have that anybody wants don't you think they're just gonna take some idiot Tony for emerald and I don't I'm all right cool hopeful please get probably consume maybe if there's someone that they like maybe in the teens. She moved from 2418. Or whatever thanks let's say they really like this era pretty Simon's guy. And they don't think he's gonna be available at 24 impressive in the work out I consume given up something future orb. You know I don't know deal no doubt a role players they can. And and trying to find a way to move up a couple spots but no not gonna get up into the lottery. So I feel like lasagna night I don't think that's gonna have a that's like the other thing that that could happen is naked be part of the deal. Opted to trade one of their bad contracts like an Evan Turner. Or a Meyers Leonard you know one of those but you'd have to move back in the draft and or do that. Not necessarily a Yousef to trade he did that take your trade future picks and you eat nobody's is gonna take those contraceptive. In semis but that you know to the draft night there's a lot of chatter you know GMs are talking to one another active moving pieces and so I think while that's the one way that they can be acted as. They can look for ways to dump a little bit of that salary. Whether you'd get into a big trade for. Collide Leonard or something. Or in your third team or facilitator you can find a way to dump one of those guys there is a chance that they're able to do that but other than that I think they sit there 24. And they take a guy at 24 and in case you're looking at that area of the draft you're seeing guys who are always kind of in that area the draft first Bob this year there's a lot of guards in that area. And second it's always guys that you know really. Generally won't be able to create their own shot but they're athletic and they look the part of the aren't that skilled and Iran that's what you get when you pick Tony fourth. The other thing that I think is as you've seen that if you get acquire Leonard domino that falls or something like that. I'll whip did you trade exemptions that you have could you pounce on on someone looking to clear the deck let's say differences the lakers. Are trying to make a move to bring in odd to see LeBron. And Paul George and end and make a deal for quite Leonard gives you said KG BF a third team facilitator in that end media a coups and or a Judas Randall or someone like that somebody needs to make room to try to make a play for one of those big guys united to be in play for any of the big name free agents. But you might be able to swoop in and and with those two trade exceptions be a in B of solicitor beautiful culture and maybe grab a guy that went. Grab a guy might. You mean like 20 against let's save fearless and disease the lakers because it's that's that's off the top of my head because that's obviously. Meaning that like a young guy or a young guy the to the lakers need to clear space it a shot and guys are usually the guys out the door because they've got to make way for LeBron Paul George inquire Leonard in the salary goes along with fat you're gonna have to move some pieces into data gives give up something to get on exactly but Whitbread trade exemption bro you may be able to to do that if you want to go over Paul Allen has you may be able to do to grab something. That normally you would be able to because you're gonna be a facilitator in order to make that work and you can take one of those on a Taylor and then the trip exemption may be able to get something. Maybe I was come true ended to look on the bright side if you want your final Shays I'm not but I think you Ralitsa if you are going to be active in the draft I think something like that is a lot more active than find a way to move up to fifteen in drafting guys. A thing about this today. And the whole Weiler thing you mentioned so so the lakers right now have coli Leonard LeBron James. Paul George potentially all three. Lined up. To walk onto their airplane they all wanna play there and Italy's at least quite Leonard has another year otherwise all three could barely. Come for the lakers put yourself in magic Johnson's shoes yeah. Or or you could say. Let's say this is the blazers the blazers have the lakers roster and LeBron JE. Coli Leonard and Paul George are lining up they wanna come play for you now. How do you not. Make that happen right like Magic Johnson is the biggest idiot in the world if he cannot. Make this work they they they are falling into his lap and he has pieces. That can make the moves worked he may need of it in to grab some other teams to facilitate like we were just talking about but. If Magic Johnson does not end up with that threesome is on is aimed more on it is absolutely on him. So think what you be saying people say they had that. Like on his plate you'd be saying trade it doesn't matter who you trade you'd like you cannot lose that trade Writely you there is nothing that is a rip off in that deal if you end up with. Paul George coli Leonard in the Bronx the whole. Only thing that you could say to that is there is a chance. That that this terrorists who is that is there GMs that Buford ran. And Gregg Popovich just say. Now we date we don't know or don't that's the whole thing they'll all Magic Johnson has to do is keep. Upping the price but here's the thing king knew that there are there are they are at least. Two teams they can offer better that way you can offer and one of those being in the Boston Celtics crank it up. Offer more and I seriously doubt they want to come play for use that's that's the difference. And I can imagine that's. You know I get the you'd have to build a roster renovated you're talking about a Big Three that could actually beat Golden State or compete within. You talk about the versatility. And the F lettuce is about 6969. LeBron James the complaint what all five positions for being on as Paul George can play four positions in court Leonard can play three he had three of the best defenders in the league yes. And all the guys they can create their own shot idea and that can we can give you twenty to 25 a night and also peppered in with seventy rebounds seven davis' so. Magic Johnson. It's all right in front yes. If he does not make this happen he is a complete idiot or he just didn't work hard enough to to get it done like it's it's to me it seems like lined up for it is lined up for a minute seems like it's just about. Hit the pavement like make it happen now you can do that you just have to. Make the calls and and you can leverage a few things you know you can leverage LeBron aged you know you can leverage coli is injury history but just sweeten that pot until it's done and you need core Leonard you need to get Kweisi year and basically tell quite Leonard and uncle whoever hits making decisions to tell anyone else. That under no circumstances like re sign with due to lower the value. You tell local Leonard to tell the spurs you either trade mean LA. Or you're not gonna get Jack squat for me because I will not re sign him and if you want. That's the agents that's where the agent comes incident here's the question quite letter wants out of the San Antonio. How bad does choir wondered why Leonard wanna end up in LA or is he just want out and I wants an LA is are you said that yes but again is he willing to do what it takes is he willing to pull a Carmelo Anthony be like no you will send me here or nowhere else. Does that may force the spurs fans. Because if you if your boss and yours or your treaty for quite Leonard and he'd tell you under no terms like re sign review it kills the value and that makes LA. The only viable option that we don't know quite Leonard is willing to do that all right what do Mike Leach do now that's next here's Mike. This is a draft which edition of primetime advising can suit crap do you nicer way building center on generating program. Christ I 34 on the stand up lol Mike Leach. Is back in the news. And I heat tickets heat he has some dealers and it's it's stuff like this. Why did Tennessee's of the world. In the bigger programs gist EU Mike Leach can win anywhere Mike Leach is a really good coach but this is why he's at places like Texas Tech and Washington State in the that the beings won't touch it. I don't know whom are my mother. A little unfair no I don't think it's unfair I think it's based on this one tweet I don't know I think it's it's it's stuff like this I think he is that he's kind of allowed I think he scares a lot of administrations night get bad but this this. Incident in particular. I feel like is being overblown I I feel like gum. I know sometimes. Let me ask you this no let me ask this. Will all the kids you've got our movie at right. The today's Wednesday at how well let me ax you this. Yeah. Is social media that corporate for why it seems we make every little thing a big deal I think there's an element to it. That leaves the best read that I've I've heard this poet and I've I wish I could remember who did it's in his prime. Don't don't think it was you may be ugly and even a social media does it grabs at this. So. Back in the day and a great minds of our generation clearly Buena island a mathematician Nike one of fields medal is amazing at Lawrence. Valedictorian sustained if it had twenty people. Debt. Wendy's is more crazy or outlandish today than they were thirty years ago. But. There was always layers in between. Them. And the public you had publicists you had JD's you had you know what ever they were there was always people that would. Isolate these sorts of opinions. And now with social media there is no barrier. You're gaining people's direct spots you're gaining people's from top melts to your years. And there's no went to protect people from themselves. And that is the beauty but also did that terrible nature. Of social media. Is that when you put a phone in a coach's hand in the president's hand in a NN actors hand there's no one anymore to ask that person assets liberty asked that coach is this really a good idea. Get all popped up on it BM. Or you just sit there on your house you're like well OK send it here you go in the before you know you're like holy hell no and now we have real time reaction to. Oh for sharing that got Mike in trouble here yeah and a lot of people have been getting in trouble on Twitter because of what you just mentioned. However I would say Mike Leach hasn't been a problem on Twitter this is that this is an isolated incident is actually kind of interesting on her I think so look. Look here's how I view the my cleats thing and if you don't know what he did he's heap he'd started Twitter look like. LO last year a couple of years ago fascinating on there he any you know raises very Michael each year which is great which I think is. Way more interest Steen then. You know like some coach who's just promoting that he got another kid to recruit to commit you know you know I mean yes. And so he. Tweeted a 122 video of Barack Obama. And it was a speech that he gave several years ago and it was a doctored speech that made it sound like Obama was saying some thing that he did it. Decimated sound like Obama was saying that the best way to run the country is for the elite. To basically take power in that people are too dumb and too small minded in order to understand anything. But it was that's not what he says no it was operated speech that was a fate he he said those things it was just edited yes and make it sound like he said net annually exact opposite of what he says in it doesn't matter what was set on there it's just the point is he had an Obama. Speech is twelve seconds it was edited he throws it out. And he's like hey let's start a discussion about this what do you guys think about this has always said yes and everybody of course hammered and as the video is it was fake and he didn't know that it was a the video was doctored you know well he fought it once you angle told him it was fake he's in he went back and forth for almost an entire day he shared in doubt that people know to me that was his biggest mistake like he's he doubled down on it. I might view on this is that guy he's screwed up he he posted something. That he did it fully vet yeah right like I I don't think that. He meant anything bad guy he's just likely she's just fine he's swinging from a hip and activity trouble on social media he saw something he he did obviously wrong. A court with him. Anywhere with it as opposed to to looking at it and says that the problem is that once she found out it was fake eat you kind of got to. Got back down oh for sure I can heat but you know how that is too that's ego. But how many times you do you know your Ron. But you don't you don't back down don't don't act like he has that wry smile with all gunmen alliance says it's just a very normal response. T it's a very human response to say oh that's not my point even though he knew he was wrong he would double down a single that summit point. Doesn't matter of his doctor let's talk about this idea and if that's what he was trying to accumulation of dogleg gear refusing to accept the fact that it rained all weekend. Right when it's your wrong you clearly back off your idiotic but he's got an ego and he's he's just like. The rest of us he's human yeah and he would he be tried to kind of gloss it over what he sensed. You know deleted the tweet and it's all moved on I just like sometimes on shall social media. We make little things into much bigger deals and it seems like they're bigger deal when they're really not it's just. Did Twitter kind of flames that you know yeah and so I I just don't think this is that big of the deal I just feel like he'd screwed up. He got fooled by something fake on the Internet which is happened to all of us. I liken this to. Two like to Phil Mickelson gaffe the other day in US open where. Look who hasn't done something they're not proud of on a golf course and then we just sweep we fire and fury just. Counts are not allowed. We're not allowed to make mistakes anymore because when you do make a mistake we coffee to be fired and no apology is enough and and I'm with you but I'd just. Feel like we need to give him a pass on the Islam I do think there is something to the fact that this sort of thing keeps him in. Well I in this just stuff like this keeps him in no man's land for a lot of bills or reason why when. Tennessee was going to hire him. They had a deal Mike Leach. Was going to Tennessee. And when they ran that up the flag pulled the powers that be at Tennessee they ran the other way and it's stuff like this Kazaa I ask you the question is there a another coach and a power of five program. That you could see having this problem. This problem as in the is this this specific promise specific thing because to me this he was already like that like that's just hit it exactly and this is so this doesn't change doesn't anyway think. But can you imagine. Eight and Urban Meyer Gary Patterson and eight I. And it just in certain whatever Chris Peterson could you imagine another power five coach. Happiness 'cause I can't Yankee is he's not a lot he is unique in that way and I think it's wide heat for his entire career has been at Texas Tech and Washington State and will stay there but that. That I'm not arguing he's he's. Borderline crazy yes he's on the spectrum but he's he's a type of guys on this guy he is I mean he's just he's a little off and that's fine he's a good cup I think he's a good coach of the Giza perfect fit at Washington State. And whatever Tennessee didn't hire somebody echoes of anonymity didn't hire him I totally get where you're saying but I just feel like on this particular instance. This is a nice bit of people flew way off the handle on this and there really was no reason to you I mean is there any sense on there like just how McCain. Lucky guy should had done any made a mistake it does anybody think that or do we just fire off we just fire me fire off just horrible things. When we see something like with Phil Mickelson did or what my cleats during. Kindly to be honest here for saying it it's it's one of the reasons why IE. The people ask me sometimes like I don't. Tweet a lot I know you've really you've kind of got away from that too right. Even tweeting and I zones to be in I think we're gonna be on the same page and a delay you're not saying I can't just reached the point where. I don't really wanna be active on it because I'm afraid. Of something I'm afraid of of seeing some paint. I'm afraid of of voicing my my opinion and having to be misinterpreted or catching me in a bad moment or joked he gets interpreted the wrong way I'm just. It's it's not worth it to me it's not worth my job it's not worth my sanity to it is to go in to that end and for mean. I it is I'll be lucky if I post may be three or four things on their week and a lot of that is because of this. There's just been too many times we're clearly I'm like you've got to be kidding me I'm getting yelled out for this. Remember you know one of the things that they've kind of they're broke my back was when I was talking about a partner who is. The two organ the two girls that work for organ state. Danish words and I'm good enough and human challenges which Colorado. And they were talking to date basis of the the effective. They hate it when when men tried to explain football to them and I clearly. Clearly made a eight a joke. About. If you show me explaining football to them and it just ate it led to this this whole thing and make you need to apologize unlike now on I'm done right it's just. I won't be a part of anymore I don't wanna be apart of it this social media serves a purpose I did I get it but for me. I just choose not to participate anymore for this exact reason we're talking about with the Mike Leach thing even if you have good intentions or not I just think it does more harm then get it. It certainly can and and I'm with you on that it's it's it is very. You gotta tread lightly on there you really got to think about what you're doing then sometimes that's just. It's your right it's not worth it year it's not that's the best they sage is sometimes it can be not worth it yeah like. I would love to just tweet everything I think in and put stuff on there and to see you at six speed is he really can't do that on at all and I I've gone away from. Reading comments serve or anything like that it's just. It's just not worth eating get really sucked I think what happens as you get you to get sucked so far down that you feel like. Like the like every the whole world thinks that way York this is a really big deal when it's really not like that was probably to Mike Leach a huge deal in the athletic department go when the reality that is if he just letting go the small it's a small like what they say like. Eight to 9% of the population is even on when it gets people fired in FaceBook there's like 85% and gets people fired all the time because of the bid vocal. Damage done minority on there that just that screams and cries about every little thing and it's just. Aid gets to be too much and it's quite frankly it's not. In here like I see something on their whether it's that the current immigration policy and to me I look at that I'm like why the hell would I wanna say anything on there. The change anyone's opinion most can lead to is it is these people yelling at me. Whether it's yea me or you're the worst human being on earth and say just yet choose to keep it in my pocket and be like thanks but no thanks I passed. About eight to 9% stat he brought a prop. I think you wanna brought it up originally him. Because I've been guilty of this row you'll read it. A tweet you'll see were people are saying about it and it starts frustrating you like wait people really think this people really say best. And then you go well no. Someone on Twitter. Who might even be trolling is saying missed an 8% of people are on Twitter so a very very very very very small percent and is saying there else. And it just changes your view of I. Just think social media honestly is one of the worst things to come along and in. Fifty years I think it's it's fine if he's right but obviously gets abused FaceBook I'm completely off I I just I can't handle things that got Twitter like for the show. And it it to Twitter to me is a better tool. It's just it's better in small I've learned that it's better in small doses. And less is more depth and and that's how I approach to it or not you wanna go audience to grant. It's what's interesting about it you Graham which is of which is big on now. Is it's very clean and very. It's sort of like a sanitized Twitter like apple don't really get after each other on there it's more. More to show how grim analyzes more inclusive or whatever but yet it is again there's that whole element of the 2 days just I am now. Anyway I didn't think it was a big deal however. And again we're talking about the Mike Leach thing so many tech sense says this is a bigger deal and I think he bull they're making it just for the fact that this vetting issue is what has divided the nation. It's propaganda that is run amok and he's part of the machine. I spreading false facts now. And again. I just don't think he was that sinister he didn't mean he's screwed us facts he he got caught up in thinking that something was. Passer that he got and then there was one thing and it wasn't he got kind of decide we've all gotten caught and with Regis I just think we can give them a pass and it's okay get them at regardless of is of this political affiliation but took care even if who cares about it anyway. Hey it's Mike Leach it's it's Obama so that it pisses people off or that strong that it has to give up league we have gotten to a place. Well we are way too sensitive even if he does bring up those names. Think Leach I think is a is is but he's also right yeah. So it. What it would that the guy said not everything has to be a thing so if he tweets about something on the right why why is that an issue that man is entitled to you know I think it's refreshing. That in of his stature that he will tweet about things like that and now of course what this is gonna do is this is gonna make him think the same way you and I think he's we've been burned by this one again you crawl back in the rabbit hole and you know longer get a great likely to defeat that's that's what just happened that shouldn't be and that sucks and unless it's something completely. Unrelated and thick but you get like Iraq tune tweet for from me that's that's about all I'm willing to deal at this point. But I is that I -- like uses a new feature news feed and you treat her mental is it is and Uga and I it's it can be I did send those you just kind of see what the the reaction is criminal outside avenues fetus is able to benefit to me is is not worth the council speaking of news that ESPN body issues about is coming out werder gonna tell you who we get to see naked next on the fan. This is a draft which edition of primetime advising consumers. Latina dice your way of building center on 1080 those prayers and extend it. Quick little talent cleansing your forward for. In the club of her skis and Evan North Korea's story OK if you'd like it from our dear friend. And who would that be the leader. It's cricket Kim Jung un. Now people stepped retention. Iran and North Korea's story today united. Found it interesting. Okay that's. Dedicated present to you now missions that to see what you find interesting to have fascinated by that guide the boy it has nothing do with him. Okay just North Korean general. Delegates that book at trying to remember what it was if you allow me. You've recommended to me and I read it a couple of dead but boy it was about the in the interment camps escape from camp eighteen scant Arizona camp fourteen it was boy that is a page turner if you want to favor one a look of what really was going on their. That is that. Brutal read but it's solid guys and it isn't he escaped from. Can't yeah one of the and we come in prison camps who logs the Japanese game to end he's. The idealism Beijing now yeah. He's his party you know of their refusal on happier now but his story is not quite apparently anyway. The ESPN body issue is coming out gets ducked into now these are needs to their tasteful needs yeah they don't show. You know. Surprised yes yeah other steps stays stays covered by a few get the full Monty other than that in I'd like to think that I don't care about these but every year comes out we talk about on this on the show and I will and I look at them every year. As I did the exact same thing it's like a big deal that it comes out a leg all right time to stay well at times he. Kind of like it they've got a little some gone now this is the tenth. Anniversary of the SP embody shipped a sitter before and I'll say it again once you see one person knew do you wanna see all. Well and dailies do different types of athletes struggle with their bodies are like now here is the list and I'll say this for the record. It's just to give me like the hot bath and they give you that mailer and the idea to be able to like six Baghdad's in that are you know they had Kia there but. I enjoy it seemed to be. And that don't necessarily belong in the body issue. I think those people are way more fascinating OK so I'll start with that guy. Some easy died on an AR. But I'm right here working in a Google sir blacks and I've got four Unita Google anything. Well no it's not out yet nobody unseen wind if you don't know someone chances are pocketed no but I want to see what they don't believe there. So this'll be out June 25. And we will get to see naked. Greg Norman. That's going to be. And Gary Blair got me. I do remember when I told him on Twitter I said I can't wait to see you didn't expect it it it it. Of all the people that are got to be lined up now I'm open to the idea that maybe there's someone that surprises me still not clear right now the one I'm most excited about seeing naked is Greg Norton what about Jerry Rice is usenet. Jerry Rice is in it yet while the boy I am I concerned at a photo right now I'm just. A dirty player Newton live TV giant golf ball over his head out his style in good shape you can't look for a minute. Now he's in good shape and I think he might should be. In his late eighty's yeah he's he's up notes are he's only 82 putt and it still looks get this 82. He always does about that. They go you gotta look do you keep your body in shape. Terrorized. Yeah rice Norman's 63. Minds change or make these problem I'm not super excited about it. Yeah I don't. Generally think should be a means that if I don't be in shape whatever we have who doesn't have we have. Figure skater Adam row upon. He's the ad guy from the last Olympics okay he is CP. Trying to remember is he got the got into it with and he's gay guy either get together got into with the vice president yes okay. Giants Ricky sick Kwan Barkley. Is built like yet dot Mack truck the one that if you wanna feel bad about yourself like if you wanna shame yourself in the limousine I don't know forty pounds. I'm guessing he's the guy that you look at now here's on the might be interesting. Carly if any ten counts. Interest Steve I think we've seen that before though he's old Ellie is say. I mean I've kind of I don't know but I think he is back and I am look at that this Cecile little. It's not exactly DR Andre Jordan in other words if you're looking for one that you may be like wait while yeah. It might be him maybe a little litmus that this Zach Randolph of the group maybe not quite as impressive for an MBA yeah divvied Emmys Charlotte flare. CNET. That three players kid or some yet there's news out there in Connecticut thank you a hit. To Iowa they're going to be better than that well and on here about Astros pitcher Dallas eichel. Really does believe it when the beer yet. The carbon that's the drink extra. But I just. Yost sealed if we. Want. But that's good times. Maggert pinot our very own okay. Sue Bird will be naked for the exit these disorderly house though always that's always a good. They're in shape Seubert can. Men around I have to work networking Google on that softball player Lauren Chamberlain. And on women's I'm here to see Sue Bird there. Loren what. Chamberlain. Here let's put a pin this is a couple others on to tell you about but. OK I wanna see that when we'll get that Diana really the south bogged down with the U event. As soon as he was evident here. Ali lake mobile will. Look let's take a break we'll come back finish the list enamel top North Korea six clock on the fan.