Primetime 6.19.18 Hour 1

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Tuesday, June 19th
Weather talk, It's NBA Draft week, so what to expect from the Blazers this week, and an Oregon sports betting update. 

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They are listening to the primetime and eyes against duke I'm suit by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1950 to you not cute. Entire month generated both rare and as a player that's your motivation and it got as high as it's time to restock shelves of professional basketball doing that matters is and in all. Initially wanted to play with the guys who brought their level to see you do you NBA movers and shakers have in mind this is a draft recondition O'Brien John Edwards Isaak and zoom crap you nicer way buildings and terror ever summer after a project and remodeled last. Story online SH URW a YN dot com primetime on generated program. Why wouldn't do. This is sports and what to do on a beautiful day I did that three times here that it's a triple I don't know I didn't try to afforded you know Mike is it's special day. Why the special back. Well it's Tuesday. And we have those some time to time side. Get a stop short of calling it cheesy special because that that happens another reason. Is that. We have foursome is in our golf tournament to auction off today OK that's very special still. Don't know if I fully by ended been it's been a special show. On. And I say special show now don't let's not get carried away and I said special day it's. So somebody's birthday it's like ninety degrees outside right I'm sure we have some listeners to. Have their birthdays today had a birthday you know. I decided to eighty yen to 85 right now so out of Atlanta. But according to my whether rap which I downloaded they finally yeah finally got 187. Today. Finally gonna be informed that I never look at it really can't because I just go off to my whether Brzezinski do you guys from hot weather takes a news San Diego I look dad's. I looked at the long term forecast is you know now if you go to the AccuWeather one. It will give you. Master how many days it goes out. But it's a long time though do you trust I don't trust anything other than Mike had. A five day window I should it that I can trust tomorrow yeah. But like me. They do it tomorrow browse a couple of days ago they said today and tomorrow are going to be like 95 and 97 an hour in the high eighties that they know like I think the big thing around here is it's not really about temperature make it out it's more about is there a storm a movie and yet he has what's the chemistry in 87 in 92 is actually do is I was I don't get stuck in the in the wrist EL I give it is there in the ball. Yet like so they know with a week or two Reich is they can look out into the ocean and into. Big water ocean will hold her hurt and so. There was a sink or so I'm not sure Howell. Let's bass brewers happens then we're really gonna be down there and. I'm not sure how story goes out at second look at him pulled up here. But I was looking at the really long. The only daily like a month long same thing you're right I shouldn't really trust this especially like. Museum Fargo's I think it's twenty days and and it is three weeks is willing of course he'll pull up now. But it's it's dry. The whole. Time. Thank. Thank. The news San Diego man I'm telling him for the with its history during this weekend and then we had to extend thunderstorms. We have extended thunderstorms three or does that mattered in manners or I'm telling you a lot of other rose red city YouTube don't know is for 22 in the thunderstorm don't bring this up I don't say this a lot of people are upset YouTube singer. Your proclamation on yesterday's broadcast was that it rained all weekend get Reyes did did not. I don't know that last year did a raid on Sunday yes derail my young began his outpour of them all or most yes it does rain on Saturday were island second of all gold glove it did rain where I live what I'm saying it's not consistent across the entire Portland area so it didn't rain all weekend I love that you have now made it so that if it rains a little bit on Saturday in a little bit on Sunday that equates so that you when your argument rained on the weekend it rained all week you did it rains. What would all we eighty Saturday and Sunday in your brain for a significant pork part of both of those all weekend would be all 48 hours of Saturday and Sunday combine why can't she just admit you said something wrong. Now just a minute now you've got is wrong. Because the weather bros were not happy about you you don't just say it is ingrained there eighty is some guy clearly some guy that we did. The weather radar like yeah I know how I'd see exactly what scattered. Thunderstorms are much rain cannot. This goes 10 do you we're not supposed to get any more scattered shower as. 8910. And still counting 111213. 141516. Wow 1718. What's after 181922. And wanting to you to be its 2.5 Gator that it goes all out Tony by. And 25 days from now it says it will beast that's. In mid July from 84 and sunny. New in the end of precipitation. Chance now. Over all of those days the highest. Is 30%. Get those sprinklers out and that will be on Friday. June 29 I love it best sell best is the country to beater in the summertime right here in the Pacific northwest. Stick it wonderful it is that it is a beautiful day out their tea now. We do you have two forces them to our golf tournament yesterday and that's Monday Tuesday out Atlanta farms. Very. Very exciting news that I got today on my phone. You ready for the summer. Are you braced well whole lot now I am now embraced for a give it to me. From Travis baseball is the Newton. And they're doing our hats we have for the Portland project. Well right. Now baseball is yes is doing. The hat for the staying off for the and a golf clubs and golf class I think they're in bed with Portland art project you did their due and in fact I think all that stuff the bear was wearing I think all that's baseball isn't stuffing yes I think he I think that's that's coming as well. So we got two lots of baseball is a news. Yes now I mean I guess the as it pertains to us sustain Elaine here and this is what I know Peter boulevard a halt to state your lane. When I know enough that. I he shot me a picture of the hats that everyone will be receiving a detainee need to stand golf classic on Monday and Tuesday yeah and they are super cool. Well I would assume so it is a great job script stuff yet date it's there hit they're like they're due to equal last. But you know sometimes a radio play it's it's it's dodge you best it can't eBay depends on new partners like just creek outdoors did amazing things for a yes we had a lot of partners that have made really cool fans. But did their head. But other times where thanks so much. If that's a shirt that nobody's gonna let you know I mean Mike if you get those shirts and a golf term and it is disappointing we year old into a golf tournament whatever you get it you're like well that's going to my dad you're just going to new drawer somewhere that's right you're just hoping it's wearable. Yes that's issue zero is a good deal if you get issues because carefully script she news put it comes to share it's had pants bags of some sort. That's since it's a 5050 proposition at best so the hat is sued school now. And did you want that now and it's it's exclusive poll. Only for the people and go after okay. So he's he's experimenting he always wanted to you this is Travis a baseball has beaten guys wanted to try. He just had the idea to. Make them the underneath part of them. Ability captain make it it like a towel. So that you can clean your golf. Recently yen won't have Andy did it. So we've got. We've got what like a Terry told us. Yeah under cover yeah it's like it's just like that did you know it's usually green yeah. This is gonna be more of a towel he substance there that's why I went with Terry clobber you yeah yeah wrote that's right and you just rubber and Bob he's spit on your Boller or whatever I don't now. And you you can clean your ball on your hat you clean your balls yes I thought call on your hat. How technical innovation right here at the the fan while innovation do baseball isn't you know but they're they're gonna fort they're experimenting with that through our golf term tactic is what is really neat for so Monday and Tuesday. Is our is our golf term handling of farms jam packed full up been full for weeks. But we get to spots they always hold pulled back two spots to. I kick off fund raising for special editorial which is of course the beneficiary of our big radio on every year in December as you've been following the news. They had to cancel their summer games you have to get some some financing problems so with the every bit of you don't funny that we can raise their goes to a wonderful cause robe and that this the reason decent chunk of change yet they need it more than ever. And Hillary to do is a beginning at five novel prompt you. Accordingly but at death 5 o'clock or indeed assault by a taxed and so if you don't know our text. I'm number it is 55305. And from five to 530. We're gonna take bids on the force they go in remember that the money. 100% and it is going to Special Olympics or again if we don't siphon some of the sun active fund routes gambling problems although I can't confirm that you know quite frankly got and he is not gonna go to meet for sure I know I'm like number 800 on the list of if it were siphoned off who go to. But I don't know where it's gone I just assume it's going to the Special Olympics yes OK all every night every dollar of it but you know I mean if you said hey prove it. I can't do that I don't know. That is true so what I'm gonna take it at face value just just us it's all going to trust us we're on radio everything we see is true right that's right baby sort. So if you wanna play and our chairman. UK India the foursome is the only way this is it now muscled what was the cost of the foursome. For 500 bucks I think. It will was I think 500 for a foursome I must say that's right I think it was 500 yeah so the bidding will be get inside you texting you did. We'll track it by your phone number and then. Will have to the two highest bids. Add to a 530 or are playing in the tournament so then again this thing sold out no matter. The only way you get in on it and it's good value some dude gets reduced it to cool hat. Got some good fans right for it and well worth your time and it all goes a good cause and it's tax write off. Knowing that there's no other end there's another yet be yet another interest in the hat did mention that get and then fifty dollar ninety shop you mention that. And in golf pilot but you get to meet bigs you can. You. I know is there we just talked about it would be meeting I am required by law. To be there. So that's five to 530 in the meantime. We discuss sports. Yes we've got baseball sports we have basketball sports soccer sports so much sports. Yeah animus soccer today but he. What do you know that I don't know what World Cup you know what at what would not open for your hot World Cup jinx actually. Okay I have nothing in my World Cup notes for today yeah. Except. I read a story since the year two halves of the area cabinet yet it's I'd put it separate because it's its own segment yet. Because I don't like to eat too much World Cup. I mean c'mon it's not just you know what we we pepper it in again I don't know I think you crazies we just sprinkle it on its interest in I to look like paprika. But this story is separate World Cup news but it pertains World Cup and it's it's an article. On Into video money is. Didn't you hooligans. Who have you read that is the one on the Russian hooligans yes yes and a half yeah. Let's talk about I don't remember exactly what it was called but that I think it's called the new hooligans that it is unbelievable. That they get really big they've taken over from Germany and erection like you know known are Germany and England you know how to who begin. We know how to who again if you have ever wondered what's become of the soccer who again we will be able to tell you when we when we conduct this segment and so. That I do have in the notes for the you know for a brief time for about them you were seven to eleven minutes. I was a soccer league and I know I'm of that story I was involved in a soccer brawl and I prehistoric I hit several German's with the big. Metal pole. That did indeed happen. So that's very clear to regale us. It's livable didn't really wanna be a soccer league and I just. Tell you when you find ways of that situation to really get or not to hooligans you don't really have a choice you'd just hooligans so I'll in the interest of over teasing out. Old tees to match. But to tell you this a couple of things today line that we will get to you for shore. I've always been I've been kind of wondering what the or in tribal casinos think of sports gambling and what their plan as a staff. While I read an article on that today and I have some info on on congress to if you saw that congress is how is will be no discussions meetings to see what they can do about sports gambling you need to see how they get their hands on exactly. The owners that are trying to lobby all the sports owners are trying to get all the congress -- which they're in bed with. Two to pass a federal that we've been. In the lease can get their hands on some evidence that Iraq closet get a couple of the shackles I will say this info that I read about organ straddle casinos is quite disappointing you know and I'll tell you lie. Coming up. And then it's NBA draft week yet as the blazers. Will we know who they're gonna take whom they've worked out someone to X. Oh really mad if I did say I have not. Followed any of that of the pre draft and now it is not been as did too well we'll talk about it can meet let's start there to exit its NBA draft week I ego let's start right there that's coming up next on the fit. It. This is a draft week edition of primetime revising consumed. You guys are weighed buildings answer on Jay Nady both Israel and. Can you gave her. Guys. They're doing it again this year I. How to do it every year it seems like it's good though when your side. We this year is not a huge deal. The what do you think that. I mean it's always nice to have addictive it's out there but if you haven't picked it's in the top five or six you're not name Boston means he sucked. But it is it certainly would be nice report meant to be in the in the market for for one of the top three or four players but. You don't have anything to even move up if you if you wanted to to move up into it and to a top ten position so. I know that's been kind of Ian did the debate out there on the old social media issued Portland moved up and I would ask the question what is Portland used to move in agony you CJ to move up. Not giving exact columns to move up. So what do you had quicker because he is a foundational player you side of the B I think they should trade people he they love themselves and Zach columns. Running Enron it's not CJ is not dagger dogs and I dame so who else do you have to move up to gaze of a top ten pick that was unfair it's not a wrong now. He settles given time are you just. Are two of the season he was a nice DN Susan eyes open blocked all the blazers Ali's you know especially a GM bro he likes to say. All that all Paul Allen loves the draft then broke you know anytime the NBA draft strolls around hold on your head lawyer but. In last year they do you know in their defense they did move sign and trade two picks for one the move of what six spots a river was that they made a move them. It was just like the most uninspiring move Beverly wasn't of them down to the fan base it's like coming got a guy who dean is starting college in. He's a super raw white guy project. Really you don't you know I mean I wasn't even though they did make technically make him do that they always talk about they were gonna be aggressive they did do that it's just. It it did him baloney let's have taxable see down the road at their right Ron let that. But they always they always do try to sell like is draft night in weekly 24 which is the most uninspiring thing ever I say we. Day the blazers are you of the war is I am not a New Orleans earlier do you sense that but. You know. I guess she can expects. Them to be very blazer you I am not. I'm sure there's someone that they like maybe you can finally move from 24 to fifteen but. Oh yeah again I I would go through this roster and say if anything you have bloated contracts and nobody wants certainly not anything that the it's gonna be attractive. It's to make a significant move up in the draft so. I think it was anybody expecting anything good from the blazers this week I don't think so. But that doesn't mean you can't end of the quality player at 24. We're here and and then how we need to go through everyone that was strapped times ever being good from 24 wrong and my expectation is a European big who's over there for six years I have a different lists of where. So we're not gonna go through the list of like needle in haystack guys who's who work like Manu Ginobili are among green his sec around the idea that wall of snow we're not gonna do now. What I am going to tell you. Is the blazers sector crap has picked in this range and say twenty to 24 to five some are there. Many times over the years and I'm going to list the players. That they've. Did they have acquired may be the best Lake Travis alcohol with does that you ready for the less original the world Barton's and there are. So it's say it's him who are no he was a second round pick Martin's not here a couple of well they traded I mean they got what they trade for him earn a follow yeah. Now because a mistake to and a mess that was a bit of Wes Matthews and get hurt that. I don't know about that. Followed didn't seem to fit real well. It was a weird one was really had a little bit like Evan Turner you knew you could play a little bit in just never let him play ever in the Libyan good in his maybe you could fit. So it's a who's who of blazers win peaking in the strange over the years and so I'm just I'm just trying to pain at. A picture that left 24 is not sexy old dazed look on the birth it's side of life. And mr. bright side over their eyes dropped. That's little Monty Python and I know that great reference. OK so let's go back to Qyntel Woods and summer league MVP that's right Clinton and gave us one of the great moments in blazers history when he got pulled over for speeding in I mean he used his basketball card is ID you know he took a lot of flak for that let. Look if you didn't have your license now and you got pulled over and in years at a basketball Carter let's say your Casey football garden he. Put that out is it's so wrong that you look at there is a picture of you measure your name is on that it's like in the big about skew people's that is Ralph scar her big hits arrested at the sandusky is this year or leave form of identification but many of the dog fighting other to be fair heated yet Qyntel got dogs Friday. He took an unfair rap for that because there were a lot of them there were dogs fighting and they made Qyntel I'd be the the goat there. So blazers taking in the range of the 24 pick in the draft over the years have selected Qyntel Woods era Travis Outlaw. Does this say maybe the best one and then and he was. He didn't get out here. Like Demi Bayer's. He was all right Elliot Williams K I've hit the double knee surgery and he is he is a free so much potential every single year couldn't can stay healthy. Victor club there and I remember him Nolan Smith and the dude guy pat content. And killed sonic X eight. The wizards and today got populace and Terry Porter was number 24 I think it's really sex adding to an apartment while you show. Because the desert jerk just very different. The area of the draft. Where the blazes are taking is not inspiring it's guys like I just read that list. Guys. Generally in that range. And it's not yet all of them like you say you can find. He'll find guys he's kind of got a lucky little bit but it's guys who are available. There are generally in archetype it's a dime a dozen in the NBA yes right like they're guys that they kind of like I was Allah there and that's it and that's on the good side and it. They're guys that. Really don't create their own shot but they're super athletic or they look the part that they aren't that scale via press that that's what is something wrong with him which is why they they fall into that range yes. And see if we go further back Z is nineteen yeah I didn't count nineteen. Yeah I know that that that Italian extraction and a little bit about the I'd takes higher Zito had a ton of baggage coming at Michigan State but that was detect it is good pay as you see that this his brother of the -- on the gut shot and killed a certainly did you ask which you know look terrorism that's coming up later in our sports police blotter segment. Look at who took a crack a look at 2000 and see if there's anyone else that's if you go way back. Party did this is all elbow and I'll be remember him idea ala Abdel Mahdi and a cliff Robinson. I think use injection right. I tried everything completely four passengers. And trying to. Well the discover but today on Sosa media is that the knowledge that they hear Freddie it's not Simmons its side months. Non he wanted that it's seven SI MO NS. But he says it's not he said it's signed months. No man big differences that. He really you could get that was gonna go to Louisville a candy young kid the young kid and he never played college basketball he's gonna go to Louisville and then they got caught up in the FBI probe anyway that he be classified which the ING academy for next year's season mean. So he has never played college basketball. But he was like a top fifteen player in his class. Past when he was gonna go play for Slick Rick is 64 shooting guard are pretty athletic he's the only god of the blazes were down twice and I saw a quick was saying that. Lobby quick wasn't cynical it was reported that do when they were talking to to mr. Simons here. He was saying that yeah there are some teens and show some interest but not like Portland he said portal was really interested in and get to know on and off the court it's over and at least. From from his perspective Portland has shown the most interest in them. So that was kind of the year the scuttlebutt today is that it got he had a second workout Portland and and obviously he's the guy that they are there interest in it. So that's the idea to work out yet now here I see his name here is spelled Simon's Simmons is with two Adams. His name is spelled Simon's SI MO NSI would've said I would've called Simon would you gets like Paul Simon you know I would have to bully people people were saying Simmons. And he had to say no it's not Simon come on read people if it's not hard and for any signs okay. And it in my to be excited I Keating or by the name penny. He should he really showed that there was a clip float around as they're pretty heartily Penny Hardaway policy may be a week ago for an additional. EGQ. Did the whole point that was it was like people forget. What a doubt when he was using his boy look at here before his knees went leg when he played with Shaq good lord it's like I mean you've heard. Head before the injury how dominant rob and am pretty hard okay. Really where this is different age yeah as they've sort of younger man you know tall lanky great apple misses them. I can't Shaq stayed in Orlando. And noble today LA. Vague they could had a Shaq and Kobe thing happened live made the finals remember they just got drilled by Houston that was the okay allies once so by. Anyway the police and every Simon's kids that's the guy that that appears to be that guy that the places are interest and whether OB 824 or not. He's got to put to work out the lakers are said to be interest in NM so in your attitude are easy to guard 6490. Pounds shoots the ball well pretty athletic. I was looking like he is his column by numbers edit this make C jail better. And also does or not but I I think you know that lead to the idea that CJ can be traded. Don't get drafted he drafted a bigger guard that can do some of those things absolutely horrific it turns out to be a nice player you can you can deal him. This idea that you don't. Draft a guard because your you have to I just don't buy that at all point four take the best player of oil yeah. He's one of those guys that is is probably rod never having seen him play you know college ball. So maybe he's a guy that had he played in college has had he gone to Louisville may be his top ten player. The baby falls because of that and you're able to get a player the normally would get a 24. You're gonna if you wanted to impact player at 24 you're gonna have to take terrorist. So I'd do you. Know when Nacchio was born. And it ninth so ominous say 199. Maybe he was born in nineteen. Ninety. Nine for. And I want you think about and a well makes you get every kid that was born in the year 2000. As a make you feel unleashed fuel that he was born in 1999. Car. You know at the number one sung in 99 analysts. And an Italian. A Minnesota and by Eminem may be smooth by Santana with Rob Thomas. Everybody was very popular that's our young like that was. I remember like 99 beating college that was the Marshall Mathers. Album we came out it was a big freaky deal. The first one associated LP and another the roses this is the second one. That they came out the slim shady LP was the first one but we're about albums that when they they came out it was like holy hell. That second Eminem album there's huge it was enormous like. The news consumers and we didn't put any rap albums and their and we did not elect when I was in high school in the chronic came I would Dr. Dre. Holy hell was that a big deal and then when I was in college in the the second Eminem album had a second one came on May 23 2000 yes. Freaking enormous. Everyone listened to the note also had been in 1999 what do you that was the year of the death of Payne Stewart. That was one of the freaky things they remember they said the military plane up some anti flu decided even bumped into the week they were dead they were daddy were passed out there apparently well I think he said they were dead right dizzy with four hours on auto pilot yet there is no oxygen in night so they had they determined and everyone was dead and they were debating whether or not there we have to shoot the plane down in. They were trying to see if anyone could possibly woken up and I guess they were bump on the plane enough that was happening in naked is yeah could be eager. Like an F fifteen went up and and shook the plane they gave it a little. The globe you little tab and their like now who purpose anonymity saying that the windows Ralston. Fogged up yeah and their like it to pressurized there's no lodged in their own bed and then there where they had to calculate how much fuel was left it is gonna crash in an area. That it's gonna be safe and if not like if that was gonna crash into a populated area they gonna. Have to shoot down there after blowing up raising the plane that cancer is it but it crashed in South Dakota. Yeah it's a right in the middle of field dance they're like our list let it go and you're how many B Lisa what forefront people there for four on there. Freaking including the great Payne Stewart yeah insane and that was one of the sports desk that that moved me most over the years did it yet I really liked him I body was. He was awesome you know they decide just remember how it happened was kind of a surreal sort of way you just don't think about that I love the draft is Thursday. In I think will carry it. Lot. On my antenna is important to you. But he's who don't have apple have that what are we in and apply the same thing we do oral would give you sound or in the and you can't put the lives the first like ten picks and then if forced on the air in the please take a 24 order okay. I'm cool that's so that's the plan on Thursday they. In the meantime I read up on these prospects that will uninspiring back at pictures that are athletic but do nothing else and then we can talk about a G easy and puma making a big comeback. Yes solid. Did that honestly think this draft class I don't know what it is but that's like the biggest story coming out of the draft is that woman is getting back into the basketball game who just signed faith faith sunny with a gain in Bagley. Move move. Lisa bloom down from the is it Ricky to our dollar and then like Rihanna I think does it and then Jay-Z is becoming like there ambassador of a basketball I would get back where are the Oregon tribal casinos on sports gambling we'll get to that here's Mike. This is a draft we can they should know prime time advising can suit brought to you guys are way buildings answer on Jay Nady both Israel and the case does the little lady into the studio today and sample of the text line until the last great job. Buildings one. People reminding me again and I miss this because it was it was a trade. But the blazers did get. NIC Batum at 25 well because it was the rockets actually picked him that was the year the blazers pectoral Arthur. In an age treated Joey Dorsey was big package to date they ended up with the Tim so that technically counts and that's a nice player to us nice player I don't know if he ever. Won the hearts it was a very controversial player here but yet if you get a player of his caliber but Doumit had 20 my god oh yeah you're cartwheels absolutely so it can be done is just it's. Our next I will when you're sitting here and you're trying to go if you draft prospects and you get outside of the top let's say fifteen. How do you just here and it's it's a hodgepodge at that point no wouldn't know what's. Knows of a guided it's been selected ahead 24 it's 32 were nineteen you've been. Is gonna be in any kind of player you just don't know but the spin the same way when they drafted the Babbitt and they told they told us that he was the best shooter in the draft or anyone that the differ Europeans the Sergey ammonia is of the world that the career out does. And they dictated that guy's gonna go over and be the next man as you know we of course are gonna put a positive spin on a good. And it's just it's it's a wait and see sort of approaching me what's want again right for a brief times won again. People like oh god you know it was going to be this monster attack. After the first month of the season and never saw again. So another person reminded us to that. You know it's Justine why puma is suddenly making a big splash in the draft and these kids. You know he he mentions nineteen indeed as some pride in paying these guys for years and then back. They'd go and sign the puma picture it's called world but I wonder if that hole FBI thing. Does have some easy with the rise of whom this year it's possible or. You know they've. Did they just decided they wanna get in on this and OJZ. Tab brings instant clout to it and you know maybe they think did did the did with the dual big ball there brand I don't know maybe they're maybe they feel there's a voter yes and there but if there again Aden. I mean they just paid more than everyone else. Yeah but there's little bit to this guy's point there's been a lot of ground work laid down seagate Eitan. Am probably backed the Amy both of these guys were were not the end but the Arizona thing I mean that we that's like that was a I did coach was involved death on a phone call so so we know Eitan has been paid right now I mean. We don't know that but we can only tell you gotten so. Grammer has been laid to get that guy in the weather being Nigeria. IQ school for a lot of years yeah. And then he gives you is he's going to puma the middle finger. You wonder of whom has been Laney Grammer got over the easy you know he's here or they just swooped in with a bag of money were like eight. You know things aren't going that well for you with this whole Nike saying in the investigation is a money has come on board votes. Maybe there's a sense of I don't think that some of them on the ball stuff may have some to do with this thing kind of the forging your own brand that I think there's an element as you go to Nike or you go to a deed is and year another face in the crowd right you're knocking your own issue in your Nike your behind. The brawn and Katie and all this unity order under armor you're behind staff curry and Iraq he just you know the big issue endorser now in the world is. It's the freaking rock really yeah plus he went outside Jordan Sammy Jordan in his own separate category B hasn't played and then when I got the rock would it. But wait what you have so when the rocket is that as the number one set leaned brand merchandise and athletic apparel right now and who makes it under. Like his stuff sells out in how works but they release a new rock issue in the raw collection and it's gone on media bias. Well I think that makes a lot of sense now that I think about it because when I'm hanging out of the helicopter trying to mob left. I need to be dressed properly you've got to do it but it's funny of all under armour stuff like right sticker in the panel that money the key is what's carrying under armor right now. But may go to a deed is your mind behind game here in the I'm behind Harden in some of those other guys. You go to and you know eight is a statement that we're the only two they're gonna be dug guy. Sino puma has always been a bigger brand globally then under armor gets more of a soccer lifestyle brand ended Indiana's basketball that was around we were little sigh. That was a Clyde Frazier thing in India people were like the suede pumas but it was never an athletic shoe. I remember. Vince Carter tried to do when he came into the league they tried to do this before advance and that lasted like a year and it went away but polo. Has I guess. Taken over. Under armour in the US not really yeah. Assuring us yet think of like a big one of the card cash ins or the other kids they got they got Kylie Jenner they say it's due at the end. You know this isn't everything but they did get some key celebs they got. A Kylie Jenner. You mentioned cheesy. Big show on. That a guy yeah I mean he's again that's it life's he's a rapper hip hop guys lets out Brad the weekend down got him. So they got some folks that weren't on sporty and ended their stuff maybe this is kind of goes along with the whole rock thing right is is it better suited to sell sneakers and an apparel also some and it's at a decent but not a huge basketball player. Or. Is it to devote to a a celebrity musician that these kids love but I think. I think what's interesting is like eight used to be that athletic apparel. The big people like the weekend would never wait that's right out that was dork but now attacks crossover I think what they call it it's like cat after leisure. Is in what it is and everybody wears that kind of stance it looks cool now and you know and a seeking get celebrities to endorse and and it crosses over yet or it's funneling charities say it's fun it's it's kind of funny when you see people even in. I received formal settings but semi formal and they are wearing. Nineteen a deep stuff you're wearing basically sweats but their room they're not like. Cost of sweat pants you are like growing up to the gym. But no one where is their effort figure anymore to. Go to the gym more do work out it's like you don't wanna ruin is everyday stuff gets everyday stuff Ellison guys aware and ten niece. Yeah their suits and stuff down there it did address she'll. In at least in the Ethel and the young athlete worlds so to be out nowhere Jordan's like you knew you what Charles Woodson Charles what's the B word at 101000 I was sued. There's got to or Jordan elevens on its feet. Crazy which some kind of jealous of but I I I can't do. I got to come appears Jordan's that I love them but. I am not nearly balls enough to get. To go zero and then rocks and Jordan loves guys thank you and I look stupid yet hats that a and M in the school. Yes I'm sure like when LeBron does it's like look bronzes suit shorts that he wore gas countries. Can do that I can't Wear a suit and then definitely cannot know hole when that show up in the suite pasty white cans mead again let's do this. Doesn't quite work for me as well okay coming up next is this guess that you were Jordan's in Lesotho problem. Great now these two kids the kids on the kids. Not us forty something it's no where they are in tribal casinos on sports gambling noted that story next on the them. This is a draft we skittish you know try and John advising consumers. Ralph you nicer way buildings sensor on Jay Nady program. OK if you want to follow what's the with the sports gambling all around the country because this guy on too long ago. But it's sports channel dot com. And does her on Twitter is I saw a story on there and it pertains to organize he again he he's covered all the states and all the different stories. But. I did not know this. Regarding indeed. Or again tribal casinos. And their thoughts on sports game yet and and what this would mean for them because they've been quite. So the first part of this what does that say in the first part of the story says the Oregon lottery is leaning grammar to rollout or in sports betting with mobile slash online functionality. The first generation the app which will allow players to see if they hold a winning lottery ticket is planned for later this summer I can believe they don't have that. Yet they said this is common. You're gone we talked about it that could be said middle to ended July. And then when they made that announcement they said that hopefully soon after that in addition will be made the app where sports gambling would be apart of fantastic yeah hopefully it's sooner rather than later agreed. So then it's. He goes on to say that. Oregon is no novice when it comes to gambling or to be. Being on the cutting edge of gambling the state has nine tribal casinos a horse racetrack and eleven off track betting locations. In addition the state also has a summer weekend horse racing circuit. It is one of a handful of states that has a hub system to accept wagers on horse. And dog racing from out of state batters which I didn't know that I do not know that either you've been on the donkeys I don't when you mean the Tonys. All says dogs. The hogs and that's I just ask I I kind of was assuming that we are talking horse racing you don't have it out here but they haven't around the country of parts and then in the state who has a sense of the dog races before bed as did the cruelty behind that and I don't get indebted to dog and respect or study according to an Oregon lottery spokesman. Oregon has nine tribal casinos all of which will be able to offer legal. Or mobile sports betting. If the lottery debts. OK so it reads those nine tribal casinos are very much on the lotteries mind as our state lawmakers and the governor. As it moves forward with its new app as is the case in other states said he noticed. The tribal casinos are located on federal land in our governed by the Indian gaming regulatory act will week well. We knew that they were on federal land it's just that this Indian gaming regulatory act this thing came out in. I think till late eighty's see I knew a little bit about this 'cause they said like up in Washington this could be a bit of a problem as well because they have some other laws in the books and that which makes wash and maybe a little bit behind. Where organs that because remember below work. Before the that this kind of went to the Supreme Court organ was won what four or five states that technically did allow gambling right that I think. That's the area where we miss it is that with the travel casinos bear on a separate thing all yet because Iran's landed isn't governed by the State's Federer so they already have their on this came out in 1988. Any created a federal state and sort of tried partnership. For gamble main. And that includes sports gambling on interpretation of that is gonna be you know they're gonna pour over this and it's going to be. Connick convoluted here but but if the lottery does it then yes he knows can do that's right so it says. There is a pact between the states and the tribes bits in place. Which lays a framework for taxation and other issues the pact that the state has a tribal casinos is that any games that the state lottery offers. They can offer them so if we can all work together that would be better said the Oregon lottery spokesman. Now the question I have is so if they are for a let's say sports action. Does that mean that they can only offer of sports action like it spear mountain or can we have the full on sports book. I would think you would have to be out there. Location yes as when and they came right disarray if we do sports action OK and I bet on anything. I want in India in those casino well I agree and I only do sports action there is CI I read that as. However limited the organ lot of areas that's how limited to gaming will be okay and at the -- scene was and let's hope that he gets opened up further the lottery and then that way you can have what we continue to be a real sports book it it's clear now under Indian casino or minority is over and of the water. Yes but the lottery is it do we need right now now and that's why it's like c'mon man you would like some of these states. But New Jersey. In Delaware RD onboard Mississippi you one of those bridging your gonna go like any day one of them RD built a sports book. Yeah I think that as their racetrack that was Jersey Jersey has to they have one at a racetrack and have another one at. I think it's it's a seat on Atlantic City gets casino hotel the Oregon board Delaware is on board and there's two other states. Think it was Mississippi and West Virginia they said within a month will be online as well. So the lottery. I held its not just sports action I hope they get more intricate within exactly offer lied you know like in game I'd I'd bet on the game you're doing a sports book on all the major sport you should it. But and how great would it be to have that apple were again I think that no brainer and it is simply to have it where you do you have that app if I'm sitting here in a blazer game rooms inherited timbers gamer when her high gamer. Hopefully we have Major League Baseball the ducks in the beavers that I can place bets. Sitting there on my phone that's the one that I think makes the most sense and could really rope in a lot of people. You to maybe. I know 88 improve the life game experience is just disappoints me that the lotteries talking about the sat in her I know that's only just cooled down mobile Ahmet but. Right now the sane as you can check your lottery tickets I now the commodities that sort of go with this but it did say that that's gonna be the first version of and they hope to improve on it and they they did say they hope to. Adding sports gambling I just hope it's not an I will be sorely disappointed if they give us some BS sports action and that's all and that's what it's limited to look in it that's what the casinos and Debian limited to. I guess the only other thing Ono is what is to stop any. Entity from. Building a sportsman piano mounted outside the tribes in lottery if you get somebody else just pop one up in it. Well we had a guy on and we he seemed to think did that. Was a it was a real option but you know congress is talking about this right now we can have a federal law that comes down the changes everything. So I think this thing is very dealer waiting he had this thing could be very very fluid because if if you gonna got a rushing you're gonna try to be the first one and then some federal law comes in and changes and even if it just changes the dynamic of the car. That's the you have to get maybe is not as profitable as it once was skis all the sports leagues want it to be a federal law that way they can get their hooks in drinking can siphon off a percentage or two for best guess of firing it into that I would certainly wanna. See little s's Israel on the on the with the lawmakers first. Okay coming up next what the hell on Kellen Winslow appreciation nine on the sand.