Mike Maloney, Smart Reach Digital

Wednesday, September 27th
Luke talks with Mike Maloney about digital marekting solutions company, Smart Reach Digital

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And I intend ESPN Portland presents northwest business weekly one hour local business spotlight if you would like your business to be featured on it was business please call 503535035. Minutes or email NW business @entercom.com. Now here's zeroes for northwest business Luke Anderson. Hello Portland thank you for joining us on northwest businesses desire kicked off episode. The show is kind of created in a way to highlight some local businesses. And features them business partners maybe you have a chance to work with as a business owner. If you are interested in joining us on the show give me a call 5035350358. Or you can email us at and W business. @entercom.com. We are joined in our inaugural show by Mike baloney. Digital sales manager for Smart reached digital. Michael in this show and thanks absolutely. So tell me a little bit about Smart reach Annan and what it is that they were created to do. Necessary seasonal was created by Entercom communications so we'll disclosure yep full disclosure part we are part of Entercom radio's so so you're a partner of ours. But it you can have created to help close the loop for some of those people there partnering with better. Yeah what happened is that's about three years ago exists that you realize that there intercom the vast majority of our business conversations. Happen at the local level with companies that are owners of businesses or maybe smaller advertising agencies that work of multiple businesses. And down it just to make he says we're coming to them we're helping them with their radio advertising you've got this incredible reach medium that reaches in more than 94% of everybody. In the country every week. But sometimes taking that. That branded advertising and in closing a loop and enjoying the more tangible results in metrics. Can be harder to deal and then saw his clients also just with the growth of digital advertising. Had needs in this area and also we want to have or somebody they committed trust and so would establish a lot of trust a lot of cases. And so in accounts are about three years ago this agencies Marreese digital it's the and where did they start. Well actually just cutters are rolling out a marketed at a time we're now in in nineteen markets and I honestly don't remember which was market number one know why does Sacramento by armed. A Christmas are rolling out a marketed time and down you know it is it provides all the different digital tactics that you could use in conjunction the radio campaign. But a lot of times these issues and stay as standalone digital tactics that accompany can benefit from. And started here in Portland with better come in May April April papers for the game yet okay I'm so did digital marketing is this this huge number island basically covers anything that you can access through additional platform. Whether it's your Smartphone your laptop your iPad. Even. As much as like voice voicemail calls or can of that that buffer between a phone call and thought speaking to an actual person. Is all under the umbrella of digital marketing. But Smart reaches kind of focused on small and medium sized businesses that aren't yet. Yet and in death. We break everything down into kind of categories of attract. Activate inning gays and so two chances to narrow those down. Attractive is anytime that you are turning teacher advertising for a somebody. It doesn't go online that makes it look like to be a good potential customer but they're not. And that is how do you mean that so you're able to track what people are doing online so you're kind of looking at the person through. Through the good zeros and ones yep go live in the digital Big Brother is watching as I guess so I mean what you got is like display advertising MP Michael banner advertisement that. More than you have video display which is managers and that role that's those ads that I go under website you'll see that advertise on the topic before you get into say an article with the is exactly yet been triggered a program that her career also affect so it does lake if whether somebody is reading about a particular category let's let's don't say it's. An automotive dealer. Yeah and they can actually target people who are may be reading about trucks are reading about forwards are reading about Dodgers Chevy and re about something specific. And then you can target that person with a banner advertising banner advertising or video advertising based in that behavior they're reading about something. They were looking something up or you can can't even get into the real Big Brother stuff for you. Your geo fencing are building an invisible fence around a particular location and you target them and their mobile device once they break that bear so so. You're saying that to how that worked for me so Obama consumer and I go on a more can't JD power & Associates and I pull up you know the the best trucks by payload how would you then target me and in yours and you can follow my live activity in the real world yes so. I mean what happens is it's not so much of where we gonna Atari view it's it's we've identified you because you've been on a site that has been categorize being within the automotive capital in the truck category or whatever it is. And where you go next eventually you'll are almost certainly going to land on a site that makes their space available. Four per purchase. And so it's kind of this massive auction that happens is real time bid. To bid for you to get an at a different view once you land another site so you bidding through Google. Now this and it is obvious duties very exchanges you know happens at Smart reach contracts with the answer to market. Just behind the Internet and everything that we see there's kind of a back page to all that there's he's bidding wars going on. For who gets that ad space that pops that yes yes and your carriages and it's all happening in you know instantaneous in real time and so so yes and it doesn't display video display and then. We also have an email marketing products Oca thread are people still using email. It emails gone through big surge it was kind it you know a few years ago you know had this that wall or is that it's just spam race we've had remember reading articles before I got in to radio or to my hospitality industry and you kind of see how other people are operating business. And thought you were saying that they were gonna eliminate email because it ends up just being this kind of useless tool where you just. He kind of stockpile information you don't use and you don't apply to anything so I remember seeing like. Hey emails on its way out big fortune five under a hundred companies are getting rid of it they're gonna go with an instant messaging. B you're saying that it's kind of got a second life. Yes so both you know just having to be compliant cans being compliance and in turn may be getting rid of some of the companies that work we're doing at the right way yeah. And then also the had been a mobile so this year that Mobil's pass desktop in terms of overall usage. And 58% of people the first thing to do and get the morning is they. They check their mobile device and so. In any techie parents have a ticking on the mobile device is the number one activity your mobile device more than search engines more than FaceBook is checking email and so that's of Mobil's given a surged email. Smart reach as a national database in excess of hundred million people on and we just narrow that down to very granular to a localized level to go after a specific kind of consumer. Locally. So when we're talking about small businesses if you know future if I'm in Portland and I open a business that's building fences today right you can go and look for what would you look for homeowners. In a certain area whatever my June geography is where ice you know serve. Clients is yet and I actually we may yet flicks a symposium we actually worked with a client that you know is is doing just that and so if they were targeting. Homeowners in a fifty mile radius of their location. That I'm pads in excess of seven a 5000 dollar annual household income. And many actually in emerged in kind of category of do it yourself first O so you really get very very very specific through the email and so and then how do you track the success of those. So it is you end up with a you know even in a win. Multiple statistics and you can drink out of the fire hose when it comes to stats and dazzle but. With us we don't look at you know what does he opened rate. And we we it's our recent operated three to four times the industry average of pub because it is such a specific you know what were able do. Go after such a narrow needs that the message should apply to them to get open rate and you look at it clustering meaning you know the first statistic is how many people actually open that message. The second statistic is once they open a message how many people then clicked on the that call action and went all the way through the web site. You're listening to northwest business a new show focused on small businesses in the Portland area Portland Vancouver Salem. We are joined by Mike Maloney digital sales manager for Smart reached digital. We're kind of talking about how old we can use some of the tools that you've created or or not created but that you. Used to kind of reach out help small businesses kind of grow their business and reached potential customers. And so with with email you're able to get really granular. So what are the other tactics that you use so if if I'm. If I'm Meyer searching for a product how do you get out. Product from of people yes so the first or talked about display of it is plain you know that's that attract. -- the next says tactics is Posner activate now the difference is before we are going after somebody because of a behaviors said. They look like to be good customer. Activated is somebody is actively looking for your product or service and we're gonna go try to get your name in front of them OK okay and so there's really two different in ways that this is done. SCO. And as CN as what what does that samples so as you know search engine optimization and so in an SEM search engine marketing and search engines Google Yahoo! bing goes the primary OS and Google's got the line share eighty plus percent of the market shares of most the time this is when you're talking about. Trying to do you know have success in search Google's main one you're you're most often talked. And so as CEO. Is what is most people sometimes Teresi intimacy on the same thing Alessio is organic search mused what pops up to the top of the page. Organically are naturally and not for that not a paid position so I type in house painters is going to be those ads that pop up first and then there's the one. Big Google recommends how does Gould decide which one goes first and Ellis now their constantly changing their algorithm where Google premier partners so we meet with Google on and you know. Continuous basis and you'll you'll get. Somewhat behind the curtain but there's certain extent there's a lot of proprietary information that would make sense after a lot of companies Google has secret that you did you know foot Google's goal is truly to make them on the organic level. The most relevant listing come up first offense and so what the reason issues algorithm is you know there's this kind of cat and mouse game where businesses are trying to figure out you know mark it's a marketing companies. Okay what do we do to pop up first organically out used to just be alone which keywords underway now. You know Google for Internet router will just go buy we'll buy Traficant a tropical bump us up so yeah so doing it's it's now OS TO it's very much a process that takes time. And how much time as well it'll would read and take on us your campaign for somebody we do a minimum twelve months because I think it takes you know good three months before you really start to. Move the meter on that and move you up beat the organic rankings because you're jumping over you know we talk about sports all the time that you know the teams yet to pass to get in the first place but this is you know your passing businesses that have spent you know years and years cultivating what they have on that list you have to figure out ways kind of over and around them is that we have already. It was in las has a say in this two step process a beauty contest and a popularity contest and the contest as he fix everything has broken on the side that may be as. That's the business owners website yet it has says website there's things in India and meta tags and days and tags and it in the page speed. What is kind of holding you back from you know from Google thinking you know this is a good page. Are good site and then the second part is a popularity contest that back links contact immediately back to you aware. Google says it is a popular page yourself. And it takes that that takes time it's a process but you know but the goal is to move you up to that that you know obviously the top of that first day. And so that's search engine market let's get that search engine optimization. Let's get in the search engine marketing here in just dissect it we'll take a little bit of a break you listen to do northwest business on 910 yes in Portland will be back with Smart read digital in just a moment. This is northwest's business focus on local businesses that make our economy work. With your host Luke Anderson gone 910 ESPN Portland. All right welcome back to northwest business that we can Anderson we are talking with the Mike Maloney digital sales manager for Smart reached digital. Before the break we were talking about search engine optimization and how you can pick take your website business website. And really what you can do is put in all the repairs to that website so help a business owner figured out what it is it's kind of moving them down the Google search list. Taken them off that second page and it's kind of slowly and meticulously moving them up so that they become the top or near the top of the search. If you're if you're website or if you have a website. What's the likelihood of being clicked on a few in that first second position vs say. On the second or third page you you know it's I don't know the exact statistic in today that it I wouldn't expect. Yeah pass but on. But it is that there is them there's a certain percentage of people and and there's not an exact number but there's the majority of people only click on the organic adds some pitchers and he is given a higher level credibility music and understand the game you know it. That that is that is kind of an earned a spot yet know always pay it should be in that position they've earned it through good reputation and it would hurt him with who's really ask our work and you know its work in the system. Ignored can guarantee no company including ours can guarantee the number and placement to return to drive get this close the topsy can't. On however that. 30% to 40% whatever 20% people who will click on the paid ads is still sixty billion dollar annual business so affair and that one year only pain when people click on it so now that's SEM a as a marketing and so that's. That's buying new you to the top of the page and and down. And pain when people and click on that as goes organic Wear a CO where your pain just for the activity to review. And does that affect the the optimizations of those those ads that are there organically. And someone clicks on the paid ad and you have that website kind of he did and optimize. Will that actually help your optimization your pure organic. Appearance on web sites. No I want there's a there's a time that debt and and and then again Google on in Canada did the back and forth I realized that people were buying their way to the top terror. Which wasn't there intense and so so now but you can't buy your way to the top with an item which is which is the RC Amaral a fuel called Google AdWords as Google's version of that yeah. But it also opens on Yahoo! and being. Paper clip is that what you just not heard much on Yahoo! deadly house and if you do that so. So I have a law firm and I'm trying to reach and they say in the criminal off permanently of people that have gotten a little bit of trouble right and they go home and they jump on you know this is the Google machine and they wanna find me. How does that work if I'm paying money to to be at the top of the page so I mean. You establish a budget in you're gonna spend you know 2000 dollars a month on SE Yemen and have been you know win our case Smart reached managed that. And that's meant as a matter of Smart reaches team optimize and campaign and on going basis because. Trying to bid for that position on that position is gonna cost a different amount yeah essentially every single search just that it hasn't. How many of the people are trying to bid for that position I took a picture like a stock room forward is up there are doing this for the is that it's kind of like that is listed as in this you know incredible pass to the real time OK and so. So you say like I could surge and then a second later a friend of Mike inserts in the B two different prices it could yet because because things are have because there's so many different things all in real time because. Unionists as a company if you have allocated a certain amount of budget torture searched yeah and you know. At some point you run out of budget now you just changed an entire you know equation because you're no longer there to be at that spot in on maybe some of the people while you're there. Two and three more people come in or come out. All the changes you know an equation at the end of the day. As a business you know that unlike a seal which takes some time you know almost immediately as if you put an ad together. You can buy yourself to to the top of the page and start. Generating traffic from people who you know are actively looking for your product or service and that's that's why ASEAN is. I can be so. Successful such a short term is it your buying interest to buyers. Okay you're you're listening to northwest business this is Luke Anderson we're tock what Mike Maloney digital sales manager for Smart reached digital. And you tell me that I can buy my add to the top of the page on on Google. AdWords and or Yahoo! and bing. And we go to search engine marketing how do you make sure that people clicking on the add is there's something that you can do to make him. Are attractive to people. Yeah I mean it goes into it and that's where it's kind of vastly you know via the science in the art teacher you're still writing ads for that there's there's an art to writing those you know smaller text into the text ads that come below. You know that the collectible banner part of the yet as well and so on that's something that we customized. We try not to ever do we don't do Canada cookie cutter Euro Euro law firm here's our law firm copy us know what what makes you stand out. What makes more attractive for people in their search after category. To actually click on your hat oak basis so what what's kind of I guess the big difference between Smart reach shaky kind of I think. Get a little suggestion of that but you know if if I'm looking for a digital agency to help with my business. What is it the differentiates Smart reach compared to save the cookie cutter that you kind of brought up yet imagine the biggest thing we bring the table is is the human touch of a community and there there is the science and the art and the science obviously is. Everything you have to do when it comes to you know working in this industry. But really if you if you're not watching these campaigns and we call optimizing these campaigns on an ongoing basis yet. You're going to you know understanding not that you want her overspend for what you do and again. And down and it's something you have to is costly monetary and so that's way that we have experts broken into different product teams we were very fortunate to be part of intercom. Which is a very healthy companies that that puts the resources into the optimizations side of this company. To make sure that the campaigns work for the clients immunity and in on philosophically we think if you know if we just have everyone of our campaigns. Work until they're very affected our customers. We don't have to go out and find a whole bunch of new customers fairness to Michael lose them in Iraq who listens we have so really we put a lot of just our our focus is on. Making sure what we sell to customer works OK so what we've been through so far you've talked about. The attract that's display ads sending out those emails that a lot of us. Delete but if you tell me if you get the email to the right person there's a much better chance of them opening that email. And in using that by kind of focusing on the right audience for those emails. Were also doing in the in the attract well there's one more. Yeah I live chat a live chat and discuss it ever be seen this it's a small box in on that chemical ours floats down area haven't slide and and it's just Kennedy it's it's trading at 24/7 on one receptionist for your your company. Some people sales Canaccord is intrusive into reality is. People are 40% more likely. To engage with your side if they have that was an option focused on people just. Prefer that methods some people are doing their personal. Work in the evening after office hours they can call. Some people are doing it during the workday. Where it's not practical for them to pick up a phone via their on a computer but they can take their business and the sisters and a way to engage with your company. It's just a lead generation. Tool where you know we're gathering name information you know name email and phone number so that you can and follow up and customer. OK so that's so so. In the big umbrella of the things you rescind there's the attract you wanna go argue and attract new customers. So don't find people and we can you know reach them by what they're reading about what searching about we get those to the website. And the big part of that is the activated so when somebody types in something very specific search engine optimization. Search engine marketing SCO ST and and then we wanna really engaged and and by doing that you're using you know things like the live chat he also using a video. I found what was really interesting so you said 40% more likely to stay on the site with live chat. How how important is video when we're talking about creating new contents yet having something to look at some. Over the gays we assume we would interrogate we have a video production product what we do is we come out will do kind of a onetime video shoot you know we. Right produce edit in and provide you with these you know finished product you own videos is not like on some kind of proprietary platform Rea keep it. But the what our philosophy on this as well you know there is that. I forget the latest statistics or don't you know don't. You know don't. Quote this one's that are in effect somewhere around 73 times more likely to show up on eight that top Google searched a pass if you've got video on your your site should big Google just right now happens to really like fresh video content. So we do I that we cannot reduce video production issue for somebody we produce six videos okay a 62 video. 432 videos and in a fifteen for that program that Perot talked about before officially yet but we do as a rule about one a month. On your site and the reason we do that is it allows then the Google is seen as fresh video content to come up on the side but then that engage part with the customer else is what some see the priest on your business media were not creating with these videos. It's not something it's gonna go viral on his crazy and wacky it's more with the C the purse not your business a lot of times in a lot of these you know service type businesses. If they're buying you and they're you're gonna walk in the door you're gonna you know they need to have them element of trust as of getting to know you on a personal level through video Witasick could be an effective way to promote your business. Okay well I think that's that kind of goes through almost everything the one thing that I think might scare a lot of people certainly does for me social media and how to do how to Smart reach help. With with social media thing a lot of businesses that big dive right in. They start a business instead of going to website is created FaceBook page decree it Twitter account how can you help them use those tools more effectively I mean unsold. Audio again to get into our philosophy but it rethink it has do with content and so they too often people well and and you know on FaceBook is really you know even Canon. Right now changing their rules and how advertising is used on on their platform. But for us we think is is if you create an engaging page on FaceBook. With engaging content you're going to have the people who like your page share that with other people you're gonna grow your audience of you know consumers are on your page. And so it grows a little more organically much like Casio its long tail it's something that we come and say they use FaceBook to start sending out a bunch of advertising and you can certainly. Boost ads you know. And and FaceBook has made it more difficult to post ads just recently Abbott that yes they chanted they changed the way and on on how you can promote just within your you know within it posting. How are you can view what was for c.'s advertising and you know after while they can really kind of yeah come after you so. On night we still won't you can boost dad's gone after particular audience you know but a lot of this is going to be creating content we do. Primarily focused on FaceBook Twitter Linkedin and Google+. And but would us it's you know it's it's. Providing unique interest in contents related to the vertical of the business Syria and so that more more people engage with your page and then YouTube you grow your audience that way from making a just pays its that is more enjoyable to be okay and thirty seconds give me kind of a wrap of what's our reach can do for small business and or. You know I mean what we do we do is you know it's I think it will meet somebody add that kind of in a lesser level or like a doctor we come in and say tells where it hurts you know and and hopefully. If we're able to have a just and honest open discussion and find out you know. Where is it that the business can grow you know a competitor they're dealing with or just an area they feel like is is not performing the way it could. And we identify who is that customer that can help them grow in that area. And we particular customized plan to help them you know accomplish those goals mean we are really really focused at the end of the day to do you are our recaps of the customers and saying hey. Did we get to profitability here and how much in the profitably do we get so that. We get to the point where Smart reaches in and expense but it's a profit center and that's Leo Bravo. And then how can our listeners get a hold of view if they wanted to reach out and talks are reaching an acute analysis that kind of they'd doctors check yes no I you can now on the its early go to our website which is that Smart reached as soon dot com or you can just contact me by email Mike dot Maloney at Smart reached digital dot com. Well thank you Mike appreciate you joining me and for those of you listening via the small business and you'd like to be featured on northwest business. Please give me a call at 5035350358. Or can email us at and then W business @entercom.com. When read we return we will be talking to David case the doctor and dentist adds a family dental health. He will tell you why flossing is still important sorry kids more northwest business on ninth and get in Portland when we return.