Mario Cristobal -- Oregon Head Coach

Primetime with Isaac and Suke
Wednesday, August 8th
Mario joins the show to talk pre-season, the practice at Nike, and more!

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We are pleased to have the head coach at your next Mario crucible as promised here with us now hi Mario Lauria. Sure over our guys going today and they haven't seen since media day you've got through that okay nice him. That it would cut brutal period five practices in the bank potential torso could opt physical click. A lot of progress and it was a bit of rest of abortion and walk it back at a law. Yet EU be mixed in a day arrests there are neat you went pretty hard for five days out a little bit askew. How are you. Monitor how guys are dealing you know with so much emphasis on players' safety in football now and you know it's been hot. What do you do to monitor and how do you know if you're pushing too hard or not hard enough. No without a doubt that that's an awesome question the first thing news you know this was oh caliber. But the entire country before you're allowed it'd point nine practices and short commodities. Are you at 29 days order first in so. Obviously you can not practiced organized strictly racial school and so what are you that are toppled managing in particular calendar. That allows him to get more that he almost approached him one so between. Our coaching staff between now are sports science equal pressures are excellent position. Department that would put together a program that hopes Serbs ran up. You a little bit erratic hitter so don't expect oracle to strippers. And then now continue to building on endurance vote ever our power as close it more without compromise. Yen in those guys I seamer out there watching just looking for things in. You know watching guys and how they're how they're going about their business. What part of that we have a couple. As a social conditions and those guys have watched her closely. Special records are quite. On top that we got the GPS system account or does not tracks clear load you up each walk out. You model or they actually do their popular speech draft which we got a pretty good clearance he's up. As to how much work there do what we have a pretty good you'll put her release on also legal or. We don't want to go push and we don't want to pull back and it really helps manage or safety under health. At the same time right does wonders in terms of recovery has a record close to him. Pricing you have data you can literally just go look at the data and say well this guy. In May we should lay off from the golden. I think he just took a break from recruitment catalytic. All. Look at a couple of the guys who expressed themselves special needs to have pulled back. Can now some of the girls who want jump back and look at I shall we can go. But the same time as the cart abandonment and black are so eager to get elected. Temperature would you like by that person almost. Yeah that's interesting are the smartest of all the dogs. Now things have any injuries yet but I just want to ask you in broad terms as the head coach because. We certainly had some some controversy that passcodes is and how they viewed injuries and talking about injuries. What is your opinion on even talking about. Injuries at your team. Talking about it in terms publicly you're talk about the terms with and how awesome. Yeah yep publicly MEI think Tim you know it passed chip was very guarded about timing he's in a Mike Leach is like this. What is your view and how much are you going to talk about injuries publicly. Well you know I figure it's cardinal Hewlett in the mine so my concern with that result anything at all our alternate which outs. And that and a secretive manner I try to hide anything beauty is out there are some issues so that she entered who's not. I accept political and while most epic play cracked desert going to be out there is not going to be held out so prosecuting any secrets what is now. Almonte I'm not quitting or into or out they're critical. Johnson got to know you guys are up here. When you Celadon. Yesterday you were at Nike right order yeah. By the change of scenery for practice come and appear. Spoke to root cracked an away game right to a different setting it on the road caught on buses. He's scenery I actually got a lot of natural grass that was neat it was good book orders and a lot of guys will exceed their computer Lester a couple of years ago when an adult book orchestrated you know so. Alberto brought in this that facility about a partner an incredible places you visit. And that the changes here give our players as comfortable at them. A place that you just haven't seen it present a little bit of a different atmosphere for that it was good it was good you could focus spelled out. Well at the same time have a chance of your round I ordered a whistle was what would interpret IQ so what it was all on course. In another you've been an organ while I wonder how used specifically view. Nike's influence and and where does that help you most Indian your viewers that coach. What's the most powerful brand in the country well. The world remarkably so for us so that we benefited tremendously you know from on the generosity of cultural and the united. You could tip our facilities and it is not. It's not against not a dollar Euro values burn it's more submits to resources that are in that. So that every single student athlete that everyone college all could receive just the hiatus I don't I helper. On training home facility's carrier. So it's like nothing I've ever seen you under Mike Abbott yes this is so corporate level. This is my crystal ball ducks nineties you mentioned just five practices so it's it's probably hard to answer buddy. If any of course it's early but can you already pinpoint. I may be some receivers if we zone in on though the wide receiver position that. Guys the UC Klain a bigger role this year. Can the guys that played last year. I have already assume they're cools on her apartment schoolwork this release about cracked two of virtual. Looks really really good Johnny counting continues. Could become a big arm plane maker forced to look. As release about practice no we got a couple of guys out of work around but I mean those four guys that he is rose about. Digital a couple of guys out there are likely to we wouldn't it but I played so it's cam orbit. No more debate the other guy that would pandemic outbreak as significant. A model plays capability. On guys come out of Oregon has not participated yet you that you want minor at a under siege on. Our home but you'll be back to be back about oh we. Crucial so we'll look pretty pleased with the part worked. Those guys certainly they wanna be home a hundred target for quarterback double or art or cut to the people. A home or it won't hurt or Justin and Tyler elections so. I think it ought they are sure please support him. And one other. Position battles are you watching closely. You know which poll but the place they really use that. Signing classes stronger than to agriculture. There's a instructors has been so quick transfer to comment. The heavily pushed competition. Guys have been here for a couple years it's adequate policies that the vote so. You look at you ought to align I'd like Jake Tapper Stu great to push radio host of flight storage up. And Neitzel is a month saw Alex or side. I'll swarm like those guys are battling heart and your get after. An awful wrong entrance I can't say. And helping in the but actually the way he's come on and to have a lot of back falls the what are the we'll talk about a guy that to some naturally you do a guy a guy that can go broke out in Poland and east playing alongside toward. But players in the country. At depositions so there's plenty of competition it's our doctor didn't go to nurture that our environmental groups grew quickly to players. So they kind of get it counts of certain culture different. But it's a kind of doesn't tolerate anything less in the person in the so forth so who. You mention Alex fourth of foresight then I meant to mention this TU when we met you at media day but. His mom Karla is a dear friend of ours that works here are building. And I you know that is that is a wonderful family who's been through a lot inside I just specifically about Alex does. He's now moving into this is set to hear what you see out of him in and what do you think his feature is on the offensive line. Alec has a tremendous future here Gordon and now after playing in the college and he's the guy that. He could play any position and we have moved him around so we've got squashed because his versatility. Surprise or Q and are typically you know. We have these tablets that were able to allow the players what they want at all and covering it it will look different types cups on the watch that. Alex laud almost double. More than anyone else on the entire team also don't. Just watch and you can instantly created an optical or are you really goes so goes inside out he has now it is clear that tackle. He has played a guard. Alex's. We're blessed and fortunate to have an expert at the. Well this is so Murray Chris of all the ducks Alessio we appreciate term not time but I do wanna mention that the annual. A portly kick off dinner is coming up that's August 23 it add dec castaway and I assume. You in the crew will be up for that. Brother we are fired up as for that that is these huge electoral. And and kind of the same problem wanna make sure that we get everywhere we can't. Doctor Knox and because 11 Portland mountain park plot and all example equal not won a piece of our fans about a Barbara knocked in eight days so we'll do it look orchard. Well look forward to seeing you thanks Mario we'll catch of the later in camp. Thank our.