Hot Corner 8.8.18 (HR 1)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, August 8th
Mike & Joe talk Mariners and what to expect the rest of the way; King Felix and his personal collapse, is it time to stick a fork in the M's? Can the A's cool off? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast look like satellite baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. This is the hood corner and Rivera suddenly and she really didn't like to. Get him to scamper home to want 010. Fit. Well. Dive on baseball. Waiting dogs as a hall of fame third baseman. And much cooler. And a cross country flights slowly destroyed Seattle Mariners. The number of Beers is actually. You disputed some saved fifty some say as many as seventy Beers which is an absolutely insane amount of beer nobody can drink out. Now when an attitude like that. Now here euros for the hot corner. Patrick Harris assemblage that strokes in the Yankee unit back in my blue and she didn't really know until an 80 and I am not a bad about it. And pregnant don't let. It is a Paris less. Addition of the Hough are tonight Mike and Joseph with few all the way till 9 PM talk to assume. Hot base of all let's talk. In I do got a lot of stuff to get to today I would like to discuss. The king Felix situation in Seattle. I think is very interest in what's happening with him in the decision that's got service Jeremy the front office is about have to make on feelers and end this. I like talk about the Mariners in general well as they are. In the midst of a potential. Allow its although I do have a slightly positive viewpoint on as well you know doesn't look for good right now. I'd like to talk about the Boston Red Sox. And how they will never lose and they're game and they'll set the win record in Major League Baseball. And onto in the World Series because they are amazing and I'm able. And that's. I know it sound sarcastic and you know dummy you can but honestly the Red Sox are. Rican amazing yet talk about how good they are right now eighty wins is already tedium 34. Eating. And 34 about to be 81 and 34 think about just think about Barack it and how unbelievable this. Sorted to that. I didn't see this until Joseph text me about it but Mike Garrett had to take over of the Portland. Diamond per object Twitter. End to respond to some questions there are civil look at some of his responses and try to see if we can read between lines a bit because. I'm certain my spirit was. Cryptic as he has been very good at being recently so I'll talk a publisher and LN and for a fair felt coming up at 830 as always. The tax line is the better you today text line at 5530. Spot I've you can also find us on Twitter MMI clinched his seven. And Joe's actual fish the FISCH. Three in the station is anti need to defend also don't forget to look into the Beers on us podcaster Patrick and I. Posting every Thursday at 4 PM medical is tomorrow which is our first. Burry takeover on the pod tasks were went to storm breakers in location in John's. Indeed the entire podcast from there so that's coming up tomorrow nice yes now I pace them. And we will so listen episodes one and two which is aria by teams who play in on attended the N dot com you can also rate and review and describe to us please thank you. And then I was Somalis to borrow from elements. You know nicer one nice she is plug there. I try to commit to try to get every single every single Wednesday one per show yes that that's good that's the limit. But yeah I'm not gonna take credit for because I'm sure you being it's part and that you are working hard to. I talk to you need to do some on location pod cast at some breweries as I got a big Debbie great to stake in the vibe. Of coming here in the background noise channel like the club our. But like I said you know I I told EIG I should do that I'm Sherry as a party on top of it thinking of now I. Definitely the first person and I'm and I'm sure that that this person is listening at the moment. T you suggest this was my mother ha ha ha she mom has been a slide holder up podcast she was like hey you should figure out you can go out and do our location stuff. And reported that the burning house like. I think we should build you up but I have to have no idea so I had to ask the engineers and he do we have any equipment that can do this to Mason yes some Beriault. Now once a month or gonna do that we're gonna go out to Burry. A brewery takeover. Once a month and this our software store breaker tomorrow when it drops it was cool news it was a little weird doing a fair. And this is this kind of behind the curtain thing for all radio it's not just about podcasts but. I can I don't live shows before. On location goes warmer out during events and so people look at you and stuff that's the weird thing is asking is doing you're sitting in the studio. And you know your just one or two people. You know but it sound proofed. You can talk is loud leaders quietly as you want. Absurd to think a little bit now like elements but when you're on location. You're sitting. Somewhere. Where it. In this instance you're sitting in a corner Booth that was reserved for us thanks very nice boost from record. And nobody was really sitting around us because we got their right they open like 11 AM 11:30 AM but as the rest are asserted if Jilin. I was facing towards the window Patrick is facing towards the inside he said we constantly got weird looks because are we better headphones on. And with the Mike attached Brazil blocks out all the outside noisier does hearing what's going into the Mike if I'm. So we're talking allow public radio guys talk in men apparently we're getting look all the time what are they laughing so loud. Well because for recording of podcasting. As Aaron really good time out deal there it's noon how much appeared to be a help already. While only had a sampler tray so please don't judge me on that but. But not so go ahead and Gillis is about I've also treated at a bunch of times that Michael is from the seven with links and I put the Twitter handles of the people we've we've been on with we went to print of rapid easing Khamis in episode 20. I talked to Mike hunter from parent episode one we spoke with the John Harris from the political Els on the phone so let's go we've done so far so shameless plug for Britain's. Podcast very nice and I make one suggestion for you if you wanna do and all application shove I just went there I believe sunny day. Bailey's tapper in which is it's downtown. Right next to an independent sports bar restaurant so Mary's club yet nice vibe. Lots of good beer on tap different Beers I've never done before. From the main guys but also just some off the chart runs patented Barley brown. I deathly got that in me and I had in as little red that was on tap on cast cell lot. There was a good stuff there and I guess and how to abuse goodbye I'm. Good people there so BA's tapper in my I would say jot that down in the location and it's. OK I will. Up we've had actually ever since the start we've had a bunch of people. All do this to drink this trend as well there less about the drink this and more about the go here go here go here yeah some make you all. Old notes on my phone list of places but we've got places we wanna goes well. We're trying to make block fifteen and Corvallis for the next on location one are fifteen that's a really really good long road trip road trip. It's a real good blowing how little we both like their beer allowed but only either must have been no matter so that my hate them might be where our second location was found locked on the panel. Man if you guys are gonna go that far in my eyes will make the stretched to the better beer city down in Eugene you know had a pot valley. And I've spent enough valiants let me cussing me you should do. Well I think what we're actually gonna do is that could be a separate thing. We would you cornerback Ellis and then go through McMahon fell and trusts the breweries down there. On the way back home and then make Eugene a separate. An investment would be yeah you're a pretty long day of drinking a lot of beer to Corvallis been downed UG in the. Oh I know I'll I wouldn't expect to you both cities. Now for you to send now I'm just sit down Matt seemed I'm just saying if you're willing to go Corvallis then you should be able to willing to go to Eugene as well at a separate time. And yet it should be it's own thing it deserves its own day. Just like bend absent that Ollie deserved some week. Out god you know are now tackle bend at some point they should refer my wife and I. Went to bend solely to do your tasting it was actually last year when we're taking our trip to Sarah sisco you in the our first day we just reads we spent the night in bed and and we walked the entire city. And we did two shoots bone yard. Rocks. Another one I'm forgetting good life sun river. And one more there's two effort all in one day in Norwalk in the hallway which is kind of nice. After like the fifth stop. It was like tomorrow teller to walk you to the next one we were stumble and bumble and Romo went all the way down on vandal maybe that's what it might be too. We didn't stop felt were champions also answered like he put the country got out of the last December like. Think it into compared to a couple of a long drive ahead of us. Are so listen to that please much appreciated if you do men rate really describe to us let's break coming up next let's start with. Felix Hernandez. In the interest in case the king Alex this is far corner until it. Terrorism in Jun 1080 I know. There's sixteen here in our corner pat yourself today as citizens myself and Jo again until 9 o'clock. King Felix yesterday got absolutely lit up by detect this Rangers. Six innings eight hits eleven runs some of them earned three home runs four walks while only striking out two batters. That start pushed his ERA on the year to a a ST 573. That that. If you're areas near six in a list. You should now be a starting pitcher anymore I was waiting for you tell me that'd surpass six because he's been float around. Made five upper five this'll Steve and I feel like. The last time he was over six was an April so you've been below and at least the closest he had been was 583. In May. In the mid dropped drastically amounts back up with a 573. I mean that's. That's fifth starter slash out of the rotation numbers right that's atrocious. In king Felix is a guy who of course deserves a chance to get out of the funk he has been doing it for so long for the murders and do it and play so well for the Mariners. Or the entirety of his thirteen year career that of course he deserves a chance to break out of but the Mariners are in a playoff race there are currently losing more on games they shouldn't be a losing. And and being needs they need to make a change. And I honestly think. The time is asserting pleasure for Felix Hernandez. Is done with the Seattle Mariners. Scott service has come out today ends and that they're thinking about what to do with king Felix is next start which is against Houston. Made seems to me that they might take him out of the rotation at least for that start. And be honest I'm telling you this. I think it's time. I think for this season you move into the bullpen you need bullpen help maybe he'll begin mass in stereo. And you tried to put some one else in the rotation Barraza Ramirez coming back from his injury is to. Rehab starts away from Ayman back. Now that he's a silly Irving king Felix but having most interest or an hour better than a 573 RS. As a result has to say. I think it's time. Alabama who until it's dead in a load the kings scored the Safeco but. The results speak for themselves. To knock more and I'm trying to think of who had to his place as that around her. Good dogged yap and like I am so it does not mean that you sexy. He's not a better pitcher than tunes Hernandez and yes he has right now I'm. Does point out look in advance Felix. In his last. Five starts. Has. You've received fourteen strikeouts combined six starts his last five starts. He has fourteen strikeouts. Mariners as he kept showing signs of turning around. In junior a couple of goods are scrolling give of one run right right I'm super inconsistent this year are up and down but it's getting to the point where it's you're getting more of back performances. And good right candidate and DR race screams take me out of the rotation a 573 it's been eyes glaze Ed's been Iraq outnumber hum pat the whole season so it's not getting better. IA. It's really hard because we've seen a lot of pitchers go through this. Formerly dominant ace is or dominant number two starters. As they get older they lose the the author of the on the fastball. But they can't re learn how to picked. They can't figure out how to turn in tune. Oh I don't know told Cologne right. A guy who has no velocity anymore it was 89 miles an hour constantly. Yet mean nothing is great but he still missing in the majors and being effect about it. Most of the time. A guy like Jamie Moyer. Who tuned into the changeup artist a guy like Mike Mussina. Who. Stated long past where his velocity was gone down ICC sabathia. Who camper over ninety anymore. You have to be able to realize why it's time. And try to change into a control. Placement pitcher. Not rely on the velocity of your fastball. Now Felix Hernandez in the post Keaton yesterday and in cedes Barack Obama's during the show today basically said. I'd I don't I don't have that I'm not the temperature anymore. And to hear him say that makes things she's been trying to do that. He's been trying to become the corner painting artists. He's failing because he doesn't have the control. Because before. Screw the control literature on 96. You can you could miss place that fastball on your fine because the still 96 miles an hour. But now when you throw in 929190. You gotta have it all over the place he got asked if applications differing and you gotta do Adam hill it's going to be pinpoint hat because if you leave one up. That's a home run here do you want in over the plate that's a double bomb alliance. And we've seen a lot of pitcher do and then maybe. May be being taken out of the rotation this year. Is that extra income call he needs to say let me figure out how to become this picture. Because I want to Steve Felix Hernandez stick around. The ex couple years and learn how to become a pitcher before your eyes off into the sunset I want that I like to impinge. But if he's admitting defeat at this point in the season. And playoff race maybe he can't become a picture and that's a sad end for a guy who's been as dominant as computers clothes. Right now attacks on them to you today text line says that there are kind of surprised Seattle they go out now out another arm are you guys superb as is well. I mean just behalf I am honestly claim with everybody else making news. Yankees obviously at some bullpen help Red Sox and today harder it out and an arm. And you also had that eight is they just picked up Mike fires he Monday. Yep yea he's added JA happ land slim and factory yeah that's right yes and had a dominant performance thank god. The Red Sox had a mid evolving. Who's been pitching great for them act any scoreless starts like fires actually not a bad pitch on a terrible tigers team. Yes it's an arena once you get into the wavered raids I mean you're not gonna have a lot of Berlin you're gonna have a lot and we had that last year but. You're gonna have a lot more my fires getting dealt then you're gonna see Justin Verlander is getting dealt. And I guess the Mariners could still make a move if someone took a picture on waivers and they can make that trade but. Fur for Jerry potter who is mr. trade the fact that he was in on so many starters and didn't get any of them is pretty surprising. It doesn't help that the three relievers spent they got so far not as well mode too that I wanna say about because I don't talk mariners next segment outside of king Felix but. They definitely should have gotten starting pitcher. Because. They do you really trust that Wade LeBlanc is gonna keep pitching like us now you hope he does you signed into extension I don't know if you can trust him he's been all. Awesome I mean using grade I mean insist. My nothing mariners fans can even say that they trust them Markota solace. People got Sheldon and. Although his numbers are good some of his. Peripheral stats it's like batting average on balls in play and stuff like that are not good. So I when I when I first saw him. I wanna San first watch a full started clicking in late may or something like that. And Els looking at his stance a little while a CRA is great. But he is a whole lot of hits he walks a lot of guys there's always got some days at some point is gonna come back to bite him he is nothing quite as good. In the second half of the season. You definitely needed a starting pitcher I was shocked that in your starting pitcher. The only dealers aside to that is the Mariners have won the worst foreign systems in baseball. So oh if you're gonna go out you're starting pitcher you give us something the murders on have a lot to do about it point the Mariners have. And cleanup and give up you know they give up they give of their best hitting prospect DiMarco Gonzales other O'Neal last year. On the card now that's right. Maybe their second listening prospect I forget exactly what was a bit and habitable or good minor league system so. Not not necessarily a lot to work with the LA unless unless trading current roster player. But with the Mariners trade them for a good starter he can't. Cranium coming as saleable Roby can no but honestly I think that at this point they they need them and be I think the mayor's they might to speed. Pack community and get ready for next year. And you know trying to be all positive here so why about yet made it go and look at them are scheduled there in the middle that ten game road isn't such a rough month here but I swear it's like they only play the Padres in twos Ceres and and they get the Orioles and Syria is and I think that it's a divisional opponents and the Yankees the Red Sox some of the best. Teams in the AL self. It's it's not going to be easy for the snacks low road stretch and for a this season now it's almost I think about time to put up a fork in the Mariners honestly. Order today announced a month so certain about that a wanna read this text record and the better you today attacks on pipe after a five. Just tell on the on the Justin Verlander program where he was at nine you went on to two miles per hour at the tigers got treated Hughes and is back for 95 as goes for early Morton. Prime example Matt Hartley was at nine you and I two announced it 98 for the reds does that make sense oh yeah it doesn't. Gonna I wanna let down breeze because as well it makes perfect sense I think a lot of man this a lot of people believe it makes perfect sense for the man carries Tatum OK from Seattle egos Morales and starts to shine. Read to his pet 9697. Mascoll maladies such mariners think. By coming up next let's talk about America's current situation. I have a slightly positive look at him and try assure you mariner fans up a little bit. As an dropped another one of the Rangers today this is the hot corner here Joseph with sports. This is the hardcore are aware of terrorism and Jon G and eighty program. There were pretty for here Wednesday evening Kilpatrick just Mike and Joseph with you today until 9 PM hole. Talking so mariners at the moment do they are. In the midst. A lot of mariner fans are calling it collapsed. There and I'm hesitant to say that just yet but today. Entered the second half of the season at 5839. And they are now all. 65. In fifth. He did enough that a seven and eleven. Since the all star break so. The solid epic collapse anything but it's it's not started for Tina in the playoff race. Obviously they have since gone out of the second wild card spot because the a's are on huge winning streak cork. Consistent when he should just say I'm straight but winning a lot. Now. I want to preface this with this. I know why mariner fan ends. Are already all off the bandwagon and ready to call off the season I understand. Our spat I I talked to John. Every night in night here. The excuses in the reasons at all Luke and all the history in the past of losing and get it. Mean I don't I don't get it but I get it right but I don't I don't support the Mariners saw amid falling a game inning game out but I understand why you feel that. But. My big policy look moving forward for the Mariners. This kind of there's two positive looks that are attached. The first is. It's our guest. Eight. Use of a month from three weeks of the season left. If this was happening later in the season you have a giant cause concern. But there's a re a widely called the dog days of August. In baseball. Is weak teams have been playing. Every day for four months. And a lot of even good teams a lot of from the Astros are going through this right now to frankly. Yankees are going through this right now. To have talks the talk about the next. Oh the teams go through if he streaks of this time of year and then turn it back on September when they need to turn the back on. So. At least it's happening now I will say it's battered the losing streak now that it has later the other thing is. I do not believe in the Oakland days. I don't. They've basically played. Their best are gonna base. Also restarted the streaky and Joseph are looking and looking at a back. In the break there they were 34. In 36. On June 15. 34. And 36 on June 15. And right now after the loss the Dodgers lost night they are sixty set then in 47. A thirty ish wins tennis tennis losses and was it it's 33 and eleven or something like that is the record so much pat since that point. That is of the scene that even better in the Red Sox have been since June team. But here's the thing. Oakland. Has been playing largely. Pretty easy teams since that. Since June 15 and they've played the angels. Padres. The White Sox the tigers. The Indians twice so to did Padres. Astros a team giants. They're kind of weird and inconsistent. Texas. Colorado they're good to Toronto not good Detroit market. Most of that winning streak. Most of this is this positive. Part of the season for the aces against cupcakes. She could say they're beating teams are supposed to be absolutely especially if they're going to be a playoff team. But. They haven't exactly been tested. They just got swept. By Colorado a couple of series ago income Colorado. And you know they've been kind of back and forth with the Astros a little bit him and some of those series so. For that reason. I think the DA's rule eventually obamas are playing some tougher teams which are coming on the schedule and got some tough slates coming up. They play angels Seattle Houston back back to back. I've been to search team this early but it's important divisional games they play Astra Seattle yankees back to back to back. In there and you know kind of kind of easy and a number but it got some tough stretches coming up them. That I think you might see you. The the seems to a regular on the news. Yeah and you know what's true and over that schedule that they've had and then the record they've had over the last forty some games he did so. Direction yet they if this might have to. Cool down at some point but if that's the case that's where I do compare there. It's upcoming schedule to the Mariners and you know they do have even more cupcakes then the Mariners do going forward I mean look at daddy get they you'd the rays they Baltimore. They get Texas obviously that's divisional game important year's game but they get Minnesota I'm pretty sure they get Minnesota twice the a four game series with Minnesota. They end this season with the Angel. And then they gave are said to raise that I feel like those are some. Pretty solace or peace talk match whoever of them where is the manners are playing the Padres twice in Orioles once. You know they'll rests on just yet we are right out of the mariners' schedule is very tough sailor zona is a good team this is their skin oldest quickly Houston Oakland dodger. Houston errors zona are there next I've series. Then San Diego and Oakland Baltimore yankees. Padres. Angels Astros Rangers is enters. I don't count got to be three in the hero to him yet and I don't I don't count divisional games and I feel like those are always tough exactly ass so I mean that's where I stay here that. Looking at album is Arizona's good have been inconsistent but they can aid they've been in the race for the NL a school year. It's really those four games event against the Padres the against the Baltimore Orioles and then the rest it's a crapshoot so that's where it's. Like you look at that and then a schedule and a's they got a lot of Guinea's its scenes. It seems like it but again to that point. To me. As good Oakland has been. Bear their roster is it's a Clinton right Oakland's always been give it away if really really we heard a bad looking rosters and help so I ever kale they're one right now in Jackson's pitching for them out yeah everybody got. Can and Satterfield and Steven for Scotty leading eight Scott is good he is he is the zero it's like it's it's a weird team that I don't necessarily trust I I try the days because there's always Davis dale is due this. But much acoustic. But I don't us this roster necessarily Matt Chapman is getting hot again as at third base but he went ice cold for over a month earlier in here where he was hitting like. Almost seventy. I don't trust Matt Olson bald guys are a bunch of homers last year may have not been are having this year. For the DA is so that's that's as well throw that out there hasn't fought. That. If the Mariners go back to playing how they did a couple weeks ago and earlier. And the day can go back. They do it can go back on Tuesday. Which at this point is huge now we assumed her may be non were enough kudos to be bad but we don't know. But. If they can if they can get out of the telephone here a winner to get some good did some good bye is going. NEA's stop playing 700 baseball. And they go back to playing even if it's like 580 baseball missile over 500. And I think the Mariners have a chance to come back in this wild card race I do a deal. Absolute deal. So let's take a break coming up next so I go into the Mariners a little bit out of his stuff Paula thought. In OPEC and move the Mariners made in the day at a dead end. Our council so that's six Jamal corner on. This is slow hard court there was terrorism and Sean and eighties trends very safe sex lives at 5305. These fans in two of them. You want Raymond them ideas have been a hot second half team ever since the inception the money ball troops. Telling me how my gut feels right now guys at all. I just I don't trust the a's I don't I don't trust the carmaker with a team. This one says I'm laughing out loud just remember lynch when you come back from Vegas the is limited and we on the yanks in the wildcard. I mean sure maybe but I doubt it. And about it in a user. Playing well again after the Red Sox here is an he had to me in the White Sox but the way things fell. I'd say because I like our mace you nervous. I would love to see day's climb back in to jump those Astros in the nationals get how the enough for the one Carlyle are one game wild card. Against the Yankees. Mike don't sit there and say nothing. What retardant in aid of deceit that. You know. I need some great ratings for baseball absolutely not bring a lot of eyes the wild card I didn't know that they did this a one game card this is doing well so Afrique in lieu lean not at a bunch of eyes young a baseball fans they gain that's you want the Yankees in the wild card game. Apps are frequently not. I mean they're gonna username in the wildcard here but not with you don't give media assurance that Karen you you want a good opponent knuckle. No we don't want you fail and I don't want the best opponent we don't want yankees a.'s yankees mariners journey I'd much rather not ask those communities of course he would. Here is saying the commercial out atrocious. That that is line up is but somehow it's not because winning also. To counter act a point for a do you look at hadn't schedule. Yeah he's becoming serious from what like eight games against the Orioles in the next two weeks now. Or are you so they just put the White Sox right missed a three game series are 73 in the opening. Four against the Rangers. One game against the Mets are in Mac maker raised blue jays and Marlins those White Sox tigers all Monroe. Are you kidding me so. What's the strategy is to be just being easily. So what's that Red Sox lead though on the 899 and half OK and so it looked at anything things will be cementing them of course over the and a half and I've voted and has scheduled a yankees sure is how should cement that first wild card if what would enter a fox Max there actually insane but. The Mariners. They added three. Relievers at the deadline to about a lot a lot. Zach Duke that's not a bad is is that is that the talent of Allah Allah Allah I thought that was Taliban. A quarter no that's too two we buy low low or something. I don't know but not safe to Carlisle was the reliever on the on the Mariners from the cardinals the united Zach Duke lefty specialist from the twins only added at a more from the Yankees. And I think a lot of teams try to do this if they couldn't find starters have been like for starters in the market. They basically said let's get a lot of relievers some of the for starters are only going foreign or five innings or got a bunch of guys who can come in and still believe. So far. Not so good for those three guys as Zach Duke today came in and give a four runs and two thirds of an inning at a named. To him I'll I'll largest tennis has a strained Achilles. And dom. Might he had any on the DL if he is already gone on video. And I've seen a couple Liotta more and appearances. He has not been very good for Seattle so far. Who's gonna look to see if it's on the European side here. Just three innings. And here as. Me. Nine ERA. Or two innings in the Miami a famous first three starts in her first three appearances. Are warned John and I have not warn about the pitching well so there are three edition is so far. Not doing so always is obviously not helping one of their biggest concerns is their bullpen. Because outside of Colin may who has pitched well. You only have thirteen innings. Corliss street. And sugar Diaz and he has to bring great. The bullpen been atrocious in the U even though these three names were exactly top line guys. You thought those about a commitment they have now will be oldest solidify the middle the bullpen. May be true still but so far not so good also they've stopped hitting which is part of the reason why we haven't been winning obviously. Also a Nelson Cruz hit bombs no one else really doing much. And suspend. Its been bad. Yeah SO besides today putting up seven. Four runs four runs six runs one run two run through your and three ran two runs to runs and eight runs against angels have like a week and a half ago vibrant through your on your runs three rounds two runs. So where where receive fifteen year. Yeah they've been having trouble specially runners in scoring position and it's not helping of their bullpen has been pretty if he's zero runs on around 31. It's just each scale and it goes to the point and the question that we asked a lot of times early in the season because the Mariners have. The one team girls are at one written game record that were there relate. Twenty it was over 500 room or in one run games are. We are saying is that good or out luck. And in the beginning as it was good it's really really hard to MM in close games it's great. And I also was of the opinion that. That's good for setting you up for potential playoff wild card game or series is because you're used to playing close games. But when you look at it now. A UCF Iran differential is plummeting. And is currently at minus 29. Ego maybe it was Joseph just dumb luck. I mean I guess the safe answer is there was little little both but. It makes you were back cover and friends ego and Bristol fifteen games over 500 you go that's a little bit of a full a locker and there. You know I remember the Orioles a couple years been like this they were great one run ball games but the thing is is they weren't dependent on it they still had played eight games are they put up ten plus runs were met ashen home runs. So yeah it's nice to have them back when and that's the reason you all are basically twenty games above 500 that starts to Wear off then you've come back to reality in the sense. So and there in a weird turn of events the angels who were exactly 55858. Plus forty run differential. A's are plus million angels Angel plus forty interest is a plus 57. Right above the owners moment but is it the markers are a weird place right now and it's it's like it has to do it DM is getting better and more to do with my lack of trust with the is but I think they could certainly stick stick with it but. T like I said in the beginning of last segment teams go through bad stretches. In August oh law. If the end is can get a couple wins coming up to get some confidence back. This team is too good. Especially offensively. Too good to let this. Kind of grow and continue the rest of the way tough schedule or not. I think that's important and we saw against the Astros and last series against some efforts came at a series. When they when they blanked them. You're like well. OK so the couple bad series for you you win the first game of the shows you play really well there's kind of that pot positive vibe again but let me ask who's doing the ashes and won the last two games of the series. And I think if you do that coupled with another win back to back that kind of a win like you had he won against the Astros. Back to back may be against a good team. Helmet even against the a's in the next series you play him. Then bass from the positive momentum will start to swing back there was a lot of good bye gone in the clubhouse. Earlier in the season. May be cannot come back will be helpful I don't know. May be because he was gone indeed Gordon kind of took the reins as being the team leader now they can both coach this is team leaders. This could know was kind of a quiet Derek Jeter typed in her from what we heard can either of them pinch between. Many either of them goes up strong. It is needles Golan maybe they need to answer. That's sound effect was really good and actually I was like what he's doing to get the oxygen now. So yeah that's that's how I feel about the Mariners are struggling right now they got a lot of she's have been necessarily. Deal with the deadline but I Salim have a good chance to make that wild card spot here the second wild card spot you are in the American League. Are coming up next our fair follow of course we want to look at some of the might their responses as he took over the Portland our project order today. But I'd like to start next segment. When. Just how good. Your Boston Red Sox this is all the hard core Clinton into the.