Hot Corner 8.1.18 (HR 2)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, August 1st
The guys break down some more of the trade dealdine, also play some audio from angry Braves broadcasters, Fair or Foul, and more!

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast well I kind of like baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks for listening in this is brought to you by your local less Schwab tire senator doing the right things since 1952. Baseball yeah baseball allegiances that your neighbor have a conversation. Or you can just completely ignore them. Dismal spoke here. It's time for the second game or radio doubleheader. That is yeah. Plus we're. This is the hard corner where terrorism lynch a deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports it's true. Suited to the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my eyes off that man with the at all hey it is quite a game but then that guys ugly you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just a dead eyed idiot out on a Thursday afternoon this is the hot corner where is terrorism and sure it's a dream right now on Jenny you can. India has. Help us please somebody help close a friend yeah. It's certainly around the lessons and some don't. Michelle what. Yeah welcome into these second hour of the hot corner if you miss the first hour he went check us out on the less Schwab tires podcast and they can speak and had that. The Beers on us podcast episode Jews. Jobs tomorrow around 4 o'clock West Coast IPA's might consider him a call from grins a rat's. And they're the Rick and merely. Coming 4 o'clock your way tomorrow but a lot of people that like the first episode did appreciate that and we think this one's better bet we're in better. I think it's good NBA constantly evolving podcasts but the interview was awesome this week and we did it in person so little more personal. And Elizabeth hypocrisy can't be as bad as the first year we did the show. I actually don't remember if it was better term agreement there was a bad. Problem pupils to listen to sort of commitment up I still gonna job here in. Kind. Yeah you are now doing two things here. Based also on the podcast at that but you said that they can only think of Kevin from the office. I now do instincts. You're Kevin Royce is getting better and better. If you talked about his classic with Kevin and your voice was not a desperately do want is another ten hours of the officers of class talked about this attitude to have and souls left. At a figured out quickly and you're all these pro Kevin all the time now I wouldn't eat to see indie act the players of the who can't fly. It just solid today. I. Eight is a year that. The loser and I backtracked here. All right well the you look at. Tomorrow Ryder bigs though be Houston Astros made a move to shore up their bullpen. Addition by subtraction I think maybe. And they trade for Roberta Osasuna from the Toronto Blue Jays and in the in in the trade they send it. Can jump titles to other blue jays if you don't remember Ken Giles couple years ago was this highly touted. Younger. Reliever for the Phillies. That they guide to push themselves into the World Series and he wasn't that good that year any was terrible last year. And this year he hates everybody on the Astros. So it was easy to give him up. But. You got me. You've got a wife beaters get all that important you have an abuser in in return. So first of all you you see that you go. Room someone traded for Ozuna. In many here the report from the blue jays. Had says he's never pitching in Toronto blue jail uniform again right you'll trade him for the best available offer tentatively they came trials for it I mean I can youth. The best available offers that guy that's not a very good offer but it's those. You know goes to the Astros. And they're GM Jeff flu now. Comes out and said they did unprecedented. Due diligence on him may believe that he is. You use remorseful and he can be were the amid there's these great examples of guys there that are gonna teach him the right way and and you think well did you agree held doing slain TI's for Yu Darvish will. That's that's the thing that happens out AI isn't saying so he's a great guy is gonna really teach him some good values. And then you have a couple of pitchers in Justin Verlander Lance for callers who had ripped a hard. In my earlier for the Astros who did the same thing man was kicked off the team and then the kicker. It's just who now says we have a no tolerance policy is zero tolerance policy for. A domestic abuse anyone wearing an Astros uniform on our team. We're also about given second chances with equipment. Right right into my mixed. Loading and I saw much interviews on that day because he knows the story that. TV re enlist and they were interviewing like springer and Correia and Berlin under an it was just like. I'm here sort of defined. Trash team. Or the guy that is my grades he was very much like he could tell he was not happy out earlier there was escalate in is change. But your big toe the company line because well. Who was weird to you is that apparently Lou and Alan mess and guys who went to players on the team. And asked if they were OK with us but they didn't go to Verlander. You know. It's one of the best patterns in the team group. Hasn't really big problem and that's big baby in our civilian Astaro didn't really matter because he knew you'd hear no I think it probably. I want I wonder I mean. Does a single. To pinch. Yes yeah. Because guess what the governor bullpen he cools you yes. And here's the thing pursued with Sam aside in suitors as reading. That there is video indoor photo evidence of his abuse no humble and is never a good idea and it is. Really really really disturbing. Source of the police officer still talk about the day. And they see a lot of it's. And it is that ever gets out. There's no way we ask your ability mam. Right if fact it's our way how has sued seen in he didn't seem to have the actual just heard he he read in an article he saw an article bat. There is evidence of it it's just under lock and key to Toronto police department or wherever once beaten and also apparently very very very pretty. Private secret with this kind of stuff in Canada like we don't this of calvary launch so we might not see it. But if it ever gets out and have a feeling you're gonna get someone who's gonna build to find out this is due to bad news for the Astra. So why do it. I don't know this is like an urban I think maybe you know get lucky nobody I doubt this is I care more about winning and domestic abuse. And the fact that the blue jays it's sad that we would never let him play again. And as far as we know the Astros were one of the only teams in this guy. So 29 other teams were Smart enough to not do that. The fact that we've seen all thirty teams not draft Luke Heimlich. But the Astros true trade. Were they wife beating. And closer who is good. Because they want to win. Again here on C data listed on groceries are sort of be but I forgot he suspended until the 4 August for beating his wife play three days from now. But a convenient time to make a trade for life getting closer. No way deeply and they're going to. Hope he's going to be there closer. To. I don't know if you're closers Hector run on exactly. Just set up guy Colin Q oil hopefully follow and the mighty. Pissed on the first place no or my well being column Q was gluten. And news anchor and they're starting rotation that phone is Dallas com ankles. It's here's operative Charlie Moore and his way back when she heard it but now. Yes so that's that's the Astor that's the situation. I'm not thrilled about it dope we have no reason to root against the Astros fans as well Dirks. Jerks are all they're all on Astros I don't believe you that second chances belong and when you paid millions of dollars in its second. I agree that second chances could be had in life fresher for sure but I know it makes mistakes of intercept those divers and a mistake. Beating your wife Seattle think to some state. Sometimes they blacked out that's in the state right. But I don't think second chances should be for millions of dollars complained in Portland and she might yet done a lot of stupid things in my life I've been in breed in many times in my life never hit a woman. The opener and never even come close. Think about. Think their thought about one to I'm. I raised a fist and my father says so angry. No he did that mean. It's like what are you and you hit me choke him and deserve that. While this about your dad yeah I was like sixteen while he can't do anything mean you do who mutant. Move. You're children. As though them emotionally and shoot you tick and caveat you can make mistakes but having. Woman in my life it's just one of those things were passed that is the default. Response. Here's what. What she's never supposed to live again. Put it right you see that we've seen of Muhammad people to Italy where I've seen a pro gestures have one on one of my friends from colleges are toast and Houston me. And I've been watching him tweet with these Astros fans. The Miller is this guy users can chance and he is taking the same I know I'm listed with public. Of course he deserves a second chance does not play again for money. Go the job. I got five jobs student. I'm pretty sure rubber so as soon as. Mom or money that I've made in my career yes guaranteed. And if I had as much money as he has a rating of and probably just do this little show and podcast. Probably. Maybe an agreement on a bit and be discussed his post in the pretty simple life yeah. Traders say give knowledge creepy or you keep that. Like top shelf burn barrel aged 25 year old beer there am in the streets of Portland homeless turns so everybody team. Are you all the bits as the federal money on crap here. Okay. And they have an earlier time and you may have use the and of a man announced. By the way that comes out riding this. The food stamp it and there's no mariners every signed lefty reliever Marcus hooks it's keeping a minor league people. Sign in to kill to Tacoma he spent a month of the Indians after being released by Seattle didn't allow a run with three justify allowance for Cleveland. John Doe's eat at my hate to kick it viewers can mariners hold Madonna thing right. Fifty or below man John on Twitter for mayor when mariners are struggling is called me. Yeah. Mean. And are we come back a wanna got attention on what it means to fire sale and why I decided it's good idea and why sometimes it's an idea was sometimes it's good idea and some times is kind of a Mac. We'll do that nexus is the hot corner on to any the fan. This. Terrorism when so it's an AV OK and. Here's the home stretch here are New Orleans towards leader 108 at fan this is the hot corner we do this bad boy every single Wednesday night. Yeah she and shall do it. My team sucks. Is looking at roster resource not a gimme tee more sad about your team and go to roster resource I think. She issued a full picture. I'm like are you serious mile field is Melky Cabrera Leona is Smart teen. And Michael Brantley who love Michael bring him in time Obama ran for years nobody was listening. And hollows and William. All star what I told you is going to be an all star and told you is going to be an all star. It is an all star are young and I don't know because I was trying to prevent myself from squaring because Melky Cabrera and Leo Martinez your brother to outfielder. Like him I get out of John Owens held show. Once this. All right. Well. There was that. We looked over and known as the sun here Eric Cantor knows what fell Israel. Joseph little Joseph Lieberman is ours record four big waving portal com I'm Scott job guard a little bit she and I looked over clearly ready for the defect of the indefensible. Well I feel those arms flopping that mark Bly said Earl out like a well. You are missing at this point name. Morals are so about a Aaron John you felt Canadians like I'll stay at the picnic captain going down the ship and who basically there's a there's a boat here for you. Now a man who all of a give someone else to elect we don't have anyone else to give it to dude it's really as your name on it. Well. But put that put that in its ships he can stay don't benefit if you wanted to lead to a tropical place called the playoffs you want us to give it today Chris Davis oak. Odd final stale. That certainly should have done all right dole has moved Chris Davis. Now. Still it number 150s report it in spite of the league leader that the a club leader batting average his point. And let's do Mondays baton better than Chris Davis stay Chris Davis had a multi homer game Sunday is that his first two homers the year. First multi home run game of the year of the last three years. You don't want to 57. Pretty dope good builder just homered. But let's just running around all prompted toll millimeters. We spent. I why do you wanna hit a good actor so hard because they don't understand the all sucked in Delhi three good players that. Not to kill it eased the of these plethora of infielders Exel plea. It's not true bill many of which I don't. Sit Lee I'm just saying they still have room. You'll play this audio of me and yells at cloud yet I I like I like old men yelling about things I tend to be a stickler for the old time rules but this one I mean I can't do it by in this one. You know that I. Grew up and done you weren't getting it. Certainly has taught him how well yeah baseball and do things. Susan who's movement you look at the exit point noted in batting practice here with the Dodgers. EC seizure he and Chase Utley with no socks and and it's up and britney's shoes. This was crippled with are all keen. And I think about it. Played her fans that come to them because Clark who were doctors fans and want either place you know like including an illegal war nobody had any kind of uniform work. Batting practice her own name monitors the but the very unprofessional. And I think I can say this because I know what it's like your music is all about. There's a chronic pains her. But. I. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know how Major League Baseball allows us but tires that indicates your opening answer watching Lisa Clinton nothing but respect for him. His whole career. He's a great player and I always played the game right away. That was an embarrassment what he had on today what during batting practice you can think of all the merchandise. Arms am team batting practice jerseys. I'm with you don't want it's called a uniform for re. Wilson scored 454. But this is all upset about not it was even a close game here's the kicker. You know what do you embarrassing thing matches so it was learned it level and they sneak in banners Cink who spurned a kidney for cancer to. Jimmy I'm not kidding you he was wearing a T shirt for a cancer charity. And Joe Simpson thought said what an MP nurse and trust me no dog stand for. Major League Baseball sells tired you know. They need to make money would they sell this attire not sure a few of ever watched batting just ever before this game to Simpson but I've never noticed that other players also don't Wear their uniforms have you ever noticed that. A certain braves players have taken batting practice not a matter batting practice uniforms I was surprised. So we didn't have socks on carriers Zeum flip flops he's like sneakers or something flip flaws and dope but that's the thing it's. This is such an old man yells at cloud in Italy did its Luttig who cater. Gives a rip. The fact the first personal effect that he he says the Dodgers fans that are coming to Atlanta to watch their team. I'm like they don't know anybody on the team how are your T Moore right well how are they supposed to know who's batting. I don't know really been a different city and they're doing negotiator team I'd guaranteed minimums damning him batting practice second ball. Who really goes to watch batting practice anymore well I only if I wander around the ballpark and like taking in the sights but I don't sit there and like. That you tourists into a brutal world really hot. Sports fans tight jam all and it's like an hour and a half before the day game so there what do you do thank you can't drink that many years you can. I shouldn't. I'm sure you'll ever let him know. But I guess I'm saying is how to go to the games early because I like to wander the stadium always a look at walk on the concourse like to see the reviews I'm out there to watch batting practice. Not at all not to mention in your telling me you can't recognize Chase Utley. C'mon he's dealing with gray hair and oh yeah also. Like you know many times I've seen do is put on an oak. Lake let me know Adam Dunn's batting practice was like it was probably amazing because him on the field New Jersey inning game not so. Amazing so I'm not too worried about out he is cyclical. No. Doesn't Adam Dunn and he's really for 75. My eye off the top six our own wrote like eight people have 600 home runs my sorry. Yeah I am thinking atomic force a dare you you are right how dare you say are correct I apologize for being right. Elect elect has been that is what about. On that note here's Joseph sports. Are. It's. This is the hot corner where terrorism wins on ten I didn't know soon. They 33 and this is reduce fair or foul play turned over to a fantastic producer Joseph Fisher for the third or. Forward for our sport for a yes or foul. And so we had trade deadline. And then of course there have our hits winning back his failure after great start on. That of course we have our way there is are losers teams they just stood past. Foul I'm glad from a our heads. Let us know a from a Melissa I saw my personal faith into is as a team that I don't want us in the favorites are the best winner. The trade deadline. But it's fair or foul. The Yankees won the tree down on. I will go first on this search routines are came I was considering that I. Dean gaffe her slinging campaign he's the trade deadline. Well let seem to. Me got even more loaded in the bullpen. They did acquire a couple starters but I think I. As well as JA happ has pitched this year I don't know how well will do down the stretch. Same with Lance Lynn there. But they needed a starter I don't know if they got the starter they want to end. When I'm trying to think who else would have won the deadline over them. And and in the American League Danks can't really think if anybody has a Red Sox really didn't do much. I'll say fair. House intern. The only other see him that I would consider. To be the brewers would be the Dodgers. This. But that was the other team I was considering him. Its legacy up Machado as it's tough because. Analyst Sally homer business or you don't are. I believe into the dodger pick. But I'll save fair. Because they didn't need in the bullpen arm and could get a good top line starter so they got other good bullpen arm after they got a starter in JA happ threw all the this year is that. Panel for your right. His career against the red sauces spectacular. I Israel one fury mr. against the Sox and the best pitcher on the market was Chris archer. And seeing that they got tired glass now and Austin medals for that you guys would not pay that price now for sure they would have won a glimmer Taurus I'm sure the Yankees called. Dom but meadows was there and also Donald Blake themselves pinned. And do it. And yet it's land whose seems to want to throw away but what now for listening grays and pitching we'll Leslie could become the fifth starter yep end. Also occurred against the Red Sox slim won 63 year. So there go on and full fledged catch the Red Sox any motivation to be the restaurants which they should. And and the other added bonus summit is to give up prospects for a ball is players obvious he. Almost all of those prospects. We were. Likely to be dropped next year because they couldn't make the forty man roster and one or two good ones of him. Dylan teeth as a pitcher for example gave up Torres each have just Sheffield. Kept cliff Frazier for that matter custom on memorial and I think dangling Fraser kept chance Adams I think you'd okay cliff Frazier got traded for some it. As long as it was a top line player yes if I was in the Cris Carter trade and OK okay yeah. There wasn't. Our rights under our fault it almost feels like I know I think so too because I don't think anybody really loud meet the cash from the so Smart. Dan who were Smart moves for your. On Jordan X one from one New York team at noon the next asks the New York Mets have concluded not talk about that or. For one particular. That 26 of five. Lots of Fuller. What do fund pork she's began the need to Dexter on there and as you guys mentioned earlier I hope they re as he pitched gave up six runs two home runs. But I enough piece on today at the dish. Jose Reyes he hit two home runs today actually really the half he got on. A day after giving up two home runs he hits two home runs self our values the first player ever and MLB history to do that there. It has to be. Wait till I give up to the night before and hit to the next day. The next game the next game and ended up yet there's no way mom gave up two and then hit too big and bold in times like. Babe Ruth but he was a pitcher and then switched to beat matter. That this past here yet it's got to be fair. Man you guys saw rockets found. It. The other was hall of Famer cap Anson for the Chicago white stockings back in 1884. Of coal or so of callers. I remember him he was a whimper snapper had been trying to cap the well. He guessed that he wore one of my answer and he was able to or bond after bad outings clearly Al Moran's then two home runs next day himself. Some are his credits today. The national suck don't scored five today. I mean bushel losers bunch of losers. Still have a launch failures this year features and speaking up those nationals. We move along to fare without question about the nationals this is stat based one. An end you guys know I love me some Ryan Zimmerman old man Ryan Zimmerman are able Mann and Norman mr. National himself out. And is it fair or fan I'll bet he is the all time hits leader and expo nationals. Franchise history now. It's. Yeah. Leon hall of Famer pat Guerrero. Come on they just suspend his own career there right but nobody spent their entire record there. Some of us. Along Andre Dawson plea to expose. Not as long as an infant Nash. Ms. Zimmerman and I'm an asteroid fifteen years now and they have millions fifty years. I'm than what most women begin to believe Caroline so I think they showed up in like 2002. Men that's seventeen. Six years it's more around in my view little less burnings or a missile I'll I'll say. For some reason I feel a few seconds I feel like I saw that he second. But I cannot think of anybody who would have more. I'm gonna say fair I'm missing foul. You need Vlad Guerrero. It is there as of yesterday and then the big beat down of the nets he became exposed and national all time hits leader. Surpassing Tim Wallach. Who I don't piano and on now you've got me there but. Rafter again and is a well known name Tim Raines scene in the right camera cranes used to get. So I don't of Famer today and what you strive for ten meters you didn't know all right and this guy on track. Did he really that's what his name is Tim Raines solemn had no idea. To learn some new every day. God that did this in with. That pirates pitcher taken LSD before start and then Tim rock rains smoking crack and amp Darryl Strawberry and then out on him now he's needs to get it together innovators are and our last one year is an opinion based won nine of the guys on the news. 25 years and this analog come out I came out they're coming out with a prequel. Actually. Yeah a six year olds playing baseball to the sand alliant I don't know yet what the story's going to be about. How can we have a prequel for movie that was about kids because maybe it's like Bennie the jet it's like when he shows up to the set up for the first time in Las Vegas that. You know that. I can be the plot like his first time at the same line anyways yeah. I'm they are gonna get the original director and writer for the movie threatened. Oh yeah they hoped to get this movie I go in net fair or foul prequel for the San not will be. Area underwhelming. No matter how would like. You reached for anything bear any big. When I see this movie is gonna be about is going to be about the blind neighbor and is -- August and how he got the baseball. And about how evil and scary the dollar is actually sort of Shalala is that Angel Jones gaffe of dads house instead they didn't get younger. So low they're gonna have cast somebody else if someone who's young Google+ on solo for childish Gambino I used to think and please don't really deep voice though. Like you only toast and we have to like him has limited I don't like him as Linda. I'm missing foul because. And anything we've seen lately that has been this has been awful anchorman two awful. The new super troopers are rose excited. Wyoming so therefore that is Fair Isaac fair these days it felt. Candidate rolled there backed I know I want plus it is there to start an offensive foul on deposits and I want to play that Mike said foul. No reason whatsoever he's OK with accepting that he sent out an adjustment revenue. Because I'm from compelling and yes that has everything to do it. Yeah this is probably fair I mean. Think what's next the rookie of the year prequel. 25 years why angels and outfield pre talk troubles squeeze in for one's dollars out there and I mean this summer original movies people geez. Just reboot sand lot that might be better than pre school. Just run the end right I think at and in fears put it indeed it's now John how fifteen bucks ahead yeah. Your telling me that can be successful people love them moving assured grape not a serious hormonal and does his angels in the outfield in my right mind. It's better than in some notes and all all really but I like changes in the outfield more. See I see. Damn clear distinctions. That was my favorite movie. Because I like so much as you can colossal electable but I also loves him and I like little big league when they tricked Griffey with fuel load Allman glow trick. And that the big league they do that mr. 3 now morning the greatest peaceful musical time rest in peace Bernie Mac and never seen them. Better than angels in the outfield I doubt that it's true and I really doubt that. An ever seen and I highly doubt that. He's ever seen little big league and the kid who flew in there its becomes the manager of the Minnesota Twins. I think I have put it all is rampant eyes I don't remember watching it enough light. You know won't know they don't want to one script he's in it and they trick and we feel like like I get the ball still in my thing but you can get through to always right there right now. And the guy like his Griffey hits a home run and let winks at infielder than any of the other gets mounted in tenement blocks of it it's like the this Griffey since it was like oh my country Griffey junior's the Gallup has been. All right there's fair foul things joked that landed awkwardly to cook at. I know local MA and it is trying to keep people busy out there are no problem that you guys had a good time with that do. And deserve that. We do if there are thought every single week at a they're decent check it out next week when we come back we'll wrap this bad boy this is not corner on ten and the fans. Arizona where John Jay Nady both Sarah and as some ambivalence. No no no. That is for the Joba. Hours during drops to refresh the drop but yes you know I actually do that drew played frequently in my day to day life nom nom nom them. I don't dorm room up. Yemen do you own frequently. Not quite sure why. But they do. I don't do you. I don't do the this was. An you know and it came from what were we talking. Easier than what does anybody else here that like the yeah they're they're cleaning our carpets will hold the car made its building its huge. The sales department nobody's over there at at a girls do the noon tomorrow go over there knew it. Hot iron to US. As my good friend Bobby uses say who cares though he's listening new entrants had a Diego reminding well. The the they did and wants more error. They don't care. That there's a red light up and no no walk in the door and now and they're like do you need your garbage changed and I'm like do you need to get up out here. And now I am yeah. Ones on the phone. Don't red light is odd that even if they don't care about it they were they were hired to come him. On Wednesday out its first pick at after 6 PM who cares who is on me or after 6 PM mass from our boss it's probably in places clean though given that. I. It's not yellow. So you say not only are these guys racking our lives but he. Suck at their job Melvin don't suck if they're out there a little speaker outside his door if they hear us right now maybe not over the grinding Mel one's wearing headphones. No big kid tennis that's like totals the story the other day he was driving is freshly car wash car. And he was he drove past guy with a leaf blower in the leaf blower guy intentionally. Blew dirt onto his car and then smiled and walked away. And we were trying to sailor do you do it intentionally or did you just who was he oblivious simplest seeping about it what would happen if chase would have pulled over and got another car. Tech bottom brand no way a guy in LA he was wearing headphones used broad. Canal was duly like oh sorry I smile I'm not telling me just let off the suit could hold a window. Mike's case he's like a wasn't there a what movie is that where. Our message I mean I am I gonna explain a well David a movie where that kind of wife takes smile way used happens when someone does some really insulting him to play. He waves on the walks oil is certain. To be a dual usage and carrying. Or maybe it's an ocean movie made me think of Truman's show. Media but that's all like things like perfect and so no it's an ocean's movies because it was after it did one of the the actual facts was ocean's ice. African runners in a city where you can. It was it was the old guy and he he was doing the stake Russian accent and and one of the guys season it is waves and avoid a hole. He walks away I'll always. I'm so I remembered it and didn't salado bubbling in you oceanics. When I don't know if I saw that one I mean as eleven I think guessing twelve whenever south it is thirteen ranked. It Jewish thirteen. Yes and sea island was OK I can see eight either in CEOs attitude and normally eleven news. On free commode bowl classic the originals pretty terrible he should just that some time. I was a remained at a Miller oh yes rat pack. Frank Sinatra and Martin Otis yeah I would team up and I and it's terrible but it's worth watch an arsonist all the not great. Ocean's thirteen FO was per kid who monitors oceans eleven that. Speaking of sequels I did see Mission Impossible to sales at some Mission Impossible cents per that was amazing. I liked five better fight was really the good of a sixers couldn't I ain't it cool. Yet among the Mission Impossible I mean I've seen him right there for a bomb but. If some one of those ones were like after procedures movie immediately I'm not a big action flick coming early for some. Reason I've always enjoyed the Mission Impossible movies Tom Cruise. You know pulled down for us 56. Just. Devilishly handsome people so. Alexis support him in his devers so he still does ozone starts he does a halo jump on this and heard that they re did it. Like multiple multiple times. Because he is wasn't happy with how the shop where I'm. Just our manager junking in this who's gonna cost you also you know there's anyway. He also broke his ankle day one of the stunts like I jumping from building to building an ad below is guilty in for months because of that that was good scene I mean that action scenes in it. Are fantastic as a great car chase in a peddy. As you can imagine they hate the jumpers is still mean it it it's literally Tom Cruise doing it must cover at the end that's pretty cool especially the fact that these ancient. Maybe. Like 58 you have to listed he looks like he's 29 an omen look that you I'm 52. Helps out. Yeah you know so Google just died of beer in beer in beer it'll it'll keep you just like a perfect I do all my own stunts. I AM stunned Ximian walking by in the same height as him. Is quite short I ten as well as he does. Check I had hair it was the same color as him. One day I would like today at tall woman. To the question is is told Mormon and what to eat it and you can Louisiana when you look as good as Tom Cruise yeah. The leader. All the way mr. throws out there completely unrelated so slightly and I've been to an eyes wide shut style party. Now really just add a ticket. Oh is that the most. Random thing in dating game that females. Only want guys who were over six feet. Like is very. Immediately I guess I understand maybe. Over six I've always been tall. So easy to understand when you're over sixty. Why what's what is the thing about that has guy tend to like short girls. But they don't like tall girls necessarily I think it I think why is it flipped I think it's a physical thing. I think the ladies the shorter ladies like all guys because they think they're literally going to swept off their feet. I think tall dudes like small women because you can become literally scream tomography I was gonna go thrown around but sure that's a little more Z I was being way more PC like spinners only that can. Well that's why Joseph and talk to him on an in my in Iowa and Matthew says nobody was just likes news. But I just don't tell me for a Spinner Larry wants a better stuff you're fine I just I've probably been curious about that because it's it's. Such a staunch all I'm some women draw Lawrence like. Q I'm sorry you're not over six foot two. My favorite thing is on dating ebbs and their light. Did sense a humor is a plus and a next plus if you're tall it's like girl you don't there late I can be the dumbest personal but it funds six to rid two years you're spending. You know. Q do you know drive into the spent her whole life chairmen who could become a single I'm not you know I'm not gonna look and anybody out there. They care about me slow either yes seeing. Well. That. Yeah I mean you Kyra I just get off a weird time seeing right through and you just yeah. I'm really leaning on that the men and what's funny is is oh you're leaning no messenger which is when he is all those jobs are made when I wasn't single. You know known Michael PC. And simulation though the nozzle school. Maybe she used her off of the nozzle pull now you're single maybe maybe defer Mel's listening we'll go home. That's all the time spending on unique crews are a few Louis guy he's just being all sorts of new mentally over here. A Lisa thinks I sound like you and Kiefer Sutherland or her husband does that's good yes. And mentally she is cool so it's hard to get down for a if you're cool like a leash just say it was so. Or more of foreign eat well download appears on podcasts. He was lifted in the chip would always touch. And it would make things go off a war on earth was I talked about Mallon had no idea yeah. Maria spears on a podcast tomorrow 4 PM. Going to be on the fan it's going to be and I didn't commit a group to subscribe raid us review us let's aside PA's spirit of the topic Mike Pence curse the gas from greens are wrapped formally Arafat has -- the weak cues. My style appear. And up after elected them for those of you guys that listen the show because your staunch tennis and the spears but eight baseball. We don't talk about baseball. At all at all to appear. At all. I only thing we talk to us works at all we have talked about Q on he's on both broadcast those spoiler alert. Oh I forgot about it. For Joseph Fisher Mike Lynch to parents will love will catch you guys Exley good decent and I would do well. Wow okay.